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If Jamie and Claire (and Wee Ian) could text: Jamie Fraser, Indian Agent" (ABOSAA) Edition
  • Wee Ian: now, dinna be cross auntie
  • Claire: well this is off to an excellent start
  • Claire: don't be cross about WHAT, precisely
  • Claire: if you tell me you or rollo knocked your uncle off a cliff on the way to the cherokee village i will ABSOLUTELY be cross
  • Wee Ian: no no no nothin like that :)
  • Wee Ian: I may have accidentally led the village folk to think Uncle Jamie's the king
  • Claire: the king?
  • Claire: of...England?
  • Wee Ian: aye, just that
  • Claire: erm...
  • Claire: might I ask why?
  • Claire: (I really don't think you needed to give him any more reason to be full of himself to be honest)
  • Wee Ian: weeel, there's no really a word in their language for agent, ye see
  • Wee Ian: and it was important to make sure they knew he had authority, so
  • Claire: so, King Fraser it is
  • Claire: he'll be insufferable i'm sure ;)
  • Claire: ...but hold on
  • Claire: why are you apologizing for that?
  • Claire: doesn't seem a great problem
  • Claire: least of all in the middle of the bloody night
  • Wee Ian: s'not that precisely
  • Wee Ian: see, they've taken it upon themselves to..erm...honor the visiting king
  • Claire: ....'kay.....
  • Wee Ian: ....with gifts....
  • Claire: ian this is getting tiresome.
  • Claire: what KINDS of gifts
  • Wee Ian: pelts
  • Claire: what's the problem with
  • Wee Ian: LADY pelts
  • Wee Ian: two of em
  • Claire: WHAT????
  • Claire: ....
  • Claire: I should be furious but honestly I just cnt stop laughing
  • Wee Ian: I KEN , RIGHT???? 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Wee Ian: god above it's the most fun i've had in months
  • Wee Ian: they are DETERMINED
  • Wee Ian: and every few moments there just comes a wee sound from him
  • Wee Ian: like a pup that's got his tail trod on
  • Wee Ian: and i'm gnna pass out
  • Claire: and there's TWO OF THEM ON THE PROWL??
  • wee Ian: aye!! Slippery wee things too. Bet they're used to catching trout wi their bare hands
  • >>>Claire has added Jamie Fraser to the chat<<<
  • Claire: I hear you're having a rough night, darling!
  • Wee Ian: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 imgnapiss
  • Jamie: Ian ye [incoherent gaelic cursing] what in gods name did ye have to bring your auntie into all this
  • Jamie: can ye not tell i'm dying of shame already???
  • Wee Ian: god but it's so fun uncle
  • Claire: It's fine darling i promise
  • Claire: Ian was just explaining that if you come home with bruises and love bites, it was only from defending your virtue
  • Jamie: sassenach I'm so so sorry about this, truly
  • Claire: how about the old Dame Blanche trick?
  • Claire: can't sleep with them because your wife's a witch that'll curse them??
  • Jamie: will take it down a notch or two but an OATH will do quite nicely
  • Jamie: you're a Saint MND
  • Claire: you have my full support darl
  • Wee Ian: OH MY GOD UNCLE
  • Claire: what??
  • Jamie: WHAT??
  • Wee Ian: did ye no hear what the littler one just said??
  • Jamie: I mean i HEARD but I dinna understand everything she says
  • Wee Ian: she's saying how distraught she is that you've got the otath on ye because you're so....
  • wee Ian: : well equipped
  • Jamie: oh lord
  • Wee Ian: shewantsthegingerD
  • Claire: well at least she's got good taste
  • Jamie: :) That's verra sweet, sassenach
  • Claire: well, she DOES.
  • Claire: You ARE quite the tidy package
  • Jamie: aye... weel...
  • Claire: very befitting a KING
  • Jamie: oh jesus christ
  • Claire: Crown jewels and all
  • Jamie: ☺️☺️☺️😏😏😏
  • Claire: come home to me soon, your majesty?
  • Jamie: soon as I can
  • Jamie: canna wait to worship ye wi' tongues at your
  • Wee Ian: this is getting a wee bit personal
  • Wee Ian: even for me
  • Wee Ian: why don't ye tell them i'm your son, uncle Jamie, and see if they'd like to come pay ME some honor
  • Jamie: alright hold on
  • Wee Ian: this night keeps getting better and better
  • Claire: cocky, aren't we?
  • Wee Ian: oh aye well that's the general--
  • Jamie: sorry Ian
  • Jamie: seems as though they'd prefer to keep me chastely warm instead
  • Claire: PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's GOT to hurt, wee prince !!
  • Wee Ian: 😒😒😒😒😒😒

so i finished watching hunter x hunter 

spoilers (pretty sure all of y’all have watched it at this point tho lol)

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Ginger&Rosa sentence starters
  • "Where the hell have you been?"
  • "We were just, you know, roaming about. Being free."
  • "You're not doing it right. Try again."
  • "Close your eyes."
  • "You always stay up late."
  • "It says here that boys don't like girls who are too serious."
  • "I'd prefer the world not to end. Wouldn't you?"
  • "I think we should pray."
  • "I haven't got to do anything."
  • "You do realize that God is an invention?"
  • "The only life is the one we have now, which is why we must cease it, and live while we have the chance."
  • "I never seem to know where he is anymore."
  • "Can't you thank me? Even one word."
  • "That's it? That's all you can say to me?"
  • "I'm not your student, I'm your wife."
  • "Why do you twist my words?"
  • "It's lovely. So romantic."
  • "There's poetry in small spaces."
  • "We tell each other everything."
  • "I've got nothing to hide."
  • "I just don't want you to struggle like I did."
  • "I'm never going to have any babies. Never!"
  • "I'll put the kettle on."
  • " ___ is unhappy, darling, but not because of you."
  • "We could all die tomorrow."
  • "I don't want to die. I want to grow up and do things!"
  • "Can't you be a girl/boy for a moment or two longer?"
  • "I think it's immoral... You know, to use precise language."
  • "Don't worry, I'll buy you a drink."
  • "You are a thing of beauty, ___."
  • "I think I'm more of a poet, actually."
  • "I never said I wanted anything different, did I?"
  • "Real love... when it comes, it's like a siren call."
  • "We have a lot in common, you know."
  • "Don't you care about the future anymore?"
  • "Some of us have to concentrate on just one person."
  • "I can't help you unless you talk, do you understand?"
  • "Did they hurt you?"
  • "You don't care!"
  • "I can't say it... I'll explode if I say it!"
  • "What is it you can't say, ___?"
  • "What right have you to judge me?"
  • "How fucking convenient."
  • "Forgive me. Please."
  • "I loved you, ___. Don't you see?"
  • "What really matters is to live."
  • "I'll forgive you anyway."

jazztastic-panda  asked:

alright, I'm pretty sure I got a decent grade on my final and I'm 100% certain you're trying to kill us with this new chapter - all these moments being interrupted and half-information being given...wow. definitely dead lol do you plan on making a sequel or starting a new work...?

A sequel?

TO BTU????


Ahem. No, I’d rather my original work take the forefront of my creativity from now on. I do have little side-things I’d like to continue writing, but they won’t take up as NEARLY as much time as BTU did. ^^;

Tangled Sentence Meme
  • "This is the story of how I died. Don't worry, this is actually a fun story."
  • "She was running out of time and that's when people usually start to look for a miracle."
  • "To celebrate her birth, the King and Queen launched a flying lantern into the sky."
  • "And for that one moment, everything was perfect."
  • "The outside world is a dangerous place filled with horrible, selfish people. You must stay here where you're safe."
  • "Guys, I want a castle."
  • "All the things we've seen and its only eight in the morning. Gentlemen, this is a very big day."
  • "I distinctly remember your birthday was last year."
  • "That's the funny thing about birthdays, they're kind of an annual thing."
  • "I can't believe that after all we've been through, you don't trust me? Ouch."
  • "Okay, okay, okay...I've got a person in my closet."
  • "You are not leaving the tower! Ever!"
  • "Ugh, great. Now I'm the bad guy."
  • "I know not who you are nor how I came to find you, but may I just say...hi. How ya doin'?"
  • "Tomorrow evening they will light the night sky with these lanterns. You will act as my guide, take me to these lanterns, and return me home safely."
  • "When I promise something, I never ever break that promise."
  • "You know I can't help but notice you seem a little at war with yourself here."
  • "This is part of growing up. A little rebellion, a little adventure-that's good. Healthy even!"
  • "Is it ruffians? Thugs? Have they come for me?"
  • "To me that's part man smell and the other part is really bad man smell. I don't know why but overall it just smells like the color brown."
  • "Find your humanity! Haven't any of you ever had a dream?"
  • "Go. Live your dream."
  • "Let's just assume for the moment that everyone in here doesn't like me."
  • "I have got to get me one of these."
  • "Perhaps you want to stop acting like wild dogs chasing their tails and think for a moment."
  • "I was going to offer you something worth one thousand crowns, would have made you rich beyond belief."
  • "You can't tell anyone about this, okay? It could ruin my reputation."
  • "I just listened to the sound of complete and utter betrayl and followed that."
  • "Is there any chance that I'm gonna get super strength in my hand? Because I'm not gonna lie, that would be stupendous."
  • "Today is kind of the biggest day of my life, and the thing is, I need you not to get him arrested."
  • "I've been looking out a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what it might feel like when these lights rise in the sky. What if its not everything I dreamed it would be?"
  • "You get to go find a new dream."
  • "How much do you think someone would pay to stay young and healthy forever?"
  • "The world is dark and selfish and cruel. If it finds even the slightest ray of sunshine, it destroys it."
  • "I'm the lost princess."
  • "I've spent my entire life hiding from people who would use me for my power but I should have been hiding from you."
  • "You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I'm the bad guy."
  • "Our secret will die with him."
  • "No! I won't stop. For every minute of the rest of my life I will fight! I will never stop trying to get away from you."
  • "You were my new dream."

I’m Fine.


Anyway thank to @pandosey​ for the translation

T: Don't get close.

P:Tigress…eh…sorry…I don’t konw…  How come I beat you down off the stage… I.. I was not on purpose..
T:I konw,it‘s not your fault, I've mentioned you should take the tournament seriously.

P&V: So how come?

T:At that moment, I got powerless suddenly, and couldn’t move at all. With his eyes closed, Po didn’t know what happened. You all know what came next… That's it.

P: So.. why were you gonna be the main challenger?

otterboss  asked:

(1) So a few weeks ago I ordered this purse off of etsy. It's custom made with a cute patch of a chibi version of any eeveevolution of your choice. Sylveon is my absolute #1 favorite pokemon of all of them, so of course I got the adorable Sylveon patch. Just looking at it makes me happy, so I carry it to work. One day as I was getting off of break this guy I've spoken to occasionally saw my purse and was like, "oh hey, that's a cool Skitty purse!" I know i like Pokemon too much because I was

(2) GENUINELY OFFENDED. Like, I had no words. I was stunned speechless. When I finally regained my bearings I literally said, word for word, “This is a Sylveon, you uneducated SWINE!” Probably a bit of overkill on my part, but at that moment in time I was genuinely insulted - Skitty is a cute pokemon and all and it won me ALL OF THE RIBBONS in the Cuteness contest, but SYLVEON. Anyways, the guy looked confused for a moment and then said, “I knew that, I was just testing you! Sometimes girls wear(3) Pokemon stuff without actually knowing what the pokemon is.” I was half-tempted to tell him that policing girls in the fandom wasn’t his job, but I work with the guy and try to avoid getting on anyone’s bad side because I’m going to be there for awhile. So instead I just told him that if I paid forty bucks for a custom-made purse, I was damn well going to know what the pokemon was. Anyways, I genuinely thought he was just “testing” me, but I found out later from a friend of mine who was in(4) the room after I left that he admitted to another girl at the table that he didn’t actually know what the pokemon was. She told me that he said, “I had an idea of what the pokemon was but I just forgot its name. But I remembered it as soon as she told me.” I’m sorry that this turned out so long, but it makes me feel so proud.

Omg, that was worth the wait. He couldn’t just SAY he didn’t know it!
365. He doesn't want you to work
  • Requested!
  • Louis: Your job has been stressing you out, you're working from eight till three and every time you have a moment to yourself, someone knocks on your door to hand you more work. You came home from work, completely in tears from all the stress and that's when Louis decided to intervene. "Babe, I've got enough money for the both of us" He tells you as you shake your head. "I don't like seeing you like this. I don't like my girlfriend walking through the door in tears. Not when I can stop it" He states. You sniffle and wipe your eyes. "I don't want to be dependent on you Lou" You sigh. "I don't want you to hate your life. Just think about it okay?" And you nodded because at this point, relying on Louis might be what's best.
  • Liam: "You'd never have to work again" He tells you. "Liam it's not going to happen" You repeat for the umpteenth time. "But babe-" No but babe. I don't want to rely on you and only use your money. I want to have independence and responsibility" You state, looking at him. "I can give you a monthly allowance and you'd still have your independence and responsibility" He grins. You shake your head and head up the stairs with Liam trailing behind you. "I don't you to have to worry about this stuff. Not when I make more than enough" He pouts. You give him a small smile as you slip off your heels. "I know, baby. But I like my job. It gives me something to do when you're on tour." You explain. Liam nods and pulls you into a hug. "Maybe after we're married" He whispers and you roll your eyes, but decide not to respond.
  • Niall: "Y/N, I don't like you working here" Niall groans as you step into his Range rover. "It's just temporary" You informed him. You've said that so many times before and Niall knows that you just didn't want to burden him. You've been trying to hold on the small piece of pride you've had left. You didn't have much. You didn't have any family in London, your family lived in a different country. All you had was a college scholarship, A crappy job as a waitress that paid less then deserved, especially with the looks your boss gives you, and Niall. And you were so thankful for Niall. "You keep saying that. How much longer is it going to be temporary for, dammit?" His voice raises just a little and you bite your lip. "I just want the best for you and right now, that's going to college and letting em worry about the money. You don't need a job baby. I've got enough for both of us" He adds. You rub your face and nod. "Alright"
  • Harry: You're brain hurt from all the work you had to do today. Working at a pre-school had its perks: free healthcare and dental. It was worth it, but sometimes screaming four year olds is just something you can't do. One kid starts acting up and then before you know it the class of fifteen is yelling and hitting each other. You walk through Harry's front door, rubbing your temples while quickly discarding your things to the floor. You rush off to his medicine cabinet to take some pain reliever and Harry leaned against the wall, watching as you dry swallowed pills for the third time this week. "Rough day?" He asked as you turned around. You walked to him and placed your head in his chest and nodded ad he placed a kiss on the top of your head. "Quit" He says. You chuckle. "It's not that easy. I get free everything with them" You sigh stepping away. "It is, babe. I've got enough money for the both of us and I'll put you on my insurance plan" He explained. You roll your eyes. "I'll think about it"
  • Zayn: You sat at the kitchen table, pen in hand, searching through the newspaper for a new job. The one you were working for before, fired you because you'd been rude to a customer. But you weren't rude to anyone, just an excuse to get you out of the little french cafe. You circled things that were interesting, still in UNI making it a bit difficult to get a full time job. Zayn sat across from you and watched as you flipped through the classified pages, rubbing your head and squinting your eyes at different job offerings. "Why don't you take a break?" He asks, stuffing some food into his mouth. "It's not that easy. I've got loans to pay and tuition for Uni. I can't just not work. "I can help you" He tells you. "Z, i'm not taking your money" You tell him. "But I don't want you working. The last job you had made you stressed out all the time. Remember when you're hair was falling out?" He asked. You scowl at him, your hair hasn't fully recovered since your old boss had put you in for more hours than you should be working. "That's not fair" You pout. "Just take a small break. Grow all your hair back, graduate. I don't care what you do. Just let me take care of you" He simply said. And as much as you wanted to protest, you couldn't. He had a point.
  • Zayn's sucked but i was running out of scenarios. ~AlliXx
The idea in the mind palace–it’s not good advice so much as [Sherlock’s] trying to avoid pain.

He tries to imagine what Moriarty would say.

In that moment, he remembers, ‘Oh, never mind all that. I’ve got to get back and save John.’

That’s what he remembers.

Steven Moffat, on Moriarty’s exhortation to feel pain without fearing it in HLV.

(IGN interview Part 1, February 2014 [x])

[ Skulls & Tea | Sherlock Creator Quotes Collection | Disclaimer/reblogs ]



I admit I’m a bit of a victim in the worldwide system too
But I’ve found my sweet escape when I’m alone with you

At school Luke was who everyone looked up to, who everyone wanted to be friends with. Who everyone wanted to be. He was basically the hottest guy in your school. Football player, a little bit of a bad boy, in a band; thank kind of stuff. He was a typical teenager. Everyone you knew had a crush on Luke (you had a pretty huge crush on him too, but you never liked to admit it).

You had always thought Luke wasn’t quite a distant person. Whenever he was with his friends he never seemed comfortable. But since everyone else believed he was you decided to too.

One day, your whole view on Luke Hemmings, the not-quite-perfect-teen, changed. You were in your last lesson of the day, English. Instead of sitting in his usual seat Luke sat on the other side of the room from you but one row in front. You dismissed this because you thought he was purely trying to get attention. Half way through the lesson you noticed someone staring at you, you glanced over in their direction, it was Luke. You tired to forget about him staring at you but it was impossible, you knew your cheeks were burning. So the only thing you could think of to stop him from staring was to stare straight back at him. You gave him a sharp stare as he just laughed and flashed a smile, revealing his dimples. Instantly, ashamed that your plan didn’t work, you looked down. Another 5 minutes later, Luke had stopped staring and was writing. In 2 minutes the piece he was writing was handed to you by the person next to you. Pretending not to care, you opened this letter as you read:

hey, i noticed you staring, maybe you’d like to stare at my face some other time, like after school. maybe we can get to know each other…

luke xx

A smile crept onto your face as you shook your head slowly, still staring at Luke’s scrawly hand writing. You scribbled down a quick okay then, see you after class… on the paper, folded it and handed it back to your neighbor.

You couldn’t wait till after class. You kept looking at the clock in hope that it would be the end of the lesson. Then finally, the bell rung out over the school, you glanced over at Luke who had a huge smile on his face. You waited till your teacher dismissed you to walk over to Luke. You didn’t want to seem too eager. but before you could even blink Luke was out of the classroom, this confused you. You felt a sinking feeling inside of you as the sad realization of the whole ‘Luke thing’ being a joke. You left school with your head held low. It was when you reached the gates when you saw Luke again, beaming, leaning on his crappy car. He walked up to you and kissed your forehead. You were, again, confused. What the hell was he playing at?

'Hi,’ he smiled looking down at you

'Hey,’ you half-smiled

'So-um-(Y/N) I was thinking if we could go back to my place for a bit and just-er-chill?’ he seemed so nervous. it was strange how someone so confident with everyone else could be so nervous in a certain persons presence you thought.

'Yeah sure,’ you giggled. He lead you into his car.

The two of you arrived at his place and his parents weren’t in, thank god! You followed him into his room as he told you to sit anywhere. He disappeared downstairs and and reappeared within 3 minutes with a tub of ice cream, cookies and a selection of films. Wow this was a different Luke to what you’d seen all these years at school. The cool, calm boy now seemed all precious and nervous. 

'I was thinking we could just watch a few films, chat and eat until you have to go…’ he looked at the floor then up to you.

'Yeah that sounds great Luke,’ you beamed. Luke and you sat/lay enjoying each others company for hours/ It had been quiet for a good 20 minutes when Luke said

'You know you really are something. I always see you at school, I think you’re gorgeous and amazing…’ he barely whispered looking at you. You turned your whole body to face him as you cupped his face in your hand and kissed him hard, passionately. In the end you both pulled away, speechless and giggling. Before kissing him again he said something that shocked you

’(Y/N), when I’m with you time stops, it feels like everything is beautiful and I never want my time with you to end. You know I only act like a bit of a dick at school to fit in. But when I’m around you, I feel I don’t need to pretend.’



You are my getaway
You are my favorite place

Touring with Calum had been hard, incredibly hard. The two of you had never got time together any more. Even though it was better then being away from each other all the time it was still hard. He was either on stage, locked away in a security room before their concert, meeting fans, or too tired. It was chaos but he was dealing with it. You weren’t. You missed the old Calum. The old easy-going Calum.

It was another day of touring and meeting fans, but it was the last day of touring and meeting fans. The boys and you were happy, everyone could tell. Even though they loved touring sometimes it got too much for them at times. The tiredness would always defeat them, sometimes Michael fell asleep whilst eating breakfast. When the last show was over you could not contain your happiness. Cal got off stage, a massive grin on his face and filed his arms open to embrace you. Giggling the pair of you went to spend your last night in the tour bus before you left for home.

Two days later you and Calum were in Australia, lying in your shared bed staring at the ceiling.

'God I’ve missed this,’ Calum whispered

'Same, the past month has been so hard on the both of us,’

'I feel sorry for you babe, never seeing me,the reason you came on tour with me was to be with me, you hardly saw me!’ you knew he was getting angry and upset but you didn’t know why exactly.

'Calm down Cal, it’s okay. we’ve got each other now and that’s all that matters. My moments with you on tour meant a lot to me. Even though they were short lived, I enjoyed every second of them.’ You turned on your side, facing him, hoping Calum would do the same.

'I suppose…’ he turned over to face you, ’(Y/N) I just love you so much and I never want to lose any more time then I have to with you. In the middle of all this madness you and the boys. You mainly,’ he smiled 'are the only stable things in my life at the moment. When I see you or when I’m with you everything seems 10 times more beautiful then it already it. The madness stops and all I can think about is you.’ You planted a quick kiss on his cheek and laughed and said a quick 'I love you, Calum Hood,’ before being enveloped into Calum’s chest, his arms wrapped around you. And the two of you fell asleep, in a tangled mess of arms and legs.


Turn off the radio
Those late night TV shows

You and Michael were caught up in your own lives at the moment, you never saw each other a lot anymore. You used to see each other every day, if it was at his house, your house, the mall, the park, anywhere. Michael and you had been best friends for over 7 years and you had been through everything together. You never saw each other as much anymore because as soon as his band hit the jackpot he was only home around 30% of the time and you were busy with college so when he was home you never had time or no one told you. You were happy for him though, ever since the day you met him you knew what he wanted in life and you knew that he would get there. Life, for you without Michael was boring. You never wanted to call him in case of the time zones or maybe it seemed like you were being clingy. You had almost got to the point where you didn’t care if it seemed clingy anymore, you needed to talk to your best friend. But there was always this horrifying thought in the back of your head that he would have forgotten about you.

You were sitting in your dorm, studying, when your phone started to ring. You immediately pounced on it. It was Michael, you let it ring once more before you answered it.

'Hello?’ a deep rasp called from the other line

'Michael?’ you answered

'Yes?’ he laughed

'Oh my god it’s you!’ you laughed. You were giddy with excitement and happiness.

’(Y/N), I’m so glad to hear your voice. I can’t remember how long it’s been since we last talked…’

'It’s been a while Clifford,’ you retorted with a sharp edge to your voice

'I know, it has been a while. I’m so sorry (Y/N),’ he sounded apologetic 'But I’m going to make it up to you this week!’

'Wait-What? Michael? What do you- oh my god I get it now!’ you laughed

'We got there eventually… Yeah so anyway this week, starts from now. Be at my place in 15 minutes.’ Before you could reply the line went dead. You got changed so quick and practically jogged to Michael’s house. You checked the time when you got to his door 11:05 pm. 'Quite late,’ you mumbled but you didn’t care; and of course to Michael the night was still young. You rang the bell and within an instant the door swung open to reveal a smiley Michael Clifford. He pulled you into a massive bear hug as you both laughed and smiled uncontrollably.

The night was spent watching films and catching up with each others life.

'I missed this and you,’ you said as The Breakfast Club came to an end.

'So have I (Y/N), so have I…’ he repeated

'We should do this more often you know,’ you blurted out 'watching films and ignoring everything else that happens in the world.’ you whispered

'Tuning out of everything else and just enjoying being with one another,’ he replied

'I couldn’t have put it better myself,’ you smiled as you looked up at him to reveal that he was wearing a smile on his face too.


And just be here with me

You were called into the Principles office, your stomach churning because you had no idea what could be wrong. You knocked three times on the door and the principle opened the door, looking grim. He told you to take a seat nervously wringing your sweat drenched hands. 

'Right (Y/N), I’ve got someone who needs to pick you up. Your mother has been taken into hospital after an attack. We, as a school are not aware of her medical position but you need to go. Your aunt is here to take you.’ You felt as if you had been punched in the gut. Still, you got up and walked shakily out of the school towards your aunt’s familiar car. The car journey was awkward, and to be honest you were relieved to get out the car.

In the hospital your aunt gathered most information. You weren’t allowed to know much but you knew her condition could be critical. In an hour or so you were allowed to see her. She was asleep or passed out, you didn’t know but seeing her just ate away your insides. You sat and held her hand, talking to her as if she was awake. The nurse came in 20 minutes later to usher you out, you planted a quick kiss on your moms cheek and left, just about holding back the tears.

As you wearily walked back to the waiting room you saw Ashton, your boyfriend of 6 months. He had obviously left school early to see you. In his hand he held a small bouquet of flowers, as soon as he saw you he rushed to his feet and hugged you. The oxygen was knocked out of your lungs as he squeezed you. You sat down and he sat next to you.

’(Y/N),’ he grabbed your hand 'Are you okay? Is your mom okay?’ he wrapped an arm round you protectively and kissed your hair.

'I don’t know, I don’t know anything…’ you sobbed as Ashton held you tighter

'Do you want anything?’ he whispered

'Just stay with me Ash, stay with me and don’t leave me.’ You looked up at him wiping away your tears

'Sure, anything for you (Y/N),’ he said calmly 'Everything is going to be okay. whatever happens you have me. I’ll always be here.’

okay so i hope you liked it, it took a while to write so yeah request and everything. ALSO idk should i do a part two???? send me a yes or a no please i just want to know (p.s sorry the ashton one was a bit sensitive i hope i didnt offend anyone i just ran out of ideas towards the end sorry) but yeah ily 

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I've resent the part 2 of my ask again already, I hope you'll get it this time 😁 I honestly hope tumblr haven't eaten it this time 😣 If you still haven't received it, then I guess I'll have to sent it in again 😑

i got your ask nony, i was just compiling some moments lmao. i wouldnt say he didnt give attention to jungkook at all. it’s just, i think jimin changed a little bit? became more quiet etc. i have a theory but thats a whole nother post lol but anyway some examples;

jungkook offerring his jacket to jimin who just looks at him.

@ 1:29ish jungkook goes over to dance with jimin who pushes him away to dance with taehyung. baby bun sulks.

@ around the 2:00 mark, jungkook calls jimin to the camera and jimin refuses to come over, only goes over when hobi calls him.

a lot of shippers have been saying that jimin ignored jungkook in this video and jungkook kept staring at him. jimin also made comments about the pictures jungkook picked but ended up not picking them. idk if this counts.

i can’t really think of anymore tbh. anyone want to help me out?

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Emmaaa! I've gone through all of your fic recs and read pretty much every single fic that's worth of reading in this fandom, some of them more than once but I need you to rec me the fluffiest long fic you can think at this moment (can also have some angst but mostly fluff pls). Honestly, any fluffy fic, I need something to read again and I've got difficulties deciding one myself. Thank you tons!!

I think RNTM is the longest one I can think of, but that’s obviously a major undertaking, so here are four others that are long or fairly long one-shots.

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I need me a man like this!
  • Date: I know Chick-Fil-A isn't really five star eating, but I hope you enjoyed it.
  • Me: I loved it! I might just like any sort of food at the moment, though. I haven't been eating much.
  • Date: That's not good.
  • Me: Yeah, I know, but I've got like no money so I gotta get by on scraps. Plus, I'm so bogged down with work all the time that sometimes I just forget about it.
  • Date: You're so hard working. You need someone to take care of you. It can't be easy doing everything by yourself. I should move in with you.
  • Me: *blushes* Move in!? Aren't you jumping a little ahead of yourself here. I mean... we aren't even officially a couple yet.
  • Date: Not yet? I feel like we are. Let me move in with you. It's so cold out here, after all.
  • Me: I-I have to think about it.
  • Date: *takes my hand in his* Take your time. Just know that each night we go out is magical to me.
  • Me: Your hands are clammy.
  • Me: *heads back to apartment*
  • Roommate: So how was your hot date?
  • Me: It was weird.
  • Roommate: What is the guy a creeper?
  • Me: No, he's perfect, like unrealistically perfect. But, his hands are so clammy.
  • Roommate: Seriously? I couldn't date someone with clammy hands. Oh, a package came for you. I put it in your bedroom.
  • Package: *lies atop my bed, wrapped in duct tape, and leaking a yellowish viscous fluid*
  • Me: Oh, gross. It's from my ex. *reluctantly opens package* A letter!
  • Letter: Dear GF, sorry I had to run out on you like that. I should've talked to you about this before, but I don't think it's gonna work out. I'm going to put this bluntly, it's you. I can do much better. Anyway, I hope there's no hard feelings because I need you to do me a serious solid and take care of the thing is this box. Thanks! I don't love you but maybe you can still send me pics on Instagram sometimes - Your BF
  • Me: *looks down at the writhing mass of flesh in the package* Yeah, I don't feel like dealing with this right now.
  • Me: *tosses package out of the window*
  • Skater: *gets hit on the head by the package, falls off of skateboard*
  • Some Girl: Are you alright!?
  • Skater: Yeah, I'm cool. The fuck is in this box, though?
  • Some Girl: I don't know but it looks like some cool shit!