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Portraits of ‘People In Between’ By Narisa Ladak

This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world.

It was the everyday, vibrant diversity that brought photographer Narisa Ladak (@nooristan) to Harlem, New York. “There’s so much to learn just by eating at restaurants and listening to music,” says Narisa. “It’s cultivated here. You can learn by walking down the street and paying attention.” Narisa self-identifies as South Asian, but her background extends globally: She was born in Canada, her parents in Tanzania and her grandfather in India. Her own family’s diversity helped to draw her lens toward minorities and immigrants — “people in between, like me” — when her previous work in marketing took her to live in Kabul, Afghanistan. “In taking a picture of someone, they’re trusting you, and you’re building a relationship with them,” she says. “I believe in the power of human connection.” Narisa now lives in Harlem, and brings that to life in a recent photography project where she documents Congolese musicians in her neighborhood: “There’s something about live music that brings people together. It has a universal nature no matter what language you speak.”

Hosting a drawpile!

Hey! I HIT 3000 followers and I wanted to host a drawpile for a long time.
I THINK, It’s a good tome for that!

Come hang with me there & prepare yourself for a welcome aggresive hug. :3


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Anyway, I cant thank you enough for taking so much interest in my AU !

Here some news on what is coming and on what I’m working:

→ Soon a new doodle dump with a lot of hugs, always drew with @cursetale
→ Currently storyboarding the next pages of blesstale (where some new characters will be show)
→ Currently storyboarding a tiny comic with Zunde, who happen before the story of “No one’s body but mine”. 
→ Currently drawing a ton of page for the story of “No one’s body but mine”, comic that @cursetale and I are creating with Dre and Zunde in comptonfell. ♥

I’m a slow worker, but those, are project that I really want to do, and I’ll try to at least finish one during the month of April. ♥

Thank yall for your kind and massive support. It means a lot!! I wake up everyday with a simple and only will… Being able to continue to share my drawings and stories with you. I hope you’ll never get bored! xD


Ok so! I just chatted with @thatweirdasiankid and cleared some stuff up! I just want to lay some things down:

Not all of tumblr is aware of the dynamics of the art community. It’s really easy to see a piece of work you like on another site and repost it without thinking of the consequences. However, if someone tells you to properly credit or take it down, you should probably listen.
A lot of artists post their work to advertise their skill so they can make money to help pay bills. Reposting without permission and a link to the artist’s page can take away a lot of opportunities for them. (Personally some of my commission money goes towards my groceries)

Calmly going back and forth between reposter and artist can help clear things up and spread proper art appreciation on social media. This requires both parties to cooperate and be understanding. BUT note how I did mention reposter and artist. I love ya’ll so much and I seriously appreciate all of you who stand up for my work, but all I need is you to provide me with a link or name of the reposter. I kind of want to handle things myself from now on to avoid other events like this. It is my work, I’ll fight my own battles from now on.

I hope that all makes sense! Thank you! 💙

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Mc buying jumin those cheesy ass cat shirts and he lOves them??


  • He doesn’t wear t-shirts outside of the apartment 
  • He’s a very serious person 
  • Still he’ll wear them on days when he doesn’t have to work, or when he’s making MC breakfast or when he’s sleeping
  • So when they get those shirts for him, everyone in the RFA is really confused because like, yeah, it’s funny, but what does he do with all of them, because he doesn’t wear t-shirts 
  • Then, to prove their point, MC has to start taking pictures of Jumin wearing his cat shirts, but they know he’ll get upset if he knows that they’re taking them so they make a much bigger deal of it then in necessary
  • They pretend they’re still asleep and when he gets out of bed they sneak a picture
  • They stay up later than him to get a picture of sleepy Jumin wearing the stupid cat shirt with a small smile on his face 
  • Jumin making pancakes with a soft smile and a cat t-shirt
  • But they know that if Jumin sees the picture it will be the end of them, so they can only send the pictures to the RFA members through texts 
  • But one day, MC accidentally sends one to Jumin with a picture of him asleep on the couch with Elizabeth curled up on his stomach and him wearing a t-shirt with a cat (well actually two if you get what I mean) on it 
  • He immediately finds them and just “How long has this been going on? 
  • But oh no, it doesn’t stop 
  • They just stop hiding it
  • and now they post the pictures in the main chatroom
  • it’s a great bonding activity for Zen and Jumin since they both want the pictures to go away

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Hey! This isn't exactly a question, but I wanted to say that no matter what decision you take, it's ok. It's your art, it's your work, it's your effort and your style. Don't feel bad, the people, the real people that supports you, will be here for you. We're here for you, Because you inspire us. You've inspired me. And well, may be I'm just an anon un this line, but you've touched a part of me, your drawings keep me on, looking forward to draw better. You're not a copy, I can assure that. -👑

Thanks! this makes me feel better  thank you so much.

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Is there any way you could give us some more villain x villain prompts? (Also, you're honestly my favorite prompt blog on this website. You write stuff that I've never even thought about and your dialogue is so nice and realistic! ☺️ Keep up the good work and have a lovely day!)

1) “I’m trying to work.” The mastermind stared down at the masses of plans spread out in front of them, forehead pinched with stress.
“Work, work, work. Who knew taking over the world took so much work.” The henchman slid their fingers into the villain’s hair, watching with satisfaction as they immediately began to melt before catching themselves stiffly.
The mastermind jerked their head away. “Don’t you have information to be getting for me?”
“Already got it, babe.”
“Don’t call me babe.”
“Don’t ignore me then, babe. Neglect is bad in a healthy relationship.”

2) “Careful, you’re starting to make me think you care.“
“Well, we can’t have that. Take them to the dungeons.”
The villain startled at the order, spine straightening. “What?” It had been a joke, and yet suddenly the look on their lover’s face was unrecognizable. Shuttered. “Hey-” they knocked away the lackey who tried to take hold of their arm. They wouldn’t get that touchy, unless…

3) "Don’t go getting attached,” they warned softly. “Not even to me. Especially not to me.”
“Because I’m such a wholesome, safe person to be around.”
“More proof it would only end badly. I wouldn’t be able to resist seeing how far I could push you and still have you come back.”
“Oh my, grandma,” the villain closed their eyes dismissively. “What big teeth you have, I’m terrified.”

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Hey. I was woundering if you take requests right now? If so I would love some comfort after a long/hard day from Ignis/Cor/Nyx. Like coming home from work and feel a little out of not, no big deal, but it would be nice to have someone to hold you, cuddling when going to bed. <3

Okay, after my sinful, self-indulgent break from filling requests last night (I went back to read what I wrote and GOOD LORD I DID NOT I HAD IT IN ME xD), I’m back to fulfilling your requests. Anon, I adore this prompt and I am sooo glad that I have the opportunity to write cavity-inducing fluff for ya’ll! <3

Ignis: From the moment you leave work, all you can think about is jumping in the shower and then falling into bed. You are so tired from all the mind-numbing work that you’ve done throughout the day. It’s not that you dislike your job- as a matter of fact, you absolutely love your job- it’s just that… your work can be both mentally and physically training at the best of times.

You allow yourself a small smile as your gaze falls on the front door to Ignis’ apartment. He gave you a key not long ago, after your landlord decided to suddenly sell off his property. Rather than having you find an entirely new home, your boyfriend had just casually passed a copy of his apartment keys to you and helped you move your stuff into his place.

A tired smile fixed onto your face, you fish your keys out of your bag and stick them into the appropriate locks. The door clicks open and you push yourself in, quietly shutting the door behind you. You proceed to lean your back against the front door and slide down, a heavy sigh escaping your slightly chapped lips.

“Y/n? I made your favourite dinner tonight,” you hear Ignis call out from the kitchen. You grunt as you haul yourself up and you practically throw your handbag onto the couch as you pass it. You wrench your blazer off your shoulders and haphazardly hang it onto the back of one of your dining room chairs and proceed to unbutton your blouse, wanting to be free of the stifling material

You just wanted to be comfy in your pyjamas. Was that so much to ask? You unleash another long suffering sigh and make a beeline for Ignis, who was busy serving out his five-star meal onto your plain cutlery. You whimper quietly as you slide your hands between Ignis’ arms and around his toned abdomen. You hear Ignis chuckle in response.

“Tired?” he asks you, his voice rumbling through his body and into your ear. You press the side of your face further into his muscular back and whimper loudly this time in response. Ignis sighs and gently back tracks the two of you towards the dining table, placing the plates down onto the table and then turning slowly so that he was now facing your pouting face. “Oh come now, none of that please- we’re having fish on sticks tonight- you were craving those a week ago.” Ignis reminds you.

“Ugh, feed me please?” you say, not caring that you sound needy. Ignis merely smiles patiently and waits for you to settle onto your chair before picking up one of the skewers of fish before holding it out to your mouth. You lean forward and take a small bite, a genuine smile forming on your lips. “This is amazing!” you exclaim softly. Ignis’ face breaks into a positively shining beam- which is very rare of him to show- and leans forward to press his lips gently to yours.

Your eyes widen momentarily before you sigh softly and lean into the kiss. Ignis is the first to pull away, replacing his lips with his fish. You giggle at his childish attempt at situational humour and take another bite. As he retracts the fish from your lips, you tilt your head at Ignis and look upon him with a fond expression.

“What is it darling?” Ignis asks, his tone level. You shake your head and reach out for his free hand across the table.

“Nothing. Just… thank you. For everything.”

Ignis lifts your hand and presses soft kisses on your knuckles before lovingly nuzzling your hand with his slightly stubbled cheek. “It’s always a pleasure, love.”

Cor: Cor’s waiting for you outside of your workplace, his strong arms folding tightly across his broad chest. His facial expression is stern and he regards you with clear, steel blue eyes as you walk down some steps towards him. Tired from your long day at work, you manage to stumble down the last of the stairs, and Cor immediately lunges forward to help you, his stern expression changing to one of concern.

You flush beet red at your blunder and try to shake Cor off as he helps you with your handbag. “Cor, you don’t have to-”

Cor shoots you a soft glare and shakes his head, taking your hand in his own battle-hardened hands and pulling you towards his Crownsguard issue car. “I won’t have you refuse my help. Not when you can barely walk down ten steps before you begin to collapse.” Cor ended the small argument before it even started. You frown petulantly and let Cor push you gently into the passenger seat of the car. He shocks you when he ducks in after you, wrapping your seatbelt gently across your body and clicking it into place. Before he fully pulls out from the car, he presses a feather light kiss on your brow. “Take a nap. Please. You look absolutely wrecked.”

You gape at Cor as he shuts your door. The moment he settles into the driver’s seat, you sass him. “Gee, thanks for the confidence boost marshal, I really needed it.” You roll your eyes, trying to pick a fight. You just needed to let off some steam. You wanted to argue with someone, and Cor was pretty fiery when he got annoyed.

“My apologies- I just mean that you look tired after a long day at work…”

“Are you saying that I’m not strong enough to take a whole day at work like you? Is that it?” you accuse Cor, almost automatically. You hear your boyfriend sigh out of exasperation, and you feel slightly bad. Cor’s hand suddenly comes to rest atop your thigh and he begins to rub small circles onto your pants covered leg with his thumb.

“No, I’m sorry. If you don’t want to nap, you don’t have to nap.” Cor relents. You shoot him a smug grin, feeling absolutely terrible inside for your vindictive behaviour, and turn to face your window.

You don’t know when your head started to lean against the cool glass, but the lull of the drive and Cor’s gentle massage on your thigh has you falling into a deep, dreamless sleep. When you next wake up, you’re in your favourite pyjamas and your hair is damp- but you do not recall having a shower. You also feel a very hard and warm chest sidled up directly against your back, as well as arms encircling your waist from behind.


It was always Cor.

Your eyes tear up at your terrible behaviour towards him earlier that evening. Despite you being a complete bitch to him, your boyfriend- who probably had much better things to do than to bathe his weak ass girlfriend and then put her to bed like some invalid- cared for you with tender and loving respect. Your breath hitched in your chest and you let out a low keen as you began to cry. Tears fell down your face and your chest rose up and down as you hyperventilated.

“Y/n? Hey, what’s the matter? Do you not feel well?” Cor asks you a barrage of questions, concerned for you. This makes you cry harder. You feel like such a terrible person.

“I-I’m so s-s-sorry! I’m s-such a pain i-in the a-ass…” you sob, pressing your face into your sheets. Cor’s hand is strong and reassuring on your shoulder as he guides your body to face him. You shake your head in deep regret for your earlier behaviour and bury your nose into Cor’s bare chest. He sighs and pulls you closer, petting your hair and silently willing you to calm down. Once your sobs begin to die down, Cor presses a kiss to your messy, damp hair.

“You want to talk about it?” Cor asks you, his low voice rumbling through his chest in a comforting manner. You shake your head.

“I’m just tired. I didn’t mean to-” Cor lifts your chin so that your head was tilted up towards him, and he seals both your lips with a passionate, slow kiss. You gasp and shut your eyes, wondering whether Cor could taste the salty tears on your lips. Cor pulls away after a few short moments and smiles down at you, tenderly wiping away your remaining tears.

You stare into his safe, clear blue eyes. Cor smiles at you. He really smiles at you.

“I know.”

Nyx: You arrive home extremely late and extremely tired. You can’t get your mind off the workload waiting for you the very next day, and your headache is absolutely killing you. You throw your handbag down next to the front door and groan as you flop down onto the couch. Burying your head into the couch pillows, you let out a frustrated scream.

You were so damn over it all!

“Babe, what the hell?” Nyx’s startled voice calls out to you from your shared bedroom. You gasp and look up from the pillows, your eyes comically wide as you witness a very sleepy Nyx walking out of your bedroom. He’s shirtless and gorgeous and amazing and you’re just…

“A mess,” you whisper before shaking your head, a bitter smile on your face. Nyx runs a hand through his hair, fiddling with his braids, before flopping down on top of your prone, face-down figure on the couch. You muffle a yell and squirm below him in vain. “Get off me Nyx, I am NOT in the mood for your games!”

Nyx immediately jumps off you at your annoyed tone, but not before pressing a soft kiss on the base of your neck. The contact sends shivers down your spine.

“Sorry baby- you okay?” Nyx reaches out to help you sit up beside him and you take his help gratefully. You nod your head tiredly and proceed to lean your head against your boyfriend’s shoulders.

“Yeah, just so freaking tired. I’m so behind at work-”

“But you stay back late every day!” Nyx exclaims softly, a frown forming on his handsome face. You sigh and pat Nyx’s knee apologetically.

“I know darling, I’m sorry. It’s just hard to juggle all the cases I get. There are so many homeless people around Insomnia, it’s terribly hard to find them all suitable accommodation and healthcare.”

Nyx rolls his eyes and leans forward to press a chaste kiss to your lips. He then stands up and pulls you up along with him. You groan at the sudden movement, but then squeal suddenly as you’re hauled up into his secure, strong arms.

“Nyx, put me down! Now!” you demand, kicking your legs slightly. Nyx sighs and shakes his head at your difficult behaviour.

“No, let me take care of you. Please?” he asks you for permission, his blue eyes looking absolutely angelic. You consider his words for a few moments before rolling your eyes and resting your head against his chest in mock defeat.

“Fine, do as you will, my hero.”

Nyx smirks down at you, thoroughly enjoying the nickname.

“Knew you’d come around.”

Nyx places you on the bed and turns you around so that your tummy was on the bed. He slowly lifts up your blouse and you begin to squirm in protest. “No Nyx, please, not today- I’m tired!” you protest his sensual touches. Nyx chuckles from above you, straddling your hips between his legs and letting his calloused fingers brush against your soft sides. You shiver tiredly at the contact.

“Babe, trust me- you need this.”

You open your mouth to protest further until you feel a delicious pressure run down your stiff back, courtesy of Nyx’ talented hands. You sigh out in relief and begin to relax as he continues to massage your back.

After a few moments of light caresses and touches, you’re feeling relaxed and extremely sleepy. You squirm a little beneath Nyx, and he immediately gets off you and lays down beside you. There’s a tender smile on his handsomely rugged face, and he cards his fingers through your slightly greasy hair.

You only just realise you haven’t yet had a shower.

“Oh shit- let me up, I’m disgusting!”

Nyx shakes his head and pulls you securely against his chest. “No, you’re perfect. Now go to bed, you have a big day tomorrow.”

You frown against your boyfriend’s chest, but that frown turns into a smile as you feel Nyx’s knuckles continuously brush down your back in a relaxing caress. You feel Nyx’s smiling lips add pressure against your cheek. You sigh and press a tender kiss against his bare chest- just above his heart.

“I love you.” You suddenly confess.

Nyx chuckles. “I love you too, now shut up and sleep before I find a way to shut you up.”

Usually you’d take his remark as an invitation, but today you just shut your eyes and settled into the warmth of your boyfriend’s caring, gentle embrace. After all, he was right, you did have a big day ahead of you tomorrow!

Styles & Co. Part 9

Authors Note: The italic paragraph is Harry describing Elise an event in his point of view. (Sorry if it is confusing, but it will make sense once you reach it).
Thank you so much for reading my work!!
Previous parts found HERE Xx

When Harry told me to pack a bag for the weekend I did not take him seriously one bit, I assumed he was just trying to be cheeky and make up for our previous disagreement; turns out, he was serious about the weekend. He — presumably with the help of Anastasia — Planned a small getaway just for the two of us, promising that his phone would be used at a minimum and I was *all* his for the whole weekend, no interruptions, no business talk, no business problems, or even clients that need to be seen. He is absolutely, one-hundred percent mine for at least the next forty-eight hours.
Oh, how so much can be done in forty-eight hours without interruptions…

Despite having a splendid cabin to relax in and partake in various activities with my boyfriend, I find myself hand in hand with Harry while we stroll along a hiking trail he specifically selected.

A walk within nature is refreshing; the rich air fills my lungs with a sense of clarity.
The worn trail leads a route through a chirr of insects sounding while within the terrain of old decayed logs, some softened by rot, along with many forest-y like shrubs, towering trees, and tussock grass.
Thick grass carpets contoured lines as a border for the narrow pathway we travel on— between the rich verdant woodlands on either side of us. The further I advance the more of a lush scent radiates from the various grasses that line the channels, the dips and curves of the uneven terrain. 

“Harry, are you sure there are no snakes?” I challenge while I continue to gaze over the region, feeling as if I have been undividedly swallowed by a viridian forest of chaparral.

“Elle, you’re in the heart of nature. Just relax and enjoy the walk.” Harry responds, appearing to appreciate the calmness of the trail and the greenery it contains. I have never really been fond of walking trails, I find them rather boring, in my eyes all I see is greenery and random shrubs that may or may not be poisonous, but, Harry seems to appreciate the walk in nature, the least I can do is smile and breathe in the fresh air. After all, there have been things over the years he has done for me that he has thoroughly despised, such as attending a few theatre productions with me, and not complaining through the Nut-Cracker — that he found to be unquestionably tedious and torturous.

We subsequently reach the top end of the trail, the peak of the trail allowing us to appreciate a promising landscape. My eyes set themselves among the breathtaking panoramas over the edge — it’s almost as if the whole world is at the edge of my feet, — Rugged Alpine mountains line the distance where the snow caps peak the skyline, the mountains accompanied by a thick mist at the base where rolling land dip and curve in the spaces between the hilly mountains and the valleys.

“It seems so peaceful out there.” My eyes continue to gaze over the view thoroughly, taking in the beautiful detail and picturesque scenery offered, from the rigid cerulean mountains to the shadow the mountains cast over the scattered villages — almost as though the mountains are nature’s shielding casings for the settlements before them. 

Harry’s arm benevolently encloses itself around my waist, a small kiss becoming pressed to my cheek. 

“It does, it’s a lovely view, I love the colour variations between the landscapes, how the colours elegantly dip and transition. It is remarkable.” He agrees with the sense of peacefulness the distance emits. “Tell you what else is lovely?” He begins with a slight chuckle, 

“You’re about to say something incredibly cheesy and cute, aren’t you?” I smile, my eyes turning to gaze at him, his view being one of my all time favourites. I can never get enough of his features, his blue-green eyes that sometimes turn to grey, his pink lips, or even the way his nose crinkles at times.

He shrugs, his eyes moving back towards the landscape before us, “I was,” he nods, “But since you just outed me, I will refrain from my comment.” He continues as I lean into him, his arm becoming tighter.

“I want to hear it,” I gently poke at him, 

“Nope, are you ready to go back down the trail?” He questions and I nod, taking one last look at the view before I move from Harrys embrace and begin to step away from the edge. 

“You coming?” I turn to smile at Harry, holding out my hand. I observe as he timidly nods, his hand fidgeting in his pocket. “Harry?” I narrow my eyes onto him and he catches onto my glare, he makes his way closer to me and takes my hand, his fidgeting making me curious. “Why are you fidgety?” I softly question as we begin to walk back down the trail.

“Uhm,” ..“Sorry, love. I couldn’t help myself and quickly checked my phone.” he clears his throat, seeming a little apprehensive and nervous. I shrug it off and kiss his cheek, assuring him I am not mad — if that is what is making him timid and nervous. 

My eyes stay focused on the rocky trail while I continue to admire the surroundings I missed on the way up the trail.
Harry’s voice distracts me at a distance and it takes me a moment to realise he isn’t right beside me, again.

“Elise, wait a second.” He affectionately calls,

“This is the third time-” I begin as I stop in my tracks and turn around, immediately freezing when my eyes coincide with his. He returns to me a grinning smile, his eyes glistening a penetrating bluish-green from the rays of sunlight radiating down on us. I stand speechless, a tiny box in his hand, a diamond shining radiantly from the sun. 

“Since the day I met you, I knew I wanted to one day marry you.” He stammers, appearing nervous, a tone I barely ever catch. 

A stuttering Harry is scarcely every detected. He’s always calm and confident when speaking, it’s how he tends to make his territory. The only other times I have seen him seeming timid or nervous was for a few major business settlements, and a wedding toast he was terrified as hell to make. It took him two glasses of strong liquor to calm him down and convince him that his speech was perfect and that he, in fact, did not need to prepare an expeditious getaway.
“For almost five years I have looked into your beautiful eyes, witnessed your adoring smile, and have had the privilege to wake up beside you for the last two years we have lived together. I have fallen in love with you, every inch of your personality, your body, and soul; your witty comments, and your touch. I love you,” he continues, gaining a little confidence as his hand shakes a little. “I have come to realise that you have put up with a lot of my shit that my business throws at us; you have been one of the only ones to stick by me, even when things go south, you are there… you are the girl that my Mum used to tell me about, she told me that I would find a girl that starts a wildfire in my soul, a girl that is captivating in every way, talented, caring, loving, and most of all a girl that will stand by me even when things get tough…” ..“She told me to marry the girl that I wouldn’t want any other man to be with, the girl I want to dance with it at random hours, to marry the girl that stays even when she has seen me at my worst….., and I was wondering if you’d take the next step with me and marry me?” The proposal makes my heart skip a beat. A question I didn’t think he’d ask me, at least not for a while. 

We’ve never discussed marriage, I honestly did not expect to hear this speech for a while; I thought he would drop hints, or I would have to drop the hints by bringing it up or leaving my laptop open on a wedding dress page for him to find and freak out over, but none of that seemed to have happened… Neither of us has dropped hints. But here he is on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring cushioned within the box. 

 I stare down at him, lost for words, lost in my own thoughts. 

This, this is really happening.

“Really?” My voice comes out as more of a squawk rather than a regular tone, my own nerves beginning to rapidly pulsate.
He nods, a smile spread across his face, his dimples becoming exhibited. I stare into his eyes, bewildered and clouded. 

This explains why he was timid before we started walking down the trail again, why he was fidgeting his hand in his pocket, blaming it on him just wanting to check his phone… 
Was he wanting to pop the question with a stunning view in the background? Was he just too nervous to do it?

I open my mouth, promptly closing it as a sense of nerves takes control of my body, I can’t tell if I’m incredibly dismayed by the sudden question or if I’m about to throw up from being put on the spot.

His eyes soften as they do their best to interpret my own, “Elise?” a delicate film begins to cover his eyes —  a covering that looks as though a tear is threatening to spill from his gorgeous eyes. 

Without much more consideration I find my head nodding, a “yes,” slipping from my lips. The moment the word escapes my tongue my lungs fill with fresh air, a smile embroidering itself across my lips.
His smile stretches wide, his agile fingers taking the delicate ring from the box, gingerly sliding the ring onto my finger before I’m kissing him ever so sincerely. We pull away, still smiling at each before he breaks the silence, 

“For a minute I thought you were going to turn me down.” He clears his throat, placing the ring box back into his pocket. 

“I uhm.. I stopped breathing for a moment.” I chuckle, 

“Yeah I thought so, you just looked at me with a stunned expression.“ 

"Well, you did just out of the blue propose to me,” I remind him, wondering just how much thought he put into this. 

“It wasn’t entirely out of the blue.” He shakes his head while we begin to continue to walk down the trail. 

“We have never discussed marriage." 

"Well… true, but we have been dating nearly five years.” He acknowledges my point, reminding me that our five year anniversary is swiftly approaching, along with his twenty-sixth birthday.
Damn, how time goes by moderately quickly.

Harry catches me admiring my ring while I sit relaxed in the bed, the comforter draped over my legs. He leans on the doorframe, a smirk coated cutely across his face, a mug cupped in his hand. I bite my lip and give him an innocent smile, blushing at the fact he caught me watching my ring glisten in the lighting. 

“Is it real or fake, darling?” He questions, seeming to be amused by the fact I am delighted with the diamond on my finger. 

“Oh ha-ha,” I roll my eyes, “It is extraordinarily beautiful, you have a good eye,” I confess, rather surprised that he chose so well and selected something that suits my style.

“Mhm,” he hums, stepping into the room, leaning over the bed and handing me the mug he was previously cupping in his large hand, “Here, sweetheart.” I take the mug and press my lips to the rim, relishing in the aftertaste of the tea he graciously made for me.

“So, can I know the details?” I reference to the whole proposal, curious of his thoughts and planning involved. He crawls onto the bed and lays himself down beside me, 

“What details?”

“How you asked my Dad and stuff.”

“I have had the ring for six months sitting at the jeweller, I had both your parents look at it before I bought it. I was going to propose on the trip, but I had to go back and deal with my bloody business, then I thought of doing it on our anniversary in a few weeks, but I thought it would be far too typical and public at a restaurant.. it has been in my pocket waiting for the right moment.” He explains, once again surprising me with the fact that he had the ring six months ago and never dropped a hint about it. Not one. “As for asking your Dad, that was the hard part.” He admits with a low voice.

The thought of marriage lingered in my mind for a while, in fact, it was March of last year when I decided that I wanted to propose to you. The moment I knew I wanted to marry you is a whole other story that will have to wait for another time. Anyway, when the idea arose, I began to ponder on different things, whether you would say yes, whether your parents would give me their blessings, I even had to think about whether the two of us would be better off staying the way that we were — happily in a relationship as we had just crossed the four year mark. I sat at my desk trying to think of a way to ask your Father, preferably in a way that he would give me a yes. I wondered about it for quite a while, it wasn’t until mid-May that I gathered up the courage to speak to your Father about marrying you. It worked out kind of perfectly, it just happened your Dad asked if I could have a car organised to pick him up at the airport, so I did, but I decided to accompany him. Your Dad played along perfectly into my plan, inviting me in once we arrived at his house —  we spoke about business, his trip to Chicago, the stock market, all that nitty-gritty stuff you hate discussing with me. It was nerve-wracking, sitting in front of your Dad while he sipped on a glass of bourbon, explaining to me his own business things. It was in the moment that your Mum walked in with the lovely smile that you got for her, that I realised it was now or never. Well, it was also in that moment you began to call me and interrupt my process, making me even more nervous and uneasy. I managed to calm myself down after getting off the phone with you and I looked over at your Dad.. with a nervous breath I politely asked your mother to join our conversation, that is when I proceeded my speech, and yes, I remember it all like it was yesterday. “For a while, I have been thinking about what I am about to ask, I have put a lot of thought into this and think it is the right thing to do. I love Elise, it has been evident since the first time she introduced me to you two as her parents. Your daughter… your daughter is the girl that I would go to the ends of the world for, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. We have been together for four years, and I would like to vow to her to stay with her for another seventy-four or for how many more years I live. I am asking for your blessing to marry Elise.” I am pretty sure I stuttered through the whole damn thing, and I remember staring at your Dad as he gave me his answer,
I was devastated, I kinda just looked at him, unsure of why he turned me down, and that is when your Mum burst into laughter, making me feel even worse about myself. I thought she was laughing at me. turns out that wasn’t the case. “You should see your face,” Your Dad chuckled, extremely amused by my lack of words and expression. 

“Put him out of his misery, you had your fun.” Your Mum piped in, giving me a grinning smile.
“We actually spoke about this the other week and wondered when you would finally ask us. Yes, you can marry Elise… It is about damn time you bloody ask, thought it would never happen.” Your Dad smiled, giving me his blessing to marry you, along with a fucking heart attack.
“Even asked while in a suit and tie, how could we say no?” Your Mum continued, settling the situation and assuring me that they would not have said no and that it was purely a joke. So, that is how that went…..

Final Update on my dad

So this most likely will be the last update on my dad. We just got back from the doctor’s on his latest results and well, it’s hard to say this. The chemo treatments aren’t working, and so they are stopping the treatments all together and now it’s all about making him as comfortable as possible. I quite honestly don’t know how to process it all. All I can say to you my friends, is please don’t take time for granted. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones and live every second to the fullest.

Awkward Interruption:

Request: Luke (y/n’s brother)  walks in on y/n and Ashton

Requested By: Anonymous

A/N:  Hey guys I hope you like this one if you do please reblog and like it would mean so much to me. By the way requests are open right now so feel free to send ideas in. However I do have a few I am working on right now so it may take a little longer than usual. Also please understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!

It’s a typical night sitting up in my bedroom browsing on my social media when my phone rings. I see that it’s my boyfriend but debate on answering it due to the fact that no one knows about us yet and he is my brother’s band mate. Figuring my brother Luke is probably already asleep I answer it.

“Hey baby girl whatcha up to?” Ashton asks sweetly in a sing-song voice.

I smile to myself just by hearing his voice. That’s one of my favorite things about him, he can always make me smile. “Hi, I’m not doing much, what are you doing?” I ask curiously know him and know what call at this hour means.

“I was just out for a drive and I got to thinking about you and I thought maybe I’d stop by….” He says and I scramble to the window. Sure enough down the street there he is sitting in his parked car.

“Ash it’s the middle of the night and Luke is home you we can’t….” I sigh heavily and disappointed.

He pauses for a moment. “I just want to see you baby… I haven’t gotten to kiss you in 24 hours either… I’m a dying man down here…” Ashton says trying to convince me.

“Okay, I’ll meet you at the door.” I sigh and rush there.

Immediately as I open the door he’s standing there smirking at me. He steps in the door and pulls me close and kisses me sweetly. “Hello my love.” He whispers.

“Hi.” I giggle pulling him up to my room and being especially quiet when passing Luke’s room.

Ashton shuts the door behind us and then pushes me down onto my bed. He raises his eyebrows a me and I giggle “Don’t laugh at me!” He chuckles too.

“Shhhh.” I hush him and motion him towards me. He moves us so we are laying on bed together. “I’ve missed you…” I whisper looking him the eyes.

“I’ve miss you too baby…” He says kissing me. “I missed your eyes, and your nose, and your mouth, and your cheeks, and your hair, and your ears, and neck…” He trails off.

“Oh stop.” I giggle and he shakes his head.

“Never…” He says and suddenly the with the way he’s looking at me I pull him down and start kissing him. In a matter of seconds we are making out and he’s gripping at my hips anxiously. “I want you.” He grumbles as he starts kissing at my neck and making me melt.

“We can’t wake him.” I remind Ashton of Luke on yards away and as Ashton is about to pull away I reel him back in. “We’ll just have to be quiet.”

He nods excitedly and we start stripping each other of our clothes. “It always blows my mind how beautiful you are.” Ashton purs and kisses down my body and stomach which tickles and makes me giggle.

“Please Ashton, don’t tease.” I ask sweetly and he nods kissing back up to my lips.

He lines himself up with me and slowly slides in making me bite my lip not to moan out. Ashton starts kissing me to quiet my whimpers as he starts moving in and out of me not too fast and not to slow. Ashton lets a small growl out as he goes a little harder and I can’t even process words to stop him from letting the noise out.

“Fuck babe please tell me you’re close.” He grunts and I moan out too. He covers my mouth when I moan out a yes for him which makes him laugh a little before moaning himself. I then tangle my fingers in his hair and he buries his face in my neck. We both reach our highs and as we come down he whispers how much he loves me in my ear.

“Fuck….” I moan. “I love you too Ash. So much.” I tell him as we lay together and just calm down.

Suddenly there is a loud knock on the door making us both jump. “Get dressed and then come out there, I’m going to kill you both.” Luke says from the other side of the door angrily.

Ashton chuckles and rests his head in my neck. “Guess we don’t have to tell him now.” I groan worried but he kisses me softly to comfort me. “It’s okay baby. Even if he’s mad, I’m not going anywhere.”

I smile and kiss him back. “You always know  just what to say…”

Brief Hiatus

I think I’m gonna take a day or so to myself. On top of the bullshit already happening, I work 10 hours tomorrow with the person who gave me 2 panic attacks and made me puke last time we worked together. I got my blood work results back and they’re not good. Pretty much everything is abnormal and I feel like shit to prove it. I know I have a challenge due this weekend and a series to finish that I promised but I just can’t do it right now. I’m sorry guys. 

anonymous asked:

this isn't to flower and frisk, but to the creator of the blog. Thank you for taking your time and putting so much effort into the work you've shown. I appreciate every bit of these and I hope you are doing well! Since the chara sideline is over do you plan to go back to the story, or do another magic anon thing

Sadly, that was the very last Magic anon I can do for this blog, but Don’t worry I have something planned for later~

I’m just finishing up adding my sounds on my game and making some tweaks before I start streaming in a bit

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I need a full backstory and the drarry hurt/comfort and angst drawing😂. That one was stunning and I think by far my favorite one you've done😍. I love all the details you put into your work! Keep up the amazing work💪

thank you so much! 

well, this is very much from the auror!harry/unspeakable!draco au so really it’s meant to be an episode, but I’ll try to summarise under the cut basically:

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Yo so i have some bills coming up (electricity to be percise) that i’m gonna be $30 short on. My brother had the flu and i had to take care of him so i couldn’t work a whole lot. So if you wanna help a person out a little bit my paypal email is tbw708@yahoo.com

You don’t have to send something but if you could reblog this that would be great! I only need $30 so every little bit helps! Thank y’all so much!

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The way you answer asks brightens my whole day. You are so enthusiastic and the way you use emojis is amazing! Even if I didn't love your comic (which I do, it's super great) I would follow this blog just for those posts.

Hi anon!!! OMG… I’m so glad you like them LOL!!! I’m a lil embarrassed!? Sometimes I know it’s all too much but I LOVE emojis, they express my feelings in such a perfect way.. 😍 I also like to encourage all the artists and readers who take time to send me things, I’m really grateful, keep up the good work everyone, pls understand through my emojis……… 😍💘 I’m glad it brightens your day, you brighten mine too! 💖😚💖

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Kinda missing my old pizza gig...

I worked at the Hut a couple years back. I enjoyed it there. I made what I thought were good tips, and I loved chillin’ and driving around, listening to some 311, eminem, or whatever i was in the mood for that day. I also miss taking a good drive around the city after closing late, seeing all of the lights, sometimes stopping by friends’ places along the way. Hell, I even miss the pot. Although I didn’t enjoy getting called in every other day off. I found a rather good paying(~14.00) job last year and quit for it. I enjoy that job too, but I kind of abhorred working my new gig in the winter(though I LOVED the Hut during the winter, mucho tips). So much that I almost consider looking back to pizza delivery if I’m not able to transfer to a warmer location. I don’t know, I guess I kinda miss how chill it was and the tips,as well as being inside my car when it was cold. Am I just looking at it with rose-tinted glasses? Or am I being rational in thinking this is a viable option for a 21 year old?

By: HydroponX

Okay, so I’ve been seeing a couple posts on how cool an Epic Mickey movie would be, and yeah that’d be TOTALLY awesome, but personally I feel a TV show based on it would work a lot better. There would be SO MUCH potential there, just think about it:

- There’d be more time to go into stuff the games never really did (Like the Blot Wars)

- We’d be able to focus on characters besides Mickey. Imagine whole episodes starring Oswald or the Gremlins.

- A flashback episode about Oswald’s life when he was a star, then when he was forgotten, first arrived in Wasteland and when his resentment towards Mickey began.

- Entire episodes that are based on some of the side quests

- What if they decide to take a cue from EM2 and have songs??? Not just the Mad Doc would sing, but other characters would too.

- Since there’d be more time to do stuff, what if they add in more characters like Franny? Or find a way to incorporate more stuff like that scrapped Alice in Wonderland area.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, I’ve just thinking about Epic Mickey a lot lately and I just want more stuff based on it.

anonymous asked:

Dirk isn't that wonderful He's a jerk idk how dave or Jake even talks to him

wrong he’s great
yeah, hes fucked up
but hes done so much to fix it. he didnt mean to hurt anyone ever and it takes a really strong person to admit their mistakes and not only move on instead of dwelling on them, but work so hard to make everything better.
dirk isn’t the person he was when he was a hurt kid that made stupid mistakes without realizing it, he’s grown. he’s grown to care about and understand others and he knows not to fuck up again. he could have ended up like bro if he didnt have his friends, but he turned out great.
despite growing up isolated, despite his splinters, despite his insecurity, despite being one of the last 2 people alive, despite living in total isolation with no human contact, despite the crushing weight of knowing why, despite roxys flirting and jakes ignoring and janes preference of his splinter, he ended up great. he ended up strong
sometimes people fuck up, everyone does, you can’t tell me youve never hurt anyone. yeah, dirks was on a bigger scale, but he doesnt really get people, he was so isolated for that shit
dirk is wonderful and i love him with all my heart and soul. hes a nerd that loves history, conspiracies, (sbahj) movies, anime, robots, computers, and has a strong determination to be the best he can be despite his setbacks.
dirk isn’t bro.
he’s just someone with the same genetic code. sure, some things are nature vs nurture, but unlike bro, dirk had his friends.
dirk is wonderful.
hes the best
dave and jake love him a lot, not romantically but as a brother and a friend. because they know about this, they know he was also a victim of circumstance, they know he loves them and would never actually hurt them.
you can still dislike him but he’s still great

A reminder to all my lovely RP partners.  This is a hobby, not an obligation.  If you’re not feeling a certain character or a threat, hey, that’s great.  Take your time.  Get back in that groove.  If you’re stuck on a reply, leave it for later or let me know and I’ll try to add to it to give you more to work from. 

I want my partners to have just as much fun as I am.  So if life happens and you can’t get to something immediately or you have to drop something, that’s okay.  Your health and well being comes first.