but that was not nice

what the hell
i’m sleeping like all the time and i’m still tired. aaaaaand i wanna fuck.
i think i’m going to get on omegle this week?! what do u think?❤️

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why do i feel like connor franta is like a version of dan that dropped the edge lord status? that last connor's video i see as something dan would make in the future, idk why

anon this ask just made me all soft because i just watched his last video, and  it is so cute. it’s just him talking about how he got his nails painted (matte black because he wanted to be different asdgfhgl ) , how life’s been treating him so very good lately , his fears, the things he’s working on, with the softest filter and i 100% can see Dan making something like this in the near future, maybe on danisnotinteresting. just him, and,, maaan

1000% something i see dan doing and i don’t know why it makes me feel so so soft but it does. both dan and connor have come so so far and developed so much. i’m so proud of both of them ❤️

Some explanations about Last Game from the staff

In the special booklet with the DVD/Blu-Ray the staff explain some things about the movie. I’m not gonna mention everything but here are some that stood out the most

  • the change in game location (aka the gymnasium)
    • unlike the manga which is black and white, having a change in scenery in color left a bigger impression rather than having the same place twice
    • in street basketball you tend to use more “trick/showy play” which is not seen among Kuroko and the rest of Vorpal Swords so they wanted to show a match that fits them more
    • with all the monitors and such, it has the feel of an NBA match and they wanted the match to come off with a professional image
  • Himuro and Kagami no longer wear their brotherhood rings
    • they feel they no longer have the “need” for them to express their sibling bond
    • by the way Kagami wore his ring in middle school too; it was just inside his shirt
  • Midorima can shoot with his right hand
    • there’s at least one shot where Midorima uses his right hand to shoot (or well dunk in one case)
    • in reality, skillful players are able to use both hands so they wanted to show Midorima’s ability to shoot with his right hand
  • The staff calls the track music where Bokushi debuts (same as the anime track) “Akashi’s empire” haha
    • (no that’s not the actual name of the track)
    • the staff got excited when it appeared in the movie
  • Aomine now has developed a goal in basketball : to play in the NBA
    • they say that sort of dream would’ve been impossible for his Teiko self but after fighting against Seirin and Jabberwocks that’s now changed
  • What about Nijimura???
    • with consultation from Fujimaki-sensei, basically they wanted to focus more on Kuroko, Kagami and the GoM and felt the flow wouldn’t be as smooth from switching the match in Japan and then showing his impression of the match from America a few days later. They point out that in Last Game it’s not that his presence was erased, he was just not written in the movie. (basically he is still there, just not shown on camera)
  • Kise calls Takao by “Takaocchi” XD