but that's the most stupid she has ever looked

Fucking love you -SW

“ What’s going on Wilk boy? ”
“Nothing Nate”
“ God! You are so deep in your misery! Did y/n kick your ass? ”
“So whats happened”
“She’s acting weird”
“ Weird? How weird? Thats normal in her”
“I dont know, I think she has somebody else ”
“ Don’t be stupid little boy! Y/n is the most faithful girl that i’ve ever met”
“I don’t think so, she is not talking to me like she used to! I feel so hurt man, literally about to cry my soul out of me”
“ Talk to her”
“ Leave me alone Nate I am so pissed off! ”
2 weeks later…
She is not the same girl that I met in that concert, she isn’t talking to me.
She looks so sad and when I call her She just hang up the phone.
My phone is ringing,it is Derek. I don’t want to answer!
“Sammy boy, we need your help ! ”
“Whats up?”
“ I am going to the Hospital with y/n , she is sick!”
“ what? Sick?? What hospital?”
“ Jackson Memorial”
“On my way!”
I am frustrated, nobody said a shit about how is she! I am about to pull my hair outta my head.
Now I’m the room with y/n.
“How are you feeling? ”
“ Like shit”
“ Why you didn’t tell me that you have Leukemia?”
“ Because I’m dying”
“ You are not dying! I am so jealous! You said that to Derek ! I am your boyfriend ! Why dont you trust me?”
“ Why you should care about me? I am sick and I’m about to be nothing in this world” My baby started crying so hard. She is so hurt.
“ Because I fucking love you princess! Without you I am nothing baby! Let me be with you! I know you love me too”
“ I am so sorry Sammy I was so scared, I don’t want you to be hurt”
“ Don’t worry babe I’ll be with you no matter what. You are mine and I am yours! We are going to be okey! Together, like always”
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By: @babekylie -M💎