but that video was so cute :3

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Honestly i find it so cute that dnp enjoy their videos so much. Most youtubers seem to hate their own videos(?) But phil was watching their videos in one sleepless night and dan has said on two or more occasions that he watches their videos just because he finds them so funny/good (fireboy + watergirl and now the sims dogs video which he said he watched both 3 times). Im glad they enjoy their own content, if only on the gaming channel.

I love that they spend free time going back and watching their own videos! It goes to show they don’t just make gaming videos for the money or “fan service” or whatever. They actually enjoy doing it and watching it back. It’s very sweet!

I was tagged by @amandajuly81 and @mymycorrhizae​ 💙💜 to list five celebrity crushes I don’t get to talk about often and tag 5 others to do the same. 

I chose the people on this list based on the rare (for me) criteria that I would actually physically make out with them if given the opportunity (in a fantasy world where none of them are in committed, monogamous relationships and that’s a thing that could ever happen). This only really happens when a celebrity is both 1. objectively fine, sure, and 2. seems to be a Good Bean™ of a human that I might get along with as well. So anyway, without further ado, and in no particular order…

1. Aldis Hodge

W H Y  щ(ಥДಥщ)♡

2. Steven Yeun

He’s a hot, funny weirdo who also seems like a swell dude, and I love it. Watch this freaking video. GOOD LORD. He so cute. 

3. Ryan Gosling

Look, when it comes to The Goose, I used to be like, “sure he’s cuter than the average white guy, but meh.” That is, until he turned out to be a feminist and is also a hilarious comedic actor, as well as being an amazing dramatic actor. He’s so intensely attractive in Blade Runner to me, with all the face emoting and the fEELinGs and the hot jacket, that I was suffering A LOT throughout that movie and not just because it’s sad af. And apparently, he rewrote the baseline test to make it more psychologically damaging for K because he’s the bestworst. Damn you, Goose! [whispers intensely]: I love you. Never stop.

4. Ezra Miller

I cry. (ಥ‿ಥ)♡


Okay, so I don’t actually know THAT much about him. He seems like a nice guy and I haven’t heard about him being terrible in any way, but honestly, he’s like the exception to my rule. I would make out with him any day just based on his stupid face alone. THE BASTARD. 

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Favorite little Got7 things:

Ladybug and Kitty <3 My adorable little muses. 
I saw this really great video awhile back and there was this quick shot of a couple sleeping while holding hands and I thought it was pretty cute so I did something inspired off of it. 

I tried to keep the Ladybug wings still ladybug-ish. 


Tfw Minseok finds every opportunity to insert in a Dad joke


// seokmin for dazed kr.

Can I just say how much I love this clip?

The hyungs scolding their dongsaengs for talking too long, Seungri breaking down in laughter, GD’s angry voice in japanese sounds like an anime character and lol TOP introducing themselves to cut them off is the best thing ever

🔗 Full video: bb.translations

jongdae said there are 3 things we need to be careful of 💕

🐊: first, be careful of cars! second, our pretty exo-ls, please be careful of men!
🐱: wait! what about good looking men?
🐊: good looking men? what?
🐰: good looking men are all the same!
🐊: if there is a handsome men then our exo-ls should go quickly!
🐊: third, health! everyone, please always be healthy~