but that wasnt as poetic

and i know it wasnt love,
because ive written more about you now than in the months we spent together.
it wasnt love it was the sharing of time,and thoughts, and feelings,
yet i never shared them all.
and maybe thats why it never became love.
but love is beautiful and magnificent,
and what we had was nowhere close.
love will bloom in time, but you tore the flower open,
and now youre covered in the ability to love, but not the ability to create it.
one day you will have a lovely garden, but first, you must learn how to tend it.
—  love is grown not forced
May 16

there is a girl that likes me, I think she wants us to be something. I told her I don’t want that. I don’t want to be anyone’s something, and I won’t be

but I like being with her- she is beautiful and her hands are cold like mine. she makes a lot of art and has my favourite kind of voice. one of her covers is now my favourite song. she is bad at keeping eye contact and has a small nervous smile that makes me smile when i catch it and we spent an afternoon in the sun in a park while she taught me how to roll cigarettes

I’m not seeing her until next week, when I’m going to her house to walk her dog at the beach, and I realised it feels far away. She bleached her hair blonde to look like cherie currie, but she makes me think of debby harry in the 60′s. looking at her reminds me of cherry coke, and her nails are always painted red

Funny how the things you fell in love with were the reasons you left.
Funny how you loved my sense of humor but now you canโ€™t take me seriously.
Iโ€™m too clingy today but tomorrow Iโ€™m too distant.
I kept changing for you and that was the problem I fucking morphed into every person you wanted me to be but darling
you were never the guy I wanted you to be.
—  (160/365) by (KJ)

I hate alex more than I hate the moon emoji
I hate alex more than I hate slugs
I hate alex more than I hate bananas
I hate alex more than I hate teenagers
I hate alex more than I hate the word moist
I hate alex more than I hate bad texters
I hate alex more than I hate low quality chocolate
I hate alex more than I hate shitty, burnt coffee
I hate alex more than I hate boys

- I hate alex, a poem by me