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Hi, how's it going? I stumbled across your blog while casually browsing, and let me just say you've got a hella cool art style(though you say its not consistent). Could you possibly just give me a summery on your art journey, like when first started getting into art and how you've gotten so good at it? I hope you're having a wonderful day\evening\ night, and remember you're amazing!!

I mean sure…story time!
Waaaaay back in kindergarten theres this one kid I want to befriend with and he’s basically good at everything(at least that’s what I remember…. ) including drawing. So that’s pretty much how I got into drawing, to impress some kid who didn’t even know who I was.
Then later I got into reading comics, cartoon and copied exactly the drawing from them. It was Doraemon I think. I just got my tablet about 2 years ago and I think thats when I started drawing more often and up until now.

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Made up title: "Don't let go"

I can’t say why, but this seems like a real sad story here.

So Tony is badly hurt after the whole Civil war and he doesn’t know what to do. He thinks about retiring… because now the world doesn’t even need Iron man not to mention tony stark. So yeah he wants to quit and go somewhere new and just forget about everything.

And thats when Peter finds him. And Tony sees how awesome the Guardians are and he wants to be a hero again, thanks to them. And Peter says to him one night that he shouldnt let go off his life as superhero… and off him. that he should join them and become the hero he always was.

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could you do a drabble where newt and reader just came home from a small date and theyre literally so happy but still arent sure the other reciprocates their feelings but then they kiss and then one of them (preferably newt) says "oh, there's no way i'm done kissing you." idk its something thats been bothering me for a while have a great day love ♪

“Would you like to come in?” You mumble, face already turning a bright red as you ask the question. You pray he won’t misunderstand. You just want to spend more time together. He’s a fantastic man—funny, interesting, cute—and you want to spend more time with him.

You fiddle with your keys, eyes fixed on how them gleam in the light over your front porch. Oh Merlin, what if he doesn’t want to come in? What if he thinks you mean something else? What if he’s really just waiting for a chance to disappear? He seems kind enough to not outright reject you; what if he says yes but doesn’t really want to?

You bite your lip. “You don’t have to. I was just thinking you may like some water or a snack.”

Merlin’s beard, this is horrible.

He himself seems nervous, hands shoved deep in his pockets, eyes avoiding your own as he nods. “I’d love to if you’ll have me.”

You glance at him, searching his expression for any hesitation but find none. “I’m sorry if it’s a little messy.”

He chuckles and shrugs. “I don’t really mind a mess.”

“Okay.” You give him a nervous smile before turning and fumbling with the keys, cursing yourself in your head when it takes a few tries to turn the lock. You look over your shoulder as you push the door open. “Dumb thing likes to stick.”

“I could look at it if you’d like.”

You shake your head quickly. “That’s all right. I don’t want to make you work at all. I’ve already put you through enough this evening.”

“Please,” he replies as he steps past you, “I’ve been the one wasting your evening.”

Your palms start to sweat when he says that. Does he think you haven’t enjoyed the date? Oh Merlin, that’s not at all how you feel. You’ve loved every second of it. For a while there, you’d even been able to relax. Then you’d worked up the courage somehow to slip your hand into his on the walk home, setting the nest of butterflies waiting in your stomach all night into motion. You’d become an utter wreck, wondering the entire time if you were gripping his hand too hard, if he was interested in you, if he even wanted to be walking you back to your house. You second guessed yourself so much, you considered pulling your hand away, but you figured you were in too deep. It would seem weird if halfway home you just dropped his grasp.

So you’d walked here hand-in-hand, exchanging light conversation, absolutely exhilarated by how amazing Newt is.

“Not at all!” You blurt out. You close your eyes, kicking yourself. Why can’t you just act normal?

Newt recovers enough of his sense to raise an eyebrow. “You aren’t annoyed by me yet?”

“No. I don’t see how anyone could be. Your stories are fascinating.”

He pulls a hand from his pocket to rub the back of his neck. “You’re in the minority of people.”

You frown, speaking without thinking. “Well, the majority is stupid, then.”

You run a hand through your hair, staring wide-eyed at the floor, embarrassed by your candid confession.

Newt, though, smiles, cheeks pink. “I tend to call them boring.”

“Either way, they’re wrong.” You mutter, ending the conversation.

The floor creaks as you shift your weight from one foot to the other and try desperately to come up with something to say to end the silence.

Before you can, though, Newt clears his throat. “I realize I haven’t told you just how lovely you look tonight.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“I know it’s the first date, so don’t feel pressured to say yes, but…” he trails off, taking a deep breath before glancing up at you, head bowed, hand paused on the back of his neck. “Would it be all right if I kissed you?”

Your face may as well be an oven for hot it gets as you begin stuttering and stammering. “Oh, I, I don’t, I mean, that’d be…”

Newt interrupts you with a raised eyebrow, his own face as red as yours must be. “Yes?”

You let a long breath through your lips as you scratch your upper arm. “Yes.”

He chuckles and steps forward.

Your heart nearly stops when he brushes back your hair and rests a hand on your cheek. He’s so close you can see the light freckles crossing his nose and damn, they’re so adorable.

His eyes search your face as the corners of his lips twitch up into a sweet smile. The butterflies in your stomach storm around as he tilts his head and leans in, pressing a light kiss to your lips. It’s gentle, just one kiss that he holds for a few seconds, one kiss that’s soft and tender and sweet and sends you floating on air, one kiss that you won’t forget.

When he pulls away, you have to swallow three times before you can speak. “I, um, that was nice.”

He laughs lightly. “To say the least.”

You don’t drop his gaze as you search his eyes, trying to identify every shade that makes up their gorgeous color while you murmur, “It’s getting late.” Though you don’t want to, you begin to step away. “I don’t want to keep you.”

Newt grins, it’s nervous but lovely. “There’s no way I’m done kissing you yet.”

You can’t help your own smile. “Well, if that’s how you feel…”

He smiles and closes the distance between you again, and you wouldn’t mind if the night never ends.

Im also lowkey waiting for Vegeta to slap Goku in the face right as he’s explaining why he brought back Frieza to fight with them because thats not the kind of thing you can do without some shit going down

(not that I want to see Goku vet smacked but he has to realise how much of a bad idea this is)

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mod pickles on that shaladinblocklist says "if someone is sadistic enough to do what you are describing with my list that is not my fault I can not mind control people to do what i want them to do believe if I could shaladin would be gone" but LMAO THEYRE ALWAYS SHOUTING AT US WHEN WE SAY THAT WE CANT MIND CONTROL IRL PEDOS FROM GROOMING KIDS 🙄how hypocritical. 1/2 -luffy

we say “if someone is sadistic enough to do what you are describing with my ART that is not my fault I can not mind control people to do what i want them to do believe if I could PEDOPHILES would be gone”. and then they say it doesnt matter. Thats not how it works you cant just turn it around like that when it benefits you. Antis this is a flaw in your logic weed this out if you want us to take you seriously. ugh 😩 2/2 -luffy


THIS TEAAA 👀☕️☕️☕️


Time for a big post of all the TAZ arc fanart I did in order, for fun! 

If you guys haven’t listened to The Adventure Zone, treat yourself a go listen to it! I really love the podcast, the characters, the storytelling and the humor are just so wonderful! 

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soft boy daniel howell 💐🌻

inspired by that little moment in the pastel edits video where he kept doing sweater paws. that jerk.

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it

I want every classmate to be best friends with every single other classmate… brotp?? brot3?? Forget that, gimme the brot15 with every single kid in this class please

The signs as characters & beasts from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Aries: The Niffler

A small, independent, and defiant creature that has an obsession with anything shiny. Absolute scene-stealer, everyone wants one but not everyone can handle one.

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Taurus: Swooping Evil

A large creature, much like a butterfly, emerges from cocoon and kicks major ass. 

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Gemini: Jacob Kowalski

A really lovely human. Friendly, social, and incredibly adaptive. Also, he makes some damn good pastries.

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Cancer: Pickett, the Bowtruckle

The Most Adorable™. Has slight attachment issues, but covers it up with sass. Is willing to fight for loved ones. The creature version of (ง •̀_•́)ง

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Leo: The Occamy

The prettiest of all. Fiercely protective, can change size depending on the situation.

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Virgo: Porpentina Goldstein

Boss bitch. Will always fight for what’s right. Sometimes acts like they know what to do, but they don’t. Clever and determined as hell.

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Libra: The Thunderbird

Can sense danger. Always ready to get shit done. Just wants to go home most of the time. So statuesque and pretty. Reliable as hell. 

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Scorpio: The Demiguise

Mysterious as hell, always knows what everyones thinking. Can literally turn invisible when stressed. Super cool grandpa.

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Sagittarius: Queenie Goldstein

Living ray of sunshine. Seems like she may be stuck up but as soon as she speaks is an absolute delight. Smart, clever, and adventurous. 

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Capricorn: Percival Graves

Can’t quite tell his motives until the end. Dedicated, will stop at absolutely nothing. Calculating and powerful.

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Aquarius: Newt Scamander

People that first meet him think he’s quite odd, but he’s the most kind-hearted person on this planet. Cares deeply for loved ones, curious, truthful. Quite the rambler, but who cares he’s adorable.

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Pisces: Credence Barebone

Please, just someone give him a hug and fix the injustice done to him. He is a sensitive boy and deserves the care. Long story short, if pushed to the edge he will SNAP.

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whats up with people putting “white” in front of whatever they want to get away with being gross bigots? like that post going around thats like “white jews complain about the holocaust that never effected them to pretend they’re oppressed” like my god shut the fuck up. i can’t believe so many idiots buy in to that crap and go in to full blown holocaust denial. this is like a prime example of how social justice language can be so easily manipulated and people without any critical thinking skills jump on board with whatever is said as long as you use the right buzzwords. 

(who makes you feel at home ?) i think thats fair, i think thats a fair uh … thats a fair … um acknowledgment yeah (*interviewers start giggling at him*) (so does this person know the song is written about them ?) … ummm, i actually dont know (goes on to talk about how anybody can make the song about what they want he doesnt want to ruin it for them) … but yeah sweet creature is defiantly about one person.
—  More harry talking about who ‘sweet creature’ is about via x

nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

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I want to create a character design sketchbook thats strictly for fleshing out my characters. How do i do that? What do I put in it? Like what type of stuff?

The great thing about sketchbooks is that there are no rules about how to use them— it’s all about what you want from it! 

Of course, that can also be a pretty daunting thing, especially if you’re just starting out with it. Here’s a slightly disorganized list of things to consider including in a character design-centered sketchbook in addition to basic design sketches:

  • Movement and body type gestures/studies
  • Facial expression charts
  • Hairstyle thumbnails and studies
  • Character turnarounds/reference sheets
  • The same character at different ages throughout their life
  • Detail drawings of jewelry, patterns/embroidery, tattoos, and other smaller elements that may not be clear in full-body sketches
  • Studies of real-life examples of clothes, accessories, weapons, etc. that are similar to what you’re imaging for your character
  • Annotations/notes about parts of the design, such as clothing/armor materials, meaning or significance of special accessories, the contents of a bag, how a magical items works, the story behind a tattoo or scar… really anything that you want to flesh out beyond the basic visual design
  • Family trees and/or non-familial relationship charts (e.g. who’s friends, who hates each other, who’s dating, etc.)
  • Height comparison/chart for the main characters of a story
  • Drawings of a character’s bedroom/apartment/dorm/other living space
  • Hand studies
  • Clothing layer breakdown (as in, how would the character get dressed in their typical outfit, from undies to finished design?)

Obviously there’s no way to list every single thing that you could possibly put in a sketchbook, nor do you have to do everything that is on this list, but hopefully it will give you enough ideas to get started! 

BATB Songs In One Sentence
  • Aria: Yo look at this awesome party that the prince is throwing.
  • Belle: Belle's so pretty, what a shame that she reads.
  • HDAMLF (Music Box): Have some really vague exposition.
  • Belle (Reprise): Gaston sucks, this town sucks, I just want an adventure, is that too much to ask.
  • Gaston: "Who can make up these endless refrains like Gaston?" LeFou can.
  • Days In The Sun: Hope conquers all, except when it doesn't.
  • Something There: Chip's too young to know about love.
  • HDAMLF (Montmartre): No Beast, Belle's not trying to be a tourist.
  • Beauty and The Beast: Mrs. Potts ships them.
  • The Mob Song: When Gaston's jealous, he creates a giant angry mob.
  • Beauty and The Beast (Finale): Everyone ships them.