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kyouhaba fic rec !

this ship has gotten so much attention in the past few weeks and im so excited!!!! so,,, i made a fic rec ( courtesy of the request from @iwaizooms , thank u !!! ) !!! here are my personal favorites out of the ones i’ve read so far !! 

-note: i’ve missed a few of the recent fics, but i’ve read the majority of the fics from prior to the date of the kyouhaba debut in the anime!!! (also… i totally am gonna include my own fics in here because im ridiculous)

-note note: fics are not in any order !!

Deal || kiyala || 1/1 chapter || 1169 words || g+ || kyoutani and yahaba go on a bookstore date!!! i literally just finished reading this but it’s suuuuper cute and i love the dynamic between kyoutani and yahaba here!!! kyoutani is such a big nerd :^)

Kiss me like you mean it || Qitana || 1/1 chapter || 3163 words || t+ || oikawa and yahaba run a kissing booth and kyoutani is dared to kiss yahaba!!!! i laughed really hard at this and…. totally blushed a ton??? its written incredibly well and portrays all of the characters in such a neat yet accurate way!!

Baby steps (or ‘Yahaba’s guide to applying eyeliner on a grumpy puppy’) || fontsizesmol || 1/1 chapter || 1597 words || g+ || kyoutani breaks his arm, and yahaba helps him with his eyeliner!! also i love this because it feels like there’s some sort of exchange between kyouken and yahaba that’s not shown in the story and its GREAT

Kyouhaba Week - Soulmates Universe || MapacheLuna || 7/7 fics || 24,318 words || t+ || a soulmate au series with some dramatic side-oikuro!!! theres a slow build and a ton of tension and i love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT,,, its honestly completely worth reading because the writing style is so nice and because aaa,,,a, theyre both such dorks

Entwined || kiyala || 1/1 chapter || 2254 words || g+ || soulmates universe where you can feel the emotions of your soulmate upon touching !! wow, i love how kyoutani is portrayed SO MUCH (i left like.. an essay about it in the tags tbh) and it’s super chill and wonderful aah

Close to the Chest || darkmagicalgirl || 10/10 chapters || 61,185 words || t+ || taking place in the canon universe, a slow build over a few years. in all honesty, this is one of my favorite fics of all time, and i’ve cried every time i’ve read it. it’s beautiful and yahaba is hilarious and WOW!!!! my breath is taken away!! please read this fic

Safe in Your Hands || shions_heart || 3/3 chapters || 8915 words || t+ || yahaba begins doing kyoutani’s eyeliner for him, and it goes from there. this fic is super great and yahaba becomes really important to kyoutani and it just makes my heart complete holy shoot 

wear your love like it’s made of hate || memorde || 1/1 chapter || 3366 words || t+ || i love fics where yahaba does kyoutani’s eyeliner can u tell,,, bUt this fic is hysterical and the first years are shitholes (in a good way) and aaaaaaaaah i scream

Stray Arrows || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 3801 words || t+ || this fic is very important to me because, a) first kyouhaba fic i ever read and got me into the ship, b) its beautifully written…. wow!!! this fic is super good and kyoutani’s a big dork with a rough home life and yahaba is Too Good™

you can’t trust anyone these days || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 719 words || g+ || seijou. laser tag. do i have to say anything else ??? this fic is pure gold and yahaba kicks ass i love him

destroy the middle (it’s a waste of time) || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 9683 words || m+ || this fic absolutely blew me away!!! i loved every bit of it and yahaba’s trying his best okay ,,, its super sweet and AAAAAh,,,, i love

and now we get to my own fics because im ridiculous

maybe || fortyfiveangrycats || 1/1 chapter || 7100 words || t+ || yahaba and kyoutani meet when they’re thirteen, and the fic follows the course of ten years as they fall in love,,, its sickeningly fluffy and i had a lot of fun and support writing this fic!!! it’s definitely the work i’m most proud of and i’m glad to share it with fellow kyouhaba shippers!!

putting the dog to sleep || fortyfiveangrycats || 1/1 chapter || 1756 words || t+ || yahaba and kyoutani regret their decisions of coming to team sleepovers when theyre tossed into a closet together for seven minutes, and decide to tease their teammates a bit!! it gets remotely fluffier tho tbh bUt its very gay and i wrote the plot at 3am so i apologize for this fic being a Complete Train Wreck™

SO YEAH!!!! thats my kyouhaba fic rec i hope u all like these fics because theyre AMAZING and deserve all of the love and attention in the world!! thank u!!!