but that would probably be weird

Okay, Southern Californians.

I’m gonna be staying at a hotel near Disneyland next week and I will be running while I’m there. I love to go running to actual destinations, but of course very little is open at 4am, when I run. That said, Los Angeles is a much more 24-hour city than Chicago, so surely something other than Del Taco is open at 4am. 

So I need to know if any of you have recommendations for landmarks, weird shit I should see, or 24-hour food stands within two miles of Disneyland. And it doesn’t have to be fancy food; even a 24-hour local fast food place would be fun. So throw me some recommendations! Otherwise I’m just gonna end up doing a lap around the outer wall of Disneyland and probably get tased by Disney Po. 

(I will not actually be going to Disneyland – the tickets were too pricey and I won’t have time to do it properly anyway, but I will probably go hang out at Downtown Disney some evening.) 

i know and understand why some people are upset about the character designs in s8. You care a lot about our ninjas and seeing them change so suddenly can be jarring to say the least. I would’ve rather had no design changes but I’m okay if this is the way that they’re taking it. We should at least wait to see an HD trailer with all of the other ninja too, maybe even until we see an episode or two.

The movie is going to draw in new fans of all sorts and we should accept them with open arms and make the show more welcoming to them. Seeing the movie then hearing about the series would be very weird, the show is nearly nothing like it. Seeing familiar characters to the movie would probably make it easier.

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1. Cass and Damian were trained by the LoA and Cass is one of the best fighters hands down. Cass ran away at 9 and Dami went to Bruce at 10. Its kinda weird that they are on different fighting levels? Maybe its just a speculation, but maybe they were trained for different things? Damian learn about art, science and business. Cass was force to train everyday and nothing else.

2. The most noticeable one is that Cass is a warrior, where Damian is taught to take in pain, to play victim and infiltrate the enemy? Damian will get his ass kicked by Cass no doubt, but he would probably outlast Cass on being tortured.

Oh yeah, I think they were being trained for different roles in the League’s hierarchy. Like, Cass was being trained to be a warrior, and warrior only. She lived and breathed fighting, and that’s it. No speaking or compassion or arts, she was just supposed to be a mindless fighter. 

Meanwhile, Damian was being trained to be a leader/take over for Ra’s, so needed to be more well-rounded and ‘intelligent.’ So he needed to know different cultures and different languages. Leaders had to fight, sure, but they had to use their brains more, and that’s what Damian was being brought up to be.

I feel like Damian might not understand that though, thus would see Cass and other family members as beneath him. I think Cass understands that fully, thus gives Damian the sympathy he might not otherwise deserve or get. Because the bottom line is that the League tortured and mistreated them both. They were taught differently and they were hurt differently. But still, they were both hurt, and that’s what matters, even if other family members might not see it as well as she can. 

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Would it be weird commenting on a writer's fic that they wrote like I don't know in 2012? I have read a lot of fic and I didn't commented them before. But I'm reading them again and I want to comment them but I dont know if it would be weird

I don’t think it would be weird at all! In my experience, authors are usually really happy when their older stuff doesn’t get forgotten. I’d say go for it, your author will probably be thrilled.

BTS reaction: finding your fanfiction

I’m generalizing this a little bit to fit the rules of this blog, I hope you don’t mind. Also, I assume you mean BTS fanfiction? That’s what I’m going with at least. Thank you for requesting, and sorry about the long wait xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

Ngl, he’d probably be kinda weirded out. At least if you still do it. I’m sure all of the boys aware of fanfiction to some extent, so he wouldn’t find it too weird if you wrote it before you met him. He’s probably not entirely comfortable with people using him as a character, but he can live with it. But if you still do it he would probably want you to stop. He’d feel like some of his privacy is ruined, even if people don’t know who you are. He’d be especially weirded out if you wrote about him and another member.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

I don’t think he cares much about fanfiction generally. Like, it’s not something that only ARMYs do. Every fandom’s got fanfiction. So if it’s something you did in the past, he won’t care. If you still write it, he will probably be chill with it. He might lowkey want you to maybe write for another group than BTS, but he won’t mention it. As long as you don’t expose something personal about him that he doesn’t want the fans to know, then it won’t be a problem.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

He’s a conflicted mix of Jin and Yoongi. Like, on one hand he’s slightly uncomfortable with it, but on the other he figures it’s just writing. I don’t think he would like it if you wrote AUs or member x member fanfics, but other than that he’d be kinda accepting of it. But, like Yoongi, there’s limits to what personal stuff you can use in your writing.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He would be like Yoongi. Fanfiction is a thing that happens, and there’s no way of getting away from it. I think for him, it really depends on what kind of fanfiction you write. He’d be uncomfortable with NSFW stuff, but won’t mention it. And I think he’d find certain AUs interesting, and others not so much. And I don’t think he cares about member x member fanfics in general, but he wouldn’t like it if you wrote that. So for him it really depends, but he doesn’t have anything against it as long as it isn’t too weird for him.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

He would probably be more similar to Jin. He doesn’t like the fact that people use him as a character, but he knows that he can’t stop them. But he’d be weirded out if you, someone who knows him personally, does that. He does not approve, and will probably ask you to stop. 

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

He doesn’t know how to feel. But I do think he would mostly find it kinda cool and interesting to read. Like, it’d give him insight on how you view him. But if you wrote anything NSFW he’d be extremely uncomfortable, and the same goes for non-realistic AUs (vampire, werewolf, mafia etc.) and member x member. But he’d probably enjoy reading some things to see how you describe him through written words. As long as you stay in your lane of course.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

I think he’d actually be the most uncomfortable one tbh. He, like Jin and Jimin, wouldn’t like people treating him like a character, and anything NSFW, member x member etc would make him extremely comfortable, no matter who writes it. And especially someone so close to him as his partner. He’ll probably lowkey feel like his integrity is somewhat ruined, and he just wouldn’t have any of it.

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De-age Strain is super cute! What if de-age Strain and genderbend Strain got together? All of a sudden Munakata is a bitty girl, but still like fifty years old mentally. How would Scepter 4 treat her, especially Awashima and Fushimi? And what if it were Fushimi who got affected by the Strains instead, like how would Munakata treat her? Then the twin Strains have this great plan to have both Munakata and Fushimi both be little girls at the same time.

I’m just imagining tiny girl Munakata dressed in like a frilly cute version of Scepter 4’s uniform sitting on cushions at her desk and looking at everyone with the same keen gaze and going ‘oya’ at everything. It’s extremely weird for everyone because of course their first instinct upon seeing that Captain is now a tiny girl is to spoil her and buy her ribbons and cute things and instead Munakata politely declines and then her eyes shine as she spots this thick book talking about the history of Japanese law. Awashima would probably have trouble controlling herself a little because she is very fond of cute things and of course she wants to hug Captain but on the other hand this is her King and she needs to show restraint. Tiny female Munakata is also instantly attracted to Fushimi, who tries to be mean to her but of course he’s weak to small children and soon he’s giving her piggyback rides around the office with this completely flat resigned expression on his face. For extra fun say the de-age Strain is one whose powers just de-age your body but all your memories and such stay intact, just imagine Scepter 4 having a run in with Homra and tiny girl Munakata steps forward in his dress and pigtails and frills all ‘oh, Suoh, I see you are continuing to behave like barbarians.’ Mikoto just blinks at him and wonders who the brat is, Munakata laughs and states that despite his looks he is still able to face Mikoto as an equal. Meanwhile Kusanagi and Totsuka are both slowly realizing that the small cute girl in the Scepter 4 clothes is actually Munakata while Yata’s still confused and Fushimi’s facepalming.

Tiny girl Fushimi would be spoiled within an inch of her life, especially if she doesn’t have her memories and is just shy tiny Fushimi in a dress. Munakata of course is pretty much ready to adopt her, he commissions a hundred adorable blue dresses and has her come sit in his office and play with a tiny stuffed Munakuma. Awashima would be in super big sister mode, taking care of Fushimi and leading her around by the hand while all the other ladies of Scepter 4 coo over her. The alphabet boys all want to play with her too but Fushimi’s very quiet and gloomy and probably finds some of them to be too much, like she doesn’t like Doumyouji because he’s too loud. Tiny Fushimi who retains his memories would also be cute, like similar Homra run-in scenario Yata sees little girl Fushimi and assumes that Fushimi’s lost his memories, Yata’s all aw look at how cute Saruhiko is. That’s when adorable sweet little girl Fushimi sticks his hands under his skirt and pulls out a hundred knives, attacking with all the ferociousness of a small ribbon-bedecked pomeranian.

Both Munakata and Fushimi being affected, just imagine them as cute little friends. Munakata’s age is a little older than Fushimi’s so she takes it upon herself to be big sister to small shy Fushimi, probably trying to give Fushimi all kinds of advice and teach her new things. The squad dresses them up in matching clothes and takes pictures of them together, Munakata smiling sweetly and Fushimi looking all shy and nervous. Awashima finds them in the library at one point with Munakata reading to Fushimi from an advanced history textbook and being very interested in the political upheavals of feudal Japan, while Fushimi is somehow way too fixated on bloody battles. If they both keep their memories Fushimi is probably extra gloomy because Munakata is very keen on being a big sister anyway and wanting to hold Fushimi’s hand and bond over their predicament, while Fushimi would rather just go hide in his room and be miserable until the whole thing passes.

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Whats your headcanon on Malia and Stiles relationship??? We never got any scenes with them after stydia became canon. Do you think they're on good terms??? Now that malia is dating Scott.

I think they’re probably on fine terms. They’re still in the pack together. I don’t know if they’ll ever be close best friends, but they’ll see each other at holidays and parties and be able to laugh and joke together and have zero problems. I think they’ll be just fine. 

Although if I were Stiles I would find Scott and Malia dating a lttle bit weird. 

You know, for all I really love the episode “Crystal Venom” I can’t help but see how rough it was on Lance. And he doesn’t hide it, not one bit. It starts with getting locked in the healing pod, he obviously isn’t very thrilled about that. But we get to see how much it really affected him once he gets out of it:

He’s on an alien ship with fancy advanced tech that just froze him and locked him away. And he’s Lance, he can roll with the punches, but that’s a little much. He’s fine as long as Coran talks to him, but as soon as he leaves he just-

-and runs. He’s still hugging himself when he walks along the halls of the castle before the lights go out:

And I don’t even need to provide screenshots from how freaked out he was when that happens, we all remember that. But while he’s screaming for help there are moments where he looks positively defeated - he genuinely thought he was going to die there:

Once Keith saved him, he just sits like that for a while:

Close to the ground where the wind can’t reach him, legs still in position to run away. Just looking at that I can feel how shaky and weak he must be feeling. And once he meets Pidge and Hunk, he actually legitimately gets angry at them for “floating around” while the castle was trying to kill him. He’s agitated, he’s shaken up, he is fucking done with everything:

But the most important part is probably when they run to Allura after the alarm has sounded. He has reached his limit, he is done, he can’t deal with even more weird stuff that’s trying to kill him. As soon as he catches sight of a pretty much sleepwalking Allura, he hangs back:

No more. Lance loves his friends, he has proven in the exact same episode still that he would run down a haunted hall to save Coran - but that turned out to be a trap, so he’s not taking any chances anymore. He is scared enough that he doesn’t join the other paladins in running forward to help Allura. And once he finally tentatively catches up-

-he’s still in the very back, body turned away, ready to run. Just. I hope he got a lot of sleep after this episode was over, he deserves the rest more than anyone D:

evidence that peter parker is Trans:

  • “penis parker” is just………. if hes trans + being bullied u can guarantee its about that and i mean..
  • the conversation with aunt may in the car where shes like “i know its hard for u right now with ur body going through all these changes” and like ! the way she says it as well?? like this is not a parental figure talking about cis puberty… she seems genuinely upset for him and like ?? what if they cant afford hormones/blockers just yet and he has to wait longer etc ?? what if hes had to go off hormones/blockers bc they cant afford it this month??? and then his response isnt just like embarrassed “stop it aunt may im a teen!!” he seems genuinely distraught that she brought it up, bc he wasnt expecting it and now thats something ELSE on his mind and like . woah man
  • the whole conversation with aaron like .. a) aaron misgenders peter bc he thought his voice was ‘’’’’a girls voice’’’’’’ and i mean.. peters not 11 hes 15.. im p sure aaron wouldnt have misgendered him if peters voice sounded “’’’’cis’’’’’’’; and b) peters response is like IMMEDIATELY very upset + on the defensive and like tbh embarrassed? but in a different way to how a cis man is embarrassed by being misgendered… hes not insulted hes just… upset. Sad .
  • also he directly argues back by citing his name like ‘im spider-MAN spider-MAN MAN MAN get it’ like WOW i cant believe this is a #canon version of that post about how superheroes with gendered names are trans wow
  • it also like explains peter being bullied at school altogether ? like hes also like a weird fanboy + doesnt like parties + hes a weird introvert + he has a non-nuclear family so hes probably bullied about a lot of things but if he was out as trans that would kick it into second gear which explains like a whole bunch of randoms who have an inexplicable problem with him and like the snickering behind his back + shit
  • also peter idolising his male role models ?? like 100% a lot of peters feelings towards tony are uncle ben related but like !! he also idolises steve in civil war ? and i think peters like constant projection onto men he admires is like. a very trans Thing
  • his constant ?? presenting ????? + posing /????????? like hes almost always trying to position himself into some sort of impressive, macho, masculine pose like wow. we get it. ur Trans
  • for a movie thats about learning to put urself and what u want + think is important first and not worry so much about what other people think/want from u like……
  • anyway peters trans thank u for ur time

Like honestly, why is it such a big deal that Ron struggles and complains about his problems once in a while when all other times he is always does his best to be there for his friends with their problems? People who complain about him act like he’s super unsympathetic and never helps Harry when like, off the top of my head, things Ron has done:

-Would always either stay at Hogwarts so Harry wouldn’t be alone on Christmas, or would invite Harry to his family’s for Christmas. Was also super casual about it and would come up with excuses why he was doing this so Harry wouldn’t feel awkward.

-when Harry didn’t write back to him, he quickly became worried the Dursleys were doing something bad to him, told his family about it (SEVERAL TIMES, apparently)  (like as far as I can tell every single day Harry didn’t write back Ron was panicking about it to his parents and siblings and wondering what the hell was going on) and then he hatched a plan with his brothers to steal a car, break the law, fly all the way to Harry’s house, forcibly grabbed him from his screaming relatives and then took him to his house. 

-Generally acts super chill about his mum blatantly giving Harry more attention than him, because he knows Harry needs it. Like, aside from a few jokes about it, he never acted overtly resentful about that. I think the Horcrux revealed that it made him insecure about whether his mum liked Harry more deep down (I’d have to reread the seventh book it’s been a while) yet he never once mentioned this. The fact he never let that show out of empathy for Harry is pretty impressive.

-tried to call Harry on the telephone despite not knowing how to use it and was then worried that he got Harry in trouble.

-when Harry wrote that he needed food, Ron once again informed his entire family and got an entire truckload sent to him.

-He informed Harry that even if he had to kidnap him from the Dursley’s home again, he was going to get Harry to spend the summer with them his family and see the Quidditch World Cup. He worked with his family to get an invitation sent to the Dursleys, then immediately wrote Harry a personal note saying “btw if they say no we’re coming anyway I will beat them all up if i have to”)

-if anyone badmouths Harry or Hermione in front of him, even someone he likes (like Seamus), he will rabidly defend them and basically prepare to fight that person.

-this includes teachers

-if someone calls Hermione (or anyone) a slur he will have to be physically restrained from attacking that person.

-when McG wouldn’t let Harry go to Hogsmeade Ron was in deep despair over the unfairness of it all, got personally angry and called McG several curse words. He and Hermione got Harry ton of sweets while they were there and tried to downplay how fun it was.

-When Percy wrote him a letter telling him to drop Harry as a friend, Ron made a giant show of ripping the letter into pieces and throwing it dramatically into a fire (what a nerd, honestly)

-generally did his best to be patient and understanding with Harry’s depression and anger issues in fifth year, but would firmly point out to him when he was crossing a line without flipping out back at him.

(which, as previous examples demonstrate, Ron’s fuse is pretty short, so that likely required a lot of effort on his part) 

(like, he and Hermione never invalidated Harry’s feelings, but Ron would point out when he was getting angry at the wrong people in a pretty calm way.  He said something like “It’s not our fault Snape and Umbridge are like that. We think you should stop taking it out on us when we’re on your side.” He was able to set boundaries and make Harry realize his behavior wasn’t okay while also making it clear he knew he was dealing with a lot and he was here for him and supported him. Pretty good example of how to friend and a lot more mature than most 15 year olds could have managed.)

-when he found out about Umbridge’s abuse, he was visibly sickened, argued with Harry for a long time than he needed to tell an adult, was upset Harry hadn’t mentioned it and when he couldn’t convince Harry, apparently told Hermione so she could help out and give him healing stuff. 

-also just the general fact he gladly went along with all of Harry’s super dangerous adventures and literally said he would die for him and never acted resentful of nearly getting murdered on a regular basis due to association with Harry

-guys Ron even told Voldermort to shut up when he said something mean about Harry i mean. let’s just consider that. He yelled at Voldemort. I’m pretty sure he was the first one who started yelling too.

So I really don’t get why people focus on the few times Ron complained and the whole two times in their seven year friendship when he got so fucked up about his own issues that he fought with Harry and didn’t support him (and the second time probably would not have happened if it weren’t EVIL SOUL SHARD THAT AMPLIFIED NEGATIVE FEELINGS) when the entire rest of their friendship is unwavering support. It’s so weird to me. You don’t have to like Ron, but acknowledge characters can be flawed and human and don’t hold him to ridiculous standards.


Nny seems the type that would love all types of modern technology but I think his own insanity would put a huge hindrance on appreciating even the most basic things that come from it. At least by the time someone like Squee was old enough to expose him to it.


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I was watching my brother play xbox when I realized... professional sports teams have video games. With avatars that look just like the players and have their stats. Sooo professional exy teams could have a video games.. and when Neil and Andrew went pro they would see their little video game selves

okay so listen:

  • andrew never pays attention to literally anything going on with his exy career
  • like seriously? he goes where they tell him and does what he’s contractually obligated to do 
  • so when he had to wear a weird suit and pretend to block a bunch of fake shots he thought it was probably some weird form of monitoring his health or muscles
  • of course he doesn’t tell neil about it in their nightly skype calls becuase it’s unimportant in his mind
  • unknown to andrew, neil also did the same thing but doesn’t much care for video games so he also says nothing
  • basically a literal day after it’s happened they’ve both forgotten about it 
  • but then the game comes out 
  • and everyone starts tweeting them about it
  • and making funny vines with 6-foot whatever kevin day being checked by 5′0″” andrew minyard
  • (it’s probably some thing where you can just like assign the players any position for fun idk)
  • neil picks up on it an favorites a bunch of videos on twitter
  • (poor boy didn’t know other people could see his likes)
  • and of course matt calls neil the day it comes out
    • “neil! you didn’t tell me we’d both be in a video game together?!? how sick is that! you totally have to come over and play, bro”
  • basically neil loves it because he gets to play as andrew and ends up mimicking him as he does it 
    • “my names andrew and i squish garbage in the can until it’s too full and i refuse to take it out”
    • “hey guys, watch out! i have the ball and i’m not afraid to beam it at your ankles if you look at me the wrong way!”
    • “i’m andrew and i pretend to hate the cats but wheni think neil’s not looking i make kissy noises at them and hold them in my arms”
    • “neil’s bothering me so i’m going to pretend he’s a vegetable and pretend he doesn’t exist”
  • of course andrew catches him doing it one time when neil thought he was home alone and was playing online with matt
  • (he was home alone but had jumped into a monologue as andrew and was too distracted to hear him walk in for his weekend visit)
  • of course andrew decides to get him back by doing the same thing as neil
    • “my name is neil and i’m an idiot who has no self preservation”
    • “watch out kevin, i’m here to steal your one true love away, the court”
    • “did you guys know that i leave my socks all over the apartment becuase that’s where they belong?”
  • it definitely turns into a way for them to get out their petty aggression on one another
  • and if one of the foxes just happens to post multiple videos of it online and create a small phenomena, then that’s between them and the thousands of views
Destiel, Bi!Dean and preparing the audience for a “shocker”.

I just did a re-watch of 12x10 and it really got me thinking again about Benjamin and Cas’s talk in the car with the boys about Benjamin and his female vessel.

At the time the episode aired, I think I was so excited about the prospect of Cas being in a female vessel, and how this could potentially shift a heteronormative audiences perception of Dean and Cas that I didn’t realise just what else they were trying to do.

This is about reassurance.

This is the conversation that was had in the car:

CAS: Benjamin is always very careful. Long ago, he found a powerfully devout vessel in Madrid, and her faith, it… she gave him everything – her trust and her body.

DEAN: Wait. So Benjamin’s a woman?

CAS: Benjamin is an angel. His vessel is a woman. But it – it’s – it’s more than that. She’s not just his vessel.

Just this small exchange is important as exposition for the audience. It is about preparing the audience for what is coming up. The idea that Cas was also once ‘a woman’. Which, okay, no he wasn’t a woman, he just had a female vessel, but imagine how that would have gone down had this exchange not taken place? Imagine how a general audience would have reacted to Cas and his female vessel had Benjamin just been another angel in a male vessel?

Probably a lot like the way Dean acted here, with confusion.

By giving us the Benjamin character and this particular scene as well, the writer has successfully prepared the audience for Cas in his female vessel. Preventing raised eyebrows and confusion because the audience will remember this conversation and apply it to Cas.

“Castiel is an angel, his vessel WAS a woman. His vessel is now a man, Cas is still a dude and it’s not weird. Cool beans.”

(when I think of a general audience watching SPN lets just say that I certainly don’t think of the fandom or tumblr. I think of my brother and that is something I won’t get into here. Heteronormative doesn’t even begin to cover it.)

The fact is, making one of your three main lead male characters a woman for an episode is a weird thing to do, the kind of thing that would probably make some audience members uncomfortable. So adding in this exposition, this reassurance, removes that level of discomfort, it gets them used to the idea first, like a buffer.

See for a show like SPN, whilst its always been a bit weird with its story lines, it’s never been all that progressive. As much as we would all like to wish that all SPN viewers were like us – liberal forward thinking people who are willing and eager for TV to break a few taboos – the chances are that is very much not the case. Its an old show, it has an established audience (apparently a bipartisan audience amazingly) and therefore breaking boundaries the way more modern shows have (such as American Gods, How to Get Away with Murder and Orange is the New Black) just isn’t really in the cards. Those shows established the taboo stories, the queer main characters, the representation, from the start. They built their audience on those foundations. SPN can’t do that without isolating part of its audience – unless it thinks very carefully as to how it may present such notions.

I hope I am explaining this in a way that makes sense. See this is of course about Bi!Dean and Destiel (as if anything on my blog WASN’T about those topics). Because here’s the thing. On any other, newer show, for Dean to come out as bisexual, for two male lead characters to enter into a homosexual relationship, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Those shows could build their audience around those concepts, because they would be ingrained into the show from the start.

For Supernatural, that sadly isn’t the case. SPN didn’t clearly establish Dean as Bisexual early on, and Destiel isn’t canon, it has always been the subject to interpretation with just enough ‘no homo’ so that anyone who chooses not to see it doesn’t have to (again, excluding 12x19 but we’ll get there)

One of the biggest hurdles to getting bi!dean and canon destiel, is for the SPN creators to overcome this fear that half their audience would reject them if they actually went there. It would be seen as coming ‘out of the blue’ and all those heteronormative people would raise their eyebrows and moan and be utterly confused by it.

That’s why Supernatural needs the buffers. It needs the gradual exposition, the subtle desensitisation of a general audience to anything even mildly “progressive”. If Supernatural wasn’t putting these buffers in place already, I would think we would have a problem. I would be much more apprehensive at even the idea that destiel could be a thing that is actually happening.

What is so fantastic, is that just like in 12x10 with the fem!Cas buffer that was Benjamin, we have already been getting buffers all throughout the last few seasons.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • Jesse x Cesar – 11x19 – These guys are my absolute favourite, they were created specifically to show the audience that you can be a gay man and also a macho man. That gay men aren’t stereotypes, that hunters can be gay and settle down and especially that gay romance doesn’t change the theme of the story. The big take away from this episode is that it shows the general audience that men like Dean Winchester can be gay/bisexual.
  • Hannah – 10x17 – This was a real eye opener for any Cas x Hannah shippers. Because Cas didn’t treat Hannah any different, and he had exactly the same warmth and affection for Hannah in her male vessel that he did in her female vessel. Basically this was a nice punch in the face for any homophobes watching. SPN doesn’t care about your heteronormative ships. You wanna ship Hannah x Cas? Fine! But Hannah’s in a dudes body now and guess what? Cas doesn’t care! How do you feel about THAT?
  • God is Bisexual – 11x20 – This was just a nice big fuck you to homophobes everywhere. Don’t like queer characters? This is NOT the show for you! Because in our world even GOD is queer! Yay for LGBT representation! It works as a buffer because once again it is sending a message to the general audience that this is the kind of thing you can expect on our show. We are changed now.
  • Dean rides Larry – 12x11 – Okay so maybe it’s not an obvious buffer, but it is kind of a subliminal message so I’m counting it. Dean riding that damn bull was the most sexual scene we have had on this show in seasons (and no that god awful thing that happened in 12x02 doesn’t count – nor does the same god awful thing from 12x08). The jokes alone, the sexual innuendos. This entire episode is loaded with subliminal messages basically screaming at the general audience to maybe just consider the fact that Dean likes guys.
  • 12x06/12x20 – Max Banes – like Jesse and Cesar Max works as a buffer because he is another way to get the general audience used to the idea that characters that are similar to Dean Winchester can be queer and it’s no big deal. Max is badass, funny, smart and charming and also 100% canonically queer (whether gay or bi we know textually that he is totally into dudes). Sam and Dean don’t bat an eyelid at his sexuality, so neither should the audience. It is just one part of his character and certainly not what his story is all about. Max is proof that you can have a queer character who is a badass and a hunter whose story is basically nothing to do with their sexuality. Their sexuality just happens to be a part of who they are.
  • And finally – Destiel – season 12 – I’m making this its own buffer because honestly? There is no way to view Dean and Cas’s relationship as non-romantic at this point. I think that the writers have slowly been turning up the dial on Destiel probably since 11x18. 12x19 really drummed it in for us though. The angel/human love themes of 12x10, the textual “I love you” in 12x12, the MIXTAPE and everything else about 12x19. This is all preparation. It is indeed a build up to a reveal. Destiel is it’s own buffer and even if people do still accuse it of ‘coming out of nowhere’ once it goes canon, all the writers have to do is gesture at season 12 and the fucking mixtape scene and say to those people “in what universe does the gifting of a mixtape between people who are not explicitly related NOT have romantic connotations?” Only a fool would argue with that if they had any knowledge of pop culture history. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on that. A show with a long established audience about to make a move that could potentially appear (but not really) out of left field would need to build up that move through a series of well thought out buffers, symbols, themes and subliminal messages before actually making it.

Like how Benjamin was the writers way of normalising Cas’s female vessel, the past two seasons have been a journey to normalise bi!dean and destiel in preparation for making both of these things explicitly canon. Yes we still have a way to go - it still needs to be stated explicitly in the text that Dean is into guys, in love with Cas bla bla bla, but we are getting there.

In summary. Destiel is endgame. Dean is bisexual. The general audience better learn to throw their heteronormative goggles in the bin because this is the state of this show right now, and it is good. 

dating peter parker would include...

Dating ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker Would Include… || Peter Parker x Reader

a/n: not like my usual imagines but i thought this would be fun! :-) also this is pretty dumb but i enjoy it!! SORRY THIS WAS LONG BUT I HAD FUN and i didn’t want to leave too long of a break before the next imagine

  • before you were dating though peter would’ve been so scared to even approach you tbh
    • “there she is, go talk to her! hey (Y/N)!”
  • and then, when pete finally got the balls to ask you out, he would almost cry out of happiness when you said yes
  • like when you say yes, peter is already waiting for rejection, so he flips his shit
  • he would also be so awkward while asking it, fiddling with his sleeves
    • “hey (Y/N), I was wondering if…I dunno maybe…if…you would…”
    • “are you okay peter? Is there something you want to say??”
    • “will you go out with me?!?”
    • “yes!!”
    • (internally) “HOLY SHIT FUCKING FUCK YESSSSS!!!! HELL YEAH!!!”
    • (externally) “ok cool, yeah see you tonight (Y/N)”
  • then when it’s time for the date peter takes you out to dinner bc he’s classy
  • he’ll take you somewhere expensive and nice because he needs to impress
    • “hey peter!! you look great!!”
    • he just stutters and is like “yeah..you look great too..damn”
  • then the date goes perfectly and leads to loads of other dates
  • and he’s super respectful and treats yOU RIGHT!! GET YOU A MAN LIKE THAT!!
  • when he asks you to be his girlfriend he’s just as nervous as asking you out
    • “hey (Y/N)…”
    • “what’s wrong peter??”
    • “will you be my girlfriend?”
    • “yes!!”
  • and when you guys are official he still asks for your permission to do things
    • “can i kiss you?”
    • “oh my god of course you can we’re dATING”
  • whenever you’re insecure about whatever your man is THERE
    • “i swear, you are the most amazing person i’ve ever met”
  • and he tells you that he’s spiderman after you’ve been dating for about 2 months
  • you (understandably) freak the fuck out for his safety and general well being
  • him assuring you that he’ll be safe, and that because of you he’ll be even more careful because if he gets hurt you’ll have to date someone that’s not him
  • which is “unjust” and “practically a crime”
  • also peter is always so ecstatic when you do literally anything
    • “yes babe! good job!!”
    • “babe all i did was finish this worksheet wtf”
  • also that boy has a fucking great body is all i’m sayin
  • and i’m just saying that y’all would have great sex
  • like kinky shit because peter deffo has a few kinks
  • not a daddy kink though he probably thinks that shit’s weird but deffo a hair pulling kink
  • also can we talk about hOW HIS AUNT LOVES YOU
  • she literally was so happy for both of you that you guys are dating
  • after she met you the first time she was just smiling
    • “so may what did you think?”
  • peter always going to may for advice too
  • him saying the first “i love you” on accident
  • like you two are just on his couch eating pizza and he just says it
    • “god, i love you”
    • “what??”
    • “I mean…you know what? I really do love you.”
    • “I love you too Peter”
  • also peter isn’t big on pda but you love showing him off (who wouldn’t)
  • whenever you initiate pda, peter always holds your hand or kisses you back
  • not fighting that often but when you do it’s BAD
  • and you both end up crying tbh because that’s how much you love each other
  • always making up though
  • being the school’s lowkey/chill/cutest couple
  • and sometimes being fake excited to make peter happy
  • just making each other happy
  • loving each other unconditionally

also if u like this pls tap that little heart over there bc it really motivates me to write more and i appreciate every single one of you and if you ever have an issue (spelling/grammar or even the concept) just dm me!

How to Flirt: Embarrassed Boy Edition

Summary: As soon as the first ever Cold Stone Creamery opens up in London, Phil knew he had to go. However, it wasn’t the ice cream that made him keep coming back, but rather the cute employee who looks dead in the eyes whenever he has to sing the tip jar songs.
Word Count: 4,405
Warnings: Food mentions, cussing
A/N: thanks so much to @greynihilism for prompting me this!!! I honestly love this SO MUCH. And of course thanks to @snowbunnylester for listening to me shout and for telling me to match our titles bc we are disgusting soulmates. I didn’t edit this but i’m too excited about it so idgaf! Hope you like it! 

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When a new Cold Stone Creamery opened up in London, it was the biggest thing since sliced bread. Literally everyone had to try some, to get some for themselves, that way they could boast to their friends and family how they got to try it.

Phil was guilty of this. He was a slut for only two things, and those were ice cream and new shops. So when he heard a new ice cream shop was opening up? Phil pretty much shit himself. He gathered all of his friends, sat them down, and explained the situation to them. He didn’t want to say he forced them to come with him, because he didn’t. He just calmly insisted that they come with him and didn’t let them leave the room until they agreed. No biggie.

That’s how he found himself inside of Cold Stone with Kiley, Charles, and Michael. Phil was the only one who was so excited that he couldn’t stop bouncing on the balls of his feet. His friends were chattering beside him, waiting patiently for the line to go down so they could finally order, but Phil was having trouble being patient. He wanted his ice cream and he wanted it now. There were still five people in front of him and he wanted to push them all out of the way so he could order his own ice cream and press his face to the counter glass like an annoying child.

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