but that's what makes her so interesting

  • some dude: repeatedly tells me how interesting i am even though we've been talking for less than 10 minutes & has even attempted to touch my jacket while telling me how oddly i dress (but in a good way, i guess! guess that's what he's going for)
  • me: thank you! my girlfriend thinks so too!
  • dude: ...your.. friend? is she as funny as you?
  • me: girlfriend, &, yes, she's got a really good sense of humor & her laugh is cute, warm, makes flowers grow, so,
  • dude: ......your
  • me: future wife, yeah
This is Not a Love Story: The Structure of Jon & Dany's "Romance"

Y'all, if D&DB were intending to write an epic fantasy romance to end all romance with Jonerys, they failed. Big time. Tell me the last epic love story you’ve seen on film that didn’t start with a passionate, music-swelling kiss before getting to the dirty dirty. Jon and Dany have not kissed. They went straight to sex.

It also fails a lot of basic writing tips for romance. Whats odd, is that most of the romantic storytelling and hints come from Dany. The behind the scenes featurettes and theory videos on YT always talk about Dany falling in love, how Dany has heart eyes - not Jon. All Dany stans and Jonerys shippers have taken that and assumed or made it about how both of them are in love, without the evidence that Jon actually feels that way.

The showrunners have succeeded in showing a blooming infatuation from Dany, which tells me they know how to do it, but they haven’t done the same for Jon. Which tells me that is on purpose.

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So I watched Trollhunters!

Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad show, but i do have some gripes… (Jim could still turn out to be a changeling, and believe me, i already imagined a superdramatic scene about it and ill probably draw a troll!Jim just cause but i am still dissapoint)

thenonehater  asked:

Have anymore yoga headcanons for Black Hat ? 'Cuase I feel he'd o er hear these moms talk about their hyperactive teenagers and be like ' Bro you too ? This girl be cray cray' Hence Black Hat learning what ADHD is and how to handle dementia better.


  • Just a disclaimer: I don’t really know that much about ADHD, so i’m just (going with what some of the websites i’m looking at have told me, sorry if any of this is inaccurate!! I’ll do my best;; )
  • Black Hat walks in one morning, sets down his mat and starts stretching out a little getting ready before instruction begins.
  • (let’s see how many generic white suburban mom names i can come up with)
  • Karen sits down next to him. “morning Mr. Trueba” “I told you, just Esteban is fine.”
  • (Flug was the nerd who came up with BH’s fake identity kudos if you get the reference)
  • “Hey Chloe!” “Hey Karen, hey Esteban!” “….Hi.” Black Hat has very reluctantly been inducted into the Circle of Moms. More and more of them show up; they all chat amongst themselves while stretching. BH keeps to himself mostly but nods along with what they say. everyone thinks he’s just shy
  • in reality he’s taking careful mental notes on the conversation. To improve his human disguise, ofc. thats TOTALLY the reason why he “politely” asks Samantha to tell him how she makes her workout smoothie. He doesn’t care about human food recipes what no shut up–
  • “Oh! And Alex is finally following the house rules we set up.” “Really? That’s fantastic Mary!” Black Hat perks up. This sounds interesting
  • “I wish I could make Owen listen to me like that. He’s always so hyperactive, I can’t ever get him to stay still.” “Have you tried more positivity, Rachel? Like, instead of saying what not to do, you say what he did that you liked?” “Actually, no. You really think that will work, Wendy?”
  • “Excuse me” Black Hat fucking interrupts. “you mean your kids are also over-energetic nightmares?” “Esteban, you have kids???” “…..Sure.”
  • he basically starts listing off Dementia’s characteristics and all the moms start sagely nodding. one of them tells him that she could have ADD or ADHD and he goes “There’s a fucking NAME??”
  • “Have you taken her to see a doctor?” “uh. i know a doctor.”
  • “And she’s always running around like that?” “Yeah. I was thinking of getting a leash, do people make those?” “UM. NO.”
  • black hat ends up taking notes on what they’re saying and bringing them back to flug, who spends the better part of an hour explaining that no, he’s not that kind of doctor–
  • BH ends up getting a lot of tips on how to treat Dementia and its like a switch flips. She suddenly seems to listen more, its a goddamn miracle. (Oh the magic of not yelling angrily to get what you want)
  • He gives quiet, short warnings instead of loud angry threats, and they’re even more effective! And still mildly horrifying!
  • Flug is amazed when he sees BH give Dementia short, clear instructions, asks her to repeat them back, and that she actually goes out and does whatever it is, with only minimal property damage! so proud

i didnt know if i should write anything about fidget spinners or not so im just gonna leave it there haha

0-melodiousunderfan-0  asked:

So would there have been a Bendy with the maturity of a 6 year old? Lol

Nah it’s more like
He came into the world more closely to what Joey made his personality to be. As the years went by he kinda just got more mature cuz yknow
He’s not being written for anymore so he develops on his own
He’s still the mischievous demon in the cartoons, just with like 60+ years of real life experience

Edit: The same would go with boris and Alice. Before Boris would come to life, bendy still worked on making the actual cartoons. So when Joey does bring Boris about, he remembers adventures that this Bendy wasnt actually apart of. He starts out as a bit of a naive goof but as the years would go by he may get surprisingly wiser and more self aware.
For Alice, if she WAS written to be Bendy’s love interest, she would have expected him to feel the same way back, cuz thats what it was like in the show. But IRL Bendy doesn’t, and in the beginning is kinda jealous and mean to her because of the attention she was getting and because it felt like he was expected to just fall in love with her right on spot. and this would probably affect that relationship to a big extent.

TL;DR they start off basically like they are in the cartoons with the memories of what their cartoon selves experience, but when in real life they’d have to write their own scripts, themselves


Team machine - Sameen Shaw

“I did work for the government and I do want revenge. But if that work taught me anything it’s that how you do matters as much as what you do

anonymous asked:

Hey, I haven't read the Narnia books and I'm curious about why Susan isn't a friend of Narnia or something like that anymore, can you tell me?

okay so theres this misconception that lewis scorned susan for being interested in traditionally feminine pursuits (make up, fashion, etc) but from my pov lewis didnt leave her out for simple interest in being pretty but rather because thats all she cared about
she made fickle and shallow pursuits her top priority and turned from her siblings and narnia
to be fair she was in her teens and early 20s and people are allowed to like what they want but for a time she still chose fickle friends and parties over the love and support of her family and choices have consequences 

narnia didnt abandon susan
susan abandoned narnia

theres also the misconception that susan would forever be separated from narnia and her family because of the decisions she made as young adult but lewis wrote letters to children who were concerned about susan saying that he still had hope that susan would reach aslan’s country one day but that it was a much more adult tale than he was willing to write and he even encouraged the girl he was addressing to try writing it herself

while its rather depressing that susan was stuck alone at 21 after the deaths of her entire family in one train wreck i find her (and edmund’s) story to be the most realistic 

most people lose their way at some point in their life and it takes more effort than people like to acknowledge to get back to the person you know you are
its not easy and its not fun and it definitely isnt something i would expect to find in a book for young children

susan pevensie was given the hard road but that might just make her the most realistic of all her siblings

Nathan: *uses a gun to threaten Chloe and accidentally shoots her*

Some of y’all: uhhh Nathan is clearly a serial killer with no remorse for his actions!!!

Chloe: *intends to kill Nathan with a gun in Episode 4, kills Frank with a gun on purpose in episode 4*

Max: *can attempt to shoot Frank in Episode 2, shows literally no remorse if Chloe shoots Frank in Episode 4*


Originally posted by shaymaeb

Even if Barbara’s interest in Ed is romantic/sexual, what makes you think he is at all going to return her affections? He doesn’t seem like the casual romancer type, especially so soon after Isabella. He loves, and he loves hard and I am positive Barbara does not fit his criteria as a life partner in the slightest.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I think I dreamt that I asked you this so if I actually sent it, sorry for the repeat but what are some of your favourite books? I wanna know the plots, they can have representation, but I'd rather know the plots first if that's possible!! I'm just interested since you know a lot :)

Haha you did not send it, no worries! Hmm, some of my fave LGBTQIAP+ books condensed… let’s see. I’m mostly a contemporary reader, so a lot of these are pretty quiet, but:

Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown - a girl is forced back into the closet please her new stepmother’s family, but meets a girl who’s determined to come out

How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake - bi girl falls for new girl in town, but the constant conflict she’s having with her mother threatens to wreck that relationship too

Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig - a guy is forced to confront his sexuality when his girlfriend disappears and the cops look to him as a suspect

As I Descended by Robin Talley - a paranormal retelling of Macbeth

History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera - a boy’s ex drowns and he has to turn to the only person who can possibly understand how he’s feeling - said ex’s current boyfriend

Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller - a genderfluid thief competes for a spot among the queen’s assassins as part of a revenge plot

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by JC Lillis - co-vloggers travel to a series of cons for their fave show and get entangled in fauxmance-turned-romance

Sutphin Boulevard by Santino Hassell - best friends-to-lovers set in NYC

Take Me Home by Lorelie Brown - a woman hires a date to bring home for Thanksgiving and it quickly turns into something real

OK I’m bad at this so I’m gonna stop now. Also it’s stressing me out how many books I didn’t list yet, including A Darkly Beating Heart, Strong Signal, Labyrinth Lost, Not Your Sidekick, Treasure, Off Campus, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, Top Ten, Ramona Blue, Not Otherwise Specified, The Love Interest, If I Was Your Girl, Roller Girl, Far From You, Otherbound, oy okay i’m stopping now

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Hey, how are you? I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you read this. So my question is why do you ship obiyuki and not zenyuki ? P.S. I love your fanfics, there are really beautiful 😍😍

Thank you for taking the time to send ask! I am doing fine, I just need to study soon ahahaha! Hope you are having a lovely time as well!


Well I feel like they have more chemistry honestly. Obi is a figure in Shirayuki’s life that brings her comfort and is always there, even in the little moments, he seems like a constant presence in her life. Zen on the other hand is many times too busy because of his duties as a Prince or they are far away from each other for other reasons, like Shirayuki’s mission in Lyrias. During the start of the 2nd lyrias arc, Shirayuki said that “Obi may just suddenly appear at Lyrias” which shows how natural is for him be by her side. 

Shirayuki is also very important to Obi, for him she is kind of like his home, Zen’s and Shirayuki’s side is where he feels at ease the most. When asked why he liked her by Zen, he said that by calling his name in such a way, he felt that he belonged somewhere. That is very important for someone like Obi that would go with the flow and try to not create attachments in the past. He admitted thinking of leaving them behind, I think that being by their side changed him a bit, we see that on how Tooru regards him as well. He was changed by being by her side.

They also get along really well and their are interactions are always so natural and flow so beautifully, there is obviously alot of trust between them. They are also alot of times in synch. Even Zen comments that Obi and Shirayuki are alike on some aspects. They both help each other grow and learn many new things while being together. We see Obi trying to help her with research, even when he didn’t have such knowledge before. I feel they compliment each other on that. Obi is also someone who calculates before he acts, while Shirayuki may act without thinking at times. I think he also admires many of her qualities, like how much she fights to reach her goal, Obi was someone who wandered without a goal except making money, so seeing someone try so honestly to help someone surely moves him a bit.

They are also both people coming from a lower class, they aren’t nobles, that surely makes them feel more at ease. Their world was different from Zen’s or Kiki’s. Also they both happen to be runaways now that I think about it, Obi is said to have disappeared after taking a mission and Shirayuki needed to flee from her country to escape from Raji.

They have many cute moments as well, with one of my favourite being this one.

We see Obi letting down his guard  around Shirayuki and also how much he cares about her. The only time we have seen him being angry is when she was taken away by Kazuki after all. For someone laid back as Obi, he was downright furious at that time. 

We have seen him alot of times reaching towards her and holding back, like wanting to interwine their fingertips or play with her hair. That would overstep the boundaries however so he doesn’t do it. He makes their hand touch to calm her down though and always has her back.

I also believe that he puts her well being above his own. When they inhaled the smoke from Olin Maris botth of them were weakened but Obi didn’t show a single sign of weakness and continued to help out as much as he could. Whenhe was angry as well, we see him acting without any consideration for himself, just searching for her. He also would probably not do something, so he wouldn’t make them worry than because he cares about what happens to him.

The relationship they both have with Ryuu also makes them seem like a very precious family, helping each other and walking side by side, no matter what they have to face.

And well Obi is in love with her and I have to admit I always love the idea of the bodyguard falling in love with the one he has to protect! Also there is a hint that Obi met her in the past thats really interesting to me!

Ah god, I don’t know if that’s even enough to explain it all but I tried! Also I am happy to hear you enjoy my fics! ^^ Hope that answers your question!!!

argent-maelstrom-deactivated201  asked:

So I am working on a story and want one of my protags to be a somewhat flirtatious lesbian. The problem is, I've never written an LGBTQ+ character before. (not for lack of want, I'm just a new writer) what are some ways to write a character that's not stereotypical and stands out among her two male teammates?

Hey there!

Your character will stand out if she has a different personality - her entire character isn’t just her sexuality. You can make her stand out just by making her personality unique and interesting!

To answer the second part of your question, here are things to keep in mind:

1. Not all lesbians have a bad relationship with their fathers/brothers/other male relatives. That stereotype arises mostly from the idea that lesbians are lesbians because they hate men, were abused by men, etc. etc. This is definitely not the case, and being lesbian really has nothing to do with disliking men.

2. Lesbians are not lesbians because we’re “not pretty enough.“ Again, this arises from the idea that being lesbian has to do with men. A lot of us have heard the phrase “You’re too pretty to be a lesbian!” or “Of course you’re a lesbian, it’s not like you have a lot of options.” Firstly, all women are beautiful, irregardless of what society may drive us to believe. And secondly, being lesbian has nothing to do with beauty.

3. Not all lesbians are tomboyish/masculine. There are definitely masculine lesbians and butches (like me!) but there are definitely also more traditionally feminine lesbians, as well as femme lesbians. To go along with that…

4. Not all lesbians are femme or butch. While butch/femme culture is definitely something that is a part of our culture, not all lesbians choose to identify with one of those labels, and that’s cool too!

5. Lesbian relationships are not heteronormative, no matter what. There isn’t a ‘boy’ and a ‘girl’ in the relationship - there are two women. It doesn’t matter if you have a butch/femme couple, they are not heteronormative. Just be aware of that.

Other than that, just remember that your character is her own character, not just her identity. Good luck writing!

-Mod Deryn

anonymous asked:

I think one of the biggest misassumptions about GoT is that 'Sansa never loved Jon'. Sansa wasn't as close to Jon as Arya and Robb were, we know that but that doesn't mean she didn't love him. Although she called him half brother, he's still a brother to her and she loved him, just not as openly as the others. I hate it when people say she never loved him

Anon Hi!  First thank you for this ask ( I love getting Got/Asoiaf messages.. please keep them coming!). 

Second, yes I agree. Sansa didnt hate Jon, but she was not close to him. Their relatioship was at best,i would say, “dutiful”. They cared for one another because they had to,not because they were close (like jon and ar*a.)

(that make the marriage for duty a possibility too. They  had to co-exist as half-siblings, they can  learn to love each other as husband and wife. Its the reason why i think ar*a and jon could never work as a couple,  if its a marriage of duty, and we know how Grrm loves those: see Ned and Cat). 

Plus as much as I love Sansa, Grrm stated (and its clear in the text) that she was created to build conflict in the stark family. Of course it doesnt mean she hates the starks, it just mean she wanted out. Sansa wanted the south, with the turneys, the knights and kings landing after dark. She prayed to the Seven and not the old gods, because she find them more pretty and less dull. She lost her wolf. These are important events that shaped who Sansa is. 

These reasons are what makes Sansa SO RELATABLE (to me at least..). She is the impersonification of the saying “you dont understand how important a thing is until you lost it”. She wanted to go away from home, she didnt love the north, Winterfell.

 And NOW, well now she dreams of return to her roots, to re-create that home she lost. To name her future children like the brothers (and sister) that she has lost. Thats what makes Sansa such a good, interesting character. She doesnt start with a  mature personality (like Dany, or Tyrion, Bran or Arya who are great characters of course) she was a naive and spoiled child who regrets her choices and tries to survive with her self and her mistakes.

Sansa is a character who changes the MOST in the books. Not only from the first book when Ned dies, but even from  “A storm of swords” to “ A feast for crows” when we  see how she changes her mind about being a bastard, how she starts to understand how a bastard lives: 

“Lysa will not come alone. Before she arrives, we must be clear on who you are.”   

“Who I… I don’t understand.”   

“Varys has informers everywhere. If Sansa Stark should be seen in the Vale, the eunuch will know within a moon’s turn, and that would create unfortunate… complications. It is not safe to be a Stark just now. So we shall tell Lysa’s people that you are my natural daughter.”   

“Natural?” Sansa was aghast. “You mean, a bastard?”  - Sansa (A storm of swords” 

Here Sansa is upset about the possibility of being a bastard, she considers it  a disgrace (we are talking about a girl who was a lady at three, who since she was born has accepted the rules of Westeros culture). But then in a “Feast for crows” 

Sansa Stark went up the mountain, but Alayne Stone is coming down … Alayne was an older woman, and bastard brave.”-  Sansa ( A feast for crows) 

Sansa (only a few charapters later) thinks that a bastard is brave.

I love the dinamic of Jon/Sansa ( even as not romantic) because  for me Jon starts the book, with the same mentality as Sansa even though they are at the total opposite Social status. He wanted to prove himself, he wanted to go to the wall and be honorable, like his father Ned, just like Sansa wanted to be a perfect lady, do her duty like her mother Catelyn. But Sansa and Jon are at the opposite social position in Winterfell (the high lady, who is expected to become a queen, and a poor bastard who doesnt have a future).Still they have the same naive dreams of glory and greatness. Both think their life is like the song they loved as children ( look at these quotes…): 

Jon: Daeron Targaryen was only fourteen when he conquered Dorne

.Benjen: A conquest that lasted a summer. Your Boy King lost ten thousand men taking the place, and another fifty trying to hold it. Someone should have told him that war isn’t a game- Jon snow I  “A game of thrones” 

Jon idolized tragic heroes like Daeron, just like Sansa
romanticizes life:  

When the Knight of Flowers had spoken up, she’d been sure she was about to see one of Old Nan’s stories come to life…..

Lord Baelish stroked his little pointed beard and said, “Nothing? Tell me, child, why would you have sent Ser Loras?”
Sansa had no choice but to explain about heroes and monsters. The king’s councillor smiled.

 "Well, those are not the reasons I’d have given, but … “ He had touched her cheek, his thumb lightly tracing the line of a cheekbone. Life is not a song, sweetling. You may learn that one day to your sorrow.“ - Sansa III “A game of thrones”. 

Both learn that lesson is a hard way. And Grrm is putting them in their respective shoes. Jon is learning the responsibility of being in high position as Lord commander, while Sansa is a bastard. Jon is offered Winterfell by stannis, while Sansa is accused by her aunt of being a beggar. Robb makes Jon is heir, putting him ahead of Sansa. This in not concidences, this is Grrm making Sansa understand what Jon endured all his life, and doing the same thing for Jon. They even have similar chapters in the books ( Sansa A feast for crows chapter when she is coming down the mountain, has parallels with jon chapter in a storm of swords when he climbs the wall. In fact in that case not only Jon is mentioned but she hears a ghost wolf, big as mountains….).

So in conclusion Jon and Sansa are not close but they respected one another presence and dont have a troubling relationship at all. Still how they journeys parallel one another is fascinating (even not for a romantic end.game, which is my guess if both survive …) and i cant wait for the reunion (that i can bet will be the first Stark reunion in the books..like its 1000000% sure).

anonymous asked:

The Ashi ending was fine. She was written fine. She was basically a tiny microcosm of all the relationships Jack had built in the future. Her death was the realization that he can't have those again; he had to make the choice of the greater good in lieu of maintaining what he'd built for himself in the future. She, along with all Jack's friends, existed because Aku existed. I do think it didn't make sense that she waited so long to fade away though. That's nonsensical.

Okay, look: I don’t fundamentally have a problem with Ashi disappearing at the end, but I hate the way that it was handled. And she was not “written fine.”

Ashi does have a personality and a character arc…sort of. The issue is that literally everything she ever did revolved around Jack. She was a complete satellite love interest, and even when horrible things happened to her, the focus wasn’t on how it made her feel but on how it made Jack feel. I mean, shit, she only found the strength to break free of Aku when Jack said he loved her! All of her accomplishments were because of him and she was written as a prop to bolster him, not as a character in her own right.

“But the story is about Jack!” Okay, uh, how about the other (male) friends that he made throughout the original series? I think most of them had actual personalities and made decisions that didn’t involve him. Let’s face the facts: Ashi had this issue because she was a love interest. And I’m sure the fact that there wasn’t a single female writer on the staff for Season 5 didn’t help.

The fact that she disappeared doesn’t bother me, because you’re right: everything in the future depended on Aku’s existence. But you know what does bother me? That Jack never expressed sadness over the fact that all his other friends would vanish! All he cared about in the end was Ashi – we never even saw him reunite with his family, they were treated as a throwaway consolation prize. He no longer cared about his family or his original goals; the romance completely overrode his character and made him nothing but an angsty male hero whose main objective is always his lady love.

Hell, have you noticed that large swathes of the fandom think the ending is sad because Jack’s life sucks, and not because Ashi had her whole life taken from her? That’s how the ending is written, and many fans internalized that. (And then they come yell at me for pointing out how poorly Ashi is written when they don’t really give a shit about her.)

Ashi could have been a great character. She could have sacrificed herself with full knowledge of what she’d be giving up, and her disappearance would be poignant. But nope, it was all about Jack’s Manpain, from beginning to end. And that’s why I and a lot of other fans are so pissed at the last episode.

  • Katie: *Bites her lip, flirts with Kara while on character*
  • Melissa @SG writers: Well first of all Supergirl is gay for Lena Luthor so jot that down.
  • SG writers: That's not possible Melissa, you already have a love interest.
  • Melissa: Well Supergirl can't be straight if I flirt back and bite my lip when Lena comes to pick Kara up for a date.
  • Katie: Wait, are they going on a date? what's going on?
  • SG writers: Melissa is trying to make supercorp happen..
  • Katie: What's a supercorp
  • Katie: Romantic relationship? I thought I was finally going to play a straight character...
  • SG writers *thinking*: Bitch you thought..
  • Melissa *lowers her voice*: Katie you gotta rewatch the first episodes
  • Katie: but why?
  • Melissa *whispering*: the gay is showing...

recently i’ve seen some talk about how Eva changed so much after season 1, from a “sweet girl” to a “party girl” or similar phrasing and i’m confused? like she wasn’t a party girl before and isn’t a sweet girl now? and that those things are mutually exclusive?

there’s a lot of things in season 1 that told us Eva was a party girl, yes once we switch to noora’s pov and especially isak’s pov we get less of Eva’s day to day life and only see her in social settings (mainly just parties by season 3 for a whole lot of reasons) but that doesn’t mean she’s acting out of character from season 1

the show started off with establishing Eva as someone who like to go to parties, it’s even mentioned in her trailer, her old friend group goes to parties and in the first episode we see her get tipsy from wine she stole from her mom (she mentions this later) that she’s hiding in her room and going to the revue party

she has multiple motivations for going to that party and drinking of course but her wanting to go because its a party and wanting to drink are apart of that

she posts on her instagram a lot about being home on a friday/saturday night while everyone is partying because she’s not use to being in this position, she’s not use to not going out, she not use to being alone, it’s eating her up so she tries to make jokes about it to cover up just how lonely she is, thats part of the main conflict of her season how her entire friend group just dropped her, she was never someone who liked staying home and in bed all the time, she’s clearly a very extroverted person and thats part of the reason she dislikes what her life has recently become

then every time the girl squad goes to a party it’s because Eva arranged it, yes it’s her season so it’s about what she’s doing but none of the other girls ever set up a party even though Vilde and Chris were certainly interested in doing so and Sana was doing that whole ‘master plan to make the group popular’ thing (Noora was just along for the ride)

the problem is that she never gets to have fun at these parties because of the drama in her life, not because she doesn’t want to party, remember this moment? 

she’s very uncomfortable with the situation she’s found herself in and therefore can’t get into the party, she can’t have fun and let loose like she’s able to do in season 2 & 3, this happens at the halloween party too because she’s freaking out about Jonas cheating on her and then again at the girl power party because before the party really gets going Vilde needs their help, all of the parties are very plot relevant and a bunch of shit happens where they get cut short so there’s no time for Eva to just be the party girl she is, and yeah she has this thing against weed and drugs and thinks Jonas is a stoner because he smokes some times but then when Jonas calls her on it?

she literally responds “you can’t compare those” like the little shit white girl partier she is

and then of course we have this iconic line, like not a party girl where??

Eva ends season 1 in a good place thats the point when we see her again afterwards she’s happy and comfortable with her social life and her friends and that’s why we see her more open and comfortable at parties, not because it’s a new trait but because she’s no longer in the same situation she was where she was upset at herself and her life and having a lot of internal struggles 

skam of course isn’t perfect, nothing is, but i’ve never found Eva’s characterization from season 1 and onwards to be unrealistic or without reason, maybe it’s just because i’ve grown up in a similar party crowd (because we all know skam focuses on a group that’s really into the party scene) but it all totally made sense to me, especially when you consider that fact that Eva is 16 in season 1 and it’s just a fact that (if you are in that scene) you go to more parties and bigger parties as you get older and know more people who can buy alcohol and such, this is true about everyone in the main cast, they are all going to more parties now because they have more opportunity 

but none of what i’ve mention in this post takes away from the Eva who is a loving, supportive, and caring friend, just because she’s getting wasted more doesn’t mean any of her “sweet” characteristics are gone, yes we see less of her thats just how the show works but that doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned who she is, there’s literally no reason someone can’t be both a “party girl” and a “sweet girl” and i hope Eva as a character can help teach people that 

anonymous asked:

I so enjoy reading your meta! I was wondering, what did you make of Cercei's relationship with Taena? I could never entirely figure out if Cercei feels genuinely attracted to her or if she just thought that's how a "king" behaves (she seems to want the role of a king, not a queen). There are text passages that seem to indicate real romantic interest on Cercei's part, but while Taena gets something out of their sexual encounter, Cercei soon thinks of her rapist and is turned off.

Thank you, anon!

I have to admit that I haven’t thought a lot about this question. I tend to align Taena with my pet theory about Varys rerunning the same scam on Cersei that I believe he ran when she was a young girl in Aerys’s court, with the assumption there was a Taena type in the mix then, as well. 

I will say that I did not perceive Taena as getting anything out of the encounter. I could almost visualize her momentary surprise, then quick recalibration. I picture that with her a lot. Taena nimbly pivots to further her goals with Cersei on the regular. Think of the moment when Cersei is trying to get her to send for her son. The last thing Taena Merryweather is tryna do is expose her child to this court. No way. George does a great job letting US see this, see her take a second to triangulate a response, without Cersei getting it. Cersei is as blind to these things as a Jane Austen heroine is to the hero’s obvious interest in her. I love it.

I always feel uncomfortable with Cersei being placed in a sexual context. My feeling is that she hates being touched, that having sex is destabilizing for her. The touches she can tolerate are from Joffrey (and presumably the other children) and Jaime. And this is because she doesn’t see a place where she ends and they begin. They are Cersei. Only Cersei exists, and they are Cersei. 

So I think she loses the stomach for what she’s doing to Taena in the same way we see her lose her stomach for the torture she’s having visited upon the Blue Bard. Her mind skitters away from that realness. She THOUGHT she could be like her idea of a male ruler, visiting torment upon people without being bothered by it, but she cannot. What she doesn’t understand is that few men can either…her own father didn’t want to WITNESS what happened to Elia and the children, after all. Her mind skitters away from what she did to Melara, as well. She doesn’t do well with actually seeing the consequences of her harmful choices. Consider that she was genuinely surprised to discover that sending Falyse off to be vivisected had resulted in a vivisected Falyse.

So I think with Taena, this sort of sexual violence - the kind that she has endured herself - is something she THOUGHT she wanted to try because she thinks it’s power, she thinks it’s what powerful men do, but ultimately she doesn’t have the stomach for it.