but that's pretty much everyone in the show so

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hey just wondering but what kinda keith + lance blog is this? like, is it going to end up with klance or is it just going to stick to canon/an interpretation of canon or will it stay away from ships altogether? thanks!

glad you asked! :D 

i recommend going to the “about” page which gives a brief sypnosis about the blog. Simply put, i had a lot of really random/funny ideas of them interacting, i just really love their dynamic. i made this blog because man, i love this show. i had a lot of drawing ideas so im here to share my own take of keith and lance. here they are. here comes the Cool Kids

im generally not much of a shipper… and my interpretation of them is pretty different than from what everything ive seen, but thats just me. I’ll just do my own interpretation of these characters with everyone as one big platonic family, because you can never go wrong with that!!! i guess i was so overwhelmed with so much lovey dovey stuff that i wanted to make my own take of them, featuring more of my surreal taste of humor. I prefer them as casual badass space range partners doing really weird things so I made this …full of memes and emo angst. this is still pretty different from canon bc i think keith and lance are still more geared towards rivalry than in this blog

Because of how.. intimidating the voltron fandom is.. i think it’s best for me to stay away from ships altogether. for now. Voltron has little romance to begin with. Man I’d love it if they made klance canon, though I think the chances of any ship being canon is pretty slim (at least right now) because there’s so much outside forces that the characters have to prioritize first, but of course, I could always be wrong. 

i do ship them but not to the magnitude of a lot of people in the fandom. Then again, I literally don’t ship anyone else in this show.  If klance indeed does become canon, I am TOTALLY putting it into the blog but it will mostly stay similar, except they’ll hold hands or whatever. i dont mind getting any shippy asks, i actually have a lot of fun answering them! expect some answers soon

great critical role things: when laura arrives from an award show in episode 34, all glammed up, and the collective reaction from everyone is just awe from everyone. you’ve got travis, who’s just like “thats my wife shes so gorgeous im so lucky”, you got taliesin who just covers his face in awe, matt who’s jaw drops, same with sam, and marisha is just squealing, and ashley who just says “you look so pretty!”

true to twin form, liam just raises his eyebrows and nods

i love these people and the way they love each other so much

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How is it when you talk to Papa? (and how tall is he, cuz sometimes he looks quite small, and sometimes average)

truffle finder is a very small dude. he was only maybe about an inch taller than me and i’m like 5′4-5′5 ish. he’s also very like….dainty? his proportions, i mean. like his ankles were the same thickness as my wrists, lmao. 

the weirdest thing about him to me was that he looks nothing like any photo i have ever seen of him. like i immediately recognized him from a distance when he came out of the venue, but i was expecting him to be much….uh….uglier than he actually is LOL THATS MEAN IM SORRY

he has kind of a tilda swinton-esque ugly prettiness to his face, like he’s not a handsome man but he has this bizarre sort of seelie court fairy prince look. i was into it.

he seemed tired after our show but he was very kind attentive to everyone. he speaks very softly and smiles at everyone. i didn’t really say much to him because @silverthurible was talking to him mostly, he also remembered as thurible was handing him art that he’d received art from him before. also hes very like, reassuring when someone is nervous? thurible was like visibly trembling he was so nervous and tabasco was very kind and supportive with him. at one point thurible was like “I HAVE TO GO” and pivoted to scurry away and tuba’s hands were instantly on his shoulders gently spinning him around and pulling him into a very close hug lmao

and then thurible had to go back to ask him about something again and he was getting all shaky again and tunguska like, clapped a hand supportively onto one of his shoulders while he spoke

so yea i am afraid of that wee man and his fae magicks but he’s a very nice dude lmao

Svt on the 4th of July
  • Okay 
  • So 
  • Lets just say svt is in the grand old USA
  • *que shua saying the pledge of allegiance with and eagle screeching in the background*
  • But wait 
  • There’s more
  • its…THE 4TH OF JULY
  • Idk how it is over in the west coast 
  • But here in the east coast 
  • The 4th is wild 
  • Trying to figure out if what you are hearing is gunshots or fireworks at night 
  • Which mind you 
  • In my state
  • Both are illegal 
  • Back to svt
  • So
  • Our boy shua takes the lead
  • Like the few times vernon did experience it 
  • He was probably to little to remember 
  • So in this case
  • Shua takes the lead 
  • So let the fun begin 
  • Im sure every member has hear a bit about the events that occur during the 4th
  • But now that they are going to get the full experience 
  • Buckle up your seat belts because this is gonna be a wild ride
  • Also im going to be basing this entirely off what ive experienced
  • So probably not what shua actually experienced 
  • But either way its america and the 4th
  • Its bound to be wild no mater what
  • So
  • They wake up early in the morning
  • No time to sleep on a holiday as important as this one
  • Catch shua decked out in as much red, white and blue, stars and stripes he can get on his body
  • Also hot as heck because it is July 
  • But patriotism above comfort am i right no
  • Anyways 
  • Catch shua making sure every member has some type of stars in stripes on 
  • Remember those little tattoos that you get wet and then put on 
  • Idk if they have a name tbh
  • Anyways 
  • Every member has a 4th of july one on 
  • Like most of them were smart about where they stuck on the lil tattoo
  • But yall
  • Hoshi and dk
  • Stuck the sparkly red, white and blue firework tattoo right on their face
  • Like catch these attractive grown men walking around with these tattoos on their cheeks 
  • I love it tbh
  • So all the members are ready 
  • Vernon found a flag banda and is now wearing it 
  • Shua has that dumb bucket hat on
  • I guarantee you someone is just straight up wrapped in a flag
  • Probably mingyu 
  • Okay okay so now everyone is ready for the day 
  • Time to stake out seats for the parade 
  • Or at least thats the plan 
  • They get there and immediately get distracted 
  • This is where my weird state comes into play srry 
  • Okay but so all these little pop up stores showed up 
  • From weird stores that just have like old knick knacks and such to like little pet booths where you can get your dog the new latest and greatest outfit with a matching collar and leash
  • Mingyu and wonwoo were the first to get lost at the pet accessory stole 
  • After that seungkwan, vernon and chan where left behind at the food stole 
  • Who is going to pass up funnel cake and like snow cones 
  • Not them 
  • When shua realized they were missing
  • He left coups and the rest at the turtle derby 
  • Yah you read that right
  • The best race ever 
  • So while the other svt members got way to into watching a bunch of turtles with numbers taped to the shell try and walk out of a circle first 
  • Good stuff 
  • Anyways so eventually shua rounds them up
  • Just in time to arrive for the great watermelon eating contest 
  • Watching people inhale watermelon at an alarming rate and worrying for their safety only makes the 4th that much more exciting
  • So after watching that mess of an event 
  • And coups surprisingly getting really really into it 
  • The 13 of them make there way to the roadside 
  • Blankets in hand 
  • Finally found a big enough for all of them 
  • Bonus its also partly in the shade
  • So they lay down the blankets and get all settled in 
  • The best 
  • And most terrifying part 
  • Of the entire day
  • The parade 
  • Everything admirable about the town shows up 
  • So basically 
  • Some school marching bands
  • Every firetruck and police car you can fit into one space 
  • A lot of random floats for things you’ve literally never heard of 
  • Some random prom queen idk 
  • But svt would be like 
  • !!!! there !!! is !! a !!! dog !!!! in !!! that !!!! one !!!! float !!!! 
  • Actually go deaf from the fire truck sirens 
  • But whatever 
  • Half of them scream with joy when some of the floats throw candy into the crowd 
  • Except its more like they pelt the candy at you but whatever m8
  • Shua is have a grand old time reliving the joys of the 4th 
  • Vernon is probably like oh god they weren’t joking when they said all this stuff about it 
  • And the rest of them are like america omg wild i love it 
  • Except wonwoo he might get a little overwhelmed 
  • And like i can kinda see seungkwan being a little sassy about all the cheesy floats 
  • Me too boo me too 
  • So after a while the parade ends 
  • Everyone is hyped 
  • No matter how crappy the parade is or how good it is 
  • Everyone is hyped
  • Because you know whats next 
  • The most memorable part of the whole holiday 
  • The fireworks 
  • But its like lunch time right now 
  • Its a while before its dark 
  • So svt goes for lunch 
  • Since its such a large group of people it was decided hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill is the best choice 
  • So off everyone goes 
  • And now begins the food preparation 
  • Doesn’t actually take too long 
  • Thankfully 
  • Because hungry boys doesn’t make for a good situation 
  • So they all get there food and eat to their hearts content 
  • Because eating and full svt is the best svt you can fight me on this 
  • So because its so hot 
  • Water usually gets involved 
  • And im just gonna say three words
  • Water Balloon fight 
  • Can you see it 
  • The split up into their units 
  • Fill up water balloons as fast as possible 
  • Set up bases 
  • Create a battle strategy 
  • Because this is an intense fight do you hear 
  • Life or death 
  • And so beings the adult water balloon fight 
  • Best and biggest water balloon fight in history lemme tell you 
  • So soooooo much fun 
  • A memory all of them would have for the rest of their lives 
  • They’d all be laughing so hard there stomachs would hurt 
  • Even if a random stranger walked past the battle 
  • Im sure they would just stop and watch and smile 
  • Because hearing such sweet laughter like that 
  • And watching 13 people just have straight up fun 
  • And just enjoy life would bring a smile to anyone’s face 
  • So now they are soaked 
  • Worth it tho 
  • By the time they collect themselves and dry off and like get all their energy back
  • Its probably close to dusk 
  • So they gather up blankets and chairs 
  • Shua hunts down sparklers and what are they called pop its ???
  • Omg hold on imagine svt with those pop its 
  • Im crying just thinking about it 
  • The best part of the 4th is chucking those little tnt poppers at your friends and watching them run away in terror as they explode 
  • Just imagine svt with that im yelling
  • Tbh at first they would have fun just throwing them down on the ground and watching them explode and hearing the lil snap 
  • And then shua comes in 
  • And just chucks it at jeonghan 
  • Jeonghan screams 
  • Throws one back 
  • Hits coups instead 
  • Coups throws one
  • Hits seungkwan 
  • Now you’ve got vernon and seungkwan joining in 
  • Somehow wonwoo gets hit 
  • Wonwoo isnt going to miss this chance 
  • Pelts one at mingyu 
  • Somehow woozi gets hit 
  • Everyone freezes and watches him slowly pull one out of the saw dust or whatever 
  • And then
  • All hell breaks loose
  • That lasts until they run out 
  • Which doesn’t take to long honestly 
  • Those boxes are tiny the run out so quick and ruin all the fun 
  • Anyways so now the sun is like almost setting 
  • So they all pile into some cars 
  • And begin the adventure for open space to watch the firework show 
  • Shua probably knows a good place 
  • Like an open field 
  • Or the top of a parking garage 
  • So they go there 
  • Set up camp round two 
  • Then they wait 
  • Light some sparklers 
  • Mingyu almost burns himself 
  • Tbh probably almost cries 
  • Minghao and jun roast people 
  • Someone probably flipped out and dropped a sparkler and almost caught another person on fire 
  • Its svt literally anything could happen with them 
  • Someone breaks out the glowsticks 
  • Cause it aint the 4th until there are glowsticks 
  • I guarantee you someone broke a glowstick 
  • Tbh i bet it was coups 
  • Someone would be struggling 
  • And he would be like i got this im the dad i got this 
  • *snaps it in half and all the liquid goes flying* 
  • Glowing the rest of the night lmao 
  • Finally the show starts 
  • Everyone is dead silent at first 
  • Totally into it 
  • 110% absorbed in the pretty lights 
  • Then they start to oh and aw 
  • Then they are clapping 
  • Literally shook from the finale 
  • Like wth thats a lot of fireworks all at once how did no one die 
  • After thats over they beg shua to bring them back every 4th 
  • Literally haven’t had so much fun in a loooooong time 
  • Finally head back home 
  • Ears still ringing a bit from the loud bangs of the fireworks 
  • Fireworks going off in the distance probably fireworks lol
  • All together a highlight in sv bonding and memories and just so much fun plus cultural experiences good stuff 
  • Ah man just imagine all of that my heart 

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Great, now I have to ufollow a blog I really liked because one of the mods is an anti. I hope you enjoy knowing one of yours tried to blackmail the Voltron staff with leaked images, and that the staff likes and shows more support for Sheith than it ever has for Klance.

First, put slashes in your asks, second I don’t ship K/ance that much I’m not into it and who in their right mind thinks that I agree with every K/lance shipper? I don’t give two shits about shipping because it’s pretty stupid how everyone gets so worked up over it. So bye I guess?

- Mod Keith


Tagged by @mcrkilljoy11 to post 8 photos of my bias but screw it, I’m gonna post 10 gifs instead. No one can stop me! *evil laughter aka Hyogie*

It was so hard for me to choose because I have made over 1000 gifs of Leo alone (say whuuttt!!!) and I gotta choose between smexy, stripper, if looks could kill, cute and fluffy etc etc. Anyway you get my point and so I chose Hamzzi coz Leo + Food = OTP!!!

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Exo reacting to new idol on variety show who’s bratty and mean on camera, but sweet off camera because, “it’s better to be hated than to receive no attention at all”


Originally posted by imemegines

Xiumin wouldn’t like that mindset. It seemed a little… stupid. And extremely annoying. He would much rather they be themselves than making everyone hate them. The odds will definitely be stacked against the new idol if she kept playing the game that way.


Originally posted by sehunicorne

While the others thought that was a shady way to act, sehun would partially agree with you. Getting hate is better than being ignored, in a way. But, he’d never follow in those footsteps.

“Well, you’re not wrong.”


Originally posted by jonginssoo

Kyungsoo would laugh right in the idol’s face because he would think she was joking. But, when he found out she wasn’t, he’d feel awkward. Fans were already capable of being rude to idols who were kind, so there was no telling what they’d be like towards an idol who thought it’d be cool to act bratty.


Originally posted by fvck-kai

Lay would tell the idol how that wouldn’t be a good idea, and how she should just stick to being herself. A lot more fans would appreciate her more that way.


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Kai would be off laughing with some of his fellow members because he couldn’t believe that was actually her course of action. Who would be that desperate for attention? He would think anyone would hate to get negative attention, for the sake of themselves and their well-being. But hey, everyone’s made differently.


Originally posted by irpsychotic

As a leader, he’d figure it be up to him to give her a bit of advice on why that wouldn’t work out in her favor. He would tell her to be just as she is when the camera isn’t rolling. It would be less stressful that way. But he’d also tell her that it’s up to her to take his advice or not.


Originally posted by sehunsyixing

Chanyeol would be so confused. He would’ve thought idols would want to be genuine people, and not fake who they are. (even though we’re all pretty sure some of them do). He couldn’t see this going well for the new idol, but it wasn’t his place to speak on it.


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Chen doesn’t really care what the idol chooses to do. But, he knows how ruthless fans can be and he gives her a head’s up that she should think carefully about how she wants to portray herself to the public. It’s one thing to not be famous and be rude, but it’s a completely different thing when you’re well-known and treating everyone like you’re better than them. He’d tell her to tread softly.


Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Baekhyun wouldn’t know what to say but he was pretty sure everyone else was thinking the same thing. He figured if that’s how she wanted to be seen, then that’s on her. But if there was ever a time she wanted to show the real her, no one would believe her and they’d call her fake. Baekhyun just couldn’t see this working out well. But it’s her life.

I invited A
  • So I just texted her, this is actually happening right now.
  • Me: Alien
  • A: (my nickname)
  • Me: How is life going?
  • A: Boring, who would have thought you had to make so much paperwork before going to college? How about your life?
  • Me: yeah, I bet you are pretty busy. I am fine just looking for ways not to die of boredom.
  • A: Good luck with that, there are few of those in this city.
  • Me: I know, that's why I am having some friends over on Friday. If you are not too busy you should stop by.
  • A: Yeah? I would like to, depends on the time though
  • Me: Well I asked everyone to be there at 20:00 but they will probably start showing up at 21:30
  • A: Hahaha alright sure
  • Me: Hahaha great, see you then
  • A: Where did you said you live again?
  • Me: Hahahahha seriously? You have been in my place before
  • A: Yeah.... I have a very poor sense of orientation.
  • Me: Hahaha (my address). Just let me know if you have any trouble finding it.
  • A: Hahaha ok thanks
  • That went 10000 times better than I thought and now we keep talking about other things.

((Hello!! I’ll be starting up a new blog where you can ask these babies pretty much everything. I’m not original haha jokes on everyone who thought i was different from other blogs. So go ahead and leave me some asks to get to, and it’ll hopefully be nice?? yeah, im not good at these things. It can pretty much be anyone thats been on the show, even the goils bc everyone needs some love. Ok, seeya!))


Guess who actually made headcanons!? Me! Wow shocker I know! I’m actually really proud of this because I love these two dorks so much!

• So, Tomas has been in the loop since practically the beginning back when he was 17
• He’s just That Guy who checks up on everyone and puts their needs ahead of his own
• Also, quite the looker (he’s a strapping young man)
• People sometimes take him for granted, but everyone loves him nonetheless
• Life was pretty chill
• Until Dilong showed up
• Tomas was always a believer in love at first sight so this really wasn’t a surprise
• Dilong on the other hand…
• Dude, this boy is so confused
• Like, he finds a loop, and he is welcomed by a bunch of people then WOAH
• There’s just this tall, lean, tough looking, Guatemalan dude with great hair like wHAT
• Literally sat there staring for a good 3 minutes before finally realizing the hottie was talking
• It was really awkward
• Tomas has NO SHAME, literally flirts with Dilong all the time
• To which Dilong responds with incomprehensible gibberish and an extremely red face
• Dilong is questioning atm and honestly the boy is just really confused
• Because he’s more: Act like a manly man, be tough, emotions are for pansies
• But then he sees this dork giving kids piggy back rides, making terrible jokes, and choreographing dance number with his duplicates and he’s so confused
• Tomas knew this, and was patient about the whole thing
• Miss Ostrich and Leo saw the chemistry a mile away
• They gossip about it ALL THE TIME
• Miss Ostrich helps Dilong with his sexuality because she’s great like that
• So Dilong discovered he was bi!
• As soon as he figured it out, he ran outside as fast as he could, found Tomas (who was playing patty-cake with Idan at the time) grabbed him by his shirt collar and just locked lips right there
• Now it was TOMAS’ turn to turn red
• When they pulled apart, Dilong started to realize what he just did and was silently having a panic attack like “OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIIIIIIT”
• Tomas just kinda stared at him, then just got a really dopey grin and practically yelled “FINALLY”
• So now everyone is happy and they are THAT couple, it’s beautiful
• I love them sm
• Dilong is always there for Tomas because even the strongest need support sometimes
• And Tomas is what brightens Dilong’s day when he’s upset
• When Dilong is sad, Tomas hugs him and gives him silent encouragement with some puns in the middle of it “Just know that I love you and you are my ROCK” “oh my god Tommy” “No, but you’re really down to EARTH” “UGH” “Wait babe don’t go I’m sorry”
• Speaking of Tommy, that’s what Dilong calls Tomas. Tomas calls Dilong Dill Pickle IT IS CANON
• They hug. A lot. It’s kind’ve their way of saying I love you
• Because Dilong is insecure about commitment
• Tomas isn’t afraid tell Dilong how much he loves him
• He says it like, all the time
• Dilong thought it held no meaning to him, and he was right
• Because Tomas’ way of telling someone that he truly cares about them is by showing his vulnerable side
• If he cries in front of you, you better marry him
• Dilong does cry more often, only because of frustrated tears
• But Tomas NEVER cries
• They already planned out their future WHEN they get out of the loop (not if, when)
• They want a nice 2 story house with a big backyard and 3 kids with a dog and a cat
• Tomas loves kids sO MUCH
• They are just really happy in their relationship, they like never argue and they are just two lovesick dorks and everyone loves them SOMEONE DRAW THEM PLEASE

“Bi people only care about being “erased” thats not real oppression its a privilege” 

Do you know why bi people care about being erased so much? Because just like gay and lesbian people we are murdered, harassed, kicked out of our homes, bullied, have terrible mental health, and endure pretty much every awful, heinous thing you can imagine. 

But then when we’re erased we don’t have a history, its just assumed everyone in the lgbtq+ rights movement was gay or lesbian (and as a side-note, cis), and therefore bi people showed up later to, idk reap the benefits and ruin pride or something. The reason we care so much about being erased is because we have been here since the beginning. We have fought, and battled, and died to help lgbtq+ people get to the place of increasing acceptance where it is. But then we’re told safe spaces we helped create isn’t for us. Pride, which wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for a certain out and proud bi women, isn’t for us.  Gender identities and relationship dynamics that had been invented, slurs that had been reclaimed back when gay meant anyone attracted to the same gender as them and lesbian meant women attracted to women, are not for us. 

We care about erasure because we have been here since the beginning but are told we don’t belong, even though our blood has been shed as well.

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I just kinda feel like wanting to be that guy that's really enthusiastic when he shakes ur hand because thank u so much for introducing me to Jericho?????? Im??? Blessed thank u,,,,,,

you’re welcome!!! everyone deserves to be blessed with the existence of this literal ray of sunshine, it’s sad that so few people know about him!

i imagine a lot of people either didn’t get to the end of the TT cartoon or just don’t remember his cameo, because pretty much everyone knows that show but comparatively few recognise jericho. it’s a lot harder to stumble across the 80s NTT comics too, which i guess explains why he’s not popular from there either.

he’s still mercilessly abused in post-90s comic books though, so just… just don’t look at those, or expect any good new media. DC really hates jericho for some reason.

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hey sorry to bother you but i was just wondering if maybe you could post some valdangelo heacanons? ive just been having a shitty day and i love always coming on your blog to see you screaming about them. you don't have to but if you wanna that would be cool :)

of course i’ll write some! 

  • leo loves to show off his bf to everyone

  • he goes around telling everyone when it’s official, even chiron

  • nico kisses leo first

  • it happens in the bunker one night when leo won’t stop bugging nico about who he likes so nico is just like “okay thats it you little shit” and then he calmly just kisses leo and then walks away lol

  • leo just sorta stands there for moment trying to figure out what happened before chasing after him

  • only after a month of dating, leo gets nico a team leo shirt

  • nico pretty much refuses to wear it out in public so he just uses it for sitting around his cabin or sleeping in but he secretly treasures it because it’s the first gift leo gave to him 

  • leo is always making sex jokes and stuff but gets super flustered the minute nico holds his hand or kisses his cheek

  • you would think leo is like ready to take the next step in their relationship and do the do but actually he’s super nervous and wants to wait 

  • jason and piper try to “help” by leaving condoms around the bunker, in nico’s cabin and in leo’s tool belt 

  • one night leo and nico are just hanging out in the bunker about to watch a movie when one falls out of leo’s tool belt and falls in the popcorn bowl and all leo has to say is “its hungry”

  • nico burst out laughing and throws popcorn at him

  • they don’t end up watching the movie and just make out instead and nico finds bits of popcorn in leo’s hair

    lmfao okay it kinda turned nsfwish by accident im sorry if that’s not you wanted anon but i hope your day starts going better when you see this.<3

Just saying || part five

“Cause I’m better than him, just saying”


part one | part two | part three | part four

-inspired by the song Just Saying

No one liked having Arzaylea tour with the boys, she just added more stress by constantly being with the boys, invading their space and inviting friends along with them. At one point Michael cursed out Luke telling him that she needed to leave, but he didn’t see the problem having Arzaylea stay. Saying ‘she’s not doing anything-wrong.’ 

Everyone thought she had to go.

The boys stayed together in the green room ‘preparing’ for tonight. Ashton and Calum played with snapchat, Michael was on his phone sitting next to Luke and Arzaylea who was sitting on his lap wanting his attention, although his mind was off somewhere else. 

She played with his blonde locks watching him text the person she hated. She scoffed watching the text between the two of them. “You still talk to her.” 

Luke wasnt in the mood to argue with his girlfriend about her, when there was nothing to talk about. She would always jump to conclusions thinking she was going to take her away from her Luke. Arzaylea hated the way y/n would have all the attention with the boys, completely ignoring her.

A small knock came from the door, thinking it was their manager saying that it was almost to go on. “Come in!” Michael shouted from the couch. 

The door creaked open slowly, seeing someone familiar come through. In complete surprise their favorite person came to visit. “Hey guys!” y/n smiled seeing them all here and Arzaylea giving her a dirty look. 

Michael immediately stood up running to give her a hug. He spun her around lifting her off the ground, y/n squealed holding him tight around his neck. “Okay! Its nice seeing you too! Put me down Mike.” she laughed. 

Y/n went after her blonde friend saying hello. Luke never hugged Arzaylea or even missed her that much before. He held her tight having her scent linger again before he left.  “It’s nice seeing you again Luke.” she muffled in his chest, giving him the tightest squeeze, not wanting to let go. “Ive missed you so much.”

Arzaylea stood their with her arms crossed as everyone came together for a giant group hug, having tiny y/n under the six feet boys. “What are you doing here!” Calum said.

“I requested a week off from work, so I’m spending my vacation here. If you dont mind?” 

“No thats great!” Ashton cheered, “You should have told us first so we could hang out before the show.” 

“That’s okay, I wanted to keep it a surprise.” she winked. 

“Pretty damn good surprise.” Michael stated. 

The boys and y/n catch up on things from the past few months, enjoying a laugh. Y/n tensed up feeling Luke’s girlfriend stare her down knowing how much she hated her. She would occasionally talk wanting the attention but none of them really cared what she was talking about. 

Someone banged on the door yelling that for them to get ready. “I wish I bought tickets for the show.” y/n frowned wanting to see her best friends on stage. 

“You can watch from the side stage.” Calum suggested. Y/n agreed, not wanting to be alone in a room with Arzaylea. The boys all put their hands together, including y/n chanting ‘5sos’ hearing the fans scream their name before they all hopped on waving at the crowd. 

Y/n watched her friends act like goofs on stage seeing them pursue their dream. Hearing them play her favorite songs and dance around stage rocking their instruments. Calum would walk over waving a hello to her and Michael dragged her on stage wanting the fans to say hi knowing they all loved her. 

After the show they all came in gross and sweaty group hug with y/n underneath trying to break free.“Ew no you guys smell gross!” 

“That’s the point.” Calum muffled in her shoulder. 

“You guys are disgusting.” she laughed. 

Y/n stayed in the room with Arzaylea alone waiting for the boys to clean up and meet with the backstage fans. It was awkward sitting on opposite sides of the couch with her, knowing that she was being judge. Y/n didnt understand why she would hate her but she didnt want to start anything with her, she just wanted to become friends. 

“So-how did you and Luke meet?” trying to start a conversation. Arzaylea rolled her eyes looking away from her phone. “Met at a club. How do you know my Luke.” she asked rudely. 

“We’ve grown up together, same with the rest.” Arzaylea hummed going back on her phone not wanting to talk with her anymore. 

So much for nothing…

Ashton celebrated with y/n coming down by throwing a get together outside with a fire going. Everyone was their having a good time sharing beers, enjoying their time in the humid night. Luke seemed busy making out with his girlfriend near the pool. Arzaylea kept him there not wanting him to go anywhere, especially near y/n. 

“Um-what’s up with Luke’s girlfriend not liking me.” she said to Ashton who sat across from the fire. 

“No idea, she hates anyone who goes near him.” he said taking another sip of his beer. 

“I tried being friend with her but-” 

“Trust me you dont want that.” Calum joined, “She’s horrible.” Arzaylea was always with Luke purposely not letting him near y/n. She couldnt hold a conversation with him without her being all over him, and Luke knew what she was doing. 

“Go fuck somewhere else!” Michael yelled over to the couple. Luke tensed up pushing her away. Arzaylea smirked thinking of what to do on the tour bus. Surprisingly Luke turned down sex to he could talk to y/n, setting her on edge. 

Luke sat with his best friend where the heat of the fire was heating their face. Seeing y/n’s beautiful smile and hearing her laugh was all Luke wanted.His heart fluttered seeing her so happy wanting to stay with her the whole night to just relax. It was perfect, only thing that would make it spectacular was to kiss her, right now. Luke listened to her talk about what’s going on back at home and of course hear about her boyfriend and how ‘great’ he is. 

At one point neither of them talked, just sitting on the bench looking up at the stars as the fire crackled. Y/n rested her head on Luke’s broad shoulder telling him how much she her blonde dorky friend. 

“Oh my god!” y/n shouted suddenly spotting two pale asses run across the field and jump into the pool. 

“Y/n you should come in!” Michael suggested but she refusing going in a pool with her naked friends. Luke and Ashton joined in with Michael and Calum, this time wearing swimming trunks. She could hear them acting like idiots splashing water at each other and Michael wanting to touch everyone with his dick. 

Arzaylea was clearly drunk and pissed at her boyfriend for leaving and having y/n stay for the week was going to be hell. She drew the line on seeing the way y/n was all over Luke. “Why the hell were you on Luke like that.” suddenly yelling at y/n. 

“What?” confused to what she was talking about. Y/n stood from out of her seat to face her, “You were all over my boyfriend.” she angered. 

“He’s my best friend and besides I’m seeing someone. Seriously, get over yourself.” 

“Then you have a someone to do all that with, get off my boyfriend and we wont have a problem.” she threatened pushing y/n forcefully. Y/n didnt start anything so she just grabbed her things and walked out, trying to not let the tears spill.

Luke saw from a distance his girlfriend and y/n face to face, it wasnt looking good either. So he got off the pool making sure everything was okay, he ruffled with his wet hair a bit, putting the towel around his waist “Everything okay?” 

“Clearly your girlfriend doesnt want me near you so I’ll just go.” grabbing her things she left, Arzaylea stood back smiling to herself finally watching her leave. Luke ran after y/n wanting her to stay “Hey slow down.” 

“Just leave me alone Luke. Have fun.” she frowned walking back to her hotel, Luke swore he saw a tear fall down her face making him furious to what Arzaylea did. 

“Why the hell would you do that.” 

“Do what?” batting her long eyelashes pretending to be innocent. Luke had enough with her attitude with everyone and seeing the girl he loved walk away because of him. Honestly, he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. 

“I want you to fucking leave. Go take a flight back to LA and never talk to me again.” he told her, meaning every word not looking away from her eyes. 

“Fuck you Hemmings. Have fun with that whore.” she spat pushing him out of the way. It was a sense of release having her finally leave, but now he had no one distract himself from y/n, who’s probably heartbroken from tonight.  

A/N: honestly dont know here I’m going with this…hope it was okay! 

request for part six

What if MC had a Mental Disorder

Anonymous said: Can you do a HC about the RFA+Saeran and V with a MC who had a past with a mental disorder, it can be whatever you want! I love your blog.

I’m choosing ones that I have witnessed and or had experience with in the past

Yoosung (Panic Attacks/Agoraphobia) -

- At first, he didn’t notice the fact you were resilient to going out into public.
- He just thought that you didn’t want to leave home due to not feeling well.
- Until he managed to get you to go to a Comic-Con with him, while cosplaying as your favorite LOLOL characters.
- But when you both were swarmed with people asking to get photos with you. He started to notice some things.
- You were breathing a bit heavily, you were pale, and you were shaking quite a bit.
- He managed to drag you away into a closed space away from people to calm you down.
- He was shocked a bit when he saw you start to cry.
- He immediately hugged you and spoke to you calmly. Telling you everything was alright
- At first he thought you had gotten threatened but when you told him you had Agoraphobia, which is the fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment. He immediately understood.
- He made you promise that if you ever felt like that again, to let him know and he will try and get you out as soon as he can.

Zen (Body dysmorphic disorder) -

- Much like Yoosung, he didn’t notice what was going on due to his busy schedule. Though he knew about your insecurities.

- He always told you that you were beautiful, and so many kind words. And for awhile you believed him, and didn’t pay much mind to the way your body looked.

- But one day he took you with him to work, though you had to wait in the main lobby.

- So to pass the time you scrolled through your social media, only to find a post that was saying if you didn’t look a certain way, you weren’t pretty.



- You bit your bottom lip and didn’t pay much attention to it, so you went to one of the Zen fan pages you followed.

- Which didn’t help since you noticed that most of the posts were hating on you and your body image.

- There was even a new post that was of you right now in the lobby, wearing shorts and a short sleeved (F/C) shirt. So it showed some skin, but people were body shaming you. Which made you feel bad.

- You exed out of the app and quickly left, messaging Zen to say you were going home because you weren’t feeling too good. Though you were sure he wouldn’t respond until later.

- Once you got home you immediately changed into a loose long sleeve loose shirt and sweat pants.

- After an hour or two Zen came back to see you in your shared room staring at a mirror, lifting your shirt and poking at your stomach.

- His eyes softened when he pieced everything together, he walked up and hugged you from behind.

- Telling you softly that he didn’t care what you looked like, that he liked you for who you were and that he would rather you be healthy than unhealthy

Jaehee (Over Compulsive Disorder/OCD) -

- Jaehee noticed almost as soon as she met you on the messenger.

- The way you wrote things was in a certain order and way. Though she paid it no mind.

- But when she met you in real life, and you guys started to live together. She noticed it more.

- Something she would catch you organizing her files for her, and you would clean almost daily.

- She let you do your thing until one day she just saw you staring at a painting, holding a ruler. She watched you for a moment before she saw you nod and walk away.

- She confronted you about it one day and you apologized so much. But she reassured you it was okay.

- She helped you with certain things so it didn’t become overwhelming for you, but lets just say your appartment was more organized than Jumins.

- And Elizabeth 3rd would always go home with a soft straight clean fur coat.

Jumin (Dyslexia) -
- He loved to watch you write or type away at your computer, or even loved to watch you as you did artistic things.
- He bought you a complete art set for this things.
- But one day he noticed that you were getting frustrated as you wrote in your notebook while you were relaxing in his office with him.
- He watched you for a moment to see you were almost on the brink of tears.
- He gasped a bit as he saw you grab fist fulls of your own hair, mumbling the word stupid over and over again.
- He quickly rushed over to you and pulled you into a hug, carefully taking your hands out of your hair as he rocked you gently to calm you down.
- Now that he looked back on it, you had gotten emotional about writing/reading before, but you always told him it was because of an angsty scene.
- But he also recalled you mispronouncing words, and stumbling over sentences and having to pause in sentences as well.
- He glanced at your notebook to see multiple things erased, marked out, or even misspelled.
- Having had been around doctors for the majority of times he was sick as a child, he had picked up a majority of medical terms. Including Dyslexia.
- Gently once he got you calmed down, he asked you if you had Dyslexia, only to feel you nod into his chest.
- His eyes softened as he continued to rock you to calm you more.
- In the future, he got you some therapy to help you and would let you read to him from time to time, since it not only helped you read better but helped him sleep.

Saeyoung (Depression)-
- Since he had gone through Depression before. He noticed almost immediately that you had similar symptoms as he did.
- He noticed how you were mainly silent and you avoided certain things.
- But he didn’t expect it to be this severe.
- One day when he came back from the store he heard a sudden crash in the house.
- Immediately he dropped the bags he was holding and rushed towards the sound of it. Thinking that maybe someone had gotten in and was attacking you.
- When he found you he noticed that the bathroom door was locked and he heard crying from the inside.
- Immediately he kicked the door open, despite maybe spraining his ankle in the process.
- Once he got it open he saw you holding a  bloody razor and you were on the ground.
- He rushed to your side and threw the blade away. Pulling you into his arms as he let you cry, rocking you side to side. Mumbling soft words to you as he felt tears stain his shirt, though he didn’t care.
- As he let you calm down he started to clean and bandage your new wounds, even he had tears falling down his face when he noticed that these weren’t your first ones.
- He carried you to your shared room and laid you down on the bed, letting you snuggle up into his chest.
- When you told him your worries he almost started crying again.
- You told him that you didn’t think he deserved you and many other things. Which hurt him, because he didn’t deserve you. But he didn’t say that. Instead he kissed you gently on the lips.
- That night, he showed you how much he liked you ;)

V (Anxiety) -
- Due to him not having that great vision, he mainly had to rely on sounds and touch.
- He had memorized everything about you, from your breathing patterns, the sound of your voice, your moans, and even the feeling of your skin.
- So one day you both were walking through one of his art galleries he noticed something different as he held your hand.
- Your palms were a tad bit sweaty and you were shaking lightly. And your breath was picking up slightly.
- Carefully he dragged you to an empty part of the art galleries, it seemed to calm you down a bit so he asked if anything was wrong.
- You hesitated for a moment before telling him about your Social anxiety.
- He blinked softly at you before kissing you gently. Mumbling that everything would be alright and that he would help you through this as best he could.

Saeran (PTSD) -
- You knew Saeran when you were little, you had met before his brother had left and like him, you had a rough past. But with your aunt.
- You aunt was all you had left and she would mentally and physically hurt you.
- And only recently did you get out due to Saeran, after you ran into each other at a Cafe.
- He helped get you out and now you room with him at Mint Eye. So after a couple weeks, he started to notice something.
- You would stir quite a lot in your sleep and occasionally whimper. And one day it got to the point where you woke up screaming.
- Thank goodness your room was sound proof. but still, it made him worried when he saw you crying.
- Even though you wouldn’t talk to him about the bad dream he carefully talked you back to sleep, which sometimes would help you not have another nightmare.
- Though one day it got really bad and you nearly hit him. But he forgave you none the less since he knew how it felt to have really bad dreams.
- This time though you talked to him about it and he felt so bad. He couldn’t put you through brainwashing because he didn’t want to hurt you.
- But he promised you that your aunt would no long be able to hurt you, and if she or anyone else tried. They would have to go through him first.
- He helped you whenever you would get triggered by something and tried to keep you from murdering anyone who tried to blame you for what your aunt did to you if they ever found a way to contact you.
- He also hacked anyone who posed a threat to you.

I hope you enjoyed that anon, I know it’s bad but I tried my best!

As Blue As The Ocean

Author: the-stressmushroom

Word Count: 2k

Rating: PG

Warnings: Swearing?

Authors Note: FLUFFFFFFFF! (First time writing fluff)  PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME IN THE PHANFIC AWARDS @phanfic​


My name is Daniel James Howell and I am in love with Phillip Michael Lester.  It sounds easy enough.  He loves me, I love him, we live happily ever after right?  Thats what we deserve at least.  Phil and I deserve happy.  But, of course, nothing can ever be perfect.  Phil and I cannot do things other couples can.  He thinks we should, but I am afraid he might get hurt.  You see, Phil is blind and he has been since birth.  He is very capable considering his disability, yet, he still cannot see.  Ever since eighth grade, when we first met, I have been his best friend, and his guide.  I am his eyes, and I always will be.  I’m fine with that.  I fell in love with him the day I met him, and I will gladly lead him around this world if that means I get to take every breath of my waking life by his side.  His beauty is beyond measure and his personality is so kind, it could change the world.  I don’t deserve him, but somehow, I am lucky enough to be with him.  And I am even luckier that such a wonderful man loves me back.

“Dan?”  Phil asks, clutching my hand tightly.  I caress his skin with my thumb and turn my head towards him, admiring the way the moonlight bounces from his porcelain skin.
“Yes Phil?”  I reply, scooting closer to him on our checkered little picnic blanket, enjoy his warmth.
“Could you describe the sky for me?”  I smile at him.
He has always been fascinated with the sky, longing to know what it looks like.
It has always puzzled him about how the sky changes.  He can’t quite grasp the concept that the sky looks different at different times of the day, or during different seasons.
I turn onto my back at stare up at the vast night that lay out above me.
“Tonight Phil, the sky is dark, but clear.  Not a cloud in sight.  The color is an inky black, almost how you would imagine jealousy looking.  But it is not off putting, it is inviting.  And the inky black is layered with a blanket of twinkling lights, stars.”
Phil’s eyes light up at that. He loves stars.
“Are there lots of stars out tonight Dan?”  Phil asks, burying his nose in the crook of my neck.  I sigh, pulling him closer to me.
“Yes Phil, there are millions.  And they all shine for you.”  He giggles and I can feel a bubble of warmth grow in my chest.
“Do you think I will ever be able to see them?”  Phil asks, his eyes wide and unfocused, like always.  He has asked me this before, and I never know how to answer.  Sure we have looked into.  There are surgeries now that can re-attach the severed optic nerves that prevent him from seeing, but the success rate is so low and the complication count is so high.
“I don’t know honey.”  I wish I did.  But I just don’t.  I know it’s his life and he can do with it what he will, but how could I ever let him dive head first into an extremely dangerous operation?  
“Dan, are you okay?”  Phil brings me back from my thoughts and I lean down to kiss his forehead.
“Yea Philly I’m fine.  Why do you ask?”
“You’re just being uber quiet tonight, it’s not like you.”  I can hear the worry in his voice, so I kiss him again, this time on the lips, trying to release some of the tension that has filled the air.
“I’m fine, trust me.”  I say, sighing.  We spend a few more minutes in comfortable silence, just enjoying each others company.
“I love you Dan.”
“I love you too Phil.”

“Dan!”  Phil shouts from the kitchen.  I shoot up from my sitting position and rush to his side, thinking something is wrong.
“Phil! Phil, are you okay?”  I say, a bit out of breath from the sudden burst of exercise.
“Oh yeah, I’m fine.  It’s just Dr. Moore wants to speak to you.”  I grunt in response, taking the phone from Phil’s grasp, more than a little pissed that Phil is now snickering about how out of breath I am.
Dr. Moore is Phil’s eye doctor and therapist, and has been since we first moved to London.  He is excellent and is always trying to find new ways to help people like Phil.
“Hello Daniel,”  Dr. Moores voice pours out of the phone receiver, “I am calling to inform you that Phil has been selected for the clinical trial of a new procedure that may be able to fix his eye sight.”  I nearly choke on my saliva.  Phil might be able to see?
“What are the risks Doctor?”  That is always my number one priority, Phils safety.
“Well, so far, none.  It has been very successful-“
“Then we will do it.”  Phil is going to be able to see.  We have to do it.  No risks?  No problem.
“Are you sure Daniel?  What does Phil think?”
“I’m sure he will say yes.”  I know he will.
“All right then, come into the office at 8:30 AM next Monday, I will email you with all the information you will need so that you may prep for the surgery.  I’m so happy that you were so quick with your answer.  See you Monday.”
“Thank you Doctor.”  I choke, tears threatening to slip down my face.
“Dan are you all right?”  I here Phil call from the other room.  I walk in and sit down in front of him so that I can look him in the eyes.  Though they are vacant, I know it makes him feel better when I treat him as though they are perceiving.
“Yes Phil, I’m wonderful.”
“Then why are you crying?”
“Because I’m happy!”
“Because you are going to see.”

It’s Sunday night and I am freaking out.  The operation is tomorrow, and Phil is the perfect picture of serenity; not a worry in the world.  
“Dan, come here sweetie and relax.  Sit with me.  I need you to do something for me.”
I put down the packet Dr. Moore had sent over hesitantly, and plop down next to Phil.
He turns to face me.
“Dan, can you describe to me what you look like?  Like what you really look like.  Not some half-assed answer.  When I can see, I wanna be able to compare your answer to mine.”
Phil had asked me to describe myself in the past.  I hate how I look, I hate thinking about how I look, but I will do it for Phil.
“Alright.  I’ll do it.”  Phil smiles at me, and pulls his legs up underneath himself.
“Well first off, I’m tall.  Freakishly tall, but luckily your pretty tall too so it’s less awkward.  I have a boring hair color that matches my boring eyes, brown.  Brown is the same color as a lot of gross things in this world, like dirt, but it’s not all bad because it’s also the color of coffee and chocolate.”  Phil hums at that, he does have quite the sweet tooth.
“And my eyes aren’t all brown I guess.  They have a bit of amber in them.  Amber is the color of honey, and sunlight, so I guess having that in my eyes makes them a bit special.”  Phil smiles at me.  I hope he knows how hard I am trying right now.
“My face is average, I can’t really describe it to you and my skin is pale, but not as pale as yours.  I’m not fit in anyway, as I have a bit of pudge around my tummy and-“
Phil cuts me off there.  
“I think your tummy is perfect.”  He says, laying back on top of me and resting his head on my chest.  I spread my legs a bit more so we can both be comfortable and I put my arms behind my head.
“There is not much more to say, except that I have one dimple.  A dimple is like a little dent in someones cheek that appears when they smile.”
Phils eyes glitter.
“You sound beautiful.”  I sigh, he always says that.
“I’m really not, especially in comparison to someone as gorgeous as you.”

“Dan, can you describe me?”  I look down at him puzzled.  He has never asked me to do that.  Now that I think about it, why hasn’t he ever asked?  I mean thats a pretty standard question.  I know I’d want to know what I look like.
“Phil, you are light.  You shine so brightly it hurts because you care so much.  You make everyones day a bit happier and it shows.  Your skin is perfect, porcelain white like snow, and your hair is black as night.  You have a radiant smile that is completely contagious and never ending.  But there is one thing about you that I love the most. Your eyes.”
His smile falters at this and his head turns to face me.
“What’s so great about my eyes.  They’re broken.”  He looks as though he may begin to tear up, and I raise my hand to caress his cheek.
“Just because they are broken, doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful.”  I smile down at him.
“Your eyes are glorious.  They sparkle whenever you are happy, and look like crystals when you are sad.  Their color is mesmerizing.  They are as blue as the ocean on a sunny day and have flakes of gold in them like you captured sun beams in your heart the day you were born.  Everything about you is beautiful and perfect Phil, especially your eyes.”
He sits up, and bites his lip.
“Dan, I’m nervous for tomorrow.”
“It’s okay baby, me too.”

The hours pass slowly.  I’m sitting in the dank waiting room biting my nails, which became nubs long ago.  My foot has not stopped tapping since I sat down, and my heart speeds with each passing second.  I am praying to every god that may be for Phil to get through this safely.
“Mr. Howell?”  The doors to surgery swing open and a nurse waltzes out.  
“Yes?”  I say, my voice cracking a tiny bit.
“The Doctor would like to see you.”
Time stops, my heart drops, and my head fills with shouting.
The only word being shouted is Phil.
The nurse leads me back to Dr. Moores office, and he surprises me with a smile.
“Daniel,” he says, his voice light.  “The surgery was a complete success.  Phil now has his sight.”
I cannot stop the tear from falling and I don’t give a flying fuck.  My baby can see.
“He is going to be extremely sensitive to light in the beginning, but soon, he will grow accustomed to it.”
I nod.  I really do not care.  Phil can see.
“Would you like to go and see him?”  Dr. Moore asks.  I try to find the words to answer him, but just nod as I cannot construct my thoughts into words at the moment.  A smile is permanently plastered to my face.
“Right this way then Dan.”
We walk quickly down a few long hallways until Dr. Moore stops in front of a recovery room, I reach for the handle and look up at him, asking permission.  He nods, and I burst into the room.
And, there is my Phil, sat on a small hospital bed, in a white gown, examining his own hands with a look of wonder on his face.  His eyes are brighter than I have ever seen them.
He can see.
“Phil, the doctors said the surgery was a success baby!  What’s it like?”
Phil has yet to look my way, he is still examining his own hands, turning them every which way, fascinated.
“It’s a bit over whelming I will admit, but-“
He looks up at me and gasps.
“What, whats wrong?”  Is he okay, is he hurt?
“Nothings wrong.”  He says smiling, a single tear dripping down his face.
“You’re just so beautiful.”

anonymous asked:

For the crush thing: (I have two) The girl is really kind and warm and cares about everyone. "I really try not to hate anyone", she told me once. We give each other tv shows to watch and she really means so much to me. The guy is goofy and smarter than he gives himself credit for. We always tease each other and he told me that the first time he saw me, he was a little scared because I was about to pretend fight this other guy for making fun of me. What about your crush(es)?

aawewww!! Thats so sweet!

Crush 1 aka the only irl) Shes really pretty and one of friends and she’s gay and pretty cool. But id never tell her

Crush 2) DUDE I AM GAAAAAAY, Theyre so pretty and im gay and wow I am so Bi and holy crap nice and talented and wow WOW wOw Wow woW WOw wOW

Creek ep rant basically
  • First off I loved that episode. To bits.
  • Secondly, a lot of people instantly jumped to "Creek is canon" so imma start by that.
  • At first I was confused, they were pretending after all so was it canon??
  • But after rewatching it, I kinda got conviced about that.
  • For about the whole first half of the episode, Tweek and Craig seem to simply be straight against the idea of them being gay, even though they boths rest sleepless. Some say they can't sleep because they're annoyed?? I think they look more wary and confused than simply upset, and I really like to think they're actually questioning their orientation. //Stan too
  • Then comes the fight. We don't have much details on why or how they came to fight. But they're both on the defensive towards the saying that they're together. Getting angry towards the other is a pretty obvious answer, plus it'd show everyone they're actually not together since they're fighting. That's pretty much confirmed by the fact that they both look upset when the principal calls their fight a "lovers quarrel". The fight might have just been planned but tbh I doubt it was.
  • After that comes the fake break up. I've seen some people say that Tweek was letting through some of his real emotions through his monologue but eh I don't think so. Like really, he's literally grinning while walking away.
  • The whole sad thing passes and comes the scene where Craig comes back home. He's obvious upset, Id even say he looks sad. Actually he looks completely miserable with the rain pouring down on him. This is where I start thinking Craig is seriousy questioning his sexuality. If he were simply angry about "never getting any chicks" he'd be well, angry. Like stomping and raging or something, but he just genuinely looks sad.
  • After that Tweek comes back. Without counting the fact that their dialogue souds cheesily cliche, which was surely done on purpose, Tweek comes to get back with Craig because he thinks everyone is pretty miserable without them being together. That's confirmed by the scene where we see Tweek smiling and walking down the hallway while everyone looks gloomy. This actually made me think that on the contrary of Craig, Tweek really doesn't think he's gay. He was just happy fake breaking up and returning to normal life. But then he comes up with the whole "You changed something in me so I want to help you" stuff. Honestly this part confuses me most. It could be platonic but really cheesy for the sake of the innuendo or it could be romantic (and really cheesy).
  • While Tweek seems so vague, Craig seems more seriously affected. He quite "neutral", almost sad, when saying that he can't be what he isn't because everyone expects him to, and tbh I felt like he was more referencing to his dad than anyone else.
  • Further confirmation of this is that when his dad comes to see him he again, looks sad/confused/perplexed. He's still questioning himself. And when his dad tells him he loves and supports him no matter what, Craig goes to get back with Tweek.
  • A lil more than that: At the beginning everyone thought Craig and Tweek were gay, even though they weren't particularly hanging out or spending time together. So if they were just going to "fake get back together for the sake of the town", they wouldn't have been obliged to hang out or anything.
  • BUT they hold hands, more than to just show everyone they're together again. AND they hang out, like actually spend time talking and stuff. And they seem to be enjoying it.
  • And now after this I'm too tired to head on to what was supposed to be oart 2: Craig's Dad. But basically the way they handled Craig's Dad is amazing and we need so much more of that like damn yes.
Dont Say Ew (Chris Motionless)

Anonymous asked you:Caaannnnn you write me something fluffy with Chris Motionless? Anything, just FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFF FLUFFOmfg thats a lot of fluff GET READY FOR THE FLUFF ——————– It was hard to be a famous persons girlfriend. Everyone knows that. You have hate to deal with, them leaving for tours, crazy fans always trying to replace you. But you handled it pretty well. Your boyfriend? Not so much. He went on Twitter and ranted about it, which only made it worse to be honest. But one particular day, he broke. Motionless In White, the band your boyfriend was in, was doing a show tonight. And your boyfriend, Chris, was stomping around the house you shared, fuming about the recent hate he had read towards you. “Chris, its okay. Really. They’re ju-” “Its not okay!” he shouted, cutting you off and scaring you. He sighed softly and muttered a sorry before he continued pacing back and forth. “Chris, go get ready for your show.” You said, getting a little tired of this. He sighed again, going upstairs to get ready. - You smiled at the boys, even though they were now in their own world of music and fans. It was nice to watch them do what they love, even though you had to sell the merch while it happened. “Ew.” You heard a girl mutter as she passed by you. You simply ignored it, but you didnt realize the song had ended and Chris has actually noticed what she had said. “Hey! Dont say that to her! That girl is fucking perfect, and you have no reason to hate her. You only hate her because you want me to be single. But sending her hate and telling me I can do better isnt gonna make me single. I love her way to much to do that. So suck it up, and shut up. If you hate her that much, then I have a personal problem with you. Alright? Leave (Y/N) alone.” Your jaw dropped slightly, but you didnt know that was gonna happen next. “In fact, you’re all about to hate her even more. Especially if she says yes to me in about 5 second. Hey (Y/N), would you marry me?!” Now you were shocked, screaming back, as loud as you could, ‘yes’. Some people booed, some cheered 'aw’. But the girl who called you gross? She was long gone.