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  • What She Says: I'm Fine.
  • What She Means: Barney and Robin were the most awesome god damn couple ever and they should not have broken apart just because of a simple travel issue. I find it hurtful that the writers would literally spend an entire season focused on these two's wedding and then within the first 10 minutes of the episode directly following the ceremony have them break up (while also breaking hearts) just so that they can put Robin with a half-fast reunitement of Robin and Ted despite Ted already being with the most perfect human being ever. So what do they do? They kill her off, just so they can put these two characters who have had no success in romantic relationships with each other. So not only do they destroy one adorable and beloved couple but two. Yes, I am still bitter over this.

i think the reason for dany’s “blank” reaction to viserion dying was because she never really thought any harm would come to them. like why would she? she’s seen drogon get hurt like twice already and he is fine. she had no reason to believe the white walkers had anything to harm her dragons. her looking there “emotionless” is just her being in shock that one of her “invincible” dragons died. it’s a huge shock for her, of course she froze up.


overwatch lgbt+ icons (200x200)! if u would like a specific flag for a specific character, hmu bc requests are open ✌ ✌ color variations

update: i was unaware but due to this comment, zarya has been updated to the gay flag (instead of the triangle lesbian flag) 

B.A.P Stan-cyclopedia

Yongguk stans: Calm, strong and steady, they hardly ever waver from Bbang. Despite the truly harrowing times they’ve experienced - they, like their bias, can always be counted on to be sage, positive and mostly relaxed. They give great advice and are fun, and even giddy, once you crack them open. Also, watching the YAMAZAKI-meltdown of 2017 was downright hilarious. Yongguk stans are loyal, talented and truly good people. The glue that holds the fandom together.

  • Majority ship: Banghim or Banglo. But arguments can be made for Bangdae and Bangjae. Strong arguments. Also Tigguk, obviously.
  • Majority bias-wrecker: Himchan, Daehyun and Youngjae. The other two are their babies, and always will be. 

Hicmhan stans: They will defend and protect Himchan to their very last breath. And quite rightly so. No one has gotten more industry and fandom crap than him. While the rest of us are watching Himchan glide along like the swan he is, all beautiful and elegant, slightly goofy (in the neck), they are underwater, watching as his legs work furiously and without end as they propel him along. Don’t mess with Himchan stans. But love them, cause they’re great. And would probably defend you, if you ever needed it. 

  • Majority ship: Himup. Duh. 
  • Majority bias-wrecker: Youngjae. But they love Daehyun too.

Daehyun stans: Very active. Very sociable. Extremely vocal. Always screaming about Daehyun, thinking about screaming about Daehyun, dreaming about thinking about screaming about Daehyun. They admire Daehyun’s many talents but they are also the among the first ones to admire all the members for their numerous talents. If BABYz were a cake, they’d be the rainbow sprinkles on top, i.e they’re delightful and there are a million of them.

  • Majority ship: All Daehyun ships are evenly represented (more opportunity to scream about Daehyun)
  • Majority bias-wrecker: None. Unless you count blonde Daehyun. AND THEY DO.

Youngjae stans: Hyper-aware that they are a slightly smaller group. Painfully aware that Yoo Youngjae is everyone’s bias-wrecker as opposed to straight-up bias. Furiously aware that sometimes ‘jae’ is seen as just a part of ‘daejae’….. But, if anyone can clue in the clueless, it’s Youngjae stans. Blessed with real, farm-to-table talent, the artists that stan Youngjae know he’s on the cusp of true greatness, and that it’s only a matter of time. He’ll get everyone in the end. 

  • Majority ship: Younglo and Daejae (although Bangjae, Himjae and Youngup are all on the rise. Seriously, everyone loves Youngjae) 
  • Majority bias-wrecker: They love everyone. But they are in love with Youngjae. Tbh, that face/shoulder combo would leave anyone destroyed. 

Jongup stans: Like the man they stan, they’re a quirky bunch. Quietly, yet constantly, supportive of the whole group, they spend their time lolling about, not afraid to gush over another member or gently rib Uppie for his more gobbish ways. And then stage-Jongup appears. Mr. Moon pulls one pose, and they all lose their collective shit. Screaming, weeping and in various stages of dying, the cry often heard is ‘i can’t, I can’t, I CAN’T’. It’s down to a science. 

  • Majority ship: Daeup (Daejong?). Either way they love it. Also Himup, because even his stans accept that no one will ever love Jongup as much as Himchan does. No one. Ever.
  • Majority bias-wrecker: Daehyun or Yongguk. The two extremes.

Zelo stans: Creative, sweet and kind. The kindest of kind. Their blogs are truly refreshing, drama-free spaces. Their total care and adoration of our youngest sometimes seems beyond words, like they’ve wrapped him up in fluffy clouds and quietly watch over him as he sleeps. So instead of loud flailing, we are blessed with beautiful edits and gifsets. And Mochii. Lots and lots of Mochii.

  • Majority ship: Banglo or Younglo (although Daelo is always hovering) Most likely due to the fact that although he’s everyone’s little brother, Yongguk and Youngjae are clearly his primary caregivers.
  • Majority bias-wrecker: Daehyun, Jongup or Mochii (the bae)

#StanBAP #SupportBABYz


Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

When I was TAing, I would occasionally have students ask me random (reasonable) requests that were technically against the rules but I didn’t think they should be so I would have fun conversations like…

Student: I forgot my lab notebook. Can I go home and get it?
Me: Where do you live?
Student: About 3 blocks from here.
Me: Ask me if you can go to the bathroom.
Student: …why? I don’t need…to…
Me: …Ask. Me. If. You. Can. Go. To. The. Bathroom.
Student: ….oh…oh…ohhh…can I run to the bathroom?
Me: Yeah, of course.

And I taught an 8AM class and occasionally students faint because they don’t eat breakfast so…

Student: Can I eat a yogurt?
Me: Ask me if you can go to the bathroom.
Student: I have to eat yogurt in the bathroom?
Me: No, and please don’t, but you can’t eat it in here and I can’t let you in the office because we keep other students papers in here so I’m going to need you to ask me if you can go to the bathroom.
Student: …but where do I eat the yogurt?
Me: Not here, and not in the bathroom, please, but what were you asking?
Student: I’m…going to run to the bathroom.
Me: Okay cool!

here’s an old end title card thingie i made

i got too carried away with the icons i made.. >:’))

  • someone: don't ship prince sidon and link in a sexual way because link is a minor
  • me, internally: Link in BOTW is obviously the 'adult' version of Link, which means he's anywhere between 17 - 19 years old but since there's no exact canonical age given for Link, the interpretation of his age is based on personal perceptions, which come down to opinion and POV only, which aren't canon and thus, cannot be applied to the whole and can't be taken into consideration in real life in regards to the legality of putting them in a sexual relationship. there's not enough information indicating how old BOTW Link is (the only indication of how old he may be is the confirmed age of Zelda being 17, so Link would either be the same age or older), and you could also argue that since there's no way to tell how much time passes in game, it's conceivable that by the time Sidon and Link start their relationship, he could be years older so the demand that no one put prince sidon and link together sexually due to the perceived notion of Link's age is moot as there isn't enough canonical evidence to support that viewpoint. it's fine if you're uncomfortable with it but that's what the block button and black list is for.
  • me, externally: don't tell me what to do