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I love when people just throw reciepts at me. No, no. Dont tell me you dont want it when i hand it to you. That would be UNTHINKABLE. Just throw it at me. Thats fine. Thank you sir.

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is it bad i expected more from halsey? it's not bad but not as good as her older stuff. hopefully the best songs are yet to come out.

The thing you have to understand with Ashley is that her albums are complete experiences. Badlands was a concept album that went beyond the music. The Badlands were a place and characters that you followed through the songs existed within it. That’s why she said “listen to it in order”. That album isn’t supposed to be heard on shuffle. There’s a linear story. If you just take Ashley’s music at face value you lose a lot of the message. One individual song from Badlands was amazing but one song alone didn’t make Badlands genius, the sum of its parts did. You comprehend the complexity of everything that went into it once you hear Ashley talk about how there was literal science and math and physics behind the creation of the textures, depth, and effects in the songs. It’s the amount of thought that went into it that elevates it. I can’t find the full interview now, but I think this is one of my favorites of her talking about all the shit that went into making Badlands. The entire interview from 2015 is amazing, but if you want to hear her just talking about Badlands and the complex scientific approach to the album go to 8:50.

Now that we’re on the cusp of the release of hopeless fountain kingdom one has to understand the same basic things. The video released today educates the meaning of the song. The video is another layer to the song. The video is just one of many that will enhance the concept of the album. This song will fall somewhere in the linear story that once you listen to the entire thing will make even more sense. Ashley’s art is a complete experience that goes beyond the music and unless that is acknowledged then it will never be properly appreciated. 

I get that some people may want to experience music through a standalone song or not think about things much. I guess that’s fine. Mindless entertainment has it’s time and place. The beauty of Ashley as an artist is that if you just want to bop to it and never go beyond that you can. “Now Or Never” or “Ghost” or “Colors” could do that for you, but if you want more then there is also this entire alternative universe to explore. You can get the best of both worlds. Point is, it’s unwise to judge Ashley’s work based on one piece. She doesn’t make music to be dissected that way. 

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Could you draw a step by step thing to show how to draw Maccready?

No but I can show you how I draw MacCready

Big head, skinny neck, normal width shoulders (^drew them narrow here lol) but overall skinny figure. Has a pretty good jawline too that I didn’t mention.

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If your kink is min yoongis neck, then welcome in the club 😉

OMYGOD!! YAAAASSS~~~ I legit have a tag for it btw… #Mok (Neck) LOL


yummm~~~ what do you think it would taste like? LOL

was that a weird question? hahaha

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Jim Kirk

Summary: Leonard has a date, you have a date, one of you needs to work. The most fair game Jim could think of ensues.

Warnings: language

A/N: a silly little fic about friends.

You were hoping Leonard had changed his mind by now. But, just in case he hadn’t, you took a deep breath— deep enough to allow every corner of your lungs to sting with the most sterile of scents— and smiled in the brightest way you knew how as you stepped into his favorite exam room.

He glanced at you, raising an eyebrow before he looked back down at his PADD. Wordlessly.

You cleared your throat, flashing him that attempt at a brilliant smile once more. Wordlessly.

Finally, he snorted. He set his hands against the edge of the counter he stood at and narrowed tired hazel eyes at you. “There a reason I can see all thirty-two of your teeth, sugar?”

Your cheeks grew more sore with each passing second, but you kept that smile intact like your life depended on it. “How are you doing today, Len? Did those beautiful hazels cure all my patients with just a glance in their direction?”

He crossed his arms over his chest and turned so he could face you entirely, he leant his side against the counter and raised his dark eyebrows. “What do you want?”

“Why is it that whenever I’m nice to you, you think it means I want something?” you asked, crossing your own arms over your chest and raising your own eyebrows. You nodded upwards. “You really that insecure, Len? Are you really that sus—”

“What do you want?” he pressed, his Southern accented voice louder than before while a smile contradictorily played at his lips. “Make it quick.”

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bc we‘re doing this lately - chaol

I just wanna share my feelings (SHOCKER). They are not pro-Chaol. They are not anti-Chaol. I liked him in ToG and CoM. His chapters bored me in HoF. In QoS he pissed me off. But I never thought it was his fault Nehemia died and I never thought he was abusive (which some people do apparently???)

When he and Celeana had been doing it for like a week and he was thinking marriage, I was kinda…

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But… I love that he’s loyal af to Dorian. Because I heart Dorian. And he’s an incredibly conflicted character whose notions of right and wrong are constantly being challenged. Which is just part of growing up? And I can Relate.

And the thing is, whatever I feel about him now, I’m sure that after his novel I’ll like him more. I think it will just naturally happen when we learn even more about him (I was thinking, maybe we’ll get flashbacks or history? that’d be cool), so… my feeling about Chaol and his novel are like a… 6/10 right now. Favorable, but nearly neutral.