but that's another story to be told another day

Superhero Pact || Wonderdad

Ive seen a bunch of supermom and bat mom stories and I love them so I figured id try making my own with wonderdad :) 

A little short but feedback for this one would be greatly appreciated. p.s italicized is flashbacks and i am planning on possibly doing a part two if you guys like it.

“Daddy do you  miss being a superhero?”  You turned to look at your daughter who was getting comfortable in her bed that was covered with super girl merchandise. It wasn’t exactly a secret that your daughter loved superhero, having two superhero parents pretty much guaranteed that.

“Sometimes but mommy can totally kick all the bad guys butts all herself. She’s the real superhero” You said tickling your daughter.

“ I wanna be super strong like mommy and super smart like you!” Your daughter said breaking from her laughing fit.

“You do now do you? Well in order to get super strong and smart like mom you have to be 100% committed to take the superhero pact.” You told your daughter catching her attention.

“Superhero pact?” Your daughter said peeking her black curls out of her bed.

“Oh yeah the superhero pact that says you have to eat all your veggies, do al your homework…”

“Daddy thats just regular rules”

“Still important my little warrior.” Diana said walking into the room. Giving her a small smile you stood up letting her take your place next to your daughters bed.

“Mommy why can’t you and daddy both be superhero?” Your daughter asked looking between the both of you.

Looking at Diana for some guidance she stepped up to answer the question.

“Sometimes its important to know when to be a superhero and when to step back.” Diana said with a small smile.

“ This is all in superhero training camp munchkin, but before we go into detail you have to go to bed how else are you going to kick butt tomorrow?” You said one more time as your daughter made herself more comfortable.

“Goodnight daddy, Goodnight mommy.”

“Goodnight princess.” Both Diana and you said before giving her a kiss on the cheek and heading to your room.

“You know we’ve never actually talked about you going back.” Diana said as she started getting ready for bed.

“Your leaving the Justice League?” Batman said a little surprised as you sat across from him.

“Not leaving, ill always be available if drastic  measures are needed but at this time I think i’d do better in a lab instead of the field.

Nodding his head Batman knew there wasn't much he could do talk you out of your decision. You were powerful and if you thought this was best he knew he couldn't argue. Besides he knew you had hit a rough patch and the only way you could work on it was in the lab working.

“ill always be around if you guys need me, but for now I think this is whats best for me.”

“Theres nothing to talk about. Its been years Diana and you guys haven’t needed me yet.”

“If you ever do want to go back..”

“Diana, once a hero always a hero” You said giving her a small smile. 

“Besides I dont think our daughter will stop until she sees us both in action.” 

Letting out a small laugh Diana took a seat on the bed. 

“Who would’ve thought the day I quit being one superhero would lead me to being another to a little princess. She’s totally got the whole wonder woman thing going on Diana you might have some small competition.”

“Give it a couple years and she’ll be fighting off villains left and right.” Diana said glancing at her husband who was now laying down staring at the ceiling.

Walking out of the hall you bumped into Diana.

“I heard about your departure.” She said looking at you.

“Not exactly a departure more like a see you later.” You told her trying to keep a smile on your face.

“What I dont understand is why?” Diana asked confused.

“Thats a story for another day.” You told her sincerely.You had been close friends with Wonder Woman since the moment you were brought into the League and you had come to see her as a friend.

“Then perhaps we should make plans for another day?”

“Perhaps we shall.”