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:: to all the gorgeous people out there reading this, I LOVE YOU AND HI. thank you so much for the year worth of support for this blog. it certainly has been one bumpy ride with both ups and downs but looky – i’m still here!! thats a good sign right? haven’t given up just yet. and i would just like to take a moment to thank the people that are apart of the reason i’m still around.

@heartguided // okay so seriously clary honestly you would be insane if you didn’t already know how i feel about you. you’re like my soulmate on here. i love writing with you, i love talking to you, i love screaming at you. you’ve made coming back to this blog entirely worth it. you were there for me when i was feeling insecure about my return and you made sure i knew i was very much welcomed back. this blog literally wouldn’t be worth it if you weren’t around and i wouldn’t be enjoying it as much as i am right now. i love you to BITS okay? you’re my heart and i will squish you forever. AND EVERYONE HERE KNOWS IT. i have never felt as lucky as i do when i write with you because you’re brilliant and amazing and incredible. AND ALL THE GOOD WORDS STILL WOULDNT BE ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE YOU OKAY.

@goldtouched // JUUUULIE. the julie to my julsidy. literally you’re the cutest person i’ve ever met. like you never cease to amaze me by how warm you can be. like just through words alone. i know i can talk to you about anything on here, no matter what it is and i thank you for forever being there for me. i trust you so much, i trust you with all my little ramblings and insecurities and you sit there and listen to all my rubbish XD. you’re the jace to my magnus. together we make jagnus and no one has even come close to your brilliance. keep being beautiful in every single way okay? and please dont ever leave me because i would not survive on here without you. I LOVE YOU JULIE SO MUCH. you’re one of my best friends on here, and i love you. xx

@eloquated // HOLY SMOKES, where to begin with BRITT. like you’ve had me hooked on your writing the minute we started writing together. like no joke. i didnt realise how quick i could fall in love with someones writings like i was with yours. i even told you after like the third reply you were never getting rid of me. your threads are like drugs to me, i literally cant get enough of them. every rp with you has me thirsting for more. magnus and ragnor are my number one addiction on here and i will gladly brag about you to everyone i can. i want to scream at everyone how brilliant you are but then i really dont want to share you because you’re so perfect and i want you all for myself. i love you britt okay? please dont ever leave me <3

@brokcnlegacies // AND THEN WE COME AROUND TO THE BAE THATS BEEN WITH ME FROM THE VERY START. SNOOOOOOOOOW. I adore you to PIECES. we’ve been literally through so much together. you’ve been there for me when all the crap was going down and i just want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. i dont think this blog would still be around after that drama if it wasnt for you keeping me afloat. so thank you so much. this one year anniversary is all thanks to you tbh. even if we dont rp as much as before, please know that you are forever in my heart and i will never stop reading your threads from afar and still fREAK OUT OVER HOW TALENTED YOU ARE WITH LIKE YOUR 100 MUSES LIKE HOLY HECK. i love you snow okay, love you SO MUCH <3

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Mini Hiatus (?)

This might possibly come as a surprise, as I have not done much to hint at it, though I am planning to take a mini hiatus as of the beginning of March due to the fact that I am starting my first year of university. I was originally not going to make a post like this in regards to it since I was initially going to be able to write a lot around my studying – but my work notified me this evening that they will be giving me a lot more shifts throughout the next two months due to another employee taking leave, which means I have to take on the load. Sigh.

Firstly, I would like to apologise since I have very recently hyped up the fact that I will be coming out with a lot of new content, most especially the revamped version of The Orange Girl and the return of the Mafia AU drabbles with Blood Orange. Though due to this sudden change in my lifestyle course, I regrettably will have to revoke those promises indefinitely. I really do wish to continue the Mafia AU, though it is an idea that will require a lot of planning, for the new plot I have somewhat conjured a basis for in my mind is exceptionally elaborate.

I am only calling this a mini hiatus as I am not entirely abandoning my blog. I will still be answering questions and updating stories, just not as frequently as I was hoping to do so, nor with the sum of content I was wanting to post per week. Below is a list of what I have planned in regards to my stories:

  • The Devil Skates On Thin Ice | To be posted before I start studying
  • A Touch Of Love | To be posted before I start studying
  • A Ticket To The Sun | To be completed after the TDSOTI final, whenever I can manage it
  • Kingdom Ties | Indefinite hiatus
  • The Orange Girl & Blood Orange | Indefinite hiatus

Again, I am so sorry for getting you all excited like this to only let you down, especially with the Mafia series that I only announced a few days ago. Unfortunately, life has these kinds of unexpected twists that throw us a bit off course. The above selection has been made based on my inspiration for each piece and also the time required to produce them, so I hope you will still anticipate them at the very least!

Love, Ivory.


guys i have 3 hours of leafy footage to go through. 3 hours. thats like 10 million years editing time, im thinking of doin a “leafys best moments” where i take personal fave clips and funni clips and put them together and then mayb a shorter cuter one and a him being crazy one?? if yall have any certian things u want in the “leafys best moments” video or the others lemmie know!!

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Are you guys ever planning on making this a multi chapter game someday?

We’d need a fuck ton of support if we would, support in both financial and otherwise since that would mean dropping all of of our other projects for something huge since this seems it could be like on dreamtalia / diamantalia scale. And one chapter of those comes out every year and thats still with balancing. So for free? Nah. Probably not. But that’s why we wanted to go through it in other means like this ask blog. Granted if we did we’d know who our artist would be.

However if you all want to take a crack at the universe in your own way via games, fanfics, videos, comics, etc you’re more than welcome to. This Au isnt exclusive to just us you know, anyone can do it.

(we know @lazy–wonderland has been taking full advantage and we love every little bit of it)

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you know those dreams where you go through something life-changing and it takes place over a long period of time, and when you wake up it takes you a minute to understand your surroundings, but once you do, things become normal agai? the dream might stick with you, but the memories become less and less important. i think thats what happened with marco, like he was having a long dream. except it actually happened, but since it was at such an accelerated rate, soon it wont feel like 16 years.

That’s what I think/hope.
No worries, Marco. You’ll be fine.

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So if Tom Hardy isn't Joan's type, who is? Highly competent AM employees with amazing biceps? High school English teachers who occasionally show up to work hungover? What DOES Joan like? Curious minds want to know.

Well, she dated Agent Green for years so she clearly liked him to an extent. Joan has enough stress and intensity in her family and work life, so in romance she just wants someone who can take the edge off.

Part 1

Well, well, well, im still doing this and this is kinda part 2 of my Future!AU (gosh, it took so much time for me, but i dont stop thinking about this, no)

  • Design of costumes changes when they will be 24-25 years old (one new set of costumes and no more? hah, not in my universe).
  • When Marinette studied as a fashion designer, Adrien mostly was trying to live by himself after finishing high school and leaving father`s home. He didn`t end up model career because of money and he wanted to help Marinette with her dream by dint of connections in fashion industry, what she really didnt like. She made him go to the university.
  • Marinette got a good job after university which she finished more than well, but after a year she relised thats not fully what she wanted in her career. She startet to think about her own butique (or kind of atelier) and Adrien, of course, was amazed and excited by this idea. He decided to take all difficult details of business and Mari didnt mind (paper work, ugh).
  • They has been living together in the rent flat since the univesity times and till business began bring good income.
  • Nino and Alya found out about their hero life but after unusual circumstances (it should be a comic..)

More text, more stupid english by me, great. Nothing new.
I dunno, im gone too far with this au, but i cant stop, especially when theres starting family theme, omg..

I just wanna take a small moment to talk about something that we have been talking about for awhile, but this is directed to those who are not familiar with the source material and need deets to stand up to entitled racists and that subject is

Ghost in the stupid ass Shell

I’m a huge fan of Ghost in the Shell, and I have been for years. The Major was one of my (fictional) heroes as a teenager, because she was sexy, badass, sexually fluid, had all of her receipts ready at all times, knew how the great game was played, and was an absolute motherfucking badass. I said that already but it needed to be said again. Anyway, you’re going to hear arguments from now until this movie releases about how this isn’t about race. And I want you to know that those theories are bullshit and here’s why.

1) They needed a familiar/famous actor to sell the movie. Absolute bullshit. If they absolutely needed a famous actress, they could have still gotten someone who was of Asian (Japanese, hopefully) descent. But the real point here is that they needed a famous face to sell the movie… They needed… a famous face… to sell Ghost in the Shell….

No, sweetheart. The original 1995 Ghost in the Shell movie influenced The Matrix. It was the first of its kind to really get into the existential theories of A.I., cybernetic bodies, uploading consciousness, etc. Plus it has a woman absolutely wrecking every jackass in the future. You don’t need a famous face to sell that shit, just like they didn’t need a famous face to sell The Matrix.

2) ScarJo’s a good actress. I’d like to argue that this is subjective. I like her well enough in the MCU but… ehhh. That aside, she’s not the one woman on the planet with a decent acting ability.

3) There are no Asian actresses fit for this role. Yes, I have seen this argument. I don’t think they realize how many people are on the globe and how big of a percentage of that the Asian population is. This argument gives me a headache, it’s so stupid.

4) If you actually knew anything about the source material, you’d know it doesn’t matter. The point of their argument is that the Major’s past is ambiguous at best, meaning we aren’t sure of her original body’s race, and that cyborg’s don’t have a race because they’re robots. Need I point out that several characters in the Stand Alone Complex series have pointed out that Major Motoko Kusangi’s shell (prosthetic body) is Japanese.

5) Race doesn’t matter in this show. The entire Stand Alone Complex series was about race. Particularly it was about being racist towards a large group of refugees. Being 100% Japanese was such a big deal in this show, especially in the second season due to the terrorist situation. This is why Motoko’s race came up the few times it did.

6) The race of the Major won’t affect the quality of this movie. Refer to #1. When I first heard that they needed to sell one of the most infamous pieces of art of all time, I was already suspicious. Now that we’ve seen a few trailers, I can guarantee this movie is going to throw out all of the source material except for parts of the setting and some people’s names, and it’s also going to suck big time. It’s basically female robocop, and it’s shit. They turned her into a white snowflake who’s scared all the time. It really doesn’t matter about her race because this movie is going to be shit either way… But if it’s going to be shit, they could have tried to get the casting right and not have to be racist about it. God, who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

So there you go! There’s a lot of entitled assholes in this fandom, particularly on reddit, so understand at all times that this is racism. All of Hollywood’s and ScarJo’s excuses are bullshit.

Don’t let that turn you away from GitS completely though, because Motoko is absolutely amazing.

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This is a gif of her grabbing a rope attached to our equivalent of a Black Hawk helicopter and stopping it so that one of her team members can snipe the pilot out of the cockpit. Thank you for your time.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out for you.

i hate how parents take your self harm personally like, “oh we trusted you!!!1 you cant be fucking trusted!!1” shut the fuck up you think that helps? you think making me feel guilty is going to make me want to stop? you think i give a rats ass if you are somehow offended by my mental illness shit? surprise, bitch!! i dont give a fuck!! thats what you get for neglecting my health for 6 years!!!! what the fuck did you expect!!!!

Okay so this is something I’ve had sitting on my computer for literally a few years and it’s never going to get done, so take it as it is.

I’d seen people complain that Wheatley in his canon form is not very expressive (hence why some of them turn to drawing him as an android or human instead), so I wanted to do this expression sheet with Wheatley to prove that he does have a variety of expressions as a core with little to no exaggeration necessary. All of these expressions are possible with no modifications to the way his mechanics work.

Seriously, the character designers at Valve are fantastic. Props to them for making a mechanical eyeball this expressive.

It's been a while...

It’s been so long since I talked to you guys so let me start off by apologizing for being so quiet. I’ve been so busy lately and I’ve been mostly coming and going without saying a word and lately I’ve been realizing that I don’t really like doing that?

I also would like to take the time to thank everyone for following me. My one year anniversary is coming up and I am really happy for all the amazing people I’ve met and to all my followers who have supporting me. This blog would not be possible without you guys :)

Oh and to my lovely anons and followers sending me messages, whether it’s about Souta, tg in general, or general things…I really want to thank you guys so much for bringing so much life to my inbox. You guys really rock and please please please don’t ever stop. Every message I get makes me so so so happy. You just don’t understand.

Also to people who continue to like/reblog my edits,themes, and fics. Thank you so much and I love you all to bits 💖

Yeah I am getting emotional as I write this but I really can’t thank you guys enough. You supported me and my content and it’s only fair that I give you all my gratitude. So once again thank you and lets keep the good vibes going to next year 😊💖

omg this is so cute??? like trolls believe in like predestined soul mates and karkat sees john and thinks ‘holy shit. my hate soul mate. here he fucking is. holy fuck’ so the first time he talks to him he just lays his hate crush all out in the open in a paragraph of vitriolic invective

and john, the lovable little fuck nugget he is just

list of the best john mulaney quotes

‘and youll see a 28 year old healthy man trying his best’

‘woah! that tall child looks terrible!’

‘but your body gets all “eye of the tiger”’

‘it didnt NOT work!’

‘”midget is as bad as the n-word!” first off, no.’

‘13 when im 10? thats like hiring a slightly larger child!’

‘okay, im gonna bottle my emotions, and then ill die.’

‘now take this meal voucher that doesnt work! go, fetch!’

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I like to imagine that the first time Susan realized she had feelings for Frieda was some honestly cheesy moment. Like, it's a rainy day and Frieda, having forgotten her umbrella, had to go running in the rain. And when she comes into the room, a cafeteria probably, she takes her hat off to strain the water out, and Susan’s just nearby like "... Oh no."

BEAUTIFUL I am all about that corny romance stuff

Mutual pining will always kill me anon,

Im going to talk about personal experience for a fast second but like my very first crush happened when I was like 7 and I was playing house during recess

This other girl and I were playing the parents and she kissed me right on my nose and thats the moment I was just like !!!! completely and utterly smitten

I had a crush on her for years after that n like we are still good friends and Im over that crush but like HOW CUTE would it be if thats how Frieda got her crush on susan

Just Frieda being a little kid thinking “I want to marry her when I grow up”

ashquartz replied to your photo: thanks dudes!!!! thats more how i imagined it…

Yeah proms usually take place off campus, last year ours was at an aquarium?? But I’ve never been to one since I’m a sophomore so other than that I can’t tell you much.

thats so cool??????? i cant believe i missed out on everything i mean u prolly couldn’t pay me to put on a dress or anything fancy for that matter and go stand in a crowded room but like….. the concept is so cool i dig it