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Now I'm curious what your additional thoughts are on the Dumbledore Sirius thing

Hi there! Thanks for the ask. I definitely have opinions on this.

Overall, I think it’s clear that Dumbledore doesn’t like Sirius much, on a personal level. This is understandable- Sirius was most likely a little shit during most of his school years, as we see in Snape’s memories. However, this does not excuse Dumbledore’s treatment of Sirius, which I am still salty about.

The fact that Dumbledore was hesitant about making Sirius the Potters’ secret keeper, yet allowed it to happen anyway proves to me that he did not actually suspect Sirius as the spy at this time. This makes sense. Sirius is too rash and unpredictable to have been a spy for an entire year. Dumbledore likely worried that Sirius would accidentally give up the Potters’ location, either through trickery, or without thinking it through, or under duress, similar to how he gave up Remus’ secret back in school. 

And yet, after Sirius’ arrest, Dumbledore doesn’t question Sirius at all. Even thought Voldemort was supposedly defeated, there were still plenty of Death Eaters out and about. Dumbledore also states to Snape that he fears Voldemort will return, so even if he wasn’t completely clear about the horcrux situation, he was definitely aware that something was amiss. You’d think he’d want to question Sirius about what the hell actually happened, even if he thought Sirius was guilty, if only to gather as much information as possible, but he doesn’t.

I think Dumbledore was content to let Sirius be locked away because it was convenient. It meant that he was able to have more control over Harry’s situation, and it kept a hothead who’d screwed over two close friends (and valuable Order members) with his careless behavior out of Dumbledore’s hair. I’m sure Dumbledore thought he was acting out of the best interests for The Chosen One. If it was at the expense of an asshole Black hothead who’d nearly lost them the war, well, so be it.

Moving on to post-Azkaban… I will mostly bypass my extreme skepticism of Dumbledore not being able to clear Sirius’ name without Peter in custody, because that’s just my personal opinion. I’m not saying he had to be declared innocent that very evening, but the fact that there’s no evidence of Dumbledore trying again over the next two years makes me irritable.

Regardless, there is no excuse for the way Dumbledore treated Sirius in OOTP. Throughout the book, Sirius clearly exhibits signs of mental illness. Being trapped in his childhood home where he continues to be verbally abused by his mother in portrait form does not help matters. I understand that it was dangerous for Sirius to be out and about, but honestly, I’ve read about fifty fics that work around this issue and allow for more freedom. If you are going to tell me that the only option for Sirius was complete isolation, well, I just don’t agree. The fact that Sirius’ mental health is never taken into consideration is upsetting to me.

Dumbledore says after Sirius’ death, “Sirius was a brave, clever, and energetic man, and such men are not usually content to sit at home in hiding while they believe others to be in danger.” This isn’t something that Dumbledore just realized. He’s know Sirius for over twenty years. He’d been through a war once before with him. He knew that keeping Sirius cooped up was in many ways just as dangerous as letting him out on certain missions would be. He knew that keeping Sirius locked away was just going to make him more reckless once he was allowed out. He knew, and yet he did nothing to stop it, hoping against hope that Sirius would be content to sit quietly until he was needed, even though that goes completely against his character.

One of Dumbledore’s biggest flaws is that he expects people to act as they should rather than as they are. Sirius bears the brunt of this, and I’ll never stop being salty about it.

A straight person shipping a gay ship is not “fetishizing.”

A dude shipping two girls is not fetishizing.

A girl shipping two guys is not fetishizing.

The only time it’s fetishizing is when the person doing it has no respect for gay people as people and only “ships” what they do because “it’s hot.” Like, if you enjoy a ship? If you think those two girls have great chemistry and look cute together? That’s not creepy! That’s shipping! Yes, even if you enjoy nsfw content involving them! Even if you ONLY enjoy nsfw content involving them.

The point where it becomes creepy is when straight people fawn over gay characters (or whatever) as objects, only BECAUSE they’re gay and Gay Shit is gratifying to them in some way despite them not caring about gay PEOPLE.

Like. Shipping something outside one’s own orientation is not automatically fetishizing. That’s ridiculous. The term “fetishizing” in its most common use implies that it’s a sexual thing. Shipping something you like on a character level? Is not inherently sexual. (And again, even if you involve the sexual aspect, the point is to not objectify people. I feel like it’s pretty clear when that’s happening and when it isn’t.)

I tried really hard to keep myself from ranting about this but the sexualization and fetishization of Daphne Blake is something that deeply disturbs me. Fine, people are allowed I guess to draw their fanart porn and everything –– I won’t claim to understand that but fine whatever. But when that fanart starts to fetishize her and make her as nothing more than a sex object, that’s when it becomes a real problem. Daphne started as nothing more than a punchline to a joke, a stock character. More recently WB has been working hard to erase that perception of her and make her more than a damsel always needing to be rescued. And then there’s all these fan arts of her tied up and defenseless and it makes me sick. It just revolts me, because it’s not like there’s a story behind it, it’s not like she’s trying to reassert herself NO it’s gross artists using her as nothing but jack-off fuel because it’s “sexy” to be scared and defenseless and afraid. 

They don’t consider what being kidnapped so much means and leads to. They don’t care about her as a character, and that’s what bothers me. Some artists won’t use a certain color on a male character because that character dislikes it, but they’re fine bending reality to suit their gross fetishes? having daphne all tied up despite the fact that she likely has terrible associations with it?? and that’s not just me, like that’s practically fucking canon?? you don’t need to read between the lines to infer it’s possible. like, fuck outta here. i know male artists are capable of taking detail into consideration, but for some reason that consideration flies out of the table when it comes to female characters??? FUCK OUTTA HERE. treat female characters with the respect they deserve. treat daphne blake with the respect she deserves. god. 


Animagi? Animagi.

Newt’s animagus form is a Eurasian Red Squirrel, Tina’s is a pigeon, Graves’ is a greying timber wolf (most people assume he’s just a very large dog) and Credence’s is a Hebridean lamb/sheep :’ )

Meanwhile, Jacob had no idea what’s going on but he’s a little weirded out by all these vaguely familiar animals…


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(I feel like the argument stemmed from Black Hat being meaner than usual towards Flug because he’s frustrated at himself trying to understand his affectionate feelings, and Flug finally blows up about it)

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Ahhh the Captain America movies give me life, Fran. Like I could watch them around the clock and never get over how great they are. They aren't even just good superhero movies. 1 is a great war movie (so grateful the creators of Wonder Woman seemed to learn from that). 2 is a spy thriller. And Civil War is just everything the Avengers movies should have been. I could yell about it all day. And BUCKY. Cap and Bucky... I cry. So. Much. Have you ever considered a KiriBaku Stucky AU? I have.

Have you ever considered a KiriBaku Stucky AU”  BOI have I, that’s like the most fitting and most heartwrenching AU I’ve ever thought about anon you got no clue you know what here have some shitty doodles to go with it too

Kirishima’s backstory makes him a great Steve - he used to be weak but couldn’t stand back and mind his business anyway, picked fights left and right even though he always lost them, wanted to be a hero even though his body didn’t let him - Steve’s a definitely more extreme case, but Kiri fits amazingly in the role. 

As far as their past goes, Bakugou’s a bit of a loose fit for Bucky (even though you could shorten Bakugou into Bucky if you really wanted to… lmao), but moving up in the story their shared history is… weirdly fitting??

Getting kidnapped to be turned into a villain? Kirishima going against orders to go save him? That’s catfa’s plot in a nutshell, it’s amazing - and later on with Bucky being a hero seen by the whole world as a villain, that’s very Bakugou too. I can see Bakugou fit in the plotline of Bucky struggling with what he’s done as the Winter Soldier a lot too, and Kiri following him around the world and doing anything to save him and always, always, always being on his side? Refusing to fight him at the end of catws? Boi I die, if it didn’t include so much angst this AU would be my favorite thing, I’m not even gonna lie - ah, the Winter Soldier being into fire arms and Steve’s weapon of choice being a shield work amazingly for Bakugou and Kirishima too, don’t they? The bakushima make a perfect team in the same way the stucky do, too!!

The whole “Lucius was abusive with Draco” thing has always been so funny to me. Really, I don’t get how people are able to believe something so silly. 

Seriously, guys, wake the fuck up, if Lucius had been abusive with his son, he wouldn’t have been a part of the series. You know why? Because Narcissa “If you attack my son again I shall ensure that is the last thing you ever do” Malfoy would have killed him ten times in a row. 

“Darkiplier VS Antisepticeye” is Mark’s Effort to Take Back Control From Dark: A Theory

(Disclaimer: I know nothing about any of Jack’s egos, so this is entirely about Mark’s. Disclaimer 2, Electric Boogaloo: I had my Frosted Mini Wheats like two hours late today, and that threw off my groove, so I’m sorry if I’m less eloquent than usual. Disclaimer III- This Time, It’s Personal: The only reason this isn’t under a read more is because someone told me to do that last time, but they weren’t very nice about it, so now I’m being petty. I’m sorry for being the worst. I still love you guys, though.)

In my last theory, we discussed the possibility that Dark is trying to take back control through more subtle means this time, and that he has a plan that we didn’t get to see during Markiplier TV. He’s been slowly giving hints of his existence in videos, teasing just enough to get people talking. He hasn’t revealed himself outright in any videos since Markiplier TV; he hasn’t denied being in them, either. 

Remember this interaction between @markiplier and @hufflepufftrax?

Mark quickly dispels rumors about Darkiplier when they’re not true. Why, then, would he not clear the air during the chaos of World’s Quietest Let’s Play 4, or any other video that has stirred up the community a great deal more than this photo ever did? The logical train of thought, then, is that these really were Dark appearances and we are supposed to know it. So, if Dark has been going about this so carefully all along, why would he reveal himself by sharing the spotlight in a comedy sketch? The short answer is that he wouldn’t. The reality is… say it with me now… it’s just Mark impersonating Dark!

Yeah, I know, no shock there. You’ve been hearing that since the video dropped. I talked about it when answering an ask, which I’m screenshotting and dropping below for your convenience, because I’m just a nice gal like that.

So now we have to ask, why would Mark do this? If Dark really is starting to take back control, this would be a dangerous time to pull a stunt like this, wouldn’t it? Well, it makes sense when you consider the fact that Mark has all but run out of options. 

Every time Dark is hinted at, the community goes wild. It doesn’t matter how subtle the hint may be- if the lights in the background of a video are red and blue, someone will point it out. Someone will draw him. Someone will get excited. And then, over time, everyone will get excited. 

Even if Mark tried to warn us, it only fueled the fire. Reaching out for help, trying to tell us that Dark is here– it is exactly what Dark wants. So Mark now has to try a different tactic. The only way that Dark can lose at this point is if he loses his allure to the viewers, and the only way to do that is to use his own method against him: Dark is pretending to be Mark, and now Mark is pretending to be Dark in order to discredit him. More specifically, he’s trying to get Dark out of the way, impersonate him, and make a fool out of him. That sounds… familiar, doesn’t it? Have we heard that somewhere before?

What if I change up the tense a little and word it a bit more like this?

“Pushed aside. Replaced. Mocked.”

Originally posted by rubies-and-oaktrees

That rings a few more bells, doesn’t it?

When we put all of these things together, a picture starts to form: Mark kept Dark at bay for years by making him a joke, but then he made the mistake of letting down his guard. Letting him back in. Now, Mark is fighting back using the only method that he has ever known to work. Why wouldn’t it this time? Making silly edits, taking over Mark’s twitter with edgy, emo poetry… it was enough to dissuade the community last time. So what could make it fail now? How could humor no longer be sufficient to drive Dark away?

The key difference this time is that Dark is not simply a wisp of a presence like he was years ago. He can’t be laughed off anymore. He is here. He is real. He is powerful. He does not like to be mocked, and this action from Mark will most definitely have consequences.

And the blame for that, really, falls on all of us. As Mark said all those years ago, we made Dark real.  Back then, he had to resort to humor to keep Dark at bay, because none of us would listen to him when he warned us. Now, history’s repeating itself,  but the outcome isn’t so sure this time. We learned nothing in the process. Now Dark has become too strong, because we, the viewers, keep letting him back in. Mark tries to tell us that Dark is here and we are thrilled about it.

So, really, the question isn’t, “Why would Mark do this?”

The question is, 

Why didn’t we listen?

Unless I’m forgetting something…

…has Taako ever been afraid before? Has Taako ever once admitted to being scared of anything he was up against? Because he’s been on the brink of death before, several times, and all I remember are jokes. He’s faced some pretty severe odds, took some incredible risks, but there’s never been any hesitation - short of avoiding things entirely. There have been some awful situations that Taako didn’t seem to take seriously at all.

It’s possible that the prospect of something happening to Lup is the only thing Taako is truly afraid of. 

And considering everything that’s happened, everything that Taako is about to remember, my heart might be breaking just a little bit.

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I saw someone headcanoning that Sero and Bakugou had this friends with benefits thing in the past in which they would make out sometimes just for fun. I really liked that idea. How would you think Kaminari and Kirishima would react to that? Do you think they'd get jealous or?