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Do you know what I would really like? An AU where everything is the same but Marinette is a boy (Marin?) and there is a really fluffy marichat scene ♥^♥ I would die for see something like that!!! What do you think?

*grabs tablet and imediately draws about it proving how much trash i am*

so like i thought some ideas for this, if that’s alright, and well:

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August 24, 1988 ~ Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint 

Happy Birthday Rupert! ❤


paint you wings // don’t panic // all time low

Guess what nerds…………………………………… im officially back and ready to give u all some more quality paint

Im sorry that i was gone for longer than anticipated!! it was only supposed to be for like a week or two but then i got swamped with schoolwork and. whoops there goes all my free time

BUT ALAS i am alive and will be trying to get the blog back on schedule!! it may take me a little bit to get back to my regular posting schedule, but hey. at least im here u feel

thank you all for your patience and have a good night/day/evening/whatever

SVT College AU  -  Vernon

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a/n: he’s got the cutest smile hands down fuck all of y’all


-ok so this dude

-ever since he was young he’s always had a knack for doing some really cool home videos

-especially with his little sister

-and he then edited them 

-so they were like little superhero movies

-he also did this with his friends too

-*war flashbacks to kidney function is not a right it’s a privilege*

-but that was ages ago

-this dude is now grown up and is in college! 

-doing media!


-his favourite aspects of media are filming photography and photoshop

-make those dank memes boi 

-every slip he catches on snapchat of his friends he will god damn meme the fuck outta it 

-he made his friend into the shooting star meme and he got a distinction for it just on the basis of the editing and the transitions 


-so by accident this kid was getting distinctions while doing nothiiiiiiiiiing 

-another one of his favourite memes to make is the jojo to be continued memes

-he accidentally filmed someone getting a pineapple thrown onto their dick 

-and he made that into a meme

-which became popular on twitter

-but other than the memes and the accidental distinctions and the really cool fashion sense 

-he’s really good with social media?? 

-so good with social media….that he has a youtube account??

-so he’s pretty popular??

-his facebook insta and twitter are full of really cool and aesthetically pleasing things !!

-but most of his following is from youtube !!

-his channel name is PeaceKeeper 

-he doesn’t really fall under a niche category 

-but he does it all 




-he does it all

-he even does parody videos

-but good ones

-not like bart baker

-he can go suck on a choDE


-he’s got a LOT of subs

-a LOT

-over 200,000

-200,069 to be exact lmao 

-pfft 69 eeyyyy you know what that means lmao 

-@ me grow up gdi

-he started out with fifa videos but just went into normal things wow 

-like the vlogging and the unboxings and stuff

-of course he can’t do the unboxings because his PO box is in america

-but that doesn’t stop him from doing the other videos! 

-so while he’s studying 

-he would just vlog about his daily life at college

-”hey guys–”

-”what if penguins had penises that were actual penguin bars?”

-”and that’s it for today i’ll see you guys tomORROOOOOOW”

-yeah he’s pretty enthusiastic about this youtube 

-you know who else is pretty cool and has a youtube account too??


-yes you! 

-you’re a fashion and design student who’s rooming with a great swimmer and a really cute physics student!!

-you’re actually a pretty big youtuber too! wow o wow

-you have quite a lot of subs actually

-100,666 to be exact



-your youtube account is a lot similar to hansol’s in terms of content

-like you’ll have ootds and vlogs too

-but you’ll also have really funny stories animates by yours truly

-that’s you btw

-yeah you dab(dAB ON ‘EM)ble in the FINEST arts


-semi complete stick men with slightly good looking facial features

-only if you got the anatomy of a human down you could have been doing FINE art :( 

-and fine art at that

-hansol is also FINE too 

-”so that concludes the story of how i helped a monkey back into the zoo. marbles the chimp is such a close friend to me”

-”what the–”

-”shut the fuck up this is a legit story”

-of course you looked like an angel 

-but you kind of had the mouth of a sailor

-if you swore or said anything profanic then you let it be

-you: @ youtube come fight me over parental guidance and locks come fIGHT MEEEEEEEEEE”

-”hello everyone!! how are–”

-”how about this– a dragon dick that can talk??”

-”…….you said that on camera….”

-”…..can you put it in the video??”


-like ok 

-you had haul videos vlogs and other things

-but you don’t think you let your subs into your life

-you told your subs what college you attend which wasn’t that big of a deal because it’s not like they’ll stalk you or anything

-you trust your subs

-they’re like family 

-the cutest family in the worrrrrrrrld

-one time in your live Q&A with your friend 

-someone asked if you knew hansol

-and honestly,,,,,,,,,,,,you looked to your friend with the most confused expression

-”w-wait who’s hansol??”

-and you just see another comment saying and explaining that he’s a big youtuber like you

-and your face just goes so bright because you actually knew the channel name…..and not his actual name…….weird but moving on 

-”oh PeaceKeeper??? i don’t know him in person but i’ve seen his content and he’s really funny !!”

-”didn’t you say he was cute–”

-”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd next question !!”

-oh gosh

-that would have been baaaaaaaad wow ok 

-but uh

-too late?

-the next day hansol did a Q&A explaining what he was doing and stuff and it was really cool to see him growing up and being in college !!


-a fan asked him where he was attending and he hinted that it was near his home town

-and his fans knew that the closest college to his home town,,,,,,was the one you were attending

-so they put two and two together and asked if you two were attending the same college

-”huh? y/c/n goes here too? ah thats sick”

-sick in a good way 

-and like every fandom


-a small cult just started about you and hansol

-good luck


-you were filming down the corridor to your dorm as usual

-and your roomies were doing some weird shit

-like one tried to do a backflip but fell backwards

-your roomies were weird as heckkie

-weird friends=friends for life

-also views

-”aaaah the dorms are super nice here and so is everyone else ahaha”

-just as you were filming

-so was hansol

-hansol was just walkin about and he then spots you

-and you just spot him 

-and you’re both like

-”wait i know them”

-and in a moment of brilliance 

-you two turn the camera to each other as you’re both walking down the corridor 

-and you’re both like

-”hi PeaceKeeper”

-”sup y/c/n”

-you two both wave and just smile

-but then 

-holy fuck

-in another moment of brilliance

-unplanned at the EXACT



-you both stopped

-your friends are like “wait what???”

-you turn around and he turns around too

-and you two just look at each other



-you both run back to each other and it’s just like

-”hey you’re hansol right??? we’ve talked online but never in person hey how are you???? it’s cool to see you wtf?????”

-”yeah yeah hey you’re yn?? how’s your channel??”

-”pretty good still got that 69 extra subs??”

-”yeah i still got em how about you??? you got the 666?”

-”you fukin know ittttttttttt”

-”wanna be friends in real life too?”

-”sure !!”

-”cool cool”

-and that was how your friendship with hansol started

-like you two became really good friends 

-your and hansol: good good good friends

-that one cult of fans that’s growing bigger that ships you and hansol together:    y / n s O L   W I L L    R I S E 

-oh jejduhewd


-your subs would ask if you would collaborate with hansol one day because it wouldn’t be hard i mean y’all are close

-so close in fact he’s only a couple doors down from your flat


-anyways in another Q&A your initial answer was like

-”huh idk i guess if we have time,,,,we both have different courses and classes so idk i guess??”

-can you hear the  S C R E E C H E S  and the  S C R E A M S  from that one cult that’s really getting bigger and bigger cONTROL CHILDREN CONTROL

-and of course on a live stream hansol was asked if he wanted to collab with you and he said 

-”100% she’s really cool and it would be awesome”

-then just out the corner of the room he could hear chan go 

-”hey hansol didn’t you call y/n really cute when you first met her?”

-”h u H”


-and chan didn’t realise he was doing a livestream 

-and hansol’s reaction was like


-what made it even better was the fact that he was actually behind an actual curtain

-aka he came in from the balcony

-anyways hansol messaged you and asked to collab 


-CAUSE GUESS WHAt you liked hansol a whole bunch now 

-like a whole bunch 

-and he liked you too

-but honestly uhhhh it was uhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh not awkward but

-complicated lmao 


-yeah uh complicated


-because you both kind of thought about how the fans would react

-it’s like when an idol just decides to date

-and you see the backlash 

-well the both of you didn’t exactly want to have backlash 

-hansol didn’t want you to have mean comments from crazy fangirls saying 


-and nobody really wants to deal with that

-but then again you didnt want hansol to have backlash because you kind of have a group of ‘white knight” fans

-”yEAH you’re dating y/n? our precious y/n? uh i dON’T THINK SO BE GONE THOT”

-again nobody wants to deal with white nights or koreaboos


-so you two just kept your feelings to yourself

-you thought long and hard about what this collab would be about since he told you to think of a concept for what would be on your channel 

-so you thought


-yeah it was fun to do these things

-like makin slime and shit

-like that would be really cool

-so one day you got everything together and he came over the same day to film and it was really chill

-you noticed that in some bits though,,,,,

-he would just like….

-hug you

-but from behind

-it was so cute wtf


-you added one hug in because you couldn’t crop or edit that shot

-so you just left it in

-and of course your part of the collab went up first

-you named it

-”the long awaited collab…..hansol don’t eat the sLIME”

-he tried to eat the slime

-first the crocs now this hansol step your game up lmao 

-so yeah you uploaded first

-but you weren’t ready for the storm that was the comments section

-a small fraction were the white knights threatening hansol

-ಥ‿ಥ oh dear lord fuck this isn’t good

-and there were a couple fans from his channel who didn’t exactly like you,,,,,,,who said some pretty mean things

-but you don’t let that shit get to you

-the other majority of the comments were pretty positive


-you then noticed one comment…..that started a domino effect

-”y/nsol shippers unite!! we’re so happy that you guys collaborated hope to see more in the future!!”


-y / n s o l?

-you and………hansol?


-you do a little more research and you’re now like 

-”fuck my subs are creative but do they actually ship us? do they really want us to be together?”

-you were a little conflicted on whether to bring this up to him……..but he did it himself actually

-”@hansolareclipse y/nsol? that’s a pretty cute thing..it’s cute that you guys are creative ahah”

-gdi twitter

-you like the tweet just to be on the safe side lmao 

-next thing you knew 

-it was the day of the second collab

-and you’re just like

-”fuck is he gonna bring up the y/nsol thing yeah i get it’s cute and stuff and its really cute how they want us to be together and i kinda like hansol a lot but is it what hansol wants?”


-”fuck is she gonna bring up the y/nsol thing yeah i get it’s cute and stuff and its really cute how they want us to be together and i kinda like y/n a lot but is it what y/n wants?”

-the collab you two were doing for his channel was a gameplay of grand theft auto 5 since he just got the game

-and you were just trying to figure out the controls 

-you were so stuck like wtf help me 

-so you know what hansol does

-yO U   K N O W     W H A T     M A N S     D E C I D E D     T O     D O 

-HE JUST DECIDED TO PULL YOU OVER TOWARds him and just places you in his lap






-”ok so hold down to play the radio and stuff…and oh shit the cOPS”


-you didn’t exactly know you were blushing

-and he was just like 

-”fuck wait she’s not moving from my lap what the fuck is she ok whahjksdh”

-you’re ok

-hansol not so much

-the gameplay playthrough collab ended and you two were jus chillin on his bed and shit

-when you said to yourself “fuck it”

-”ok i’m going to need your honest opinion”

-”oh what?”




-”y/nsol…..i think it’s cute…..it’s even cuter when you think about the fact that they found out that i like you even before i said anything”

-and you just see a huge smile appear on his face

-and your first reaction was ???

-but then you upgraded to 

-Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!woah woah woah woah woah woah wOAH WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY 




-your eyes widened a little because it was kind of making sense to you now??

-either way you told him that you liked him back and he was so happy that the first thing he did was hug you for a long time until you had to leave

-and when you did leave

-he stopped you before walking out the door

-”hold on let’s take a photo together !!”


-and so you just place your tripod down

-and stand next to him while he places his hand around you 

-and just as the photo was taken 

-he just turns to you and gives you the sweetest little kiss on the cheek 

-and it’s just like AAAAAAAAA

-you on the outside:(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ aww cutieeeeEEEEEEEE

-you on the inside: ( ͡☉⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ͜ʖ̫⁄ ⁄ ͡☉) aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

-so yeah youtube power couple right here ladies and gentlemen 

-oh yes yes yes 

-”wait you’re going to put that online?”

-”it would be cute for the thumbnail”

-”whatcha gonna name it then?”

-”the day that the y/nsol cult was given a banquet to eat”


-”we basically fed them”

-”w-we did?”

-”you’re so cute aww”


I’m so glad to have these two drama queens part of my team.

“ew, gross” ― tom holland

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Warnings: This doesn’t have any warnings because i’m a clean girl lmao but I did mention boobs once and there are a few swear words so yeah i guess that counts?? all of this is just pure fluff. 

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: You have your own way of telling Tom you love him. It started off in high school and as your relationship went through ups and downs you never failed to remind him how much you adored him ― in your own way of course. 

World Count: (3.8K+)

A/N: hiii guys this is the first time i’m ever posting a full writing thing? i literally wanna thank anyone who gets through all of this i love you from the bottom of my heart :( (if u leave me feedback i will love u even more). btw i wrote this at like 3 am when i was half asleep and this might be the only thing i ever post bc i threw all my ideas into one cause i never have time to write. ok thats it i love you sm bye !!!

two months

“Would you stop fixing your hair, Y/N? He’s gonna be here any minute.”

You sighed, rolling your eyes at your best friend. “That’s the whole point, Sabrina. He’s almost here and my hair looks like this!”

“He’s crazy about you,” she said. “He’s doesn’t care about what you look like.”

She was right. You were being silly and you didn’t know why. It wasn’t like this was your first date with Tom, but it sure as hell felt like it. Your hands were shaking from how nervous you were and you couldn’t stop nitpicking every little thing wrong with your attire.

It drove you crazy how much you still wanted to impress him.

“That’s him,” you picked up your phone, reading his text. “I gotta go.”

“Have fun!”

“I will!”

All your nerves had died down the second you walked out and saw him, leaning against his car. His dad had bought him the car as an early birthday/graduation present and you could still remember how excited he was when he saw it. Once you got close to him, he wrapped his fingers around your jacket, pulled you close to him and said,   

“You look beautiful, love.”

His comment made you blush. It made you blush so much that you hide your face in his neck, making him laugh. He loved making you blush just for that reason, it made you all cute and flustered and if he was lucky enough, you would kiss his neck.

That was the first blush of the night.

The rest of the them were spontaneous. They happened at random times like when you would gaze out the car window or grab his free hand while he drove. Those small moments were when he wanted to remind you how beautiful you were and you didn’t realize you adored this aspect of him so much until you were sitting in a cafe.   

It was the same cafe you two would visit after school to work on your assignments. Honestly, the place didn’t help you stay focused, you just loved their hot chocolate and spending time with Tom.

It’s where he decided to bring you tonight, for your fifth date as an official couple, but who’s counting?

“I don’t like british tea, Tom, you know this.” you pouted, looking at the cup in front of you. 

He laughed, shaking his head because you always complained about his tea. In fact, you’ve been complaining about it since freshman year, saying there was too much sugar and milk. Being the American that you are, you liked your tea plain.

“Try it for me, Y/N. Please.”

“Fine, but you have to try this for me.” you pushed over your plain tea to him.

“No way”

“Yes way”

“No way,”

“Yes way”, you continued. “It’s the least you could do and- Tom!” you shouted when he picked up the sugar.

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Hi! X3 just wanna ask, do you have any reference or official design of Fluffytale Sans..? Well, i wanna draw him and sorry i don't know his name cause i am new here ≧﹏≦

thats ok im pretty sure that most of people dont know that(^-^)/

he’s name is ccino

and heres a sketch i am drawing now it might help you:D

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I guess anon is talking about parkdatassjiminie. She seems to be troubled about Taemin x jimin (?) moments at MB. TBH taemin is a long time friend of Jimin, they never hide when they talk together. I also saw some fans freaking out about Seulgi x Jimin but I watched these moments and found nothing meaningful I mean did they already forgot ALL the Ji-Kook moments or what? We'll probably never know so let's enjoy our Ji-Kook moments.

To be quite honest with you, I think, as with everything else, all these taemin/jimin things are being totally blown out of proportion again.

People need to chill. But you know what, I get it. I get why some people are panicking. Meeting backstage in private, whispering to each other on stage–it’s all shiet that people expect Jimin and Jungkook to do yet now he’s doing it with Taemin. I get it buttttttt at the same time, after you chill….I wanna reassure you all a bit. 

The rational way to look at it, Jimin and Taemin are close. Taemin is one of Jimin’s closest friends and he has a friendly way of approaching everyone in a similar way so it comes across like that. 

But even I can look at these through shipper goggles–the way Jimin and Taemin talk and interact is completely different from the way Jimin and Jungkook interact. Yes, I’ve only seen those few photos and such, but evidently those photos were enough to make everyone flip shiet and turn tables so…let me work with them too. They’re just talking for god’s sake. They’re not getting into each other’s space, it’s reserved and casual body language, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with catching up with one another backstage to have some good bantz. 

And yeah, I agree with you. Let’s just enjoy all the moments. (especially jikook cuz im biasssed af) It’s like between all this shipping drama no one is paying attention to how jungkook was close af to jimin the whole time and fyi they still attached by the waist at airports. Also, I saw some chin prodding that everyone ignore and I’m like…ummm guys?! SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THEY BEING SO TOUCHY AND AFFECTIONATE ON STAGE THEY NVR DID THIS BEFFORREEEEE

souce: MINToYou


Good job guys, you fell for the bait. They made you forget. They successfully distracted you from the surge of jikook of the past weeks *clap*clap*clap* well-played (but I’m still here >:D)