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A guy tried to tell me he never had to go to customer service to get a tax exempt form before for my store. I've worked here for 3 years. You've obviously never been here. You can slide your company card without giving me the necessary paper to make the register tax exempt. But you'll be taxed because thats how our system has always worked. And he refused to go get the form which takes a single minute so paid with his own money instead🙄

Sounds like he was trying to scam you into giving him tax exempt when he wasn’t actually tax excerpt.


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hhey p (is I t alright if i call you that?) is th world really going to end this year? I saw some posts that people refused to tag about It ending and im having a really bad panic attack and im really upset aaa,, sorry

This is the first time I’m hearing about it. I feel like maybe it has something to do with recent events, such as what happened at Ariana’s concert and other tragedies taking place around the world so frequently, and people are saying the world is ending, not literally but saying that we’ve reached an all time low.

I could be wrong but either way. I could go back in time when many people claimed the world would end, take 2012 for example. Everyone was so sure it was the end and yet, here we are. Since when were humans able to predict something as huge as the end of the world? The world will keep turning, and we will continue moving forward and living, just as we always have been. There’s nothing to worry about. Ily.

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saw a few posts from someone calling you creepy, gross AND nasty for your mikasas boobs post? (and i guess also to whoever reblogged it) i cant believe this fandom, they cant even take a joke? it was all dramatic like "omg shes a 15 year old girl how dare you lust after her boobs!" do they really think people is saying that seriously? and did they forget that... SHES NOT REAL? also rude af to post that when like everyone is going to know who theyre talking about, but thats another story lmao


  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Ok, but, like...who owned the Potters’ house after they died? Why didn’t it go to Harry? James and his family were wealthy, and the Potters had been well-established in Godric’s Hollow for a long time, so presumably their modest little house was not bank owned or under mortgage. I feel pretty confident that they owned it outright. And there was a war going on, they knew they were targets...there’s no way they didn’t have a will. Why didn’t their house go to Harry? Did the Ministry just, like...take it? Because they wanted it to be held in stasis as a memorial? That's creepy af. But what gave them the legal right? Is it because baby Harry didn’t pay property taxes for a few years, so the Ministry used that as an excuse to claim it? Who was the executor of the Potters’ will? Why didn’t someone take care of that and ensure the house was held in trust for Harry until he came of age? Was it Dumbledore who screwed this up? I bet it was Dumbledore. It's always Dumbledore... And what about all of their belongings??? Harry might not have wanted the house, but you can be pretty damn certain that he would have wanted some of his parents’ things...James’s old quidditch gear, Lily’s jewelry, family recipes, old photo albums...where the hell did everything go?? Is it...is it all still there....? In the house....? Oh god, that's a terrible creepy thought! Is it all just sitting there, in Ministry-owned suspension, while Hagrid has to beg James and Lily’s old school friends to send pictures because 11 year old Harry doesn’t know what his parents looked like??? What the hell is wrong with Wizarding society, and why did everyone treat literal angel child Harry James Potter this way???!!

also the fact that ELE*NOR C*LDER goes and slaps a phone away from a fan in order to avoid being filmed or photographed cause //privacyyy omggg// after she signed not once but TWICE a PR stunt contract with the sole purpose to get promo and publicity from said fans using phones to report her presence everywhere she goes is so IRONIC 

The Signs as Rick and Morty Quotes
  • Aries: SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MOON MEN!! This isn't a musical number! This is a fucking... operation, we gotta be cool and fucking lay low.
  • Taurus: Listen Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people calls "love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are gonna do it. Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above. Focus on science.
  • Gemini: Don't be a baby! You avoid getting shot in real life all the time, Morty! Just do the same thing here and we'll be fine!
  • Cancer: The outside world is our enemy, Morty! We're the only fehh-friends we got, Morty! It's just Rick and Morty! Ruh-ick and Morty and their adventures, Morty! Rick and Morty forever and forever, 100 years, Rick and Morty's things! Me and Rick and Morty running around and... Rick and Morty time! All day long, forever... all- a hundred days! Rick and Morty forever a hundred times! Over and over, rickandmortyadventures.com. Www.rickandmorty.com. Www.rickandmortyadventures. All 100 years. Every minute, rickandmorty.com. [closing garage door inside] Www.100timesrickandmorty.com.
  • Leo: Whatever you're asking, the answer is I'm amazing. And away we go!
  • Virgo: Okay. 60 (burp) for the resonator, and my grandson wants the sex robot.
  • Libra: Morty, that's such a poor use of my time, it's beneath me. Hand me the screwdriver.
  • Scorpio: Right, yeah, like nothing shady ever happened in a fully furnished office? You ever hear about Wall Street, Morty? Y-Y-Y'know what those guys do i-in-in their fancy boardrooms? They take their balls and they dip 'em in cocaine and wipe 'em all over each other—y'know, Grandpa goes around and he does his business in public, because Grandpa isn't shady.
  • Sagittarius: WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!
  • Capricorn: Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. ...Come watch TV?
  • Aquarius: My new catchphrase is 'I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!'
  • Pices: Two things I wanna' make clear to EVERYBODY in this room: never betray me, and it's time to go.
Communicating With Deities

How do I communicate with my deity?

How do I know if a deity is trying to reach me?

How can I tell if my deity accepted my offering?

How can I receive messages from my deity?

The topic of communicating with deities is the question I get asked the most so I figured it was time to give it its own post. Especially because this question doesn’t have an easy answer.  It’s not as simple as learning to give an offering or how to devote yourself to a deity. There’s no step by step, made for everyone and every deity, guide to communicating. Its ultimately something you have to figure out yourself, though I can offer some help in ways to go about figuring it out. But first I want to clear some things up about communication with deities. I feel there are a lot of misconceptions that surround it and I also need to explain WHY it’s a topic I can’t give you an easy answer to. So let’s get to that!

  1. Faith- So I’ll admit that the obsession that a lot of people have with communicating with their deities confuses me. When I started I didn’t really think much of the hows of interacting with Aphrodite because I, just like with any other religion, assumed that I had to have faith that Aphrodite was listening. I feel like a lot of people are missing that, like being a Hellenic Polytheist means you have constant, consistent, and direct messages from the gods, but that’s not the case. Faith is still an element and honestly it remains an element even when you have been devoted for years. You’re not always going to get confirmations on things you do or ask, actually most of the time you don’t. You just have to have faith they are there and listening
  2. Tumblr - This point is directly related to the first point. I believe that a lot of the misconceptions of communicating with deities and even the obsession with it has a lot to do with our community here on tumblr. I’m not here to accuse anyone or point any blame. I’m not even saying that people are lying or exaggerating. I just think because of everyone sharing their wonderful experiences it’s creating an image of communicating being a natural part of a devotee’s everyday life with their deity. I mean maybe it is for some, but not all. Honestly, a lot of what you are looking at on tumblr are snapshots of worship. Maybe that devotee received an AMAZING sign or message from their deity but perhaps that was the first one in a few months. The truth is, just like with most aspects of our lives, we like to share the fantastic on social media, so don’t take everything you read as the “normal” or the “standard” of devotion. The truth is there really isn’t one and definitely not one for communicating with deities.
  3. Skills - It’s important to keep in mind that communicating with deities can be seen as a skill. And just like with any skill there are those who are “naturally gifted” and others who have to practice practice practice in order to see any results. This is also a reason why you shouldn’t look to others’ experiences as the way it works for everyone. They could be one of those naturally gifted people who are just born tuned into the god frequency or they could also have been practicing and doing a lot of work to get the point where it’s easier to receive messages. So those of you starting out shouldn’t automatically think you will begin getting signs and messages right away, it most likely will be something you have to work towards.
  4. Deities Communicate Differently - A big reason it’s nearly impossible to say how or if a deity is communicating with you is because they do it in different ways. The way Aphrodite and me communicate may not be the same way she communicates with another devotee. A lot of it depends on the devotee. We each have a way of communicating that we will be more receptive to, whether you know it or not. Your deity might know that and choose to use that form, even if you haven’t exactly figured that out yet (fun, right? lol). A deity also may choose a way to communicate depending on the message they are trying to send you. They could also pick a way simply because they find it amusing and/or ironic (i’m looking at you, Hermes). It’s really hard for someone on the outside to tell you for sure how your deity is going to interact with you specifically. I can’t speak for the gods and I can’t speak on your personal relationship with them. Again, it’s something you have to journey through and find answers to yourself.

Now that the bad news is over with, how about I give you some good news? As I said above, I can give you some advice/tips on ways you can figure out how to communicate with your deity yourself. Remember this is a process, a journey, it’s not a faucet. Doing one of these things isn’t going to automatically start the flowing of messages. Just keep that in mind! Now onto the list!

  • Divination - Probably the most popular form of communication with deities is using some form of divination. There’s A LOT to choose from so do your research and see what calls out to you and give it a try! Some examples are tarot, oracle, runes, pendulum, scrying, bibliomancy, shufflemancy, just to name a few.
  • Meditation - I strongly recommend everyone try meditation because there’s a ton of benefits to it and one of those benefits is connecting with your deities. Not only can you receive messages and signs while mediating, the act itself opens you up to be more receptive in your everyday life!
  • Astral Travel - This is another popular method used to communicate with deities. Many people talk about not only receiving messages from their deities, but also full on interaction with them. Make sure you do your research before attempting it! It also may help to practice meditation first.
  • Dreams - Okay so this is one of the easier ones on the list to do. Basically start recording your dreams and see if you notice anything either popping out at you or that’s repeating. Sometimes your deity may just simple show up like “hey, what’s going on? You dreamin?” but other times they aren’t that obvious (why would they make it easy on us?). Recording your dreams is a great way to notice patterns because sometimes it can take multiple dreams to get a message. This applies to the universe as well. Like it took me a good chunk of my life to realize that when the universe wants me to pay attention it throws an abundance of something in my dream, where I’ll be like “shit thats a lot of elephants!” and then another dream years later “What is with all these fucking spiders!?”. Keeping a dream journal makes it easier to notice things like that. You can also ask your deity to appear in your dreams if you so choose (of course whether they do or not is up to them). Also if you’re into it you can use herbs and stones to better receive messages in your dreams and to remember them when you wake up.
  • Journaling - Anyone who has been a follower of me for awhile can probably tell you that my answer for most things is “Keep a Journal” and they are probably eyerolling me right now, lol! But I really believe in the benefits of journaling because they are abundant! I won’t go into all of them because we are talking about communicating with deities and damn it I WILL stay on topic! Just like recording your dreams, recording your waking life can help you spot patterns and possible signs that you might miss otherwise. If you’re like me and interact a lot with your deity through emotions and feelings, journaling is truly wonderful! You can start making connections between actions and your emotions that could help you better understand your deity. I also recommend doing this even if you choose to do one of the other ideas listed above. Recording your progress and your emotions is great for looking back on and seeing how far you come especially in those moments when you feel like you haven’t done much. So yeah, everyone keep a journal!
  • Open Yourself - So those of you who are witches don’t really need much explanation on this and honestly you might have already started on this one, but for the sake of those who might not know let me explain. There are different ways you can better open yourself up so receiving messages can be easier. Using certain stones, burning certain herbs/incense, using oils, casting spells, doing rituals, etc. There’s a lot you can do to help open yourself up to the universe! And these aid a lot in the techniques above!
  • Talk To Others - I know what you’re thinking “Wait, didn’t you say that looking at what someone else does is part of the problem?” Yes, i did, but it can also be helpful as long as you find the balance! Seeing how other devotees of your deity interact with them can at least give you ideas and a direction to go in. The key is not to compare and to not see their devotion as the “one true way”. Think of it more as a brainstorming session!

I just want to add that this post is my own personal opinion and personal reasons why I feel I can’t answer questions of this topic. I hope this post was helpful to those of you who took the time to read it!

Meme credit goes to my hilarious, wonderful and talented wifey @nerdywitchmomma 

BTS Group Chat
  • Jhoe: "It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone"
  • GodOfDestruction: wow. I might go jump off a bridge now
  • Alien: Hyung no!
  • Ig0tyesjams: Not this shit again
  • JungSH00K: My parents left me in a parking lot once..
  • Princess: I said I was sorry!
  • JungSH00K: I was there for hours!! Some guy tried selling me candy!!
  • Jhoe: Aish.. That's why it was so quiet
  • GodOfDestruction: TBH the guy was probably Jimin.. He's been trying to catch you for years
  • Godofdestruction: I heard he caught Taemin
  • Ig0tyesjams: Gotta catch 'em all ;)
Musical Fingers (Archie x Reader ) part 2

Part one 

Request; kinda my request are open though

Warnings; smut ,sin , smut , sin and more sin

A/ N : it’s kind of short but oh well . Also gif not mine

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“I wouldn’t miss out on you and your musical fingers for nothing” I say as he pushes me against the door and I kick off my shoes.

He starts kissing me again this time hard and demanding i kiss back as our mouths fight for dominance. He tries to win by slapping my ass but his trick doesn’t work . He pulls his lips aways letting me breathe as he whispers “jump” .I do as he says and he carries me to bed. Throws me in the mattress and starts kissing my neck sucking , biting licking as small moans escape my mouth. He starts taking off my shirt.

One swift movement and my shirt is laying on the floor. He kisses my neck and keep lowering down until he reaches my breasts. He unclaps my bra with one hand. How does he even manage to do that like that must take years of practice.I’m pulled away from my thoughts as he starts nibbling on my left breast and a couple of moans escape my mouth.

He comes back up and kisses me and thats when I flip us over. Who’s in charge now he watches as I take of his shirt and I see a smirk plastered on his face.I start kissing his neck and go down his stomatch and stop just above his jeans. I take them off slowly and seductively as he groans out in frustration. I can see the bulge through his pants and i know he’s anxious. I manage to slip them out and then straddle him as I rock my hips. He groans again. I lower my self and start kissing down his V line but not taking off his boxers yet. I palm him through his boxers and he lets out a moan.

“Stop teasing babe you know I want this as much as you do ” he says panting.I take of his boxers and put my hand on his cock and beginning moving up and down. I can hear him cussing under his breath and this is what I want. Taking him by surprise .I slip his cock in my mouth and start bobbing my head up and down. He’s moaning loudly and that brings pleasure to my ears. I stop the contact and he whines. And I begging to kitty lick it. He looks down at me and I start batting my eyelashes to seem innocent.

He smirks and I know this turns him on. I slip his cock in my mouth again and begin bobbing my head. This time he grabs my hair guiding me.I keep doing it and I feel him quicken the pace and pulling my hair a little harder. I sense the twitch inside of my mouth and he comes undone. “Be a good girl and swallow” I hear him say.I obey and clean him up.

I go back on top of his hips and he flips us over and starts kissing me roughly.He starts kissing my neck and goes down he takes of my pants and throws them to the side. He teases me throught my panties using his finger and I grow desperate and he sees that.He’s enjoying this. He suddenly takes off my panties and unexpectedly he dives in. His Tounge does wonders down there and I feel my self loosing control moaning screaming.Grabbing onto the thin sheets that cover the bed. I feel myself get close but suddenly there’s lost of contact. I whimper at this and open my eyes to a smirking Archie What a jerk.

Suddenly I feel him towering over me. He has a condom in his hand . I don’t know where it came from but I don’t question it. He slides it on and he slams into me and I feel the pleasure once more. Every stroke feeds my hunger and crave for him. He kisses me and we are both a moaning mess. It feels so good and i can’t think of anything else but the pleasure.As he goes in deeper I grab onto his back and I know I’ll leave scratch marks but it doesn’t matter since we are enjoying it and this will mark my territory.

He starts quickening his pace and I know he’s close and so am I. He slams into me a few more times before we both come in unison.
He falls on top of me and I can hear him panting and I am too. He gets off me and lays next to me.

“ So you like my musical fingers ? ” he says with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

“ now that I know they do more than play the guitar yes I do ” I say laughing.


Hey guys here part two thank you so much for asking for it. Lowkey fun to write I feel really dirty right know but oh well I’ll be al right but I have a Reggie smut coming soon * laughs evilly* I just feel like my baby boy Ross doesn’t get enough recognition so yea idk when that’s coming tho so yah gotta wait but requesttt some imagines people


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Omg can you do rowaelin headcanons?? ❤❤❤

Rowaelin pregnancy HC’s!!

Aelin is nervous and excited when she finds out.  She knows they both have been waiting and wanting this for so long now, and she knows Rowan will be beyond excited when she tells him.

When she tells Rowan he laughs and picks her up and spins her around, burying his face in her neck and breathing in her new scent.  When he sets her down she see the tears in his eyes, the tears that also run down her cheeks.  Happy tears.  Rowan falls to his knees and presses his head against her belly.

Calls her belly baby bird

Rowan is always there when Aelin wants her back rubbed and her feet hurt.  He is always there to give her a foot rub and an extra pillow.

Rowan is honestly so enthusiastic when he finds out Aelin is pregnant because he’s having  a baby and he cannot wait to be a father. 

Pregnant Aelin is somehow hornier than normal Aelin.  If that’s possible.

Aelin is actually glowing when she is pregnant.  Everyone in Terrasen is happy watching their King and Queen walk around the streets of Orynth peacefully and happily.  (Everyone secretly looks on jealous becasue they look at each other like its just the two of them in the world)

When they sleep, Rowan pulls Aelin closer to him.  Before he used to just drape a hand across her, now he rests his hand on her belly.

Rowan is like the biggest dork when Aelin is pregnant, he’s also so much more territorial and is like, “IS THIS NORMAL?” Aelin is like “Yes calm down buzzard. please, you’re making me worried.”

They both talk about how nervous they are but also excited. They hold each other hands and listen to the others concerns about being new parents.

Rowan likes to sit on the couch with Aelin between his legs and just hug her close and breathe in her new scent that he’s still getting used too…

When she goes into labor it lasts very long and she’s in a lot of pain because she doesn’t have the A+++ drugs that we have nowadays. 

Rowan brushes her hair back from her face and rubs his thumb in circles on her lower back while holding her waist.

He holds her hand when she is giving birth and when Aelin doesn’t think she can do it, he holds her cheeks and touches his forehead on hers and just tells her that “yes, yes she can. She is his Fireheart and she is braver and stronger than anyone else”.  Aelin is terrified.

Rowan uses his air magic to help cool Aelin down.  When she’s sweaty he cools  her forehead down by freezing wet cloths, just like he did after her burnout in hof.

Rowan cries when he holds his baby, he can’t believe they created something so precious and beautiful.

The baby has blonde hair and green colored eyes.  It’s a little girl

After she gives birth she is so exhausted that she just passes out with the baby in her arms. Rowan hops into bed next to her and kisses their daughters head and they the side of Aelin’s head.  He would do anything to keep the two most important people in his life safe.

None of that shit about the woman always taking care of the child.  Hell no, Rowan loves his baby and he loves Aelin and she is his queen and they both have a lot of work to do, so they both share a LOT of the work.

The baby grows to have both sets of magic, though the fire is not as strong in her as it was in Aelin. 

Speaking of fire…. Aelin had to give it up to forge the lock so she no longer has it and seeing her daughter learn to wield the fire makes Aelin happy.  She helps her master it, and Aelin loves knowing the fire carried on despite the fact that she lost it.  They daughter has zero issues running around the palace grounds and getting her dress dirty with uncle Aedion.  She was nothing like Aelin as a child who loved to keep her pretty dresses clean.  Because of this, Aelin learns how to use the leftover Ashryver water/healing magic a lot, becasue their daughter gets lots of cuts from the twigs and branches

Rowan says she like to climb trees because she likes to be high, like him… that she climbs the trees because its the closest thing to being in bird form like her father. 

She is not as sassy and dramatic as her mother, she is more like Rowan, personality wise, but she is SUPER passionate about things that she cares deeply about, feels everything strongly and deeply, and she loves her people and would do anything for them.  Acually kinda shy sometimes but that doesn’t last long becasue once she gets to know you she will tell you everything. (like 17 yo Rowan would be if he met 17 yo Aelin)

When she turns five, Rowan and Aelin have a son and she is so protective of her brother.  She trains him and they are super close because they are only 5 years apart.  They can go from, “We die together” to “I don’t know who they are” literally in a second hahah

None of that BS about her being surrounded by territorial fae males so they never let her date, thats stupid as shit, she does as she wants and sees who she wants. Lysandra is like that older cousin/sister that knows EVERYTHING (fairy godmother, I think, yes!  Elide too, but she’s the wiser one.) Uncle Aedion and Fenrys train her along with Rowan and Aelin (though not as much becasue she can’t focus becasue she can’t take them seriously even though they are the best™️)

So Fenrys and Uncle Aedion train her and when some of the soldiers/bane watch her, the two of them tease her and try to point out the cute ones.

Evangeline, who has always been her older sister, the two of them are best friends, cannot be separated, peas in a pod.

When they are together, Aelin, Rowan, Aedion and Lysandra are like ‘ohhhh boy, prepare yourselves.’

Ren just reminds Aelin and Aedion that everyone thought the same about the two of them when they were little.

Her mate is some soldier in the bane.  They meet when her parents sent her to do something political thing for them when she is 19.   He is quiet and nice and a brutal fighter, and the only one who can handle the future queen when she gets started on some tangent and everyone else can’t handle it.  He brings her back to earth and calms her down. She might not be as outrageous as her mother is but she does have her temper, she has the wildfire, after all…

She is beyond happy because she has always wanted a mate, and a love like her parents and she was afraid she might never find it.  That they had been different, a once in a lifetime thing. 

She loves hearing about her parents stories on the adventures they did together and their friends, her court, and how they met.  She LOVES it!

She is crowned Queen when she’s 25 and she is probably about 3 years off from settling. Her brother and family watch on proudly.


Josh Hutcherson AMA Transcript

This is the transcript from Josh’s AMA on Reddit on February 16th, 2017.  All spelling and grammar errors are as written by the original people  This is very long, so the majority is under a read more.

Q:  Do you miss working with the Hunger Games cast?

Josh:  yes… they were the best! family forever. i miss them all dearly… however we still hang now and then and keep in touch.

Q:  Hi! What’s your favorite television show to watch?

Josh:  the Bob Ross painting show… i can benge for hours

Q:  Hey Mr. Hutcherson, is there any actor (that you have not yet worked with) that you wish to work with someday?

Josh:  so many…. joaquin phoenix is up there for sure.

Q:  Hi Josh, You got second class treatment from Rosemary Telesco and continued with Katniss Everdeen. Does it hurt your feelings?

Josh:  hahaha…. life imitates art…

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how do you build friendships in writing? not like a friendship that's already established, but like going from strangers to a pretty solid friendship. I do try to go off experience, but it happens so naturally that it's very hard to remember.

Writing a Growing Friendship

The best advice I can think of is to build the friendship gradually. I don’t know many people who meet a stranger and BOOM they’re best buds the next day (it can happen of course, but not often).  know it takes me years for me to go from acquaintance to good friend with someone because I’m so introverted. It might be different for your character, maybe they’re an extroverted person who’s willing to open up to strangers easily, maybe they’re closed off and take years to open up. 

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hey guys!! it seems like I only make text posts once every few months aaahhhh but I needed to say something

I’ve been going through my inbox and there are a lot of messages in there (2000+ since I first joined!!)

I know I’m not able to respond to every single one of them and I feel bad esp since there are some that are weeks, months, or even years old

but I wanted to let you know that I do read them all and I really appreciate that you guys take the time to send me such heartfelt and kind messages ;;; I’m very honored to have your support! I’ll keep doing my best like always!!

  • Barbara: And what I want to ask you is this, Phyllis - will you be my bridesmaid?
  • Phyllis: Your... your bridesmaid? Oh no. Barbara, no. You ought to choose one of your friends.
  • Barbara: I have chosen one of my friends. I've chosen you. We've been sharing a bedroom for two years, Phyllis. Going halves on the mantelpiece and the bedside table and taking it in turns to open the curtains and turn the light off. And if I snore, you've never once complained, or even mentioned it.
  • Phyllis: You hardly do it on purpose.
  • Barbara: You've taught me as much about living alongside another person as anyone else in my life, Phyllis. And I'm ready to move on and share everything I have with someone who is unbelievably dear to me and that's because you've been the very best friend I could've had.

i am all for james f potter trying to spoil the fuck out of his wonderful friend and then girlfriend lily evans and she always hated it because people already thought she was just with him for his money and also there is NO REASON TO SPEND MORE THAN 7 POUND ON LITERALLY ANTHING. so here is an incomplete list of shit james did/ got for lily that resulted in at least 30 minutes of arguing 

  • everyone knows lyra and the puffskiens are lilys favorite band so james pulled a few strings and surprised her with a personal meet and greet with the whole band before their show that he also got fRONT ROW TICKETS TO
  • during the summer lily wrote james a letter and briefly mentioned that she missed being around other wizards so he picked her up and tried to take her to the fucking quidditch world cup but she fought him for 2 hours before he finally said, “For merlins sake lils, I already bought the tickets and paid for everything and sirius is waiting for us so take my hand so we can already fucking go” and she finally relented
  • bought lily an OBSCENE about of candy like more than “we’ll take the lot” because she was bummed out about something
  • tried to bribe 4th years to give lily a piggy back home after she got shwasted at a party
  • giving lily 25 large gifts everyday leading up to christmas such as: actual diamonds, A CAT, super good tickets to the ballet, a new violin, hired an orchestra to play to her during their hogsmeade date, ect JAMES THATS NOW HOW ADVENT CALENDERS WORK DUDE
  • literally just buying anything lily looked at for more than 30 seconds

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Idk if you're down with the HC that Otabek has a little sister, but if you are could you do some headcanons of their relationship? Like do they get along? Do they hang out? What do they do together?

-He’s the most overprotective older bro ever

-Well, Yura would be a bit more protective if he had a small sister

-He loves teasing little sis, but doesn’t take it too far

-He learned to braid hair just for her

-And he spoils her a lot

-Sneaks candy to her when their mom doesn’t allow it

-Teaches her how to skate so she can be the best skater in the rink when they go to one during winter

-When she has sleepovers at their house, he’s the cool big bro

-When they reach 15~16 years, all her friends are like ‘omg your bro is so hot’

-And sis is just sitting there ‘thats my bro, you’re being creepy’

Father John Misty Talks Seeing Taylor Swift on Acid, Why Love Is 'Radical' in Rolling Stone, 18 April 2016.
  • Patrick Doyle: You've said before that LSD can be a tool.
  • Father John Misty: Certain ideas that you'd be quick to dismiss can be viewed with the significance that they deserve. The last time I took a hero's dose of LSD was at a Taylor Swift concert in Australia. She was playing in Melbourne, and I met a bunch of people from her crew at a bar, and they invited me to the show. I got my tour manager to get me some acid: "This is written in the stars. I'm supposed to go take acid at this Taylor Swift concert."
  • Patrick Doyle: So what's it like seeing Taylor Swift on acid?
  • Father John Misty: I experienced the show like an eight-year-old girl – as much as that's possible for a 35-year-old man. It was holy. It was psychedelic. She fully impregnated my dilated soul with her ideology. I remember laughing uncontrollably. I remember going outside for a smoke and thinking, "I need to get back in there." But there was a disturbing aspect – this insistence on telling girls, "I'm normal, don't let anyone tell you what you should be." Meanwhile, there are 60-foot-high images of her on screens. If you wanted to curate an evening with the Grand Leader, this is what you would do. It's a very, very false normal. And that's dangerous.
  • Patrick Doyle: But you also released several Taylor Swift covers online, right after Ryan Adams did, where you sang her songs in the style of Lou Reed.
  • Father John Misty: I was taking this dude to task for what I saw as a grotesque stunt and matching it with another grotesque stunt. It ironically became the biggest publicity that I've ever received, and that grossed me out. I had to take them down. Which then, of course, made it even bigger. It was such a comedy of errors.