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So I’ve been obsessed with this masterpiece by @thisiswhatmylifeamountsto ! Chapter 18 and 17 killed me and I love everyone so much


anonymous asked:

When's the last time you got to snuggle up under a handmade blanket just for you (or handed down)? I will absolutely make you one if you don't have one.

this depends entirely on how you define ‘handmade blanket.’ if you mean like, somebody made a quilt or an afghan or something, probably before the war. most of the blankets we had were handmade by various family members. 

the stark tower stitch&bitch has yet to produce a blanket. i have no idea how, since theres like six of us all knitting and sewing and crocheting, but somehow it just hasn’t happened yet. too busy making hammer cozies and a pompom hat big enough to fit on the hulk.

however, if you define handmade blanket as a blanket somebody made by hand, then just last week i took a post-battle nap under a table at a press conference and clint made me a ‘blanket’ out of stark industries t-shirts.

not sure if that counts or not. 


Noticed an interesting difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May rally videos. I was trying to show the differences in audience between Corbyn and May rallies but came up with… No audience for May. Her videos consist of a straight shot looking directly at her, with her audience behind her. Whereas at the Corbyn rallies the crowd are the main event. The huge and diverse group of people coming out to see him speak. All the people the Tories have fucked over. The disabled, women, marginalised ethnicities, the young, the poor and the punk™. Without alienating the middle class who want to see a progressive future. 

Liverpool rally

John buys Sherlock a purple fidget spinner because he knows that he sometimes has trouble focusing on one thing, and his mind races constantly, plus, it looks fun and it’s pretty cheap.

He gives it to Sherlock when he gets back to the flat, a little hopeful smile on his face.

“Because I know sometimes you need help concentrating. It’s supposed to help with that.”

Sherlock just stares at it and John gives it a spin. “See? You do it now.”

And from that day on, Sherlock carries it everywhere and it makes John’s heart skip a beat to see it actually help his husband and to see him treasure it so much.


What’s that saying? Something like, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.” Something like that…

Well, from mid-April through, um, half an hour ago, I have not had anything remotely resembling a plan. Gym going has been sporadic at best, eating properly has been a disaster–Clif bars and coffee do not a proper diet make–and water and vitamins? Notsomuch. Basically, I’ve been a mess. Ok, not entirely true…my work game and mom/wife game have still been pretty good, but my own fitness and health are important and have been badly neglected.

I spent some time meal-prepping because the two meals I eat on my own each day should still receive as much forethought as the meal I make for my family each night. I resurrected the checklist (but trimmed it down because I’m feeling the need for simplicity). And, I’m planting my visions of miles and miles of hiking in just two short months in my brain to keep me motivated!

🤞🏻Here’s hoping I can get myself together!!