but that'll be for another time


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

[More Actor AU!]

  • me: Plans on writing fanfiction
  • me: gets distracted with reading other author's fics or blogging on Tumblr or the internet
  • me: 3 hours later...oh well, I guess I'll write tomorrow

“…Sure, yeah, if I think of anything.”



Peachy: It’s especially nice since autumn is here ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

ft: @askhotrarity

Kiss Him, Not Me Adds Shouta Aoi, Daisuke Ono to Cast
Actors play roles in in-story work that protagonist Kae is a big fan of

Another role for Shoutan ^^ 

“No I will not just relax and watch the sport, Deirdre! I’m going to keep count and write in to the newspaper! That’ll learn ‘em!”