but that video was so cute :3

not to be dramatic when suho showed up for 3 secs in that video my heart did a backflip he’s so cute :////// he’s just walking around wearing nice shirts and his hair parted in the middle like!!!!!!! 💘💘💗💓💞💝💖💕💘💗💘💞💘💗💘 havent seen him in video in a while :((( and bbhs ig live doesnt count cause i could only count 10 pixels in it lmao :( hes just out here… walking around, being pretty and cute and lovely… carrying his new handbag… wow :(


(Kinda 1:11)( 1:47 ft cute Markyong)

(1:25 -1:39 ft Johnny) (1:52-2:22 so cute) (2:54-2:56 ft jelly yuta) (3:09 to end of video win win singing 3 bears 😍)

(2:58-3:01 ft jelly Yuta and Taeil /Johnny breaking it up )


*Also at 2:33-2:34 both Yuta and Taeil reach to put their hand on Winwin’s first. BOTH WINWIN AND MARK NOTICE 😂😂😂

Bonus lots if cute Markyoung too 👌🏽

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i am watching ur videos and oml ur v cute <3

aaaaa this is so sweet tysm!!! I really hope on making more videos as soon as i get over this cold, and I have a big(ish) thing planned for the end of the summer!


I will never understand why people consider certain things cringy

Minecraft??? its just a game about creating and having an adventure,you can 100% ignore that videos on the internet

MLP??? Let people have fun??? its just a cute show?? if its not your thing than do like me and ignore it

FNAF/Undertale??? its just games?? literally just games and the guys behind it have their stories (Toby worked on UT for like 3.5 years and Scott has a family and donates the fnaf money sometimes)

its just so easy to not become an asshole about people’s interests?? its not even hurting the others,if you wanna hate on people then hate on the notorious nazis and hateful people in this hell site instead,most of these “cringy” fandoms are just kids having FUN,literally just having fun

let people have fun in this site,by what it seems its gonna go down soon so why don’t we snap out of this and have fun for once?


Tfw Minseok finds every opportunity to insert in a Dad joke

Favorite little Got7 things:

// seokmin for dazed kr.

Can I just say how much I love this clip?

The hyungs scolding their dongsaengs for talking too long, Seungri breaking down in laughter, GD’s angry voice in japanese sounds like an anime character and lol TOP introducing themselves to cut them off is the best thing ever

🔗 Full video: bb.translations

okay here’s a sneak peek of what i’ve been doing for the last week! my exams are over and re-watched your Experts video with @welcome-to-the-joangle and i’m drawing my favourite stills of the vids! i’m doing 3 of them. enjoy x

Thomas: This is so cute!! I love it!! Oh man, can’t wait for the others!!