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Earn money online 2015 - Wellcome

In this article earn money online 2015 i will tell you about what will be this blog about, somthing from me past experiences in internet marketing, affiliate marketing, how to build fanbase and get traffic from diferent sources on internet.

The past of me internet marketing

Okey me first experiences with internet marketing started in 2011 when i decided to buy game i thing it was battlefiel 3. So i opened google as most of you and typed somthing like earn moeny online and readed some articles, me english readings skills was poor but i understeand somthing so i found me first method how to earn some cash online. Of course it was adf.ly probably almost everybody who start internet marketing tried this method, so i had someone who will pay me for traffic but i firstly needed to get some free trafic. As i had some fun on chartroullete sometimes i saw people posting links so i decided to try it this was so i put me link in descrtiption and started to chat with people, someone even clicked on link so i headed to adf.ly and wow i had me first few cents earned it was huge succes for me! Sometimes i just leaved it and it was on auto so it connected to new ppl after while it needed captcha so i checked it time to time and writen captcha to continue earn cents. after month i earned more than 10 dollars so i continued in doing it and found another source of free traffic it was video site so i created tv shows blogger blog and embedded videos of shows and posted allways trailer for new episode on the video site plus added link to me blog and traffic started to flow! Too bad for me i live in Slovakia so adfl.ly dont pay much for this traffic but still got some more cents. Next month passed and i have earned more than 20 dollars so i was able to buy the game, that was succes for me so i continued working on me methods, chatroulette stopped working coz disabled to post links. So i switched to new method facebook fan page plus website. This method was simple but it consumed lot of time to build fanpage, again i had Slovakia traffic so i have earned cents, then i found group of pages similar to me and we started to do s4s aka share for share back in 2011-12 we contacted pages via messages or posted statuses that admins need to share our page or pic and leave comment with their link and page started to grow, later some admins created groups for admins for s4s and this work since nowadays some groups are dead or full of spam bud some are hiden with trusted admins but you need invites and already page with some likes. This help alot to build you page faster and earn money online. For monetization i used first adf.ly on me blog but i was not happy with earnings so i triedy many other companies, many of them will be posted in future articles of course some scams too.

How to earn money whe you have traffic

Next i will write little bit about how to menetize when you have already traffic source. There is many ways how to earn money when you have traffic with same amout of traffic you can earn cents or even huderts of dollars. You can use PPC (pay per click) most know adsense who pay most but have many alternatives too, CPA (cost per action) means you will get money if somebody fill survey, submit email or buy somthing,PP I (pay per install) never tried yet but in future maybe, sel your own products or services. Okey thats it me first article online as you can see me english is not the best but considering i never learned english in school, only games and movies, it readable.

Stay tuned for new article how to earn money online 2015

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Are you a firm believer in love, too? That love will always give you joy, courage, happiness and excitement?

And pain, resentment, sadness, heartache and despair… I’m sure it’ll also bring you misery at times. And I’m sure you’ll also be given the strength to get through all those trials. Isn’t that what love is all about?

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So I was being the random fan-girl I am and I thought of a prompt for solangelo and I wanted to see if you'd like to accept ( if not that's okey). " how the heck do you lock yourself in something that has NO LOCKS!? "

Nico di Angelo was sitting on a sofa reading a book, his fingers fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. Until a noise made him jump, someone was yelling, it was muffled and distant, but he could hear it.
He stood up, trying to figure out where the yelling was coming from. He shut his eyes and concentrated on the sound.


He realized who it was and his heart jumped in his chest. It was Will’s voice, Will was calling for him.

He looked around, wide eyed and panicked. His heart was racing and he couldn’t think. Once the adrenaline faded and he could think again he realized something. He realized that if Will was really in trouble, he wouldn’t be calling him by his nickname.

“Neeks! I need you!”

Nico sighed. He knew where his boyfriend was.

“William? What are you doing?”
Nico said standing right outside his closet door.

“Nico!” Will exclaimed from inside the closet. “You see, I’m kind of stuck.”

Nico dropped his face into his hands.

“And how did you do that?” Nico asked

“Well… I was going to hide from you and then… I got locked in. You have a key, right?”

Nico sighed again. Louder this time. He reached forward and grabbed the door handle. He opened the closet door and was greeted with Will. Who lost his balanced when the door was opened. So now he was sprawled on the floor.

“Will. It isn’t locked. It doesn’t have a lock. How, in Hades’ name, do you lock yourself in something that has no locks?”

“Magic?” Will smiled, his face red.

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Hi Eden! I really love your art ♡ You made me a bunch of fanfics, through my English sucks, but I had to, after seeing those amazing fanarts ♡ Okey, that's all. I just wanted you to know, how amazing I think you are ♡

Originally posted by aotroo

Awww, thank you!! <3  I’m glad my fanart made you want to read the fanfiction! ^_^  And I’m sure the writers are happy about that too!  ;) 

Thanks again for your kind words!

Uplod foto selfie-sukaesih


Gw termasuk orang yang paling gak suka uplod foto foto di medsos.

Alasannya , pertama : gw gak hobby foto foto selfi sukaesih ala anak muda yang kekinian gitu. Kalaupun gw lagi kepengen selfi palingan gw simpen sebentar trus gak lama gw apus lagi. Kecuali kalau gw lagi traveling ke tempat yang emang langka banget buat gw kunjungin, like when i was in Turkey. Salah satu faktor juga kenapa gw gak hobby selfi selfian gitu bcoz im not so photoghenic person. Kayaknya kalo di foto muka gw jadi aneh(atau emang dasarnya udah aneh kali ya, haha) trus kadang berubah2 muka gw, kalo lagi pas dapet momen foto nya cakep dikit, orang pada nanya ke gw ‘itu siapa sar?’ pas gw bilang itu gw pada gak percaya *cedih

Alasan kedua : dulu waktu jaman jadi aktipis ada banget peraturan yang gw jalanin dengan khidmat dan sepenuh hati. Yakni larangan posting foto pribadi di medsos apapun. Dan ini peraturan masuk banget ke nalar gw, sepakat banget gw. Awalnya dari mencoba taat, lama lama jadi kebiasaan. Jadi even sekarang gw udah gak di sana tetep aja gw berusaha jalanin peraturan itu. Apalagi dulu sempet kebagian tugas buat ngingetin temen temen yang masih suka uplod foto pribadi, jadinya ya gw lebih lebih gak boleh posting lah, kalo gak jatohnya jadi kaburo maktan, ngeri banget.

Alasan ketiga : lebih banyak mudharatnya ketimbang manfaatnya. To be honest, gw agak gateeeeel banget yak kalo liat akhwat akhwat yang suka banget posting foto. Entah foto dia selfi sukaesih, wefie, or even groufie. Bukan apa apa, sayaaaaang banget wajah cantiknya bisa diakses segitu bebasnya. Pernah denger kan ya kejahatan sosmed yang foto foto wanita bisa diedit di photoshop gitu trus jadi hal hal yang aneh dan bikin merinding disko. Sebagai pengguna photoshop gw meyakini iya banget kalo foto foto kayak gitu bisa diedit edit.

Coba lw bayangin, berapa banyak pengguna sosmed di luar sana. Misal facebook or instagram gitu. Kalo instagram mungkin bisa aman dikit karena bisa di protect dan atur siapa yang bisa follow kita, fb juga bisa si sebenernya, cuma kan kalo liat friend list facebook itu kan bisa ampe ratusan atau ribuan juga kan. Dan dari ribuan itu berapa persen si orang orang yang bener bener temen kita. Gak banyak. Malahan lebih banyak orang orang yang kita juga gak tau itu orang siapa.

Nah kalo udah gitu masa sih rela gitu muka nya bisa diliat liatin sama orang orang yang gak dikenal. Kalo di dunia nyata kita aja bisa risih banget kalo ada lawan jenis yang ngeliatin kita, ya mestinya begitu juga di dunia maya. Malah lebih mengerikan banget kalo di dunia maya muka kita abadi. Which means kapan aja bisa diakses, bisa diunduh, disimpen.

Trus gw kadang suka bayangin sih, apa rasanya jadi cowo cowo yang ngeliat muka muka cewe cakep bertebaran di timeline nya gitu. Gimanapun ya yang namanya laki laki itu ujiannya di mata. Gw aja yang cewe, kalo liat cewe yang cakep, apalagi jilbab nya syar'i gitu, ada rasa kagum, amazed, plus miris sih. Miris karena duuuuuh asli sayang banget kecantikannya gampang bangeet diliat. Dan dari yang ngeliat itu kita gak tau deh isi hatinya kayak gimana. Gimana kalo diantara teman teman dunia maya nya ada orang yang dari dulu udah naksir, trus gampang banget buat nyimpen fotonya, bisa aja kan disimpen, abis itu dicetak banyak banyak, ditempel di tembok kamarnya, dibikin banner, diedit barengan muka dia, haha okey thats creepy, gw terlalu kepengaruh film stalker psikopat. Tapi everythings possible kan ya. Bisa aja kan. Dulu mah stalking itu ngikutin dari belakang, ambil foto diem diem takut ketawan. Nah kalau si cewenya hobby buat selfi dengan berbagai macam gaya, gak usah ribet lagi. Tinggal buka medsos, unduh, dan hiiii.. Creepy.

So thats three reasons kenapa gw gak suka uplod foto selfi sukaesih. Gak ada bagus bagusnya deh, sungguh. Toh muka juga tetep aja, paling pala agak dimiringin dikit, mulut dimonyongin dikit. Stuff like that. Sebenernya gak ada salahnya juga sih kalo suka foto selfi, asal gak usah di uplod. Kalau mau dibagi ke temen kan bisa kirim pake whatsapp, atau gak di privat gitu, biar share nya bisa langsung ke orang yang dituju. Sayang banget ngeliatnya, apalagi kalo di foto itu udah nimbrung dah tuh cowo cowo yang mengomentari kecantikan si cewe, sediiih euy sungguh dah. Cmon, you’re more than that! You’re priceless not less of price. Rasanya pengen banget bisikin ke telinga ukhti ukhti yang hobby uplod foto ‘iya..kamu cantik banget, beneran deh, simpen dulu ya cantiknya buat orang yang tepat buat kamu. Yang bener bener bertanggung jawab sama kamu dan berani mengambil perjanjian berat ke Allah untuk bisa akses kecantikan kamu’

But well sayangnya di dunia nyata gw cupu banget, cuma bisa cuap cuap di mari aja. Pernah sih ngingetin satu dua orang but they still do that, so..ya that’s their choices sih.

Ada kata kata di film super keren berjudul ‘secret life of walter mitty’ yang diucapkan sama fotografer ekstrim, Sean O'Connol. “True beauty doesn’t need attention” kecantikan sejati itu gak butuh perhatian, gak lapar sama perhatian. Karena paham banget, tanpa di perhatiin sama manusia, selalu ada Allah Yang Maha Memperhatikan.

Semoga kita diistiqomahkan dalam kebaikan. Believe me, kamu cantik cantik dari hatimuuu~ chibichibimode:on :p

anw, berlaku juga buat cowo ya, duh kalo liat cewe doyan uplod foto selfi aja udah bikin miris banget apalagi kalo cowo..

  • Parents: Cries during the notebook+reading some sad story on Facebook
  • Me: Cries at failure of getting VIP tickets for TATINOF
  • Parents@Me: why? What is your life..
  • Me@parents: tragic.
Stages Of Transgender Grief.

Denial: “I’m alright, I can live being a boy.” “I want to be a girl but they say I’m a boy so I guess thats okey.”

Anger: (Also known as puberty) “body stop the horrible things you are doing!” “I’ll cut you if yo don’t stop! I’ll starve you if don’t stop!" 

Bargaining: "As long as I can have long hair, I’ll be okay. If I can be a little feminine I’ll be alright.” “I don’t need all that transition stuff. I really want it but it’ll be easier to just keep hiding it.” “No one will believe me anyway.” “I should have said something as a kid but now it’s too late.”

Depression: “I can’t even have nice hair…” “I can’t be me at all…” “I’m so tired of this…” “if I have to shave one more time, i might just use the razor differently” “I’ll never pass anyway…”  

Acceptance: “Alright! I’m going to just do it! I’m going to transition!” “I’ve decided to fight for me!” “Help me please!”

Revelation: "Everyone I want you to know who I am, who I really am.“ "please don’t hate me!”

I am an amber stan and I know a lot of people hated her solo and thats okey but what bugs me is that some people refuse to listen to the album before saying “i thought the solo was a singing one” as someone who has seen her singing getting pushed in the backgrouns hearing beautiful made me cry because I never thought I would ever hear her sing. Now im just waiting for luna to get a solo and for f(x) to have a comeback