but that's not the theme for any of them


Your otp are both secret agents. What a calamity. 

  • Who whispers the Mission Impossible theme tune on an actual mission, who shoots them a look of upmost disbelief. 
  • Who is the new recruit who always manages to do something wrong, who rolls their eyes but helps them in secret, never taking any of the credit.
  • When your otp have children, who tells them stories of all the missions they went on, who interrupts with “then I swooped in and saved the day!”. Bonus: “thats not what happened, don’t listen to them” “ummm yes it–” “you were unconscious literally the whole time.” “…you make a good point”
  • When your otp, who aren’t together, end up trapped in a very small space together (air vent etc) who suggestively wiggles their eyebrows, who repeatedly bashes their head against the wall and cant believe their bad luck. 
  • Who’s the brains, who’s the muscle. OT3 bonus: “Wait what does that make me?” “you’re… well, you’re you.”
  • Who makes funny faces behind their boss when their next mission is being explained, who is trying really damn hard not to laugh.
  • Who takes their job very seriously and seldom shows any emotion let alone smiles, who’s the joker and makes it their mission to entertain them. 

Requested by: anon. 

niksemosmusic  asked:

I know that with every album you guys are emotionally invested, but this album seems to be your most personal. I know that there have to be songs that did not make it onto the album, and I bet they are just as deep and meaningful as those on Last Young Renegade. Do you wish they would have made the cut? Would they add more to the album concept? Is there any chance you would release them as a B-Side "B-Story" add-on?

for the most part, the songs that didn’t make the album didnt make it for a reason. we kept it short because we felt like every song on this album fit the themes. To be honest all my favorite songs made the album so thats nice :) I LIKE GETTING WHAT I WANT - JACK

What is BMC Femslash Week?

  • A full week dedicated to creating and promoting content for the greatly underappreciated femslash ships in the musical Be More Chill

What can I post?

  • Any and all types of content are both accepted and greatly appreciated! fanfiction, fanart, headcanons, moodboards, and anything else you can think of  would all be super great!

What can’t I post?

  • anything offensive (i.e. racism, fatphobia, smut as theyre underaged,, basically the regular stuff you try to stay away from)  

How Can I participate?

  • Create content and post in the tags #bmcfemslash or #bmcfemslashweek
  • Track those same tags for more femslash content
  • Post your fics in the ao3 bmcfemslash collection
  • follow the @bmcfemslashweek blog for a tagged collection of bmc femslash content!

What are the prompts/themes?

  • Day 1 September 1st - Pining
  • Day 2 September 2nd -  Fluff, Angst, or Hurt/Comfort
  • Day 3 September 3rd - Halloween Party 
  • Day 4 September 4th - Poly Ship
  • Day 5 September 5th - Role Swap (with anyone in bmc!, not just with each other) 
  • Day 6 September 6th - Soulmates
  • Day 7 September 7th - First ‘I Love You’

What ships can I create content for?

  • all of them! chloe/brooke, brooke/christine, christine/jenna, chloe/brooke/jenna, jenna/christine/brooke, all four of the girls together, or any other combination thats interests you the most!

When can I get started? Why is it so far away? 

  • we’re giving you a little over a month to plan and organize what you’re going to post for femslash week so you can get started planning right away! just remember to save your posts for when femslash week is actually going down!

How can I participate if I can’t create content? 

  • reblogging this post and spreading the word to as many bmc content creators as possible!

Please remember this is all about having fun and creating more femslash content, you absolutely don’t need to follow the prompts but creating any type of femslash content at all for the week would mean a lot to a lot of wlw fans! Thank you and please please have fun with this!

Naruto manga ending

After thinking about the naruto manga ending yesterday, some sad idea crossed my mind. What if Naruto is more like Yuri Kuma Arashi, in terms of criticizing japanese societys treatment of homosexuality. Im not japanese, nor am I an expert; there are tons of things I cant see in the manga cause of cultural differences, so these are just some loose speculations.

Its quite clear that Kishimoto has based Naruto on some things in his life. His bond with his twin-brother ( brotherly love is a often used motive) his admiration for his highschool crush (idealizing Sasuke; Sasukes character is based on that highshool classmate guy, Narutos love for Sasuke- Naruto is Kishimoto himself)

Other motives are; the village system( shinobi are expected to be emotionless tools for the villages sake) thats the main theme of Naruto, next to the story of Naruto and Sasukes relationship.

And theres “my ninja way”(every single one shinobi has his own ideals about beeing a ninja; its like trying to connect ones individuality with the villages “shinobi ideal”)

Its pretty clear that Naruto and Sasuke love each other. Yet they dont get together in the super happy bubbly ending we got.

The easiest thing to see it would be to change the gender of one of them; the romance is so fucking visible, that each of them marrying anothe person without any explanation is pure bullshit.

So, why did we get this bullshit ending? Why is there this big hole of many years, where Sasuke fell in love and married Sakura, and Naruto got together with Hinata?

Because this hole + the last chapter is the silent true ending of the story.

My theory is; Naruto didnt change the village system as much as he wanted. He lost in one point.

Naruto and Sasuke are the most powerfull shinobi in that universe. Both also come from important clans; Naruto is the only Uzumaki in Konoha, Sasuke is the last Uchiha. Of course every one would expect them to marry, and have children, be the parents of the next powerfull generation of shinobi. Their clan bloodlines are extremly valuabe to Konoha. The villages seem to cooperete more in the times Naruto is Hokage, but  I dont belive that having powerful clans is not important for the Village anymore.

The village system at this point represents japanese societys pressure to marry and have kids. Gay people are seen as selfish, if they dont do that.

I think its quite possible that after the war Naruto and Sasuke lived together for some short time. But both decited to break up because of the villages pressure (remeber; every single fucking shinobi saw who Sasuke was for Naruto during the war) and because they both were the last of their clans. Then Sasuke left, and Naruto stayed in the village.

This takes me to Yuri Kuma Arashi. In Yuri Kuma Arashi the main couple is in a simmilar situation, yet the ending is different; Kureha and Ginko become social outcasts, because they “wont give up on their love”- they say adios to societys expectations and rules. They dissapear.

Naruto and Sasuke both start families, have kids and work for the village. I think they both decited to do so, and stay friends only. Mybe they didnt see each other for a few years after they decited to break up.

I even belive they both rlly love Sakura and Hinata, and of course the kids.(I also dont think they have to be gay; I see Naruto as mor of a bi guy, and Sasuke is hard to read anyways) They both play along of societys rules. But they are not together, despite beeing soulmates. 

Its all painfully visible in Sasuke; he still wears (on his belt) the scratched head protector Naruto gave him in the last chapter, with the promise he will hold onto it until they settle things between them. Sasuke doesnt visit his family for years, for so long Sarada cant even remeber him-  but meets with Naruto for exchange of information about things concerning the village, and writes him from time to time.

There is also one sad  thought that crossed my mind, but I wont share them with you cause it would be a bit..um. Lets better not.

( but I think its not hard to figure it out if you did read the whole thing here, yet I dont want to talk about this)

Also, this is just my theory. Write about it what you want and if you want  but I most likely wont answer or discuss parts of it, cause writing all this stuff in english is a pain and takes a lot of time.

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i couldn't understand a word of that interview with liam could you please transcript?


interviewer: is any of the 1d boys going to book godfather for you

liam: umm, i thought about this godfather thing, is godfather thing parts of christening? because when i think of godfather i think of *sings godfather theme tune*

interviewers: *laugh* no like, babysitting if you were going to leave him with one of the lads

liam: that’s a big question. well i suppose louis because louis has got a nipper you know i suppose he would be but he’d be my last choice in my head, thats the funniest thing. but he’s gotta be first because he knows more than any of the rest of them. I couldn’t rely on harry because i feel like my child would come out dressed in something i just wouldn’t understand. and then with niall the kid would be putting golf balls on tees, he would be pushing the pram whilst swinging the putter at the same time. i think i’ll leave him with me, even though, am i the most trusted?

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will you maybe consider to introduce us to all your oc?? i'm alway to curious about people oc bc they're so cute and interesting!! (btw i love emmett and ronnie but i mostly knew them bc i follow you on twitter)

!!!!! firST OF ALL, ty for following me on twitter and im so so sorry for my shitposting on there bc i tweet about daily stuff T vT)”

and! well,,, like most ppl, i have A LOT of ocs so to introduce them all would take a yr and a half prob lmao. 

but i AM working on an oc page + zodiac kids page redesign:

does…does anyone kno any weebly themes for ocs or any tips to making one bc im mostly still stuck on that

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I wouldn't let the "reminds me of" comments get to you (if they are). It feels like, esp in digital art, that many works have a tendency of looking/behaving like something that's come before it. For instance, one of your Sailor works reminds me of a piece by Jason Chan because they both share a similar pose and design while other pieces have reoccurring/familiar themes that people can't help but be connected to. I don't mean any of what I say as a negative criticism, your work is wonderful.

Ooohhhh no, they don’t get to me that much! They (can be) annoying, granted, which is why I like to poke a little fun at them instead. I find it quite cathartic to do that instead of raging about it. 

You’ve literally pointed out the kind of ‘reminds me of’ comment that I have absolutely no problem with. If someone expands and tells me a little more about why something reminds them of something else, and gives me an actual opinion, and maybe suggests something I might like? Rad. 

A comment that is just ‘reminds me of X’ and nothing more… I just. Okay? Thanks? No idea what to say to that. It seems like a knee jerk comment rather than bringing anything thoughtful or constructive to the conversation? It doesn’t even tell me if someone loves or hates it. People are always 100% free to comment whatever they like, of course, but I have so much appreciation for people who bring a little more than the bare minimum. 

Every LGBTQ+ on every fandom

When the fandom wants a character to be bisexual just to made gay parings

Originally posted by unfortunate-happenings

When the fandom insists that a clearly straight character should be on a gay relationship cause you know, is representativity for us 

Originally posted by myselfishlonelykingdom

When the fandom says you CANNOT ship a straight couple cause you’re LGBTQ+ 

Originally posted by soymuyportena

When the fandom keep using serious themes like racism, abusive relantionships and psychopathic in a wrong way just to hate a character thats in the “way” of their gay otp without any empathy for this issues and real LGBTQ+ people

Originally posted by silverliningthe

 When the fandom keep forcing the idea that a character is trans just for being a tomboy (and the male equivalent, since wasn’t a non-offensive word for them) 

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

When the fandom pretend they know the better way of exploring LGBTQ+ issues (or other minorities as well) than us 

Originally posted by itsapitchbitch

When the fandom keep writing fics or making arts like all the LGBTQ+ have a sex addiction or flirt with someone every damn time, specially if is a bi character 

Originally posted by duke-of-bretagne

When the straight fans says “all my otp are gay!” expecting we will love to hear they have a weird fetish on us

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Need some help...

Well not really help, but would appreciate a response,

I’ve finally got a bunch of spare time and with Fairy Tail ending so soon I want to start reading something else. 

Things I’ve read so far:

Fariy Tail/ FT: Zero
Soul Eater
Tokyo Ghoul/ TG:RE
Boku no Hero Academia
Pandora Hearts
Shingeki no Kyojin
Ao no Exorcist
One Piece
Nanatsu no Taizai
Naruto/ Boruto
Kingdom Hearts
Hunter x Hunter
One Punch Man
Magi: Labryinth of Magic Sword art online Death Note (I forgot to put that originally)

and I think thats it, you can probably notice a theme with all of them so any suggestions are appreciated :)


Hey, guess what guys?
Fullmetal Alachemist AU week is about three weeks away!
Are you guys excited? Well Alphonse sure is!

Anyways, I can’t wait to see what you guys have prepared, and if you don’t have anything yet, thats fine! You still have plenty of time, plus a wrap up day at the end of the week for any themes you just weren’t able to get to. If you need a refresher on the rules and themes, click here:

Remember, the event is from July 9th to July 15th and the tag for this week is “fmaauweek2017”. Make sure to have that in your first five tags, ok? :)
And if you have any questions, always feel free to ask! Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question. You don’t know who might be wondering the same thing! All answered questions will be tagged Q&A. Feel free to look though that tag for any further rules and clarifications!

Anyways, thank you to everyone planning of participating or just waiting excitedly to see what everyone makes and reblog those posts. You guys are sure to make this week a lot of fun!

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You know, I hate that 13RW is making me feel like I don't have enough reasons to be depressed. I'haven't been bullied, I haven't be assaulted or seen an assault, literally nothing happens in my life. I'm just out there, not having enough strength to live, just because that's the way I am. I don't need "13 reasons" to be depressed and suicidal.

I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. That show is a trash fire and you don’t need to take any of its themes to heart. 

If you haven’t read them already, I recommend reading Allie Brosh’s “Adventures in Depression” and “Depression Part 2.”  She talks about her experiences struggling with being suicidal and directly addresses that in her case it wasn’t caused by anything except her depression. 

Her life was objectively pretty good, but mental illness fucks her up, and it made it feel unlivable. But her narrative on depression is delivered with a few spoonfuls of sugar in the form of gallows humor and ends on as optimistic a note as possible when we’re talking about a mental illness that characteristically messes with your ability to experience optimism. 

I recommend it. I own her book and refer to those chapters a lot when I’m really struggling. They help me remember that mental illness is, in and of itself, a challenge, and that I don’t need to feel guilty for struggling. 

anonymous asked:

Seeing how the anime and the manga are somehow coordinated right now, is really difficult to ignore the possible foreshadowing with the whole Ymir thing. The biblical stuff and that the episodes in which she's more relevant are aired almost the same they as her death is /so weird/??? I guess she is going to remain kind of relevant through the story via Galliard and Historia but that's such an ugly plotwist I can't believe it's real. What do you think? (sorry if my english isn't so good btw)

(You’re absolutely fine.)

Hey, yes.

I’m pretty actively opposed to taking any supplementary material as canon, but when the anime and manga are both ongoing, I’m a huge fan of examining the changes and questioning how the mindset behind them might inform canon.

Especially with how… thorough they’re being with Ymir just as the manga is supposedly ending her. The ending theme is almost entirely for manga fans (it’s pretty irrelevant to this arc), so you know that they’re taking advantage of the linked interest.

Biblical stories and references get rehashed in fiction so often that it can be hard to tell when there’s greater intent behind it. Some stories just keep being told. That said… the number of parallels you can find between Ymir and Jesus are such that part of me half-expects her to show up, completely fine, in three chapters.

How I wish I were joking.

I’m a terrible Christian when it comes to knowing the stories, but there really is enough in the AoT-verse that some day I’d like to comb through and talk about all the parallels. The ones I’m aware of are really incredible—if they aren’t accidental, that would be wicked cool.

Back to the anime part, though. I would very much like to think that the care the anime is putting into detailing Ymir, even knowing what the manga suggests, isn’t a case of giving her a last hurrah and throwing upset manga fans a bone. I’d like to think that it’s an indication of this character mattering enough presently that they found it worthwhile to aim even more spotlights at her.

That’s still up in the air, unfortunately. Until we have the full picture, wondering about the scraps we’re picking up is probably not going to tell us much. There are just too many possibilities.

But I’m with you. The way her proffered death is handled is just plain weird, and the anime’s making it very, very easy to fill up the canon gaps with theorizing.

It makes new episodes coming out way stressful. I am guessing the anime’s going to make use of their foreknowledge to allude to Ymir’s fate, and I’m holding out for that being a positive. Go me.

Thanks for the ask. :)

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Could you write something with US! Paps and US! Undyne? Your own interpretation?

So I got this prompt and planned to get it done quickly because I planned on things being icy between these two, and staying that way. Then the characters surprised me and I ended up fleshing both of them out much more than I’d set out to.

My justification for the length is that I got a prompt while I was writing this for US!Pap trying to be cool and that’s already a running theme here.

Anyway, thank you very much for this prompt! It helped me figure out both of these pals a lot more. And I’m pretty sure SwapPap has 100% of my own major flaws so thats fun.

Warnings for social awkwardness, depression, self-destructive optimism, some swearing, and dorks. I can’t think of any other warnings but it’s a weird little ficlet.

Words: 1341

“oh. uh, heyyy undyne. long time, no see…”

“Oh. Yeah. Hey Paps–Papyrus. Yeah, it’s… it’s been a while hasn’t it?”

Papyrus attempted a casual nod, but it turned out stiff and short. He cursed himself for being awkward. No wonder Undyne never called anymore. Stupid. “yuuup,” he added, not intending to answer verbally but seeing no other way to soften the tension in his neck and in the air. Verbalizing had not helped. Undyne seemed to shy away even more than she had been. He was coming off as dismissive. She probably thought he didn’t want to talk to her. He did. Just… maybe not right now? He was kind of… busy?


He was just busy. Very busy.

Busy drinking his coffee. It’d gone cold long before Undyne arrived.

He’d been quiet for too long, and she took it as a cue to talk. “Heard your brother is trying to join the guard. Good for him.”

“yeah, he is,” he replied, glancing around the room for a hint or an out. There was none to be found. “he’s pretty excited about it. didn’t think it was his thing, you know?”

Undyne nodded even though she didn’t know. She knew of Sans, but she didn’t know him.  “Sooo… you… look…” the water monster paused, looking for something on the skeleton’s features. He blinked back at her, wearily, and wondered if she found it. At last she sighed, and with a quirk of her brows, said with an old confidence, “You look like shit.”

“NYEhehe–” Papyrus covered up his mouth with the sleeve of his hoodie, trying to muffle out the sound. Giggling would ruin his image but that comment had been so unexpected! And true, probably. Very, very true. He’d always appreciated that bluntness. “I LOOK LIKE SHIT!?” he said with fake offense and a genuine smile, getting a bit too loud in his sudden excitement. He cleared the throat he didn’t have and quieted down. His enthusiasm remained. “have you looked in a mirror??”

Undyne grinned; it was great to see. “Look at us, man. We’re a freaking mess. Both of us.”

Papyrus nodded, not trying to seem cool and casual but managing to pull it off this time. He kicked the chair across from him out from the table. This gesture was meant to be cool and casual, a way to say ‘come sit with me, friend! i’m so excited that you are talking to me again and you don’t hate me!’ The chair squealed loudly against the linoleum floor and earned him glares from all around the crowded cafe. He ducked his neck into his hood as much as he was able, and asked with a squeak of badly concealed embarrassment, “so, what’s up?”

Undyne hesitated, sighed, but she couldn’t resist the question. Too much was up, and she was too used to confiding in him. She took a seat and leaned in close enough to drop her volume down, but not enough to make it clear to every patron in the bakery that she was spilling a dark secret. “I… uh… I made a mistake, Papyrus.” She gave Papyrus a long, groom and serious, so he would understand. “A couple of mistakes, actually. Dozens of mistakes. Technically.” She’d wanted to clarify. She’d rambled instead.

“that’s… a  startlingly large number of mistakes…”

“Yeah. Yeah, it hasn’t been a great month, honestly.”

Papyrus didn’t miss the air to her voice when she said that. It hadn’t been a great month for him, either. He couldn’t remember the last great month he’d had. He hummed in acknowledgement. “is it something we can fix?”

‘We.’ Always ‘we.’ Undyne frowned. “It’s my responsibility, Pap. Seriously, you don’t need to get involved in this. It’s my mistakes, my headaches, my problems. I need to deal with them.”

“but now you’ve gotten me curious! and i can help you! i… i think it would be very nice to have the team together again.”

“The team? Pap, no.”

“Pap, YES!” he shouted with enthusiasm and a decidedly uncasual (yet still cool) table slam, before feeling at his neck as if that would bring him back to his target levels of volume and demeanor. Surprisingly, it did. “i mean you and i. we worked well together, always, and i’ve missed it terribly! all of it! hard work, late nights… i don’t sleep anyway!” His hand sank down to chest level, his slouch vanishing and an unplanned pose forming as his hopes rose again. It was a pattern that those who knew him well knew far too well. His spirits would soar with each new plan, always high, always racing higher, and always crashing down in the end. Maybe Papyrus was naive, but he did not think it would happen again. Not this time. And the pattern repeated as he struck a pose over cold coffee in an unwashed hoodie. “i believe that whatever the problem, i - no - we, can find a solution!”

Undyne did not want to drag anyone else into her messes and her mistakes. She’d considered it. Oh stars, of course she’d considered it, but Papyrus was the only one she would ever trust with this, and she knew the pattern better than anyone, because she was usually the one along for the ride. She’d kept quiet for this long, working alone. Undyne was passionate about helping people, protecting people, and asking Papyrus to jump back aboard the roller coaster again was the opposite of helping or protecting. It was harmful. She knew this. When things turned sour he could not cope. Each fall was that much harder than the last.

…but Undyne lived on passion and enthusiasm and there was no greater source of it in the Underground than a Papyrus determined. She fed off of his optimism and he from her energy and together, combined, their capabilities could rival the CORE’s. And so Undyne said “Okay,” and just that, knowing she’d just doomed them both should this new goal not be met. But this time, it had to. This time, they would win. Because she was determined and never gave up, and he was brilliant, creative and persistent, and against their combined forces, science didn’t stand a chance! “Let’s do it.”

Papyrus grinned widely, whatever fog he had wrapped himself in when Undyne entered having lifted entirely now. He floated up from his seat at the table to a few feet from the door, bouncing slightly in place. So much for being cool, calm and casual.

“What, you can’t even get up and push in a chair like a normal person? Geez, you’re getting so lazy!”

“i prefer the term energy efficient!” Papyrus grinned and winked stuffing his hands in his pockets after a momentary finger gun to accompany. Undyne smirked, and Papyrus continued. “because i am an expert in the field of both energy and efficiency! because that was my previous occupation before our boss imploded,” he explained the joke, killing it swiftly and without mercy.

“Yeah, I, uh. I got that.”

“right.” Papyrus blinked, self consciousness edging into his features before being quashed a moment later. He remembered something. “oohh right. hey! can you put it–”

“On your tab. Okay, Papyrus,” the spider  replied, rolling four eyes, the fifth focused directly on Papyrus’s soul. She had, of course, already put it on the tab. He would pay up someday. She would be sure.

Papyrus smiled, unintimidated, and gave her a little curtsey as he ran out the door. “TO THE LABORATORY!!!”

Undyne chased after, shouting with a volume to match her best friend’s. “TO THE LAB!!!”

“by the way, undyne, umm… why did you come all the way here? you didn’t order anything.”

“You know, I just came for a little… pick me up!!”

“NYEH!!!” Papyrus jumped out of the way just in the knick of time, bringing his hood over his head to protect his precious scalp. He landed face down in the snow, but he had won the battle of the wits on this day. 


Adressing the Anti-KS posts again...

So here I am again.

Honestly I see more people complaining about the supposed problems than I see the actual problems themselves.

So many people are complaing about the fetishisation of gay men and I don’t think I’ve actually seen that kind of thing go down in the fandom? I’m not as involved as I used to be so maybe I’ve missed some stuff, but I doubt something like this would be easy to miss.

There are always a few people in a fandom that give it a bad rep. I feel it has been blown up way bigger than it actually is (as I said, I haven’t seen it).

Another thing people point out a lot is that the relationship between Bum and Sangwoo isn’t healthy. People seem to think we are idealising that type of relationship and honestly that’s ridiculous. It’s both a mentally and physically abusive relationship and is in no way “goals”.

Moving along to shipping. Please remember they are FICTIONAL characters. Shipping them doesn’t make you a bad person. I personally don’t but every person has an opinion and that needs to be accepted. The FICTIONAL relationship might not be healthy, but it’s not hurting anyone. It’s FICTIONAL.

People just seem to have an extremely negative view on the fandom as a whole and I feel they are always going to find something to call us out on just because they are not fans of the story/content.

I completely understand that the themes in KS are not to everyones liking and thats okay. It does deal with some pretty heavy topics and a lot of people are made uncomfortable/upset by them. 

I feel like it would be common sense to just… not read it or get involved in any way if you don’t like it?


|| h e l p f u l ||

If you wanna avoid seeing the Anti-KS posts as you are just browsing through, try /tagged/killing-stalking instead of /search/killing-stalking. If you’re still finding a lot of hate posts, try blacklisting anti killing stalking tags as most people do tag their posts. This should erase the majority of it.

aomoose  asked:

Hey, do you have any advice for an ask-blog (I'm doing Deku) that's just starting out?

((OH WOW i never thought someone would ever ask me for ask blog advice?? 

TBH the number one best advice i can give is to have fun!! it’s totally fine to be either a humorous blog that’s a bit ooc or a very ic serious blog! 

oh and choose a theme that’s easy to navigate and read! :0c and if you get any asks that make you uncomfortable, feel free to ignore them or anything like that, you’re not obligated to answer all the asks you get!

alSO… if anyone sends you anon hate ignore them… they’re awful i was so surprised when i saw?? some ask blogs getting anon hate like please… i thought our community was better than this,,, if you ever get any i’ll beat them up for you (that goes for anyone else who’s received anon hate), everyone has unique and great art styles and characterizations so!! everyone’s great!!

last note… please don’t make a kinky deku asdkjflasdk the dekinks are awful… the cacti oh my god))

specifiedhelper guide: using any font you want without having to code in html

all the fonts you use in your graphics that are so lovely? all the ones you get from dafont? you can use every single one of them in your themes without having to use any specific code ever. I know that sounds like something that would be horribly hard but its the simplest thing every okay, just go under the readmore to learn how.

Keep reading