but that's not her fault

Killian Jones, the person who knows and understands Emma Swan better than ANYBODY ELSE, knew she would react the exact way that she did. He understands what his ‘leaving’ would do to her. How it would hit her and what she would do (remember how he asked her not to put her armor back on when she was leaving him in the Underworld? He KNOWS her).

Killian Jones isn’t thinking less of Emma, and I don’t think it’s fair for anybody else to do so either.

I get that a lot of people really like the “we need to consider the consequences of science” theme in fiction, and I do as well. 

However, I get very uncomfortable that innovation that can be twisted into something evil, must necessarily and inherently be evil. 

Fitz did not create The Framework. He created a Virtual Reality training exercise, in order to help train new agents without anyone getting hurt. (Which, as far as I recall, was an approved and sanctioned SHIELD project that Jemma knew about and liked.) And we currently have Virtual Reality technology that exists in our world, and as I understand people are using it for all kinds of really good things:

  • helping terminal patients get to do things on their bucket list
  • help people terrified of flying disconnect from the world 
  • create beautiful fictional worlds for people to immerse themselves in as a way to enjoy their time (just a step above 3D movies??)
  • possibly teaching first responders how to deal with really traumatic situations

And those are just current applications that people are trying to improve and develop. There are TONS more applications that involve HELPING and improving people’s lives. Because you can potentially create an evil Matrix with virtual reality doesn’t mean the technology is inherently evil. 

If I recall correctly, Fitz’ job in SHIELD is to keep creating things that protect SHIELD agents and improve the way that SHIELD runs. Nobody complains about the containment module he created to help protect Inhumans? Or any of the other countless things he’s invented to help SHIELD? (Even though I’m certain if someone thought hard enough, they would be able to find an evil version of all of those.) The reason Radcliffe was able to build AIDA is because Fitz developed a realistic prosthetic hand for Coulson to improve his life. Should he not have done that? 

Yes, of course, it’s important to consider the consequences of the technology you create. But blaming a character for having someone else completely make a new, evil version of their technology with a mystical evil book that didn’t exist when the character made that technology is a bit far-fetched. 

So I got some bad news today. Health stuff wise. This is personal stuff that’ll likely have a big impact on my writing, but ultimately it’s still personal so I’m going to put it under a read more. I apologise in advance to people phone-browsing.

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I've been seeing some stuff lately (not here on tumblr, but elsewhere) about ppl claiming Yona doesn't deserve to be with Hak... like that she hasn't done enough for him to earn his affections or to be in a relationship with him. Idk it made me mad so I was wondering what your thoughts are about it?

‘Kay. I got this ask a while ago and couldn’t quite decide how to form an answer, so please bear with me as I try to put my thoughts into words. 

The entire idea that Yona needs to prove herself in some way or another to be worthy of Hak’s affections, to me, is ridiculous. For one, people fall in love for many different reasons, and just because Yona was a bit of an airhead and not a badass when Hak liked her shouldn’t mean squat. If Hak liked Yona for such a long time he obviously saw something in her that he appreciated and wanted to pursue. That’s his choice, so people making out like Yona needs to be someone worthy of affection or something are likely disregarding that Hak fell for her because, to him, she was worthy of his affection. Now, I get that a simple response here is that, “oh but Yona didn’t like him back so it wasn’t good for him to like her, etc.”, but again I think this has no root as Yona wasn’t aware of Hak’s feelings. She never led him on or toyed with him, she simply liked someone else, Hak never let her know how he felt, and she therefore never viewed Hak as a love interest. Hak himself knew this and still chose to like her and not move on. That to me puts all these “not worthy” complaints on him. He could have moved on to someone “more worthy of his time” but he didn’t. That was his choice.

From a different light, and after Yona flees the castle and Hak starts to be more open with his feelings, I feel that perhaps some people who hold this thought don’t so much think that Yona doesn’t deserve Hak, but rather that because she didn’t return his feelings right from the get-go that there’s an imbalance and “Hak loves her more”, or “she hasn’t contributed as much to their relationship”, or [insert similar thing here]. In response to this I just… arg, I dunno, it just seems silly to think that Yona has something to make up for. Yona just… wasn’t too into Hak in that way at the start of the series and both have had to grow to reach the stage they are at now in their relationship. People are allowed to not like other people romantically, even if said person is super nice and would love them unconditionally. That’s called having a choice. And Yona is allowed to not like Hak’s sometimes iffy advances and tell him to stop. She is also allowed to start developing deeper feelings when the two begin to grow and mature together as they face different trials and support one another. 

I just… don’t see where the idea of “deserving someone” comes into this at all. Hak and Yona are just two people who have realised that they enjoy each other’s company and support in a deeper way than friendship and as such have started to grow closer romantically. Yes, Hak has dedicated his life to being her guard and has supported her for a long time even though one could argue he didn’t get out of it what he wanted (that is, Yona’s interest) but again, that was his choice. I’m not trying to defend that it was the right choice, but blaming Yona for his choice and then thinking she needs to make up for it just goes over my head. I really don’t get it. 

*eshonai voice*  ♫ this isn’t even my final form ♫

When ur extrovert friends are all out having fun, and you’re just sitting at home like:

Remember when Ngozi said she wasn’t going to draw an update where Bitty and Jack actually have dinner at Marty’s? But wrote out what would happen in each panel? Me too. 

And I may or may not already have sketches for all 9 panels….. 

Question! Why does this look like the comic but just a bit off??? Well there are a few reasons! The biggest reason being that I’m an 18 year old currently applying for bachelors degrees at various art schools rather than having a MFA and a successful career as a comic artist. Another reason is that I’m using photoshop’s default brushes which are great! But not the ones Ngozi uses. I’m actually planning on getting the same brushes once I get my new laptop so we might see a difference as I continue working on these. 

I’d also like to disclaim that this is not completely original, I’m heavily relying on the comic as reference and actually colour picking from screen caps of certain panels in order to keep this as close to the original comic as possible.

Okay , so I guess tonight is full of rants. I swear this is going to probably be the last time I bring the famous thing up , because they are doing this for attention.

But I feel like we all need a reminder, because Its Not okay.  Why is the public so silent about Kanye’s blatant misogyny as soon as Taylor swift is involved?

Taylor has made it very clear that she’s not comfortable taking her clothes off.

Here’s a screenshot of her interview with Rolling Stones 

 She checks every bathroom, hotel,dressing room for hidden cameras so nobody gets a video of her changing. And what does Kanye do ? He essentially puts her naked body on display for the world to see.

People are so blind in there jealousy based hatred of Taylor swift. that they forget kanye is no saint.

he put a victim of domestic violence in a bed with their abuser Are they forgetting the “ Bill Cosby is innocent tweet” ? What about the degrading way he talked about Amber Rose ,saying he “needed 40 showers before getting with Kim ”

It’s possible Taylor did lie, or make a bad judgment call, she’s human too. she was kinda put on the spot ,maybe she needed time to process things.. Your allowed to change your mind.

we have to remember, we have about 5 minutes of a hour long phone call, in edited 10 second chops. Not to mention Taylor was demanding that they release the full call ,And they haven’t. So, it’s pretty clear they have something to hide.
Taylors statement has been the consistent since February, theirs has changed multiple times.

Tree her publicist, said she was on the line during that call too. I think tree would tell the truth , because she knows it could get even messier.
I do wish her original statement was more clear and left less room for them to manipulate the situation. Thats a publicist job though, to make things less messy. It’s not her fault. How were they supposed to know kimye wire taped and edited the call. 

It’s really sad because Taylor was already paranoid about stuff like that , and it happened by people she thought were her friends . 

Everybody fails to bring up the fact that they lied to Taylor! They deceived her. Not only did they never play her the full song or inform her of the context , they completely changed the lines!

Taylor ( and the world) first heard the song with "I feel like Taylor still owe me sex// I made that bitch famous” . When the song debuted at Madison square garden on February 11. 
The song that played at the debut party was disgusting.

EVERYBODY was tweeting “that no women ever owes anybody sex . ever ” after the song debut at Madison square garden. Yet they are all silent now.

Joseph khan tweeted reminding people 

 And look at Haley Williams tweet , saying that “ Thats not even the worst part of the lyrics “  the person attached an article referencing the Bitch part.

That leads me to believe it wasn’t just the word bitch, it was also the “ owes me sex ” part, it also could’ve just been the whole song in context.
Some of her friends were even at the show. karlie kloss was dancing in her seat but as soon as the first lines about Taylor played she stopped. Jamie king was so upset she got up and left. They were shocked. Look at those tweets from after the fashion show.

Taylor is very close to her friends and family. She talks to them everyday. Some of them were most likely with her when all this went down. I think she would have told them everything .

I doubt they would’ve reacted the way they did, if Taylor was okay with the song. I know they are good friends, but I don’t think they would involve themselves if she wasn’t truly hurt.
Abigail got multiple death threats on Twitter for defending Taylor. All those people knew they would get hate for standing up for Taylor but they did it anyway.

I wish Taylor and Tree came for him about the owes line. Although I get why they didn’t.
Taylor would still be attacked because
1) Kanye didn’t even release that version, he just debuted it that way at the fashion show. So people are forgetting the grossest part.

2) people would say , “ well ‘she was okay with the we might have sex line” despite the fact that there’s a huge difference.

To say that she played the victim and tried to make them look bad is ridiculous! They don’t need taylor swift to look bad!
They are harassing her in this one sided feud. It’s clearly jealousy.

Her entire Grammys speech was not a dig at Kanye. It was a message to empower women.


EVERY major award she gets , is met with a huge amount of backlash; as to whether or not she deserved that award. That never happens with a man. 

She still has people who question her songwriting abilities, saying “there’s no way she writes her own songs”. Unfortunately this frequently happens with female artist who write their songs, people assume they have ghost writers.
Every person who works with Taylor is stunned to learn she actually writes her own songs. Imogen heap,for example said she was very impressed by Taylor swifts songwriting- saying “ I wasn’t actually sure how much of her songs she wrote, but I’ve seen her in action”.
Nobody ever questions male artist who claim to write their own songs. It’s just “this guy is genius! ”

Not to mention all the sexist criticism Taylor gets for writing about relationships , when male artists do it all the time!

It’s deeply ingrained sexism.

I do think that reference to fame was extra ,but to be fair that song first played a few days before the Grammys. That was how she first herd the song, it was still fresh in her mind. The “fame ” probably a last minute thing that she added to her speech.  she felt betrayed and was hurt, probably wasn’t thinking too much. 

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The signs as Lucille Bluth quotes
  • Aries: "Take it back. If I wanted something your thumb touched, I'd eat the inside of your ear."
  • Taurus: "I need you to track down Gob, I think he's trying to get me out of the house."
  • Gemini: "I don't know who that is, and I don't care to find out."
  • Cancer: "Here you go, hot tea. Because that's what you are: a hottie."
  • Leo: "If that's a veiled criticism about me, I won't hear it and I won't respond to it."
  • Virgo: "She thinks I'm too critical. That's another fault of hers."
  • Libra: "I mean, it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost, ten dollars?"
  • Scorpio: "I want to cry so badly, but I don't think I can spare the moisture."
  • Sagittarius: "Get me a vodka rocks." "Mom, it's breakfast." "And a piece of toast."
  • Capricorn: "If you're saying I play favorites, you're wrong. I love all my children equally. (Earlier that day) I don't care for Gob."
  • Aquarius: "Well, I'd rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona."
  • Pisces: "Look what they've done, Michael! Look what the homosexuals have done to me!"

ugggghhhhh everything about lucretia is fucking me up like after probably a few decades (allowing time for our hero’s original backstories) she finally sees her family again and they aren’t really quite themselves anymore and thats her fault but they’re SAFE and they’re HERE and its all awful and painful but then merle takes her on a spa day and magnus gives her a coupon for a free backrub at candlenights and taako gives her cooking tips and it’s all so stupid and so beautifully, incredibly them that maybe for a few precious seconds she can pretend that they remember her too.

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I loved Betty at the start of season 1 but legitimately grew to hate her towards the end because I was so sick of seeing her shoehorned into every plot and seeing every plot centred on her. I know that's not rational since she's obviously a fictional character and it's not her 'fault', but if they make season 2 Betty centric as well, I'll stop watching because I just can't stand her anymore. And there are a LOT of fans, especially on Tumblr, who feel that way too.

you’re on the wrong blog, my dude. i’m not really sure what to say. i love betty and loved her screen time. she was also the character (out of the core four) who needed the most development– from the starstruck school girl in the first episode to the girl who takes no bullshit in the finale. it looks like next season is going to be veronica centric, so are people going to bash her if she gets the same amount of screen time betty did in the first season? i doubt it. it might not be the case with you, but a lot of people just look for reasons to hate on betty 


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the thing that pisses me off about the Girl Group is the fact that none of them have ever really supported Sana. 

I dont remember a single time when the girls have checked up on Sana asking “are you okay” or just going out of their way to find out more about her life, ever. It seems like they don’t even know her and of course thats partially Sana’s fault for not opening up but dont friends ask? friends like to know about how their friends dont they? 

When Sana has called out Vilde on her crap the other girls just sit there, silent. They dont back Sana up, they don’t agree they just sort of sit there, and it makes everything awkward. Like your aloud to love Vilde, Girl Group, I get it, she’s your friend but SO IS SANA.

When Sana said that she felt like there was something fishy going on with the Pepsi Max girls, who listened to Sana? No one.

Tbh I’m just a little done.

scarlett has really ruined a lot of my astrology books. shes ripped them and been at them. but sometimes i dont take them off her, and thats my fault, but i feel like shes charging them or recharging them with her energy and reading with her intuition, shes playing, but shes like a crystal, cleansing them or something