but that smells like thorki to me


300 words a day thingy! Prostitue!loki! Sweet thorki!

“Hi there sweetheart.”

Thor’s driving with the window down, one elbow poking out, fingers tapping on the steering wheel, aviators on his hair and it’s hot outside and there’s this kid he picked off the street two nights ago walking out there with his hands in his pockets and the sweetheart gets his attention right away and he looks up.

They’re close to the ocean and the air is salty and that kid’s shoes aren’t laced all the way up. The laces leave thin trails on the burning sand that look like waves and there’s so much light all around that Thor can see the outline of Loki’s ankle through the black skinny jeans he’s wearing; he can see pale cuticles and veins twisting up towards his wrists looking like never-ending strings of wishes; soft wavy black hair tucked behind a delicate ear.

The kid blinks at him. Smiles a bit. Squints and shades his eyes with his left hand.

Takes him a few seconds to say something but when he does his voice moves with the wind and caresses Thor’s face.

“You sure about that?”

Thor glances through the windshield then back at Loki.

“About what?”

The kid looks over his right shoulder. The ocean’s there looking like a blank sheet of paper and-is that a sailboat rocking on the waves in the distance?

When he turns his head back to peek through the window of the moving car a curl slips from behind his ear and sticks to his cheek. Loki tucks it back and his fingers linger there for a while, ring finger folded behind his ear, pinky sticking up.

“The sweet part,” he says.

Thor drums a slow beat on the car door: thumb, pinky, forefinger; pinky, forefinger, thumb. And there’s this memory in his head just running laps all over the place: how he pushed Loki’s Heaven Is In Your Kiss t-shirt all the way up until it almost reached his chin, how he tugged on his skinny jeans with both hands and placed Loki’s left leg over his shoulder and with his strong fingers closing around that slim ankle licked a trail up his chest and sucked on one very sensitive nipple.

“I think I’m sure, yeah,” Thor says and tilts his head back a bit, “definitely sweet.”

Loki tucks both hands into his pockets, looks all the way up until Thor thinks Loki can see all the way to the spot where the last planet in the universe spins in its own divine darkness.

“Try lost, maybe?” he suggests and Thor frowns.

Thor chuckles but gives it a shot, “hi there lostheart.”

Loki smiles and his eyes twinkle, “see, now that’s a winner.”

“Pssh, yeah. Will get ‘em every time, huh?”

“You’ll get a ton of pretty boys hopping into your car in no time at all with that line.”

“I only want one,” Thor says and his voice sounds like summer.

The wind pastes the black t-shirt to Loki’s body and he grabs the front of it and gives it a gentle shake. The fabric creases. The left sleeve flies up and exposes his shoulder.

Loki tugs on the sleeve, trying to bring it down, “does it look like I’m working?”

Thor smiles and it’s all crooked, “you guys are like werewolves or something? Only starting to move around when the moon comes up?”

Loki runs his hand down his arm. Thinks about it for a bit.

“Maybe we’re like dying stars,” he says, “you can’t see us when the sun is up. But when it’s dark, we shine and show you the way, teach you how your hearts work.”

Loki looks down and the ocean glints in the distance like a broken piece of glass.

“And then we fall,” he says, “and you can never see us again.”

Then he squints at Thor and smiles more easy, “too depressing for a walk on the beach?”

“A little bit, yeah.”

“Thought so.”

Thor slows the car down ever more and Loki gives him a little grin.

“Tell ya what. Buy me some Dr. Pepper and I’m yours for a bit.”

Thor stops the car and his eyes move over Loki’s body, linger on his lips and playful eyes.

“How long?” he asks and Loki walks over to the passenger door and peeks in and he smells like strawberry and sunshine.

“Until my light burns out and I turn to stardust in your arms,” he says and the ocean exhales softly.

I want a fic where Thor is basically trying to court Loki, and he’s like ‘brother likes fancy things right’ so he goes through all this trouble finding him expensive gifts and rare sweets to eat and pretty clothes to wear but it’s not really working even though Loki knows what he’s trying to do, he’s just generally unimpressed..

So Thor gets sad and really frustrated and he goes outside to hit stuff with Mjolnir and basically go rage in a thunderstorm

And then Loki hears the thunder and sees the lightning and smells the electricity in the air and pretty much runs outside after him like 'fuck me now pls’