but that person isnt me

I’m the worst human being who has ever lived

Its always interesting to me how we get to see so many sides of dan.

we see the professional presenter dan who nods and laughs accordingly, presenting facts and datas as he stares into the camera confidently.

then we see the dan who takes derpy photos and we get to see him turned into memes and being completely okay with it even encouraging it. We see dan who turns himself into a joke and laughing at himself

but then we get to also see the dan who smiles really brightly and is just super caring, the supportive dan, theres the dan who says things like spork or spoon or dingus and the dan who giggles dorkily at puns, the emotional dan, the more soft and subdued dan, the dan that cries in movies and the dan who screams at jumpscares and the more loving dan who tells his followers that he appreciates everyone of them and does his best to include them and make them feel like they matter with sappy tweets

and each side of them are still dan and they’re all so beautiful

what always gets me is that bitty clearly has trauma associated with physical contact and aggression.  that trauma and fear is the major conflict of the plot, at least for the first half of the story.  the story is named “check please” because the premise of the story is that bitty has a fear of physical contact while playing for a sport known for physical contact.  so.  whats goin on with our boy eric???

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I want a Person of Interest post telling people to watch it to go viral.

Like, when’s the last time you’ve seen a queer, sociopathic, not feminine at all woman of color on a show that isn’t demonized? Or at all really?

Or the last time you’ve seen a hacker and killer for hire (another woman by the way) constantly flirt and have canon feelings for another woman?

Or the last time you’ve seen the broody, quiet, baddass main guy NOT be paired with the baddass, aggressive main woman, but rather, they have a brotherly relationship.

Or baddass female villains that are never ever sexualised and have deeply complex personalities.

Or a scifi show about Artificial Intelligence that doesn’t demonize or idealise AI’s?

And it’s a funny, action packed, incredibly well written show. And they all co own a dog together. Named Bear. BEAR!!

Person of Interest doesn’t get a fraction of the recognition it deserves and it pisses me off.

my mother doesnt call me

i recently noticed that my mother doesnt call me anymore, in a. very literal way.
despite us talking more than usual, its been 2 months since she hasnt pronounced my name.
in french, adjectives take the gender of the person theyre referring to and you usually can tell the difference. however there is no gender neutral pronoun like the singular “they”, only one male and one female pronoun. so now instead of saying, for instance, that im dorky, shell instead say that i am “someone/a person who is dorky” to avoid gendering me.

at first i was kind of freaked out by this. no name, no identity, im just a “someone” to her.
but then i realised

2 months. shes spent the past 2 months knocking on my door to get my attention instead of just calling me. what kind of mother forces herself to give up the name of her son to make him her kid instead?

she loves me, i realised. shes trying her best to make me feel comfortable because of my views on genders. 2 months, and not once was my name(which i actually like) or assigned gender brought up. she did that for me. she loves me.

I hate that when I’m splitting on someone all my damn morals and fixed views go out the window. 

E.g. if I’m splitting on someone and they post a selfie I always think “Ugh look at the asshole posting selfies for attention, they’re so obvious” when I’m literally the most fucking selfie positive person and attention seeking positive person you can ever meet, but as soon as I split that’s all gone and all I feel is hate.

You have better things to do than worry about that person who isn’t texting you back. Read a book, make some tea, do your thing and try not to focus on it, you’ll only feel worse. I know you feel sad and anxious but they’ll come back eventually and they don’t hate you just because they can’t reply, just try to keep that in mind.


are you alright, dan?