but that's okay because it's german

Probably How it Went Down
  • Germany: Hey we made this new country it's called Deutschland. And we call our language Deutch.
  • English people: That's nice. We'll call you Germany, and we'll call your language German.
  • The Netherlands: Hey, we made a country too. It's called Nederland, and out language is called Nederlands. Makes sense, right?
  • English people: Guess so. We'll keep the name Nederland cuz we're nice, but we'll just change it to Netherland because we prefer that, is that okay?
  • The Netherlands: Sure, if you like
  • English people: And we'll also make it plural, as in The Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands: ...okay, if you say so
  • English people: And we'll call it "Holland" half the time.
  • The Netherlands: If you insist, it's your language
  • English people: Now for your language, what should we call that? We could call it Netherlandish, which follows our rules and sounds like your word for the language...
  • The Netherlands: What an excellent idea
  • English people: ...or we could call it "Dutch", that's not taken, right?
  • Germany: ...are you fucking serious?
  • The Netherlands: You're seeing this too, right?
German sayings be like
  • I think, I spider: I can't believe it
  • Holla, the woodfairy: (when you're surprised)
  • Say it through the flower: (when you're saying something in an honest, but rude way)
  • With me is not good cherry eating: Don't fuck with me, basically
  • How horny is that: How awesome is that
  • I only understand train station: I don't get it
  • You are on the woodway: (when your way of solving/doing something is entirely wrong)
  • Here is dead trousers: This place is lame
  • That's not the yellow from the egg: It's not very good
  • Everything is in butter: It's all okay

anonymous asked:

okokok ahh help i need book recs! just finished the raven king and ill probably go insane w/out another book soon please help

yooo i got you
(also here some short synopsis)

Im not sure on all if there is any TW. one book i did list possible tw because i remembered some particular scenes that need a little warning. most of these are YA, but that doesnt exclude any possible TW.

•the darkest part of the forest (holly black): fairies, princes in glass boxes, and GAY.

•across the universe (beth revis): cryogenically frozen girl woke up early on a ship that is going to another planet, and she gets to meet the ships inhabitants.
i read this awhile ago but there may be some tw for this, like sexual assault and suicide. i will go back and check if any of you are interested in this book and need to know of anymore of the TW.

•simon vs the homosapien agenda (becky albertalli) : gay and emails.

•RUBY RED by kerstin gier: TIME TRAVEL AND SECRET SOCIETIES (pls read this and talk to me about it okay thanks).
(also there are movies and they are in german, which is an issue because i dont speak the german (also finding dubbed is hard). also i cant find it in the US. i cry.)

•variant (robinson wells): this is hard to explain but really good.
its like a private school and they have their own like groups (that are kinda like hp houses).

•Between these shades of gray (ruta sepetys): 1940’s historical fiction about the red terror and it follows a Lithuanian girl (pretty sure thats where she is from) who is exiled into siberia with her family. VERY GOOD.

•The boy on the wooden box (leon leyson) A memoir about leon leyson (who is jewish) and he was helped by oskar schindler (he was actually on schindler’s list) and saved his life during the holacaust. This is such a good book please read it!!

•the iron trials (cassandra clare and holly black): Magic, chaos ridden wolves, PLOT TWISTS, Chaos in general.

•a monster calls: boy calls monster and a lot of emotion + book is being adapted for a movie so jump on it.

•cruel beauty (rosamund hodge): Beauty&the beast retelling + hades&persephone retelling + demons + beautiful writing.