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You are 23 and you've never kissed? You can answer me privately, it's just it is so rare these days, I got curious.

23 and 11 months, just 35 days away from turning 24 to be more specific

No, i’m kidding. 

It’s ok, it’s not something i am ashamed, if you had asked 21 years old me, she would have told you her world was ending because she had never been kissed. But right now i’m cool with it, sure i have my moments of “WHY NO ONE HAS EVER FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ME AND KISS ME YET?”  but being honest, who hasn’t have them?

Do i want to be kissed? Yes.

 Am I curious and keep wondering how kissing works? Hell Yeah. 

Is my world ending because i have never been kissed? Nope 

I don’t know, i want to have my first kiss with someone who is important to me, it could be someone i am in love with, it could be someone who i care about, it could be a friend, you never know.

It has not happened yet, it maybe never happen, who knows? It’s not something that defines me

Of course i get emotional about it but it’s okay. It’s going to happen when it happen i guess.

Repeat after me: Steven Moffat Lies.

He does!

Not only does he tell us that he lies and intends to keep doing so, you can see him lying. Surely someone has cobbled together a spreadsheet of all the things Steven Moffat has said will happen/will never happen that have borne no resemblance whatsoever to what actually happens on the show. Steven Moffat lies.

You have two choices now. Well, probably more than two, but for the rhetorical purposes of this post, you have two choices.

You can either pretend you don’t know that Steven Moffat lies, and feel deeply annoyed when he says he doesn’t know something you feel he ought to know, and feel betrayed when he says something is silly about a character, and that X or Y couldn’t possibly be the case, and you can let his flip statements colour the way you view a character or a relationship, and you can get angry that a show you love is in the hands of someone who is apparently a) wrong about his own characters, and b) blithely ignorant about the progression of a story he is himself writing and thus clearly incompetent, or…


You can laugh. You can laugh and remember that Steven Moffat tends to not tell the truth in interviews, and therefore he is probably not telling the truth in that interview.

So you can just read/watch these interviews and laugh about what misdirection and ridiculous alchemy he’s up to with the media. For fun, you can even assume the exact opposite of 90% of what Steven Moffat says is true. That’s probably a more reliable approach than reading his interviews as if they contain any facts.

To reiterate: Steven Moffat lies. I wouldn’t be surprised if he asks everyone else involved to lie, too. So you can either accept this truth and let it pervade your understanding of all Sherlock related interviews and find them all funny, or you can pretend you don’t know this fact and get really upset every time you read an interview. Your choice. Red pill, or blue pill.

i always find it funny the kind of looks i get when i reveal how earnest i am when i say that i believe in the inherent goodness of people. every once in a while i end up in these conversations with those who want to tell me how naive i’m being, that i’m prescribing to a sort of altruism that doesn’t actually exist. but i think it’s as equally naive to believe that all people, deep down, are really bad. no one is simply one thing or the other. each of us is a kaleidoscope of contrary influences & desires, motions towards grace & folly. sometimes we do down right awful shit to each other, other times we make music. but honestly, if i have to choose between looking at everyone like they might be carrying a dagger or holding flowers, i’m gonna go with the flowers every time.

I’m not saying that Nickelodeon tried to stop Korrasami from happening. I’m just saying that for years, we’ve confusedly watched as the studio attacked the show from every angle, including pulling it off air and slashing the budget, and nobody could understand why they were doing it and a few weeks ago, Bryan revealed that he had wanted to do Korrasami from the very beginning and frequently brought it up. Coincidence? Maybe. Then again, maybe not.

to the people :))) who are saying :))) the inquisitor will :))) die at the end of the :))) dlc :)) what are you :) talking (: about :)) my inquisitor :)) will be riding off :)) into the sunset (::: with their LI :))getting married (:


okay but u know how we always joke about the ‘phan bubble’ and dan and phil always being inseparable  ,, do u wanna kno why i think that is 

bc unlike normal couples they can’t hold hands or kiss in public they’re confined to being by each other’s side so i think the constant closeness makes up for the stuff they’re missing out on

“One of my biggest problems with Fallout 3 is that the world is so completely desolate and that there’s almost no civilization. Yes, there’s been a nuclear apocalypse, but it happened 200 years prior. Fallout 1 took place just a bit over 80 years after the Great War and it already had cities way more developed than anything in the Capital Wasteland.”

Fallout Confessions


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whats ur type?

A person who cares about the political and economical direction of our country. who’s troubled by the absence of a proper and significant reduction of greenhouse emissions and finally someone who is concerned about the stance against asylum seeker boats.