but that would take a lot of time and effort

2017 Gemini Advice (TOP 3)

What’s better than some good advice from the Gemini guru? 


  • Don’t let the money control you, control the money. Not knowing how to save and spend wisely is a big problem for most of us, and developing a master plan to achieving your goals financially will get rid of a lot of problems, and better yet make your year (2017) a lot healthier.


  • 2017 is the year to focus on yourself. Try not to dwell or invest too much time in relationships, or people unless you deeply feel that the person is valuable enough to be giving your time. Make yourself great; put the effort that you would usually put into building relationships into bettering yourself. With just these simple doings, you’ll be smiling in no time.

Failure and Risks

  • Don’t be afraid of taking that jump! Sometimes taking a leap of faith is needed to obtain that dream job you want, or becoming the best at your occupation. Try not to believe that failure results in you not being able to succeed. Without failure, a lot of those who you see who are successful today, would not be successful. When you fail, don’t refrain. GET UP, learn from it and fight harder.
BTS as Your Valentine❤️️


You would be so spoiled by him omg. He’d buy you lots of roses and have a full day of events all planned out. Expect a 5-course dinner from Chef Jin himself! Plus, don’t forget about the Valentine’s edition of DAD JOKES. He just wants to make sure you know he’s the best you’ve ever had. 

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He wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day, but he’d still put a lot of effort into making your day EXTRA special. He’d invite you to his studio while he works and the two of you would grab coffee afterwards on the way home. And when you least expect it, BOOM. A Yoongi backhug, equipped with neck kisses!

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Imagine a Valentine’s night out with him! Holding hands and walking wherever your legs take you. He’d be such a gentleman, but at the same time, there’d be lots of flirty teasing from this one. Eventually, the two of you would end up in an unknown place because y’alls were too busy distracting each other. But you’d feel safe anywhere with Hoseok by your side!

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He’d bring you to a very romantic setting– like the beach (at sunset of course)! Once you settle in, you’d have some deep-talk time, but also time when no words are needed. You best believe there’d be lots of kissing!!

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CUDDLES AT HOME WITH THE CUDDLE KING HIMSELF. There’d be moments when you just stare at him until he makes you giggle, which would make him laugh as well. And once Jimin gets the giggles, y’alls know he doesn’t stop lol. His eyesmile would come out and steal your heart for good!

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He would ask you what you want to do and happily say yes to whatever it is. Even if you chose to do the most boring thing, Tae would find a way to make it fun and exciting. He’d keep you laughing and smiling throughout the entire day!

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Prior to Valentine’s Day, he would be asking the other members for advice, and they’d tell him to do all these cheesy things like having a fancy dinner together or something. And he’d be like super stressed out about it, trying to make everything perfect. But in the end, he would opt to invite you to watch anime with him or take you bowling! #nochu will come thru~

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Have you decided not to continue miraculous SF fanfic?

Okay, guys. Look, I know you all want to keep reading this fic, but please look at the length of it. It’s literally the length of two epic novels. Some authors it would take years to write something like that. So let’s not jump to conclusions just because it hasn’t been updated recently. I’ll get to it, but part 3 will literally be the equivalent of a 200,000 word novel–that’s the size of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So please, just… patience, okay? It takes a lot of time and effort to get into something like SF and I don’t intend to abandon it, but if this was a novel series, you’d all be a lot more understanding of how long it takes me to get into it. 

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(Sorry, I’ve been getting a lot of messages like this lately)

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How do you think Mr. Fabulous Egotistical birb man would feel about the red fish boy getting all of the fans attention? (Revali will still be my #1 secondary hero in this game no matter how much Sidon takes over the BoTW tag and a lot of it's thanks to the effort you put into his voice. I've heard a lot of people except the voice acting in the game to fall flat and then seem really impressed when I show Revali's memory. Thank you so much again.)

He understands; with how much time you lowly humans spend closer to the ocean than the sky, it’s only natural that you’d make do with your lack of expertise in the sky by developing Stockholm Syndrome for uncanned tuna.

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Your writing makes me very happy, thank you for this. Can I request how Fugo, Rohan, and Bruno would deal with a highly sensitive s/o.

[ Awww I haven’t had a rohan in a while HAHAHHA also im not exactly sure if you mean emotionally sensitive or physically but i assume emotionally so ill write that send another if you meant the latter! I’m not sure if I wrote this well either so pardon me and my writers block OTL]

- Fugo would be the most distraught over it.
- Even before you two begun dating he’s already seen you cry before and it breaks his heart every time.
- He actually ends up taking anger management classes because he keeps hurting you on accident and it Crushes this child’s heart, and when you found out and showed appreciation for his effort, it just makes his whole week better.
- Fugo needed a lot of help from the other Passione members to help change him for the better, no one had been able to convince him to better himself but you and they surely weren’t complaining.
- The other Passione are always holding him back before he lashes out at you and soon enough he begun to stop himself, often going off to beat someone up in a mission instead and buying you back small gifts in apology
- If anyone else were to make you cry though expect the full front of his anger to pulverise them, even if its another member, only when you’re holding onto his arm telling him its ok already that he calms down a little over the matter.
- Fugo is super overprotective over you, wanting to make sure no one, not even himself, can take away your precious smile for even a moment, and does his best to always cheer you up
- If the two of you ever go watch movies and you end up crying this child would end up frantic, he knows its nothing big but seeing your tears always throw him into high alert.
- If you ever need someone to rant too Fugo is here. He would listen to your stories and give you his honest advice as he runs his fingers through your hair or has his arm around you in a soft hug in attempt to comfort you.

- Rohan tries his best but he’s horrible at it, he has no filter and often just says whatever insult comes to his mind, even if its directed at you.
- Although he often says how he finds your emotional weakness irritating, it actually really tugs at his heart strings and you’re now the only thing that keeps his ego in check around you
- The longer you date the more he gets used to it, it was shocking at first but whenever you feel hurt and do your little quirks be it biting your lip or playing with the corner of your shirt Rohan Notices, and soon enough he’d catch himself mid-insult and apologise in his off handed way.
- If anyone else were to be the one to hurt your feelings though immediately expect Rohan to be insulting and bullying them into apologising, regardless how small the issue is or if you tell him that its ok.
- Occasionally he’d ask Koichi how to be a nicer person, it shocked the boy at first but when he realised the extent of what Rohan was doing to make you feel better he gladly helped.
- Expect lavish gifts to seemingly appear by your bed after any small episode that happens, you cried cos the restaurant you booked made a reservation mistake and you can’t eat there? Too bad, Rohan bought you a branded purse. You cried because it rained on the day you two were supposed to visit the park. Rohan didn’t say anything but next morning you have a new dress.
- He’s not good at showing affection or catching the atmosphere on when to stop putting himself first but he tries his best and is getting better at it, and if you we’re to tell him how to make you feel better he’d be on it. Be it making you a cup of hot chocolate or letting you watch a chick flick as he draws.

- Bucci’s the best at dealing with you, he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better and somehow knows when you’re in one of those ‘moods’ so he would always leave you a small surprise
- When he’s the one at fault for your sadder moments he always has this split second realisation for his mistake and he’s apologising before you can even start to cry.
- He’s also great at reading the atmosphere and figuring out how to deal with things accordingly, so when he’s with you, there is never a reason to feel down. This reliable Capo would always find a way to negate the problem before it becomes one.
- If he ever makes a mistake that leaves you in tears he’d immediately be apologising, telling you how much you mean to him and giving you the soft yet reliable smile he has.
- If someone else were to hurt your feelings when he isn’t there you bet they’d be apologising before the day is over. Regardless how small the issue.
- Bruno wouldn’t be the most affectionate in public but when you two are alone together he’d let you rest in his arms as you rant about whatever is bothering you, with a loving and strong hug from him he’d tell you his opinions and comfort you. After all, this reliable Capo was your logical anchor.
- If you two ever quarrel or you have an extremely bad day he’d cheer you up with a home cooked dinner by Bruno himself along with a nice romantic candlelit setup, after all, good italian cooking made with love would cheer anyone up in his books.

waking up with Sebastian Stan would include

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  • he’s a really deep sleeper so it takes a lot of time and effort to wake him up
  • him sleep talking
  • you trying to get up to make him breakfast but his grip on you is just too tight
  • taking a sneeky picture of him because he’s just too beautiful
  • poking his cheek
  • messing with his hair
  • nuzzling your head in the crook of his neck
  • “Sebby? please wake up”
  • nothing
  • “Sebastian”
  • nope
  • “Bucky?”
  • he’s still asleep
  • “my Romanian sex god?”
  • him moving a bit
  • “my one and only?”
  • him opening his one eyes
  • “were you calling me, angel?”
  • tickling the heck out of that cutie
  • him holding you closer (if that’s even possible)
  • lying in each other’s arms for a long time
  • kissing the tip of his nose as you’re getting up to go to kitchen
  • him following you around like a lost puppy
  • making breakfast together
  • singing and dancing to “99 red balloons”
  • sitting on his lap when you’re eating breakfast
  • planning your days
  • him choosing your outfit for the day
  • doing the same for him
  • helping him style his hair
  • him distracting you when you’re trying to get ready
  • “go away you giant child”
  • wishing each other good luck
  • sealing it with a passionate kiss
The Signs as Gothic Literature
  • Aries: The old grandfather clock sitting in the window of your local antique store. It's covered in a thick layer of dust, its gears are swathed in a forest of cobwebs, yet it still keeps ticking. The store owner has attempted to take it apart several times, but every time he opens the back, his eyes glaze over, and he is filled with an indescribable dread. Its bell tolls exactly 2 minutes after sunset.
  • Taurus: The thick fog that blankets the graveyard on Wednesday evening. Regardless of the weather, it rolls in, steaming out from the gnarled roots of the weeping willow, filling the air with a syrupy moisture. Upon dissipation, all the offerings resting before the tombstones are gone. It descends quickly; your neighbor Alice got caught in it once, and didn't reemerge until next week. She said it smelled vaguely of olive oil, with just a splash of basil.
  • Gemini: Do not look behind you. It's following you, hiding in your shadow, lurking in the corner of your eye, slipping in through that door you always leave cracked open. It looms over you while you sleep, breathing in time with your snores, stretching its maw when you yawn. That flicker of light you see when you look in the mirror? That's it. That odd, dark lump in the frame of your selfies? That's it. No amount of filters will convince it to leave.
  • Cancer: The bits of sea glass that you stumble upon during your evening strolls. They started off typical; shades of aquamarine, indigo, and baby blue. Lately, they have been washing up on shore at an alarming rate, ranging from blood red, to obsidian black. You didn't even know glass could be so opaque. Your friend collects them, hoarding them in a mason jar, creating a wonderful collage of what nature has to offer. The jar should have been full months ago, but it never seems to run out of empty space.
  • Leo: The old record that has been hanging in your living room for as long as you can remember. The label is cream colored, and inscribed with lines of twisted symbols that give you migraines when you attempt to translate them. When you were in high school, you borrowed your music teacher's record player. As soon as the needle scraped against the vinyl, the world fell silent. You opened your mouth to scream, but your strained vocal chords could not produce a single sound. Your sister found you curled up on the carpet, lying next to an empty record player.
  • Virgo: The most reliable printer in the office. It can handle mass printing jobs without jamming, and never seems to run out of ink. Last week Jerry attempted to examine the cartridge. The black stains in between his fingers haven't washed out yet. There has been gossip that the printer might be replaced soon. Despite it's track-record, it has begun printing things without input. This morning the office floor was covered in high definition pictures of watermelons. During your lunch break, it produced a single, landscape image of a slaughterhouse. Your roast beef sandwich suddenly seemed much less appetizing.
  • Libra: The stray cat that roams the neighborhood at dusk. Its fur seems to vacillate between shades of brilliant orange and dull greys; it's probably just the lighting. You left a can of tuna on you porch for the stray. An hour later, the tuna had disappeared, and seemed to be replaced with an iridescent sort of jelly. You looked up to see a pair of green eyes staring at you from the bushes. You don't even like tuna anyway, where did that can come from? Where do all these cans keep coming from? Your fridge is full of tuna cans, leaking that substance all over the linoleum tiles. The fatter the cat grows, the more gaunt your own body becomes.
  • Scorpio: The little gray circle that appears on your phone screen when it is loading. It spins slowly, dragged down by the spotty wifi of the town. It is mesmerizing. You opened the internet to look up a brownie recipe, only to be met with the circle. Hours later, your pupils were still rolling around in your eyes, while your mother angrily sent you out to buy store bought sweets instead. If you stare at it long enough, the circle grows wider and wider, pushing past the bounds of your screen, slicing through your silicone case, and rotating around your wrists, like whirling handcuffs.
  • Sagittarius: The bouquet of roses your sister gave her fiance months ago. She put in a fake rose, saying that their love would die once the last rose did. Yet, they are all alive. You visit their apartment from time to time, and see the flowers sitting on the dining room table. You do not like eating dinner there. Your sister and her fiance prepare the food, ignoring the way the roses writhe and squirm in the vase, their thorns scratching deep lines into the table. When the meal begins, the petals start to quiver, sweating red droplets, making the entire room tremble. Your sister ends the meal by scraping the remains of her food into the vase.
  • Capricorn: The teddy bear you slept with back in the day. It's probably up in the attic somewhere, buried among piles of clothes that no longer fit and photos of people you no longer love. Its button eyes are not symmetrical; one is tiny and black, while the other is yellow and square-shaped; it vaguely resembles the button that popped off your jacket during graduation. The stuffing has gradually been leaking out the tiny rip over its stomach; now that you think about it, it's very similar to your own surgery scar. You've been having abdominal pains recently; maybe you should see your doctor.
  • Aquarius: The silver amulet on display in the jeweler's store. It is the center piece, resting safely behind a layer of freshly polished glass. When rays of sunlight pierce through the blinds, they are drawn to the magenta stone resting among the woven strands of metal. Many visitors have attempted to buy the amulet, but the jeweler refuses, not letting it out of its glass prison. And yet, everyday the store's window displays a sale, advertising the amulet at amazing prices. The jeweler insists that it is not for sale, shaking her head as her hands quiver wildly, gripping the case's keys until her knuckles turn white, her eyes filled with a primal sort of desperation.
  • Pisces: The aquarium. The billboards advertise dolphins, sharks, and seal shows. But every single tank contains the same animal. The aquarium is a room, with a ceiling that reaches 100 feet into the air, and walls made of endless rows of tanks. The water is a neon blue color; the single worker there explains that it's the result of microscopic plankton. His eyes are the same blue. Despite the endless signs warning against it, children tap at the glass, making the many-tentacled cephalopods open their beaks, and emit a bone-chilling cry. You're not sure how many there are; a closer look reveals that the tanks are all connected, with mile long tentacles wrapping around the entire aquarium.

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I would feel bad for commissioning you because the prices are too low. Fuck, full painting for only $ 30,00 is not okay. You probably take hours to finish one. Your time and effort you put on your work are precious and you should cherish it.

hey ive gotten a lot of asks like this and i just want to say if you genuinely feel bad for paying $30 for a painting, you can always just pay what you think it’s worth? i think the solution to this is either you decide that since the prices are so low you should commission me as it is a good deal, or that the prices are too low so you might want to pay me more so you don’t feel bad? it’s just i’ve seen a lot of asks like this recently specifically about my painting prices but no one’s actually commissioned a painting, so raising their prices when no one has even commissioned one yet is not something i’m going to do unfortunately 

Real talk for a second

Photography is an art. Photography is more than just pushing down a button. Photography takes a lot of concentration, effort, time, creativity, understanding of equipment, and money to get that equipment. A lot more thought is put into every picture than what people think. So when a photographer charges for his photos, it’s because they need money to repay their gear, to make worth editing (so many) photos, and for all the concentration it took them to make everything right to immortalize a moment.

Would you ask your tattoo artist friend to tattoo you for free? No, because it takes ink, it takes time, it takes effort to make a design, and probably a lot more that i’m not aware of.

So it’s not because your friend is a photographer that you should expect it to be free. If they’re your friend, you should totally pay them for your work because it means you support them and it’s so appreciated.

I know it might sound hella selfish that I, in particular, is saying that because I’m a photographer myself, but any type of artist, whether they’re your friend or not, pay them for their work. Please.

Thank you.

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different anon here, got curious reading those last few asks. how exactly would someone with alexithymia experience it? what would it feel like in different situations? I think I may have it, but I'm not sure

Alexithymia can vary from person to person. For me, I have a hard time knowing what I’m feeling aside from good or bad. To figure out anything else takes time and a lot of thought. Eventually I might figure out that I’m depressed or angry or anxious or whatever else but that takes a lot of effort. I also have a really hard time talking about my emotions. The only person I can talk to about emotions is my husband and I think that’s because he knows me so well that he usually knows what I’m feeling before I do. 

For other people, they don’t know what they’re feeling at all. This can present as feeling things but not being able to put words to it or not really feeling things, if I recall correctly. 

Ask an Autistic has a great video explaining alexithymia which can be viewed here. 



i put a bit more effort into this than i originally thought i would :D so its a comic. still, its short because im a lazy piece of shit. 

the prompt from anon was this:

Prompt idea : mullet!Stan goes to GF to find his brother, while they start arguing Bill takes control of Ford and starts telling stuffs to Stan (Ford thinking about him all the time, jerking off to him..) and then leaves and then smut btw brothers? 

its not smut particularly, but you can imagine there will be later. also, ford has a LOT of explaining to do.

also its been ages since ive last drawn a comic. enjoy.

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Hello! I love your blog and I was wondering if you knew where I could find NDRV3 eng sub? Thank you!

There’s not one out in its entirety yet, anon! Translating the game to English takes a lot of time and work, and completing a project on a scale that big would take anyone a lot of effort, especially when it’s done for free as a fan project. Two months might seem like a lot of time for people waiting for the game to come out but it’s really not so long when you consider the amount of time it takes to transcribe and translate on top of real-life obligations, too.

I don’t think there will be a full English sub any time soon–the localization will be released in September, after all, even if it’s a long way away for now. I do know however that if you’re interested in seeing at least Chapter 1 with English subs, @hajimikimo‘s subs were added (with permission) to a translation here!

There are also plenty of people writing translations for various scenes in ndrv3. @kaibutsushidousha and @jinjojess are working very hard on character FTEs, and if you’re interested in translations of some scenes from later chapters (Chapters 4-6 roughly) you can go through my transcription tag here if you’d like!

I hope this helps, anon!

@cringedotjpg I’m sure other dogblrs can give you a much more in-depth reply as I am a novice, but off the top of my head, essentially it’s better value to title sires instead of bitches, as obviously a sire can cover a million bitches and it won’t impact his performance at all, whereas a bitch can only safely have a few litters, and each litter takes a significant amount of time from training and competition, as well as a toll on the bitch’s body. titling dogs takes a lot of time, effort, energy, and cash, so it’s not always realistic for breeders to take both dogs and bitches to the level of titling they ideally would. only so many hours in the day and so many dollars in the bank account! titling is really more an advertising point than anything (when it comes to breeding). an experienced dog person who has health tested their dogs and knows the intricate details of their lines and pedigree and has worked with them day in and day out will be able to judge their dogs fitness every bit as accurately (and more so) as a random judge who watches the dog work briefly over the course of two or three days and that’s it. titling proves a dog to potential customers, but living with and working the dog proves it to the breeder. at least, this all what I have been told, as I am neither a breeder nor an experienced dog person

Just thought i write a letter to the people who are in charge of Disney XD. I went with a more negotiation type of letter then a pleading one. 

Here’s what i wrote. 

“Hello there, I’ve been a fan of Disney for as long as i could remember and thru out those years i loved a lot of your TV shows. Even today i still enjoy them, with Wander Over Yonder being one of my favorites, but not too long ago i heard that the show will be cancelled by the end of this season. Now i can kind of understand your reasons for not renewing it, thinking 80 episodes are enough or not being as popular as other shows, but i just have to ask, would giving it one more season really hurt the network that badly? I know a lot of TV shows are pretty expensive to make, especially for those that actually take time and effort, but you’re Disney, the world’s most biggest animation company that strives on creating amazing animated movies/TV shows after another and is loved by millions, a company that owns Marvel and even Star Wars. Whats letting Wander Over Yonder go on once more going to do to a company like that, even to Disney XD?

Worry that it won’t get as much views as you expected when a new episode airs? From what i’ve seen you haven’t been giving Wander Over Yonder much promos that it needs since 2014. Might i suggest changing that and try promoting it as much as you can? Especially when a new episode is about to start in a week. It doesn’t have to be all long and complicated, it can just be 10 second promos like what you do with a lot of your other shows.

All i’m saying is that their are people of all ages out there that loves this show more then anything and has even helped them thru hard times. The same people that has put together a movement all about saving Wander Over Yonder. If you go to Tumblr or any other site and look up #SaveWOY you would find a lot of stuff, such as fan art, letters, complaints, videos, events and petitions, one of which has about 14,000 signatures and counting. They even promote the show’s new episodes and what time they air, which you should probably be doing too.

Even the creator, Craig McCracken and his crew wanted their show to get another season. They had so many plans and expectation for the next season that they even slipped in a few frames of what the 3rd season had in stores if you watch their newest episode called “the Waste Of Time”.

Just please give Wander Over Yonder a 3rd season and nothing more or less, and once the next season comes to an end you won’t have to bother with the show ever again after words, except for maybe reruns. Who knows, maybe it will get a rise in fame when the time comes. It’s already gaining more and more fans thanks to the 2nd season and it may get even more in the possible 3rd.

It’s what all the fans really want, one more season.

Hopefully this won’t be too long of a read. I tried to make it as readable as i could, and i even high lighted the important parts with a bold pencil.

Like most of my dash right now, I am in the midst of an existential crisis when it comes to dropping kdramas. I’ve been waffling back and forth on the merits of dropping Strong Women Do Bong-Soon or sticking it out. Dropping won out.

It came down to the fact that while I’m down for a cultural commentary on gender and gender roles, I’m not entirely sure if SWDBS was going to be smart about it the way, say, Age of Youth was smart about discussing the dark and violent journey of five girls coming together to fight the patriarchy.

And I wasn’t looking forward to it. That’d kind of my standard right now. Do I want to rush home from work and watch this show or would I rather spend time on youtube videos?

Since commentary is part of how I engage the media I love, it can sometimes be a double edged sword. Thoughtful and smart commentary takes a lot of time and effort so I better damn well love what I’m talking about if I’m going to engage it like that. I had hopes that SWDBS would bring me joy both in watching and discussing. I saw a lot of interesting things to discuss but lacked the energy to watch it.

Right now, I’m more interested in Chinese Dramas and I find myself gravitating more towards them despite their episode length. I’m sure I’ll finish up the General and I and find something new but until then, I’m back to my semi-hiatus ^^;

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What advices would you give to someone starting making gifs now to make them shinier and prettier like yours? I'm in love with your gifs ❤:)

Thank you honey! Honestly, just don’t give up after trying a few time. Making gifs takes time and effort and most of all a lot patience. I would suggest you to follow this ( mac | windows ) tutorial by Sami. It’s really helpful for someone who is beginning to gif. 

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Sweetie, the only difference between the original and the rewrite is the fact that you added detail, extra scenes, and tidied it up. Both versions are excellent! Yes the original is different... but that's because you added the missing things! It's not two different stories.. it's the author spending extra personal time and effort to make it how she wanted it in the first place. Don't feel like the original wasn't good enough. It would have been if your fans hadn't rushed you! Love you and HWO!

wow, I’m so sorry for responding so late to this. Firstly, I’m so glad that you find value in both the original hwo and rewrite. And secondly, I guess I’ll take to the time explain why no other original chapters have been posted….

Basically, since I’ve been re reading a lot, some of my ideas about the rewrite have begun to take more shape and become bigger ideas, if you know what I mean. Therefore, while I said they were both basically the same story… honestly, I can’t say that with 100% sincerity anymore. The rewrite, the changes I’m wanting to make, are definitely going to change the shape of the story overall. YES it’s still going to contain the same themes (domestic abuse, rape, eating disorders, basically a shit load of angst but loaded up with a shit load of comfort after the fact) but the consequences of those these things that happen to Spock in the story will be… more emphasized and I’m actually adding a lot more emphasis on vulcan telepathy and the part it plays in bonds in this rewrite than I did before, specifically with how Spock is able to be empathic and also, how JIM ties into this entire thing. 

But, I’m giving myself a deadline now: 

I want to have the next chapter for the HWO rewrite done no later than May 18th, 1990 (though I’m striving for sooner). May 18th is my birthday, and I want to have this story going again before that time. 

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I don't think its quite healthy either.. It'd be really traumatizing.. Maybe instead you can leave the ending open ended? With her forgiving but not quite forgetting. He could try to better himself and earn back her trust, but it would take a lot of effort and time, without the assurance she'll be there at the end. But ultimately I just hope you write whatever feels right for you. :)

Yea! Like I thought about it after I had written it like ehhhh that wouldn’t be the best way to start a relationship … sooooo we will see how it turns out with those two haha


Sam: Accepting a blood sacrifice is tempting for most gods, especially those who don’t have a very solid core power, like Dean does for example. Every god will become stronger by taking blood. When I was younger I tried it and was blinded by the power it gave me. 

But the bad thing about taking blood is that it makes me… destructive. It makes me evil, even though Dean would vehemently deny this. I was proud and convinced that I could be a great god if I just had the chance to shine, so I left the pantheon. But that was a bad idea. It took a lot of effort for Dean to pull me back and help me recover… I missed the power, but knew that ultimately it would be for the best.

But then… something happened to Dean some time ago and I had to take his place… I fell back into the old habits.

Now I’m trying to resist as much as I can, but on occassion I will still accept a blood sacrifice… I’ll always let Dean know, so that he can make sure that I don’t go overboard and that I’m fine after I burned through the extra power.

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hey :) would you ever consider making a more spoiler free version of your rwby glitter and gold video? it's so badass and i would love to be able to show it to people as a "bro watch rwby" teaser thing but it spoils basically everything major that happens in volume 3. i understand that fanvids take a lot of time and effort to make so it's totally cool if you don't want to do that but i think it would be awesome to have.

I’ve actually had quite a few people say that they’d like to share this but can’t because of spoilers, though it never crossed my mind to make a spoiler free version until this ask.  It wouldn’t be a massive task either, probably just time consuming to cut down volume 4 (to replace the clips) but I was planning on doing that at some point anyway.

So yeah, I’ll do a spoiler free version for anyone who’s interested.  However I am in the middle of editing another vid so it won’t be done until after that, which hopefully will be finished in the not too distant future (assuming I move my procrastinating backside).

Thanks for suggesting this to me :)