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Tokoyami Fumikage, major: heroics, minor: bird law

Pay Me With Your Time YoongixReader
  • Yoongi: The sun is shinning! The breeze is breezing! My hair is quaffing! Life is goo-
  • Y/N bumps into Yoongi, spilling her Iced Coffee all over his new white shirt.
  • Yoongi: -cold! Life is so cold!
  • Y/N: I am so sorry.
  • Yoongi looks up into Y/N's eyes. He thinks.
  • Yoongi: It's fine.
  • Yoongi stalks away. He stops and turns back.
  • Yoongi: Actually it's not. Reimburse me.
  • Y/N: What?
  • Yoongi: Did I stutter? This shirt was expensive, and I'm probably never going to wear it again now that you've soiled it.
  • Y/N: Well what about my coffee? That'll be $7.65!
  • Yoongi: One: That is an insane amount to pay for an iced coffee. Two: (LAUGHS BOISTEROUSLY: HA HA HA) I'm not paying you, you walked into me.
  • Y/N: Are you done?
  • Yoongi: One more. Three: I just realized that you are really, really pretty. I mean like insanely pretty, and that and only that is why I will consider buying you another iced coffee and allowing you to pay for the shirt with your time.
  • Y/N: May I speak now?
  • Yoongi: Go for it.
  • Y/N: One: Have you ever had good coffee? Cuz that's how much it costs. Two: I could argue that you walked into my defenseless, motionless iced coffee and spoiled it's existence. Three: I find you attractive too and I'm willing to look over your ass-nality and get a coffee. This way.
  • Y/N stalks away towards the Coffee shop and Yoongi trails after her.
  • Yoongi: Ass-nality?
  • Y/N: Ass-Personality. Coined it five seconds ago.
  • Yoongi: Oh. - So you find me attractive? I just thought you were pretty.
  • Y/N: (Groans) How much was that shirt in hours?
  • Yoongi: About three. I'm hoping you'll ruin another one of my things though. Want to break my phone? That'll cost you at least a week. (Wink)
  • A/N
  • I'm really liking these chats. It's pretty fun to write. La La Land was amazing and it got me in the Meet-Cute mood.
  • ~Armygirl
  • Karlie: "Taylor people on the internet are being really mean to me because I'm still dating Josh.."
  • Taylor: "I suppose I could step out with yet another boring, pasty male celebrity.."
  • Karlie: "I don't think that'll be good enough this time.."
  • Taylor: "What if I plant an article suggesting I've been dating a d-lister with the same name as your dog that still lives with his parents?"
  • Karlie: "Ugh thanks betch, I owe you one"

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 18 - Claire

Work is kicking my butt this week so just a quick painting for today. Tried to see what I could do with only one large brush… I know, I know, another b/w, but I do have some bright colors coming your way for next week, I promise!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far!
We’re a week closer to September!

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to the anon who lot their cat: put their bed outside, and any sort of blanket or toys that'll be covered in their scent. you can add food/water, but that increases the chance of another animal coming by and scaring them off. from what I've read, this is almost a 100% sure-fire way to get your pet back. just make sure to check back frequently. from what I read, people usually did this before going to bed and found their pet had returned by the time they woke up. good luck!

More Billy Batson headcanons

- Billy really likes lightening storms. He hated them before but after his powers they put him at ease. The lightening is always lowkey attracted to him and the atmosphere around him is electric and tingly and makes his hair is always on end. But it resonates with the magic inside and makes him feel powerful even as Billy.

- The magic it takes to transform into Captain Marvel starts to drain on Billy after a while. He doesn’t notice as Cap, but the bigger the fights with or longer periods spent as in his alter ego, the more exhausted and achy Billy feels after. The magic draws energy from his soul, his very being. It wears him out. It’s only noticeable after he stays in his magical form for 6+ hours.

- While in his human form, Billy cannot use any of Captain Marvel’s magic, It’s there but unless he transforms, he’s just human. But! As a human he has a much, much higher affinity for learning magic because he has this incredibly powerful magic bound to his soul. At some point in his early teens, he decides it would be good for him to learn some basic magic as himself. He trains a bit with Zatanna and other magic users and while it comes very easy to him, he never really practices it and doesn’t use it all that much. He prefers doing stuff on his own.

- Billy was orphaned at age 4 and kicked out of his house by his uncle shortly after. He bounced between a caring, but ultimately weary and run down orphanage and a few foster homes for the next few years. He usually got thrown out of the foster homes because Billy was “"aggressive”“ for defending weaker kids and didn’t conform to the foster parents’ grateful standards. Decided around age 7/8 that he’d had enough and went to streets, mostly just hid and searched for work/food. Got his powers around age 9, inducted into the League as Marvel around age 10, his identity was revealed a little less than a year later when he’s 11.

- Billy almost always knows what’s going down in Fawcett City. He’s developed a network of homeless kids/adults who trust him and will usually give Billy information because he’s nice/gets them food whenever possible (and not just because he needs info, Billy generally gives away most of the money/food he earns only keeping enough to survive). In fact, Billy is so good with getting information out of the city’s homeless and getting a read on the city, other Leaguer’s will "rent” his services. Let him crash at your place with a little food and in a few days, he’ll know the ins and outs of your homeless population. They’ve uncovered many an evil plot before it occurred because Billy knew how to talk to people. The Leaguer jokingly calls them his “Irregulars”. But Billy doesn’t work for free, if you use his services, you’ll be giving as big a donation as you can afford to your city’s homeless. Billy figures he’s getting info from them, they might as well benefit.

- The League wants to help out when they find out about Billy but he refuses to most of the help. He only accepts what he needs to survive and only when he really needs it. He claims it isn’t fair for all the other homeless kids who don’t have the powers and friends that he has. So he stays in his abandoned building and works three jobs to make money. But the League puts their foot down that he must go to school (with Clark/Diana using aliases as “foster parents” in case there’s a problem) and he must come to the Watchtower/someone’s house when the temperature drops below a certain level and there’s a chance he might freeze to death.

- Billy loses one of his last baby teeth while hanging at the Watchtower and doesn’t understand why everyone is freaking out. He’d told he needs to put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy will come. He rolls his eyes but does it anyway and wakes up to find the equivalent of $100,000 in cash, checks and stones/metals. He returns it with an annoyed face. Diana holds onto the tooth cause it’s cute, Bruce puts all the money into a trust for Billy’s future.

- On average, Billy can only sleep for about 2-4 hours of sleep at a time. He’s living in an abandoned building slightly out of the way. The perfect stow-away for runaways and the homeless. Billy has learned to be paranoid and vigilant and awake at the slightest noise either due to animals, screams for help, or people breaking into his building for a place to sleep or, worse, to steal his meager possessions. Billy will usually let people stay one night but he needs the privacy as Captain Marvel. This lack of sleep really wears Billy down and it becomes noticeable. The League intervenes and puts up quiet interventions to keep people out, giving Billy his privacy and, finally, a decent night’s sleep.

- Despite being a kid, Billy actually takes pretty good care of himself and his surroundings. He’s not perfect but he very rarely leaves messes or indulges in a lot of junk food. He knows he’s too thin and not getting all the nutrients he needs so he tries to eat as healthy as possible. He hates greens but he knows they’re good for him. Plus he’s used to having so little, he treats all his possessions and everyone else’s with great respect. He’s homeless but not a slob, he always keeps his area clean. They love when Marvel’s on monitor duty, he doesn’t leave a mess and things are usually straightened up a little.

- Before his identity was discovered, Billy was working 3, sometimes more, jobs on and off into order to earn scraps of money for food and essentials. He didn’t go to school and instead worked all day and spent his free time at the Library trying to keep up on his studies. He only kept a fraction of his earnings, he drops off most at his former orphanage to feed the other kids and the rest he hands out to people in need. Almost every homeless persona has received money/food from Billy at some point. He only keeps enough he needs to survive which is usually not enough. The League intervenes, makes him go to school and gives him a small stipend so he can always get a proper meal. He still works when he can and most of that money he gives away

-  Billy is one of those people who when he gets sleepy gets really honest. Like just word vomit all the things he’s hiding, as both Captain Marvel and Billy. When the League is worried about him, they make him stay up a little later and then pump him for information about what’s bothering him. Billy caught on and made sure to never sleep around them. It was a massive breach of trust that took a long time to forgive, but he never forgot and always makes his own bedtimes.

- Bruce started looking into Captain Marvels’ identity only a few months after the Big Red Cheese hit the scene, long before he was considered for the League. There was something off about the magic man and Bruce wanted to know what it was. it took him longer than expected to get any info on the Captain but once he knew, he was not happy to find the hero a homeless little boy. Batman dropped in on him a couple of times, offering to get the kid into a foster home, provide him with a home. Hell Bruce even offered to take him in himself but Billy refused everything. Eventually Bruce recommended and expedited Cap’s acceptance into the League. He couldn’t stop the kid from doing what he believed his right but he’d make sure Billy had back-up.  


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

[More Actor AU!]

  • me: Plans on writing fanfiction
  • me: gets distracted with reading other author's fics or blogging on Tumblr or the internet
  • me: 3 hours later...oh well, I guess I'll write tomorrow
Carried Away

TFP Ratchet

“I asked for your help; not for you to completely take over my project.” You huff, arms crossed firmly over your chest as you continue to stare Ratchet down with that stern look of yours.

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  • fandom: "Omg, why aren't there more femslash! There need to be more femslash!"
  • fanwriter: "Hmmm, maybe I should try writing some. There doesn't seem to be any popular pairings, but I like this one."
  • fanwriter: *writes and posts a femslash fic*
  • fandom: *crickets*
  • fanwriter: "That's strange, people are usually all over my male slash stories. Maybe it just wasn't a very good story?"
  • fanwriter: *writes and posts another femslash fic*
  • fandom: *crikets*
  • fanwriter: "Okay, maybe it's the pairing that's wrong? Perhaps people just can't see these two women together. Let me try this pairing in stead."
  • fanwriter: *writes and posts another femslash fic*
  • fandom: *crikets*
  • fanwriter: "Okay, maybe this was a bad story too."
  • fanwriter: *writers and post yet another femslash fic*
  • fandom: *crickets*
  • fanwriter: "You know what, never mind. Not going to waste any more time on something that'll only be ignored."
  • fandom: "Omg, why aren't there more femslash! There need to be more femslash!"

“…Sure, yeah, if I think of anything.”

for the ones that’ll hate your guts : listen

» for the wild and the reckless, for the crazy, screaming kids going back to the hell where no one fits in «

teenagers - my chemical romance // i don’t care - fall out boy // all the small things - blink-182 // warrior - imagine dragons // centuries - fall out boy // the reckless and the brave - all time low // sing - my chemical romance // misery business - paramore // stressed out - twenty one pilots // chelsea dagger - the fratellis // another brick in the wall - pink floyd // this is war - 30 seconds to mars // kicking & screaming - all time low // heaven knows - the pretty reckless // mr. brightside - the killers

Ain't No Sunshine
Bill Wuthers (Covered by a Lesbian)
Ain't No Sunshine

Another entry in my attempt to gay up the GotG Soundtracks, except that halfway through this one, I found out it is not in the GotG soundtrack at all! Whatever. It’s from the 70s, and it’s gay as hell now.

As per usual, the instrumentals are borrowed, the vocals are me. I’m making no profit off of this! I’m just having a good time gaying up the 70s, one passionate song about being way too into a younger woman at a time.

What should I do next? Hit me up, fam!


DATE: Wednesday, April 26th
TIME: 9:47 PM
LOCATION: Around the corner from Tempest
STATUS: Closed to @calina-s, @tiberiuscapulets & @odessavernon

The cobblestone is wet with rain from an early evening storm. Spring showers, she thinks as their strides begin to match, heels clacking in sync with one another as they huddle together under a black umbrella. One leather encased hand grips the handle while the other clings to Calina’s forearm, and on any other night, this would be normal: two friends headed out for a drink, perhaps looking to get into a little trouble if the night was kind, but tonight a cloud hangs over the emissary’s head, one fueled by rage and peppered with conflict of the internal variety. Orders are orders, but Lucrecia considers the woman on her arm a friend, not someone she would attack in any other circumstance, and yet—

“Tempest first, yes?” She breaks the tension of her own making with a nudge to the woman’s shoulder and a small warm smile, “and then we can see where the night takes us.”

Extending a hand, she reaches out in search for more rain drops, but the air is dry-humid, even-and so she drops her arm from Calina’s to bring the umbrella down and wraps it up quickly.

“I think we—and our hair, thank god—are safe from rain for the moment.”

ghostfixedsysknight  asked:

Hey, I noticed in your first art for Altertale of Sori (Hi, it's me) she's in a wedding dress :3 if Sori and Sans get engaged, how would Asgore Paps Gaster and Asriel feel? Also, can we see their wedding outfits (it's really cute X3) Not to mention, will Alterfell and Alterswap official Soriel happen? (Swap!Gori would be so protective of Strawberry Marshmallow)

1. Tbh (besides Flowey (Gaster) since he kinda hates everything), I think everyone else would be alright with it! I mean, everyone’s favorite goatlady is getting married to everyone’s favorite skeledad, what’s not to like here? So yea, pretty sure their wedding was lit.
2. I’ve legit been planning to draw their wedding designs again, so you might see that in the future. Might even throw in the AF and AS ones too.
3. Soriel is pretty much canon to any AU I create, including Trainertale. *shrugs*

I didn’t want to make yet another bitchy post because I am so fucking exhausted with tg. But I can’t help myself and the recent influx of bs on my dash is pissing me off so the time has come to be salty. Again.
So with this whole deal with Shuu planning the wedding and all I’m seeing a lot of people have the reaction of, “oh, this means shuu isn’t in love with Kaneki anymore, he’s grown as a person, etc.” Which is probably not wrong, there’s a good chance that this is what Ishida is attempting to portray, or at least something along those lines.
But the fact is that he’s doing a shitty ass job of it. Shuu, like so many other characters in this character-bloated manga, isn’t being given proper attention, so readers are just left to guess about what his deal is. And he could be chill about the whole thing like his smiling exterior suggests, or he might not. We just don’t know, from what we’ve been shown.
And you can say, well maybe Ishida is waiting until later to deal with things. And maybe he is. But the issue isn’t limited to Shuu, there’s beginnings of story threads for all kinds of characters that I’ve been waiting years for them to be resolved or dealt with and they just haven’t. Because what is pacing anyway? Ishida doesn’t know her anymore.
But anyway, we don’t really know what’s going on inside Shuu’s head. (Other than that he wants to kill CCG people, go murder baby go)
But what we do know is this. He’s a queer character who is, or was, very clearly in love with Kaneki. His journey of growth and dealing with his changing feelings for Kaneki has been one of the most well written and moving aspects of tg, up until more recently when everything went to shit.
And now Kaneki is in a rushed, non-communicative, poorly written, and above all abusive hetero relationship. And we’ve got one of our best queer characters who has feelings for Kaneki nodding and smiling in approval of said shitty relationship. And in the meantime Ishida just refuses to acknowledge those feelings, or treats them like some sort of a joke. Or uses them as some sort of fujoshi bait. Like come on. That shower scene, with the ‘please stay with me until the end" line? I mean, it’s feelsy for sure. But the bitchy part of me just felt like it was way too over the top, coming after all the tou/ken bullshit. Ishida is fully aware that people ship shuu/neki. And he went and did a scene that just feels really fucking fujoshi and/or even queer baity anyway. And even if it wasn’t intended to be like that, to me it feels rlly fucking shitty.
But anyway. Whatever. My last thought is this: There’s a lot of people who, when faced with criticism of tg, like to say “it’s Ishida’s story, he can do what he wants.” And that’s true. But that doesn’t mean everyone has to be happy about it or that criticising it isn’t allowed. If Ishida wants his story to be a disgusting heterosexual disaster, that’s his right. It’s not like I’m about to go directly to him and bitch about it, I wasn’t born in a fucking barn. But I have higher standards than heterosexual disasters, and I’m allowed to be disappointed and pissed off at what’s going on right now. And so are all the other people I’ve seen getting fucking harassed for simply stating their own opinions and frustrations. Because it’s all a bunch of bullshit. #ShuuDeservedBetter2k17