but that's a whole different post topic

tumblr seems to hold content creators to a terrifyingly high degree of accountability, which appears to include assuming that the content creator holds all the same beliefs and values as the characters they create. which is, uh, asinine.

while i def think creators have some degree of responsibility in creating diverse, socially conscious works, web content creators do not have pr agents, editors or a comprehensive knowledge of all social justice topics and there has to be allowed some room for growth before you take the axe to them.

i mean, if they respond to criticism of problems w/ being a dick thats a whole different issue but if the initial problem is “a morally bad character said an unpleasant thing which is evidently the same moral standing you yourself take” u h h 

does this make sense? i know theres a lot of ifs and buts in this post but its not a black and white issue and varies case by case