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Barely Legal (NSFW) (Part 6)

Chapter: 6/?

Warnings: Smut. Tony tries to be a dom but he falls back into his sweet self, spanking, a bit of language.

Barely Legal - Masterlist

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Tony dropped you to the bed with a hungry look in his eyes and the two of you used the moment to take off your overcoat, and bit your lower watching him take off his button shirt.

When you moved your hands to take off your bra, he quickly moved close to you and pinned them down.

“No. I’m the one who is gonna do it. You gotta pay me back after teasing me so much.” He said darkly, and you licked your lips.

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Maybe some headcanons about how would Bakugou,Todoroki and Midoriya react if their S/O had a miscarriage please ?It’s totally fine if you don’t want to do it since it is a pretty weird ask !!

Angsty Thanksgiving i guess? 

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • He knows something was wrong when his wife stopped having morning sickness. 
  • His S/O is more upset and disappointed in herself then he can ever remember. But he has no idea how to handle this… nor does he really know how he feels
  • He never thought about kids, but now learning that he wasn’t going to have one… he knew some small part of him actually wanted kids
  • He holds his S/O close, rocking her back and forth in his arms. He’s upset too, but she needs him so much right now.
  • “I know this fucking sucks… but it doesn’t mean we won’t have our shitty kid ever. It’ll fucking happen, believe me babe.”

Todoroki Shouto:

  • When he arrives home, his wife sadly and bluntly tells him of her miscarriage. He’s in shock and remains silent. What is he supposed to say?
  • When he simply nods and carries on, it’s his attempts at coping and trying to come to terms with the news. He was nervous to be a father, as he feared becoming his father.
  • He notices his wife crying that night and realizes how selfish he had been to her own feelings. She was he one who lost the pregnancy after all, he was just the one who gave her the seed.
  • He hushes her cries and speaks to her in that calm voice of his. He knows his much it hurts, but he also knows how strong his S/O is. They’ll move on and try again soon.
  • “Relax, love. It wasn’t meant to happen right now. Let’s heal and when we’re ready, we can try again. We’ll have our baby, I promise you.”

Midoriya Izuku:

  • He had the gut feeling for a while now. That one where you feel like something bad was going to happen? He guessed this was it.
  • His wife keeps her distance from him after the news. She knows how much he wanted kids of his own… and he has a feeling she’s blaming herself
  • He finds her in what would have been the nursery, looking at the unfinished crib and barely painted walls. He comes in and hugs her, knowing his much they needed each other right now
  • He comforts her hiccups and wipes her tears away. He wanted children so badly, but he knew that his wife was that much more of a priority right now in this hard time.
  • “I know it’s hard, but I’m here. We had one bump, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Next time, I know for sure we’ll get our little bundle of joy.”

LivMiles Week 2017 Day 5 - Free AU (Mermaid)

A curious ocean defender decides to get a close look at one of the strange terra firma creatures who have been hanging around her waters’ edge

A very close look. 

Definitely my biggest contribution to the week so far lol. I wish I hadn’t spent so long on it, maybe I would’ve been able to do some better art if I had had more time;;

This is the first big, finished thing I’ve done on my iPad. I hope it looks okay..

For anyone unsure, Olivier is a lionfish mermaid, since they’re all pretty looking but actually dangerous. If Miles was a mermaid, he’d be a nurse shark I think. 

Considering part of Io’s “in the name of love” speech in season 1 is bowing

and how he even kneels in season 2

I love this detail that he is the only one bowing at the end of the performance for the kindergartners.

Yumoto is excitedly waving his arms with a huge smile on his face, Atsushi is politely waving as he waits for the curtain to close, Ryuu is waving and trying to play it cool, and En is just “*hands on hips* our job here is done”, but Io… he’s dramatically taking a deep bow very reminiscent of the season 1 pose but with the emotion/depth of the season 2 pose. What a charming boy~ <3

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What are some of your favorite things you've gotten in your po box?

Oh gosh, well, for starters let me say that I have absolutely adored every single thing I’ve received, and I mean that wholeheartedly. So even if you don’t see something you’ve sent in this response, know that I LOVED it and I appreciate you so much for it ;w;

But the first things that come to mind are of course the sylvanian family toys I received!

and I also was sent a very pretty long pink wig that I love!! (sorry I haven’t posted any pictures of how it looks yet! ;v; )

But honestly the thing I love most of all is every single one of the beautiful and so touching handwritten letters and cards that you all have sent me. Seriously, reading these puts such a big smile on my face and makes me feel so close and connected to you all in a way that just fills me with so much joy and love. I keep them all in a box and I will very frequently just go back and look through them and read them again, and every time it’s equally as touching as before. 


Last batch! The rest are all close ups on eyes or have my hands in the way too much! The second picture isn’t one of my babies but is a daughter of the snake in the first picture!

tbh your pics alone could probably take care of this entire project lol I’m loving all these photos of such pretty animals! And I really appreciate you sharing them with me!

Someone correct me if I’m wrong it’s like 6 am right now and I haven’t slept but like

Julian doesn’t know that MC was “hired” by Nadia to find and deliver him to the gallows does he?

He just. Has no idea.

And when he does find out I can pretty much guarantee that for the drama of it all MC will have to find out some way to prove to the self-doubting, self-loathing doctor that they really do care. That they weren’t lying to him or only pretending to be interested in him in order to get close to him in order to catch him.

And he won’t believe them until, like, the very end of the game because he cannot believe that someone could or would genuinely care for him and this is just one more example of how no one actually likes him for who he is but rather what they can get from him.

Hey, if you’re still doing the camera imagines could you do one for guarnere or tab pretty please -Anon

-Tab will come later!!

Malarkey: Really? It’s hot in Africa?

Guarnere; Shut up.

You: *laugh* You’re an idiot.

Guarnere: And you’re someone a little too close to the edge of the bed to be talking. *jokingly goes to push you*

You: There is so much testosterone at this table I can’t even handle it.

Guarnere: There’s alot of other tricks I can show you, (Y/N).

You: Can you make yourself disappear? Because I think that’s one we all wanna see.

You: *joking* Oh no, I thought we finally got rid of you.

Guarnere: *wink* Can’t get rid of me that easy. Glad to be back.

You: Eh, guess I’m glad to have you back. *smile*

Guarnere: And that over there is Miss (Y/N) (L/N). You give her the upmost respect or I will kick each of your asses.

You: Bill! Stop messing with the replacements! Don’t mind him boys, he gets threatened when he sees someone better than him. *smile*

Guarnere: They wish!

another top 10 songs I’ve been listening to a lot this week!

  1. Kiwi - Harry Styles (before you judge it based on this artist, give this song a chance. it’s rock, and it’s awesome, and you can listen to it here!)
  2. Zero Zero - Gerard Way
  3. Choke - I Don’t Know How But They Found Me
  4. Prostitution Is The World’s Oldest Profession - Cobra Starship
  5. House Of Wolves - My Chemical Romance
  6. Winter Passing - The Academy Is… (’tis the goddamn season)
  7. Temporary Bliss - The Cab 
  8. The Pros And Cons Of Breathing - Fall Out Boy (probably my favourite from TTTYG… nah it’s gotta be Grand Theft Autumn but this is pretty close dammit)
  9. One Of THOSE Nights - The Cab (I’ve been listening to this band a lot recently; this song features bden and patrick and its amazing)
  10. Back To Earth - Steve Aoki ft. Fall Out boy



A few of my friends and I have been planning for next year’s New York City Comic Con (we didn’t go to this year’s) , and we just fooout that there’s one pretty close to where we live really soon . I’m not going to say where or the dates because I’m not comfortable sharing that information since I live pretty close to it, BUT I am going to post pictures of me in my cosplay, so if you happen to be there then AWESOME!

I’m just panicking A LOT right now because it’s in less than 3 weeks and I have no idea what I’m cosplaying as. I know it’s something Voltron but I don’t know who I’m gonna be low key wanna be Slav tho

Tbh if at this point you really don’t think MAMA are bumping certain other groups votes then your crazy. Pretty much as soon as we took over for SOTY and got close to AOTY the gap shot back up to 1 million. They didn’t get voted the least reliable reward show for no reason.

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The more I look into your fantasy AU the more I suspect something with Lotor's story. So if Haggar is Shiro's enemy and Shiro is the one that brought Lotor and hid him away, I suspect that Lotor escaped his parents with Shiro or to the antagonists the knight abducted their prince.

Those are pretty close to accurate for what actually happened! 

While I’ve been head first into Pokemon at the moment, I do intend to show off more of that aspect of the campaign for the  D&D au. I have a rough of a comic just about finished that’s a follow up to this one, and it’ll have a bit more of an explanation of it.

I don’t know when I’ll have it done though, sadly, since I’ve been trying to work on stuff for my Pokemon Sun & Moon Adventures comic. ^^;;;

Turkey hangover

Actually, the organic turkey from California was not very tasty. The leg of lam, however, was like a damn prime rib. It was amazing!!

My mashed potatoes were okay, not great. Gravy got them down.

It was a nice quiet day, just us and his brother and sister in law.

Neighbors (down street around corner) garage went up in flames. They were found dumb shit in the garage. I know them, they were all okay. The fire department was there, they were pretty sure it was going to stay contained to the garage.

In my bathroom the toilet is so close to the bathtub that I always put my feet up and imagine I’m in a squatty potty commercial.

We can just chalk that one up to “thoughts that should never leave my brain” and file it away for later.

Thank goodness no one reads me or I would have had to delete to keep someone from stealing that and putting it in a cutting edge film. It won’t be the same though. It won’t be badly pedicured feet. It would be chips in the ruby red with a glitter top coat. It would have been gray flip flops up on the yellow tub side, some white tile and then floral wallpaper surrounds the rest of the walls in the bathroom.

Someone picked this paper. The contrasting pinstriped curtain too. I might have picked it too in that timeframe.

Hopefully that movie maker finds me and gives me the proper money for that scene. I’ve figured it in to my 2 million in two years plan.

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Aren't the holidays an absolute joy... Could I ask for a scenario where Dragon notices his s/o getting overwhelmed/stressed in a situation with way too much noise and helping them get out of there to somewhere more quiet to decompress?

I don’t really care about holidays anymore, I haven’t gotten any joy out of them in like four years

You absolutely hated parties like this. The ones where all your family and close friends go to, and everyone is expecting you, so you have to be there. Then there are too many people.

Dragon was your fiance now, which unfortunately for him meant that he had to go to these parties too. He was currently sipping a glass of wine disinterestedly, not even paying attention to your cousin who was talking your ears off.

“Oh, yes.” That was pretty much all your were replying with. Yes, no, a nod, a shake, maybe, not really. Over and over again until the headache starting to form. You were preparing to excuse you and Dragon, until more family members started to join the conversation. They tried every opportunity to get your opinion or your answer, but the noise, it was too much. You couldn’t hear them anymore.

You vaguely hear two of your aunts say something loud that starting boisterous laughter that echoed painfully in your head. Your hands started trembling, and Dragon took notice.

“Excuse us for just a minute,” Dragon quickly stated to your cousin who was trying to say something to you again. He took your shaking hand in his own, bringing you slightly back, before pulling you away. 

He found a quiet guest room and pulled you in. As soon as you entered, you collapsed on the bed, tears threatening to fall. “Thank you.”

Your fiance patted your head. To someone else, it might look like an awkward gesture, but for you it meant everything. His hand ran through your hair, and he spoke gently. You felt better now.

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Chainsword or Energy Sword: Which one is best for slaying the enemies of the Imperium?

I prefer the power fist to either. It has a brutal, personal quality I feel both lack. 

But among those two, I favour the chain-sword.It has a distinctive throaty rumble that sends shudders up your arm and leaves a trail of dark smoke as you charge. It’s a melee weapon with its own battle cry. It defeats most enemies before it even TOUCHES them.

In combat, it might not get through armour as fast as the power sword but MAN does it make a mess when it does. Additionally, a skilled duellist can make use of the ability to change the direction of the teeth mid battle, allowing you to throw your opponent off balance or even disarm them. Then they’re really fucked.

I won’t say I’ve never been a little envious when I see Myers cut clean through power armour with one swipe but I dunno. It’s not the same.

Yeah, chainsword.

Powerfist is still better.

[subject glances to the left]

[subject glances to the right]

[subject mouths silently to the camera]



Trying to cheer the Commander up!

Thanks to @dragonkrz for the prompt!! They won my follower giveaway and requested the veterans having fun, so I did my best to draw that within the confines of canon after chapter 50/episode 38. Hope you like it!