but that was the most failed plan of all times

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Considering Riskua's obliviousness to her own attractiveness and Ace's inferiority complex, I foresee a colossal amount of failed matchmaking schemes in Sabo's future. I wonder what the count will be by the time they get their act together.

Scheme #34; failure. 

Crossing out the latest failed plan, Sabo rubs his forefingers into his forehead, wondering why, out of all the kids on Dawn Island, it’d been these two idiots that he’d found the most interesting. He feels bad for the thought a mere moment later, but they’re just so god-damn stupid. 

Sabo hadn’t missed the way Riskua’s eyes had lingered on Ace’s broad shoulders when they met up again, for the first time in just over three years. Hell, were they not brothers… yes, Sabo can see the appeal. 

Riskua likes Ace, or in the very least, she finds him physically attractive. She must like him somewhat to have put up with him throughout their childhood, after all. Three years apart did the both of them good; they missed the other’s full transition into adulthood. They’re looking at each other with new eyes, even if Ace still holds onto the kindling embers of attraction. Embers that’ve never really died out and only need the slightly prompt to become flames once again. 

They only need a little push, and what else is the wind known for than for carrying pirates to adventure? They could find the adventure of a life time in each other, Sabo’s sure of it. He’s just not sure how to get them to open their god-damn eyes and smell the roses in front of them. 

The idiots. 

Well, onto Scheme #35.

INTJ Things
  • Getting adrenaline rush from solving problems
  • Silently judging everyone
  • Love for studying
  • Being that one smart kid in the class that all teachers love
  • Social awkwardness
  • Adjusting your behavior and responses depending on who you are talking to
  • Loving your alone time more than people
  • Being able to improvise quite well, but sticking to your plans to play it safe
  • Ending up doing all the group work on your own, because everyone else just wastes time chatting and procrastinating
  • Not caring about your emotions to the point that most people stop caring about them too
  • A good book and a cup of tea is much better than any social event
  • Being somewhat afraid of failing at every single thing you do
  • Being a nerdy weirdo
  • Love for stationary
  • Mastering new skills very quickly
  • Being a bit old-fashioned
  • Being lowkey afraid of your emotions, because others might use them against you
  • People have high expectations of you
  • Having deep knowledge in many topics

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I have a question about Faun horns. My very first player character in a LARP will be a faun so I'm gonna need to make some antlers. But I'd prefer to LARP without a wig, and my own hair is very smooth, bobby pins just slide out of it over time. Do you have any ideas how to attach horns to my own hair? The character I'm planning will be a fighter so I should be able to hop and run around. If all else fails I'm gonna stick some prosthetic horns to my forehead, but I'm not fond of most of them.

This is a great question!

First thing’s first, I always go with the lightest material possible. Whether you buy them or make them (I must admit, though, I buy most of my horns), just make sure they’re either hollow, or made out of something durable and lightweight. 

The simplest way I attach my horns is with a thin strap of leather OR string that’s the same color as my hair. I make sure the string is around my hairline, though, and while it’s not ideal for everyone, honestly it’s not terribly noticeable once everything is on.

Another method I’ve used for smaller horns is clear, stretchy elastic. I’ve even seen people tie on their horns with regular string and then wear a headband over it. My favorite, though, is my new PC minotaur I’m making. I’ll be wearing a flower crown around it to hide it :)

But if you’re a fighter, you can actually use a combination of tying them on and sticking them on with spirit gum or liquid latex.

Does anyone else have any suggestions? What works for me may not work for everyone, so I’d like to find as many options as possible! 


YES THIS IS FANTASTIC aelynthi is here!!! oh man melarue is going to be Unhappy but at least he’s okay good job marla that was scary but also i love all the nuance in this?? her struggling to control wrath and then failing but even then it’s not quite Game Over for her because there’s more of a two-way street connection and wrath can pull back and didn’t hurt aelynthi the tension in this was fantastic i’m over the moon for it i love marla most excellent <3333

Wrath used to be Devotion, once, a long time ago. It still has bits of that (and a little more that I’m planning on writing later) in it’s personality. It’s devoted to Marla, in a sense. Wrath has a tendency to take over for her when it thinks she’s in mortal peril, or try to anyway. Getting shot really messed up their equilibrium, bc it was immediately enraged, and she was too busy trying to process the fact that she’d BEEN SHOT. WITH A GUN. WHAT EVEN. And also OW. I’m really glad you like Marla! And ahahahahaha oh man Melarue is gonna be Very Unhappy probably, and so is Aelynthi when he wakes up. :DDDD


#I’M GLAD YOU LIKE :D#and AH MORE MARLA AND WRATH#the different shades of anger described here were so good#the way it can slide up or down a scale of intensity#(and the fire analogy works so well)#I love how Wrath is weirdly conscientious about feeding off others#being attracted to rage and needing it to sustain itself? in addition to marla’s own self-control#but also reflecting and even empathising with the people who produce this emotion#it feels like such a good match for marla’s own temperament#the both of them more slow-burning than the kind of rage that flares too brilliantly but cannot sustain itself#and I loved seeing how they worked together to keep one another safe and whole#also seeing marla learn to manipulate anger in others was fascinating#the way she channels her own rage into careful controlled nudges#particularly the scene with the dwarven woman and her attacker!#I seriously liked the way fear and anger are shown to be emotions that sit so closely side by side#and how marla was able to prod fear just a little further so it flips over into outrage#(which is pretty true to life if you think about it)#AND OH the scene where wrath identifies the templars gave me chills#wrath felt so genuinely furious#to say nothing of the very real threat the templars might pose to the two of them#and marla/wrath going all abom-mode on them was SO GOOD

Oh man oh jeez thanks I can’t say it enough you did such a good job on her I just had to write a thing :DDD Wrath has a few quirks, one of which is that it really despises people who would use a position of authority to harm someone, and it’s had… experiences. With Templars. That color it’s perception of them. 


imagine thinking u know better than harry and louis regarding their life decisions…cant relate!

This is end game tinhatting. When all else fails and reality proves you wrong time and time again, tinhats will say things like the above. The Robstens most famous phrase is 'they have a plan and we can’t possibly know what it is’.

Writing prompt: This was not supposed to happen.

This was not supposed to happen. You weren’t supposed to fall in love and out of it so fast. They start you when you’re young. They tell you that there’s one great love and all that so you become trained to look for it. Is it this one? Or this one? How is anyone supposed to know? Is there a guide line? Is there a matching tattoo that will appear on both of us when we meet?

           Either way, what a change of plans. Dinner was supposed to be enjoyable. Most food is supposed to be but the chicken seemed to get lodged somewhere between your throat and your stomach and the wine, on all days, failed to make your head spin. One moment you’re ordering chicken parm and the next you’re plotting your parkour exit out the front door and home.

           And it’s always the same, isn’t it? It’s not you, it’s me. It’s a bad time. I’m not ready. Once in fourth grade my rabbit died and it made me afraid to love again. It’s every excuse but the real truth. You’re not the great love.


           You’re not the game changer or the exception to the rule. But how were you supposed to know? You’re taught from age 5 to wait for the prince charming on the horse with the sword and the armor and the smile and the dimples and the future and the castle.

           Instead, you’re choking down now cold chicken parm in your best black sweater and your mother’s earrings wondering when the hell this gets any easier or any simpler.

           The waiter comes to refill your wine glass and you gesture him to fill it to the brim despite the horrified look on his face. He’s thinking,

           Christ! Let the wine breathe!

           And you’re thinking,

           Christ! Why aren’t I drunk yet?

           And the man you thought you loved looks earnestly at you over the small candle in the middle of your exquisite white china and pristine table cloth and gives you the same endearing smile he gave you the first time you met.

           And now you want to smack that smug grin right off of his face. Then you really start to look at him. His nose is crooked from that hockey accident three years ago and you still remember all the blood in the ice and that sick twist of your gut when he clutched his face.

           The dark hair is freshly cut and the shirt and tie he has on is the one you bought him for Christmas that year you went to his mom’s place. The green eyes are pleading but you’re touching the locket he gave you on your birthday and it’s just so damn funny how things change overnight.

           Every other person is enjoying their meal and laughing and you wonder if they found their great one or if they’re still in their trial and error phase.

           "Hey, are you okay?“ he asks. He has the nerve to reach across the table and try to touch your hand.

           What do you say? What do you do? There was a life built between the small space at the table but somehow, it began to feel all wrong.

           There is an ocean in your belly and all you want to say is, no, no, it’s not all right. Whatever this was it was real and it was big and it mattered. It mattered.

           But instead you say, "Yes, I’m fine.”

           You take the napkin and wipe your mouth and stand. He watches you in astonishment as you lay his necklace by his plate and pick up your coat.

           There is a life that’s being left and there are memories that will burn and the bed will feel cold for a little while but at the end of it, you go on and you’ll be great.

           And then it’s just you, on your own but the thought hits:

           I matter. I matter. I matter.

           And as you step outside and take a deep breath, you realize that maybe the great one is you. Maybe they’re just an add on. Maybe we spend all this time looking for the great thing when the great thing has always been you.

Organised Chaos - Keeping Everything Together

Here at Survive Law (the original blog this post is from), we’re yet to meet a genuinely organised student. The problem with student life is that study seems to consistently get in the way of a good time. Although you could easily avoid that stressful last-minute scramble to complete your constitutional law essay, you’re about as likely to plan ahead and stick to that plan as you are to be hit by a hovercraft.

Planning ahead and allowing time to study/research/write/etc does yield better marks. If we all spent a little bit more time studying and a little bit less time at the pub we’d probably all have glowing academic transcripts. Despite learning this through an occasional bout of self-discipline (brought on by a moment of guilt) most of us have failed to become consistently organised in the long term.

The majority of law students tend to prefer the mantra “why do today something that you could put off until tomorrow?” The problem is that once you’ve exhausted all the fun activities, that assignment is still there and now the deadline is closer. Even if you manage to cobble together an acceptable piece of work to turn in, you can feel your sanity eroding one frantic last-minute assignment at a time.

Regardless of whether you’re an organisational sinner or saint (and we’re certainly not holier than thou) here are a few pointers to get you obsessively organised…


Thank you, Captain Obvious. I know it’s a basic step, but it’s seriously helpful for getting on top of things. Take a moment to have a quick read of all your subject outlines and write all the key assessment dates in your calendar or diary. At the very least this will help you to remember deadlines.

On the other hand, this sort of “getting organised” activity is also a fantastic way of procrastinating when you should be working. Remember, colour-coding calendar entries for each of your different subjects is a great way to avoid actual study.


Read and re-read assessment advice for each subject and make a note of what tasks you will have to do for each assignment. It is much easier to get that assessment done when it is broken into smaller, more manageable tasks. Once you know the tasks you have to do, set a deadline for completing each of these.


You know you will probably fail to meet some/ all of these mini-deadlines you’ve created. The thing to do now is to bring all of these deadlines forward by at least a few days and popping those dates in your diary.

By taking your procrastination tendencies into account, you have now created a buffer zone so that you don’t run out of time for pesky things like checking footnotes, grammar, spelling and filling out a cover sheet. The added bonus of this is that the guilt of an approaching and hitherto neglected deadline will probably spur you on to complete the assignment before the real life due date. Lucky!


Not doing assignments is usually far more enjoyable than doing assignments, and it seems that procrastination is just about the most fun you can have.

Years ago my dad gave me a copy of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. As the title suggests, it was the sort of book parents bought for their kids, rather than a book that a teenager would buy for themselves and then read of their own free will. One thing did stick with me though. There was a section about prioritisation that included a table like this:

ImportantNot Important


Not Urgent34

I’ve found this table to be a useful way of prioritising the things that I do, particularly around assessment time. For example, watching re-runs of Friends on TV would probably fall into the Not Important and Not Urgent box. My media law essay that is due in a few days would come under the Important and Urgent category. The numbers in each section of the table denote the order of priority. When you have lots of things on your plate, this table is a handy way of working out what comes first. And it has the added bonus of making you feel guilty for doing something that falls under 4 when you have things on your list in category 1.

In lieu of a better, purer form of motivation, most of us will happily accept guilt as a means of achieving what has to be done.


So you know when your assignment is due and what you have to do by when. Unfortunately, most planning for completion of assessments is done in a sort of social vacuum. Most of us forget to look at the bigger picture. We typically fail to take other activities such as work, social activities, eating, sleeping and even assessments for other uni subjects into account.

Any timetable for completing assessments should be made with a healthy dose or realism. Keeping a to-do list usually will not help you to adequately assess what other demands there will be on your time around an assessment due date. Diaries in a day to a page format can also be deceptive when it comes to planning your time. The one planning tool that has helped me to realistically manage competing demands is this table:

WeekLegal SkillsEthicsEstate LawLaw RevueSocial

1  Lead class discussion Camping Trip

2Online Reflection  Learn lines

3 Presentation  

4    Weekend away

5Negotiation Assessment Essay 1 dueDress rehearsal

This is just a sample but I have found it works really well. The first column indicates the weeks of the semester. All subsequent columns represent different commitments. There is one column for each uni subject and you can also have columns for work, social and extra-curricular commitments.

I keep this table to one page and I am completely dependent on it during semester. It really helps me to predict when the quiet and busy times will be and allows me to plan ahead for these.

When it comes to getting organised, the best tip is to find what works for you and go with it. Your system won’t be perfect, let alone procrastination proof, but even if it is only half-effective your sanity will thank you for it.

Post originally written by Survive Law writer Kat and published on survivelaw.com 

Niggling OL thoughts

There may be a few spoilers for S2Ep5, just as a warning. 

This has been running around in my brain for a while now, we’ve always watched shows featuring time travel with this underlying fear that any action can cause the future to be changed. Hence (I feel) Claires’ need to keep Frank alive. Her main worry is that Alex marrying Mary will mean that Frank won’t be sired, so she does her level best to stop that from happening. Anyway, that’s not my point. 

What DID occur to me this week is that with all their plotting and scheming, they might, in the most massive sense of twisted irony ever, inadvertently cause Charlie’s plans to fail. Had they not interfered Sandringham may have given him some money. He also might have met him later down the line and pulled his support too. I’m just playing devils advocate. They then lead him directly into the metaphorical arms of St Germain, whom they then form another plot to stop. Again causing Charles’ financial woes to deepen, and so on and so forth.

Charlie doesn’t become stifled by this, causing him to press forward and we all know how that ends. No’ verra well, aye? (said in my very bad Scottish accent, as always.)

The reason this niggled me was because as I was reading the books I got a sense that Claire’s displacement in time must have a purpose, a significance. Diana did, after all, write a book on her theory of time travel. I haven’t read this, maybe I should. Noted for the future. Anyway, my totally un-researched opinion was that time doesn’t shift and break if you mess with it, more than it bends to accommodate you. Not just that, Claire is obviously fated to end up in 1743 in the first place, she’s meant to marry Jamie, they are meant to turn up in Paris and everything that happens after is already pre-destined. Therefor she cannot hold the power to change anything, because it’s already fated to be that way.

Hence Alex and Jack at al, and that arc. Hence Culloden and that arc. It’s incredibly sad, but maybe they’re meant to intervene with Charles, and (insert sobbing here) they’re meant to cause the bonnie prince to fail by blocking his financial backers. 

All just conjecture, of course. All just my uneducated opinion on the matter. 

Claire is already part of the historical schematic, so it either bends to accept her, or it’s already built for her presence. Forever meaning that those moments in the past cannot be changed. Sneaky universe!

dating niall

•eating popcorn and junk food while you watch the football game
•walking in to him trying to cook for you but failing
•spending time backstage with the other boys while you all play fifa
•him trying to convince you to use his segway
•making out with you sitting on the kitchen counter with him standing between your legs
•cuddling on the couch while you watch romantic movies
•him whispering all the things he plans on doing to you when you get home
•never ending conversations about the most useless topics

The Cancelled Story Arc of Motherly Scootaloo

Motherly Scootaloo has seen most of the ideas I’ve had for it realized, with the last few I feel it needs coming in Season 4. But that doesn’t mean every idea I’ve had has made the cut, for varying reason.

The following story arc, was one I was pretty damn sure I was going to do for 2 years straight while making Motherly Scootaloo. But when it finally grew closer and closer to the time of when I would actually start the arc, I discovered that the characters had changed in such ways that the arc just was no longer a story arc that made any sense. It just wouldn’t happen the way I had written it.

So since the story arc was mostly completed but failed to make the cut, I figured I would share it with you guys, show you part of how the story writing process for Motherly Scootaloo goes by sharing one of it’s most planned out deleted arcs. (Especially for all those people who were like “You never let Scootaloo be happy, we can’t trust your story because we know the next awful thing to happen to her is right around the corner”. Well, this is what was originally going to take place instead of the Hades arc. You’re welcome.)

Warning though, the content below is not be suitable for all audiences. Just writing it up again was tough because these ideas no longer meet my story standards, especially for Motherly. Read at your own discretion. (Pictures included)

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Ok but I hear tumblr talk about all kinds of mental disorders, but why not ADHD? We’re always a fucking afterthought. “Oh yeah and the hyper ones too”. The only time I ever hear us talked about really, is on the posts that tell u not to say “haha I’m so ADHD!!!” Like are we only valid if we’re helping the collective neurodivergent community prove a point? Most of my friends in my school have said you have to essentially fail classes or threaten to sue the school to get accommodation plans. Did you know that so many ADHD kids don’t even get accommodation plans bc ADHD isn’t even considered a learning disorder where I live? I’ve been called a legal issue, When I was 6 my neighbor told me I was lazy when I tried to explain hyperfocus and brain fog before I really knew the terms. My school is actually making me stay after school to be observed by my English teacher to see if I’m actually disabled enough to be allowed to get accommodations, EVEN THOUGH IVE BEEN PROFESSIONALLY DIAGNOSED FOR 2 YEARS. none of my teachers care that I can’t do the amount of work they give, I can’t focus enough to do one math problem most days and I don’t finish tests bc I need more time. Not to mention my horrible memory.

But yeah, there’s no need to talk about those hyper kids right? They don’t really suffer from ableism, I mean they aren’t worth talking about, really.

Go fuck yourself.

Real Talk Time

One of the reasons why I am such big NDP supporter is this refugee crisis.

Stephen Harper and his government has completely failed in that regard. It wasn’t even close, like it was embarrassing. I think my Granddad got a better mark in Latin (9%) than Harper’s refugee policies. 

NDP has the most realistic and beneficial plan right now when it comes to immigration adn refugee policies in this country. Plus he isn’t all about ISIS and TERRORISM AND NEGATIVE WORDING SUCH AS BOGUS CLAIMANTS AND QUEUE JUMPERS like certain dick weed PMs of Canada.