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Requested Asslets Masterlist

(to be updated as ass(orted)(fic)lets are completed)

  1. taegimin // overly ambitious roleplay
  2. jihope // dares
  3. vmin // “are you kidding me?”
  4. taejin // plaster mold
  5. vmin // “you’re too drunk for this”
  6. vmin // “we are gonna be the BEST fucking parents”
  7. taegi // drunk confessions
  8. ot7/yoonjin // law of the jungle
  9. yoonjin // “dad i think i’m on my period but i don’t know how this works.”
  10. vmin // “Stop opening my packages, my new vibrator was NOT supposed to be used as a potato masher.”
  11. vmin //  "I’m telling you that I like you, but you keep thinking that it’s a friendly joke, so now I have to prove that I am serious"
  12. taejin // “why is there a half eaten steak sandwich in the underwear drawer”
  13. namseok // dora the explorer
  14. yoonjin // “so i found your internet browsing history before you could delete it”
  15. vmin // mattress shopping
  16. vmin // social media
  17. jikook // bend and snap
  18. yoonseok // “i thought you were an asshole when i first met you”
  19. namjin // “daddy i think i need tampons”
  20. sugamon // “what you do you mean i wasn’t supposed to use the whole thing?”
  21. vmin // belly rub + hic-ups
  22. yoonjin // haunted houses
  23. vmin // office halloween parties
  24. yoonjin // first christmas together
  25. vmin // “do these pants make my dick look big?”
  26. kookvmin // “i can think of a hundred reasons why this is a terrible idea, and all of them end with us dying by the force of jin-hyung’s rage”
  27. namjin // tupperware parties
  28. vmin // (both) single dads
  29. yoonseok // diy sextoys 
  30. taegimin // peeing in the ballpit
  31. vmin // “i think we’re my otp”
  32. 2seok // “when do you think they’ll realize it’s gone?”
  33. vmin // flowers + scraped knees
  34. vmin // aliens
  35. taegi // ikea assembly
  36. sugakookie // human barbell
  37. namjin // “singles will be paired”
  38. yoonseok // “we’re going to hell”
  39. yoonjin // “We already have 6 sets of these at home, I don’t care what new colors are out, we are not getting anymore god dammit!”
  40. sugakookie // flowers + lipstick
  41. yoonjin // blind date
  42. vmin // new werewolf
  43. taegi // fake plants
  44. vmin // “i can’t believe you thought that would fit in there”
The only Grillby story I want to read

Papyrus carrying on in a petty, bitter rivalry with Grillby. At first, everyone believes it’s entirely one-sided, and that soft-spoken, professional Grillby would never patriciate in something so childish. But no! It turns out they have a completely mutual vendetta against one another due to their differences in opinion about cooking. They are both out to destroy one another.

…only, it’s really just a race to see who can mildly inconvenience or irritate the other more today, and it’s been going on under the people of Snowdin’s noses for years.

anonymous asked:

u should share a link to ur playlist!! like on spotify or something. (unless u don't want to lmao)

:00 ya heres the link!! https://open.spotify.com/user/xilently123/playlist/1zYV07UTz3mNMKWcf0UJRj,that was the one that i was listening to, but u can go on my profile and see others :0 i’ve hidden some tho bc im not happy w those playlists yet lmaoo

also pls dont judge my username … god… i made that who knows how long ago


Ryan & Colin feat. various emoji