but that will involve masks

Overwatch Kissing Headcanons (Gentlemen)


  • Pre-cyborg Genji? All fucking over the place
    • French kisses, neck kisses, lots of groping, always in control
    • And most likely will be followed up by sex
  • But present Genji? Much different
  • To start, kisses from him will be rare since it requires him to remove his entire faceplate, and he’s still a little self-conscious of the scarred flesh beneath it
  • So if you ever did get a kiss from him, it would mean something—it would only be at the right time
  • His lips are soft, but also have a good amount of scarring on them
  • Favorite kind of kiss to receive would be a kiss on the eyelids
    • Because all he has to do is remove the one part of his face plate and close his eyes, then you can move in and carefully smooch him
  • Favorite kind of kisses to give…
    • With his mask, an eskimo kiss; doesn’t require him to remove his mask, all he has to do is nuzzle you
    • But with his mask off, probably single lip kisses
  • If it’s one of those meaningful kisses that he’s been holding out for, he’ll whisper a sweet nothing into your ear in Japanese (fuck yes!)
  • Ok, just one more thing: leave lipstick marks on his faceplate! He won’t notice and it’s hilarious to see other people’s reactions (especially Zenyatta’s!)


  • I hope you don’t mind the slight flavor of nicotine and tabacco
  • But as long as you don’t, things should be fine!
  • Favorite kiss to give is one right on the jawline or the cheek
    • Favorite to receive is when his s/o comes up behind him, wraps their arms around him, and kisses his neck or shoulder
  • And if you kiss him well and hard enough, you may even get him to swear (“Damn, darlin’”)
  • When he’s being a dork, sometimes he’ll sneak up on you, go “It’s hiiiiiigh noon” and surprise kiss you
  • A bit of a tease, as well


  • He’s not too into the overly affectionate sides of relationships anymore
    • Especially since he has a mask now and hates showing his face
  • Isn’t too pleased if his partner tries to force any PDA on him
    • So don’t try to smooch him on the mask while he’s busy
  • But, if and only if you’re alone, he’ll occasionally indulge you and take off his mask
    • Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get to just kiss him; he always has to be in control
    • 90% of the time you’ll be up against the wall with your arms pinned (he’ll only get rougher if you try to get away)
  • But his s/o will have to initiate almost every kiss, he won’t actively seek one out even if he wants one…y’know cuz he’s edgy and stuff
  • Starts at the bottom, then trails his kisses down, down, down…
  • Definitely not for the faint of heart

Soldier: 76

  • Such a fucking gentleman
    • He was even more so back when he was the Strike Commander
    • But those chivalrous instincts are still there, although he will be more hesitant to kiss simply because he doesn’t like showing his face
  • So first, you’ll have to get him comfortable enough with you to take off his mask
    • Ok, now move in!
    • Give him a lingering kiss right on the corner of his mouth, those are his favorite
  • If there’s no time for him to take his mask off, he’s ok with a forehead hiss, too
  • Favorite kiss to give would be a French kiss, but he likes it best when he’s holding you, letting you melt into his arms
    • If you’re shy or sensitive, he’ll check if you want him to stop
    • So flexible and careful with what his partner likes and doesn’t like. Again, he’s a gentleman


  • Like Reaper, he isn’t into PDA either
    • Finds it distasteful, so only try to kiss him when you’re alone
  • Oh, and it’ll take a while in the relationship before he’s even ready to begin physical contact
    • I’m so sorry, he’s so hard to smooch in the beginning!
    • So the first time you kiss him, he’ll be so stiff!
  • But once he gets used to it, he’ll take his partner’s chin gently and carefully place a kiss on their lips
  • Favorite kiss to get is the shoulder and back kiss
    • This guy is a sucker for massages at night (once he’s at that level with you, that is), so go ahead and smooch him on the back during those times
    • It’ll take him totally by surprise, and he may just quit the message all together to snog you


  • Oooooh, boy…so messy, sooo sloppy
  • I hope you know what you’re getting into with Jamison, he ain’t letting you go until he’s done with you
    • He’s clingy, and he loves his PDA
  • Making out with him will probably some of the loudest, wettest, sloppiest kissing you’ve ever had
    • He will leave soot smears all over your face when he’s done, and you’ll smell like explosives
    • “Hooly dooly!” (after making out with his partner)
  • Loves being on top of them during all this. He’s skinny, so he isn’t too heavy, don’t worry hon
  • Not one for the slow and sensual
    • If you try and take it slow, he’ll just speed it right up!
    • So his favorite kind of kiss to get would be out of nowhere, forceful (bruising lips), and full on
    • Loves it when his s/o can reciprocate the same kind of passionate force that he can
  • Sometimes, Junkrat will nibble your ear, too
    • Where did that Trashmouse get sharp teeth?!
    • So I suppose he’d leave bite marks, too. Gotta let people know you’re his.
    • Go ahead and bite him back. Again, loves it if you can reciprocate


  • You can’t kiss Torbjorn because he’s too busy snogging a turret and his undeserved Play of the Game


  • Sweet old man! Loves to give pure little pecks to the check and lips~
  • All the better if his s/o is short, that way he can scoop them up in his arms and smooch them
  • I don’t think he’d be up for total make outs, though, he likes classy and old fashioned kisses
    • Too old for the more hands on stuff
  • Great to give him a smooch right before a fight! He’ll get even more pumped up!
    • Just when you think he’s gonna give out, all his s/o needs to do is give him a peck and bing! He’s back in it!
  • Just don’t try leaving lipstick marks on his “Precision German Engineering” armor. He does not like that.


  • Getting an actual, real, involving-lips-kiss with Mako is rare
  • He constantly wears that mask which I think might even help him breathe
  • So most of the time, he’ll give you little eskimo kisses with the snout of his gas mask
    • Might go “oink, oink” as he does to make you giggle
  • Smooch his tummy, he loves that!
  • He isn’t too big on PDA except for holding hands. Oh God, whenever you’re out with him, you’ll always have a big, meaty hand around yours
  • But for the rare occasion he gives you a real kiss (and most of the time he only lifts up his mask enough to see his lips), It’ll only linger for a few seconds before he pulls away
  • Oh wait, almost forgot! He might surprise hook you on occasions and yank you right over just so he can give you one of his snout kisses!
    • “Here, little piggy” (Mako as he hooks you)
    • He will stop this if you’re not ok with it, pouting from behind his mask as you scold him


  • Don’t say you can’t kiss an omnic, of course you can!
  • His favorite is when you’re so close to him that his orbs surround both of you (so it’s like you’re in perfect harmony~)
  • His favored kiss to receive is a lingering kiss right on his face (where his nose would be)
  • Despite his zen, calm exterior, he’s the most likely candidate to start giggling while you’re kissing
  • And since he can’t really reciprocate the kiss (no lips), he’ll find other ways too, such as running his fingers through your hair or massaging your palms or back while you smooch him
  • Unlike Genji, he’s more attentive to any lipstick marks you leave on his robotic face and will clean them off before seeing anyone else
    • Doesn’t mean he won’t notice a mark on one of his orbs
    • Genji might point out one day, “Master, you have something on your right orb.” “Which one?” “The one on the—oh, it’s behind you now.” “This one?” “No, over to the –” “Point to the one, please.” “The one with the lipstick on it.” “W-what?”

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I am from Turkey and also do not understand him wearing a mask! As far as I know, there are no Turkish historical events, or traditions involving a mask, and people certainly don't walk around the streets with a mask on. I searched the internet and found no exact answers. It is a mystery!

thank you i was wondering about that!! i suppose maybe he just likes to hide his eyes? maybe i will draw him with sunglasses from now on?

less active for the next 3-4 weeks

Today’s meeting resulted in me being temporarily hired by a Health company to do video advertising for them. Meaning I’ll have to work full-time at home churning out storyboards, sketches, illustrations and previews for them, and then editing + translating the video for them into 2 different languages. While this job is a complete 180 of what I actually love to do; it helps put money on the table, and is great experience to learn something new. :D And if it goes well enough that they continue to hire me for future projects, it could cover a lot of what I need for medical help, a better workspace, and family needs.

but god help me bc their Chinese is so advanced I get so confused in our conversations like a loser

I’ll still be putting time aside at night to work on remaining commissions because I don’t want to delay those any longer, and I’ll even keep taking new ones to keep in touch with my inner artist.

But this also means that I will have little to no time to work on the emorock comic like I’d originally wanted to. Chapter 1, titled ‘Starstruck’, was supposed to be of Charlene asking Faith out for the first time, as her Valentine’s. It was also to introduce the new concept behind Emorock (which I can’t spoil yet, but it does involve the masks you saw Amelia and Faith wearing in the Tears video)

That’s why I really wanted to get it out by that day. But I guess plans change in life and we just gotta flow with it sometimes.

There are a lot of asks I need to answer as well, especially a handful that are asking for advice on drawing anatomy and such. (and I will genuinely answer it with whatever I know; no excuses of not being able to teach this time)

…I guess that’s it for updates for now; thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for sticking around this mess of a person who’s still trying to figure out her life

I’ll see you on the flipside ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

So the top hat got me thinking, and I had this idea, what if Descole had predicted Layton’s involvement in the events of Miracle Mask and decided to model the Masked Gentleman on Professor Layton just to annoy him? Randall wouldn’t have seen Layton in ages, so he wouldn’t know they were copying his look, so Descole could have just casually gone, ‘Nah, not a white suit, I think we should go with these colours’ and he would’ve gone along with it. 

And then can you imagine all the Monte d’Or citizens seeing Layton around town and freaking out? And him constantly getting viewed as suspicious and getting stopped and questioned by the police and it keeps getting in the way of his investigation? And all the while, Descole is watching from the shadows and sniggering because the poor professor can’t even get from one end of the town to the other without people running away from him, let alone gather any information, because he’s raising havoc wherever he goes… 

please excuse the quality of the pic, it was done in MS Paint

Mirror - Raven

So, have you heard about the test where a group of men wore masks and some of them captured seven ravens, tagged and released. In no time, all ravens on the area attacked specifically only the masked men who were involved but left the other ones alone.

I imagine a similar thing can happen with Mirror dragons. Just imagine, a small pack of mirrors get in a fight with a dragon and they’ll remember them in detail. Because of how mirror packs merge, grow, and split constantly, those mirrors could suddenly be half across Sornieth. And then they’d be telling their new friends, and when they split again, they’ll tell their friends too. Maybe a mirror heard that the dragon liked the color blue and add that to the story. Before you know it, all mirrors know your name, where you live and where your long lost grandfather buried his treasure.

Maybe you should stay away from mirrors for a while.

ImagineDaily Database: Tony Stark

Originally posted by widowshields


Real Name:  Anthony Edward Stark

Alias: Iron Man.

Citizenship: American.

Date of Birth: May 29, 1970.

Relatives: Howard Stark and Maria Stark. (both died in 1991).

Abilities: Genius level intellect, master engineer, master scientist, hacker, expert businessman, expert tactician, martial artist, marksman, pilot, multilingualism.

Others information:

  • The armors no longer use Stark’s arc reactor as a power source. Instead, the suits each have their own individual arc reactor 
  • Tony had a surgery to remove the sharps in his body, therefore removing his arc reactor off his chest for good. 
  • Tony has post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Tony chose to pour millions into mental health research, to create a non-invasive non-pharmaceutical therapy technology.
  • 4 years old - made his first circuit board. 7 years old - built a V8 motorbike engine. 16 years old - won the 4th Annual M.I.T. Robot Design Award. 17 years old graduated MIT at the top of his class.


Real Name:  Anthony Edward Stark

Alias: Iron Man.

Citizenship: Bulgarian, American.

Date of Birth: unknow. Born between March 21 and April 19.

Biological Relatives: mother Amanda Armstrong (was a SHIELD agent); father Jude Unknow Last Name (Hydra double-agent at SHIELD).

Adoptive Relatives: father Howard Stark (deceased); mother Maria Stark (deceased); brother Arno Stark.

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andromeda773  asked:

Can i ask for the guy's reactions to seeing their s/o in their clothes, bonus if its big on them

I love fluff.

Saihara Shuichi
•Blushes as first
•Warms up to the idea.
•Even lets you keep a hat.

Ouma Kokichi
•Smirks, waiting for you to realize you can’t take them off.
•Literally, you can’t take them off by yourself.
•Good thing he’s a kind ruler and helps you.

Rantaro Amami
•He gives you a look over, before picking you up and kissing you.
•Takes a picture to remember this moment.
•Embarrasses you with how much he loved it.

•How would you even wear his clothes?
•Like, actually?

Gonta Gokuhara
•Blushes at the fact that you’d wear his clothes
•He smiles and hugs you
•Just a little too tight.

Kaito Momota
•He grins like an idiot when he sees you.
•He picks you up, and messes with you.
•Brags about it to his friends later.

Korekiyo Shinguji
•He is amused you decided to wear his clothes.
•He is impressed you managed to perfectly copy his look, down to the mask and wrapped hands.
•Tells you stories of love involving clothes.

Ryoma Hoshi
•He pulls his hat down, trying to act disappointed.
•But he’s actually blushing and smiling the whole time.
•Such a softie.

Tsukuyomi Theory Masterpost (EDITED)


I gathered everything known about the Tsukuyomi theory as of ch.60… or everything I know of at least….

Mostly my theories, but a few facts from undergroundsky. I invite you to read through the “Tskuyomi theory” tags for the things I might have missed.

  • Introduction: How the theory came to be
  • Symbolic “coincidences”
  • Father theory
  • Spells on gods
  • Heavens’ involvement

It may have been a hint for Yato’s “Father” role in his survival, but as the chapters releases, it becomes even more likely that it hints at something else. This added with the convenient fact that gods don’t remember their past life spawned an interesting theory:

Yato is not at his first incarnation and he has more than one true name…

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Tbh I’m like 100% convinced that Prince Lotor was the guy Keith and Hunk met in the Belly of the Weblum cause like??
- Galra
- Don’t know who the fuck he is
- CLEARLY supposed to be an important character later
- That they’ll probably meet and work with again and repeatedly question who he is
- Who’s the big bad Galra character we know is coming season 3?
- Lotor
- Who’s the last person in the fucking universe anyone would expect to be mystery man?
- Lotor
- Who would have to be super secret to show any neutrality/disloyalty to the Galra?
- Well anyone but def Lotor

Not to mention Lotor’s “reveal” involved his unveil by pulling off his mask and dramatically turning around. Sure, the animators definitely have an armor style, and it wasn’t line to line with the Weblum guy but- dramatic mystery armor always goes hand in hand

ketabsbot  asked:

Sooooooo, say a siren were to go rouge and escape a certain company for reasons, would their masks/siren powers still be with them or can a company like take that power away through the mask or something? I need tah know fer reasons :D

Yes, the Fairy-bluebird Siren is a good example

He formerly worked under Kevin’s company, but ran off when they attempted to involve his family. You can see he still has his mask and wings right now


Cybertronians vs Humans

So I’m a little tired at how most of the time humans are treated as weak, disgusting fleshies and fragile squishies to Cybertronians in fics 

I mean, yes! We are easy to injure compared to giant, walking walls of metal robots, but consider the following:

Cybertronians communicate via biolights, body language and most importantly optic contacts (facial plates are just recent fashion trends I mean most of them had face masks before switching over). Interrogating and threatening enemies involves careful control over flashing biolights, engine revvings, etc etc

But nothing beats how well we can hide our emotions given enough practice.

So give me humans who can maintain steady eye contact despite being threatened by the angry metal giant in front of them. Give me humans who hold their ground, hiding their emotions behind a steel mental wall. Give me humans who stare right into the Cybertronian’s optics, lips stern but unafraid, and despite how much the robot tries to scare them they’re just. Eerily calm as they absolutely beat the deal/interrogation right back into their alarmed faceplates

and the Cybertronians are just unnerved at the scene. Look, the tiny, soft human playing and winning the dangerous word game with the enemy on screen? There’s no accidental flickering biolights or engines growling to judge because humans don’t do that. They look completely at ease yet sharp, alert, voice cold and precise to the point. And that throws the war-hardened enemy general off and once that happens, the flow of the deal is now the human’s -  plus you can’t scan the heart rate through the monitor anyway and only medics have access to that kind of scanner

(and if you review the recording later for the fifth time and squint hard enough, there are some tiny signs of him that shows confusion and is that a little flicker of fear you see in the lights of his servos and thighs???)

Then finally the deal ends, odds in the crew’s favor because the human did it??? The screen flicks to black and then the human collapse to the floor and is like “Jesus Christ on a pogo stick never ask me to do that again” 

And everyone is like ??????? What. How can they do that??? Someone asks the human how did they do that and they just seem as confused as the rest of them and shrugs 

“I can’t believe I just did that either but I guess five years of customer service helped”

And from that incident on all the Cybertronians on the ship had raised their level of respect and a little fear at their tiny soft passenger Idk just give me capable humans bc I keep seeing humans being useless and puny fleshbags and I guess we are weak compared to them but it’s just so overused, guys. 

Hold Me Back In Time

Recipient: @bovaria

Prompt: Red

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x reader, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Vision

Word Count: 4550

Trigger Warnings: none

For the lovely Tesla, who requested a fluffy fic. Merry Christmas, darling!

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Ok, now this idea came to me well playing a game about hiest (ill let ya guess as it involves clown mask), what about preds going to steal a bunch of prey freinds back from a bigger badder pred. only to end up joining their friends, unless someone else decides to try and do a trade for them?



The Lenape Natives initially lived along the Delaware River Valley in parts of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania –from which they received their more common name, Delaware. They became dependent on the colonies and became so involved in the trade of pelts and furs that they eventually killed off most of the mammals in their area –they soon grew impoverished and were forgotten as traders abandoned them for the Iroquois Natives to the north. Under the threats of poverty, conflict, alcoholism and disease, the Lenape numbers had dwindled from about ten to twelve thousand to about three thousand since contact was made with the Europeans.

“-as small groups sold their land or were forced from it at various times. The scattered, decimated, and unorganized bands … soon gathered, or were gathered, as they had never been in pre-European times. The ‘towns’ that grew up in the river valleys of Pennsylvania in the early decades of the eighteenth century were not formed from homogeneous cultural units.”

^ Lenapehoking, the original Lenape territory. 

Selling their lands, being forced out of others, and willingly abandoning others – they became refugees within their own land and would also retreat to the land of others. After the death of William Penn in 1718, he was succeeded by his sons Thomas Penn and John Penn –whom were involved in the infamous Walking Purchase of 1737 in which they brought forward a suspicious and possibly fraudulent copy of a land deed from 1686 that led to a large theft of land from the Lenape. The Penn brothers had arranged to have three trained runners sprint through a cleared route, covering about sixty-five miles in eighteen hours and winning them 1,200 square acres of land from the Delaware.

^ Delaware by David Wright.

They [Thomas Penn and John Penn] were used to an expensive life-style, but had no money. In their desperation, they contemplated ways to sell Lenape land to colonial settlers. The resulting scheme culminated in the so-called Walking Purchase. In the mid-1730s, colonial administrators produced a draft of a land deed dating to the 1680s. William Penn had approached several leaders of Lenape polities in the lower Delaware to discuss land sales further north. Since the land in question did not belong to their polities, the talks came to nothing.

But colonial administrators had prepared the draft that resurfaced in the 1730s. The Penns and their supporters tried to present this draft as an actual deed. Unsurprisingly, Lenape leaders in the lower Delaware refused to accept it. What followed was a convoluted sequence of deception, fraud, and extortion orchestrated by the Pennsylvania government that is commonly known as the Walking Purchase. In the end, all Lenapes who still lived on the Delaware were driven off the remnants of their homeland under threats of violence.” – Steven Harper.

^ Walking Purchase.

The refugee Lenape villages that had arose from this displacement are believed to have been an important component that led to the French and Indian War and the surge of revolutionary ideas among the Lenape Delaware Natives. One of these revolutionaries was a man from the Delaware named Wangomen, who believed that the great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, had chosen him as a messenger. Wangomen, also known as the Assinisink Prophet, was visited by a great buck during a hunting trip that conveyed the message that by abandoning the old ways, the Natives had placed themselves in this difficult situation.

The great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, let him peer into the heavens where he saw that there were three heavens –one for Natives, one for ‘Whites’ and one for ‘Negroes’. The ‘Whites’ were ill-treated in their heaven, as punishment for their abuses against the Natives, for taking the promised land away from them and for their enslavement of the ‘Negroes’. 

Another Delaware man named Papoonan, had a vision while mourning his father’s death –the great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, was offended by the way that the Natives had abandoned the old ways. Papoonan was a supporter of Natives purifying themselves in the old ways of their forefathers and for them to denounce the use of alcohol. Unlike the other prophets he preached peace, coexistence, the sharing of resources and also accepted some of the teachings of the Moravian Christian missionaries 

^ Neolin, the Delaware Prophet.

There was yet another man from the Delaware tribe named Neolin, meaning “the enlightened”, in this story he plays the greatest significance. Neolin traversed the spirit world for days before reaching three forks in the road, from both the wide and the narrow roads a great fire arose from the ground which forced him to turn back. On the third path he encountered a marvelous white mountain in which he saw a woman of radiant beauty that instructed him to strip himself of all that he has and to purify himself in a nearby river. After purifying himself he met with the great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, who gave him a guideline for the Natives to follow. The Natives must refrain from drinking, be married to one woman, not covet their neighbors’ wife and not to fight with their fellow brethren.

That the land in which they inhabited was given to them by him, reminding them that they lived before the French and English had arrived and didn’t need their assistance. They hunted with bow and arrow without need of firearms. That now they had become dependent on the whites, for his children (the Natives) to send the whites back to the homes that he has given them, across the ocean. To “drive off your lands those dogs clothed in red who will do nothing but harm”. 

He sought to purify his followers, urging them to rid themselves of all European goods and return to the lifestyle of their ancestors. Though he had many followers, the idea of tossing aside their arms was too much for some Natives to comply with. Nevertheless, Neolin became yet another force swaying the Natives against the ‘Whites’. 

By so doing, and by strictly observing his other precepts, the tribes would soon be restored to their ancient greatness and power, and be enabled to drive out the white men who infested their territory. The prophet had many followers. Indians came from far and near, and gathered together in large encampments to listen to his exhortations.” – Chapter VII, The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest.

If there are any errors please privately inbox me so I can update it. As always, if you’d like to read or learn about any specific historical subjects just let me know what they are and I will take note of them.


  • THE COUNCIL OF THREE FIRES AND THE PONTIAC-GUYASUTA UPRISING – This post covers some of the history, culture and religion of the Native American inhabitants of the Great Lakes region of North America, focusing on the Pontiac-Guyasuta Uprising and the Council of Three Fires (the Ottawa, Ojibwe and the Potawatomi); the peace-pipe, Rogers’ Rangers, the sport that inspired lacrosse, and some Native battle tactics
  • THE IROQUOIS CONFEDERACY: THE “SAVAGE” EMPIRE – The origins of the Iroquois Confederacy, the early wars they were involved in, the effects that disease epidemics incurred upon them, the Iroquoian cultural use of torturescalping, and cannibalism, the tomahawk and its symbolism (bury the hatchet), as well as the taking of captives during mourning wars and adopting them in order to replace lost tribal members.
  • THE IROQUOIS CONFEDERACY: THE RED ROMANS AND THE RED COATS – This post covers the religious beliefs of the Iroquois Confederacy, their origin story, their belief in duality (like yin and yang), their secretive and mysterious masked societies, and their involvement in the conflicts between their two great colonial neighbors (New France and the New England) like the famed French and Indian War. I’ll also speak of their involvement in the American Revolutionary War as well as the famed Joseph Brant, a Freemason Mohawk leader who swayed most of the Iroquois Confederates into siding with the British. It is believed that without the aid of the Iroquois Confederacy, North America would now be speaking French instead of English and that France would’ve held a massive portion of the eastern half of North America, leaving a massive battlefield for the French and Spanish to battle over.

Author’s Note: Okay so this is my first ever imagine lol so the gif is NOT the best out there so…if anyone can help a girl out, it’ll be fantastic! Okay, so let me know what you think!!! 🙈


“So…what’s a beautiful girl like you doing with losers like those…losers?”

You snort into your drink as you look from the bespectacled gruff to the neatly combed nerd. Both had been aimlessly trying to flirt with you. Ed and Harry, they had said their names were. And by the look of things, they didn’t like Sam and Dean all that much. And vice versa.

You clear your throat and smile at the one named Ed. “Uhm, excuse me. Got some work to do,” you say as you slide out of the booth and walk over to Sam, who was sitting at the bar, laptop out.

It was mid-afternoon and you were currently working a case that involved some freak in a mask killing innocent people and making sure it was all caught on camera.

You hear hurried whispers and the sound of the leather seats being strained and you know that the annoying duo are right on your heels.

“Kill me now,” you mutter to Sam once you reach him. “These Ghostfacers are really asking for it.”

Sam laughs. “Yeah…it gets worse.”

You roll your eyes just as Harry calls out to you.

“Hey, Y/N…it is Y/N, right?” He didn’t wait for you to reply. “Anyway, I was wondering if you would like to join me on the investigation? You know, hang out with a real professional.”

I turned around just in time to see both him and Ed walk forward but then…

“Not so fast, asshats.”

Dean shoved Ed back with one hand, making him bump into Harry, as he stalked forward, an irritated look on his face.

You smirk. “Something crawl up your ass, Dean?”

“What? No,” he scoffs as he stands on Sam’s other side. “We’re working here, Y/N. Act professional.”

You roll your eyes. “Says the guy who called a couple of nerds ‘asshats’.”

Dean leans over Sam to stare at me. “Well, when those asshats are flirting with my girlfriend, of course I’m going to retaliate!” he hissed.

“Aww! You’re jealous,” you teased.

“Hey, Y/N!”


“We can show you some high tech equipment that we have in our van. Nothing compared to the home-made devices that these losers-”

“Alright that’s it, you dicks,” gritted Dean as he whirled around to face them.

You quickly step in front of Dean, your back pressed firmly against his chest.

“Sorry, Ed. Harry. But as…tempting as your bag of goodies are,” you wrap your arm back around Dean and pull him closer. “I prefer my loser boyfriend over any gadget that you have.”

Harry’s shoulders slump slightly. “Of course you would be his girlfriend. Why?”

You smile and turn to look at Dean, who was grinning at you. “Just lucky I guess,” you say before Dean leans forward to press his lips against yours.