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Maggie Sawyer Week
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The Head Tilt ™ and some things I kinda sorta think she says when she does that.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Aaron Tveit and George Blagden both read passages of the brick to enrich their interpretations in Les Misérables, and where George Blagden noticed Grantaire's adoration for Enjolras, Aaron Tveit mainly picked up on Enjolras' charisma, fervor and faith in the rebellion. That's very flavour of meta and i don't know how to deal with it please send help
So here’s a thought...

Just imagine the Chocobros passing at the end of the final battle…

Dawn arises for the first time in ten years. Former citizens of Lucis, Accordo, and even Niflheim run out into the streets and out on the clear roads open fields to rejoice in the first light. Hunters finally dismantle their bases of operation against daemon hoards to focus on rebuilding their hometowns and to establish new homes for the survivors in Lestallum. Several days pass and yet no one hears anything from the King and his Crownsguards. Rumor got around that maybe the King has already started rebuilding Insomnia.

A group of hunters braves the stillness and underlying feeling of dread the fallen city of Insomnia emits. No one wanted to be even near the city before the world’s end and sure as hell no one wanted to be near it when the world went to shit. With the daemons gone and rumors of the King finally taking back his throne, the hunters and former refugees of Insomnia are more than ready to come back home.

Imagine Iris Amicitia, the Daemon Slayer, arriving at the Citadel a few days after first break of dawn. Imagine returning to your hometown after fleeing as a young woman, now returning as one of the most respected hunter and leader among your peers. Imagine leading the first group of people to step foot into their hometown for the first time in a decade. The city is still and the quiet is deafening. Debris everywhere from the destruction of the city and from the recent battles. The streets leading to the Citadel charred from the battle with the Infernian.

Imagine Iris walking up to the steps of the Citadel. Photos scattered everywhere, all of them were obviously from Prompto since she’s seen him look through these photos during his down time, or whenever he’s too injured to fight. However, Prompto is nowhere in sight, and there was no way in hell he would have left these just lying around.

Imagine Iris finding Ignis’s book of recipies just by the front lobby, its writer nowhere in the room. She remembers those first few years in Lestallum as she read each recipe out loud for Ignis as he re-learns how to be himself again.

Imagine Iris Amicitia finding her brother’s body at the steps of the King’s throne. He’s placed at the foot of the throne where Noctis’ body sat pinned with his father’s sword. Alongside her brother are Ignis’ and Prompto’s bodies, it was pretty obvious that someone had moved their bodies to place them by their King who they swore to protect. Whoever it was will forever be a mystery.

By her brother’s side was a sword she’d seen him carry around. She’s heard the story straight from Cor the Immortal about how her brother earned the sword after challenging some ancient spirit that Cor, himself, had lost to.

Imagine Iris Amicitia inheriting the Genji Blade from her brother; a piece of his legacy as the King’s Shield, now hers to carry on as the Sword and Shield of their new world. Imagine Iris keeping Ignis’ book of recipes as a memento of the various places they once visited. Imagine Iris keeping Prompto’s photos as a remembrance of the people she had grown up with during a time now long gone…

Just…Imagine Iris Amicitia at the start of the new world, as she walks away from the people she loved. With only mementos of a time when they were all happy, with only their possessions to remember them by…Into a new world she inherited from the men she cared for and admired.

ok i respect rebecca making all the gems female. i mean, as far as i can tell it was intended as a kind of a “hey, you know how a lot of sci-fi species are all-male, or they dont have genders but theyre all called he/him? what if instead, my species all uses she/her and are female coded just cause?”

like, im cool with that. i get that. its kinda just a “whys masculinity the default?” thing.

but then a combination of the su-can-do-no-wrong fandom and that one godforsaken ama where rebecca got “sexless” and “genderless” mixed up (and possibly other crew members pushing it) made them out to be nonbinary or nonbinary representation. but, i mean, theyre all female-coded, female-voiced, called she/her and woman and the like without protest, and even homeworld gems readily use she/her for themselves and others. anybody who watches the show without that context would interpret the gems as women because thats how they present and are interpreted within the context of the show and the characters within the show.

im not saying that you cant see them as nb, obviously. theyre just not nb representation.

no offense but i dont like how tumblr is turning dr flug into a “moe uguu~ uwu precious cinnamon roll who cant do anything wrong and we must protect” type of character like, thats so boring let him be a villain

My problems with bughead

DISCLAIMER: I hate bughead, not bughead shippers. I acknowledge that you can ship what ever you like, so acknowledge that i can disagree

anyway on track

1. It erases a key aspect of Jugheads character. I know asexuals can have romantic interests but Jughead does not. Look at any of the comics and see how often its clearly expressed that he is not interested in woman, whether that  means he’s homoromantic or aromantic is up to interpretation (the more likely being the latter) Putting him in a relationship with a woman is unnecessary and just all together OOC. I get riverdale is all for DFP Jughead but like thats just not who he is.

2. It steps on Betty’s story as well. One of the key aspects of Betty’s story is her insistent fawning on Archie. Im all for her being an independent women and  getting over Archie but to throw her immediately into a relationship with her next closest male friend (minus our mandatory GBF Kevin but dont even get me started on that) is a step in the wrong direction.

3. I love a good romance as much as anyone, but why can’t we have one m/f close friendship with out it turning romantic for once? Im unbelievably sick of television ruining great friend ships by giving them ~straight sexual tension~ (you know like they hang out sometimes and one time they even looked each other in the eye they must be fucking) Jughead and Betty’s friendship was so good, why do you gotta fuck with that? 

I get it, if riverdale is your first introduction to these characters you wouldn’t get it, but trust that bughead is so OOC and unnecessary. Is this due to the CW’s tendency to fuck up everything they touch? maybe, but either way its painful to watch. (dont get me wrong i love the show but its a bit trashy)

anyway yeah im done ranting, ive got more salt for this hetero-normative bull, but im tired  so yknow

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Hello! I've been seeing your recent posts and I must feel, though I don't like the ship myself, I must play devils advocate. Songs are about a person's personal interpretation and have no true set meaning or feeling. If someone interprets a song as stan//cest, that doesn't make it forever stan//cest. That is THEIR personal interpretation about how the song makes them feel regarding the Stans, and nothing else. Feel free to make it platonic, but that doesn't mean a person's feelings aren't valid.

thats true, and if it was any other ship i, honestly, wouldn’t give two shits. but the moment your interpretation is an incestual ship, its time to stop. like, just in general, just stop.
i’ve had to worry about shippers long enough, i really don’t like the validation that im gonna have to worry about this whole charade again like i did back when i drew Colors. the reason i said “forever platonic” is because i want it to be safe. i dont think you understand how uncomfortable some people can get with the ship. it makes me uncomfortable when i see people tagging my art as that. i dont want people to have to question my intentions.

Classpect and Personality

So I answered an ask last night that got me thinking about how personality has a role in someone’s classpect or vice versa. On the surface, it seems true that certain personalities match up with certain Aspects and Classes, (ie: Mind players being unempathetic and analytical, Princes being arrogant, etc) but I think classpect has less to do with personality and more to do with how you affect the world around you. How you act depends on your personality of course, but your character traits are less important than one might think. If I was going to analyze someone based on personality, I would probably have to either predict how they would act in a situation or ask them themselves and make decisions based on that.

My train of thought goes like this: it’s like Hogwarts houses. Your core traits and values decide where you go, regardless of your personality. (it’s a flawed system but that’s not a discussion for here) Classpect sort of works the same way, just switch out core traits and values for your literal effect on the world around you. Motives do not matter, only the action itself does. 

That being said, certain personality based tests (like @thepageofhopes ) work really well, even though any test probably doesn’t do the whole “we can predict how you affect the universe based on personality” thing intentionally. I think the use of personality types is pretty clever in any test (instead of a random question quiz type format), especially since we don’t live in a plot based world that’s easier to analyze than real life.

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So I am a sucker for trauma related headcanons. Really, those interpretations that go deep into the characters psyche, how some events affected their personality and self image, coping mechanisms, anything of the sort. If you feel comfortable to share yours or even just one about Hal, please do!! It will be amazing to hear. Thank you :)

oh omg thank u so much ;_>; yes i have a ton of thoughts abt this, i spent like all day yesterday trying to gather them to say smthing cohesive here lol., thank u thank u tho this is so nice ., 

[big Abuse CW here, nothing like graphic descriptions but a lot of talking abt the aftereffects lol, b wary]

so a big thing tht i like to play with when characterizing, any of the GLs, is kind of… finding ways to give them insecurities that uh? click with how the ring works? i guess i end up tying the whole nature of getting superpowers for willpower and overcoming fear to mental battles and internal struggles., thats especially how i tend to see hal + his issues. he has no normal coping mechanisms lol.

i guess how i see it mostly is that, hal is the type of person to cope w stuff in the past by just avoiding any type of introspection whatsoever. he doesnt like to acknowledge that anything was ever weirdly unbalanced between himself and sinestro, or that sinestro was ever actively manipulative to him. that just opens up this whole can of worms, like that something was actually wrong, and that’s just a whole mess that hal would rather not deal with really! it’s fine, he’s dealing with it fine. he’s going to forget about it and move on. like he always does. he’s fine.

he gets prickly even at the notion that any of what went down in that whole Debacle would have affected him in the longterm. but…. also, when he thinks about everything sinestro knows about him…. and the fact that sinestro thinks about him regularly., he just gets this cold feeling in his stomach. and he doesnt know why? 

he just kind of barrels forward bc even tho its hard, in a way its a lot easier than looking back. hal doesnt want to have to process anything thats happened to him. he doesnt want to think of himself as th kind of person who’s been hurt on that kind of a personal level. 

i think this got kind of abstract??? i’ll maybe elaborate in further posts; ive got a lot more specifically on how this and any further interactions w sinestro fuck with his sense of self a lot.,, but this is already charging into “extreme alternate character interpretation” territory lol., thank u so much anon, i hope ths is ok ;_>;

im actually disgusted by how trained i am in rapidly and desperately interpreting nonsensical information on a webpage thats composed in the most absurd ways so that i can maybe find an actual torrent file for this one particular book that i wanna read

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Hola friendo :3 sooo just wanted to say that I've been following you for pretty much the entirety of your art/Tumblr days and that honestly? Your art has changed and grown so much into something so many people (such as myself) are jealous of. The way you make hair is gorgeous, the lighting and colouring is just. WOW?! Backgrounds, the characters and how well you interpret them... I can't wait for commissions to open because I'll be the first to ask for one.

I’ve kinda been sitting on this ask until I found the right time to reply, and… Honestly I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to find the words to express how much this means to me! Q-Q

This past- 1? 2? 1 and a half? years has been so… Unexpected?? I guess unexpected in a way, I never actually expected to gain even 10 followers, let alone…

Q~Q …That’s a LOT of people holy heck…

Truth be told when I started this blog, I was just using it as a neat little side thing so that I could catalogue and view my own art improvement as time went on. When I reached 100 followers I was just… In awe, and now I’m nearly at 1000?!! It’s ASTONISHING. I’m at a point now where I could actually make money out of something I enjoy, which is certainly a bonus, but I adore art as a hobby mostly.

Definitely gonna open commissions soon tho, so continue to keep an eye out for that! :D

I like to think I’ve improved a lot since I got my first art tablet in December 2015, and honestly, comparing my art to back then… I think I really have!! And it’s fantastic to know that you think so too- GOSH it’s even MORE amazing that you’ve stuck around so long!! As much as a joke about my old art being embarrassing, I DO feel pretty proud looking back at it- And I loved it at the time, so that’s what matters!

And aaa, the fact you compliment my character interpretation too is super flattering- I adore the characters I draw, whether my own or someone else’s, and always try my best to portray them in an accurate light.

Gosh, I don’t wanna get sappy, but I DO want to thank @loverofpiggies- As far as inspirations go, she’s been by far my biggest this past year or so. Basically, my entire art career. I remember when she first reblogged something of mine I was SO HAPPY I nearly cried- Now I torment her on a daily basis. Pretty quick turnaround lmao (im sorry ily cq i promise) but still- From Askerror, to Fresh, now to Gloomverse- ALL her stuff has been a huge source of ideas and enjoyment and just. I’M BAD AT WORDS BUT I OWE CQ A LOT and WOW now I sound like I’m accepting some kinda award. mom if ur reading this,,

I’ve made some amazing amazing friends through this too- Not gonna NAME NAMES but there are some P SWELL PEEPS ‘ROUND HERE YO… And as someone who, going back just a few months ago, could barely work up the nerve to type out a simple ‘hi’, I wanna say thank you so so much. It’s amazing how much my social anxiety has improved thanks to ya’ll- I can actually talk without stuttering now XD ( @alainaprana and her streams helped a HECK TON in getting me started with this~!)

And I absolutely do want to thank followers like you who’ve just… Stuck around this long. I dunno how you’ve managed to put up with me, but thank you so so much- All the amazing support I’ve gotten has really really helped push me through. Just under a year ago I was going through a pretty horrendous part of my life, and art (and in turn, you guys) was a massive comfort. I really do love doing art and making people happy with what I create, it’s all I want, really. So knowing that I CAN do that is… Flattering.

…I don’t know where I was going here and I kinda started rambling, but- Thank you so much, for this ask, and to all my followers for staying around to see my art!! I hope I can continue to create and give enjoyment to people for a long time!!

ok that was longer than expected oops

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"Only great?" LOL. I guess people don't know how to interpret something good unless you're SHOOK and use tons of exclamation points and emojis. Glad you enjoyed the episode. I'm looking forward to it.

I think they were expecting:
👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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Just found this blog! How are you holding up, friend? Also, what is your opinion on Marvel Avengers Academy's interpretation of you as a brooding teenager who writes bad slam poetry?

im doing pretty good, buddy. my ‘i voted’ sticker is still stuck to the back of tonys helmet, and thats still pretty hilarious. no one has told him its there yet, but hes starting to get confused about how often people are taking selfies behind him

i havent played that game, although i did have to sign off on some licensing stuff which i probably should have read first. and writing poetry was a lot cooler when i was a teenager than it is now okay it was badass then. but if anyone somehow digs that stuff up im lighting it and them on fire

i keep questioning my relation to my mars being in scorpio (my venus is in virgo i think thats why im constantly defeating myself but anyway) and then i read this post and i was like OH…. oh………. ok………. thanks for spellin it out like that…… its interesting how different interpretations and vocabularies can convey different personal meanings

… the amount of people i’m seeing referring to So’s feelings as ‘man pain’

excuse me but, man pain is getting all upset and being all angsty sitting under a tree because you have feelings for your wife’s cousin

not having your heart ripped out by every single person around you. 

how is someone’s literal fight (not even a metaphoric fight about his feelings)  to survive being interpreted as man pain?