but that's because of my face not my pout

  • Lena: I may not be a Worldkiller, but even I can fit my whole world in my hands.
  • Reign: Oh my go- Is that possible?!
  • Lena: *cups Reigns face*
  • Reign: *smiles* Ooh you're cupping my face because you're saying I'm your world,that's very clever Lena.
  • Kara: *pouts* Heey you already used that line!
  • Lena: Last I checked you're a Super,not a WorldKiller.
Maybe, maybe not...p.2

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Part 1


I finished my first class and went along to my next, looking forward for my last class because it’s physiology and I would get to see Luke. I finish up my 2nd and 3rd class, which leaves what I’ve been looking forward too…

I walk in the class room and take my a seat in my usual placement in the back of the class room. Everyone files in and I try to make it look like I’m not looking for someone as I try to see if Luke is there.

“Alright class, if you’ve finished the assignment, please turn it in. If not you have until tomorrow morning to bring it or you don’t get the credit..” The professor says as he starts writing the agenda on the white board.

I lose hope in Luke showing up, until I see a familiar head of blond hair walking into the class room. The professor sees him, but ignores his presence since he probably doesn’t wanna deal with Luke’s shit today. Luke looks up and sees me, giving me a smile and coming towards me.

“Hey.” I say to him as I take down some notes the professor wrote on the board, Luke taking the seat next to me.

“Hey, what I miss.” He says as he leans back and puts his feet on the table.

“Nothing much, he just said to turn in the assignment.” I answer as I continue taking notes.

“You’re such a nerd.” Luke laughs as he watches me write as fast as possible.

“Ya whatever.” I say, giving him a small smile.

“Miss y/l/n, would you like to answer what is on the board since you seem..Quite intrigued up there with your conversation with Mr. Hemmings..” The professor says as he gives me a dirty look.

I feel my mouth go dry and my anxiety to kick in, my hands shaking since I don’t really like being in front of crowds.

“U-u-um-I-I-..” I mumble as I grip my pencil, hard enough it would probably snap in half.

“Miss y/l/n? Would you please answer my question.” The professor says

I feel like the walls are closing in and I-I just can’t…So I get up and leave…

I ditch my belongings and walk out of the class room..Or more likely run.

I start to run down the hallway and try to find some where to hide, when I here someone calling my name behind me. I look back and see Luke, fear and confusion showing in his expression.

‘No, I can’t look at him. He probably thinks I’m a freak for running away.’

I run to the bathroom in the gym, knowing that gym is over and nobody should be in there…But guess I was wrong…

“Oh my god… Look who came to visit!” The head cheerleader says as she looks at me ..Ya, the same cheerleader who made the comment before..

I ignore her and hide in one of the bathroom stalls.

“Oh whats wrong honey? You gonna cry?” She says with a laugh..and to be honest I was pretty close to crying.

“Shut the fuck up..” 


I wipe away a few tears that fell from my eyes and open the stall to see Luke, my bag and all my things I ditched in the class room balled up in his fists as he looks to the cheerleader with anger in his eyes. He turns to me, and his features soften as he looks at me.

“Y/n, lets go. Ok.” He says as he reaches out to me with his free hand.

I nod and walk to him, letting him wrap his arm around me and place a soft kiss to the top of my head. We leave the campus and take my car to my apartment, Luke insisted on driving, so I sat back in the drivers seat and guided him to my place.

“What happened back there?” Luke asks softly as I unlock the door to my apartment and open it.

“I-I have social anxiety, and it was just a lot for me I guess..I get it, I’m a freak.” I say as I walk inside, taking a seat on the couch after seating my bag down near the front door when I shut it.

“You are not a freak, it’s perfectly fine. You just need time to get over your anxiety and fix it.” Luke says as he sits next to me and reaches out for my hand.

I look at him and give him a grateful smile.

“Thank you.” I whisper to him, looking down to my lap as I retract my hand from his.

“You wanna watch a movie? I have netflix on my laptop.” He says as he reaches in his bag pulls out the device.

“Sure.” I say with laugh…


“You should wear my jersey!” Luke says, looking at me with pure joy.

“Luke, why should I wear your jersey?” I say with a smirk, walking to the kitchen in my apartment.

“Because, we’re..Friends..And theres a game tomorrow! So wear my jersey.” He says as he follows me, bring the buttery bowl that used to contain popcorn.

“They’ll think we’re dating.” I say as I wash the cups and dishes we used.

“So.” Luke says defensively.

“Luke you’re such an idiot.” I say with a giggle

“I am not an idiot! You have to wear my jersey now because that was very offensive.” He says as he crosses his arms with a pout.

“If I say I’ll wear your jersey, then will you stop this argument.” I say as I dry my hand with a hand towel.


“Fine, I’ll wear the damn jersey.” I say while rolling my eyes at how childish he’s acting

“YAY!” He yells out as he throws his hands in the air, hitting the ceiling because the apartment is quite short and he’s a giant.

I laugh at how he hit his hands and he gives me a pout…


I walk into the school building, Luke’s jersey covering my upper half. People looked at me and gave me stares of confusion, some were stares of jealousy. I tried to hide my face away and get to class quickly. I made it to my class and sat in the back, thats actually how my whole day consisted.. I tried to hide my face, then sit in the back of class. Luke would walk me when he got the chance,looking at all the people who stared with a smirk.

“They think we’re dating.” I mumble

“Good, let them think that.” He says as he drops me off at my last class and leaves, I just stand there for a second and take in what he just said.


I show up to the game, getting glares from the girls who are practically the hockey teams groupies and stares from people who don’t know who I am or why I’m wear Luke’s jersey.

“Y/n!” I turn around to see Luke waving for me to come over.

I walk over and realize what he needs. He takes off his shirt, and I can’t help but stare at his chest. He hands me the shirt he took off and I quickly switch the tops and give him his jersey, putting on the black t-shirt that fits me like a dress since its his.

 During the game I cheered and watched Luke score multiple goals as he glided across the ice. He got into a few little fights as he tried to get the puck, but other than that we were winning. I kept cheering and when he would pass by, he would look at me and give me a quick smile. 

When the game ended our team won and I was absolutely proud of how good Luke did out there. I waited at the exit of the locker room and scrolled through my tumblr as I waited. 

“You think he’ll actually want too?”

“Of coarse he will! Thats what he’s known for, he always hooks up with girls after a game, especially if they won.” Says two girl who are wearing very tight dresses that show off their bodies.

They wait near the exit of the locker room as well, gossiping and talking about hooking up with someone, and I have an idea who this someone is.

Luke walks out of the locker room, meeting my eyes and giving me a smile as he walks toward me…Or at least tries to walk toward me.

“Luke! Oh my god! You did an amazing job out there! You looked amazing.” One of the girls say as they start to touch his chest and shoulders.

“Thanks, but I’m gonna get going..” He starts but the other girl interrupts

“Oh but Lukey, don’t you wanna celebrate your win tonight?”

“I’m good, now please let go of me.” He says as he pushes them off slightly and walks toward me.

I give him a smirk and walk with him to the parking lot, telling him that he did a great job out there as we walk.

“Hey, I wanna sya thanks for coming and stuff..There’s a party with the team if you wanna come?” He asks as he walks me to my car.

“Oh, I would love to but I have some homework and I really need to get it done. Thanks for the offer, and congrats on the game!” I say as I open the car door and get inside.

Luke waves goodbye as I pullout of the parking stop.. I look down and realize I’m still wearing his shirt..But I have to say, I feel way more comfortable in his clothes than anything else…


Im so sorry if this sucked..I wanna know if you want another part, because I kinda don’t know about this… So tell me if you want part 3..I just posted the first part as well so I wanted to do this since I’m not gonna write anything fro about 5 days or so.. Im still sick and feel like crap so this probably is crap and Im so sorry for that… anyway love ya my beans! XXxxx

“stop it! seriously!”

Plot: Wonwoo can’t stop teasing/’bullying’ you because he wants your attention and doesn’t know how to express his feelings for you.

You x Wonwoo ft. Mingyu

“Hey nerd! Pass me my pen.”

You took a deep breathe and picked up the pen that happened to roll beside you for the fifth time for the past 1 hour. You turned behind and sent a glare to your ever loving classmate, Jeon Wonwoo.

“One more time, and I’m telling the teacher.”

“Just because I asked you to pick up my pen? Come on, Y/N.” Wonwoo snickered as he took the pen and began spinning it.

“No. Because you’re interrupting my learning.” You hissed.

“No no no~ Maybe because Wonwoo just wants to see your face, thats why!” Mingyu, Wonwoo’s seat partner whispered, loud enough for you and Wonwoo to hear.  Wonwoo shot Mingyu a dirty look and clicked his tongue. Mingyu shrugged and turned his attention back to the whiteboard.

Just at that moment, Wonwoo smirked and the pen seem to slipped out of his fingers and landed on the ground once again. Wonwoo stared at the fallen pen and back to you.

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