but that's not even the point anymore is it

As a former zakiyah stan (not anymore).....

i would like to say that Zakiyah literally did nothing but rely on Paulie. She literally was just going to skate her way to the end….. and she was kind of mean. But at the end of the day its a game and thats how she decided to play the game. Dont hate on Natalie or Paul for telling it how it is. Even Da’vonne knew how Z was playing and didnt like it either. Why are we still fighting about it.  Z did nothing. Point. Blank. and the period. Even outside the house she’ s delusional to Paulie’s mist.

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naraku gang memes to help when dealing with everyones favourite pissbaby 

- he has my heart but he’ll never get my [random thing eg shoes] 

- (sees a spider) [points] thats my dad 

- fuck this, i’m leaving [doesn’t move]

- (when something bad happens) whatever. death is inevitable 

- i didn’t want to feel anything anymore so i put my heart in (points at random thing) that

- naraku is a genius and also right 

- im only twelve/i was born three days ago 

- (sees naraku’s venom wasps) those are some weird looking birds

- i don’t even want to kill the human girl (kagome) i just want whatever’s in her big bag

- saying ‘bye forever’ whenever you part ways with someone because they could be killed/reabsorbed at literally any point in time 

- (passes dead body) i don’t remember killing you  

letters i’ll never send: sehun

ok first of all im hacing a major sehun feels rn and i just hAVE TO DO THIS
second of all i do requests for other group too :^) ok thats all enjoy this crap

I run to you today.

It’s supposed to be good seeing you again, so why did my body aches? 

Maybe it’s because you’re not mine anymore.

There’s this part of me that hates every aspects of what you are. You are the definition of what I want and look for. And to think you can find someone better than me out there makes my heart aches. It’s painful to think that one day there’s gonna be someone who looks at you and think of you the same way I do (until now). There’s gonna be someone who gives you hope and love just by being alive, someone that is gonna stand by your side… unlike me, right?

I wish I could still be the reason of your cry because you’re laughing too hard. My jokes are lame, why did you still laugh, though? I miss your morning voice, that gives me chills everytime. I really miss your cuddles, I wonder if you miss my cuddles as well. I miss being a small spoon.

I miss our movie nights. Pretending to watch a movie but when reality is we’re just stealing glances at each other because it’s ridiculous that we found each other. 

I want your arms wrapped around my waist again when you feel threatened by someone else. I want your eyes to look at me again as they constantly give off the little sparkle they have. But when we locked eyes today… I can’t see them. Did the feelings disappear or are you just hiding them?

I have always thought you are my safe place, my home. You do these little things everyday, not realizing how much it affects me. Sometimes it made me think if I’m the only one feeling that way. But maybe it has always been myself alone.

But, you’re not one to fake your feelings. I know you. You loved me. Past tense.

“Hi.” I remember your small smile today, you seemed happy. Are you over me already? I haven’t seen you in so long yet I don’t think I have moved on.

I wonder what your reactions would be when I reply with “I miss you” instead of “How are you?” will you reply with an “I miss you” too? Or will you sadly smile at me? Thinking how pathetic I am for still loving you.

“I’m good, you?” I am shattered, and still trying to find my pieces that is lost.

“I’m fine.” And I know you know I’m not. There was an awkward silence after that. You tucked your hair behind your ear and awkwardly looked away. 

You still look so pretty, I really want to tell you that, but the word got stuck in my throat. And your next sentence got me struck, “I saw your comeback, it was really good.” It made me happy because that means you still care, right?


“Stay healthy.” I remember myself nodding in enthusiast, and I can’t forget about how your lips curved upward. “I’ll se you aro - “

And I heard your name being called, as a tall figure jogs to us. I don’t know who he is, but somehow I just know who he is.

“I was searching for you, let’s get some lunch and we can go study.” I pathetically smiled to myself at that time, realizing that it is for good that you left. When did we ever get a lunch together? I don’t think I have ever company you study, all I do was distract you from doing so.

“Ah, this is my friend, Sehun.” You said, and a sentence never felt so wrong in my life. The guy smiled at me and shook my hand, introducing himself as well, and I swear I don’t want to know.

“I’ll see you around, Sehun. It was nice meeting you.” Don’t go. I miss you.

“Hmm.” was all that I managed to let out as I wave to you and force a small smile. I remember it vividly, your arm linked itself with his and he bent to whisper something in your ear that made you hit him hard on the arm, he laughed so happily as you mirrored his expression.

It hurts. But, I still love you like the first day. The weird thing is, I hope it stays this way, no matter how painful.


Favorite Rapper

do i even need to say it at this point anymore jinjin’s rap literally slays my soul and gives me life all at the same time his v o i c e

this video kills me the swagger he’s channeling and the snapbakc asnd when he goes to kneel dow on the front of the stage i really die i really do HE OPENS ITH “I GOT TROUBL E ON MY MIND” Y’ALL I REALLY DONT’ THINK I CAN MAKE YOU UDNESTAND HOW MJCH I LOVE HIS VOICE


the most talented rapper of all time. yes.

other raps that i adore:

  • growing pains
  • my style
  • hide and seek
  • all of them
  • just. all of them

i’m so sorry rocky i love your rap too but jinjin just got a hold on my heart and i don’t think he’s ever letting go

day 10 | day 12


As of rn i’m no longer writing fanfiction. Its to stressful and I just….can’t do it anymore. I’ve had to sit and think abt it but i’ll probably be taking down most if not all my fics later in the week at some point. At least from my old account that had a few one shots. That means all my chubby!armin stuff, everyone wants armin, This is Gospel etc will be gone. I haven’t decided if i want to keep my kink stuff up yet or not. I may just lock them.

Honestly I’m not sure if people even really care at this point…..and I’m really sorry to announce this but I just do not have it in me to write anymore. I’m okay with RPs or just talking about an AU in general or something but thats all I will do. I hope you guys understand. Mentally I’m just not okay enough for it rn.

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i agree with one thing on that articule: we care way too much to what they say about us and maybe, just maybe, this can start to change something. WHY should we care about what they say? they dont pay our bills, they are not our owners anymore. we are free and independent now. and we are so much better in certain points and yet..... idk it just pisses me off that they can talk shit about us and we think their opinion ON EVERYTHING is valid +

i mean HOW superior are the europeans regarding the behaviour on competiotions? HOW IS IT that booing an athlet is condemned like that when they are racist to us to the point of throwing bananas on our players? THATS how people are supposed to behave? booing, something cultural that demonstrate our passion even tho i agree it may hurt the athlet, is wrong but racism? pffft thats nothing

I totally agree with you noonie. I guess we should be more focused on us then the rest of the world and only then we will be truly free.