but that's always when he's talking about his team

I have a lot of BruceThor headcanons and I’m embarrassed by them so they’re going under a cut.

  • Bruce has always felt safe around Thor, since he’s the only one who wouldn’t be brutally injured by the Hulk. When he has a bad day or is in a bad mood, he tends to gravitates towards Thor. They both relax with cups of tea and conversations about Earth and Asgard, science, battle, politics, and anything else that comes to mind. Bruce finds himself feeling a little bit better after these chats and this is how their relationship begins.

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I have a pressing question that has been in my mind for months. I'm super curious, so hope you can help? I still haven't watched nor read Haikyuu, and I wonder why is everyone so obsessed with Oikawa? Why do they love him soooo sooo much? Omg

Before I answer your question, let me tell you that you’re missing out on something great. Please consider following Haikyuu. I can promise that you’ll come back to thank me if you do.

Ok so, back on topic. I can’t really speak for the whole fandom, but I can tell you my reasons for loving Oikawa Tooru so much. Get ready, because now that you asked me to open my gates, a flood of words is about to come out. You have been warned.

1. Oikawa is a very multi-dimensional character.

You see, the first glimpse we get of him in the manga is during a practice match that the protagonists are playing against an opposing team. He appears out of nowhere, right when Karasuno was about to win, and doesn’t make much of a first impression off-court. He appears like your average, flirtatious and childish pretty boy complete with fanclub attached. Then he steps on the court, and the atmosphere drastically changes. Karasuno immediately understands that despite his deceiving looks, Oikawa is truly, overwhelmingly good at what he does best. And that would be being the ace setter for his team, the best one of the whole prefecture, and one of the best captains of this whole series.

These aforementioned skills include: a killer serve, razor-sharp both in power and precision, that immediately gains him a fearsome reputation, and the ability to draw out the best of every single one of his team mates by means of his sets.

The readers then come to learn that these super sharp and polished claws are a result not of plain genius, like some other characters of this series, including one of the protagonists, but of hard work. Super intense, self-destructive hard work. And here the reader re-evaluates that first impression of a vapid, shallow boy that never existed, and understands that for all his false bravado, for each and every petty remark, every smirk, for all of the childishness he shows, there’s a deeper layer, a much more vulnerable one, for all of his acts, which makes him really human. And that brings me to my second point:

2. Oikawa is a really relatable character.

Many characters of this series are presented like geniuses who have an earthshaking amount of raw talent, and who are, as such, considered the future aces of their respective teams, because everyone can see from the beginning that they’re going to go really far.

Well, Oikawa isn’t amongst them, despite all I said about his incredible skills. Oikawa is, by no means, talented. Everything he does, every individual or collective victory he achieves, is thanks to his aforementioned hard work. He doesn’t have any particular inclination that make him the brightest of his generation, and yet, he sits amongst the brightest nonetheless, and at the same time manages to be looked up to by some of those geniuses (mainly by his underclassman and rival Kageyama Tobio, co-protagonist of this show), and even manages to sit undefeated on the throne for a very long time.

What appears to be an incredibly satisfying position, though, comes with consequences, because, as you might have noticed by now, Oikawa is far from being a perfect character. One of his biggest flaws is that he’s self-destructive.

And here the reader comes to learn the other, darker side of Oikawa’s character: his vulnerable and petty side, which only surfaces when he’s under extreme pressure.

Having grown up in an environment full of competition, he developed this (baseless imho, but indeed really relatable) insecurity that if he lets down his guard, one of his super-talented underclassmen will soon loom over him and outshine his own improvements, taking his place - those very achievements he’s fought so hard to accomplish, even going as far as subjecting himself to a career-threatening injury.

But still, even during his darkest moments (like when he almost punched Kageyama, who was something like 12 at the time, or like when he busted his knee while practicing his jump serve too much, overworking himself), everything Oikawa does, is with a clear goal in his mind: his purpose is that of bringing his team to Nationals. This, he swore, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes not to let his team down. Including pushing his own limits too much, until he finally breaks.

And here’s the one thing that makes me love his character so much: his determination. Faced with so much overwhelming talent from every side (first Shiratorizawa, now Karasuno, too - meaning, his two main opponents), the most human reaction would be that of giving up, right? He never managed to bring his team to victory against Shiratorizawa in years, so he may as well give up by now, right?

And yet, he never does. Not even when his team breaks down, when everyone else crumbles in tears when facing the ultimate demise, he allows himself the same luxury. Imagine how hard that would be, for someone who’s always valued his own worth by measuring himself up to someone else’s standards, imagine how crushing the realization of having failed not only himself, but his team too, would be. And yet, he doesn’t shatter. He doesn’t break down. Instead, he remains the one, solid pillar of his team. He’s the one who keeps them whole when they’re crying their hearts out, offering emotional support.

Has he gained your respect, yet? :D Because I could probably talk about him for hours! 

Okay I have talked about this a bit, but Jack choosing 15 as his jersey number when he joins the Falconers. Like he has always been number 1 the same as Bad Bob, but at Providence the goalie already has number one and even though he offers it up Jack refuses stating that he wants number 15 instead. Naturally thats when the speculation starts, of course the team chirps him mercilessly for taking Bitty’s number but the media and the greater hockey community is just confused, like why 15. its not his birth year, or his birth date, he has never so much as mentioned 15 before.

Finally a month or so into playing he finally gives an answer, some up lifting story about 15 being for 2015 the year he finally got to where he had been heading this whole time, to remind himself that taking the long way round isn’t exactly a bad thing. 15 because this is the year he finally go to do what he had always dreamed of. 

of course the fact that it is Bitty’s number as well certainly doesn’t hurt.