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after thinking about it for months, after almost a year and a half of identifying as bisexual and after talking to a few lovely people (you know who you are ❤ thank you!), i have finally decided to start labelling myself as a lesbian.

i cannot tell you how liberating this feels, to realise that i don’t have to pretend i am interested in men anymore, that all the attraction i felt towards them was heteronormativity and other people’s expectations breathing down my neck, that the attraction i still feel towards some men is purely aesthetical. it took me so long to come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t that i couldn’t see myself in a relationship with a man because i’ve never been in one or because i didn’t think i was ready, but because i genuinely do not see myself ever dating and being happy with a man, while the prospect of dating a woman sounds pretty fucking sweet tbh.

all that being said, the reason i’ve been apprehensive about changing my label (even though bisexual hasn’t felt right for a while) was because of the ever present misconception that bisexuality is a ‘phase’ or a ‘stepping stone’ to coming out as gay and that is absolutely not true!! someone made me realise that what i identified as in the past is in no way any less valid than what i identify as now or what i will identify as in the future. my past self was bisexual and that’s the end of that. i’m not my past self anymore.

i’m still struggling with my identity and it’ll take me a while to feel like i deserve?? (tho what even qualifies as deserving) to call myself a lesbian, but for now i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and i’m feeling so much more optimistic. i would be lying if i said i didn’t know why i made this post. i made this post because this blog is very personal to me and i need an outlet to share a part of myself that i’m not always able to share in real life. plus it’d be pretty weird if i just changed my bio and my 'bi tag’ out of nowhere :)) if any of you feels the same way or is going through the same thing, don’t hesitate to message me, i would be more than willing to listen to you and give you as much advice as i can considering i’m still new to all this myself. i love y'all ❤


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

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How does Natsu act towards Lucy when he's drunk?

I’d like to think that Natsu’s a clingy drunk .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

I was gonna redraw this sketch but I kept that ask long enough, so I went with the old one after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what’s most likely to happen next:

Some reflections on Penelope Alvarez

I love One Day at a Time. I love the Alvarez family. I love Elena Alvarez and her story. I think it’s an important one. But just as important is Penelope’s (whom I also love btw) story.

It’s necessary for parents of kids who have or will come out. It is necessary for those kids.

She’s not Victor Alvarez, who we’ve seen so often in media with “this is not okay. This will never be okay. This needs to be fixed.” mentality.

She’s not Eliza Danvers of Supergirl who will immediately give her daughter a hug and an “I love you however you are” after she deduces it before she’s even told.

She’s not Abulita Lydia who needed 30 seconds to recognize and overcome her biases despite decades of feeling one way about the issue.

She’s Penelope Alvarez, who knows this is okay. Who knows that this is important. Who knows her daughter needs her to be nothing less than supportive. But she’s just not there yet. And she hates herself for it, but that doesn’t suddenly make it not weird for her.

Thomas Merton, a Catholic monk, once wrote in a prayer “But I believe the desire to please you does in fact please you” which I’ve always thought to be the foundation for every loving relationship.

Parents know this. Penelope knows this. Every time Elena or Alex made her some macaroni covered monstrosity, it went in the Alvarez Museum. Every time they somehow managed to simultaneously burn and undercook her breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, she ate it with a smile. Because the desire to please her does in fact please her, more than her kids know, until maybe they have kids of their own.

Kids need to learn this. That their parents aren’t perfect. That the best they can hope for is parents that have the desire to please them, the impulse to love them no matter what, the determination to find the support under the weird feeling.

And kids need to see that these victories are worth so much more because they are so hard-won. It’s easy for a parent who is okay with something to be okay with it. It’s much harder for a parent who isn’t to do everything she possibly can to get there because it’s what her daughter deserves. 

It’s such an integral part of some coming out stories, and almost all growing up stories. Kids will do things their parents don’t get or don’t like or don’t appreciate but the parents will try. From the first time they learn all of the Avengers, or Disney Princesses, or Pokemon, or vehicles in the Star Wars universe. Through friends they can’t stand, sports they think are boring, gender expressions or sexual orientations they just don’t get, significant others they don’t think are good enough. But they’ll smile and learn the characters, and give the friend juice and cookies, and argue with the referee, and talk to strangers at a gay bar to let their kid know that everything they are is okay. That everything they are is loved.

And someday when Penelope is more than okay with Elena’s sexuality, she’ll embarrassedly confess how it took her awhile to get there, and what she did during the journey, and Elena will look at her and realize her mom is even more remarkable than she thought. She’ll see a woman who is nothing but the desire to see her children happy, and what could be more pleasing to Elena than that. 

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can i have like a rlly rlly brief yet rlly rlly detailed overview of all the hockey kids??? (I GUESS THATS WHAT THEYRE CALLED IDK LIKE STROME AND MARNER AND EVERYONE) pls and thx babe if ya dont mind ly

hello anon!! you’ve come to the right place!!

this is mitch marner:

he toe drags to win.

the things you need to know about him are:

1. his face is very expressive, see below

my personal fave is the first one for reasons i will not disclose at the moment but you can all probably guess.

2. he has a cat named Burbank, obv v important info.

i think this is the cat, don’t take my word for it.

3. he wears 93 bc of his brother, who was born in ‘93. 

4. he “dances”:

[credit to @lucpierre​ for the gif]

which, one would say, comes pretty useful with dstrome’s “singing flashlights”

5. he has very nice arms:

[credit to @werenskiz for the gif]

6. this is an actual pic of him looking at auston matthews:

for real tho

7. his knowledge about things is… questionable

8. is also v pretty. 

no, for real, he used to get a lot of heat for being so small but is actually an incredible hockey player. this is a great read if you want more on him, though there is a certain part that is pretty heartbreaking.

now, this is dylan strome:

this is his mugshot:

1. he was arrested for having too perfect eyebrows:

2. he is also very expressive:

3. cleans up good tho:

4. is a confirmed cuddler :3

5. does not have a cat :(

6. is very valiantly trying to grow a beard. i think??

clearly, we should all be supportive of this attempt.

7. is rumored to be a bad skater

8. this is a pic of him  looking at connor mcdavid:

brought to you by my incredible photoshop skilz

9. further on connor mcdavid:

[this is actually them making fun of their moms]

10. is an adele guy

[credit to @dyllarkin for the gif]

[i know there’s also a vine of him singing hello but i can’t find it]

also for real, he and mitch used to hate each other, then they played together on team canada in the u17 hockey challenge. team canada was down three goals so their coach put them on the same line and mitch had three goals to send the game to OT. team canada lost the game but now they’re boys forever.

here are some of their social interactions, with credit to @konecny

these are some great articles also: x, x, x

and i shall leave you with this:

read: boys forever

What I think about sakura bashing

I see a lot of misunderstanding from folks who like sakura or those who don’t understand why the rest of us dont like her. They think sakura bashing is just on the premise of her having feelings for sasuke and holding on to them for so damn long. And I guess for some pple thats an issue but for me what sakura bashing is really is about this:

No one helped Naruto carry the burden of his feelings for susuke. No one supported him in the trials that came from believing in sasuke. No one offered him emotional support, not Kakashi or Tsunade. He knew what believing in sasuke would cost him and he shouldered it anyway. Heres why I dont like sakura. She didn’t do the same. She didn’t carry that burden, instead she shifted it all unto Naruto, even while knowing how he felt about her, even while knowing he had his own issues to deal with. Instead she placed all her own hope and expectations on Naruto and that isnt bloody fair.

Dont get me wrong I still feel Naruto was naive to accept it but for someone as lonely as Naruto, its to be excepted he’ll bend himself outta shape for those who finally recognise him so I cant hate on him for it. My point is instead of equally sharing the burden of a teammate gone rough, instead of sakura stepping up and being Naruto’s emotional support she dumped all her feelings for sasuke on him. So not only does Naruto have to deal with the reality of his best friend/brother wanting to kill him, he also has to deal with the feelings of the woman he loves being thrown onto him. Thats a whole lot of pressure.

Kakashi also didn’t do a shit ton of work as well when it comes to saving sasuke or helping shoulder Narutos burden, especially considering how he should also understand how much losing a teammate hurts. Erryone just using Naruto at this point but dont tell me sakura was just so hopelessly in love she didn’t know what to do. Shes a god damn ninja. Dont tell me she loved the man if she couldn’t even carry the burden of wanting him back as a normal fucking team mate🙃🙃

Edit: honestly dont come to insult me or my intelligence. I will not be kind to those who are rude, crude or insulting. Come correct or dont come at all. You are under no obligation to agree or interact with this post. -signed management

no but when my fiance and I first started dating he said something along the lines of “I hope you don’t ever get irritated with me” because he tends to be pretty high-energy

and I assured him that as long as he isn’t like a lying, misogynistic asshole, it’s basically impossible to piss me off

and I meant it as a joke, but his face got all serious and he goes “don’t worry, I’m not a total idiot, I’ve lost enough brain cells already”

apparently when his older siblings were little, his brother told their sister that she couldn’t play basketball because she was a girl

so she hit him in the head with a shovel


Johndave week - Day 4: Hurt/Comfort

Haha shit I’m late?? I haven’t done comics in literal years soooo. Yeah, this is something I think about in terms of John quite a lot. I can’t help but think it might bug him a lot now and then, even if he fixed a timeline, and when confronted he might lash out. Also, bonus pic;

why do people say ‘she/he loved you so much’ when someone passes?

do they suddenly stop loving once they pass? is that the end of their love for you? does love actually have an expiration date?

i think if you want to console someone who’s recently lost someone who they shared a love with, you should say ‘he/she loves you so much’. it’d be a whole lot more comforting.


so me and daf, @josteninski, have been talking all day long about our hopes for series 4 or 5 being about even, and one of the points raised was about the “mandatory 10% attendance” that’s been addressed on skam, that you need to have.

now, i think i’m pretty certain in saying that … i feel like even’s for sure gone above his 10% limit - even his 15%, as isak said, if the principal is nice to you and likes you. so does this mean that even doesn’t graduate this year then?

so if he doesn’t graduate this year, does this mean that he’ll have to redo his final year again, but with the current 2nd years this time, so that when he does graduate, he’ll be graduating with the current 2nd years? so with isak, and the entire squad?

/if/ that is the case, then, me and daf were saying how it would be pretty awesome, if say, series 4 wasn’t about even, but someone else, and how even would then get a whole series to develop on the side, forming and cementing some solid friendships, so that he /COULD/ potentially lead series 5 - the start of his final year that he’s had to redo twice before. but, 3rd time lucky, maybe?

also, there’s something that’s been on my mind. i may be OVER OVER reaching here - i probably am, tbh, but i need to get this off my chest - the 10% drugs sana gave back to isak last night, and how when even took them, isak snatched them away straight away, saying they’re not good for him. after analysing that, what i realised was, that this could also be said for even’s attendance this year - his attendance this year in school hasn’t been good, for obvious and valid reasons. 

even then goes onto say, that “neither is it good for you”, which was true when isak said to kollektivet that his attendence was already bad, and he couldn’t fuck up even more, to which isak said “no, it’s fine for me”, and i’m assuming isak’s attendance is okay, that he’s still not messed up majorly to the point where it’s undoable. 

and then they talk about how isak basically “is taking care of even”, and in some way, i feel like, if even did have to redo his final year again, then … maybe this time, he WILL graduate with the current 2nd years, because this time, he’ll have isak and all the squad as his friends, he won’t be alone. he’ll have a proper support system that will be there for him if he does stumble. but that in the end, he will graduate.

so based off that, series 5 being even’s would be IDEAL. series 4 would be great too, but series 5 would be prime for him then. because there, even will know that he /has/ to graduate now, and showing him face his struggles head on as he manages to make sure he does, is something that i think will be SO IMPORTANT to show. to show how mental illness can affect your education (because it did with mine, but also, it does, with several people) but how ultimately, it cannot control it, if you have the right network and support system with you. but also, its to see how even’s life is outside of isak, as a friend, a son, a student. a series dedicated to even would be so important to show him as so much more than just his relationship with isak, and to see how he navigates through life and finally does graduate. 

Sometimes you make it impossible
But I wanna go and get lost with you,my love
I want you to give me all of you.

This song doesn’t really fit the mood of the image imo but it’s all i listened to while working on this LOL

my inner trashy lunami heart riSES FROM THE ASHES

Switched luggage at the airport : brohm
  • (Bryce calls Ohm on skype through his computer)
  • Bryce: ohm? you there?
  • Ohm: yeah im here! sorry it took me so long, the wifi here is really fuckin' slow. *moves phone around trying to get a good angle of his face*
  • Bryce: I'm guessing your still at the airport due to all the noise *giggle*
  • Ohm: *soft laugh* yeah, the waiting queue is taking forever god damn it.
  • Bryce: thats sad.
  • Ohm: i know right!
  • Bryce: so I guess that means you have your luggage still on you then? *gives him a questioning side glare*
  • Ohm: well yeah, i have to pull this heavy piece of shit with me everywhere. *tilts phone so Bryce can see the suitcase at his side*
  • Bryce: Great! now about that luggage.. *sheepish grin*
  • Ohm: Bryce? what did you do? *scolds him while talking to him like a child*
  • Bryce: i might have done a bad and switched our luggage. *talks softly*
  • Ohm: Bryce! *facepalms* you didn't go through it did you?
  • Bryce: ahhh I may have just a little bit. *squints eyes*
  • Ohm: fucking hell Bryce. Then who's do i have?
  • Bryce: Well I'm hoping mine, otherwise someone gets to take my Micky mouse ears home and gift them to their grandchildren.
  • Ohm: well we don't want that now do we Brycey?
  • Bryce: *crosses his arms across his chest* absolutely not!
  • Ohm: *laughs at Bryce's child like antics* alright let have a look, just hang on a sec. *puts the phone down on the floor as he opens the suitcase*
  • Bryce: I can't really go anywhere so yeah, i guess I'll hang for a sec. *comments smart assly*
  • Ohm: *picks phone back up* you're in luck my friend. *turns camera toward Bryce's open suitcase to show his mickey mouse ears sitting on top*
  • Bryce: phew *wipes imaginary sweat off his forehead* i guess that's that fixed. *giggles cutely*
  • Ohm: that's great and all Bryce but, what the fuck am i going to do now?! my flight is about to lift off, the line to even get your tickets up is taking 3 years, I just found out I have the wrong luggage and need to find a way to get to your house, come back to the airport, line up in the queue for another 5 hours and get on a plane that is already half way across the sea?! *he lists complaining*
  • Bryce: ohm. *looks into the camera reassuringly*
  • Ohm: what? *looks back panicked and way less calm then before*
  • Bryce: you need to calm your tits and think for a minute. there's no way you'll be able to come to my house and back in time for your flight *he began listing off his fingers* even if i decided to bring your luggage to you there still won't be enough time and the only other option is you take my luggage with you and the next time we meet up we give each others stuff back.
  • Ohm: but who knows how long that might be?!
  • Bryce: *shruggs* sorry bud not much i can do about that.
  • Ohm: there's gotta be another option? *he says as he finally takes a step forward in the line*
  • Bryce: well... *scratchs under his chin*
  • Ohm: What?... well what?! *he says in anticipation*
  • Bryce: i guess you could hang at my house for a little longer.
  • Ohm: YES! *says so loud the family lined up in front of him turned around startled*
  • Ohm: i-i mean, yes please.
  • Bryce: *laughs sweetly at ohm's excitement* well then, it'll probably be best if you get out the line dont you think? *smiles wildly*
  • Ohm: oh yeah i guess your right. excuse me miss, pardon me. *Bryce watched as ohms phone swayed as he tried to get out of the queue*
  • Bryce: oh and about your plane tickets, we can exchange them for another flight. *he says in a plain tone*
  • Ohm: What! why didn't you tell me that before?! *makes it to the back of the line and walks towards the exit doors to the drop off parking lot*
  • Bryce: i forgot, sheesh. *runs hand through hair while looking to his right as something catching his eye*
  • Bryce: hey ohm? *reaches down to grab something*
  • Ohm: hmm? *hums not even looking at bryce's cam*
  • Bryce: i also forgot to ask you about this. *holds up an 'i love Bryce McQuaid' t-shirt that he found in ohms suitcase*
  • how long have you had this exactly? *smirkfull grin*
  • Ohm: *looks at Bryce through his phone a little blush on his cheeks but Bryce didn't notice* oh my god, Can you just come pick me up?! *he says passive aggressively*
  • Bryce: alllright, I'll see you soon then buddy. *puts the shirt down on his lap* but I still have some question for you like.. why is my face on that pillow.
  • Ohm: *rubs his forehead in frustration* I'll tell you later, just get your ass in the car before i get to the exit.
  • Bryce: im on it dont worry, i'll be there before you can say i love Bryce McQuaid.
  • Ohm: wouldn't even say it if my life depended on it. *he jokes smiling*
  • Bryce: right? that's why you have a shirt to say it for you, got it. *smirks devilishly giggling*
  • Ohm: okay im gonna hang up im almost at the door. it would be unfair if i didn't give you enough time to beat me to it?
  • Bryce: a challenge? oh your on!
  • Ohm: *chuckles* bye Bryce.
  • bryce: see you in a bit. *whispers* fangirl.
  • (hangs up call)
what in the heck is a heat

aFTER SO LONG ITS FINALLY HERE, lets see how many months have i been working on this shit?? 2 months, 2 whole months, well i guess that goes to show how fucking slow i am at writing, anyways, here it is! i hope my shit writing was worth the wait

Pairing: (underswap au) papyrus/sans
Rating: nsfw
Warnings: heat, first time, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, dirty talk(im not good at dirty talk so i apologize), praise kink, ecto vag, ecto dick, just ecto parts basically, i think thats it, if i missed anything tell me!
Summary: papyrus helps sans with his first heat
ah yes, such a creative summary lmao

read the Ao3 version here (u should probably read it on Ao3 the layout looks a lot better and it will be easier to read alright trust me read it on Ao3)

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