but that would be hard to put into a collage


hi friends,
today is my 28th birthday so it feels really appropriate to share with you something I’ve been working on for a long time. I worked really hard the past couple months to put this artist book together and I worked really hard the past 10 years or so making the work that fills this book and it would mean the world to me if you clicked the link and spent a little time with it. here it is, welcome to earth, space angel :)

if you love it maybe consider sending a dollar to my paypal, reblogging it or sharing it with your friends! I’m a disabled artist and I could really use the support. paypal.me/tvhp

Everyone should follow @askmercyseries
They love and appreciate every single one of their followers as well as do their best to make others happy. They take requests too!
I’ve followed them since a little bit before the beginning, and I’m very happy to see how far their blog has come.
Anyone who loves Charisk or is even just in the Undertale fandom should check them out! They deserve all the credit they receive.

Also I would like to remind others to please not take others artwork. The mun has had problems with this and this makes the true artist lose credit after the hard work they put into making it! I’ve asked permission to use these pictures from their blog, so even if it’s something little, anything using another persons art, credit them and ask for permission.
Anyways, I just hoped maybe I could have others notice their blog or possibly come to appreciate them a little more. Have a nice day!

kiss me through the phone

summary: farkle is on a study abroad tip in london for a semester and riley really misses him, please enjoy! This is obviously mature content so viewer discretion is advised, but they are both around 19 at this point!

rating: m

author’s note: ive been doing a lot of chaptered writing recently and i’ve been wanting to get back to my roots of one shots for a lil and an anon that referred to me as ‘the riarkle smut girl’ inspired me! this is also the filthiest thing i have ever written and i feel kinda weird about it bc i am a Loser Virgin (not that being a virgin makes you a loser but u know what i mean) and i feel as thought i have no business writing this but here i am, writing it

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Well this is Awkward Chapter 1

Rating: T for mentions of potential sex

Pairing: Fiddauther or FordFord Later Ma Pines and Dad McGucket

Summery: Fiddleford and Stanford find out the hard way that there can be some very very unexpected consequences to not informing you parents you are dating. But to be fare, how were they supposed to know that their parents would get along so well?!  

Notes: I apparently cannot write characters that are not somewhere on the aro spectrum so…thats a thing. Also The art for this was meant to be an inktober thing but I decided to use it here. 

Chapter 2 HERE

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Nate Maloley - Reunion

Request: hey! can you do an imagine where y/n and Nate have been friends since they were kids and they haven’t seen each other in awhile and then a couple years later they run into each other because y/n moved to la cause she started college. and Nate starts to like her again. sorry if this is confusing. thanks😁


“This was the last box,” My dad announced as he put the box down to the ground. He insisted on helping me to move into the collage. I got into my dream school in LA and that meant I only could go home like two or three times a year.

“Thanks daddy,” I said smiling to him and both of us knew that this was the time to say goodbye.

“Call me whenever you can, okay?” he said stepping to me and hugging me tightly. I put my arms around his torso and breathed in his scent. I knew I would miss him, but this was a new chapter in my life I had to begin.

“Okay, I will,” I said smiling into his chest.

He kissed the top of my head, and waving one more time at the doorframe he left. It was hard for both of us, but I knew collage would be one of the best parts of my life.

When I was left there in my dorm room with my stuff I didn’t even know what to do. I started to unpack my things, and when I was done with my clothes, I decided to have a coffee break. I went on an exploring tour and found a local coffee shop. I walked in and stood there for a minute examining what I should get, when a familiar voice spoke up behind me, repeating my name.

“Y/N, is that you?” I turned around and there I found Nate Maloley, the guy I had been friends with through middle school and partly in high school. Back in Omaha he and Sammy were my only friends, I was kind of a weird little kid and only they were brave enough to get to know me. But then in ninth grade, my dad had a better job and we had to move to Seattle. Since then I hadn’t seen him, but of course I heard about his success and I was really proud of him.

“Oh my God, Nate?” I turned to him with wide eyes. He definitely got taller and he was way more handsome then in ninth grade. We hugged for a moment and just tried to get through the shock that after almost five years we met at a coffee shop.

“What are you doing here? I mean, in LA,” he asked standing next to me in the line.

“I’m starting collage here, I just moved in today,” I said proudly.

“That’s amazing! So you are gonna be around a lot, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m going home in December next time.”

“Great! I mean, that way we can hang out! I can show you around if you want me to,” he offered with a bright and charming smile. I always thought he was really handsome. At ninth grade I definitely had a crush on him, now I just found him really attractive. I didn’t know him that well anymore, so saying that I had a crush on him was a bit too much.

“Okay, sounds good. We can catch up.”

“Good. Are you in a hurry? We can have coffee together.” He was so enthusiastic, I couldn’t tell him I still had to unwrap half of my life, so I said yes.

We sat down in a corner, and talked about things that happened to us since we hadn’t met. His stories was definitely crazier and more awesome than mines, but he looked so into it, I felt like I was talking about how I travelled through the world.

Unfortunately he had to go back to work and I also had a lot of thing to do. He told me he would pick me up at seven the next day to show me around and I happily said yes.

Later that day I finished packing and I spent my first night at the dorm. It was a bit scary, since my roommate wasn’t there yet. She was supposed to move in in two days. So it was just me. In the morning I couldn’t sleep late, I was too excited to meet Nate. I spent the day digging up the internet about him. I listened to his song and checked out a few sites.

Around five I took a shower and started to get ready. Nate was there exactly in time.

“Hey, how was your first night there?” he asked smiling as we started to walk down the street next to the campus.

“It was a bit unusual, but I guess I just have to get used to.”

We took a walk at the neighborhood, he showed me the best party places and restaurants. Also, he promised me every time that he would take me there one day.

I enjoyed being with him. He was quite mature and I really liked the grown up Nate. I could tell that he enjoyed his life and he loved what he was doing. I was happy for him.

We went down to the beach, where a group of girls asked for pictures with him. He was so sweet with them, chatted with them for a bit before we said goodbye to them.

“Are you used to things like that?” I asked smiling at him.

“You can never get used to it. But I’m definitely enjoying it,” he laughed.

“I can’t believe I’m here with a celebrity!” I sighed dramatically.

“Oh, hush, I’m just like I used to be!”

“That’s not true, you are so much taller now!” I laughed bumping my shoulder to his arm, since he was so much taller than me.

“I can’t stay an elf forever. But anyway, you know how I mean it.”

“Yes I do. And I’m glad we met again,” I admitted looking up at him.

“I could say the same.”

There was a short pause, when we both just stared at each other, and finally he spoke up first.

“I have to tell you something,” he said scratching the back of my neck.

“Okay, go ahead.”

“So, I may have had a slight crush on you earlier, when we were younger.”

“You did?” I asked surprised, but it was cute, thinking of the young Nate crushing on my young self.

“Yes, because, you know, you were really cool and beautiful. And you just became more beautiful through the years.” He grinned at me stopping. We stood face to face and I knew there was more that he wanted to tell me. “And I have to admit, I’m starting to feel just like in ninth grade,” he admitted. “I was just hoping we could repeat this night, but this time we should call it a date.”

I was slightly amused by his words and I have to admit I was feeling the same. So I happily agreed to it.

“It would be great.” A bright smile spread across his face and leaning closer he kissed my cheek.

“Good. Now let me take you back to the dorm. I have to get ready to our date for tomorrow.”


I will be coming up with an idea soon of something I can put together to give to PTV in October when I meet them. Probably a collage of some sorts but not just of me but of YOU ALL too. Not sure what I would want the pictures in the collage to be of…maybe everyone with “misadventures” written on them or maybe “misadventures” written somewhere in their town that they have made great memories at…I’ll get back to y’all.
This would also be great since I have worked so hard with the Fearless Street Team and on this blog to spread the word about PTV and finally this blog has 12K followers!

* feel free to share your ideas?

- Lauren -

Title: Running

Pairing: SouHaru, some vague side RinHaru

Rating: T-M (sorry I refuse to post any of my smut)

Summary: Misunderstanding and flashbacks. Lots of water, all kinds.


This was for Day 6 “Kiss” but I just couldn’t finish in time.


I went over it myself twice but there might be more mistakes I missed. Also I have never read HighSpeed 1 or 2, I also haven’t watched the anime since it ended.

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anonymous asked:

Different nonny! I really want to make my own deck of oracle cards, I have themes and everything. My next step is deciding what actually the cards represent and coming up with pictures. However I can't art to save my life. No joke. I just can't. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to develop pictures for my cards? It's a dream of mine but I'm stuck :( Thank you for reading this! Best of wishes to you! :)

This is a fun question!! Let’s see, there are a couple of things I can suggest.

First… don’t art! Or at least… Don’t draw! what I mean by this is that there are so many different art mediums, if drawing isn’t your thing, you can definitely do something else! If photography appeals to you, maybe use that, create the cards on the computer and find a way of printing them that appeals to you? If crafts are more fun, maybe try cutting different shapes out of things, and putting them together. You could make collages! (that’s basically what I’m doing, with pressed flowers!) Another idea; if you like to write, maybe a personalized short poem or random literary blurb for every card, or a word/some words you associate with the meaning, song lyrics, anything!

Second… Don’t be so hard on yourself! Love your creation! To me, really the only reason to make your own deck of anything is because you want it to be personal. There are plenty of decks out there with what the general populace would consider “breathtaking” art, but that’s not the point here, is it? If it were, you’d just go buy one! The point is that this deck is attuned to YOU, it has a piece of you in it. It’s not about what the art looks like, it’s about what you felt when you drew it. What it’s meant to represent. How it carries a piece of you into the whole. What it actually looks like or the “skill level” involved should be the last thing to think about!

And third… Some art tips, if you’re still stuck! If you’re still absolutely sure you want to draw, and no matter what you just CAN’T get over the fact that you consider your art sub-par, here are some things I can think of. 1) draw things that are simpler and that you can blame stylization on if it doesn’t quite look realistic: for example, don’t do humans. Humans are complex. Our standards for art of humans are too high. Do flowers! Plants! Candies! Books! Shells! Something you can be less hard on yourself with! 2) Once you choose what you want on one card, try drawing it kind of small and with less detail over and over on a scrap piece of paper until you feel you have the shapes you like. The first time you draw a pinecone, it might not really look like what you want it to–and that’s okay! So don’t make the FIRST time you draw a pinecone be the PERMANENT art piece on your card! Practice it first! Then, when you get a feel for it, draw the final version on the card. 3) finally, I’ve learned that if you kind of half-ass realism, it still looks pretty cool. Like, my art style is pretty stylized. Kind of cartoony. Definitely not what someone would consider “realistic.” So if I tried, like REALLY tried to draw something photorealistic, I would fail terribly! I’ve never practiced that! But if you maybe try to draw it realistically in general, but don’t try anything fancy-schmancy like shading (maybe do some stippling or cross-hatching for depth!!!) it can still look really cool. Like a stamp. That’s like a style all it’s own.

ANYWAY… I hope that helped, I’m sorry this is so incredibly long! Let me know if you have any more questions, or would like me to elaborate on something or explain anything that wasn’t clear!