but that's not even the point anymore is it

one of my favorite threats is “youre not invited to my birthday party anymore”.

from ages 4 to 11 its one of the most heinous things you can say, then 12 through 17 its just embarassing cuz teenz think that thats a childish thing to say, but from 18 onward, it only gets more and more effective, if only because it confuses the person youre speaking to.

its like a verbal smoke bomb. it catches them off guard and disorients them to the point that they might not even know how to react.

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what do u think would happen if jeremy walked into the bathroom while michael was crying (like during the party)

OK SO i asked em ( aka @gayradwhitedad ) to help me with this ask and they came up with some really good headcanons ( like wtf they’re the best ) and i drew some of them so!!! the drawings are here and the headcanons are under the cut ( PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING, IT’S SO GOOD )

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When I thought Madi was gone. I saw–for the first time I saw the world through your eyes. A world in which there is nothing left to lose. I felt the need to make sense of the loss. To impart meaning to it…whatever the cost. To exalt her memory with battles and victories. But beneath all of that, I recognized the other thing, hiding in the spaces. The ones whose shape you first showed me. And when asked, it was honest about the role it wanted to play. It was rage. And it wanted to see the world burn.


Its currently 7am and I just checked my asks because I can’t sleep and I can’t believe what I just saw

Yesterday an anon told me that I whitewashed Yoongi. I talked about this, many people sent me so many kind messages that I didnt answer because I just wanted this to end. I thought it was done but apparently not.

I just woke up to people telling me that I was an horrible person, that I should stop drawing, that I should delete all my comics, my tumblr, and that I should end my life. Yep
I’m just speechless? I don’t even know what to say. You’re harrasing an artist because you think they whitewash. Like I said I don’t whitewash and I never did. You don’t have to agree with me or to like what I do. But to the point of sending this kind of stuff? I dont know if its the same person or not. I don’t know anymore.

I don’t even want to post anything, I’m just fucking scared. Usually this kind of stuff don’t really touch me but I guess it does now. I don’t want to disappoint you, I just want to make people smile, maybe I’m not that good at it. I know that so many people love my stuff, and it’s kinda unfair to them. But thats how it is I’m human and I’m weak

I don’t understand really. Yall are saying how sweet Jimin is, how kind Jimin is, how supportive Jimin is, oh what an angel. But then you’re sending this kind of stuff to another human being.

I thought of blocking but I didnt. Because I want the person/people who sent this messages to read this. Don’t do that to anyone. I’m lucky to be happy in my everyday life. But thats not the case for everybody. Some people have suicidal thoughts everyday. Do you know how harmful this is? So please, don’t do that to someone else. At the end of the day it’s just a comic on the internet. And I don’t think it’s worth it.

why antis gotta have no chill? why? why y’all gotta ruin a good thing??? i know the other day at work i saw a little boy getting himself a voltron toy and goodness was it so refreshing cause this was like maybe a 6 year old child that enjoyed voltron and was innocent of the nastyness that is the older (teen and up) side of the fandom. like… it was so nice to see someone innocently loving voltron. a show that was made with children in mind. like dudes, why is it so hard to just enjoy something like that little kid? y’all ain’t gotta be nasty about it. i’m mainly looking at antis here, but shaladins gotta follow what they preach too. this fandom is a war zone and it’s become toxic. y’all anti’s preach about keeping people safe, but what are y’all gonna do when an excited child (no particular age, just able to use a computer) that is looking up more stuff about voltron and is ignorant of the horror that the fandom is, stumbles upon one of your accounts and sees y’all just being nasty, ruthless, and vicious towards anyone opposed to you. they won’t think you’re protecting them at all, it’ll scare them off most likely. One day (hopefully) y’all gonna regret all the shit you’re doing. i just don’t feel it’ll be soon enough. a good thing is being ruined.

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I know that Undertale is unfortunately almost completely dead at this point, but I gotta say that you developed your Chara so fucking perfectly that I honestly wish I could meet him irl and get to know him. This sounds awkward I'm sorry but I had to get it out there ._.

thank you! yknow, even though i dont draw undertale anymore, i still look back fondly on all the stuff i made with chara. tbh, i really put my heart into the character, as if i were making an oc. and thats pretty much what he was, considering the difference between him and canon. i actually played with the idea of just taking him as my own character (with changes of course) but it didnt really happen. anyways, heres a doodle for old times!

“Do we have any traditions, Elsa?”

So I just thought of something: what if they did?

What if there was something the royal family did for the holidays, but it had to stop with all the other things after the accident? What if Anna simply doesn’t remember because she would have been 5 when it did stop, but Elsa would have had a few more years of experiencing it to remember?

I know a lot of people are citing this part in the trailer to show Elsa is still harbouring a lot of guilt from believing she’s the reason for the separation, but what if there’s more to it than that? What if she’s remembering something they used to do as a family but never will again?

Because I swear to God if there’s a flashback scene with the King lifting one of his daughters up onto his shoulders so they can put the star on the tree, or the Queen reading them a Christmas bedtime story, or the whole family curled up in their evening-wear in front of a roaring fire with hot cocoa I’m gonna die from both cuteness overload and a broken heart.

Bonus points if Anna suggests trying it again, but Elsa is reluctant because it seems wrong to do so without their parents in the picture anymore.

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He has said multiple times that he hates that ppl associate him as the "good looking" musician and wants to be known for his music instead. He was saying he even wanted to shave off all of his hair bc that's all ppl were looking at. I'm thankful he just didn't shave it off bald bc he got REALLY close to doing it a few weeks ago. This is why he cut his hair. Some fans have already "left" him because he isn't as attractive anymore... but that was the whole point. He didn't want fans like that.

Wow! That’s actually a really good and powerful reason! I get it. And, honestly, I have to commend him for doing it, because it makes a shit load of sense, actually. Thanks for that explanation though, because I was just thinkin’ he’d gone off the deep end! Haha!

-admin a

An explanation, and goodbye?

This is tough. Really tough. Because I never thought I’ be writing this.

I’ve been part of this fandom for essentially 4 years, and owner of this bog for over 3. Its been my life. I would log on every single day and post, I’d never miss a Mark video and I’d always be 100% up to date with what ever was going on in the fandom, good or bad.

You may have noticed that over the past few days I’ve not really been active. This is where is gets tough, its because I feel distant. Its not because I dont like Mark anymore, thats not true, but I’ve grown out of his videos almost. I dont have the absolute desire to see them every day. That ‘I can’t miss anything’ feeling have wavered to a point where I’ve not even thought about his videos for days until I see the Tumblr Icon on my phone.

This is so strange. I dont dislike Mark or Amy or anyone. To be honest, Mark is one of the most important people in my life. Anyone who has followed me for a while will know how I have struggled mentally for the past few years. Its not been easy and I’m not exaggerating by saying that Mark and you guys have kept me here. There was times when I didnt know how I was going to continue, and I did because I could leave you guys. I couldn’t disappoint Mark, and now its almost that I dont need that anymore. It sounds awful but please let me explain. I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I had left Uni, and gone travelling then had to face the real world. I ended up in a job I despise and although I’m still there I actually have an idea of where I want my life to go. For the first time in 3 years I know how I want to live my life. I have a dream, and I desperately want to achieve it. 

Erm…I dont want to say goodbye as if I’m going away forever, but I just dont know how active I will be. And I hate this because…because I have worked so hard on this. I feel like I’m throwing this away. Throwing all your support back in your faces. Please dont see it that way. I beg you. I’m still here. I love Tumblr, despite its flaws, and I will still post I just dont want to make you guys think I’m abandoning you. I feel the I owe you this much.

For the past 2 and a bit years I have thanked you for existing after every post I make, and that will never stop. I owe you all so much. I love you. I really do.

If you have any questions please ask, publicly or privately. 

This is the hardest post I’ve had to make.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing 


(This post contains many spoilers for The Adventure Zone)

I’ve been thinking about the timeline. Judging by how much has happened, and the age of Merle’s oldest child, they would have been in this world for something like 15 years. (Or was it specified at some point and I forgot?) It makes less of a difference for elves or dwarves, but Magnus has a human lifespan, and they said in The Suffering Game that he’s in his early-to-mid-thirties at that point… so, during the Inter-Planar Research Expedition he would have been basically a teenager.

Edit: Somebody mentioned somewhere that Mavis is actually Merle’s step-daughter and I double-checked and yep, I’d missed that. But again in The Suffering Game they were talking about “the births of his children”, plural. So I don’t even know anymore. But okay, fine, this could be Early Twenties Magnus instead of Teen Magnus.


He’s an old friend. I should count myself lucky.    There aren’t many of ‘em left these days. 
   Girlfriends, the odd boyfriend…                They all have a nasty habit of walking out on me.
        A couple of weeks and they’ve had enough.
                         The mystique gets shabby, the jokes turn into digs, the sex goes stale.
                                                        You’re lovable man of mystery turns into bloke next door.
I’m hopeless when it comes to finishing relationships. Always have been.
     They usually end in showdown, or a bedroom scene, or an argument at the bag of a taxi.
                         And they throw up their arms, or give me the v,
                                                         and bugger off without so much as a by your leave.

You better beware of this loser tbh

Inspired from this art project. Not gonna lie I saw the ‘John’ one and thought i had to draw this :’) Some notes inspired from Hellblazer(etc.) and some from the notes in the project~

I think im gonna take a looooooooooong break away from tgre…. im so disgusted and angry with this chapter… like what the fuck is even going on. This is not what i wanted EVER

Edit: this just got so over board with unnecessary hate. I took away the tags because this is to much. Its sad to see people getting so angry because i shared a opinion that didn’t match your own. I made this post late at night without exactly thinking and i with i explained myself more as to why i was angry. But thats not the point anymore. The point is that nobody should be spreading this much hate over one persons opinion. Please just, if this for some reason truly bothers you. Scroll past and move on with your day. Because one persons comment shouldn’t make you think that you need to attack this person over and over again. Thank you and please be nice and not mean!! 💕💕
dark and host headcanons cuz i live for angst

k so first of all HUGE trigger warning for abuse like if ur sensitive for this stuff don’t read this. second of all this was inspired by both my own expreciences and @alcordraws headcanons

- the way dark abuses the host is extremely subtle, unless you’re very close to the host himself you will probably never even know it’s happening

- but underneath the surface there is an endless cycle going on

- dark treats him like a friend, but if host says anything he doesnt like he completely ignores him until the host says sorry even though he doesnt want to.

- the host has to basically walk on eggs around dark, constantly scared to say the wrong thing

- dark almost never actually beats him but has no problem yelling at him when they’re alone.

- he will grab him by the wrist and drag him to a secluded area, preferably dark’s own office because nobody will come in

- whenever this happens he tears off the host’s bandage to remind him of how vulnerable he is

- making the host wait is his preferred way of keeping him in check

- he will make the host wait hours for a response to a text even though he has plenty of time to respond. he knows it makes the host more vulnerable to manipulation when he has been desperate for darks attention for hours on end.

- however if the host doesn’t respond to a text from dark within 5 minutes, all hell breaks loose. 

- this causes the host to constantly be on edge because he doesn’t want to make dark angry. (he actually slowly starts leaving his house less so he can be there as soon as dark texts him)

- when he does leave his house dark will demand a check up every half hour, needing a picture where he can see where he is and with who.

- wilford and the others try to make him realise what dark is doing to him but he brushes it off. i mean, dark is just worried about his well-being, right?

-dark notices this and starts telling him to stop hanging out with the other ego’s. they just want me away from you because they don’t like me, they’re trying to start drama. don’t listen to them.

- host continues to secretly talk to the other ego’s but when dark finds out he is pissed. he yells at him, tell him that he should’ve just left him to die in that stupid shed, that he hates him, that he’s not worth ANYTHING and that nobody else will ever care about him.

- after that he completely ignores the host for a month and it drives him crazy, he’s already been pushed away from his friends too much to talk to them and dark ignores him, getting mad at him for as much as trying to say hi to him. 

- until one day he suddenly starts treating the host as his friend again and even though he doesnt even like dark anymore at this point, he just goes along because he’s fully convinced dark is the only one that cares about him

- dark is the only one who can ever have attention no matter what happens to the host dark. goes. first.

idk i’m not good with words i hope this was sort of okay-ish


Okay so this supposed hate is actually so FUCKING SAD AND IM TIRED OF IT. Karamels keep calling us rude and hateful and blocking us when most of what we do is literally mention what has actually happened on the fuckin show. Yet you’re gonna decide to go out of your way to make a HATEFUL block list that literally promotes manipulation and homophobia and transphobia. That’s: PURE HATE. Anti-Karamels post so much about Mon-El bc he’s ignorant and disrespectful yet you Karamels are feeding that disrespect and idolizing his wrongs. Meanwhile, Supercorp shippers want what’s best for Kara??? And want to promote equality???? And love Lena because Lena is a good person???? OMG THATS SO BADDDD!!!:6/&: AND U KNOW WHAT?? THIS IS WHATS SO FUCKIN SAD ABOUT ALL OF THIS.

BTW I’m not gonna tag who wrote this or who found the list for supergroup shippers bc I don’t want them to get anymore hate then they probably already are.


DAMN JO BACK AT IT AGAIN W/ THE SHITTY GRAPHICS but yes hello I never really thought this would happen??? i just came out here to do a lil reblog here and there and somehow i’ve been given the responsibility of raising 1 thousand children??? im love u all??? this is gonna be a mess honestly bc i dont have the energy or patience to do this alphabetically, (rip me), but yeah heres some lovely people that i follow and highly suggest. (´∀`)

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aaaaaand i think thats it! i’m sorry i couldnt do more(i dont art very well as we all know at this point) but i hope that if you see yourself on this list it at least makes you smile a little! thanks again for following me and just all around making me feel special. ♥(ノ´∀`)

You ask me if I hate you, and I can’t believe you still don’t get it. 
You think I stopped talking to you because I hate you but you don’t understand that I could never hate you, that I wish I could hate you because then everything would be so much easier, you don’t understand that you could break my heart over and over again and I still wouldn’t be able to hate you. 
I stopped talking to you because I’m in love with you and oh god I wish I could tell you that, I wish I could scream
“no, I don’t hate you, I love you,  I love you so damn much it hurts”
but I can’t because that just opens a door that needs to stay shut, because I’d rather have no love than a love thats only halfway. I’d rather be alone than with someone thats here one day and gone the next. and thats what you were, loving you was like falling in love with the ocean, its so blue and full of life and then suddenly your pulled in and waves are drowning you out and your so deep that the water isn’t blue anymore or green, its just so dark, and theres no sign of life and you don’t understand how something that looks so beautiful can be so deadly. 
So I guess the point of this is to let you know that I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I couldn’t even reply to you, I’m sorry that I was always there and now I can’t answer your text to give you some kind of explanation and oh god I just wanna apologize to myself for even wanting to apologize to you because you are never here, because you leave me out in the cold for days and I never get an apology. but I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I just cant do it anymore. I can’t hold onto something that doesn’t want to be held. I don’t want to be in dark waters anymore, I just want to breathe, and the only way I see that happening is if I’m not swallowing water for you anymore.
So I’m sorry that we don’t talk anymore, but I’m also sorry that I felt the need to give you this apology when you probably barely noticed I was no longer there.
—  I guess this is more of an apology letter to myself than to you. 

im just so SAD about vex being depressed when percy lost his memory of the feywild because the rest of the party didn’t just not notice - they did notice, but they assumed she was upset about percy not remembering he titled her (as opposed to her actually being upset over him forgetting the connection they made when she was at one of her lowest and most emotionally vulnerable times that he stuck up for her and stood by her side during) and even made jokes about how she didn’t need to be upset anymore because she was still getting titled anyways

and nobody asked her if she was okay after she continued to be upset after percy confirmed he’d still title her :c only trinket noticed and was concerned

The Signs in an Argument

Aries: such passionate people it almost breaks your heart to tell them they’re wrong

Taurus: Don’t even argue with them. They’re always right no matter what. Even if they’re wrong they’re right

Gemini: Acts like they aren’t mad at all but will slash your tires tonight.

Cancer: Their world is absolutely destroyed if they find out they upset you. Will do whateverit takes to avoid an argument.

Leo: their pride prevents them from ever admitting they are wrong. They will argue for hours on end or just ignore in the first place

Virgo: they never take an argument seriously. Your mad? That’s pretty funny. They’ll never understand why you make such a big deal out of such small stuff.

Libra: the most chill of all. Honestly, they’ll be upset at first but are quick to forgive/apologize when its settled

Scorpio: holding back their tongue because what they wanna say is too mean

Sagittarius: Sagittarius won’t even bother with you if you’re trying to argue. You’ll be in their rearview mirror in a second and they won’t even look back

Capricorn: These are the real murderers. Even raise your voice and they will raise every demon from the pits of hell and unleash them on you.

Aquarius: Doesn’t argue. Shares their point of view and respectfully listens to yours to fix the problem

Pisces: Silent. Doesn’t want to say anything thats going to offend you anymore than you already are. They’ll let you let out your anger.

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Where do you live in the US? Would you let a little on here come to visit you or if they were in town would you have dinner or tea with them? ✨

MISTER 101 - Transparency in effect

This has been a rather interesting topic in therapy lately…  anyone who has been around here long enough knows the struggles I face with my anxiety, agoraphobia and paranoia complex. And its a real shame that when someone who doesnt know better hears “agoraphobia” and thinks that youre some kind of unabomber type, held up in a cabin with the windows boarded up.

thats simply not true. 

it comes in all forms.. and mine is acute, mainly dealing with overcrowded places, situations I cannot control, things that are unfamiliar to me, being surrounded by people, etc… I go places (certain places) at least, just fine.

My new therapist has been working above and beyond his means to both help me and get to a point where I wont need him anymore. Thats the goal, as its always been.

A hot topic lately is me “getting back out there”

Its been a long time since I have been able to truly be myself, (years) with a little or sub, etc. years since i have been touched in an intimate way that wasnt a condolence over death or simple family expressions. Years since I have stood in front of someone with my belt wrapped in my hands, or rope.. or even just the feeling of being dominant over someone who willingly gave their submission to me.

And as such, and in order to see the limits to which I could get to.. my therapist did a cognitive regression test kind of thing on me. He is convinced that if I could find someone within the lifestyle who I can relate to, meet and perhaps even engage in scene with… it may do a number of things, including triggering me back to a time before the issues took hold and maybe even waking that part of me back up enough to keep me there and essentially…”cure” me.

Now, these are long term goals… but recently ive been working hard on the baby steps so to speak. 

baby steps that would bring me to a place where I could actually leave the safe zone around my house, venture out to somewhere, and meet with someone… even if for an hour at the least… and I think I am ready for that. 

So to answer your question... yes, I would. but that person would need to be incredibly patient with me, understand my limits… and also understand that I may be able to stay an hour.. I may only be able to stay a few minutes. It may be in a park, and it may need to be in a hotel room. Noone is allowed in my house, and in the last handful of years only my therapist and brother have been allowed in for short amounts of time. Otherwise, its been… emergency situations.

I dont even get my mail here. I dont even keep my ringer on… my groceries get delivered and left on my porch. Its all incredibly taxing… its all incredibly complicated. 

So appropriations must be made… 

Whether its just a cup of coffee or waxing philosophy… it would be a great pleasure to meet with someone who I could truly be myself with… but the road to getting there isnt just a hop and a skip, its a journey… and one that some days i feel absolutely ready for, and others I feel like running away from.