but that podcast was amazing and i feel so informed

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okay so their podcast “My Brother, My Brother, and Me” involves all three Mcelboys, and has hundreds of episodes, most of which are amazing (they say some dodgy shit in the beginning but they’ve learned) and listening to a couple dozen episodes of that will help you differentiate between their voices (can be difficult for some people at first, myself included) and figure out how they balance each other comically. 

THEN I’d get into The Adventure Zone, just because it’s SO FUCKING GOOD JESUS FUCK I’VE CRIED THREE TIMES TODAY BECAUSE OF THAT FUCKING PODCAST. You might’ve seen a shitton of spoilers already bc of this blue hellsite, but if you blacklist the tags and blast through the episodes you can get through all of them within a month (there will be around 70 episodes total).

Justin and Griffin have some great videos on YouTube under Polygon, most notably Monster Factory (a series where they make the most, um, interesting avatars they can and try to break the games they play), and (also under Polygon) Griffin has a bunch of videos with a guy named Nick (like Touch the Skyrim and Car Boys {which I finished yesterday and 100% recommend}). These videos are less plot-driven than The Adventure Zone, and can be sprinkled in between TAZ episodes for when you need a little break from crying or whatever. they’re all here: https://www.youtube.com/user/polygon 

When you’ve consumed all THAT media, each of the brothers has another podcast they do with their wives; so far I’ve only really gotten into Sawbones, which is a comedy/informative podcast Justin does with his amazing wife Sydnee about medical history and how we’ve fucked up over the centuries. Griffin has a podcast with his wife Rachel called Rose Buddies (they talk about the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and other dating shows, I think? I’ve heard it’s adorable as fuck) and Travis has a podcast with his wife Teresa called Shmanners (they talk about old traditions/customs/games/manners??? maybe???). All the podcasts I’ve mentioned can be found here: http://maximumfun.org 

Feel free to add on your favorite Mcelroy content I’ve missed, bc i need everything involving these sweet sweet mcelboys