but that's just how relevant to me it is ;~;

me when i have to accept the crushing reality that bismuth will never come back unless its plot relevant because thats how these writers treat their black coded characters

me when i gotta accept that im also desperate for bismuth’s return and i just want the poor gem to have some proper acknowledgement and closure so i convince myself that she’s coming back waiting for the inevitable anger and disappointment to hit me like a bus

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I was thinking and Dan's part about not hating the people who try to enforce gender rolls and say dumb heteronormative things but rather feeling bad for them? Very relevant to the way he used to act too. Poor internalized homophobia Dan that's a real shitty situation to be in I know firsthand :( I'm happy he's happy now in who he is and how people may perceive that

it just makes me so happy that dans become so comfortable in himself after having to deal with homophobic bullies and shit on and offline it makes my heart go ✨🌈

Ed Sheeran sentence starters
  • "I saw a shooting star and thought of you."
  • "You were lying next to me, I looked across and fell in love."
  • "If you wanna put this on me, that’s fine, I never blamed you for anything at all."
  • "The world looks better through your eyes."
  • "It's only been one night of love and maybe that is not enough."
  • "If I fall for you, would you fall too?"
  • "It's not a homeless life for me, it's just I'm home less than I'd like to be."
  • "I haven't slept for the past week, two hours ain't enough for me."
  • "I'm drunk off last nights whisky and coke."
  • "You can stay with me forever or you could stay with me for now."
  • "Outside the day is up and calling, but I don't have to be so, please go back to sleep."
  • "Never been better since all the therapy."
  • "And you know, if I let you go, I'll still keep you safe."
  • "You are the one I fall asleep with but never wake up to."
  • "The worst things in life come free to us."
  • "I wanna be drunk when I wake up on the right side of the wrong bed."
  • "What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all."
  • "I know I'll never hold you like I used to."
  • "I'll be drunk again to feel a little love."
  • "I know you'll never love me like you used to."
  • "I found your hair band on my bedroom floor, the only evidence that you've been here before."
  • "I don't drink like everybody else, I do it to forget things about myself."
  • "There's no chance that we'll work it out."
  • "I said that's fine, but you're the only one that knows I lied."
  • "Everybody said we'd be together forever."
  • "Everything's great and everything's sure, but you live in your halls and I live in a tour bus."
  • "Pain is only relevant if it still hurts."
  • "If I was gonna go somewhere, I'd be there by now."
  • "I should ink my skin with your name."
  • "I should run you a hot bath and fill it up with bubbles."
  • "You should never cut your hair 'cause I love the way you flick it off your shoulder."
  • "You will never know just how beautiful you are to me."
  • "Maybe you're hoping for a fairy tale, too."
  • "This is the start of something beautiful."
  • "And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to keep me warm."
  • "I'm out of touch, I'm out of love."
  • "I think I love you better now."
  • "Playing a different show every night in front of a new crowd."
  • "Let me sing and do my thing and move to greener pastures."
  • "You need me, man, I don’t need you."
  • "Never be anything but a singer-songwriter, yeah."
  • "People think that I’m bound to blow up."
  • "I haven’t got a house, plus I live on a couch."
  • "They say I’m up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator."
  • "Settle down with me, and I'll be your safety, you'll be my lady."
  • "I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet."
  • "Give me love like her, 'cause lately I've been waking up alone."
  • "All I want is the taste that your lips allow."
  • "Give me love like never before, 'cause lately I've been craving more."
  • "It's been a while but I still feel the same... maybe I should let you go."
  • "Another love that's gone to waste."
  • "If I kissed you, will your mouth read this truth?"
  • "Darling, how I miss you."
  • "You made me scream, but then I made you cry."
  • "Maybe you should learn to love her like the way you wanna be loved."
  • "I never told her that I liked the way she dances slightly out of time and pretends she knows the words to a song she's never heard."
  • "You’re not her, though I try to see you differently."
  • "I will try to find another one who suited me as well as her."
  • "We never even tried, we never even talked, we never even thought in the long run."
  • "Whenever it was painful, whenever I was away, I’d miss you."
  • "I didn't mean to break your heart."
  • "Everybody falls apart sometimes."
  • "I know you've found another one, but won't you just hold me tonight."
  • "They don't know we don't speak anymore."
  • "I will stop trying to fall in love again... it never works out anyway."
  • "But I am not anything like I was."
  • "I don't wanna lose a lover and friend in one night if that's alright."
  • "I shouldn't have fucked with your mind and your life too many times."
  • "I never meant to sleep around, I was just lonely."
  • "When I see my future, it is with you."
  • "We're not friends, nor have we ever been."
  • "If they find out, will it all go wrong?"
  • "We're not friends, we could be anything."
  • "Friends don't treat me like you do."
  • "Tell me that you turned down the man who asked for your hand 'cause you're waiting for me."
  • "I know, you're gonna be away a while, but I've got no plans at all to leave."
  • "Just promise me, you'll never leave again."
  • "Just promise me, you'll always be a friend."
  • "Everything changes, but we'll be strangers if we see this through."
  • "I've been sat with you for most of the night, ignoring everybody here."
  • "Don't you worry if I disappear."
  • "I'm not really looking for another mistake."
  • "I was never looking for a friend."
  • "Maybe you could swing by my room around ten, baby, bring a lemon and a bottle of gin."
  • "Baby, if you wanted me then you should've just said."
  • "Maybe we'll go together and just figure it out."
  • "Trust and respect is what we do this for."
  • "You didn't need to take him to bed that's all."
  • "I never saw him as a threat until you disappeared with him to have sex of course."
  • "It's not like we were both on tour, we were staying on the same fucking hotel floor."
  • "I wasn't looking for a promise or commitment, but it was never just fun and I thought you were different."
  • "This is not the way you realize what you wanted."
  • "It's a bit too much, too late if I'm honest."
  • "Getting high as two kites when we needed to breathe."
  • "I'd disappear, you'd call me selfish, I understand but I can't help it."
  • "So we can either deal with the pain and wait to get on a plane."
  • "You should go, 'cause I ain't ever coming home."
  • "I've been livin' on the road, but then again you should know."
  • "You won't ever be alone... wait for me to come home."
  • "Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul."
  • "When I'm away, I will remember how you kissed me."
  • "How'd I get so faded?"
  • "I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream."
  • "I've been looking for a lover, thought I'd find her in a bottle."
  • "I'll be feeling this tomorrow."
  • "You look so wonderful in your dress, I love your hair like that."
  • "We are surrounded by all of these lies and people who talk too much."
  • "You got the kind of look in your eyes as if no one knows anything but us."
  • "All that you are is all that I'll ever need."
  • "Just don’t expect me back this evening."
  • "I love him from my skin to my bones but I don’t wanna live in his home."
  • "I was raised to keep quiet."
  • "I don't wanna hate you."
  • "I kind of knew you liked the dude from private school."
  • "I knew he had his eyes on you."
  • "He's not the right guy for you."
  • "Don't hate me 'cause I write the truth."
  • "I would never lie to you but it was never fine to lose you."
  • "I'm just disgusted with the skeletons you sleep with in your closet."
  • "Fact is you're mad at me because I backtrack so casually."
  • "You're practically my family, if we married then I'll guess you'd have to be."
  • "Tragically our love just lost the will to live, but would I kill to give it one more shot? I think not."
  • "I don't love you, baby, I don't need you... I don't want you anymore."
  • "I'm not cut out for life on the road 'cause I didn't know I'd miss you this much."
  • "I guess I'm not the man that you need."
  • "Ever since you went to uni, I've been sofa surfing with a rucksack full of less cash and I guess that could get bad."
  • "When I broke the industry, that's when I broke your heart."
  • "I was supposed to chart and celebrate, but good things are over fast."
  • "I tend to turn you off and switch on my professional features, then I turn the music off and all I'm left with is to pick up my personal pieces."
  • "Success is nothing if you have no one left to share it with."
  • "I know you have a day job, but mine is 24/7."
  • "I still love you and I need you by my side if I could."
  • "The irony is if my career and music didn't exist, in 6 years, you'd probably be my wife with a kid."
  • "I'll die from a thrill, go down in history as just a wasted talent."
  • "Eventually I'll be fine, I know that it was never meant to be."
  • "These things happen for a reason and you can't change shit."
  • "Take my apology, I'm sorry for the honesty, but I had to get this off my chest."
  • "I will be loving you 'til we're 70."
  • "People fall in love in mysterious ways."
  • "I fall in love with you every single day."
  • "For four years I never had a place to stay."
  • "At 16 years old, I moved out of my home."
  • "I tattooed the lyrics onto my arm."
  • "I'll hold ya and you'll think of him."
  • "I'll never trust you again, you can just be a friend."
  • "If we should die tonight, then we should all die together."

Shadows of Almia valentines: Good Guy Edition™
These are somewhat inspired by @firefrostflare who made like actual Good ones? These are bad on purpose I mean just look at that comic sans. I’m so sorry (I’m not actually sorry)

Explaining how I came up with these would take a while so feel free to ask because some of them may not be obvious! Please ask me I’m so lonely and I just want to be cool and relevant

Percy Jackson Opinion #2

Ok so Uncle Rick does a great job incorporating real life issues into his books but one that I felt was totally left out and could have been a great story line was Frank learning to be confident in himself and learning to love himself. He could even have had it so that Hazel helped him to accept himself. It is totally a relevant and somewhat underrated issue with teens nowadays and do not try to tell me that Frank Zhang did not struggle with self acceptance and love. I mean the kid was so insecure in SON that he asked Percy something along the lines of if he was ashamed that Frank was related to him. I just feel it would have been such a better storyline if we truly got to see how Frank learned to love himself instead of him getting a major body “upgrade” and boom, he’s now confident! Anyways I guess thats all, now if you excuse me I’ll be shedding some tears for this storyline that had so much potential but never happened.

Avengers Sleepover (ft. bucky)
  • Tony: guys we should play a game
  • Natasha: you're all stupid
  • Clint: what game?
  • Tony: um i don't know
  • Wanda: how about truth or dare
  • Steve: you're such a girl
  • vision: shut up steve
  • Bucky: when can i go home
  • Tony: okay fine we'll play truth or dare gosh
  • Wanda: yAy
  • Bucky: *pouts in the corner*
  • Natasha: *glaring at bucky*
  • Tony: okay who wants to start
  • Clint: how about me
  • Bruce: are you even relevant anymore?
  • Natasha: why would he be jealous?
  • Clint: *regrets life*
  • Steve: *laughs*
  • Clint: sTOP laughing steve we all know you love bucky
  • Bucky: i want to go home

So yesterday, we had a bunch of newbs from a new realm come visit our practice. And at least 2, maybe more, were trans. and it was a weird sort of pride thing for me, that I had, on my own, turned a group of white male nerds (anyone whos been in a group for them knows why thats relevant) into a safe space for trans kids.
And it was just because of me being out and present. At this point, most of the realm has been here for only a year or two, and to them, that’s Just How It Is. I’m involved in the way the realm is run so none of our newbs can really protest that.
We had exactly one pronoun incident and I basically shut it down before it could even become a problem, and afterward it was just a funny story. It feels nice to know that because of the work I put in, an entire group of trans kids that had no idea what they were doing felt safe coming to fight and want to continue

welcome to the one direction fandom where unlike the standard fandom keeping up with one direction requires a week of review (by videos and masterposts) so that you’ll fully understand what’s happening and unlike the standard fandom you must always stay woke cause anything can happen at any given time

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please tell me, how are your photos relevant to 'overwatch' tag. that's against community guidelines and that's spam. idc about your followers, just please stay out of 'overwatch' and 'cod' tags when your face has nothing to do with them. if you want to tag photos like this go and take one when you're playing the game you want to tag. don't be ego-centered and think about the fact that a lot of people don't want to look at your photos but things associated with the tag...........

Block me if you don’t like my content 😌

its scary that like if a group doesnt comeback for 4 months or more they just completely stop being on my dash like how quickly we forget idk the kpop industry is so intense now ppl gotta stay relevant ……

170429 - Sehunnie’s Smile

Today’s bias is Sehun!

And his smile makes me want to adopt thirty puppies, end world hunger, and write a novel all before dinner time.

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Let’s just watch him smile and laugh.

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Whoops, how’d that one get in there?

Sehun: *whisper whisper whisper*

Lay: “Oh, yeah, I added it.  I thought it was relevant.”

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By the way, I was catching up with Bones last night, and who comes waltzing in? Fucking Balthazar, posing as a French Interpol detective. And there I was all happy and proud, going, Whoa, nice French accent he’s got there, and then Damn, he can actually say a few words as well and also Really, that’s top-notch work on his language skills, quite impressive, when my spidey sense flared up and I check and -

- I’ll just see myself out, okay? Okay.

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hi can u pls help me out i need an idea for an app thats "socially relevant" like for ex. Uber!! i cant think of anything "doable" bc we need to make the idea into an actual app by the end of our trimester and im freaking out!!! Pls help me

omg how about a help network? like there are times where people can’t get to a hospital nor to the doctors since they are generally closed really late, so instead you could just notify a group of doctors who are available that will reply instantly and try to help? or a homeless shelter app that will locate your location and connect you with the closest one nearby? these are really shit i’m so sorry but that’s all i could come up with tbh, i hope it helped tho!!

0.05 µsv

I’ve been introducing myself as radioactive since middle school. Then Imagine dragons a fucked that all up for me. I wrote this back in 2012 I think. I found it scouring old friends blogs for a story I wrote (which I still have not found)

(0.05 µsv is, for the record, an estimate of how much radioactivity you’re subjected to by sleeping next to someone for a night)

we can talk becquerels, sieverts and roentgen baby I got the knowledge, lets talk fantastic stochastics, soliloquies of star burns waxing enthusiastic about exposures and scientific expiation, let me seduce you with cosmic radiation, let me bless you with the knowledge that every time your plane touches thirty thousand feet you glow a little brighter, thats knowledge for you to keep, Lover I am just glowing particle physics imbued with relevance and meaning by human mystics I want to burn a little brighter for you echoes of star forges and crackling background noise its true I don’t know how to show I love you every day I just know that the my heart and the universe beat the same way, all I have is a rad-counter tick and a background hum, I’m just a screaming pulsar baby, want to be your sun.

"What actually happened" for Dummies
  • <p> <b>Sakura:</b> *remembers "thank you" scene from first time she confessed*<p/><b>Sakura:</b> if I "STILL" have a ""PLACE"" IN ""YOUR HEART"" then please don't slip any further away...if we just all stayed together forever then i'm sure things will go back to the way they ""USED" TO BE"...<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> *shakes at her words, calls her "annoying"(recalling the same day that made her understand that she indeed once had a place in "his heart"), instead of actually killing her (like he intended with naruto) he genjutsus her because he fears that she might get in the way(get hurt)*<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> *doesn't get it...yet* you lil shit all Sakura ever did was love you...<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> *tries to play cold;but fails* Does she expect for me to play at romance? She has no reason to love me and likewise..<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> *throws chancla at him* baka--BAKA! you only need a reason when it's hate and...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> ...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> wait a diddinly darn minute...?<p/><b></b> Playing at romance? what da heck are you talking about? She never mentioned any of "that"??...she "just said" that she loved you, wanted you to go back,and for things to go back to the way they "USED" to be!<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> (shit.)<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> you sneaky lil bastard were you two playing at romance behind Sensei's back, back then?<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> *laughs* they kinda looked like they were "lovers"...I feel so embarrassed *blushes*... And I cried so much when they first parted as well... OMG so much feels!...you guys should also read--<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> not now trollshimoto, I have answers I need questioned.<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> It's kishi.Kishimoto,and I think what you actually meant to say was: "questions i need answered"?<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> Now...don't get all cocky of me just because you think you're the writer of this Manga!<p/><b>Kishi:</b> eh? But I am the writer...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> shhhhhh<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> *turns to Sasuke* now, as I was saying...<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> *not there anymore*<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> WHAT? Where did Mr. "duck's-butt-hair" go? He still hasn't answered Sensei's question!<p/><b>Naruto:</b> I dunno, he said something like: *changes voice to sasuke* "those may just be chains from our failed past" and then ran away like a ninja while half-crying-half-blushing.<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> ?ah! "and naruto" how long have you been there?<p/><b>Naruto:</b> NOW THAT'S JUST RUDE!<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> oh sorry it's just that you were irrelevant atm.<p/><b>Naruto:</b> hah? I was the one who has seen more ss moments I'll have you know!<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> Naruto, have I ever told you how relevant you were?<p/><b>Naruto:</b> you changed your mind pretty quickly...eh -_-<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> oh common Naruto, don't be like that. Tell your most beloved Sensei what he wants to know, mmh?<p/><b>Naruto:</b> now I'm not sure about "most beloved"; but I'll tell you anyway just so you don't say I'm irrelevant to all of this...<p/><b></b> There was that time when he wanted to die for her and wanted me to carry her and run with her as fast and far as I could no matter what happened while telling me how dear she was to him; but of coarse I immediately took the spotlight away from him because I'm the protagonist and I'm suppose to save people...,anyways there was also this time where sakura was worried for him and I had no idea what was going on but<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> pfft third wheel<p/><b>Naruto:</b> I wasn't!<p/><b></b> He just admitted that "only she" could convince him of anything with the exception of revenge!... which was kinda of weird because despite having said this the moron still planned on dying, throwing away his dream just so "she could live"...<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> well I did say that sakura ("the girl who filled "his heart(lonely existence)" with the emotion called "LOVE"") was a "precious" person he was supposed to protect...duhhh that's why he broke a guy's arms for touching her, and the only one who could calm him down was sakura "by hugging him". Hello? Anyone remember that?<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> and then... "naruto"?<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> (was I just ignored?)<p/><b>Naruto:</b> when sakura hugged him at the hospital he made an expression that made me feel like I didn't belong in the room so I left<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> See...!third wheel!<p/><b>Naruto:</b> -_-<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *sarcastic laugh* Ha-Ha-Ha! Not so much, because later the idiot was jealous of me and decided to fight me(almost kill me)...and part of it was triggered because of sakura's grateful smile towards me...and despite wanting to chidori "me" to enter true darkness like itachi wanted him to...when Sakura got in between... he suddenly got scared!<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> welp I always knew he had a crush on her...he probably also feels strongly about her if not cutting his ties with her wouldn't have been so hard back then...<p/><b>Hagoromo:</b> love is a complicated thing...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> you still here?.<p/><b>Hagoromo:</b> I was just leaving<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> 685 anyone? I threw sasuke in that dimension for the purpose of eyesex, and to catch him in his cold act...let's not forget that i--<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> oh can you just be quiet!?<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> Oh so now you're not ignoring me, huh?<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> You killed Rin! I hate you! *kicks him back to his original dimension*<p/><b>Naruto:</b> Ooo-Kaay?? Now that Sakura's words have shaken Sasuke's soul... I'm going to punch some sense into him and finally bring him back...cause that's pretty much what this story is about "when love doesn't work, punch your friend in the face until he realizes it does"<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> *from the distance* he sure is taking his time<p/><b>Naruto:</b> (my sasuke senses are tingling) *runs away like a ninja*<p/><b>Hagoromo:</b> I hope those boys get their love back...*looks at Sakura* especially Sasuke...that bootay is fine...*starts to disappear*<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> What bootay is fine? Wait, wait, waaaaaiiiit...ah aaaand he left...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> *sighs* we don't get paid well enough...<p/><b>Sakura:</b> *suddenly wakes up from a genjutsu cast by the current strongest sharingan user* you think...?<p/></p>

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Ok so (for context in case you publish this) I haven't read the series yet -- but after that 'barely relevant' LF/Lyanna exposition ... do you think maybe it's in there as a really badly structured allusion to the show possibly going the way of Jon is Rhaegar/Lyanna's son? I don't know how much that is alluded to in the books but I know it's a fan theory that's out there. And seeing as the show is diverting heavily from canon anyway... Thoughts?

I’ve thought about how to answer this for a little. And this might seem like an odd tangent to go off on, but just hear me out.

I am of the opinion that Jon is absolutely Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son, and that their relationship was consensual (ymmv on how manipulative it was, but I believe it’s supposed to be a tragic romance). And I’m assuming the show will “confirm” it if not this season, next. They’re really not being shy about the nods.

How explicit is it in the books? It kind of reminds me of Dumbledore/Grindelwald where on first read you may not see it, but on reread it’s totally there, to the point where you can’t believe you missed it. And like understanding the romantic nature of the Dumbledore/Grindelwald relationship, knowing R+L=J majorly enhances the narrative. 

See that’s the thing about “R+L=J.” It’s not like some big “whodunnit?” puzzle for the readers to solve. It is an element of the narrative: one that is thematically central to Ned’s story, as well as potentially significant for Jon’s role moving forward. The latter is something I can only guess at, but the former…it’s about Ned’s internal vs. external honor. This secret was killing him, but he knew it was the right thing to do despite the fact that it besmirched his honor and caused strife with Catelyn. And then Ned poetically does the exact same thing to save Sansa, which ultimately is what kills him (it’s also worth noting there are major parallels between Lyanna and both Stark girls).

Ned’s AGOT narrative is like, ALL about this, too. His arc was never a simplistic “honor gets you killed,” which are the words that D&D put into the mouth of Stannis last episode. And that’s what’s kind of pissing me off about what’s happening with R+L=J on the show. It’s once again D&D’s simplistic understanding of things.

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hELLO LOVELY HOMEWORK-EATING PEOPLE kOU HAS miraculously reached 3K in 3.5 months *sob* (i’m not gg to start some speech but basically i sincerely love every one of you so tysm)

so of course (heh heh) i still don’t have a faves page, but there are countless wonderful studyblrs out there that i really wanted to somehow give back;

these are the categories ++ (literally i will pick like >ten for each bc there are so many amazing suitable blogs and i aaaA)

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what you’ll gET (why you should join *wink* *cough*)

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okie dokie so thats about it!! this ends 20/6 :’_) my disclaimer : i love all studyblrs and the community, the faves page is just a show of blogs i frequently reblog from and personally admire due to various aspects based on my personal preference! please show a basic level of respect within the community & love!! also i follow a shit ton of people so -

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okay everyone i need someone to talk about the height difference between waverly and nicole with. like how big is that height difference exactly? how tall is haught? waverly is 5′4″ (according to dominique’s imdb page thats her height) does haught tease waverly over their height difference? does waverly ever make haught carry her? does she avoid asking haught to get things from higher shelves so haught wont be able to tease her? someone talk to me

Harry Shum Jr. On Glee

So you’re thinking, “hey! I’m a new fan of Harry’s because of Shadowhunters. I love him as Magnus Bane and heard he was on Glee! But there are so many eps/I’ve heard its bad/super offensive/he doesn’t have that big of a role” 

Yes, all of these things are correct. Glee was a rough ride for us all. Even those of us who loved it lol. But lucky for you all, I’m a Gleek and if you feel like just watching something Harry has been in I’ve made a handy guide for you. Some of this is from memory, some is based on my recent rewatching and skimming (I would fast forward through songs/characters/scenes I hate). I have also seen every Glee ep an embarrassing number of times. 

Episodes with a star* next to it are ones particularly worth watching if you are a Harry fan because the scenes are longer/relevant to Mike’s plotline.

You’re welcome! Enjoy.

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