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Love AU (maskedshipping ) (★‿★)

well lately ive been thinking a lot about different posibbilities …..and with possibilities i mean shippings for Dimentio………….. and i realized he would be quite the crazy kind of person , i mean he is crazy but in cute way (a cute way that can screw up the universe but…) you get what i mean he would not fit the formula of meet fall in love in a platonic -romantic like way…that just doesnt feel like him(i mean just look what happened with blumiere Dimentio isnt an easy person to understand).

so let me tell you about my AU askthekeyphantom please be my guest.

thats a given dimentio doesnt understand the concept of love

he only knows what love is supposed to make you feel like

but well love doesnt allways works or begins like it does in those romantic movies does it??

he only knows love is something that makes you “happy”
“excited” “anxious” all at the same time ……

in other words it makes you feel FUN.

and so far there really hasnt been a lot of people that make him feel almost any of that……..maybe he just had to find someone a little bit more like him…..

maybe that someone wasnt so far away from his reality………

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ*:・゚✧ magical psycho husbandos …….yaaaasssssss pliz

link to high quality version and bonus close-ups of the main illustration….

I keep seeing this Post It Forward thing at the top of my dash. I didn’t really understand what it was for (I still don’t really) but I think my story might give someone a little hope. 

My name is Elizabeth. I am 15 years old (almost 16!!!) and just a few months ago I was really depressed. Really super hella depressed. Nothing interested me anymore, not even theater, which had been keeping me going since the beginning of the school year. I was suicidal. I didn’t believe it when people said it always, always gets better. I thought suicide was the best option. 

Then I talked to my mom. I don’t have the best family (understatement) but they helped me (imagine my surprise). I started going to therapy. My parents didn’t really understand, but they got me therapy, and with my therapist encouraging them, they got me antidepressants. They’re helping.

I am no longer suicidal. I stopped cutting. I started eating more. I’m planning on getting a job. I know my (hopeful) college majors (which might not seem like a big thing but I didn’t think I was going to live that long). I can smile and laugh and talk to people.

When people tell you it’s going to get better, they mean it. It really does. Even if it doesn’t feel like it ever will. Yes, I still have depression. I still struggle daily. But I am so much better than I was in March. It’s May. Two months. Give it two months. If it’s still bad, wait another two. And another. Please hang around because so many people would be so upset if you left. 

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1) Why did you choose your URL?

because peridot is my birthstone and I love kayaking and I have a pirate flag that I mount on the back of my kayak

2) What is your middle name?


3) What fairytale/fictional pet would you have?

dragon, duh

4) Favorite color?


5) Favorite song?

Holding On To You by twenty one pilots

6) What are your top three fandoms?

Doctor Who, ATLA/LoK, and Harry Potter

7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

because it’s the only place I can get my fix of fandom-related stuff and meet all you crazy people all over the world

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What Marlon said about jermaine so far, hilarious

Jermaine………………..likes Jermaine.

Jermaine likes the miror, even if the miror doesnt like him back…..

He is a diva, 

Jermaine has a nursery he has 3+ 4 + 5 + oh i dont remember but he has a lot of kids, he had a lot of wives too, that helps…..

Im not like Jermaine i keep my stuffs in my pants

I always laugh when i hear Michael’s song who is it, when he says is it my brother ??? of course Mike , its Jermaine he stole your girl !!! 

My favorite Jacksons album is Triumph…………because Jermaine isnt on it hahahaha

To the person who sent me a birthday card thank u ! i apreciate, but next time write Marlon ok, im not Jermaine, please please please…..

Don’t make me talk about Jerm’s hair…….. its his head afterall..

When i asked who is the cutest jackson brother i heard Jermaine, are u serious ? come on its Michael….and me just next ;) 

Jermaine always go cry to mama when we tease him,,poor lil boy, and im younger than him ! 

Jermaine is a know-it-all  and guess what I HATE the know-it-all ! 

( to Jermaine’s fans please no hate towards Marlon he loves his brother its just typicall brothers fun fights even if Marlon is no more a kid, in the family they call him Mister shade for this reason so just hope ull find that funny and cute and not take that too seriously :) ) 

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that isn't even abusive, god.

Physical abuse is defined as the use of physical force that may result in bodily injury, physical pain, or impairment. Physical abuse may include but is not limited to such acts of violence as striking (with or without an object), hitting, beating, pushing, shoving, shaking, slapping, kicking, pinching, and burning.


Guess who studied super hard and completely stuffed up her modern history exam today?

Guess who has another exam tomorrow and will probably fail because she has given up all the fs

Guess who wants to cry really badly


Guess who stuffed up her Business exam today first thing in the morning?

Guess who isn’t surprised?

@ ppl who say GerIta is canon: pls stop