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It Started With A Kiss

Summary: All the ways Dean loves to kiss you

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1018

Warnings: All the fluff

A/N: I’m actually super proud of this! Thanks to my grammar nazi and my poetic friend @idreamofhazel

A kiss is the most powerful thing a man can say. When Dean kisses you, he kisses you with such passion and fervor, like he can’t get enough out of you, like you’re going to slip away at any moment. Each kiss tells you something different. That’s the thing about Dean, he has an appreciation for a woman’s body like no other man you have met before.

When he first kissed you, it was by surprise. You had no idea Dean was even remotely attracted to you. You had been hunting with him and Sam for years and the man never once made a pass at you. But when he kissed you, there was no doubt in your mind that Dean Winchester loved you. The kiss wasn’t just a sign of attraction, it was a proclamation of his love. The kiss was full of confidence; confidence that you were the one for him, that you would fill the hole inside his heart. It only took one kiss for you both to know that was it, that was your last first kiss.

In the morning, his kisses are lazy, peppered all over your face, like he has all the time in the world. He kisses any exposed skin, your shoulder, your neck, your thighs. It’s as if he spent too much time away from you, even if he dreamt of you all night. He kisses you until your eyes open and you turn towards him to capture his lips with yours.

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Eleventh Doctor ashamed of his feelings to Clara is everything

Morning! I had some well-needed coffee from my TARDIS mug earlier, and listened to the George Ezra Radio on Pandora. Satisfyingly, I was able to finish up my notes. All that aside, my beautiful little succulent is blooming despite its browning leaf tips (which I will take care of as soon as I figure out what’s causing the discoloration).

Vancouver To Texas

Summary: Y/N is a flight attendant on J2′s plane

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1434

Warning: None

A/N: I wrote this on possibly the worst flight of my life on my phone. Beta by the lovely @jpadjackles  and aesthetic by @babypieandwhiskey

You’ve been a flight attendant for the past five years and it’s the best job you’ve ever had. You couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You get to travel the world and get paid to do it! All you have to do is serve your passengers some food and drinks, easy enough.

This was your last flight of the day, a nonstop flight from Vancouver to Texas. You were on this route often and always loved it. When you had a few days off you would stay in Texas for a few days or in Vancouver if that was your last flight. They were two beautiful areas, each unique.

Today you had a pretty empty flight so it was going to be easy. Especially since you spotted a very attractive green-eyed man. When he was getting on the plane you made eye contact with the gentleman and he flashed you a smile that could have melted you into a puddle. He turned and took the front seat that was right next to your jump seat. How were you going to concentrate on this flight!? A very tall man sat in the seat next to him and as he sat down he elbowed his green-eyed friend and snickered.

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Evening Faculty Meeting
  • McGonagall: Sorry I'm late everyone.
  • McGonagall: The Gryffindors were having a party.
  • McGonagall: Naturally, the Weasley Twins set the common room on fire by accident.
  • McGonagall: Potter, Weasley and Granger were missing.
  • McGonagall: Miss Brown seemed to be having some sort of meltdown.
  • McGonagall: And I strongly suspect that someone had laced the butterbeer with amortentia.
  • McGonagall: thus my slight tardiness.
  • Sprout: That's quite all right Minerva, it can't be easy being the Gryffindor head of house.
  • Snape: *snorts derisively*
  • McGonagall: Oh, and I suppose your problems are SO much worse?
  • Snape: you literally have no idea.
  • ----
  • Meanwhile in the Slytherin common room.
  • Malfoy: so I've decided to become a famous rapper.
Don’t Say It

Summary: Y/N gets tired of waiting around for Dean when he shows up unexpectedly 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1029

Warnings: Angst

A/N: This is definitely a day late but hopefully not a dollar short! This is written for @impalaimagining 1k celebration! The fic is based off of the song I Know You Won’t by Carrie Underwood. Thanks @megansescape for the beta!

It was late at night and your house was quiet, any noise made would echo through the empty halls. You had taken everything and packed it away. You only had one box left to take to your car, but you would do that in the morning. You had one foot on the stairs, ready for bed, when you heard that familiar knock at your door. It was hard, but not angry, you knew the person on the other side of the door just couldn’t wait to get in. There was only one person who would knock like that, Dean Winchester. You froze in place, unsure if you were going to open the door or not.  You hadn’t seen him in four months and you hadn’t talked to him in two. The last time he contacted you was when he sent a picture of Sam’s arm asking if it needed stitches. Since you worked as a vet, you were always able to stitch whatever wound Dean appeared at your door with or give him substantial medical advice.

You made your way to the door expecting to see Dean, beaten and cut up, but to your surprise, he was fully intact. “Dean? What are you-”

Before you could finish, he engulfed you in a hug. “I’ve missed you so much, baby.”

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The Parting of the Ways - Series 1

Borrowed Baby

A/N: When I was on the plane I made @jpadjackles give me a million prompts so I wouldn’t be bored. Now I’m going through them!

“Can’t you just man up and change a diaper?” You said chuckling at your husband starting at the baby on the changing table.

Jensen threw his hands up, “I have no idea what I’m doing! You’re the one that’s good with kids…”

You rolled your eyes, there was no way you could change Tom’s diaper, “I’m also the one with a dislocated shoulder babe.”

Jensen hung his head in defeat, “I know, I just have no idea what I’m doing. I’m terrified.”

You walk over to your husband rubbing your slightly swollen belly, “Well it’s a good thing Jared and Gen let us borrow their baby for a few hours.”

Jensen chuckled, “They didn’t let us borrow Tom they asked if we could watch him while they went out to dinner.”

You shrugged, “Same difference, it’s good practice.”

“How am I going to be a good dad if I can’t even change a diaper?”

You put your good arm around his waist, “Well you’ve never changed one before. One isn’t born with the skill of wiping tiny humans butts, it takes a little practice! They can be really squirmy.”

“Ok so how do I start?”

A few hours later, Jensen had Tom changed, fed, burped, and now was sound asleep in his arms. You knew Jensen had it in him, it just had to be forced out. You we staring at Jensen bouncing around the living room with Tom in his arms, “You know you can put him down right? He’s been asleep for like 30 minutes.”

Jensen looks up at you with that million dollar smile of his, “I know but I’m kind of loving these baby snuggles.”

You didn’t think this man could get any more attractive but you were wrong.

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Wild Mountain Thyme

Prompt: “You’re cute when you’re worried”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 839 (including song lyrics)

A/N: Thank you for the beta and for the prompt @jpadjackles

You were driving in the car with Jensen and he was pushing 30 over the speed limit, “Woah, slow down Dean.”

He white knuckled the steering wheel, “Slow down?! You want me to go slower?”

“You’re cute when you’re worried.” you said chuckling.

Jensen seems mildly offended and scrunched his face, “Shut up, how are you not worried right now!?”

Chuckling again you said, “Did you just tell the person who’s about to pop a baby out to shut up?”

Taking his eyes off the road, Jensen looked at you for a brief moment, his eyes already spoke his apology, “Oh shit, sorry baby I didn’t mean to-”

Cutting him off you said, “Hey, Jensen, relax. Everything’s going to be ok!” You were just joking around but you knew he felt bad for saying that.

He was really sweating at this point, his hand was clammy in yours, “But what if it’s not! What if something happens! What if she doesn’t like me?”

“Is that what you’re worried about? If she doesn’t like you?”

“But what if she doesn’t?”

You smiled imagining how much your daughter loved her father without even meeting him, “J she loves you already! You know how I can tell? She does a little dance everyday when you come home from work, or when you sing to her, and she only does that for you.”

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One Thousand Words

Summary: All the Sam kisses

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1051

Warnings: Just all the fluff

A/N: Thanking my grammar nazi and Sam expert @idreamofhazel. You can also thank her for keeping me from killing him


One thousand words. A kiss speaks a thousand words. When Sam kisses you, he melts away all your problems, it’s just you and him. When he kisses you, the world is never ending, Dean’s not about to go to hell, the looming threat of Lucifer isn’t even a thought. When Sam kisses you, you hear the thousands of words his lips are speaking. Sam’s kisses consume you; you become one.

Your first kiss was one you’ll never forget. Dean was annoyed with the endless flirting that turned into pouting the next morning because no one would make a move. Dean knew you were in love with Sam and he knew Sam was in love with you. One night, Dean took matters into his own hands and locked you both in the bathroom of the motel. He broke off the door handle, knowing that you and Sam could pick the lock. He yelled through the door to talk about your feelings. You and Sam finally shared a knowing look, a look of Oh my god. Do you feel the same way I do? Sam took three steps and he was right in front of you, his large hands cupping your face as he pressed his lips to yours. The kiss was curious and sweet, but also cautious. It turned into relief when the shock wore off, and you started to kiss him back. You explored each other’s mouths when Dean yelled finally through the door. Then he tried to open it. The next thing you heard from Dean was oh shit, the door’s actually stuck guys. I’ll go get some tools. Sam gave you a wink and moved in front of the door. Using his body, he broke the door open and held out his hand for you. Then he told Dean to get his own room for the night.

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War Paint

A/N: Can’t thank @jpadjackles for all the help and the prompt!

“He’s 9 years old! You can’t just shoot him!” You whisper yelled at Dean.

“Sure I can, watch me.”

You saw your boyfriend army crawl away from you as he closed in on the kid. He got up on his knees behind a wooden structure, peering over the side. He cocked his gun and brought the barrel up over the side of the structure he was hiding behind, aiming at the kid who barely weighed 70 pounds soaking wet. You closed your eyes as Dean’s finger made its way to the trigger and pulled.

You heard a faint scream and Dean jumped up and cheered, “Yeah! I got you kid, you’re out!” Only the paintball didn’t burst against his leg, so the kid shot back, hitting Dean right in the chest. You’re hands flew up to your mouth to stifle the laugh as Dean looked at you with his bitch face.

A few years ago you and Dean had a really bad hunt and needed to blow off some steam. Dean saw a sign for a paintball field and took the next turn. Before you knew it you were in a paintball suit with a loaded gun being handed to you. After that day you and Dean made a pact to always go paintballing when things got too rough. Now it was now down to you and the 9 year old, this was possibly the most intense paintball game of your life.

Dean dramatically fell to the ground, his hand covering his chest, “this is all up to you now.”

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend, jeez he can be such a drama queen, “just walk over to the sidelines.” Dean sighed as he got up and did as he was told, and as the rules require him to do.

While Dean was making his dramatic exit you were distracted and lost sight of the kid. You stayed low and made your way around the arena, keeping your eyes peeled for him. You had almost given up when a paintball pellet whizzed by your head, narrowly missing you.

Luckily that shot gave his position away. You stayed low, waiting for him to make another move. You knew kids were impatient and there was no way he would be able to stay in the same spot and you were right. He made a break for the largest structure to shield him but he wasn’t fast enough. You zoned in on him, aiming your gun and pulling the trigger. The paintball burst against his arm, splattering the color against his shirt.

Accepting defeat the young boy walked over to you and offered his hand to shake congratulating you on a good game. When you exited the arena, you walked over to Dean with the biggest smirk on your face, “it’s too bad you couldn’t hold your own against a child.”

Dean shook his head at you, “Am I going to have to listen to you gloat the whole way home?”

“Yes, because you got beat by a 9 year old.” you said as a matter-of-factly, “ You’re lucky I still love you.”

Dean put his arm around you and kissed the top of your head, “I love you too baby.”

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