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You are the one, no matter what happens between us; if we fight, laugh, cry or even break up, because I know it won’t last long.
—  Poets Love Her

monop-olly  asked:

Wait what happened with the gay uprising in your school???

Okay, story time.

My high school was a public school with only 3 people out of the closet. A couple of girls we all vaguely saw holding hands and kissing a few times but nobody knew them, and myself. 

When I started dating my girlfriend during my second year, I was pretty chill about it, I didn’t really care and her either, so we just did what every other couples did. She was still very private in her own way so people didn’t come to her that much, but I had the reputation to be a little too chill about it all. After a week or so, every two days someone would come to me to tell me they were bi or gay, a lot of my own friends did. One of my dude friends even wanted to talk to me in private so badly, I thought he was gonna ask me out and I freaked out… I only stopped screaming “PLEASE NO” when he yelled “I DON’T WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU, I AM GAY TOO YOU DUMBASS” at me. All those people ended up befriending each other so in the end, we were a group of approximately 40 friends, with only like 5 totally straight people among us.

Our group of friends was very large so we were rarely all together, but when we were, well, we were kinda noticeable. So the other students started noticing too how girls and boys were holding hands and kissing, so other people started coming out in other groups and asked me about coming out stuff too. And it went on and on for a year. We started at 3 queer people and at the end of the year, the private High School of the same city was calling us The Gay High School.

Long story short, I was gay Moses in my second year of High School.

Tiger tissue maybe frozen in the hope that future generations can re-create these animals. A few Tigers maybe kept alive in zoos. But only a westerner could think that a tiger could exist apart from its own unique environment and still be a tiger. The belief that we can save Tigers by freezing some salve is a very belief that is destroying the Tigers habitat: the belief that we are separate. A habitat is more than an environment, something to be exploited. In fact, the tiger and the jungle are one; each cannot exist without the other.
—  Original wisdom
  • Delirious: We both look handsome tonight.
  • Vanoss: You know, if you just said I looked handsome, I would have said 'so do you.'
  • Delirious: I couldn't take that chance.

At its end is where you will find the peace that eludes you, and at its end lies the answer you refuse to see.

Chapters 129 & 2

I was thinking about Yana’s paneling and how much I love it, because she always finds a way to use it as a foreshadowing method—case in point being 2CT and the panels during Baron Kevin’s flashback.

And honestly? I love this glorious panel right here.

 —Which just so happens to perfectly tie in with Chapter 2 (!!).

“This ring is proof that… the head of the Phantomhive house is “Ciel Phantomhive”

O!Ciel explains, right after claiming that he doesn’t need it anymore. And true enough, according to his own wording, the ring doesn’t actually symbolize that he himself is the head of the Phantomhive house—but that “Ciel”, his twin, is.

Which fits with what he tells Sebastian later that night:

More than a sign of power and status, material proof to deem himself as ‘Ciel’ to the rest of the world, the ring seems to represent a memento of everything O!Ciel has lost. Of all the deaths that came and that are sure to come, including his own. And it also represents his brother; more than anyone else, most likely, given where he got it from and who it rightfully belongs to.

And so, Sebastian laughs—not only because his master is quite the liar, but also because he is more sentimental than he lets on. A child trying to act like an adult.

So the juxtaposition between that panel and R!Ciel is just fantastic. Right as R!Ciel is about to reassert himself as the true head of the Phantomhive house, we see his right hand. It’s open and he bears no ring because just as –  @the-previousearl-reborn wonderfully put it here, R!Ciel knows who he is. He is the true heir, he is Ciel Phantomhive—he needs no cane and no ring to prove it.  

Meanwhile, Yana show’s us o!Ciel’s left hand—which is concealed, balled into a fist and sports the ring. A clear reminder of the fact that o!Ciel has taken something that belongs to R!Ciel—or rather, stolen the candy from his tummy.

Still though, I find this even more interesting after re-reading Chapter 2, because the wording can’t be a coincidence.

Now that his ghosts are coming back to haunt him in a corporeal-fashion, I believe we’re bound to see o!Ciel show us the vulnerable side of him more often, and that’s going to be fantastic for his development; even more so given that we’re in an arc that has touched upon the fact that o!Ciel is terrified of being happy.

So I find it telling that in Chapter 2, o!Ciel reveals that what he treasures most about the ring is basically the emotional weight it carries; it’s like a reminder of the Phantomhive burden. It’ll be interesting to see if he loses the ring altogether in this arc, or if he reclaims it—not as “Ciel Phantomhive” but as who he truly is, and gives it a whole new meaning altogether.


Another call-back to Chapter 2:

The Lizzy in Paula’s flashback is wearing the same clothes she wore in Chapter 2.

When the Gents took off for the day they didn’t expect to come home to this. Sure, leaving Gavin, Michael and Jeremy aimless and unsupervised for any length of time is never the best plan, somehow even worse when you throw Lindsay into the mix, but Trevor had been around. Trevor who, on second thought, takes far too much glee in passively overseeing mayhem from a distance without actually taking steps to stop it to be a reliable supervisor. Huh. Throw in the fact that Geoff had made them promise to keep a lid on their mayhem for the day, stick around the penthouse and behave themselves and yeah, disaster was inevitable. Still, there’s disobedience, there’s leaving base for a little joyride or antagonising the police or holding-up the convenience store two blocks over, and then there is this.  

The living room of the penthouse is in complete disarray, bottles and cans, straws, a vuvuzela and what looks like hairspray strewn all around the room - Geoff’s first thought was that his idiots have gotten drunk and taken off with some kind of haphazard homemade bomb. This is terrifying for a number of reasons but honestly Geoff is mostly just lamenting the mess he’ll inevitably be left to clean up. His second thought, wading through the disaster zone as Jack sighs and starts chugging straight out of an abandoned vodka bottle, after Ryan points out the chain of extension cords trailing up the stairs to the rooftop access door, is that his idiots have gotten drunk and are throwing things from his building. Delightful.  

None of the three know what to expect when they start climbing the stairs but they can’t help but pick up the pace when Michael’s shouting drifts into earshot, “Jesus man you’re killing him!” The following onslaught of expletives not quite drowning out Gavin’s distinctive squawking and an awful, inhuman kind of moaning. The fact that Lindsay is laughing, loud and helplessly breathless over the rising din honestly isn’t in any way comforting; that woman would chortle her way through the apocalypse and they all know it.

The sight they’re met with when they make it to the roof really isn’t as enlightening as one might hope. The cans have made their way up here too, a rainbow array of silly-string, the kind they used to use to block camera’s and identify hidden traps before their new supplier moved them on to the plain white military grade stuff that actually sticks the first time.  What the surplus has been used for while the Gents were working is immediately evident, though the why is honestly anyone’s guess.

Jeremy, face unrecognisable under a veritable mountain of colourful silly-string and spluttering through his breathing straws, is charging full tilt after a shrieking Gavin who’s still clutching an aerosol can of glue. Add Lindsay charging along in the rear, delightedly blasting Jeremy’s horrifying home-made mask with a hairdryer, and Michael going red in the face shouting at the top of his lungs as he runs in loops to keep them all from careening too close to the edges of the roof, and all they’re missing is the Benny Hill theme playing in the background. An oversight Trevor is probably already considering, sat safely away on the raised lip of the helipad and recording the action with his phone, grin a mile wide as he very helpfully calls out various obstacles just a second too late for Jeremy to avoid.

Somewhere under the blanket of confused disbelief Geoff registers Jack shaking her head, diving back into the bottle with gusto as she wanders towards Trevor, catches Ryan smirking and slinking off to sneak up on the action, tries to come to terms with the fact that this is his crew. That after all this time they can still blow him away with the utter absurdity of their antics. Everyone here is armed, all dangerous, every single one of them is a ruthless murderer.  

There’s a thump, a yelp, cries of foul-play as Ryan croons out some disturbingly excessive line and holds Gavin still for Jeremy’s gleeful retribution. Jack shoves Trevor from his perch and he dances closer for a better angle as a cackling Michael presses silly-string into Jeremy’s blind grasp, Lindsay’s hairdryer still roaring away as she calls out requests over Gavin’s objections.  

Geoff is the most powerful man in Los Santos. These morons are the most dangerous people in the city. The Fake AH Crew now lives in a building caked in glued on straws, silly string and probably glitter. Somehow there is always fucking glitter. It would have been so much cleaner if they’d just made the damn bomb.