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Then I realize what it is. It’s him. Something about him makes me feel like I am about to fall. Or turn to liquid. Or burst into flames.― Veronica Roth, Divergent (requested by felicitysmoak-theojames-addict)


Dear Weather,

The first day of spring was over a month ago, and autumn is still five months away. Please stop acting like it’s still winter! This time last year, I was nomming dandies and going into dandie food comas in Mommy’s hand almost every day. But today is so cold that even Mommy doesn’t want to go outside! Please go back to last week’s nice dandie weather!


i feel like a lot of people dont believe me when i say I spent my early teens in some really fucked up corners of the internet and honestly sometimes I forget too because I’m surround by many different, good people now and I’m a better, more independent person who can actually think for myself

But yeah ive seen some shit

rapture and regret, 1/2

A/N: Taking a break in your regularly scheduled “Just Don’t Fall” to give you the first part of this. This fic was written off a prompt given to me by the lovely dizzycat2000 MONTHS ago, bless you for your patience.  I absolutely loved writing it, and I hope you like it, girl :)

The two parts of this are both gonna be super long, fyi.

Love and thanks to you all, xo.

Part 1: Rapture

They have a moment after they win.  

He slides down off of Tony and Val’s shoulders and gathers her up in his arms, helping her hold their garish, shiny trophy.  She’s closer than he expects her to be, and her cheek ends up resting against his head, his face nuzzled into her neck.  He thinks that maybe they shouldn’t hold each other like this in front of a national audience. Maybe it will serve to further confirm suspicions that so many seem to have concerning their relationship.  But then he inhales and breathes her in and it makes him stop thinking, like it always does.  He closes his eyes and pulls her closer and everything fades for a moment until it is just her and her scent and her skin and her warmth and her essence.  He wants to tell her he loves her, comes this close to telling her that he loves her. But he bites his tongue and stops himself.  Because they are in front of a national audience and he wants to see her face when he tells her for the first time.  He wants it to be quiet and he wants to kiss her afterwards.

So he lets her go, and Emma takes her arm and pulls her away.  Tony and Val drape themselves over him again.

And he doesn’t tell her.

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Alright, so.

This is my most recent drawing (that also took the longest amount of time ever)

I drew this on my iPad 2 on sketchbook pro

I started this drawing about a year ago but lost interest until a few months ago. Since then I have worked on it occasionally until I finished it today.

Yes I drew this

No it isn’t a picture


pingnova asked:

Hello, I've just found this blog and I'm really liking it so far, it's a wonderful resource for a bookworm like me. I'm working with my high school library to incorporate more LGBTQ literature into their stock, and while fiction is fun, they really need more nonfiction books about gender and sexual identity aimed at teens. Do you have a list or a few recommendations of books like that?

So first: apologies for how long it took me to answer this question. I started writing an answer months ago that got deleted, but this week I’m trying to address some of the 100+ messages in my inbox. If it’s not too late, here are a bunch of non-fiction books for teens!

By-Youth For-Youth




Best of luck!

New ventures

1. A Zumba student approached me around the end of March about teaching classes for her workplace. It’s a large aerospace & security company and they’re implementing a healthy lifestyle program for their employees. I told her I’d be interested if I could somehow work it into my schedule. Well her people contacted my people ME (I am “my people”) and it looks like it’s gonna work. I’m going to teach classes for them at 4:30pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I’m excited because from the sounds of it, most of the ladies have never experienced Zumba and aren’t at all active, so it’s an opportunity to impact some new lives! Yay! It will mean teaching double classes on those days because I still teach at the Y both nights, but I think I can handle it. There’s a good break in between classes, at least.

2. The local Ys sent out a member survey a couple of months ago and one of the biggest requests we got was for more “beginner/basic” classes. I have often thought that we needed to offer a more basic step class because even the step classes I’ve been to that were SUPPOSED to be for beginners have been way too complicated. So, in what must have been a moment of insanity or grand bravery, I mentioned to Jeannie, the group exercise coordinator at my home Y, that I might be interested in teaching a beginner step class. Well she is SO excited about it and is already talking about when we would add that class to the schedule. So now I’m like….WHAAAAAAAAT I haven’t even been to a step class in 2 years I have no idea how to begin building a class. LOL I am also excited about it though. Step can be such a great workout and I think I can make it easy enough to follow that many of my Zumba students would follow me to this new format. Fingers crossed.  (Still wish I could teach Zumba step…but this is at least a STEP in the right direction right? har har)

I’m going to be deleting soon.
I think it’s kind of the last thing I need to do.
I feel like a new person in the sense of how different my life is now than it was just a few months ago.
I’m out of my 9 year relationship that was unhealthy.
I am mentally healthier than I ever have been.
I am with an amazing girl who treats me the way I deserve.
I’m just so happy.
I feel so free.
Like if this what recovery feels like, I really think I’ve hit a point where I’m strong enough to do this.

I love all of you guys so much, and I have been putting this off cuz I’ve made some really good friends on here, and a lot of you guys supported me when I felt like I had no one. Thank you for everything.

If you still wanna follow me or keep in touch let me know.
My Instagram is lannisx3

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I refuse to belive that Juan is 37-38. He looks like 17, maybe. I'm not read unfortunately him to grow up. It seems like just a month ago he was a tiny 10 year old.

Juan: Emily says I was cursed to have a face of child forever. 

Juan: …[Clenches fist] Someday. Someday my time will come where I am not an adorable baby-faced man. Someday I will look like the most macho of men that a Ramirez can be,

Emily: [Snorts] That’s not gonna happen since you’re always adorable, you dork.

Juan: [Sticks out tongue] 

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After being together for 1 year I broke up with my girlfriend about 4 months ago. But.. I'm still talking to her twin sister who is also a lesbian. She seems to be into me, but wouldn't it be a stupid move to date the twin sister of my ex girlfriend?

hahah ooww this sounds like something from a movie, okay if you truthfully like her then just do it, but remember it can be strange and awkward for her sister and you.  Just think good about it, and look what your feelings really are. 

i did this a couple months ago and made lots of friends. so, i’ve decided to do it again!

hey, my name’s sabrina. i’m 16, and currently very lonely. i’m looking for a girlfriend. :-) i like to sing and sometimes write and draw.

think i’m cute?

tumblr: sabrinathesecretsinger.tumblr.com

youtube: sabrinathesecretsinger

kik: grritsseamoose

Figaro drabble #3

who missed Figaro?! little spring themed drabble! was supposed to be posted like a month ago, but it slipped my mind.. no tickling, but a lot of cats!


“No no no no!


“Steve, this is a poor choice!!”

Clint stopped in his tracks, hearing raised voices coming from the shared living room. He peeked inside, seeing Tony and Steve, sitting in front of the computer, looking through something on the Internet.

“I think it’s a great choice! She is so cute..”

“Oh, for fuck sake.. fine, she is cute. But just look at her name! Cow! What kind of name is that?!”

“You just want Ariel because ”The Little Mermaid“ is your favorite movie!”

Clint blinked as sudden realization struck him. Cow? Ariel? He had too many undercover missions to not recognize where this kind of names were used.

Oho. Ohohohoho. It was too good. The super boyfriends couple was getting bored with their vanilla sex and wanted to hire a hooker for the evening to spice things up. Precious.

With a huge smile, Clint waltzed into the room, ready to call bullshit on both men’s so claimed huge, true love, when..

“Steve, just look at Ariel! You know that kids will have her traits, right? Don’t you want babies with such face?”

“Cow has a pretty face! And big green eyes!”

Red alarm went off in Clint’s head. Kids? Babies?

Oh no.

Mistake, retreat, retreat.

Steve and Tony were not looking for a call girl, but for a surrogate mother. Oh dear God, his friends were ready for babies. Clint felt like an intruder, by walking on them in such intimate moment (not that he didn’t already walked on them in more intimate and much more graphic moment), but this was special and only between them. He tried to silently leave the room, but of course, bashed his knee at the wooden cabinet and hissed in pain.

Both men turned to the back, alarmed by the noise.

“Hey, Clint, come here for a sec!”

Oh no..

“Um, no, sorry, gotta- EP!” the archer yelped, when someone grabbed him by the collar, dragging him to the computer.

“Just for a sec. We need your help,” Steve explained, placing Clint between him and Tony. “Who do you like more?”

Clint squeezed his eyes shut. He won’t look, he won’t look. “Um.. whoever you guys choose, I just want you both to know that you have mine and the rest of the team whole support,” he rambled, trying to slide away, knocking into Tony.

“Ow! Clint, what the hell are you doing?!” the genius snapped, and Clint briefly opened his eyes, involuntarily seeing the monitor from the corner of his eyes. He yelped and squeezed them shut, when the image reappeared in his mind.

These were not hookers..

Opening eyes and staring at the monitor, he saw two photos of cats. Left one was big and fluffy, three colored and with almond shaped eyes, the right one was black and white with funnily round eyes and soft looking fur. Ariel and Cow.

“THESE ARE CATS!” he exclaimed, feeling shocked, relieved and on a verge of laughing, all at the same time.

“Yeah,” Steve answered, looking at Clint like if he was insane (more insane), while Tony was frowning at him, “we are looking for a mate for Figaro.”

Oooooh, so now it all made sense.. Yeah, he could help with that.

“But I thought you guys didn’t want Fig to mate yet,” Clint frowned, remembering the last conversation about Fig being too young.

To his surprise, Tony and Steve looked away, some embarrassed looks on their faces.

“Well, yeah, but.. umm..” Steve meeped out, and Tony just kept staring at the ceiling with an innocent face.

“Where is Fig now?” Clint asked further. He didn’t get an answer, but heard some low, gurgling sound, coming from behind the desk. He stood on his toes and glanced there.

And there he was. Figaro, the big fluff ball, biting the material he was mounting and moving suggestively.

“Is that Natasha’s sock..?” Clint asked, recognizing the fuzzy black sock with red spiders printed all over it.

“Ah, don’t look at him, or–” Tony didn’t have a chance to finish, as Figaro glanced up, green eyes narrowed and angry. He stopped biting the sock and meowed, loud and threatening, showing all shiny, sharp teeth.

Clint immediately lowered himself, in shock of seeing the cat acting so aggressively. Was it the same sweet cat who he taught to fetch arrows?

Tony sighed. “I guess he feels spring. We need to find him a mate or he will be annoying like this till autumn.”

Clint blinked. That was definitely super boyfriends’ problem. He discreetly started to walk out of the room, leaving them to argue all over again about their cat’s mating partner. When he was leaving, he heard Steve’s hiss -

“I told you we should had neutered him when he was a baby.”

-  and Tony’s abrupt scream,

NO, WE WON’T TAKE FIGARO’S MASCULINITY AWAY! And neutered cats become fat and lazy!!”

“Last time I checked, you were not neutered and it’s not like you’re a swimsuit model, butterball!” Steve screamed back.

Making a quick decision, Clint took out his hearing aids. Silence at last..

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one time on the bus a few months ago it was rlly hot (like it was actually hot in TOronto bless) and my crush was like "guys why is it so hot" and i was like "i wish i wasnt on this stupid bus" and hes like "ikr fuck. (my name) im gonna take my pants off is that ok w u" and i was like "yup more than fine" and then he LITERALLY WAS STARTING TO TAKE THEM OFF and he looked so hot fuck likehe was smirking dcKECFNEKCFBJK but then our bus driver yelled at him smh busdriver why u do dis u cockblock

lmao thats amazing oh my god why are u me 2.0 and why are bus driver’s cockblocks


Hello Everyone! Writing this story was kinda hard for me since I have to think of ideas to make this one, and I thought that since I’ve been waiting for, I decided that maybe I should upload this fanfic stories. And I would also want to apologize in advance if ever you spot any mistakes in the story. And I’ll accept the criticism, but please don’t be too harsh. I’m still learning to correct my grammar and all. And I hope you’ll cope up with me. :)

Finn Nelson laid his broad back on the sofa as he sipped his Vodka, having some random thoughts of his own. He was enjoying his Vodka alone, it was almost 30 minutes later when he went home from his date with another blonde bombshell he just met around 3 days ago.

It was his 25th date for this month. And just like the rest of his dates it always end up on the same thing. A hot, steamy sex and him ditching his date and never call them or never met up with them again. And if ever the two of them cross each other, he would just walk past them and pretended as if he never knew them.

There were some women who would run after him, well…not actually some but most of them. It was starting to get annoying, ‘coz everyday his Blackberry would always ring, all from his former dates, and this time asking him that they should met up with him again.

And of course, being the typical him, he would always decline and tell them to stop bothering him.

Some of his friends would always ask if he ever feel bad about ditching women, but his only answer was a shrug.

Truth to be told, he did feel bad, but he never showed. After all, it was not entirely his fault; he never gave a promise of meeting up with them again.

“Geez, Finn. When are you going to settle yourself with a woman?” He remembered his beat mate, Archie, telling him when he saw him in the stepping out in a restaurant. He was trailing his boyfriend with a heavy looking box that would seem like to be heavy tools for his boyfriend’s invention.

It would look like they would only brag about logical and politic issues, for the both them, it wasn’t. They just used them as an excuse to tick off each other’s patience.

He sighed, sipping his Vodka once again as his eyes fixed on the scenery behind his glass wall. He tore his gaze away from the scenery, and then roamed it around his condo. It looked really big, too big for a single person, but since he badly need a place for his own, he bought it. He was already 27, he can’t stay in his parent house for that long, and it’s completely embarrassing to stay there in that age.27.

Gee, he really is starting to get old. It was starting to get lonely, damned lonely. Almost all of his friends are settled. Archie has finally settled with Tom, even Chop was engaged with Izzy. He just can’t help but be damned jealous with his mates, they were finally settled.

But the stupid thing was, he wanted someone special on his life. Like what those people called “family”, even if not a family he wanted to feel the same way Archie and the others felt, being loved.

He let out a scoff. Yeah, right. Like that would happen, women are just after his looks, sex, and money. As if they would want to marry, to settle down, to make a family with him.

He cursed, as if.

He pondered off, twirling his glass of Vodka as he watched as the contents followed each move. When was the last time he’d been in a serious relationship with a woman?

He drank the liquor, staring blankly in to the wall.

Then, he remembered.

Rae Earl.


He fucking remembered her.

That woman with a soft, silky, waist-length, raven hair and a beautiful face. How come he forgotten about her? She was the woman who was with him for a long time. It was a year, perhaps. The longest record, he presumed. She was everything a man could ever as for, beautiful, intelligent and kind. He could still vividly remember the time they shared together, especially them making love. He felt weird whenever they’re together. Not weird in a bad way, but in unbelievably good way.

She was the only woman that could make him feel loved. The only woman that could make him tug his lips upward to smile. The only woman that could make him feel so special.

He placed the glass down the glass table just near him as he heave out an exasperated sigh.

She might be the one that make him feel loved but she was the one that hurt him.

They met up for seemed to be 5 or 6 years before, she was a waitress in his favorite restaurant, since he was always busy to cook his own meal that’s why he always takes his meal in a restaurant, which happens to be next to his company.

She was just like any of those typical women, but there was something in her that makes him think that she was different. She was undeniably cheerful, and her smile, God, her smile, her smile was something that could put the radiant sunshine to shame. He couldn’t help but think that the reason why the restaurant was damn popular is because of this woman.

She was always the one who was oblige in the restaurant to greet him every time he enters the restaurant, the one to take his orders, the one to entertain him until he finish his meal and leave.

Not until then he became a regular customer, and yes, it would also mean she became his regular waitress as well. She talks, he listens. They enjoyed being together, even if he doesn’t really talk too much, she still accepts it; acknowledge it unlike the other girls that he dated.

Then before he knew it, he asked her to go out with him. And surprisingly, she accepted.

Their time together was special, amazingly special.

He learned a lot of things about her. And she too, about him.

God, he can feel butterflies swarming around him for Pete’s sake! Damn, he feels like a hormonal teenager whenever they’re together. He made him feel so damned special. Too damned special.

At first he thought that he was just all for sex, but dammit, he was starting to feel that he was wrong. Love was something that was never in his vocabulary. Her breaths, her giggles, her caress, her moan, God, her moan. He can never forget how turn on he is whenever she moans.

Just as he thought that she was finally going to be the one for him…..

She just left. Left without leaving any trace.

Then, he was broken.

“Rae, aren’t you going home yet?"A pretty, blond haired girl asked as she lifted a bunch of paper works using her delicate arms, her blouse lifting as she positioned her upper torso up to gain more access on looking at her way, the bundle was higher than her head that she just have to peek over them so that she could see her.

A woman around 26 year old glance up, her black colored eyes laughing, "No, not yet.”

The blond haired girl sighed, “Come on, Rae. You’ve been really busy this week. You need to rest up a bit, you know?”

Rae only gave a beaming smile, “Gee, Chlo. Just let me be, ok? I wanna keep myself busy this week. I don’t wanna stay home doing nothing.”

Chloe, sighed, “Geez, darling. You might catch some disease if you continue that.”

With a lift of a brow, Rae asked, “Disease?”

Chloe shrugged, “Workaholic disease.”

Rae burst into a pool of laughter, gripping her stomach firmly as if it was going to burst out. Rae’s delicate brows rose up, looking at her as if she’s some kind of a mentally retarded woman. Well, she was true right? Workers who work their butts out will definitely catch that disease, her close friend caught that disease once, and believe her, it was hard getting her butt out of the swivel chair.

Finally with one whole breath, Rae calmed down, but there was a happy tear on her eye that has she wiped out using the back of her hand, “There’s no such thing as 'Workaholic Disease’, Chlo.”

She rolled her eye, “Believe me, Rae dear. That dreadful disease does exist.”

Rae giggled, “As if, dear. You should better go, Mike might be searching for you already,” she said as she wriggled her delicate eyebrows playfully the moment she said the name “Mike”.

Mike, was Chloe’s husband. Those 2 just married for like 2 weeks ago. The newlywed just got back from their honeymoon in Italy and the two of them decided that it would be much better if they returned to their work, since the both of them don’t really like slacking off doing nothing.

Mike was a really nice guy, Rae already met Mike, he was a complete worrier when it comes to Chloe’s welfare and such, and she just can’t help but feel jealous with Chloe for having such a kind and gentle husband.

Well it was just that she was never married, and by the looks of it she has no plans on taking matrimony; well not if she wasn’t given the chance to met Mr. Right.

As if reading her mind, Chloe’s lips curled up into a faint smirk, “When are you going to get hooked up, Rae?” she teased, and this time, it was her turn to wriggle her eyebrows at her.

Rae grimaced, “I don’t need to marry. I’m happy with what I am right now,” she smiled, her eyes softening as if she was thinking of a certain someone. “I’m contented with what I have.”

Her friend just can’t help but smile, “Well, I guess you don’t want to replace him.”

She gave her a beaming smile, “Of course. I would never want to.”

They seem to lost track of time, for the bell has already rung from the moment they decided to end their animated chat, indicating that it was the night shift’s turn to do the duties, -the both of them was taking the regular shift- and Chloe even forgot the heavy piles of paper she’s been holding the whole time, probably because she got too engross with their talk.

“Well, we should probably take our leave,” Rae suggested, shutting down the computer and not forgetting to save the documents that she typed that might be handful for tomorrow.

With a nod, Chloe started to take her leave, with Rae trailing behind her, but she can’t help but notice that the Chloe was having her difficulties with the papers she’s handling.

With a swift move, she took the half of the bundle Rae has been struggling to keep balance. The woman was about to protest but immediately shut her mouth up when the Rae gave her the look.

They left the building as soon as the night shifts entered the building, the two of them exchanging greets with the newcomers.

“Nothing beats the fresh air from the outside,” Chloe breathes out, relaxing her shoulders to balance the papers she’s still holding as they opened the glassed door.

Rae closed her eyes, feeling the relaxing air within her face as she also stepped out, “You’re right,” then she tilted her head to face Chloe who was still in her state of relaxation, “What are these papers for, by the way?” she can’t help but ask, since seems like her best mate has no intention of leaving this bundle of papers behind.

“Oh, this is for my husband’s friend,” she replied, not looking at her.

Lifting a brow, she asked, “For what?”

Chloe shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe for him to sign.”

Rae looked intently with the papers, they were blank, and probably Mike still has to print them on, “I feel sorry for the man,” she glance at the paper with sympathy.

This time, Chloe looked at her, “Who?”

She turned to face her, “The one who’ll be signing this bundle of papers.”

“I doubt that, Rae dear.” Chloe giggled, “That man has the disease so I think he wouldn’t mind it.”

“The disease?”

Chloe made her way to the garage, opening her car then shoved the papers into the passenger’s seat carefully, with Rae trailing behind her, who as well shoved the papers next to the bundle of papers where Chloe placed them with utmost care.

After placing the paper there, Rae has to stretch her arms out when she felt that they were starting to feel numb, then looked at Chloe who made her way to the driver’s seat, fastening her seatbelt as she turned on the gas, and Rae just have to bent down to level her gaze with her.

“Aren’t you going to ride with me?” Chloe asked, and Rae realized that she seemed to forgot the question she ask her earlier but decided to let that one slide, it was not that important anyway.

She shook her head curtly, “Thanks for the offer, but I have to fetch him up.”

With a smile, Chloe nodded her head,“ OK, then. Don’t forget to give me my regards to him, OK?”

Rae gave Chloe her warmest smile, gave her peck in the cheeks then the she left leaving her alone in the garage, sighing absent mindedly.

Then she left with the clacking of her heels echoing in the whole garage.

Rae can’t help herself from grinning when she saw him impatiently waiting at the bench, sitting, his raven hair disheveled and his dark brown eyes narrowed, his little hands coolly tucked inside his pockets while his short legs was rocking back in forth, and she could bet that she saw his little lips rumble slowly as if he was mumbling something, though she doesn’t know what he was mumbling about.

She took a few steps toward him, and as if instinct, his head snapped on her, his dark brown eyes still narrowed, “You’re late, Mom.”

She smiled. Even annoyed, he was still irresistibly cute and the same time handsome at his very tender age of 5. He jump off the bench swiftly, brushing the imaginary dirt on his cute cargo shorts as he stride on her way, clutching his small, firm hands on her delicate large ones.

Propping her knees to match her height on his, she gave him a smile, “How was school, Finch?”

She saw her son’s eyes softened when she gave him a smile, but it was only such a short time when he immediately concealed it with his boring, nonchalant stare, “Boring.”

Rae can’t help but giggle, “Is that so? Oh, by the way, Aunt Chloe would like to give her regards to you.”

“Rebound response.”

Another giggle.

“Mom, my classmates will consider you a retard woman if they saw you in here giggling over whatever thing I say that’s not even funny.” Finch drawled, wrinkling his nose in disgust when he imagined the scenario.

Rae smiled, “Then what would you do when they tease you about your mom being retarded?”

She thought he would say, “I’ll embarrass me to death that I have to ask the Earth to swallow me up,” as what he commonly say when she asked him about embarrassing topics. But he surprised her with his answer…

“I would burn their heads off for insulting my mom,” he muttered in a low whisper, but it was enough for Rae to hear. He wasn’t looking at her directly in the eye, and was looking at the other direction to hide his blush.

Not helping it any longer, she gave him a motherly peck on the forehead, making him look at her direction, “He-”

“How about we order some milkshake?” She winked at him, her smile broadening.

Finch’s lips curled upward, “I like the sound of that.”

They left the park, walking hand in hand together as they walked on their way to their favorite store.

And as Rae glanced down to the boy linking hands with her, she can’t help but think.

Maybe that marriage thing should wait for a while.

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I'm sorry

But Barry better work hard to gain Iris’ trust again. He hurt her so bad. She thought she knew him better than anyone, but all these people he just met a few months ago, now know him better. How would you feel if you were the only one kept in the dark? Not okay. I don’t want him to just be like, “well she’ll get over it. Just needs time.” And go hang out with the STAR LAB people just still forgetting about her. She may need time, but he needs to fight for her. He’s been not a very good best friend ever since he’s woken up, yet she has.

I know he’s going through a lot and is super busy saving the city, but Iris deserves some of his time. They’re lifelong friends and she’s the love of his life. He owes her this.

Barry was someone she was always honest with. And sadly sometimes when you look at it, he seems like her only friend. So with that said…She deserved so much better.

All I’m saying, is that he better do everything in his power to work on their relationship.

The writers need to give us that at least.

Tiny faces!

I roughed these .. months ago? They were meant to be thumbs for the continuation of the frozen Herman comic drabble but it seems to me I’m never gonna get around to finishing it haha.

I still like them, they’re just kinda hard to read as is. They read top to bottom, left to right, and abruptly skip scenes. The first row is said while Herman is still ‘unconscious’. The second just after he ‘wakes up’. In fact, Herman was conscious for most of it, but couldn’t move.