but that wasnt really my intentions

Jyushimatsu: So I am the culprit?

Ichimatsu: It wasnt your fault. It was the bat’s fault.. *hug

Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu are my fav character from the anime but the reason I watch it was because I want to see Ue-chan, Wada and Asato together.

That was my first intention.. but here these two already stole all of my attention! Both Kitamu and Ren played Ichimatsu×Jyushimatsu character SO GREAT!!! They put their whole heart into it and I could say that they’re just too perfect for the roles. I cant think others who might be better than them. I really love their chemistry. I know that Ichimatsu×Jyushimatsu are so close to each other and they really show it here more than what the anime did. That was just too precious♡

dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This

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LMFAO did you see him replying on Twitter to someone saying 'the phandom was playing fbi' and him saying 'y'all don't have to know everything' (smth along those lines).....I feel like he's demanding privacy and shooing us away from poking our nose into their relationship in general ok daniel lmao

in general i think what he was trying to convey is that their shenanigans sometimes aren’t worth the effort we put into trying to figure things out when its either too complicated to explain without further information, or smth with really no explanation at all. however, speculating about these kinds of things is one of my favorite pastimes and we always have good lighthearted fun while doing it. dan even made a point to tweet after that and clarify that bants were all fine and good as long as it wasnt anything angsty, so i dont think he had any malicious intentions with that original tweet. altho its unfortunate that tone is basically impossible on convey online most of the time, so i completely understand why some people took that tweet as somewhat of a call out when dan pretty much provoked the speculation in the first place by being his good ol’ vague self

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Fuck u. I used to like you a lot and think of you as a friend and you don't remember me, wow. Ok. Fuck you again.

Listen I’m sorry if I forgot to message you or but maybe understand that maybe I’m really tired and I have a lot if work to do. I’m really bad at messaging people, on tumblr or irl friends and sometimes I just want to be alone and to not talk to anybody. Maybe you didnt know that but it makes me really sad because most of the time I dont answer not because I don’t like you, but because I’m just exhausted and want to be left alone. If I hurted u I’m sorry it wasnt my intention and you should message me. I prefer to have a good argument rather than a fuck you. I’m doing my best but i can’t do everything right.
Again i really dont know what the i dont remember you means and you really should message me. Friends don’t send anon, they send private messages saying “Sarah u fucked up let’s talk” and really, I would appreciate that. Now I have to go to school so excuse me

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This isnt really a question. I just want it to more widely known that coddling can be abuse too. My parents were so over protective of me that I never learned how people work. Their "good intentions" for me gave me severe anxiety that I didn't know wasnt normal. Apparently not being able to make eye contact with people and being constantly worried about everyone hating you isnt normal. More people need to know its not just yelling and hitting. Sometimes it "wanting the best for you" too

Absolutely, anon. Being “overprotective” can definitely become abuse quite easily. Anyone who doesn’t think so should go ahead and watch Disney’s Tangled.

bakamatsu for @nasty00 !! tysm for the request and the message :3!!! i wasn’t really sure what to draw but i think this turned out well…

[not shipping; please dont tag as shipping!]

  • post on tumblr dot com: don't tell somebody that if they leave you, you'll have nobody else! that's abusive and manipulative and it'll most likely guilt them into staying in a relationship they don't want to be in!
  • me, a borderline: *clawing my face* :) YEAH!! :) WHY WOULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING TO A PERSON?? :)

Why is pharra x mercy a thing? They’ve got nothing in common besides the fact that they both fly and they both appeared in an animated short together. I agree that they look cute toghether and all but i just cant make sense of why people think they would make a good couple…

i now understand the ship more, thank you for answering my question about such a popular subject in the overwatch comunity. Sorry if my post happened to offend annyone it wasnt really my intention to do so. Anyways i hope you have a nice day! (you may now carry on with your shipping or whatever if you decided to stop and read this) °w°)7

I’m trying to remix a song and i meant to just take the vocals out but i ended up accidentally making it one of those song from another room edits 

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how would you describe your artistic ability at 18 years old compared to now?

18 yrs old: 1 face shape and 1 body type even tho i thought i was doing different body types and faces like i was under the impression i was drawing people of different shapes and i was trying very hard but they all looked the same because i had no idea how flesh worked and i didnt know what peoples faces looked like

22 yrs old: at least 2 faces and body types i think, reasonable necks, ive probably seen flesh. can do a complete painting if i feel like it now like im not GREAT at painting but i don’t think i couldve done anything even comparable to what i can do now bc at 18 it was just too much of a mystery to me

at 18 i also didnt know anything about illustration and i wasnt really interested in illustration i dont think like looked at any art outside of my own

I also think I draw with more intent now like i wasn’t particularly improving at that time because i didnt have a goal in mind, like i knew i needed to get better but i didn’t know with what or why. I look at more things now tho I still don’t feel like i consume anywhere near as much media as i probably think i should? 

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it was a while back but when people called terumob overdone what do they mean by that? is a bad thing cause of shippers or is it the ship itself? im just curious to know whats going on

Warning: accidental long post

Absolutely not, it’s not offensive at all. It’s really not an insult; it’s simply a statement on the popularity of Terumob as a ship. I admit that I’m not the greatest expert at anything, and I’ve only been on tumblr for several months, but I have seen the phrase “overdone” used many times across multiple fandoms on Tumblr. Now, when a person calls a certain ship like Terumob “overdone”, judging by the word “overdone” and the shippers of Terumob, what they probably mean is that “Terumob” is the most shipped and popular MP100 pairing on Tumblr and possibly AO3. They also could mean that Terumob has the most content such as: art, headcanons, fics, and maybe the most shippers.

And you know what? They’re not wrong. Terumob is arguably the most popular ship of the MP100 fandom. Of course, that doesn’t mean Terumob is the greatest ship of MP100 because that kind of statement is subjective (based on a shipper’s personal choice and taste), but we can’t deny how popular it is. For example, searching for “tsumob” and then “Terumob” on google images shows us a clear difference in content for the two ships. Try it with other ships when Teru and Mob are not together and see what you get.

On the other hand, the word “overdone” for Terumob could be interpreted negatively by some because it does suggest that Terumob has way too much content to the point where Terumob content is repeated again and again compared to all other ships in MP100. Fortunately for us, I’ve scrolled down the Terumob tag to see the people who called Terumob “overdone” and to be honest, they don’t mean it in a bad way at all.

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i looove "say that again"!!! this probably sounds weird but i especially liked the part where clint ordered for buck after steve gently (!) asked him. bc to me it sounded like bucky may have social anxiety and i have too and i just really liked that moment. (it probably wasnt intentional but idc ^^) thank you for sharing your writing with us! hope you have a good week :) <3

Ahhh thank you so much! I’m dying that someone mentioned something specific 😭 and I’m so glad you picked up on that. In this AU (and my head while writing), Bucky absolutely had social anxiety - based mostly around his prosthetic and self-consciousness but also because he’s a quiet guy in general. He’d been through a lot, too.

I know what it’s like to not be comfortable in crowds and social settings. I might not have that extent of social anxiety but I’m absolutely an introvert. And I know how frustrating it can be for my friends, but they are still patient. I wanted Bucky to have friends who wanted him to be there at lunch no matter what and would help as needed.

Thank you for your message and I hope you have a great week too! ☺️

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Can you not make any more "triggered" jokes please? I know this is your blog and you're allowed to do whatever, but that is a real medical term and individuals with PTSD, like myself, actually do get triggered and that joke can be very insensitive. I really do enjoy your art and I don't want to unfollow your blog over this. Thank you!! (P.s. I hope this doesn't come off as aggressive! That's not my intention, I'm just genuinely upset over this)

Omg, im really sorry, i really didnt mean to hurt or offend u or anyone. I dont know what it feels like to have PTSD, and i have no right to make fun or joke about anyone that has it (i wasnt teasing anyone with it). I did do some research on *triggered* and there is apparently two meaning, one being offended and two being the ‘flash back’. Im not English so i didnt know wht the second meaning was only that it meant offended. Thank u for pointing it out, im sorry again -hug-👌❤❤❤

BUT, this is the internet and there will always be things that u will disagree with and even hurt u, ❤❤❤😘 please take care, (im not angry btw ppft, it did make me go into a bit of a panic tho (T▽T)

you ever suddenly think about everything you did online from like 5-8 years ago and actually want to die i dunno im literally a completely diff person in every single aspect and its terrifying to think that all of the stuff i severely regret doing when i was stupid is going to be on this hell site forever until it collapses on itself 🕳🚶🏻

im having a lot of fun playing this game and talking about it with my friends, and its honestly such a harmless game like its really sweet and i wasnt expecting to like it at all. not to say its above criticism, but a lot of people are wasting their time with these long-winded callouts for it, especially cuz a lot of these “criticisms” are just assumptions that are easily proven wrong if you even bothered engaging in said content. the intention of this game was definitely not to be some sort of revolutionary world changer. its…just a dating sim. positive lgbt content created by lgbt people who clearly put a lot of thought into it. but i suppose its easier to scream at the devs of a harmless indie game over your assumptions rather than a multi billion dollar corporation whose games youll buy the second its announced :p

Ok tumblr. Come here. Over my knees, that’s it.

Now…you know why you’re here? About to get a bloody good spanking?


Urgh. All to move the message/home bar to the bottom of the app screen. Really, tumblr?!

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are you out to everyone? how did you come out, if you don't mind sharing? i'm really struggling with telling people, even though i don't really think they'll react badly.

im not actually. my family knows (obviously) and my absolute closest friends know, but thats it. i transitioned when i came to college so every single person ive met since then just thinks im a cis guy, and i have no intention of changing that. as far as im concerned, they have absolutely no reason to need to know that im trans

im actually not great at giving advice on this topic because i was fortunate enough to be safe in just coming out directly to my family and said close friends, so there wasnt really any sort of process for me. one day, i just….did it. i got fed up with pretending i was a girl and told them, so that i could have a fresh new start at college