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man I sure do wonder how Chloé, a girl without a mother who was raised by a powerful and influential and wealthy father only to be shown love and affection through material means which ultimately led to clear social akwardness and obvious issues in forming interpersonal relationships with her peers, would be treated if she was a boy

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I'm honestly getting sick of people hating on Ashley and Emily for some of their actions, so I'd like to present all the bad things the other characters can do, some of which are much worse than anything Ash and Em ever did.

- Is very nosy and can snoop on Chris’ phone or intrude on Jess’ relationship with Mike.
- Can mock and even prank Josh, despite him being very sensitive and mourning his dead sisters.
- If Ashley dies after opening the trapdoor, Sam literally does not even check on her and just continues to find Mike on her own.
- Can let the Wendigo kill Mike without trying to help.
- Can blow up the lodge with three of her friends still in there.

- Was the main part of the prank on Hannah, and betrayed her despite being her big crush.
- Scares Emily and Matt in the woods where Hannah and Beth literally went missing.
- Literally cheats on Jessica with his ex girlfriend.
- Can leave Jess and make her find her own way out of a mine she fell into rather than directly helping her.
- Can scare Jess and make her fall into a stream, then laughs about it when she’s clearly upset.
- Can leave Jess on the floor when she trips when there is clearly some threat chasing them.
- Can dismiss Jess after she talks about her insecurities.
- Is incredibly insistent that Josh killed Jess despite a lot of evidence saying otherwise.
- Lied about Jess’ blood being on his jacket or shirt as proof that he saw Josh kill her.
- Shot defenseless Emily in the face because he thought she was gonna turn into a Wendigo, despite persistence from Emily and reasoning from Sam.
- Abandoned Josh when the Wendigo attacked them.

- Can shoot a squirrel in front of a canon vegan and animate lover.
- Intruded in Jess’ relationship much more than Sam, stealing a dirty love letter from Mike and making fun of her for it.
- Can join in on Josh’s sexual comments about Ashley.
- Mocked and laughed at Josh and Ash during the seance when it was clearly one of Josh’s sister.
- Can claim he meant to save Ash when she thanked him for doing so, even if he wanted to save Josh.
- Can shoot Ashley despite saying he’ll protect her and get her out alive even just a minute before (it was a blank but he wasn’t aware).
- Can punch Josh, speak aggressively to him, and even hit him in the face with a plank, which he even admitted could’ve killed him.
- Agreed that Emily should be thrown out because of her bite.
- Immediately abandons his friends in the lodge when the Wendigos invade (Even when Ashley is clearly very close to the Wendigos).

- Took part in the prank on Hannah, even though it was a small part.
- Can reveal that Emily is cheating or hide it from Matt (honestly, either option is bad in different ways).
- Can be dismissive or show no regrets for the prank on Hannah despite what happened.
- Stabbed Josh with scissors, even though she thought he was a killer and was in self defence.
- Can encourage Chris to think and shoot her instead, but then leave him outside to die if he does shoot her.
- Wanted to throw out Emily because of the bite.
- Can hide the fact that Emily’s bite wouldn’t make her turn.
- Can abandon who she thought was Jess despite calls for help.

- Was one of the people who came up with the prank on Hannah.
- Cheats on Matt with her ex boyfriend.
- Is generally grumpy because of the breakup with Mike, especially towards Jess, his new girlfriend.
- Is rather controlling and persuasive with Matt, acting more so when she finds out about the killer and starts bring serious.
- Can slap Ashley in the face for accusing the bite of being infectious and nearly getting her killed.
- Pushes Ashley out of the way when they are running from Wendigos.
- Can make passive aggressive comments about Matt if he left her to die on the collapsing tower.

- Filmed the prank on Hannah.
- Can be aggressive towards Mike, starting fights with him.
- Can attack the deer, despite them not clearly attacking him or Emily.
- Can insult and yell at Emily for either being mean to him or for cheating on him at a very bad time.
- Can leave Emily to die on a collapsing tower to save himself.
- Can abandon the wounded Jessica and leave her to get killed by the Wendigo.

- Was one of the people who came up with the prank.
- Didn’t really seem to care about the fact that the trip was in remembrance of Hannah and Beth and just wanted to have sex with Mike.
- Boasts about Mike being her boyfriend in front of Emily, his ex.
- Makes insulting comments about Emily.
- Can be persistent or passive aggressive towards Mike.

- Tricked all of his friends into coming to his family lodge so he can pull a horrible prank on all of them.
- Made sexual comments about Ashley in front of Chris.
- Mocked Chris for not being forward with Ashley.
- Punched Chris hard in the face, knocking him out.
- Made Chris choose to let either Josh or Ashley live in a Saw-like trial.
- Chased Sam in a towel, who thought he was a killer.
- Put Chris and Ashley through a terrifying guilt trip and house of horrors.
- Can punch Ashley in the face.
- Made Chris choose to shoot either himself or Ashley.
- Laughed about the whole prank, despite his friends being clearly upset/angry.
- Taunted Chris about how he has no chances with Ash.
- Made sexual comments about Jessica in front of Mike, despite her supposedly being dead.

So as you can see, while some of these actions may be justified (such as Josh’s mental illness or Ashley’s scary night or even Emily’s breakup), not everyone in that game is perfect, so stop being babies about some of the better characters.

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