but that's just how relevant to me it is ;~;


Shadows of Almia valentines: Good Guy Edition™
These are somewhat inspired by @firefrostflare who made like actual Good ones? These are bad on purpose I mean just look at that comic sans. I’m so sorry (I’m not actually sorry)

Explaining how I came up with these would take a while so feel free to ask because some of them may not be obvious! Please ask me I’m so lonely and I just want to be cool and relevant

why would you even bring up a child’s sexuality in a movie where literally no character expresses even having a crush like that’s so creepy…….. yikes. and then when i say i’m uncomfortable w you imposing a sexuality on a child, you try to condescend to me and explain that kids can be gay like yes that’s possible, but how is it even a relevant thing to bring up???? why even make the comment??? gross. just like. don’t bring up a child’s sexuality when it’s unnecessary???? is this really something i need to say???? yikes.

welcome to the one direction fandom where unlike the standard fandom keeping up with one direction requires a week of review (by videos and masterposts) so that you’ll fully understand what’s happening and unlike the standard fandom you must always stay woke cause anything can happen at any given time

How to be adult about discourse/differing opinions

Person: Look, no offense but your fave is legitimately problematic.

Me, confused, slightly defensive but still genuinely curious: How so?

Person: *lists several completely shitty things my fave has done that I knew nothing about because I don’t follow fandom discourse* Sorry, just thought you should know.

Me, upset but still not mad bc this shit is important: No, thanks for telling me. Guess my fave is a bit problematic. I’ll take what you’ve shown me into consideration and rethink my actions before supporting said fave again.

(I’ll go back to posting non-problematic stuff in the morning but like,,,,, idk man it kind of needs to be said, someone I care about was actually sorry for showing me that my favorite author was problematic and I’m pretty sure it was because of the tumblr mob mentality, like there’s no fandom safe from it)

hey hello just here to shed some light on the fact that the maximoffs jewish heritage and past were completely ignored in aou and this broke my heart. as a practising jew coming from an extreme minority group i cant even begin to describe how important jewish representation in the media is. so many people are navigating from the faith because its not relevant enough in their lives, and discrediting their entire past does not help this issue in the slightest. trust me as a young girl seeing the prince of egypt and the rugrats passover episode made me surge with pride for my faith. stan lee (a proud jew) created these strong jewish characters for a reason, just think about that.

okay everyone i need someone to talk about the height difference between waverly and nicole with. like how big is that height difference exactly? how tall is haught? waverly is 5′4″ (according to dominique’s imdb page thats her height) does haught tease waverly over their height difference? does waverly ever make haught carry her? does she avoid asking haught to get things from higher shelves so haught wont be able to tease her? someone talk to me