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Overtime (m)

@lilacxsehun requested: Jungkook/Reader inspired by the lyrics “He says I know what I want and I want it now I want you cause I’m Mr. Vain” in which Jungkook is the CEO of a big company you work for. 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; CEO/Boss AU 
Word Count: 12,037
Author’s Note: I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a CEO AU so I was very excited to get this request. As I was writing this, I wasn’t entirely sure if Jungkook’s position should constitute him more as a CEO or a boss but eh, ignore the technicalities.

Summary: In which an awkward first encounter with your new boss gives Jeon Jungkook all the more reason to make your job an interesting experience.


To say you are late would be a complete and utter, tragic and ill-fitting, understatement. By the time you were supposed to be here at the building, you had just finished adding the last minute touches to your hair with the straightener, and by the time you were supposed to be doing that you needed to finish your makeup and by the time that was happening—!

Well, you get the idea.

Point is, you are running incredibly behind on your schedule—as if life just wanted to prove a point that no matter how much it seemed you could stitch your life together by managing to land an interview for a company actually relevant to your degree, something always had to go wrong. It just so happens that the bad day you constantly worried about just had to occur today. On the day of your interview.

You think it might be enough to get you to scream. First, the power just had to cut off the night before, disarming your alarm clock and resetting all the previous settings so instead of just beeping at some abnormal time it just didn’t ring at all. Given that you had also forgotten to plug your phone in for charging the night before as well, there was no way that could have been any source of an alternative method for waking up. All of that led up to the simple fact regarding the issue that you have a very difficult time waking up in the morning even with an alarm, so having none only elevated that struggle, bursting out of bed after frantically wondering about the time, and attempting to compress an hour’s worth of preparation into 5 minutes.

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Its interesing they brought Hobama topic back because it was already ''cleared up'' by Yahoo in 2015 when the rumor came out. It's almost like Harry's team approved this as a talking point - he was already asked twice about it -first by Nick, now by Graham- and the rumor is 2 years old. It makes no sense? Like you said in your tags, it gives people the idea H might not be straight bc they're joking about it like it's not ''strange'' someone is insinuating he's having an affair with men.

Listen, I am LIVING for the Hobama rumours being a repeated question for Harry’s promo, mostly because it’s just a genuinely hilarious rumour and I love the way Harry plays it, but also for the general public, it’s helping to normalise the idea of linking Harry in a romantic relationship with a man; even it if is being played as a joke, subconsciously it’s making a difference.

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SOS! I'm 19 and have no idea what gender I identify as and I'm freaking Skelly!

y'know that whole you’re supposed to know what job you want the moment you turn 18 because you’ve been in school for 12+ years and should know your interests by then? gender is kind of like because you’ve had your body for however many years you’ve been alive and you’re supposed to know it by now but really…most of the time you don’t. while people put pressure on you for college what im saying is don’t stress yourself out over your identity. like majors you’ll change how you identify a few times before something clicks. go by different pronouns, change your name, and use the internet to discover the numerous ways there are to identify as. odds are one of those will click with you and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you can finally says ‘my name is ____ and i identify as ____’ there is no timeline or limit to discovering yourself. it might be hard to see your favorite blogger transitioning and be so comfortable in their skin while you’re uncomfortable and unsure but i promise u everyone has been there. and everyone gets to the point of being comfortable at their own pace. don’t compare yourself to others because their journey is not the same as yours and while they might be midway in their own journey they all started in the exact same spot as u.

1am mspaint doodles of my favorite gurl… I’m practicing drawing Mae with a lovely pear shape bod, and also making her wear a gymnastic outfit (because i’m writing a lame story about it).

Also…  my voicecanon for her is totally Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor [listen here].


JuminZen Week : Day 02 - [ Cats ]

Also, thank you for all the reblogs, ask, && comments ! It really give me motivation to do the next part ! owo)/ I am happy to know that my work somehow made your day ! ^^ So if you have some more, please send them in ! Thank you !

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Sorry, I need to focus on Patreon stuff and commission this weekend, so next update might be after @juminzenweek  is over //sad react only

Also, idk I got an idea to elaborate this longer// wayyy longer than  just 7 part that I intended to. So maybe after the 7th part I will just upload this on Tapastic only (Because its more organised there, I like it.)

My biggest concern about SNK Season 2 is that they might completely gloss over Eren’s relationship with Historia just like they did to his relationship with Annie because they can’t bear for Eren to be close to a female character who isn’t Mikasa.


the goods might also be in love with me

20 facts!

I was tagged by my lovely friend Annie and I don’t often do fact things when I’m tagged in them but I thought it might lift my mood a little bit. Sorry if this is boring!
1. I pretty much have the most boring name in the universe and honestly the only plus about it is that nobody ever spells it wrong.
2. I really want to live in the mountains when I’m older because its so peaceful there.
3. My perfect life would be living in a cottage in the mountains with a few cats and maybe a bunny, writing poetry and YA novels and maybe working in a low-key job part-time so I have enough money to buy food. 
4. Apparently I am good at baking cookies but I’m not really sure why my cookies taste different to other people’s because literally all I do is follow the recipe on the back of the choc chip packet.
5. I have Epilepsy.
6. I get obsessed with collecting little things like socks and badges. I’m not really sure why, they just make me happy.
7. I really like daydreaming and could seriously sit somewhere daydreaming for 8 hours straight if I wasn’t interrupted.
8. I have 3 typewriters, an Olivetti Lettera 32, an Olivetti Lettera 42 and a 1923 Remington Portable which is honestly my pride and joy.
9. I would love to get a job restoring/servicing typewriters.
10. I’m really bad at making friends and working out if someone actually wants to be friends/considers me their friend so If you want to be my friend you pretty much have to tell me directly or I’ll just assume you hate me.
11. I haven’t been to a hairdresser since I was about 10 or 11 (my mum cuts my hair now) because the last time I went I asked for a trim and they cut like 30 cm off.
12. I really hate shopping and after I’ve been out shopping I usually go home and cry for 47 million years.
13. Even though I hate shopping I absolutely love giving people presents and the whole process of deciding what to get them and wrapping it and choosing a card just makes me so so happy. 
14. I’m not really fond of ‘lifestyle’ bloggers or instagrammers because it just seems like such a waste of time to me? It seems so unrealistic and time consuming and cringey. I support people doing it if they enjoy it, of course, but I’m not really a fan. 
15. I hatehatehate it when people touch me. Like if you even accidentally touch me I will probably burst into tears. I don’t like hugs unless they’re from my mum.
16. I don’t understand romantic relationships at all like they just baffle me and I just don’t get them?????
17. When I was a kid I would eat jam off a spoon so my parents had to store the jam in that locked section of the fridge that (i think?) is supposed to be for alcohol.
18. I have the worst memory and I am constantly forgetting things like passwords and losing important documents.
19. I currently have 6 unopened bars of Pana Chocolate in my room because who the hell doesn’t?!?!?!
20. When I was little I got a giant piece of Lego stuck in my mouth. 
I tag @ninja-bunny1652 @lifeandloveandfandom @allthesinkingships @ipoetried @andrewraynepoetry @scripted-ink and anyone else who wants to do it! Consider yourself tagged!

Shippuden/hiden ending

I am not going to call it the last of naruto, because it isnt.. 

…While watching this train wreck, I would like to say 7 things.. 

1: Where is Sasuke?
2: Where is the actual plot?
3: Why is shikatema/saiino so blandly forced towards the end 
4: Why so much ooc 
5: Where the fuck is Sasuke!??!
6: Why not change the title to Hinata hiden, not konoha… 

So obviously the most important questions……………………………………………………………Why didnt this end sooner?


While everyone is crying into nothing, I am more nervous.. 
Nervous at the fact that SP will be doing the boruto series, and seeing how they did the ending… 
Well fuck… 

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…………………………………………………………………………..also where the fuck was sasuke!?!?

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Hello, I love this blog, just got into it, I love the importance artists are given by the faen, but I was wondering, how might They feel about Metal music? I am not sure, they might admire the skill and poetry, but at the same time its a genre filled with Iron, Fire and Thunder, as it requires technology They might not understand

This is a difficult question because I feel very very strongly about both possible answers here.

Option 1: I want to say that metal is the one genre of music they cannot stand, literally just for the joke about iron.

Option 2: I also really love the idea of them adoring literally every genre of music sincerely and unequivocally. They find screamo transcendent. They throw bacchanals to classic rock. They’re enchanted by the newest pop song. There is no kind of music they don’t like.

This is a very hard choice and I don’t think I’m able to make it. 

New Year ‘One-Shot’ ;)

Taehyung and Jungkook - ‘Smutty, dirty threesome’

i need more of your bts smut otoke. please a smutty dirty threesome with taehyung and jungkook do you think i’m a bad person ? because I think I am

AU: I mean, it could be dirtier…and its not technically a threesome…but points for trying :L (It can only get better from here) ;)

Also, you might need Christ a little…but I think at this point we all do! ;) 

‘I called dibs. She’s mine tonight.’

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

'Wait, What?!’ you ask, not thinking you’d heard Tae properly over the loud music of the club despite his actions- his hand gripping your ass tightly so that he could grind into you- making the meaning of his words, very clear.

'Lets have sex, Y/N.’ he says again, his teeth skimming the shell of your ear and you have to grip tighter to his shoulders to stop yourself from falling down with the intense bout of shivers that travel through you. Your eyes dart around the bodies surrounding you, wondering if anyone else had heard what he’d said despite the fact the words had been directed straight into your ear.

'Tae, you’re drunk, you dont meanAH-’ your words are cut off when he pulls your hips into his more firmly, mouth latching to your neck as he grinds into you forcefully, the pinch of his fingers on your hips adding to your arousal as his teeth sink into the skin below your ear making you moan- the sound thankfully getting lost in the music surrounding you.

'Come on, Y/N…it doesn’t have to mean anything…just one fuck….’ he drawls, slipping a thigh between both of yours and you instantly begin to rub against it, your body being lost in the feel of his, and its not long before you’re panting into his neck, nails sinking into his skin as you struggle to hold yourself up.

'So, are you going to fuck me on the dancefloor or are you going to take me home?’ you whisper, mouthing at his neck as you speak the words and you feel his thigh rubbing rewardingly against you, causing you to buck against it and whimper as his lips leave your neck, seeing him smirk at you evilly before he grabs one of your hands and begins to pull you back through the crowd, toward the bathroom. You stop him before he can go in though, pinning him to the outside wall and stretching yourself onto your tiptoes to look at him.

'I’m not getting fucked in the bathroom of a club- take me home.’ you demand, briefly connecting your lips and feeling the vibrations of his moan travel up through his lips and into yours, your knees buckling slightly at the feeling.

'Whatever you want, Princess.’ he replies breathily, lunging in the other direction, dragging you quickly with him and within minutes the two of you are falling out the back exit of the club and heading towards his dorm.

He stops many times as the two of you walk back, always keeping you on the edge, keeping you excited, even at one point lifting your dress to just below your breasts and pressing you roughly against a stone wall, the freezing temperature of the stone making you jolt and gasp and he takes advantage of this instantly. His hand slips between your legs and grazes over the fabric of your panties as his mouth covers yours, sucking in your gasps and moans, before he pulls away again quickly, righting your clothes and once again pulling you down the street.

You stumble into the dorm, neither of you sparing a thought for the other boys because they were all meant to be at the club you had just been at, Tae dragging you slowly- lips still attached, and fingers greedily grappling at your waist- towards his room that he shares with J-hope and Jimin.

You gasp as your back hits the bed, hands clawing at Tae as he tries to separate from you, whining when he slips from your grasp, but he just chuckles mischievously at you, ripping his shirt from himself and throwing it somewhere in the room before he begins on his belt, his movements slowing as he watches you, your chest still heaving in breaths, limbs sprawled out to the sides as you stare back at him.

'You need to get that dress off first.’

At first you think Tae has said the words, and so immediately you sit up and begin to slip the straps down your arms, but within seconds you realise that his mouth hadn’t moved and your eyes widen as you turn your head to look at the open door- Taehyung having not locked it- Jungkook stood leaning against the doorframe as he watched you.

'Kookie, I thought you’d be sleeping.’ Tae says, not bothering to look back at him as he drinks in the shocked sight of you, your legs quickly snapping together when you look up at him, the move making you whimper quietly as your arousal makes itself prominent once again.

'Taehyung- hyung, if you dont start touching her, I might have to come in and help instead of just watch.’ Jungkook murmurs, and you look over to see him licking his lips, fingers sitting at the hem of his shorts, before he sees you looking back and he dips his hand in, groaning and hissing when he touches himself, making the area between your legs flood with warmth.

'Now there’s an idea…’ Tae murmurs, the grin that flashes over his face being filled with mischief and your legs tremble from need and suspense- you dont care what happens at this point, you just need someone to fuck you.

But as soon as the words are out of Tae’s mouth, Jungkook lunges towards you, his hand mere centimeters from you before Tae snatches it back, pulling the younger boy away from you and making you whine angrily.

'I touch her first.’ her hisses, his low voice, jealousy easily apparent, travelling right through you and your hand immediately moves to between your legs, but before you cant touch yourself, Tae is forcefully pushing your thighs open, hand going straight to your core and ripping your panties from you, the sting of the rip not even factoring in your mind, before his fingers are slipping between your folds and you collapse back onto the bed, arching your back as he curls his fingers inside of you, needy moans leaving your lips and getting louder with each thrust of his digits.

'Fuck. Tae-hyung, let me touch her.’ Jungkook whines, coming to stand beside the bed by your head, mouth hanging open as he watches you writhe on the bed, hands scrabbling at the bed sheets and you cant help but eye the bulge in the Maknae’s pants.

'No. I want to make her cum first.’ he growls, his thumb adding to the pressure building between your legs, the digit rolling over your clit again and again and you’re holding on by a single thread as you whimper and whine, reaching down to hold Tae’s hand against you, trying to communicate with him that you needed him to go faster, to be rougher- do something to help you reach your high…but he’s already there.

Your orgasm is shocked out of you when you suddenly feel his breath on your core and his lips wrap around your clit, sucking on it like it was his job, making you cry out as the pressure explodes out of you, your juices covering his hand and the sheets beneath you, and as he rides you through the high, you pant and moan, whispering his name over and over again as your body slowly slumps back to the bed.

The thought that Tae hadn’t stopped moving his fingers in you only registers when a burn begins to set in in-between your legs, and you reach down to make him stop, only to get your hand batted away and you look down to see him glaring up at you, mouth shining with your cum, making your heart thunder in your chest and your thighs tremble.

'Tae, stop.’ you breathe, trying to squirm away from him, but the hand that isn’t still working you, snatches out to hold your hip, making it impossible to move as his fingers pinch at your side and you see him look up at Jungkook a sly smile beginning to spread over his face.

'Take off her dress.’ he directs him, the words leaving his mouth in a growl and your body immediately reacts, shivers flashing down your spine, getting intensified by the new set of hands that attach to the hem of your skirt, digits cool against your skin as they skim up your body. You hear Jungkook’s breaths as they leave his lips excitedly, his eyes raking over your body as it is slowly revealed and goosebumps litter over the expanse of your skin.

When your dress hits the floor by Jungkook’s feet, he immediately leans over you to grab at your breasts, his hands hesitant for a millisecond, before he slowly grasps them, thumbs rubbing unsurely over your already erect nipples and you moan out, making you reach one hand up to twist in his shirt, feeling his body tense beneath you and you realise your hand has landed just above his crotch.

You’re about to get lost in the excited and flushed face of Jungkook when your body is pulled down the bed and you gasp, head whipping to look at Taehyung, who is throwing your legs over his shoulders, not paying any attention to you as he immediately starts devouring your core, nose rubbing against your clit rhythmically as his tongue swipes again and again at your folds and you cant help the cry that rips through you, hand slipping from Jungkook’s shirt to the hem of his shorts and accidentally pulling them down so that his member sprang free, making the maknae choke on the breath he had just taken, his fingers that had graduated to playing with your nipples, squeezing hard and you cry out again, panting feverently as you squirm beneath the two men.

'Dont touch him.’ comes the angry growl from Taehyung, and you immediately take your hand away from Jungkook, the danger in his voice evident as he shakes your legs from him, crawling up your body and leaving your core neglected as his breath ghosts over your skin.

'Hyung, please.’ comes Jungkook’s needy whine and you see Tae look up at the maknae where he was crouched over you, his eyes black with lust and jealousy as he looks at him.

'I called dibs. She’s mine tonight.’ he growls, gesturing with his head to tell the maknae to leave, clearly having over-stepped his welcome, but Jungkook doesn’t move, frowning as his eyes graze over your body again and you see the flash of an idea in his eyes as you lie still beneath Tae, not wanting to anger him further.

'I want to watch.’ he says, determination clear in his tone and you freeze, waiting for Tae to yell at him to get out, but instead the older boy just smirks at him, nodding his head in the direction of the chair in the corner.

'Sit there and dont move.’ he directs, the edge to his words telling Jungkook not to disobey him and just the sound of his deep voice growling the words out, has your thighs clenching together, bringing his attention back to you.

'Aww, Princess, am I not paying enough attention to you?’ he asks, tone teasing as he strokes a finger down your jaw, drifting it over your lips and you whimper beneath him, hands reaching up to pull at his waist.

'You told me we were going to have sex, Tae.’ you whine, hoping to jog his memory and get him to give you what you wanted, but the flash in his eyes tells you things weren’t going to be that straight forward.

'Did I say that?’ he asks teasingly, his finger having trailed to your chest at this point and you suck in a sharp breath when he begins to circle your nipple, popping his finger into his mouth quickly and then going back to your breast, the cold wet feel of the digit making you whimper as you continue to claw at his waist and back. You can hear the short pants of Jungkook from the corner and you tilt your head to look at him, wanting to see what he was doing, but the minute Taehyung sees you turning your head, his fingers dig into your hair and he snaps your face back to him, the sting of your scalp being stretched making you sink your nails into his skin and he hisses at you, chin tilting up in dominance as he looks down at you.

'Dont fucking look at him.’ he snaps, pulling your hair back against the bed so that your neck was exposed to him.

'Do you understand?’

You whimper in response, hurriedly nodding your head as much as you could in his grasp, your lip caught between your teeth making it impossible to answer him as you try to hold in your moans, this dominant side of him making your core pulse in anticipation.

'Good. Cause I want to see your face when I fuck you.’ he whispers, face inches from yours, hand still in your hair and you feel his other hand drifting across the bare skin of your thigh. You hadn’t even realised that he’d removed his jeans, but suddenly you feel something drifting over your core, the short moan you let out suddenly turning to a shout of his name when he thrusts into you out of nowhere, his face dropping into astonishment and lust as he watches you react to him.

'Fuck! I knew you’d look good.’ he murmurs, before he focuses on what he’s doing, picking up his pace and lifting your hips so that he was hammering into you, and the minute you scream, hands slipping to the covers either side of you and screwing them up in your hands, eyes screwing shut in ecstasy, he knows he’s found your favourite angle.

'Tae, please, Tae-’

You moan, tossing your head on the bed feeling yourself getting worked up, your stomach and thighs trembling as you feel the build up of your second orgasm, breath coming in pants as you open your eyes to look up at him, seeing him with his head flung back, hips snapping so fast against yours that you’re sure they’re going to set on fire any minute. And its the sight of him, so blissed out, his hand slapping your thigh, the feel of the sharp sting going straight to between your legs, that causes you to moan loudly as you fall over the edge.

You can feel him pulsing within you as he continues to thrust, teeth biting down on his lip as he chases his own high, the sight prompting you to look over at Jungkook, having forgotten he was there, but when you see him, you think you’re going to blast straight through this orgasm and into another one.

He’s panting heavily, his hand that’s covered in cum still wrapped around his length as he lazily pumps himself, milking the entirety of his orgasm out, a final spurt dripping from him when he sees you looking over at him, and you know your eyes are half lidded, hair sticking to your sweaty forehead, limbs sprawled everywhere, hips still thrust into the air and hands still twisted into the sheets.The sight of him like that, sated and blissed out, causes your walls to tense around Tae, thighs clenching around his hips and the action tips him over his edge, a loud grunt leaving his lips as he snaps his hips against yours one final time, before buckling forward, only just catching himself before he can fall onto you.

You purposefully tense around him a few more times, shudders ripping through you with the weak, needy, moans falling from his lips, length still twitching with aftershocks, inside of you. As he slides out of you, you feel the ache instantly set in, your hips almost feeling dislocated from your body where he’d overworked you, but the feeling in your stomach was sated and happy as you close your eyes, the two of you lying sprawled on the bed together.

'Fuck.’ he whispers, breaths ghosting over your breasts where he had his head laid on your chest and you nod in confirmation, tilting your head to the side to try and look at Jungkook, seeing him watching the two of you almost sadly.

'Jungkookie, come and lie with us.’ you murmur, the maknae immediately springing to his feet and walking over in just his shorts, shirt having been discarded at some point whilst Tae had had sex with you. He settles himself down on the side of you that didn’t have Taehyung, an arm going around your stomach as he shuffles, until he’s almost spooning you, chin hooking over your shoulder to press gentle kisses into your neck and skin.

Tae lets out a quiet growl at this, glaring up at the younger boy, but you just chuckle, wrapping your arms around him and holding him against you, fingers raking through his hair as his arms slide around you to hug your hips, hand lingering teasingly closely to your butt, but you were so tired that you didn’t bother to reprimand him.

'When do you think the others will get home?’ you murmur, eyes sliding shut as you hum happily under Jungkook’s ministration.

'I’d say about now.’ comes a voice from the door and you shoot up, the other two boys complaining when you rip yourself from their grasp, but their expressions turn sheepish when they follow your gaze to the door and see 5 other boys stood in the doorway with varying expressions- J-hope’s standing out the most as a cross between a smirk and surprise.

'Why didn’t we get an invite?’


Not for you (PT2)

Originally posted by syubprince

Background: Taehyung, a young duke, accompanies his cousin (a prince) to meet the princess of a different castle. Upon meeting the princess, Taehyung now has to fight back feelings of want & fondness because of the theory that a princess was meant for a prince, not for a duke.

Authors note: So I am finishing this off as a fluff story because most requests for part 2 wanted this as fluff and tbh I really wouldn’t know how to write a smut for a prince au right now. Its too hard huhu but maybe one day, as a drabble, not sure. Also, I might be adding a little side line story for Prince Jimin here, what do you think? Anyway, I hope you guys liked it! Feedback will make me really happy. Like srsly, talk to meeee :”)


“So think about it, when you actually verify all the forces of nature, I really do believe that the chicken came before the egg.”

You force out a wide smile, nodding your head almost too ecstatically at the prince you had just met a few hours ago, Kim Namjoon. You blink a few times, just realizing that he had finally stopped talking after almost 45 minutes of explaining random scientific theories to you that had you zoning out every 10 seconds. 

“Well.” You clap your hands, loud enough to have the tall prince jump in shock “You really know alot of things huh, Prince Namjoon?" 

The tall boy lets out a shy smile, his dimples immediately popping out of his cheeks as he rubs the back of his head. "Thank you, I could tell you more-" 


 A random arm reaches out for you and you all but gasp when Jungkook places both his hands on your shoulders, a wide eyed look on his face reflecting horror. 

 "The tea is running out! The queen is panicking, we need your help.“ Jungkook then turns to Namjoon 

"The country needs their princess." 

 "Um, cause we’re out of tea?” Namjoon bobs his head to the side but Jungkook simply nods his head so convincingly that the taller boy decides to excuse himself before giving you both a short bow. 

Once out of earshot, Jungkook’s features shift into a enjoyed look as he claps his hands. 

“You’re welcome.” He beams.

“For what?“ You frown, watching as your cousin eyed the garden silently. 

"For saving you from Mr. Snooze fest over there. Jesus, all the other guys were drinking together last night and he just wouldn’t fucking stop talking about the big bang theory and how it was just a myth." 

You bite back a smile as you link your arms with Jungkook, casually making your way around the garden where brunch was set for everyone in the castle, courtesy of your mother. 

"You’re terrible, you know that?” You hum, smiling and waving at certain people who greet you. 

 "You still love me though princess.“

"I’m forced by blood.”

“So.” Jungkook beams as he turns to you, eyes twinkling “Which one of the princes are you fondling some time soon?”

“Wh-What?” You choke on your own spit and Jungkook has to stand in front of you as he laughs, trying to block you off from the eyes of the other guests, protecting the image of the castle’s precious gem.

“Oh come on , Noona.” He rolls his eyes “This get together is basically your Mom’s blind date for you. You know how the Queen wants you off with some noble prince and shit." 

"Well I dont like any of the princes.” You snap, annoyed that everyone was thinking of marrying you off with some random prince from who knows where. Did anyone even bother asking you how you felt about all this?

 "So you do like that Duke kid.“ Jungkook hums and your eyes immediately widen as you snap your head up to look at him. 

 "What did you say?" 

"Hmmm?” Jungkook mutters unconsciously as his eyes follow one of the visiting castle’s duchess who was smiling fondly at him. 

 "Jeon Jungkook!“ You hiss and he turns to you with a sheepish smile before he’s shrugging. 

"The other prince’s were talking last night. Saying that you were too nice to that Duke Taehyung. Found it weird that you were hanging around him too much.”

“And why would they bloody care?” You bark back, eyes now scanning the garden for the numerous princes you were going to be glaring at for the rest of the day. 

“Jealous, probably.” He shrugs. He watches you knowingly, eyes reflecting adoration for his older cousin. You had spent your younger years constantly protecting Jungkook from those who bullied him but now that he was taller than you, the young boy decided it was his time to protect you.  

“Well they can go fuck their selves in the as-”

“Language Y/n!” You cringe at the sound of your mothers voice before you turn around and give her a bright smile, acting as if nothing had happened. 
“Hi mom.“ 

She clicks her tongue at you before taking your face in her hands, examining you for any imperfection. You frown at her while Jungkook snickers at you teasingly.

"These boys are doing their best to win your favor, Y/N. You shouldn’t speak so ill of them when one of them could be-”

You were already rolling your eyes even before she could finish her sentence. 

You step away from her grasp, a sudden jolt of anger bubbling inside of you “Mother, could we please drop this?" 

"This is how me and your father had met, would you please at least consider-”

“Mom, you and dad are the exception! That doesn’t mean all princess’ and all princes are gonna find true love the way you had. What if my true love turns out to be the rusty old man up the southern hills? Yet I can’t end up with him cause you’re so focused on having me married off to some prince. Can we just please not talk about this!”

You take in a breath as you stare at your mother who was blinking at you, shocked that you had gotten so riled up. 

“Y/n” She opens her mouth, hoping to say something but its suddenly cut off when the head maiden taps the Queen’s shoulder, whispering something that has your mother widening her eyes before she’s holding up her dress in her hands and marching away. 

 You blow out a breath as you drop your head, suddenly feeling tired, watching your mother disappear into the castle doors. 

“Dont be so hard on yourself.” Jungkook offers you a soft smile, arms wrapping around your shoulders for support “She just wants whats best for you." 

You give him a short nod before your snapping your head up to the sound of a loud cackle that sounded all too familiar. As if by destiny, your eyes immediately find Taehyung who was seated by a round table, a wide smile on his face as he chatters animatedly with the girl beside him. She throws her curly brown hair back, hands covering her mouth as she giggles at the joke the young duke must have said. The rest of the women around the table smiled widely at him, amused by the antics of the young duke who was too busy laughing at his own joke. Your hands ball unconsciously by your sides as you feel your chest constrict in sudden anger. You hadn’t even noticed that you were walking towards their table only until you found Jimin looking up at you curiously from Taehyung’s side, the young duke on the other hand was too busy talking to even notice you were there at all. 

"Princess? To what do we owe the honor?” Jimin hums, gracefully rising from his seat. The mention of your name has Taehyung stopping mid sentence and snapping his head to look up at you. You force yourself not to turn to him, to not even acknowledge his presence as you smile down at Jimin. 

“Care to walk with me?” You ask  and you do not comment on the way his eyes widen before he spares a glance at the boy beside him. Taehyung’s fists unconsciously clench by his sides as he watches you take your lips between your lips as you await the young prince’s answer. 

“Me?” Jimin mutters confused but slowly rises to his feet either way. 

“Yes, you.” You nod, finally gaining the courage to turn to Taehyung whose jaw was now locked as he kept his eyes trained on you, his expression completely unreadable. 

You force down the shudder that threatened to rake through you as you turn on your heels, waiting for Jimin to stand beside you. Once he was up on his feet and by your side, you link your arm through his and start walking. 

“So, is this to get him jealous?” Jimin finally asks once you were a good few feet away, out of Taehyung’s earshot.

“What?” You feign innocence, eyes glancing around in nervousness, suddenly regretting your decision of inviting the prince for a walk.

“Cause Tae’s a pretty jealous guy, especially when it comes to things he really wants.”

“I have no idea what you’re going on about.” You glare at him but Jimin’s bright chuckle disintegrates any form of anger you had felt at all. It was as if his laugh alone could open up the heavens and clear the skies. 

“Your secret is safe with me, princess. I know you like my cousin.” He shrugs “And he likes you too, he’s just too scared.”

“Of what?” The question is out of your mouth before you can even stop yourself, curiosity getting the better of you. Jimin eyes you joyfully, wanting to tease you for being so blunt about your feelings towards his cousin. Yet when the young prince notices the flash of worry that had crossed your face, he decided this was no time for jokes.

“The status quo.” Jimin mumbles “He doesn’t look like it, but Taehyung’s probably the most honorable man I’ve ever met. And since people expect princes and princess’ to end up together, he’s scared of even liking you at all.”

“What a joke.” You growl, hiding the slight crack of your heart after discovering Taehyung’s train of thought.

 "I honestly can’t believe everyone’s is still thinking this way!“

"I know.” Jimin nods “Everyone kind of wants to make our choices for us.”

You are quiet for a few seconds, just realizing that Jimin was going through the same situation you were. He was being set up to be partnered to a princess he wasn’t even sure he even liked. Jimin was expected to marry a princess. Jimin’s own choices were being taken away by the status quo too.  

 "This is ridiculous!“ You hiss, suddenly feeling angry for the young prince beside you. 

"Very.” Jimin nods, suddenly stopping when you had reached the farthest corner of the garden “"I’m sorry to say this, but I believe I’ll have to be leaving you now, princess.“ 

 "What?” You frown, shocked by the sudden turn of your conversation “You wont be walking with me back there?" 

"No” Jimin smiles, gently angling his head the side “Cause my cousin’s just about ready to choke me while hiding behind one of those trees right now.” .

You don’t follow his gaze but you believe him, suddenly feeling the presence of someone else watching you. Taehyung had followed the both of you all the way here just to spy on you?

“You two behave.” Jimin chuckles as he stuffs his hands into his pockets, taking a step backwards.

“Jimin?” You call out to him, your voice lowering “You said he gets jealous easily?”

“Very easily, why?” Jimin bobs his head to the side as a wide grin spreads across your face. 

“Good” You mutter before you step forward and press a chaste kiss against his cheek. Jimin’s eyes widen for a few seconds before he’s biting back a laugh and shaking his head, realizing what you were doing. 

“You two are going to be perfect for each other.” Jimin mutters before he’s stepping back and walking away from you. You play with your fingers quietly, watching the blonde prince disappear behind line of trees before the sound of a tree branch snapping has you jumping in shock. 

You turn back and find Taehyung sitting cross legged on the bench, hands lying flat behind him as he leans back and bobs his head to the side, eyes digging into you dangerously. 

“So, I see you’ve found your prince?” The venom in his voice causes the hair on your arms to stand as you wrap your arms around yourself and feign innocence. 

“Just like how you’ve found your duchess? She’s beautiful by the way, owns a lot of lands up north, I heard.”

“Dumb as a rock though.” He mutters before he’s pushing himself up on his feet. 

“Isn’t that the trend now a days?” You shrug. 

“Jimin snores.” Taehyung suddenly announces “And he never shares his fries, not even if you ask nicely. He also wears heel inserts! He’s not a fan of sweets and he sleeps during movies!” He’s waving his hands in the air, a sudden wave of emotion taking over him as his lips pout out almost childlike as he watches your reaction. 

"My my.” You smile, suddenly amused “Is our duke speaking ill of our prince?" 

"I dont fucking care.” He growls. 

“Jimin seems nice though.” You say as you step forward, watching the vein’s on Taehyung’s neck tighten as he forces his anger down. 

“He is nice but he- he cant” He sighs “He’s not-" 

You step even closer to him, head bobbing to the side as you urge him to finish his sentence. You slowly stand on your tip toes and Taehyung’s eyes look at you from left to right as you place your hands on his chest and press a chaste kiss against his lips. Before the duke could lean down and press against the kiss deeper, you pull away and smile up at him. 

"He’s not you?" 

Fuck“ He breaths out, eyes shutting as his arms wrap around you protectively, as if you’d disappear if he didn’t hold on tight enough "Please dont say that." 

"Why not?” You hum, wrapping your arms around his neck, your adoration for the beautiful boy vibrating off of you.. 

I might like it.” He answers, voice straining, eyes opening and staring deeply into your own brown orbs.

“Good.” You smile, your worries earlier when talking to Jimin washing away. Maybe all Taehyung needed was a little shove to finally give up his stand on honor. Maybe all you needed to do was be the aggressive one. Maybe you were all Taehyung really needed to push down his doubts of being with you. 

But suddenly Taehyung is pushing you back as he shakes his head. "No, no. We can’t do this. Who am I kidding , Y/N? You’re a princess!“ 

The comments shocks you, your mouth snapping open as you glare at him, suddenly feeling as though you’ve been slapped.
"What does that have to do with anything?”

“EVERYTHING! I’m a duke, Y/N. Just a duke. You’re a princess, this castle’s princess! One day you’re going to be queen! You’re supposed to-" 

"Dont you fucking say it.” You warn him, command lacing your voice. 

Taehyung shuts his mouth obediently and you have to fight back the urge to rip your hair out of your head as you glare at him. You felt sick. You’re head was spinning as your chest tightened painfully while your hands shook in anger.

“You’re meant to be with someone like Jimin. Someone with that title.” He mutters after a beat and you end up scoffing in disgust. 

“You know whats funny? My entire life, people had always treated me different. Always acted like I was hard to reach or wasn’t even worth being treated anything less than my status.” You pause for a bit, eyes searching his “Then I met you and I actually felt human for a bit. Felt a little bit normal for once. I thought you actually saw the person in me.”

“Of course I do.” Taehyung mutters “But at the end of the day Y/N, you’re still a princess and I’m just.. me." 

"That just means I’m nothing more than my status to you.” You smile at him sadly. You take a step back and Taehyung watches you, eyes  widening as he steps forward, a sudden wave of fear taking over him. He had felt your walls building, felt you shutting off your emotions, felt you pulling away from him.

What had he done?

“I’ll be taking my leave now.” You force out, almost feeling your voice crack in frustration. 

“Wait- Y/N. No, dont. I dont know what to do. What should I do?” Taehyung mutters, eyes searching yours, his hands clenching by his sides. 

“Good day, Duke Kim.” You mutter, finally turning away from him and marching back towards the crowd. You drone out the loud chatter as you weave pass people, even excusing yourself from the few princes who tried talking to you. You make your way inside the castle, pushing your heels off of your feet as you take the stairs up two at a time. The maids watch you all but run on your way down the hall and into the safety of your own room. Once the door had shut and you were sure you were alone, you let out the breath you had been holding since walking away from Taehyung. Your eyes then squeeze shut, the corners dripping with tears of frustration. You furiously wipe your cheeks with the back of your hands, you chest constricting as his words replay in your mind. You slide down against the door, your knees curling against your chest as you force the tears away. 

You are not your status. .

You are not a princess.

You are you. 

The next 5 days pass painfully slow for Taehyung. The young duke had spent his days locked in his own quarters or out at the shooting range, doing his best to stay busy and out of the castle halls. He then spent his nights at some tavern, trying to drown out every thought that had threatened to consume him if he was left alone to ponder. On the third day, a sudden mention of your name had slipped out of one of the prince’s mouths making Taehyung realize that he couldn’t stay here any longer.It was getting far too painful for him. So the young duke decided: It was time for him to go home.

 "Tae, come on. Do you really have to do this?“ Jimin sighs as he watches his cousin pull out his trench coat and slip it on.

"Of course I do.” Taehyung forces out a smile, pretending to be unfazed “I’ve got lands to tend to, Jimin. This was fun and all but this was for you, not for me." 

Bullshit. Jimin had wanted to say, wanting nothing more than to call out his cousin for his bluff. But the prince thought better of it as he kept his tongue between his lips and nodded. 

"Then at least stay for the commentary? The royal family is speaking today and even the princess will be-" 

"You’ll keep me updated.” Taehyung smiles, cutting the conversation as he grabs his bag and starts making his way towards the door. 

“Are you taking the train?” Jimin asks, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he tries catching up to the large strides of his cousin. 

“Yeah, it’s leaving in 2 hours.” Taehyung nods looking down the hall and smiling at the servants who were bidding him farewell. 

“Ah, the announcements will be beginning by then.” Jimin nods. 

Taehyung was about to open his mouth and answer when a shade of scarlet suddenly has him stopping on his tracks and shutting his mouth, his heart slamming against his chest. 

You had stepped down the hall, looking down at the notebook which one of your maidens had held, reminding you about certain topics to address later. Just as the first time he had met you, you had looked completely breath taking. Taehyung couldn’t even find a word to describe you in your gorgeous knee length dress, the color reflecting the redness of a freshly picked apple. Your hair was down today, flowing softly down your shoulders while a light shade of red blessed your lips. 

His princess was as gorgeous as ever. 

 As if feeling his gaze, you snap your head up, eyes immediately locking with Taehyung’s. The young duke had stayed rooted to the ground, making no signs of moving as his eyes just took you in. His bag was casually slung over his back, his trench coat swaying with the slight blow of the wind. You clear your throat before telling your maiden to wait. You slowly approach the two boys, your knees shaking and your heart doing 8-0-8′s in your chest but your expression had remained calm and cool. Jimin glances back and forth between you two, the tension thick in the air. 

“Leaving so soon, dear duke?” You ask, your throat tightening at the effort to sound indifferent. 

“Sadly yes, I’ve got duties to fulfill at home.” Taehyung nods, not revealing any form of emotion. 

“I’m sure you do, you’re quite the honorable man.” You smile, yet the venom in your voice was so clear that Jimin had to press his lips together, hiding back a wince. 

Taehyung purses his lips before giving you a slight nod, holding back the need to wrap his arms around you and claim you as his.
“I wish you good luck during your announcements." 

"You’re not staying till then?” Your eyes had widen unconsciously and Taehyung had to frown at your reaction. Why were you so surprised? 

“Sadly no, my train is leaving in 2 hours.” Taehyung mumbles, fingers drumming against his thigh nervously. 

“Oh.” You nod, forcing down the disappointment as you meet his gaze 

“Well, I hope you take care,” A long pause fills the air as you study his features quietly for the last time. This was going to be the last time you saw the young duke. 


Taehyung’s eyes widen at the mention of his name but you were already turning to look back at your maiden to even notice his reaction. You walk pass the two boys and Taehyung’s eyes follow you, his heart crying out inside his chest as his lips tremble at the effort to contain himself. 


You tap your foot lightly against the floor, your heels clicking against the wooden layer. Your mother has to place her hands on your lap to stop your movements, her grip tightening as a simple warning. You give her a sheepish smile before turning to look back at your father who was just finishing his own speech. 

“Nervous?” You mother whispers, noticing the clenching and unclenching of your fists. 

“No.” You shake your head. To be honest, you really weren’t nervous about the speech at all. In fact you would have rather spent your time practicing archery than being here. No, you weren’t nervous. 

You were disappointed.

Disappointed that Taehyung had chosen to leave today. Disappointed that he couldn’t even stay for a few more hours and hear your speech. Disappointed that he looked fine. Disappointed that maybe you were the only one with the attraction to begin with. Disappointed that after all this time, you still craved the young duke above anyone else.

“Darling, it’s your turn.” Your mother cuts your train of thought and you snap your head up, greeted by the waiting crowd. 

“Oh.” You mumble before your up on your feet and making your way to the podium. You smile at the crowd, greeting them courteously before starting. You begin by talking about the basic issues: road repairs planned for the month, your trip to the neighboring Kingdom next month, your fathers decision to stop the trade with the east kingdom. They all listen attentively, nodding their head in understanding at the simple facts that you were stating. 

You give them all one glance before you’re clearing your throat, warning them of the sudden topic change. 

“Alright!" You smile before setting your notebook down "Now, to address the elephant in the room." 

Your eyes find Jimin’s against the crowd and he gives you a supportive smile. You turn to the empty seat beside him and push down the feeling of sadness that claws against your chest. You shake the feeling away before you let out a steadying breath and smile.

"As you all know, my mother had somehow set this little get together of the kingdoms in hopes to find me a partner.” You hum and turn to your mother teasingly while she just rolls her eyes at you. The crowd chuckles lovingly at you both and you turn back to look at them with bright eyes. 

“As a princess, I know it is expected of me to fall for someone of the same stature. Everyone in the room is probably expecting me to marry some prince to keep the perfect blood line” You notice the princes adjust their coats as they sat higher in their seats, waiting for you to finish.

“But something my dad told me a few years ago really has me thinking twice about all these expectations of me." 

Your father bites back a smile as he turns to your mother who was now arching an eyebrow in question. 

"My dad told me, that the most important thing in the world is for one to be happy. He even explained that love can make someone so happy that it blinds you. So I asked him if my mom was his happiness, he said: ‘Yes, because I love her. But daring I love you too, so that makes you another one of my happiness. How lucky am I?’

“I adored that, I adored their love, I adored their happiness, I adore them." You smile, playing with your fingers as you forced yourself not to look back at your mother. 

"Dad was a prince and Mom was a princess. They were a fairy tale that came true and to this day, they remain completely and utterly perfect for each other. So a few years ago, I asked my dad when I would find my prince, and this line is really what stuck to me: 

'darling, I don’t want you to find a prince. I want you to find a person. Someone who makes you happy, someone who brings out sides of you that you never knew you had, someone who lives their lives everyday just so they can love you. Someone to be your person. 

Thats what I want you to find

You scan the crowd and see the princes gawking at you, amazed that their own hidden feelings were being spoken out loud. They were people of stature who were also stripped of their choices because of the way of thinking of the masses. 

"That means that that someone could be anyone. It could be a prince, a duke, an old fruit trader, the farmer up the hill, or even the little fisherman’s son by the lake.” You shrug your shoulders “So, my dear princes, I’ve gotten to know all of you these past days and all of you are wonderful. Any woman would be lucky to have you but that woman wont be… 

it won’t be me." 

"Have you found someone who makes you happy?” Comes the loud question of Prince Jin, his eyes smiling as he stares at you knowingly. You press your lips together before bobbing your head to the side. 

“I might’ve.” You mumble more to yourself than to the crowd "Or I thought I did.“ 

You shake your head before smiling, once again pushing down the sadness "So I hope you don’t take this with an ill heart, my dear princes. I just want all of us to find what truly makes us-" 

A pair of eyes suddenly capture your attention as the words die down on your lips. You had stood frozen, the sound of your heart slamming against your chest being only sound you could hear in the room of more than a hundred people. The curve of his lips has you widening your eyes as you watch him cross his arms and lean against the wall for support. 

 ”Finish“ You read his lips and are suddenly pulled out of your frozen state, looking back down at your notebook and trying to remember what you were supposed to say. As if sensing your distress, your father had come up behind you, placing his arms on your shoulder and smiling to the crowd. 

"What truly makes all of you happy.” He finishes for you and the loud claps that filled the room makes you jump in shock, not expecting such a reaction. Your father chuckles at you before placing a soft kiss against your temple.

“Your little duke is here?” He whispers and you turn to him with wide questioning eyes. 

“I know everything, darling.” He chuckles “It is my kingdom." 

"Daddy!” You growl at him but he just winks at you before he’s clapping his hands, asking the crowd to settle down. 

“Alright, so now that the announcements are over, I’d like to invite all of you to the dinning hall where dinner is being served!” Your father smiles then turns to you, eyes filled with nothing but affection. 

“Stay and talk some sense into him. I heard he’s too honorable that one.” He chuckles. 

“You have no idea.” You roll your eyes before you grasp his hand, thanking him. The crowd waits for the king and queen to exit the room before they’re all following them out, flocking out the large wooden doors. You turn to look back at where Taehyung had stood, watching as he kept his eyes solely on you while rows of people pass him. You could feel your throat drying, your heart beating wildly against your rib cage as your palms had started sweating.

A princess’ palms should never sweat.

Once the last person was out the door, you decide to feign ignorance by pretending to fix your notes, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing how much he had shook you. Your heart patters in rythm with his steps against wooden floor as he slowly moves forward. 

“Are you not going to acknowledge my presence?“ You hear his voice and the butterflies that flutter in your stomach has you shutting your eyes. It was so good to hear his voice again, to assure you that you weren’t hallucinating and that he really was here in front of you. That he really had stayed. 

"Why should I? When does the princess have to address the duke?” You arch an eyebrow, testing him.

“Oh, but I’m not a duke.” He shakes his head, stepping closer to the podium, eyes twinkling as he looked up at you. 

“And what would you be then?” You bob your head to the side, suddenly breathless at the intensity of his gaze. 

“A prince, a duke, an old fruit trader, the farmer up the hill or even the little fisherman’s son by the lake.” He smiles “A person." 

You had not intended to show him any level of your happiness but you couldn’t stop the smile that had spread on your face as your heart screamed for his name. 

"Really now? I thought, you were a duke and I was a princess?”

“Fuck the system. Fuck the rules. Fuck being honorable.” Taehyung curses and you let out a chuckle, covering your mouth with your fingers. Taehyung growls at the fact that you had covered your face but the sight of your rosy cheeks was enough to calm him. 

Y/N,  Let me be your person.”

Your world had stopped spinning. Your vision had blurred and your heart was too forgone as you nod your head and drop your hands from your face.  
“Then stop being so damn honorable and get up here." 

Taehyung shakes his head, his nose scrunching up as he bit back a smile "But I like looking up at you, you have no idea how bloody beautiful you look right now.”

You bite the inside of your cheeks before rolling your eyes, your ears heating up at the compliment.
 "Kim Taehyung I will order the guards to be off with your head if you dont get up here and kiss me." 

The laugh that escapes his lips are music to your ears. You let out a smile as you watch Taehyung climb on the stage, not wasting any time as his arms suddenly reaches out for you. You meet him half way, letting him pull you towards him as you snake your arms around his neck. Taehyung gazes at your face for a few seconds, his eyes unbelieving at the fact that he had come to adore you so much in such a short span of time. 

You were going to ask him what was wrong but the young duke suddenly takes your lips against his own and you swore you could see sparks flying behind your eyelids. Taehyung’s kisses was your own absolute downfall. 

The contented sigh that leaves Taehyung’s lips causes you to smile against his lips. Taehyung would never admit out loud  just how long he had been wanting to kiss you again. His nights were filled of dreams of kissing you or at least holding you in his arms once again. His days were filled with the thought of you, from the way you smile all the way to how your toes would curl when you laughed. 

You were Taehyung’s one and only thought. 

He threads his hands through your hair, angling his head to the side and deepening the kiss. You playfully nibble on his lower lip and the guttural sound that escapes his throat has you digging your nails against the back of his neck. Taehyung opens his mouth and you immediately explore it with your tongue, only to have his own tongue flick against yours. His hands travel from your hair down to your waist, gripping you tighter as you ran your hands from his neck down to his collarbones then down his chest. Taehyung hadn’t mean to but his hands found their way against your behind, squeezing for dear life as he swallows back a moan that threatened to leave his lips. You gasp at the action, pulling away from him but placing your forehead against his, the seductive smile on your face just enough to drive any man mad.

"Not so noble now are we?” You smile and Taehyung lets out a low chuckle before pecking your lips and squeezing your ass once more. 

“Not today, princess.” You bite your lower lip in completely adoration, knowing that Taehyung had not called you by your ranking but instead used the term as a pet name. You were just about to place another kiss against his lips when someone clearing their throat causes you to snap your head back, ready to scream out a command to throw him into the castle cells for disturbing you. 

“I’d like you to get your hands off of my daughters-” The king doesnt finish his sentence, shaking his head as his eyes glares lasers on where Taehyung’s hands had laid. The young duke immediately lifts his hands in the air, as if surrendering to the enemy as his eyes double their usual size, fear coursing through him.

He steps away from you causing you to click your tongue and cross your arms over your chest, the spoiled princess in you coming out. 

“Daddy, I swear!" 

"Time for dinner.” The King clicks his tongue sparing one glance at Taehyung then turning to look back at you “Now would the spoiled princess and her handsy duke hurry up? The people are waiting.”

“What type of king walks all the way over here to say that! You could have asked one of the guards to do this! You were eavesdropping daddy, dont you lie!” You hiss but Taehyung immediately covers your mouth with his hands as he smiles at your father. 

“We’re coming, your highness.” He says.

You glare at him, spitting profanities that were being muffled by his hand against your mouth. Taehyung pinches your nose to silence you and you immediately slap his hand away in shock. He lets out a loud chuckle as you stare up at him in rage, threatening to be off with his head yet again. Taehyung mocks your voice and your mouth drops open as you pinch his sides only to have the young duke wrap his arms around you and throw you over his shoulders as he smiles brightly at your father.

“We’re coming, sire.” He chuckles as you scream out his name only to end up laughing as you slapped his behind.

“I swear to god, Taehyung, if you drop me!” You giggle as Taehyung passes by your father to exit the ballroom.

“You’ll be fine.” Taehyung hums, fingers pinching the back of your leg teasingly. You growl at him and let out a wicked smile before you dig your teeth against his lower back emitting a loud scream from the young duke as he slowly puts you back on your feet and stares wide at your bite mark. 

“THAT’S GONNA FUCKING SCAR.”Taehyung screeches as your start skipping down the halls, a wide smile on your face.

“YOU’LL BE FINE.” You mock him.

The king bites back a smile as he leans against the door frame. Watching as Taehyung chases after you, a wide smile on his face as he listened to your laughs echo down the halls. Your father shakes his head before adjusting his crown and letting out a proud grin.

“I guess some girls want a man who won’t treat them like a princess.”

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I asked for leave in January for September. For my 2 weeks I am entitled to contractually, to see my parents who are flying from New Zealand to Canada to see me. Got told today there's a chance my leave isn't going to be approved (despite already having been approved...) because they might not have enough ppl to cover. I told them that I was going if they gave me leave or not, it's their choice whether I come back after. So done with this shit. We'll see what they say.

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Oh man, I am sorry for every known rivalry in sports and elsewhere in your verse, because now RPF shippers are having a field day. Forums be like: "I'm giving it two years and a scandal." "Hotel room staff might have seen them getting it on and have to keep quiet." And of course it's not good, bc even if there was another pair of rivals who might actually feel something for one another, who wants to be labeled Viktuuri#2 or be told by everyone they bet on it? Just regular online exaggeration

All the other sports rivalries are going to suffer because no-one will ever be able to out dramatic Yuuri and Viktor. Everyone will be like, you’re interesting but are you eight years one doping scandal and a public kiss interesting

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Hi! I am very sorry but I can't remember if it was you or someone else but are you writing a book? If so what is it called again and when does it come out? Sorry if it wasn't you!

Well, it might also be someone else, but I am definitely writing a book! (Tbh, the book is already written.) :-) 

It’s called Snowflakes on Christmas Street and you can pre-order it here. It comes out November 2. Also, if you prefer audiobooks, it’s been made into an audiobook, too!! I am seriously so excited about that. I think the audiobook (with its lovely British narrator) can be pre-ordered at the same link. 

You’ll notice the link brings you to UK Amazon. That’s because UK rights were sold first. We literally just sold the US rights this week but I don’t know any details about when it’s coming out  in the US. I’ll keep you posted. 

Also, if I’ve got any German readers out there, it’s being translated into German, too! I don’t really know many details on that, either, but it’s very exciting!!

I’m sure I’ll be pestering everyone again with reminders as we get closer to the date, but, as ever, if you’re interested in buying the book, pre-orders apparently really help authors in Internet search algorithms and other rights and sales and such. 

And if you want to know more about the book: It’s basically a feel-good Christmas-y book about the denizens of a London street and the stray dog they all take care of who brings their disparate lives together. There’s lots of all sorts of love: romantic, platonic, parental, sibling, like-a-sibling, etc. ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD IS STUFFED INTO THIS BOOK. Not to mention the love for the dog!

Also, Ivy has a Twitter (@IvyPembroke) and an Instagram (@IvyPembroke) and a Facebook (Ivy Pembroke), if you want to know what sort of UNBELIEVABLY EXCITING THINGS I get up to.

Things I've heard or said at college
  • "I am going to kill the next person who burns popcorn and sets the fire alarm off."
  • "I was just about to go to bed and some dumbass tripped the fire alarm."
  • "I think my family enjoys watching me whining on Facebook about freezing my ass off because of another goddammed fire alarm."
  • "Are you seriously taking time to get dressed? The building could be on fucking fire right now!"
  • "For a college, they have really shitty electrical wiring."
  • "It's two a.m. does it look like I am in a good mood? I swear if this is another short circuit I'm going to flip."
  • "Based on the competency of everyone else in this dorm, yes keeping a bra on at night is probably a good idea."
  • "When you tour the campus in the spring they forget to mention the part where you keep a change of clothes on your desk for the 2 a.m. fire alarms."
  • "It's finals week and I have a final in an hour, I don't give a fuck if I get fined I am not leaving."
  • "Great the firefighters are here. I might just go sleep in my car for the night."
  • "Thank god I live with the RA. Because the rest of my roommates all forgot their fucking keys."
  • "So I got woken up at midnight... BECAUSE SOMEONE TOOK A FUCKING SHOWER?"
  • "I think monkeys make better dorms than this."
  • "Benefits of being on the ground floor, moving in is easy. Consequences? Prone to flooding, fanfuckingtastic."
  • "So who wants to find out how many different ways we can make top ramen."
  • "So why do the upperclassmen need more security than the freshman again?"
  • "I think I'm going to tape a pillow to the ceiling so I stop waking up with bruises on my forehead."
  • "I've taken over the lounge because my roommate likes to keep our room in sub-zero temperatures."
  • "Benefits of having a gamer in your dorm, someone is bound to be up at 3 a.m."
  • "Why are you doing laundry at 2 a.m?"
  • "I cannot believe you want to go to Walmart at midnight."
  • "Fine as long as you are paying for my gas, I swear the things I do for you people."
  • "My roommate is gone for the week! I can finally have my bedroom at a decent temperature."
  • "In one bedroom you feel like you are in the arctic, another it's just a little bit cool. Then you get the lounge where it's a sauna."
  • "You call it a sauna, I call it room temperature."

They say blogging helps to put out your feelings out there so might as well give it a try, this is my first time posting so forgive me…

This was their last fansign for Roar promotions, my french friend helped me get into this fansign by asking customers to buy albums and get a signed page so she was able to get 20 albums for me to try out, I was nervous knowing last fansigns always have higher risks of not getting in since many people will buy more just to get in, none the less we tried and I prayed hard to get in, when I found my name on the list it’s a mixture of happiness and sadness…happy because i got in sad because it might be the last time

The day of the fansign came 2 hour journey from seoul to daejeon, cold weather,hungry stomach and my depression on knowing this will be the last time I see them before I permanently go back home to the Philippines slowly starts to take its toll on me….I already saw some familiar faces when I arrived at the venue some of my fansite friends were delighted to see me and even congratulated me that I got in…..

I got my number 55 which like 4th row from the stage I am not complaining anywhere I would be seated anyway since my goal is just to talk to them, make a last happy memory with each one of them, say my goodbyes and finish the fansign….if this was any other ordinary fanmeeting or fansign I would be yelling a member’s name when he is vacant or make them do silly poses but I just stayed quiet in my seat waiting for my turn…I wanted to goof off with the members one last time that was my plan while getting the album signed…

As my number approaches nearer and nearer I made eye contact with my zuho friend fan I made a gesture that I think I am gonna cry and she was like why? and just said just because….it’s my line’s turn now and I stood up took the album and waited in cue…as I approach the fan staff to have my album checked she suddenly blurted out “last one ha?” TRIGGERED I started crying in front of her she was gonna try to calm me down but it was already my turn so..

DAWON was first he asked right away why am I crying I jokingly told him it’s because of the fan staff hahaha I told how jealous I am that he gets to work with Dara and Kim Sohye after that he comforted me and told me not to cry

YOUNGBIN next and our conversation just went about him not using his ad lib that he had during his rap part in roar like the one he did in the show champion comeback stage he said in the monitoring it didn’t look nice so he just kept the original choreography but I told him it looks really cool and he should do it again sometime

HWIYOUNG changed his hair and he asked which hairstyle I liked more the one he has now or the one before I said anything looks good on him and I had to explain why the album is not on my name because I was poor and stuff hahaha 

JAEYOON so yeah this is the part where I breakdown so bad coz he is my bias after all I just bowed my head and bawled my eyes out, everything in this moment is a blur I even don’t remember how I got to give him the headband…he told me not to cry and that we will meet again 

TAEYANG as soon I sat down he asked me why I was crying I pointed at jaeyoon of course (jaeyoon tried to tell the fans I was crying but they thought he was making shy shy shy) I seriously forgot what I talked with taeyang 

ROWOON my lowkey 2nd favorite (always between him zuho and chani) he saw on the post it my question was “any last message for me” he saw the word last and asked me why I had to explain I was going home blah blah blah he erased the word last and it made me cry some more he was trying to console me and told me this is not the last time that we will meet again

INSEONG the mudafaka who teased me even more for crying he started singing an english song (ed sheeran song i think) to tease me more I was able to hold back my tears and we were able to talk about if he is still going to kyunghee (his uni) and he says he comes every now and then

CHANI I cried again and had to explain all the things again, that i am leaving soon and that this is not my album but my friend’s customer I couldn’t remember our main topic though

ZUHO was the finale that made me cry like a bitch, while chani listens to my expalnation to zuho I couldn’t finish and started crying some more, I said sorry to zuho coz I wanted to make happy memories but ended up being like this in front of him, he said I shouldn’t be sorry and he was thankful for everything since pre-debut…I was ready to leave but he stood up too and escorted me to the exit (I was the only fan that day who had that zuho fan service) 

Because of the background music and the camera shutter sounds, no one knew I was crying up until the end but sf9, fanstaff and the girl after and before me….I went immediately to the far back to let out some emotions, some fans followed me and started to fan coz they thought I was hyperventilating but I just cry that way sobbing like a bitch zuho grabbed the mic and told me to stop crying (uljima hyeong) the fans were giving me jaeyoon fans and told me to look at his haooy face printed on the fan….

When I got a bit of a hold of myself I excused myself to the bathroom…I cried some more in the bathroom and 2 girls came knocking asking me if I was okay and that they can’t enter and comfort me since they are girls…I went back took my camera from my friend and started taking pictures again, 

As the fansign comes to a close the only exit of the artist is to go through the seats going to the door behind us so naturally they will pass by us I was taking pictures and I was hoping jaeyoon would give me a glance or something but none but zuho yet again surprised since I was in the middle you have to go inside the row of our seats to get to me, he did that held my hand and thanked me for everything and told me good job for today

Sorry for my long ass post but finally i can put that past behind me and look forward to this comeback, I might be still able to do 3-4 weeks of easy love promotions with them so let’s see what happens  

Which Planet to Destroy?

I have no real explanation as to how this situation would come up, but I had a thought: An inter-galactic  being (Galactus or the likes) comes to earth to devour the planet Earth, but a few humans go to try to reason with it.

Human 1: Please, spare our world, there are countless lives that call this place home, would you destroy it just for one quick meal?

Alien: Listen, this may sound rough to you, but this is my life every day. I gotta eat too, you know. Circle of life.

Human 2: But why this world? There are so many others that don’t have life on them.

Alien: Because your planet is right here and I’m hungry. Do you know how long it’s been since I last ate a planet? Too long.

Human: Please, this is our home. Our families are here, our children, our friends. We would do anything if you would spare this world.

Alien: *Sigh* Fine. I’ll spare your world, on one condition. I still need to eat. Find me a planet I can devour or I will consume your Earth.

The two humans look at each other and lower their voices as they discuss their options.

Human 1: What planet should we tell him to go eat?

Human 2: I think it’s gonna have to be one in our solar system, there’s no way he’s going to agree to go too far if he’s really as hungry as he says he is. But which one?

Human 1: Well definitely not Jupiter, it’s gravity keeps Earth safe from a lot of asteroids.

Human 2: Mars?

Human 1: Mars?! Are you kidding me? We can’t give up Mars, the Curiosity Rover’s there, and also, I want to visit Mars someday.

Human 2: That’s your reasoning, really?

Alien: My patience runs short. Make your decision.

Human 1 (to H2): Okay, look, shut up, we can’t give him Mars. End of story. Or Jupiter. Venus?

Human 2: I don’t know, Venus is really close to Earth, it might negatively affect us if our sister planet just disappeared from the sky. What about a farther planet, like Pluto?

Human 1: Yeah, but Pluto’s technically not a planet anymore.

Human 2: Do you really think this guy’s going to turn down our offer just on a technicality?

Human 1: Maybe.

Human 2: We don’t have time for this. Fine, what’s the next farthest away planet? Neptune? Do you have any objections with that?!

Human 1: Ummm, well, I don’t know, I think some people say one of Neptune’s moons might be habitable. They think it might have water if the moon kept some internal hea-

Human 2: I am not going to die today because you’re an idiot who can’t prioritize. This guy is going to eat a planet today, and so help me, it’s not going to be Earth with its definitely habitable characteristics, doYouUnderstandMe?!

Human 1: …*nods*

Human 2: Good. *turning up to yell back to the alien* We’ve made a decision, if you will listen, oh great being. We ask that you spare Earth, the third planet from our star, and instead eat another, Neptune, the eighth planet in our solar system. It is much larger, which should  satisfy your great hunger much better than our small home worl-

Human 1: Oh wait, did you know that Neptune actually has rings, they’re small and hard to see, but they-

Human 2: I swear, if this guy doesn’t kill us all, I will kill you