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what do u think would happen if jeremy walked into the bathroom while michael was crying (like during the party)

OK SO i asked em ( aka @gayradwhitedad ) to help me with this ask and they came up with some really good headcanons ( like wtf they’re the best ) and i drew some of them so!!! the drawings are here and the headcanons are under the cut ( PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING, IT’S SO GOOD )

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When I thought Madi was gone. I saw–for the first time I saw the world through your eyes. A world in which there is nothing left to lose. I felt the need to make sense of the loss. To impart meaning to it…whatever the cost. To exalt her memory with battles and victories. But beneath all of that, I recognized the other thing, hiding in the spaces. The ones whose shape you first showed me. And when asked, it was honest about the role it wanted to play. It was rage. And it wanted to see the world burn.

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He has said multiple times that he hates that ppl associate him as the "good looking" musician and wants to be known for his music instead. He was saying he even wanted to shave off all of his hair bc that's all ppl were looking at. I'm thankful he just didn't shave it off bald bc he got REALLY close to doing it a few weeks ago. This is why he cut his hair. Some fans have already "left" him because he isn't as attractive anymore... but that was the whole point. He didn't want fans like that.

Wow! That’s actually a really good and powerful reason! I get it. And, honestly, I have to commend him for doing it, because it makes a shit load of sense, actually. Thanks for that explanation though, because I was just thinkin’ he’d gone off the deep end! Haha!

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Okay so this supposed hate is actually so FUCKING SAD AND IM TIRED OF IT. Karamels keep calling us rude and hateful and blocking us when most of what we do is literally mention what has actually happened on the fuckin show. Yet you’re gonna decide to go out of your way to make a HATEFUL block list that literally promotes manipulation and homophobia and transphobia. That’s: PURE HATE. Anti-Karamels post so much about Mon-El bc he’s ignorant and disrespectful yet you Karamels are feeding that disrespect and idolizing his wrongs. Meanwhile, Supercorp shippers want what’s best for Kara??? And want to promote equality???? And love Lena because Lena is a good person???? OMG THATS SO BADDDD!!!:6/&: AND U KNOW WHAT?? THIS IS WHATS SO FUCKIN SAD ABOUT ALL OF THIS.

BTW I’m not gonna tag who wrote this or who found the list for supergroup shippers bc I don’t want them to get anymore hate then they probably already are.


Whumpp whomp

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Spending time with your partner is obviously not bad per se, but Ruby and Saphire straight up don't even exist as their own beings anymore 99% of the time and are together 24/7. If you're gonna be so critical of other relationships, then that's not really what I'd call the healthiest thing, either.

in really not sure of the point that this ask is trying to make

just say that you don’t like ruby being with sapphire because they are the model healthy relationship

they assure each other, they talk out their problems, they love being around each other

they’re only together all the time because they both love being together and so that we can have garnet

i don’t understand why you think that’s unhealthy

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Where do you live in the US? Would you let a little on here come to visit you or if they were in town would you have dinner or tea with them? ✨

MISTER 101 - Transparency in effect

This has been a rather interesting topic in therapy lately…  anyone who has been around here long enough knows the struggles I face with my anxiety, agoraphobia and paranoia complex. And its a real shame that when someone who doesnt know better hears “agoraphobia” and thinks that youre some kind of unabomber type, held up in a cabin with the windows boarded up.

thats simply not true. 

it comes in all forms.. and mine is acute, mainly dealing with overcrowded places, situations I cannot control, things that are unfamiliar to me, being surrounded by people, etc… I go places (certain places) at least, just fine.

My new therapist has been working above and beyond his means to both help me and get to a point where I wont need him anymore. Thats the goal, as its always been.

A hot topic lately is me “getting back out there”

Its been a long time since I have been able to truly be myself, (years) with a little or sub, etc. years since i have been touched in an intimate way that wasnt a condolence over death or simple family expressions. Years since I have stood in front of someone with my belt wrapped in my hands, or rope.. or even just the feeling of being dominant over someone who willingly gave their submission to me.

And as such, and in order to see the limits to which I could get to.. my therapist did a cognitive regression test kind of thing on me. He is convinced that if I could find someone within the lifestyle who I can relate to, meet and perhaps even engage in scene with… it may do a number of things, including triggering me back to a time before the issues took hold and maybe even waking that part of me back up enough to keep me there and essentially…”cure” me.

Now, these are long term goals… but recently ive been working hard on the baby steps so to speak. 

baby steps that would bring me to a place where I could actually leave the safe zone around my house, venture out to somewhere, and meet with someone… even if for an hour at the least… and I think I am ready for that. 

So to answer your question... yes, I would. but that person would need to be incredibly patient with me, understand my limits… and also understand that I may be able to stay an hour.. I may only be able to stay a few minutes. It may be in a park, and it may need to be in a hotel room. Noone is allowed in my house, and in the last handful of years only my therapist and brother have been allowed in for short amounts of time. Otherwise, its been… emergency situations.

I dont even get my mail here. I dont even keep my ringer on… my groceries get delivered and left on my porch. Its all incredibly taxing… its all incredibly complicated. 

So appropriations must be made… 

Whether its just a cup of coffee or waxing philosophy… it would be a great pleasure to meet with someone who I could truly be myself with… but the road to getting there isnt just a hop and a skip, its a journey… and one that some days i feel absolutely ready for, and others I feel like running away from.

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How about Hanzo and s/o move to Japan and s/o is feeling a bit homesick but does not want to leave or anything, just to be comforted ^^

Yes! More Hanzo for me to work with, thank you, thank you, thank you! Also a very nice idea, so I’ve done this as a mini little fic, hope this is what you were looking for. Enjoy! :)

You sat on your bed in your new home, looking around the place uncertainly. Everything was unfamiliar and you found yourself wishing for home, however much you wanted to love it. In your mind, you knew you would get used to the new surroundings over time but right now, your heart was beating as fast as it ever had as you panicked about what you had gotten yourself into.

You heard the door open and sighed as Hanzo called out to alert you to his presence. You had moved out here for him and you wouldn’t change it for the world, since Hanzo was quickly becoming your entire world. You couldn’t imagine life without him and if that life was to be in Japan, so be it, you told yourself in what you hoped was a convincing manner.

“Y/N, my love.” Hanzo entered the room, an uncharacteristic grin on his usually stoic face. You couldn’t deny how happy the move had made Hanzo and that made your heart leap with happiness.

He came over to kiss your cheek and you faked your best smile, reaching a hand to cup his cheek lightly. But this man knew you better than you knew yourself most of the time and his hand came to rest on yours in concern.

“Why is your smile a false one?” he asked bluntly and you felt the smile slip as quickly as you had plastered it on. What was the point in even attempting to fool this incredible man?

“Just a little homesickness, thats all,” you brushed him off, standing to leave the room, “Nothing to worry about.”

Before you could blink he had lightly grasped your arm and whirled you round to face him again, his expression yet more concerned than it had been.

“Anything that worries you,” he tilted your chin to look at him properly, “Worries me. Talk?”

And as you looked into your husband’s eyes, you couldn’t help but talk and talk and talk until you couldn’t anymore. He was there to listen the whole time, shutting out the rest of the world and thinking only of you. And afterwards, you felt lighter than you had done since the move; ready to really begin your new life.

You know, one of my favorite roadrat headcanons is that roadhog was there when jamison lost his arm and leg. He was there when the boy got attacked but he didn’t manage to protect him in time. The worst about it is that he COULD have done something, but he was probably distracted cuz they got attacked by a group. (Honestly no one would try to attack them on their own except they’re dumb). It wasn’t even jamison who blew himself up and that made it worse for both.
And despite being such a stubborn person the rat was about to give up cuz really, being a junker with only one arm and leg was a death sentence in the outback. He distanced himself from roadhog after that, he didn’t even laugh or talk much anymore.
At some point roadhog couldn’t take it anymore cause jamison was still in pain, not only physically. So he started to talk more to the other, and it took lots of time for jamison to open up again. Thats when a new chapter for them started. Junkrat had to learn to trust roadhog and he even started to show him his weaknesses (the boy did cry a lot for a while, mostly angry crying though) while roadhog had to learn that mako still existed within himself, and that he liked jamison more than he wanted to admit.
They got way closer and after a while they started to build a new arm and leg for junkrat (where junkrat told roadhog what to do with all the stuff they got for it).

You ask me if I hate you, and I can’t believe you still don’t get it. 
You think I stopped talking to you because I hate you but you don’t understand that I could never hate you, that I wish I could hate you because then everything would be so much easier, you don’t understand that you could break my heart over and over again and I still wouldn’t be able to hate you. 
I stopped talking to you because I’m in love with you and oh god I wish I could tell you that, I wish I could scream
“no, I don’t hate you, I love you,  I love you so damn much it hurts”
but I can’t because that just opens a door that needs to stay shut, because I’d rather have no love than a love thats only halfway. I’d rather be alone than with someone thats here one day and gone the next. and thats what you were, loving you was like falling in love with the ocean, its so blue and full of life and then suddenly your pulled in and waves are drowning you out and your so deep that the water isn’t blue anymore or green, its just so dark, and theres no sign of life and you don’t understand how something that looks so beautiful can be so deadly. 
So I guess the point of this is to let you know that I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I couldn’t even reply to you, I’m sorry that I was always there and now I can’t answer your text to give you some kind of explanation and oh god I just wanna apologize to myself for even wanting to apologize to you because you are never here, because you leave me out in the cold for days and I never get an apology. but I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I just cant do it anymore. I can’t hold onto something that doesn’t want to be held. I don’t want to be in dark waters anymore, I just want to breathe, and the only way I see that happening is if I’m not swallowing water for you anymore.
So I’m sorry that we don’t talk anymore, but I’m also sorry that I felt the need to give you this apology when you probably barely noticed I was no longer there.
—  I guess this is more of an apology letter to myself than to you. 

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"If people are disregarding safewords then they aren't engaging in BDSM at that point hunny." How convenient for kinksters that when people end up raped and traumatized because of BDSM suddenly it's not BDSM anymore. Fun fact: BDSM can traumatize you even if you play all the so-called rules (safewords, aftercare), because that's how abuse works.


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Okay so this would be perfect in both Romantic/Platonic ways, whichever way you guys will choose would be totally great! Okay so the actual ask is— What about McCree and Genji being best friends with a Shapeshifter? Like it becomes to the point where they fool around so much that (reader) automatically turns into something silly like a joke between the three? I don't know if that's totally right or not, but yeah, thanks for looking over this! {Angel Anon}

It had started off as something so stupid it wasn’t even considered really funny anymore, but it never failed to make the three of you laugh anyway.

You, Jesse, and Genji had been drinking in the rec area when the cowboy sneezed, getting beer on his serape and accidentally crushing his bottle in his prosthetic hand. It had happened so suddenly that you’d burst into laughter, followed quickly by Genji. When McCree went to tell you both to shut up, he’d sneezed again, which sparked him to laugh, too.

You, being a shape-shifter, could essentially become whatever you wanted. You could imitate a Talon agent and sneak into the base to steal information, you could become a harmless bird to spy on people from a distance, and you could become an inanimate object. Your power was incredible!

It was only natural, then, that you used it to become a large, sneezing beer bottle.

The first time you’d done it, the three of you had almost pissed yourselves with laughter. Others who happened upon you just confusedly shook their heads and moved on, and it only seemed to get funnier the more you did it. For weeks, you and Genji and McCree giggled over this stupid accident-turned-joke, and then it became funnier.

“Shh, she’s coming! Change, change!”

You grinned, forming the beer bottle and letting Genji set you on the table. He leaned back on the couch next to McCree and sipped at a real bottle, watching Tracer zip into the room with a greeting.

“A bit early for a drink, ey, luvs?” she asked, good-naturedly punching Jesse in the shoulder.

“Y'all want one?” he asked, gesturing to you on the table. Lena looked at you with idle interest, before shrugging and picking you up.

“Sure, suppose I don’t see why not! Thanks, Je-”

“A-choo!” you sneezed, trembling in her hand. Lena screamed and dropped you on the couch, and you changed back into your human form with a squealing laugh, lying across the two men. “Ohh, you tricksters!”

Genji and Jesse watched her shake her head and leave the room, hooting with laughter and jostling you around in their laps.

“That was amazing!” Genji praised you, and Jesse wiped a tear from his eye.

“Funniest thing I ever did see,” he agreed. “Yer a real hoot, [Name]!”

“Aww, thanks, guys,” you grinned, “wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without a clumsy cowboy to inspire the whole thing.”

“Indeed, thanks for being so haphazard, McCree,” the cyborg laughed, his beer bottle suddenly slipping from his hand and spilling into a vent. He shrieked from the cold and every vent on his body popped out with a unanimous hiss.

You and Jesse exchanged a knowing look, and in seconds you had turned into a hissing vent piece.

“This isn’t funny anymore,” Genji pouted, watching the two of you burst into laughter.

-mod Viena

I don’t think anyone has said this but Grizz and Panda really need to stop making Ice Bear the butt monkey of everything.

Coffee Cave was already more than enough to scar Ice Bear and none of it would have happened if Grizz and Panda didn’t act like assholes.

Ice Bear could have refused. But the bear /has a low self-esteem and total respect for his brothers to the point of doing anything for them/. And that can include dying for them.

Plus, Grizz and Panda knew Ice Bear since childhood. They should have at least been a bit aware of who their brother is.

What they did to him was definitely not fair.

They could have at least hired for help so Ice Bear can rest easily. I mean, with all the customers, no one can reject the offer.

Plus forcing him to drink coffee? That’s not right either.

And what saddens me is that they finally realized Ice Bear’s importance as a brother in “Losing Ice” yet still treat him like a servant.

Can’t they just like

Give him a break for once?

The Signs in an Argument

Aries: such passionate people it almost breaks your heart to tell them they’re wrong

Taurus: Don’t even argue with them. They’re always right no matter what. Even if they’re wrong they’re right

Gemini: Acts like they aren’t mad at all but will slash your tires tonight.

Cancer: Their world is absolutely destroyed if they find out they upset you. Will do whateverit takes to avoid an argument.

Leo: their pride prevents them from ever admitting they are wrong. They will argue for hours on end or just ignore in the first place

Virgo: they never take an argument seriously. Your mad? That’s pretty funny. They’ll never understand why you make such a big deal out of such small stuff.

Libra: the most chill of all. Honestly, they’ll be upset at first but are quick to forgive/apologize when its settled

Scorpio: holding back their tongue because what they wanna say is too mean

Sagittarius: Sagittarius won’t even bother with you if you’re trying to argue. You’ll be in their rearview mirror in a second and they won’t even look back

Capricorn: These are the real murderers. Even raise your voice and they will raise every demon from the pits of hell and unleash them on you.

Aquarius: Doesn’t argue. Shares their point of view and respectfully listens to yours to fix the problem

Pisces: Silent. Doesn’t want to say anything thats going to offend you anymore than you already are. They’ll let you let out your anger.

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Yvette Nicole Brown is getting hate on Twitter for posting the CS poster. She's going on a blocking spree, saying that's why she doesn't post OUAT stuff anymore. Whoever is on Twitter, let's send her some love!

Ugh, WTF.  Seriously??  Please send Yvette some love.  She’s such a doll and is a legit fan of the show, it’s not fair that she’s been pushed to the point where she doesn’t even want to post about OUAT anymore.

We live in a trailer
The living room and the kitchen are the same room
There is a small section of tile floor in front of the kitchen area
It goes into carpet
We don’t have a couch, we have a bean bag
You are crying again
I am seven, maybe eight
You have cried every day for the past two years
You will continue to cry everyday day until I am almost 13
Then you will only cry when you see me
Really, I should be the one crying
You are crying again, at this point I am still not disillusioned to your tears, which I now know are worth pennies
I am crying with you
I reach out to comfort you, I whisper how there is still hope
You push me away, I fall onto the tiles
My elbow hits the cabinets
You are standing above me
“Say there is no hope”
You scream
I don’t respond
You scream it again
I curl up on the tiles
They are cold against my face
I suddenly become conscious of the fact that I have not eaten in three days
I scream back at you exactly what you wanted to hear
You continue crying the rest of the night
I see faces in my walls
I am 10
You are crying, again
I still have not realized what you are
You got fired for crying at work
You bought a dog, he also goes hungry with me
I don’t even know where we live anymore
Note: I never bothered to memorize my address because I was used to moving at least three or four times a year
I reach out to comfort you
You scream, you do not want to be touched, you just want to be left alone
I am 14
There is a tile floor in our kitchen
We still share a room
I am completely disillusioned with you
I have finally realized your years and years of every kind of abuse
You crying does not make me feel anything
You are crying on your bed
It is late, I want to sleep, so I shut off my light and try to ignore your sobs
You’re not even crying about anything
You just want my attention, you’ve realized that I’m not fucking wrapped around your finger anymore
“Oh really? You’re just going to ignore me. You’re just like your dad!”
At this point I would gladly be compared to my father
My father is kind and noble
He listens to me and believes me
My father doesn’t manipulate me
I say
“I’m sorry, usually you just don’t want me to comfort you.”
“Thats bullshit!”
Always with the screaming
For the next two hours I sit next to you while you cry, holding you
I stare at the ground and remember the cold tiles
I am 15
I live with my dad full-time
I have not seen you in weeks
Yet you keep trying to crash my world
You come to my home, which I know the address of, most of the time
Say that you are suicidal, without me you have no purpose
I may be cold-hearted, but I just keep doing my homework
The kitchen floor here is not tiled
—  “Tile Floor,” Anonymous 
Time for some changes

So today I wanted to run a 5K but managed to run only 3K. For several reasons, my running isn’t improving much lately. Actually it even seems like it’s degreasing, or at least thats how I feel it. One of the reasons, I think, is that I’ve kind of hurt myself about 2 months ago. At the time I took some extra rest days and I didn’t feel that “pain”/inconvenience anymore. So I came back to the gym. The thing is that at one point it came back. It’s kinda around my hip, at the junction with my leg. So I think that it’s one of the reasons that I can’t improve my running.

So I’ve decided that I’m gonna take the whole week as a rest week. No gym for me during that time. It’ll be mentally hard because since January I haven’t missed any gym session: every week I had my 3 workouts done. I’ve been committed to it. So I’m kind of afraid to what this might lead to. I can only hope that I’ll be strong enough to come back into my gym routine. And hopefully, a whole rest week will be enough. I’ll try to do some walking as a way to stay active. If anyone has any kind of advice, please don’t be afraid to share them.

tumblr racism doesn’t even make me mad anymore.it’s at the point where y'all are embarrassing urself like thats comedy gold right there.