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you: poker pair is toxic

me, an intellectual who cares deeply about the mental and physical safety of both these boys: tyki and allen’s canon interactions deeply revolve around the respect they have for one another. a lot of what we see of tyki’s character growth is directly linked to allen, and tyki’s attitude towards him growing from contempt to respect. respect steeped in ‘antagonism’, true - they are on opposing sides of a war, and an aspect of tyki’s conflict is that he is deeply loyal to his family, regardless of his own thoughts, feelings or opinions - but respect nonetheless. tyki’s contempt–

turned to intrigue–

turned to competitiveness–

turned to something deeper and more genuine. he’s since expressed concern for allen, and conflict (and confusion) regarding his own actions and his part in the war. 

allen, on the other hand, is less beholden to cursory interest. He is suspicious (rightly so) and cautious of tyki - cautious because, though he did beat him once, allen knows he awakened stronger powers in tyki. Powers that he was unable to defeat. Not to mention his pervasive disgust for what he (and the audience, at this point) understands the noah to be.

Allen doesn’t know if, should it come down to it, he could beat tyki. Respect, again, if somewhat less fond or personal than what tyki has for him. 

but tyki has yet to let it come down to that. once since the battle of the ark - once - has he struck allen. Under orders to bring him back to the ark with the noah. beyond supervision of the earl (of everyone but road, for that matter, who we know also has a fondness for allen, and who also knows tyki has a fondness for him) 

tyki’s only inclination to violence towards allen was under the influence of joyd and the panic of being pursued by apocryphos. again, this only happened once. Allen isn’t on the same page as tyki at this point - still deeply considers him an enemy and believes tyki only feels the same towards him. 

He has no idea that tyki’s been burning with conflict and questions since the ark. The complete 180 of tyki’s attitude leaves him confused, and probably just as suspicious. 

And yet, tyki not only lets him go without a scratch (after saving his life about twice), but leaves him with something to actually think about. gives allen words that he might use to better himself, and improve his chances of surviving. 

he’s harsh, but not out of spite. not really. anger, maybe, or frustration. that allen can continue to walk this line of willful ignorance and claim to know better. their situational context doesn’t exactly call for a moment of gentle letdown, either.

He’s not helping neah in this moment, and he’s not telling allen to destroy the innocence. tyki speaks to allen, for allen. because he gets it. he gets it. however long it’s been since tyki awoke as a noah, he’s been keeping his pride and humanity above joyd. more than anyone, he gets it. 

He likes allen - the person he is, the human - and he doesn’t want him to be lost. To neah, to the innocence, to apocryphos, or to the war. 

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I just saw ur post on the one about "it's cute" where you talked about toxic ppl and ruining the fandom and all and i just wanna say I'm so happy that you're speaking out about this, and ugh I don't know what to say but you seem so cool and I respect u so much as another woman of colour with a muslim background and it's nice to see other people like me speaking out

ahhh this is ?? so nice ohmygod ?? thank you so much !! honestly—i feel like i do have a sort of responsibility to speak out, and i’m so happy to do so. if i can make even one person feel safer, or let them know they’re not alone, it’s worth it.


We all have ships we don’t like. A lot of us even have ships we hate- but that doesn’t make it okay to tell someone not to ship something, and it certainly doesn’t make it alright to send someone hate/shame them for what they ship!

Ship wars can really hurt people, and leave lasting issues with fandom/shipping as a whole, or even drive people out of fandoms entirely! Tag blockers exist for a reason- so please reblog this to let folks know your blog is a safe space, and you’ll use them instead of sending hate!

If you're white, straight or male this ones for you!

Don’t let tumblers toxic community get you down, you as an individual are not evil and have rights to complain about your problems and are no less than others as an individual.

Reblog to let your followers know you care!*


@fictorium putting things in context!

this is why i can’t ever support karamel, as a romantic or even a platonic relationship. that boy is just dragging our girl down. supergirl as a show has fallen so far down from the standard it had set for itself back in season 1, back in CBS.

mon-el just basically added a huge load on kara’s already very heavy burden just so he can feel good about himself. he might “like” kara but he never once had thought about her first, or respected her wishes.

emotionally manipulating women must never EVER be normalized.


well, I,

It was toxic. Our relationship was toxic. We loved each other but it was a constant back and forth from bliss to pain and pain to bliss. We couldn’t be the people who we wanted to be. We were too tied up to each other. It didn’t help that we also had to hide from everyone. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. It was suffocating. Our love was real but maybe, it was just not the right time. We needed to love ourselves first. Maybe, one day, we will meet again and never let each other go.