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Recently there's been some discourse going around the HTTYD fandom about the times Astrid has playfully punched Hiccup. Some see it as abuse, while others don't. I don't see it as abusive since she doesn't do it with the intent of hurting him and Hiccup knows that. It's just playful and neither of them see it as malicious. That's how it looks to me anyway, but I was wondering what your take on it is.

Check out this link for my long analysis on the topic of Hiccstrid and abuse. My statement is that Hiccstrid is clearly not abusive.

It is to note that abuse is not defined by intent. Someone can be abused regardless of what the abuser intends; what makes abuse abuse is that there is a victim. It’s also to note that many individuals who have been abused (including myself, back in the day, when I was in an abusive relationship) try to deny that this is abuse, or might not want to see it as abuse. But you are right - what Astrid is doing is playful, Hiccup knows it, and he’s not emotionally impacted negatively by her actions. The key is that neither Hiccup nor Astrid feel that her little punches are abusive *and* no one is negatively psychologically impacted by this action. Contrarily, they live in an extremely functional, supportive relationship.

Astrid never crosses any boundaries when she gives her “punches.” Though Hiccup gets a little irritated every once in a while, there is no indication she crosses any lines when she acts this way. Astrid’s “punches” are just as abusive as if I decide I want to pull a harmless prank on a friend that makes them a little bit irritated once they’re pranked, but it’s understood within our friendship that I can still prank them. They could prank me back, I might grumble a bit, but I won’t have any qualms with what they did either. It’s within the bounds of our friendship that we mutually know we can get back and forth at each other. Hiccup and Astrid live in a mutual understanding that what she’s doing is okay, not off-limits. Hiccup is not emotionally screwed up by what Astrid is doing, he’s not asking her to stop, but on the contrary he says at the end of HTTYD that, “I could get used to this.” These two are at a mutual understanding that little teasing punches are okay. There are even instances in which Astrid gives her little friendly punch and Hiccup just smiles back at her (ex: end of Heather Report Part 2). This definitely isn’t abuse.

And again, to reiterate, Hiccstrid demonstrates signs again and again of a healthy relationship. They tease one another and laugh with carefree spirits, able to relax and enjoy themselves around one another. They listen to one another’s struggles and provide support when needed. Astrid encourages Hiccup when he loses Toothless in the first movie; Hiccup encourages Astrid when she momentarily loses her sight in Blindsided. They are able to enjoy company with one another and relate to one another deeply through both happy and challenging times. This is a stable relationship. This is a good relationship. This is a relationship that is founded on trust, mutual understanding, love, dedication, loyalty, and happiness.

I do encourage everyone who is not triggered by abuse topics to read the full link. It’s a much more thorough and complete response, going into everything from psychological traits of abusers, psychological traits of victims, and every bit of evidence we could see for/against abuse. It tackles many of the common arguments I’ve heard from attempted abuse claims, and points out where I find these arguments flawed. I talk about Astrid’s actions in the Cove (which, to note, are before they enter a relationship), her actions during Riders and Defenders of Berk, and up to How to Train Your Dragon 2. So check out that analysis! I hope it helps! Take care and have a wonderful day.

LATER, CHIRRUT SLEEPS next to me. […] He stirs and the air stirs with him, bearing the musk-sweet smell of his body. I think: This is what I will miss. I think: I will kill myself rather than miss it. I think: How long do we have? (insp.)

Hate to say this guys...

I know that a lot of you are believing that the sound clips between Jaal and Scott is proof that Jaal is romanceable as a bi option. 

But I need to share some info game dev-wise for you: sound clips like that are not evidence of bi options. Game devs like Bioware record voices for both gender romances so they don’t have to call the voice actors back if they decide to make a character available for both genders. It does not mean a character was intended to be bi or that they are going to be bi. It just means Bioware did what many devs do, and thats record both gender romances to save time and money. 

We do have datamining that claims Jaal is open to both genders, but I’m not 100% trusting that until we get legit confirmation. I’ve heard some people who have played the game say on Twitch streams Jaal is only open to Sara. I hope that’s not right and they’re just saying that because of the NDA, but we will see. 

I’m just saying this in case Jaal turns out to be straight only, so the devs don’t get yelled at for queerbaiting like they did for Cullen.

I so do love trying to reblog a post and getting that lovely message “This post cannot be reblogged” because someone ive never interacted with has blocked me. 

So I screenshotted and reuploaded it. 

You can literally say this about any ship, in fact most gay ships are pretty much this premise alone, two guys or two girls exist in a medium and the shipper likes these two characters together. 

Hussie is all over the place when it comes to shipping. On the one hand, he seems to hate it, on the other, hes declared all ships canon, which isnt really clear if hes trolling or not, on the third hand, he made davekat and rosemary canon, on the fourth hand, theres canonically millions of offshoot timelines and millions of ghost selves, so any pairing is possible. 

Also Id like to add that Hussie stoked the shipping ovens when he had karkat made the shipping chart of JohnRose and DaveJade, and during “Seer:Descend” Rose comments that she and john would make a cute couple. 

So yeah, Hussie is all over the fucking place when it comes to shipping, and I genuinely cannot tell if he hates it, is indifferent, or likes it. 

Anyways, this quote seems to be a “Gotcha” to those that ship JohnRose which, in bird culture is considered a dick move. I dont know if the original poster of this quote intended to be such a condescending cunt, but thats what it seems like it was 

“Andrew fucking obliterating JohnRose” seems to indicate they WERE in fact being a cunt. 

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Just because someone mentioned it... I always felt like your Rivals universe was an unintentional P&P AU! I don't call it that because I know it isn't what you intended but it parallels that romantic scheme very well, starting with a one-sentence misunderstanding and extending into so many angst-filled misconceptions after that. Yuuri makes a good Elizabeth Bennet. Anyway idek if you're familiar with P&P but that's always just been in the back of my mind!! <3

P&P is one of my all-time favourite books and while I didn’t originally notice the similarities now that I know they’re there I can completely see the influence it has had on my writing! 

An in depth analysis of Lyra.

This wasn’t intended to be a Lyra defence, but has probably kinda turned into one? Oops… 


The writers have done an amazing job of defining some of her characteristics and differences which make her so, and to hold her to human standards at this point in her character development, is not only unfair, it kinda misses the point.

Lyra’s race, her innate nature, has been displayed to us as somewhat primal in comparison to humans: The way she moves like a cat, makes feral screeching sounds, lashes her teeth, and even growls, show her Alien nature as one that is sort of animalistic. I don’t at all mean this in a degrading lower than humans way, not at all, all I mean is, she’s not a human with blue skin or human with supernatural abilities (easy to forget Kara is an alien, because she’s portrayed as basically a perfect and beautiful human with superpowers.)

Lyra makes weird noises and bites and says things like ‘humans all smell different’ deeply inhaling the scent of Winn, and biting down on his lip in this carnal kind of fashion. All of this, has for me, been building up a picture of what her Alien race probably looks like. Intense, fiery, passionate, ferocious… one that probably is built on muscle and dominance, and deals with things through fights rather than politics or civilised chats. Its based in raw power and instinct and agility, rather than philosophy or religion or whatever else blah blah. Their race is a bit more primal. And probably maybe even a little archaic.

Although Lyra looks humanoid, for the most part anyway, she is very VERY different, and the writers have managed to show us a huge amount about Lyra in the very little time they’ve had to do it. It’s disappointing to see so many are quick to write her off as a moody bitch, instead of consider that her uncontrolled emotions, and lashing out like a cobra, have more to do with her alien nature than they do with character flaws.

Im not saying her ‘outbursts’ or treatment of Winn etc etc is okay (by human standards, it pretty inappropriate and would probably fit the ‘crazy bitch of a girlfriend’ stereotype quite well.) But the writers are very intentional, intelligent people, and it’s kinda disappointing to see people write off a character so soon, with little effort to understand her. The lack of critical thinking or contemplation before people jump straight on the ‘ew Lyra is an abusive girlfriend’ bandwagon kinda got me like ??!!!?? (as you can tell from this extremely long essay.) But could you maybe consider… Perhaps the writers are pointing out the differences between humans and Lyra’s Alien species? And defining it as something? Building up an actual picture of those differences, rather than just some vague ‘she’s an alien cause her face looks kinda different.’ They’ve actually had a go at giving her traits, and show that she’s from an entirely different planet with different values, culture, social cues and is a little wild. 

If you were to imagine a relationship between say, a Vulcan and a human (if you don’t know Spock, get the heck away from me lol. And Spock is only HALF Vulcan, he’s actually also half human…. anyway). You could say things like ‘they are cold, distant, insensitive, don’t show enough affection, are terrible people.’ etc. Or you could educate yourself on Vulcans and realise that their Alien nature is one based entirely around the suppression of emotions in preference of logic. They aren’t flawed or shitty people, they are ALIENS. Anyway that might not even be a good parallel, but its the first alien race that popped into my brain that looks different to humans. Aliens have different innate natures and wiring.

BACK TO LYRA. I’m not writing her off just yet, because I can see that she’s different. And some of the things she does, she doesn’t KNOW are wrong, because she’s not human, and being held to human standards at this point is so unfair. She hasn’t even been on Earth very long, impressing James with how well she spoke English (and spoke ‘Winn’ understanding nerdy references). She’s still integrating into society, and has a lot to learn. And if you can recognise a redemption arc from a selfish frat boy prince to a hero, is it so hard to accept an arc that could possibly, potentially, also be about growth and learning and character development? Just in a different sense? Perhaps a ‘tame the beast’ kind of story that lets us see her calm down a little and learn to control her emotions, with a little drama along the way as she adapts and learns what’s appropriate for humans and what’s over the top? SHE DOESN’T KNOW YET. They basically did it this episode with her screw up with guardian and then giving her another chance. next time she will do better. thats how you learn from your mistakes.

We’ve already seen she is bold, brave, enthusiastic and keen to learn, and even has displayed some natural leadership qualities (Forced Deportation Spaceship scene, when she goes around trying to get everyone out, and then when it starts taking off, she says to everyone ‘HOLD ONTO SOMETHING’. She could have just protected herself, but her natural tendencies towards power and dominance, actually translated here into leadership skills. Anyway, I could go on, but its 2.38am my time, and I should really shut the hell up and go to sleep.

Like yeah, protect my beautiful Winn, gosh, do that. He’s adorable. But look at what the writers are communicating to you. Perhaps now days people are so busy watching tv from a place of ‘does this fit my values, likes, preferences and ideals’ rather than ‘what is the author intending to communicate?’ that they are missing half the story.

Let it take you on a journey. Theres plenty to enjoy. And I’m loving it ALL. But I also put a fair bit of effort into trying to understand things as a whole, approaching different ideas, trying out new perspectives, contemplating things. I dunno if this sounds kinda bitchy or even makes sense, (SORRY) its so late in the night I can barely tell what I’m even writing. But anyway. Thats my little rant for the day. So quick to judge so quick to dismiss. meh. anyway. im crashing out. 


OOOOooo. What if they go for a ‘leopard doesn’t change its spots’ arc instead? Could totally happen and be used as a contrast, rather than paralell, since we are getting lots of tension with the ‘people don’t change, yes they do, no they don’t’ thing. Theyve already played up the everyone can be heroes idea quite a bit with the current cast, and perhaps they opt for a stubborn refusal to overcome ones nature? Which would introduce a painful realisation for Winn and the team for what point theyve had enough (and at which point the audience throws the towel in with the character). It would be a great way to highlight our resistence to change and growth, and pose a bit of a sly question to the audiece of what kind of person they want to be. One that stubbornly refuses to change? (Rhea is probs too much of an extreme example for most to relate to because shes evil… But someone with potential… obvious potential… who is kinda normalish who you can see yourself liking… and they just dont change?) JUICY. JUICYYYYYY. okay. I need to stop considering this. Im getting out of control 😂. What will happen…. oooohhh.
  • Vergil: [finds a notebook in Dante's drawer while cleaning his desk because SOMEBODY has to]
  • Vergil: [goes to put it back and a singed page falls out]
  • Vergil: [picks up the page, happens to read what's written]
  • Vergil: [looks confused??]
  • Vergil: [opens the notebook and flips through it]
  • Notebook page: ► Fire is still flammable. ► Motorcycles can go vertical if you try hard enough. ► High rates of descent can cause metal to overheat, but do not exempt you from being swallowed by sky demons. ► Gravity check completed! Still occasionally working as intended.
  • Vergil: ...what is this.
  • Dante: A wise man once said "The only difference between science and screwing around is writing stuff down".
  • Vergil: [ s t a r e s ]
  • Dante: I figure this way, if anybody asks what I do, I can tell em I'm a scientist.
  • Vergil: That's it. You're officially banned from watching any more Mythbusters marathons.
  • Dante: I reject your reality and substitute my own!
  • Vergil:
  • Vergil:
  • Vergil:
  • Vergil: How did you just make me regret getting you the SCIENCE CHANNEL?

Honestly let people play around with canon and oc behaviour, let them be too sappy with their characters or too harsh, let them write in whatever way they want. If every single person wrote fic constrained by the rigid guidelines of canon and didn’t venture into unexplored territory bordering on oc, fic would be the most bland and repetitive format of fanwork. Let people write whatever the fuck they want, it’s not up to you to call them out for it.

Kings DVD Commentary

Listened to the commentary for the pilot of Kings last night.  The commentary was done by series star, Ian McShane (Silas), showrunner/creator Michael Green, and director of the episode Francis Lawrence.

Some interesting tidbits:

- Sebastian Stan was the first actor cast, and was part of the first group of actors who read for the show.  "He was so clearly the right choice“  He also punched a wall in his audition and hurt his hand.

- The script was written with Ian McShane in mind to play the role of Silas, but they had been told that he was not interested in doing television.  McShane read the script, and wanted to do it.  They went to meet him in NY, and the rest is history.

- They saw hundreds of actors for the role of David before they settled on Christopher Egan.  They wanted an actor who could sell the characters goodness, but also appear believable as a character who might make some big mistakes down the line (much like biblical David).

- Chris Egan really does play the piano, and is actually playing the pieces that you hear on the show.

- Everything was filmed in NY, with the NY Public Library interior used extensively.  The exterior couldn’t be used because work was being done to the building.  The royal residence was mostly filmed at an abandoned mansion on Long Island.  The battle scenes were filmed in a muddy field in Far Rockaway, right near an airport.  The scenes of the King and his cabinet and the spectators was filmed at the Time Warner Center for the pilot, but the set was built and recreated for scenes during the series.  The Brooklyn Museum was also used for exterior shots.

- The kitchen ended up being a problematic set, and there weren’t happy with it in the end.

- When David rescues Jack, and the other solider, and they are running from the bullets, and jump into the foxhole, Sebastian got nailed in the head by the backpack Chris Egan was carrying which had an RPG in it (fake, I hope).  The scream he lets out was not scripted, and they used the take he got hurt in, and didn’t do another. 

- Allison Miller (Michelle Benjamin) was one of the last roles cast

- The first scene filmed was Rev Samuels confronting Silas on the outside staircase about the ambush of Jack and his troops.  The second scene filmed was this confrontation between Jack and Silas

-  They loved Silas’ dialogue for this scene (and McShane insisted that Jack was bisexual, which I thought went against show cannon), and comments went something like this:

"Sebastian is so great” (Green or Lawrence)

“He’s such a good kid" (McShane)

"He’s terrific…when he’s not punching his fist into walls, but thats part of his intensity" (Green or Lawrence)

- The last scene they filmed for the episode was the scene of Jack in the nightclub with the girls draped over him.  They seemed to think Sebastian, and the girl that kissed him, were enjoying that scene.

- One of the decisions that was made was to play it as though Rose was a bit in love with her son, and scenes of her being pleased or upset with him were played more as a lover then a mother.  To quote Green ”Its sick…but it worked"

- Originally, Michelle was to have told David about her illness, and her promise to God in the pilot, but it was decided to let that be her mystery that was revealed over time.

- They got a lot of flack for making Jack antagonistic towards David, deviating from their relationship in the source material, but the thinking was that they wanted to create a relationship that could evolve and change over time.  (My comment: One of my disappointments with Kings is that this relationship doesn’t really evolve that much over the course of the series, and unfortunately they don’t say on the commentary what they had intended to do with it)

Thats the highlights, as per me.  I wish they had talked a bit more about where they would’ve taken the show in a 2nd season.  This commentary was clearly done after the show had already gone off the air, so its not like they would spoil anything.  The only time they really address how the show ended is to mention Silas being at war with God.

Also, I’m sure they had some commentary on the Helen/Serenity stuff, but since its my least favorite element of the show overall, I ignored it.

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ok but in the shenanigans ray put ryan in the back and then was really surprised that it worked like he hadnt expected to actually get through six of them and iDK if thats what was intended but it does make me happy

Ray: Well, Rye had to go in the back because he’s a fucking giant. The reason I had them line up shortest to tallest was to make sure I could get them all through the head in one clean shot – if they weren’t then it’d be a huge mess.

Ray: And yeah, I didn’t actually think it’d work, so I was a little shocked to see six corpses at first. I thought the bullet would’ve stopped after Gav. Didn’t really think about how sniper rifles are built for distance and I pretty much shot them point blank.

Expedite (Rush Reaction 2)

Pairing: Earth-2 Harrison Wells x Speedster!Reader

Word Count: 5,505 (I mean… I think we’re all pretty much expecting an obnoxious length by now.)

@emeliescorner: I just wanted to let you know that the “Start again” imagine/fic was absolutely adorable. I still get butterflies just thinking about it! The writing was so amazing and I really loved the tension. And perhaps give you an imagine :) Imagine being a speedster like Barry and working together with Earth 2 Harrison Wells to help Barry increase his speed(like a test subject, but the good kind) and falling in love with him. Maybe E-2 Wells feels something back? Tension, fluff, angst(like Start Again):D
Anonymous: Could u do imagine where y/n is another speedster and takes Barry’s place for a while cause he is ill and Cisco makes her a white costume and names her Reverse Zoom(because of The Flash - The Reverse Flash thing)??? Btw you’re my favourite blog :* <3
Anonymous: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a metahuman and Cisco gives her a name she doesn’t care for and the team tease him about loosing his touch?

A/N: Well, here it is! The second part of Rush Reaction! Thank you guys so much for waiting for this… And thanks for letting me break this up into two parts. It made it much more enjoyable to write and made it feel like it wasn’t just a never ending fiction that was eating my soul (high drama much?) *internal screaming* (Oh and lets all keep in mind that I have NO medical training so if I gave you the wrong treatment for this… stuff… Let’s just blame Caitlin since she’s your doctor today. :3)

Anyways… Business as usual… Please let me know if you find mistakes so that I may fix them for you :) Feedback is always appreciated/encouraging. Enjoy!

Warnings/Tags: Grumpy!Harry, You are Awkward and Adorable, You are a Hard Worker and Harrison Loves it, Slight Shady!Wells, You are an Established Member of Team Flash, I Took Creative Liberties, Slight-Canon Divergence, You are a Test Subject, Ridiculous amounts of Fluff, Angst, Slow-Burn (ish?) Romance, Harrison Worries about You, Protective!Harrison, Age-Gap Depending on YOUR Age, Tension of all sorts! And I’m adding Action for this second part here…

Song Rec(s): Free by Ryn Weaver,  New Divide by Linkin ParkJust Like Fire by P!nkOne Life by Hedley

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“You can’t keep running these tests.” Caitlin started.

“She came to me…” Harrison answered through his habitual rasp. His tone wasn’t defensive but rather a bit desperate as if he wanted to explain how sorry he was without actually having to say it. “I wouldn’t have…” You couldn’t see him, but you could tell by the light stutter in his voice that he was shaking his head. 

“But you did.”

“She came to me.” That phrase seemed to be his failsafe.

“So, that gave you the bright idea to actually agree to injecting her with an experimental drug?”

“I’m trying to save my daughter - to stop Zoom…” He snapped, causing you to shift against the gurney and stare toward the door. Honestly, if you hadn’t been hooked up to an IV, you would have zipped out of the med-bay by now to actually participate in this conversation. “If we’re going to make the slightest amount of progress, then this is what needs to be done.”

Save for the repetitive beep from the monitor beside you, it was quiet. And then…

“You know, sometimes you sound a lot like Thawne.” Caitlin growled in that den-mother tone of hers.

And with that, you heard her heeled-steps smacking down against the hard floors as she walked away. Seconds later, Harrison floated into the room, staring into a cup of coffee and looking about as chipper as the grim reaper, what with his chaotic hair sticking up and out in every direction as if he’d spent the better part of the afternoon trying to tear it from his scalp. The space beneath his eyes seemed darker than usual and of course, it was then you realized something was different… Yes, you were lying on the gurney in the lab’s very own medical clinic but the change was so subtle you might not have noticed it if you hadn’t been working so closely with Harrison over the past couple of days.

He always seemed to be stressed but this was more severe than his usual state of anxiety. Harrison was worried and if you had to take a wild shot in the dark, you would have guessed the source of that worry came from you and your little episode after getting injected with that serum.

“Hi.” You started quietly, causing him to abruptly stop and jerk his stare away from his coffee mug to quickly find you.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: how the hell did i get here, man? how the hell did i get here shipping sakata gintoki and tsukuyo? like, i went into this series not shipping anybody with gin because it had never even crossed my mind. hadn't crossed my mind at all until BAM!! tsukuyo was brought into the picture. like i thought she was gonna be some arc-exclusive character, so i dismissed the noticeable chemistry i saw she had with gin in the yoshiwara in flames arc. poor younger self. little did they know that tsukki was gonna show up again with her own character arc. and goddamn like there it was again. the FUCKING CHEMISTRY between her and gin. god like why do they have to have such amusing banter? not to mention that sorachi decided to make her uncannily similar to gin in regards to their relationships with their mentor-figures. why did he do that? why did the blasted gorilla do that? sure, at the time, i believed it was mainly to give gin some character development when providing a comparison between him and tsukuyo. and why is tsukki the only woman gin has managed to accidentally grope multiple times? then you got the courtesan of a nation arc. oh boy, oh boy. don't know why the gorilla decided for tsukki to be there when oboro spoke of the kansei purge and the joui war that led to the death of yoshida shouyou. like what reason is there for that, sorachi? even kagura and shinpachi are not exposed to this aspect of gin's past, so why is tsukuyo canonically there at most of those times when shouyou is (in)directly related to the matter at hand? and the love incense arc? oh, don't get me fucking started. sorachi could have went the ENTIRE series without making that arc. he really could have. so why did sorachi have gin,under the influence of a love drug, say those oh so romantic lines to tsukuyo? like what were you trying to pull here, gorilla? are you trying to say something in regards to gin's feelings for tsukki, while making it completely ambiguous at the same time? why did you even make tsukuyo fall in love with gintoki in the first place? is there something greater in store for those two in the grand scheme of things? now that's something only the gorilla has the answer to...

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I feel like Dark is much more sinister than we anticipate him being. He would torture Mark by bringing back the worst of memories. The Cyndago tragedy, all his illnesses and surgeries, all the times he fought with his friends or when he hurt anyone. All the times someone left him because of whatever reason. Dark would play with Mark, clouding his head with darkness, making it drip deep in the corners of his mind, slowly killing him from the inside. Pushing him ever so closer to the edge.

That’s something I’ve always held in my mind towards Dark.  I write him all soft and fluffy because thats what the topic needs him to be. 
But if the entity was written in the way Mark intended it would a very different side of him. 
Dark would use torture on Mark’s audience as well. Making him watch because we all know Mark has a sense of compassion towards his audience. 
So it wouldn’t just be him, Dark would harm, it’d be anyone that gets close to him or sees him as a figure of importance. 

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I see the mutable signs as the most manipulative signs of each element. Would you agree? Also how would each of the mutable signs manipulate others?

i mean, i can see gemini and pisces being manipulative, but idk about virgo or sagittarius, from personal experience. sagittarius are pretty straightforward and honest, which is not what a manipulator is. i would say maybe virgo, but not at the same level as gemini or pisces

gemini is gonna manipulate you just as you would picture manipulation. theyre going to twist your words, put ideas in your head, etc. virgo could be the same way, being ruled by mercury. i feel like since they’re more lowkey, they’d collect info on you and use it as a weapon. pisces is going to manipulate you emotionally. i feel like thats pretty straight forward. they’re going to change your opinions, make you feel things you didn’t intend to, etc. 


I couldn’t make a text post like a normal person couldn’t I? i just HAD to do crappy sketches instead lmao

In case you can’t tell by my hand writing, this is what it says:

“Roy Mustang is an asshole”

“Haha I know right? He sucks”

“You’ve just been unfriended, unfollowed, blocked, my mom’s calling your mom and you’re uninvited from my teen queen sweet sixteen summer beach bash birthday party”

I’m. So sorry