but that was like a month ago


kindergarten AU from my first stream ever today! thanks anyone who watched (it was 3 people, i supposed)

something i fished out from the trashcan to color *sweats*

this is the comic for this AU part 1

im thinking that yurio’s grandpa is the kindergarten owner, yuri has to see their grossness every day, and yuuko is the caretaker

Suga Kenta and Kimura Tatsunari
Livedoor Interview Translation

Translation continues under the Read More.  It’s important to note the actual interview took place about a month ago, it’s just this second part is now finally published.

Q: This will be my third interview with the two of you after the re-run “View from the Top,” and “Karasuno, Revival!” 

Kenta: Whoo! [applause] Thank you each and every time!
Tatsunari: That’s right, and for this particular production…
Kenta: Whoah whoah, no, too fast! [laughs] They haven’t asked us anything yet!

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Hey friends, I’d like to ask for a quick prayer and encouragement. I’ve been working on a new book about fighting depression, and it’s about halfway done. It was supposed to be done three months ago. It’s been excruciating to get through each page, and it’s a crucially important work (for me, anyway) to share with fellow fighters. At times, I want to give up: it’s painstakingly difficult to finish, not least of all because of revisiting the shadows behind me.

I know this is a tiny problem amidst all that’s happening out there, but please pray I’d have the fortitude to follow through. If it helps just one reader, it’ll have been absolutely worth it. Thank you and love you, friends. — J.S.

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Can you show your face? I would like to know the person behind all those cute drawings.

Guess I don’t see why not, posted a picture of me with my pet raccoons some time ago after all. Anyways here’s me at a family reunion a few months back

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Hello there! I saw this prompt a few months ago, and thought it would fit the end of the game. It goes: "You wander through the ruins of a once mighty city. There you see a man grinning at you, wearing a rusted crown." Maybe the reader is an urban explorer, exploring Insomnia many years after the game, and they encounter Noct's spirit… I'd like to see what you'll do with this. Thanks!

A small drabble for you! I hope this is what you were looking for. This for me was more of a study in writing scenery, and I hope I did an okay job. Enjoy!

You stepped over a large piece of rubble, peering around at the landscape around you. The city had been abandoned for a long time, and from what you heard, after a great battle had been waged and many years of darkness, the people who used to live in the Citadel decided it was best to move on.

It was eerie—the city was a shell of its former self, with concrete and broken glass lining the streets. The ruins were beautiful though, and in the midday light, you could almost imagine a bustling marketplace, malls, children playing in the parks. But you were the only person there now, the only one who had figured coming to the ruins of Insomnia would be a fun daytime excursion.

You hike your backpack up a little further onto your shoulders and check your map for where to go next. You’d wanted to see the palace more than anything else, a symbol of what was once a great kingdom, reduced now to only its bare exoskeleton.

It took a while to get there, but you walked past the crumbling roundabout and went up what felt like hundreds of stairs until you reached the very top.

The palace itself was in pretty decent condition—you’d explored castles that had been in much greater states of decay. The greenery was seeping its way into what used to be a marble lobby, though much of the precious stone had long been pilfered and sold.

There were holes in the roof, and beams of sunlight poured in, streaking the darkness and cutting through the dust as your footsteps echoed through the hallways.

You peered around a corner and spotted what you figured was the throne room. A carpet lined a path from the doorway to a curved staircase. You figured the carpet had been red at one point, a symbol of royalty, but now it was dark, muddied and worn from the many years and lack of preservation.

There were cracks in the ceiling where small bits of debris had fallen, but not as badly as in the lobby. You walked up the red carpet and looked around the room, imagining important council members and esteemed guests donned in expensive garb as they sipped champagne and talked about the goings-on of the kingdom.

You made it to the base of the stairs and looked up. You gulped, and could have sworn the sound vibrated off the walls.

There were chains hanging from the ceiling, and bones were tangled in the rust. You took a step back, shocked at the discovery. There were four bodies from what you could tell, though not all of them were completely in tact anymore. Your body gave a violent shiver, but you pressed on.

You’d heard of what happened in the fabled ten years of darkness. You had a feeling you’d read about the people that dangled over the throne, but you willed yourself not to think about it.

You reached the top of the stairs to where the throne was placed. It looked to be pretty much exactly how it was before the destruction, save for a few chips here and there and a layer of dust. It seemed that even the scavengers still respected the Crown enough to let the fallen King keep his throne.

You peered curiously over at one of the arm rests. What looked like a piece of paper was resting atop it. You picked it up, the dust shifting around it as you gently turned it over.

It was a photograph.

Four men and a car. One was blond, posing dramatically in the front. Behind him was a tall man with glasses in a suit, arms folded over his chest with a hint of a smile on his face. On the other side of the car was a giant of a man, tattoos wrapping down to his wrists, leaning a hand against the windowsill of the car. And then there was the dark-haired one in front of him, sitting on the ground. You’d recognized him from his eyes alone, that piercing blue that was in so many history books. The young prince you’d read about.


His name left your lips and echoed throughout the chamber, and you felt a vibration run through the room, almost as if it had awakened something deep within the palace.

You carefully put the photo back down in its original place, and scurried down the steps and out of the palace doors.

You rubbed your hands along your arms, a chill having set into the air as the sun stared to dip below the horizon. You made it to the bottom of the stairs, and hazarded a look back. What you saw made your heart nearly stop.

The dying sunlight caught it more than anything. A brief flash, the glint of precious metal as it reflected the light into your eyes. A man stood halfway down the steps, his eyes fixated on you. His face was calm, his gaze soft. His hair was dark, and atop his head was a rusted crown. You immediately recognized him as soon as your eyes met his.

It was him.

You fell to your knees in a reverent bow, and then looked up from your place on the ground. Noctis smiled at you, a gentle one that was full of warmth. He nodded his head, and gazed at the sun. For a second, you could almost see him as his younger self. You watched as he took in a breath, basking in the glow, and then turned back to you.

“Thank you,” was all he said. And then he turned back towards the palace doors, and with each step he took, he started to fade until there was nothing left.

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I swear one day we'll get an article and it'll go like this... "Oh btw Louis learnt months ago he wasn't the father but he is still Straight™ look at him holding hand with this brunette!1!1! ... wait is that Harry Styles? OH GUYS SHOCKING NEWS LOUIS AND HARRY TOMLINSON ARE MARRIED!" I can't wait.

hsajhsjkashajksah stop this will be such a plot twist 

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I just wanted to ask, do you have the story mostly planned already? I love the Chara part right now, but I can't seem to find what it has to do with Zombie Frisk. I'll assume you do have a connection between them and it's not just filler because I really enjoy both sides of the story so far and I desperately want to know the connection ♡♡♡ keep up the good work, you're amazing

Yup! Most of the story is planned (at least, in terms of an outline, yes.)
And nope! It is not filler, even though it probably feels like it, haha…
But no worries! We’re almost done with Intermission 2, I promise. (Even though I probably said that a month ago too haha whoops. I promise I have been slacking on pages for pretty decent reasons.)
And then we’ll be back to our mostly lovable, completely socially awkward and inappropriate human friend and the jerk flower. About time, amirite?
Glad you’re enjoying though, and thanks for sticking with, friend! ;D

You’re Dating!? (Natasha X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Natasha Romanoff X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: hey can you do a Natasha x Fem!reader where the rest of the team freaks out when they found out the two’s dating ? thankss i love your writings btw c:

Originally posted by holy-bucky

“Hey Y/N, everything OK?” Steve asked you. You were upside down on the couch, flipping through TV. You hummed to tell him you were OK.

You had been like this all month. However they had not pieced it together that it was because a month ago, Natasha went on a mission, and was yet to come back. You were like this every time she left but this was her longest mission and there was no time scale. She could be gone a whole year. But you knew one thing. Once she was back, you were going to kiss her right then and there, not caring about what the others first.

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look at my baby boy! 8 months and 2 days old and growing like a friggin weed. this chicken nugget weighed less than 2 pounds about 7 months ago ? my son is part wildcat. he is too big, much too lorge, but so handsome. so pretty.

so there’s this vendor who is absolutely obsessed with our lab because we placed one decently large order through them like three months ago and now they won’t leave us alone, to the point of calling incessantly and just showing up at our door

today they were on a calling spree looking for Gary and he did not want to talk to them because like, they’re basically stalking us at this point. so they called and Allison picked up the lab phone, but as she’s doing so Gary starts gesticulating wildly that he doesn’t want to talk to them

but rather than just telling them that he’s not in, Allison just didn’t say anything and silently hung up the phone without ever saying a thing, and honestly, it was the best thing that’s happened this week


Author’s note - so a while back, like 10 months ago, we got a request for “ideal” hairstyles, and I don’t believe in “ideal” anything because it’s mostly discouraging to a lot of people. i did the request like this, what kinds of hairstyles different types of people might wear out or have doing different things with the members.

as usual i tried to make it diverse, this time i included hijab styles, which i didn’t last time and i am sorry about, i noticed that when i was looking back at them a few days ago and wanted to hit myself in the face

feedback is always important, tell me your favorite picture or style in this, tell me what you thought!

-admin tal


other things like this that i’ve done:

Default Guidelines:

  • we’re doing requests for all members right now, but if you’re going to request these hairstyle things then please keep it at 1 member per request because they take a long time!
  • one group per request

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How do you get started in writing stories? I want to do it so bad but I am embarrassed to begin!!! Your stories are always so magical, help!

Hey! So, if you haven’t already, you should check out this masterpost I wrote a little while back, it might help with inspiration, writing tips, character development etc! 

Now, don’t be embarrassed! Everyone has to start somewhere! My original Finding Marley posts look nothing like my most recent ones! I only started writing Finding Marley 2/3 months ago, and it was my first ever sim story, so I’m no expert! But all I can really say is once you have an idea, you’ve just got to roll with it! Don’t worry too much about what other people will think, just write it because you enjoy it! When I first started posting my story posts would only get 15-20 notes, but I didn’t care, because I was enjoying myself!

I really hope the masterpost gives you a little inspiration! If you want to talk about it some more, send me a message! 💕

Questions are now OPEN

If you were here a few months ago when I closed down my ask box 📦 you will remember that I mentioned that I would probably open it again ~

Let me state some simple rules:
- I will NOT answer questions that could be answered by typing your key words into google. I am not a witchy search engine and I refuse to be treated as such.
- do NOT type things like “healing spell” and then post it. This is rude and I will delete any ‘questions’ phrased like demands.
- introduce yourself! So many people come to me with questions without at least saying hello first! Would you walk up to someone on the street and say “what do I do with sigils?” I very much doubt it.
- I am a human being with a life - so please understand that I will not be able to answer your questions immediately. Please be patient, I will answer them when I can.
- comments that are downright rude or insulting will be deleted.

I hope these rules haven’t scared anyone off from asking questions but I need these rules in place to maintain my sanity and to ensure that what happened last time does not happen again.

- Marci

TheRE he Is

Karma for the Demons and Angels AU (lmao that was a month ago )


Akabane Karma

Age : 15

Type : Demon ( honestly that was predictable )

Height: 195 cm 

Ability: Literally anything that can burn your house down lmao

Special : His stupid grin and witty remarks


Gakuhou: Let’s create a squad that mainly focuses on embarrassing Gakushuu shall we?


Nagisa: No Karma no.

Isogai: ….Are you having mackerel juice?

my mc was 7 months ago but i still find it hard to see other people’s pregnancy announcements who are close to me and i feel bad for feeling the way i feel.
i want to be happy for them and i am but it’s like the only thing that makes me cry about it now. rather than any reminder like before.
and then i hate talking about it. but here i am talking about it, lol.

it’s like
“yay i’m so happy for you but don’t mind me if i go cry in 15 minutes”