but that line actually sort of comes to life during this scene



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What about the RFA and Unknown and V finding out that MC has a career in the arts (author, artist, actor or something like that?) @saeranlover

Lol it’s been like 5,000 years since I’ve done a request, here you go bbies


  • It was always a lingering thought in Yoosung’s mind
  • The thought always came randomly, but sometimes he swore that he  recognized your voice
  • Like the one time you yelled “Come at me!” at a friend who was teasing you and he just froze for a second to think about why it sounded familiar
  • It wasn’t until one day he was testing out a LOLOL character he’s never played before and she screamed out a line of dialogue before her attack
  • And suddenly he heard your voice behind him perfectly recreate the line
  • He turned around to see you cheekily grinning from your place on the bed
  • But it was wiped off your face soon enough because baby boi just pounced you into a big hug
  • You giggled as he rapidly asked you other things you voice acted in and gawked when he recognized the other characters you’ve voiced in games and cartoons
  • He’ll shyly ask you to reenact his favorite lines or scenes and his inner fanboy will show
  • Yoosung’s never really been into the behind the scenes stuff but he already somewhat was a fan of yours before so he’s basically dating his favorite VA
  • Silly lil’ peanut is gonna ask for your autograph on his merch of the characters you’ve voiced


  • She found out during one of your nights in
  • You were in the kitchen preparing the snacks while Jaehee sorted through the set of musicals the two of you had rented for tonight (you finally convinced her that watching ‘Promiscuous Jalapeno’ for the 8th time in a row was a little much)
  • Once that was all said and done, you cuddled up to Jaehee while the movie started as she fed you popcorn
  • Oh crap, you recognized this movie
  • You actually got the part of the main dancer in this film (it was your typical dance batte film)
  • You somewhat never wanted her to find out  that you were an actor/dancer in fear of always being compared to Zen
  • Once your character was introduced, Jaehee’s eyes squinted a little at the screen before gasping and shaking your shoulders
  • “MC, MC, IS THAT YOU?”
  • “U-uhm nooooo…?”
  • “Wait, why would you keep this secret from me?”
  • After explaining your reasoning as to why, she just pulled you into a tight hug
  • “I’d never compare you anyone else, I love you just the way you are, famous or not!”
  • After watching the movie, she put aside the time to scour the internet for every performance you’ve been in and is about to be the proud owner of all your merch
  • jaehee please no that was our grocery money


  • “lolol zen have you seen mc’s latest cover?”
  • “Cover? What’re you talking about?”
  • “the one on her youtube channel???”
  • “…”
  • “you do know what she does for a living, right??”
  • After Seven endlessly mocked Zen for not knowing what his own girlfriend did for a living, Seven graciously provided the link to your Youtube channel
  • Zen then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours of his life going through
  • your entire channel
  • He knew that you liked to sing and sounded like an angel but this
  • This is something extraordinary
  • You actually made a living doing this and he never even knew!
  •  He finally made his way up to your latest cover (which was uploaded about a week ago), and HO L Y  C R A P
  • It was the song he’s practiced at home for months on end for a musical he recently just starred in!
  • When you get home that night, you’re bombarded with compliments and questions (mostly compliments)
  • You explained that you never recorded around him because you were afraid that he might’ve thought you were going to use him for popularity
  • “Babe, I know you would never do that NOW WILL YOU PLEASE DUET WITH ME–”
  • Guess who has the best mashup cover of ‘Butterfly’ now


  • Coming home a few hours early was indeed a rare occurrence for Jumin
  • Usually when he came home, you were instantly there to greet him with a hug and kiss
  • He called your name, but there was no response, just a faint typing sound
  • After hanging his coat on the coat hanger, he began walking towards the noise, his hands already working on loosening his tie
  • “Ah, here you are, my love,” he said upon entering the officeroom
  • “Jumin, you’re home early,” you smiled, letting your husband wrap his arms around your shoulders and resting his chin atop your head
  • “The office had to close early for some renovations,” Jumin explained, “but I’m more interested in what you’re working on.”
  • “I’m working on my next book!”
  • The surprised look on his face made you remember that you never brought it up to him before, but now is as good as time as any to explain
  • Jumin seemed genuinely intrigued as he listened to your explanation on your book series, which was apparently very popular
  • When you finished, he asked if you could lend him the first addition, as he did enjoy reading in his spare time
  • And soon enough, he was hooked
  • He’d have long talks with you over dinner on how he wasn’t expecting a plot twist or how well you wrote your characters
  • Or about how you should hurry and finish the next book because you left him on a cliffhanger


  • He’s known since the background check that you had a job in digital art but he tucked that away in the back of his head because there were too many other things happening at the time (eg the hacker, your sudden appearance, his emotions and job…)
  • It isn’t until one day where he’s been able to work for a few hours straight without you lecturing him about how he should take a break
  • So he got up from his chair, slapped his right leg a few times to wake it up, and ventured outside his office to find you
  • To no surprise, you were huddled inside in the bedroom, but this time with your drawing tablet in hand
  • “Hey Saeyoung,” you tiredly muttered, eyes still glued to the laptop screen
  • His eyes trailed to where you were looking and a look of mock hurt morphed on his face, “MC, how dare you draw a picture of another man!”
  • You stifled a laugh at your boyfriend’s dramatic tone, “Zen just asked me to draw some things for his website so I’m–”
  • You should me drawing me instead! Here, I’ll even pose for you!” 
  • You regret even looking behind you, because Saeyoung was already stripping down to his boxers, need I remind you the pair with cat faces on them


  • Usually you were making some sort of noise in the house, but today you were oddly quiet
  • “MC? Where are you?”
  • “I’m in the living room,” you hollered back as he started making his way over, “Be careful not to bump my arm though.”
  • “What’re you doing?” he asked, taking a seat on the floor next to you
  • You explained that you liked paint and used it as a way to make some extra pocket money
  • V was very happy and excited to hear that you had an artistic career just like him
  • You were always delighted to describe the paintings to him, and you always did it with such passion
  • After awhile, he started to miss photography and he so badly wanted to see your work for himself
  • So he decided to get the eye surgery
  • Once he did, he was shocked at how much he can see your heart poured onto the canvas
  • You often went out into nature together and sit there together for hours to photograph/paint and enjoy one another’s company
  • You also loved painting some of V’s older photographs and he loved it and every single one is framed in the house
  • #artsycouple
  • The day you painted a picture of the sun and gave it to him, he cried


  • The first time Saeran ever walked into your room, his eyes immediately darted to the big, colorful collection of sticky note pads on your desk
  • He picked one up, noting that every one had a slightly different drawing than the others, “What’re these for?”
  • “Oh, I’m an animator! I like to use these sticky notes when I’m bored.”
  • He never got to watch cartoons as a child so this was all new to him
  • Watching you peacefully work is very, very soothing to him, to just watch the lines fill with color so smoothly
  • You even let him have some of your already drawn-on sticky note pads and he likes to flip through them when he’s nervous or needs to calm down when something’s bothering him
  • His favorite is the one you made for him where it goes “I love you, Saeran!” with a cute little doodle of a cartoony-looking you kissing his cheek on it
  • As mentioned before, he never got to watch cartoons or movies as a kid and he’s willing to watch the ones you’ve worked on
  • It always amazes him that you made what was on the screen and he loves it (he’s never said it out loud but it shows on his face)
  • He really enjoys the ones that are story-based rather than the nonsense slapstick ones (which is what Saeyoung enjoys, much to his dismay)
  • Seeing the childlike innocence in his eyes is heartwarming and you wouldn’t trade it for the world 
Despicable Me is so important

if you follow my blog at all you’ll know that I absolutely fucking love Despicable Me. Like… LOVE. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. The writing, the comedy, the timing, the animation; it’s all incredibly well put together. 

In fact, I’m a fan of Illumination Studios in general. 

Granted, I’m not a fan of their movies. 

LE GASP you say. How can you be a fan of a studio but not all their movies

Becuase, dear reader, their movies lack a lot of things. And, for the most part, many of their movies aren’t really displays of “We Do What We Want”. They’re more “We Do What the Audience Wants.” Which… sort of makes sense. They’re a new studio. They don’t have the funds to really take huge risks yet. But god, their audience-pleasing choices can be so…. 

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Like remember that time a few people stood up and said “hey those Minions were sort of cool”

and Illumination Studios said 


Originally posted by minionnation

And brought us one of the most annoying things to grace this planet. 

Goddamit Illumination. 

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Flirt Lane (ft. Jeongguk)

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Drabble game prompt 53. “I’m flirting with you.”
shy!jk, aka furious amounts of fluff (from the BTS in 10 years!au)
→ 2.5k words

A/N: Highly recommend reading both Yoongi’s and Tae’s versions of this au! It’ll make a little more sense :) Thanks for requesting to my beautiful bby mutual, @dat-town <3 Sorry if it’s not what you expected :( but pls feel free to request more to all my readers! 

You’re feet are killing you, as you scurry around the chapel, careful to take your gig seriously as you snap pictures of every aesthetic scene you can possible capture in the hustle of the wedding. 

Picture of the altar, check. 

Picture of the bride and her bridesmaids, check.

Picture of the groom and his parents, check. 

Snapshot of his members, check. 

Side-view of the flowers lining the entrance, check. 

Long-shot of the entrance, che– oh shit.

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anonymous asked:

The RFA reacting to waking up with MC for thr first time? Not in a sex type of way but maybe they fell asleep on the couch or MC sat next to them till she fell asleep type of thing. Fluffy is nice :p

Fluffy is life! ^^ Hope you enjoy this!

RFA reacting to waking up with MC for the first time


  • He woke up with the morning breeze blowing in his face, was he so tired that he really dozed off on his rooftop?
  • He looks down and… you??? You and him with a blanket wrapped around you two???
  • Wants to scream and push you away before the beast comes out, but… you look so peaceful in your sleep, so comfortable… you shouldn’t be so comfortable around a man, all men are wolv… oh, shit! You’re hugging him and snuggling in his chest.
  • Now he remembers, you two went to gym together and then he invited you over to cool off after such an intense work out session
  • He feels disgusted at himself for leaning against you like that, he was probably all sweaty. Well, so were you, but your sweat smells like cinnamon to him, so he doesn’t mind.
  • You two went to his rooftop and talked a little drinking a beer. You seemed cold, so he grabbed a blanket, and next thing you know… you were cuddling like this…
  • Despite all his fear about losing control, he feels so glad, he would love to wake up with you all over him like this every morning, but probably somewhere more comfortable like his couch or… his bed…
  • “Zen… are you okay?” your sleepy voice and you half lidded eyes, this is too fucking much!  “You keep shaking, are you cold?” he feels really hot, actually…
  • “I-I’m fine, MC, don’t worry.” “Okay, so go back to sleep…” you nuzzle at him again. Oh well… you heard her, beast, go back to sleep…


  • He feels his neck a little wry, this pillow seems different… wait! It’s not a pillow, it’s… it’s… YOUR LAP!
  • There’s so much for him to feel flustered. You’re so close, he’s sleeping on your lap and you are IN PUBLIC!
  • Oh yeah… LOLOL is about to send a new expansion, so there he is camping in front of the store waiting to be one of the firsts to buy it.
  • How he managed to bring you along is a thing he’ll never know… but what’s more important right now is… the sweet smell of cherry emanating from your hair…and your legs are so comfortable…
  • Wait! What? No… the most important thing is… why did he drag you to this? And he should have offered his lap, or… at least, his shoulder for you to rest! You must be so uncomfortable! But you look ok… and so cute…
  • Are people in line looking at you? Oh no… this is so embarrassing… they must think you are a couple…
  • But would it be bad? People seeing you as a couple? He would never say it out loud, but he fantasized so much about doing couple’s things with you…
  • Cooking together, having meals together, waking up together… at the same bed… oh no no no! What was he thinking? This was so naughty, especially having you this close…
  • “Yoosung, are you feeling sick? You’re so red… maybe you have a fever?” he didn’t even notice you waking up. You put your hand on his forehead, could he get even redder? He looks at you all tense, your eyes are a little squinched because you didn’t wake up completely, so…  cute!
  • “Hum… you don’t feel that hot…, just rest a little more, okay?  I’ll wake you up when the store opens.” He hesitates a lot, but you’re so warm and he’s so tired… he awkwardly rests his head again on your lap and feel your fingers resting lazily on his hair, well, none of his fantasies went that far…


  • She wakes up when she feels your head leaning on her shoulder… oh… Zen can ever know you two slept during his movie.
  • WAIT! You’re sleeping on her? YOU are sleeping on HER?
  • She feels kinda honored that you think she’s comfortable enough for you to just lean on, but… why?
  • You two came to see this movie Zen has a cameo on, maybe you two got too tired of waiting for his scene? She would be offended if it was someone else, but since it is you… she understands, she felt asleep too, after all.
  • She wonders if people on the row behind you think you’re just a couple and you are snuggling in her because it’s romantic… she giggles at this thought because, well… it feels sort of… exciting?
  • Yes… it’s such a bright feeling… the idea of people seeing you as a couple, imagining you do these cute and cheesy couple things… she would like doing these cute and cheesy things with you…
  • If you did that while you’re watching one of Zen’s DVDs together, on her couch… oh! What would she do?
  •  “Jaehee… did I miss some funny part?” you whisper at her ear, and she shivers. “Hum… n-no, MC, why?” “Well, you’re grinning so much… did Zen appear yet?”
  • “No, not yet… you can sleep a little more if you want, I’ll wake you up, okay?” you just nod, close your eyes again and go back to her shoulder.
  • Yes, she is grinning again, but it has nothing to do with the movie.


  • He wakes up at his couch feeling something on his lap, it seems a little heavier than Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Oh… oh… it’s your head, you are… resting your head at his lap, this is… weird? And… so… intimate? And… good?
  • At least you don’t have your face turned to his body and… oh, you roll over, he can feel your breathing through his shirt.
  • He invited you over to show you some ideas he had for a new cat project. People could judge him and he didn’t care, but your opinion on his cat projects is always fundamental.
  • You gave him great suggestions as usual, and you two could spend the whole night discussing it, but you  felt tired at some point and fell asleep on his shoulder.
  • He should have offered you a bedroom, but he was pretty tired himself… and you’re so warm and… look so comfortable.
  • He’s not sure about what moment of the night you fell on his lap, but… does it really matter? It’s so… amusing…
  • He feels so tempted to caress your hair, it looks so silky… and your peaceful sleepy face is so… mesmerizing, he could watch you sleep like this every night.
  • He would prefer doing this in bed, when he can look straight at you, laying beside you… easy there, Jumin…
  • It’s so weird knowing you trust him that much to let yourself be so vulnerable near him, usually people feel so intimidated by his presence, but not you… you just think he’s good enough for you to rest…
  • “Jumin, doesn’t your neck hurt?” your sleepy voice is like music to his ears “No, MC. Why do you ask?” “You’ve been keeping your head down, maybe you have a wryneck?”
  • “Don’t worry about me, MC. What about you? Aren’t you uncomfortable?” you  look around, grab a pillow and put on his lap. “I’m okay… sweet dreams, Jumin.” And you get back to sleep.
  • Well, he doesn’t need to sleep or dream, this is sweet enough for him.


  • He wakes up because this pillow feels a little weird…it’s comfortable, but it’s different…
  • Oh, it’s not a pillow, it’s your chest… he blushes, did he drool a little? Gross… and kind of pervy?
  • He looks at you and sees you’re drooling a little too, ok, now he’s not that embarrassed.
  • Wants to take lots of pictures of you to spam the chatroom, but there’s something about you like this that makes him feel he should be the only one to ever see you so peaceful and vulnerable.
  • His legs hurt, keeping them curled up like this all night because there’s not much space on the backseat of his car it’s a little uncomfortable. Luckily enough, the upper half of his body enjoyed this warm and smooth pillow that is your body.
  • He invited you for a ride in one of his babies, unfortunately, there was a problem with the engine. He called a tow truck, but it was taking too long and you looked so tired… so you two moved to the backseat… maybe he was very tired himself too… who knows if the tow truck showed up after all?
  • He can hear your heartbeat, it’s so liberating and soothing at the same time, now it’s slow since you’re sleeping, but he can’t help thinking if he could ever make it race with his words or… with his touch? What is he thinking? No no no…
  • Most of your body is under him, but he would still like to touch you more, run his fingers through your hair, trace your jaw line… he keeps getting greedy with you…
  • He rarely sleeps this well, well, he rarely sleeps, and being able to relax like this just because you’re this close could only mean one thing, right?
  • “Saeyoung, don’t your legs hurt like this?” your sleepy eyes and messy hair are the cutest thing he’s ever seen, he swears. “Oh… a little, but it’s fine, MC.”
  • “No… here, let’s exchange so you can stretch your legs a little.” Now your legs are curled up and he’s being the pillow.
  • Well, now he can at least caress your hair, but he’s the one with the heart racing like crazy.

You can see Saeran and V here~

Was Spock the first human/Vulcan hybrid?

First contact between humans and Vulcans occurred in 2063. Spock was born in 2230. If you listen to some Star Trek fans, that means 167 years passed before both our species decided to bear some sex fruit. Let’s be real though, 167 years is a long time for two civilizations to interact with each other without at least someone from one group deciding to bone someone from the other group, particularly when you consider the populations of both civilizations numbers in the billions.

We might say, “Maybe interspecies sex was just too big of a taboo! Maybe it took that long for barriers to finally start coming down.” Yeah, maybe. Or maybe it’s like Hagrid once said of Dobby the house elf: “Yeh get weirdos in every breed.” Even if 9,999,999,999 humans thought the idea of having sex with an alien was weird or unnatural, there would always be at least one exceptionally progressive person who could see beyond everyone else’s prejudices and pre-conceived notions, and I’m certain the same is true for Vulcans. I would almost be willing to bet that at least one of the first Vulcans who rolled off the T’Plana-Hath on that April morning in 2063 in Bozeman, Montana saw one of the locals and thought, “That human is aesthetically pleasing.” And all it takes is a spark, right? Besides, who wouldn’t want to hear a Vulcan pickup line?

And all the panties fell off as if by magic.

Moreover, in 1957, 106 years before official First Contact between humans and Vulcans, a small Vulcan survey ship crash-landed near Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. There were only three survivors, and of those three, one of them just couldn’t stop himself from falling for the single mom who ran the local bar. Granted, Maggie didn’t know Mestral was Vulcan, but he definitely knew she was human, and a trivial thing like species didn’t seem to matter to him.

Smitten personified.

But wait, just because a few amorous, adventurous, or convention-hating humans and Vulcans might be willing to stand up and proudly (or maybe more discreetly) proclaim, “Love is love, fuck the haters” and get naked with each other, that doesn’t mean they were making babies because after all, humans and Vulcans are genetically incompatible and it would take a feat of medical engineering to swap gametes, right?

Argue if you want, but human/Vulcan sexy time dates back to at least 2153.

People who believe Spock must have been the first hybrid usually stake this claim on one or more of four arguments:

1.     Humans and Vulcans didn’t shack up routinely enough
2.     The science of making a hybrid baby didn’t exist until Spock came along
3.     Gene Roddenberry said so
4.     Spock clearly felt isolated as a child, but he wouldn’t have if there were more hybrids like him

I’ve already poked enough holes in the first claim. Maybe there weren’t a ton of interspecies couples, but I feel confident in saying there were at least some and some is all we need. And once people decide they like each other enough to form relationships, it’s usually not long before at least some of them start thinking, “You know what would make this better? A smaller version of us!”

As for the science behind making a hybrid baby, it existed in the mid 22nd century. Spock wasn’t the first. That’s a fact. Elizabeth, the hybrid child of Charles “Trip” Tucker and T’Pol, existed in 2154.

Pointy ears and pinchable cheeks.  

Elizabeth sadly died as a result of the improper cloning techniques used to conceive her, so there are many who would take the statement of “Spock was the first human/Vulcan hybrid” and simply add the caveat of “to survive.” Perhaps. But in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Terra Prime,” Trip says:

I spoke with Phlox. It turns out there was a flaw in the technique that Paxton’s doctors used in the cloning process. Human DNA and Vulcan DNA, Phlox says there’s no medical reason why they can’t combine. So if a Vulcan and a human ever decided to have a child, it’s probably be ok. And that’s sort of comforting.

So a Denobulan doctor knew a way to make hybrids a full 75 years before Spock was conceived. Maybe the technology was untested and required some refining, but by even a modern a technological timeline, 75 years is an eternity.  

There’s an interview between Gene Roddenberry and Mark Lenard which claims Spock was the first, and so a lot of people might be happy to believe whatever Roddenberry said was the gospel. In the interview, Roddenberry is interviewing Mark Lenard as Ambassador Sarek, asking him questions about humanity and his life when the subject of Spock comes up.

Mark Lenard: Spock’s mother Amanda is an extraordinary woman.
Gene Roddenberry: And Spock was the result? The first human/Vulcan mixture?
Mark Lenard: No, not the first, but the first to survive. As you must know, an Earth/Vulcan conception will abort during the end of the first month; the fetus is unable to continue life once it begins to develop its primary organs. The fetus Spock was removed from Amanda’s body at this time: the first such experiment ever attempted. His tiny form resided in a test tube for the following two Earth months while our physicians performed delicate chemical engineering, introducing over a 100 subtle changes we hoped would sustain life. At the end of this time, the fetus was returned to Amanda’s womb. At the ninth Earth month, the tiny form was again removed from Amanda, prematurely by Vulcan standards, and spent the following four months of Vulcan term pregnancy in a specially designed incubator. The infant Spock proved surprisingly resilient. There seemed to be something about the Earth/Vulcan mixture which created in that tiny body the fierce determination to survive.

So for some fans, maybe that counts as proof. But Gene Roddenberry had a lot of conceptual ideas about his beloved Star Trek that conflict with actual canon and modern science. For a prime example, just look at the treatment of star dates. So maybe it’s me, but I don’t think something is canon just because Roddenberry said it in an interview once. Furthermore, if we take that interview as canon, how do we explain this scene from The Final Frontier where Spock is delivered from Amanda (not a “specially designed incubator”) and presented to Sarek?

Then Sarek went and uttered one of the most dick lines in Trek history.

Lastly, there’s the isolation that Spock feels. How can we explain how lonely he is if it’s not because he’s the only hybrid? Quite easily, actually. Every single person in existence has felt misunderstood and alone at times. As children, our worlds are very small and our social circles consist of our immediate families, school mates, and our parents’ associates. That’s pretty much it. When we aren’t exposed to people like us, it’s very easy to imagine Rocket Raccoon might have been onto something when he said, “Ain’t no thing like me, except me!”

But that’s very rarely literally true, as every kid who’s ever been the only minority at their school or any teen who’s ever been the only gay person in their tiny conservative town will tell you. As we get older and achieve the freedom to strike out and meet people on our own terms, we often learn we weren’t quite as unique as we thought and there are whole groups of people out there who are black or gay or disabled or whatever it was that left us feeling so alone in our formative years. I think that’s why Spock’s character resonated so much with viewers – he was a symbol for all the misfits out there who knew just how much it sucks trying to fit into the fabric of a society that seems so different than they are.

 Proof that regardless of species, kids can be fucking awful. 

Vulcan was a big planet. By the time Nero destroyed it in Star Trek: 2009, it had more than 6 billion inhabitants. Even if there were only 100 human/Vulcan hybrids by that point in time, the odds of an average Vulcan encountering one would still be incredibly small. It’s entirely possible Spock may have felt like he was the only hybrid because he might have been the only one in his community, but the universe is a big place with plenty of room for other human/Vulcan hybrids he and those vicious bullies never met. 

Spock was clearly pretty special. Even people who hate Star Trek and know almost nothing about it know who Spock was and recognize the Vulcan salute Leonard Nimoy made famous in his portrayal of the character. But just because Spock’s human ancestry made him unusual doesn’t necessarily mean his conception was some completely novel, groundbreaking, pioneering leap for interspecies relationships either. 

I can’t say I know many Vulcans, but I think I have a pretty firm grasp on humanity. Despite homosexual, interracial, and interfaith relationships being taboo and even illegal in many countries until relatively recently (and sadly still are in some places) there have always been people who decided they didn’t care and took a chance on love. So I don’t buy the idea that humans and Vulcans could live and work together even in a limited capacity for more than a century and a half before making the jump into starting families.

Transcript of Joseph’s Cult Ending (DDADDS)

So I’ve been doing a lot of research into this “secret” Joseph ending, because quite honestly I wasn’t happy with not being able to have a satisfying ending with him (I wasn’t cool with him sleeping with me and playing with my feelings only to get back together with his wife after he’d assured me that they were separated, even though I do understand that it was probably the right thing for him to do for his children). Regardless, I wanted to see if there was actually another way this could’ve worked, and – well, let’s just say I was pretty shook at what I found, and the answer to my question is that no there is most certainly not a way this could’ve worked out between us, Joseph, because you’re a fuckin’ psycho. If you’d like to know what happens during the secret ending, read on. There are a lot of spoilers for the game, not just for Joseph’s path but for other characters, too.


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Mystic Messenger - Heart Raising Guide

Hey guys! So I finished getting all the good endings in Mystic Messenger, and since this type of mobile otome game has a different system than any others I’ve played, I thought it might be a good idea for those who feel confused by the new mechanics. Because most of the game’s setting takes place in a messenger app, there are A LOT of choices so it would be kind of hard to list every single correct answer. There’s currently no sort of indication to see how much you’ve raised a certain character’s affections. However, after playing one route, I realized it’s easy to choose the right answers that gives you each character’s hearts after finding out more about their personality. This guide will mainly discuss how to gain hearts from a certain character to ensure you will be on the route of your choice and get the good ending. If you want to know more about the basic mechanics of the game @otomesapphic has kindly made a guide which you can find here. If you need answers for the guests e-mails, @glassnorouyadeunazuku‘s guide is right here :) Spoilers for when you reach a character’s main route will be under the Day 5 through Day 11 section :)

Day 1 to Day 4 are the days you really need to focus on if you want to play a specific character before the others. Once Day 4 ends, whichever character has the most hearts will be the route you end up on. You will see their picture underneath Day 5 to Day 11 in the chat room section to know whose route you are on. Before I get to choosing the right answers to gain hearts, you need to first know everybody’s heart colors.

  • Jumin - Purple
  • Zen - Gray
  • 707 - Red
  • Yoosung - Green
  • Jaehee - Orange

Every time you get the right answer for someone, a heart will briefly pop up on the screen. If you pick a bad answer for a character, a broken black heart will show up indicating that you lowered their affection for you. Some character’s hearts are extremely easy to get, so if you really want a specific character’s route first, avoid picking good answers for the rest of them. Alright now here are some tips for how to pick the right answers for everybody. These apply to the chat rooms, text messages, and phone calls:

  • Jumin - Jumin loves his cat Elizabeth 3rd and cats in general, so if he starts talking about cats just agree with him. Agree with him about money, take his side with his childish quarrels with Zen or when he’s bossing Jaehee around, and it’s a little subtle but he’s actually very interested in modern internet slang so don’t be afraid to choose informal answers towards him from time to time since he seems to lowkey like it lol. He also likes confident women, so always pick answers that make you sound modest and smart (thank you @pandamathers for mentioning that!)
  • Zen - Just pick the answers that will boost this narcissist’s ego haha. Flirt back with him, take his side whenever he’s quarreling with Jumin, and be supportive towards him and his career.
  • 707 - He’s literally the definition of internet troll/meme lord. Play along with him every time. If he’s trolling you, troll him back. If you do that every time he’s definitely the second easiest person to raise hearts with. However, if someone’s life is actually in danger, be serious and encourage him to do his best.
  • Yoosung - The easiest person to raise hearts with no joke. He’s like a cute puppy who immediately takes a liking to you. Really all you have to do is just be nice to him, take his side when everyone is bullying him, give him good advice, and be his voice of reason when he gets out of hand. You literally have to be trying hard if you don’t want to get his route.
  • Jaehee - Sympathize with her if she’s stressed about work or when Jumin is bossing her around. Also feel free to fangirl about Zen with her, but make it clear that you’re only his fan and you have no romantic interests towards him. She’s kind of the straight man out of all the characters, so picking the reasonable, level-headed answers will help.

Those are basically all the hints I can give you to pick the right answers in the common route. I know it may seem confusing at first, but trust me, once you see the answer choices it will be pretty obvious which one to pick. If you need help on a certain one, feel free to message me and I will try my best to help you!  Also please message me if you want to add any tips, anything would be greatly appreciated :D

The next section is going to be how to pick answers for whichever character’s route you’re on from Day 5 to Day 11. Since these days are where the plot really starts to develop, there may be a few spoilers below, so I would highly recommend reading below only when you’ve reached their routes. Also, make sure to save a lot in case you’re trying to get the bad endings as well. Day 4, 7, 9, and 10 are days the route will branch off, meaning those are your chances you can try for a bad end rather than making it to the good end.

An anon kindly messaged me and told me that they were able to get a normal ending by picking all the answers that would lead to the good end, but they failed to get any guest to attend the party. They did this in Yoosung’s route and were able to get a CG.

Here are the tips I can give you for the answer choices for characters from Day 5 to Day 11. I would like to thank @glassnorouyadeunazuku and @paranoialover for helping me with Jumin and 707′s routes :) Remember, these are just tips on how to get the good ending, to get any of the bad endings I would just suggest picking the answers opposite to what you would be picking for the good ending answers.

  • Jumin - You have to always make sure you pick the answers that show you’re supporting Jumin throughout everything he does. Even if he’s being unreasonable, don’t make him out to be a bad guy, show that you’re there for him. Don’t act like a snooty gold-digger like Glam Choi and Sarah. Of course, always agree with him about how cats are the best animals in the world, especially Elizabeth 3rd. When you get around to Day 7, his possessive side will start to come out. To ensure you don’t get a bad ending, you have to be firm about your wishes to leave his place in order to get ready for the party but do not be mean about it. Pick the choices that show you understand how much he cares about your safety. Let him know when he gets out of line by picking the more kinder options. You should agree to stay with him until the situation gets cleared and don’t complain to the other RFA members about how you’re locked up.
  • Zen - Make sure he knows you’re always supporting him and his career, but do not act like an possessive fan. You want him to see you as a friend he can rely on at first, not someone who is only obsessed with his good looks. Also Jaehee may seem a little aggressive towards you do to her concerns about you and Zen getting serious, but do not be mean to her and pick the answers that show you understand her point of view. You also want to choose answers that will convince Zen to be more down to earth and fix his relationship with his family. Although it was good to take his side against Jumin from Day 1 to Day 4, make sure that they start to get along lol. Finally on the Day 10 you will encounter a Visual Novel Mode scene where you have the choice to “Stay still” or “Bite his hand”. Choose “Bite his hand” to ensure you get Zen’s good ending.
  • 707 - During the first few days, just keep playing along with 707′s jokes and feel free to even flirt with him a little. Be sure to talk more seriously when he does. When his colder personality begins to show, tone down the jokes and flirting. You are his main source for emotional support now, so you have to make it clear you are on his side. Let him know that you will seriously accept everything about him and that you don’t just like it when he acts like 707 in the chat room, you need to let him now that you like him how he is in real life also. When all the other RFA members start to talk about him, take the opportunity to tell them he’s going through a rough time and you want to be there for him. Be patient and give him time to sort out his emotions and feelings towards you. Be persistent when he tries to push you away, but don’t be too forceful or mean with your words. Also, take his side when he starts to doubt V and Rika.
  • Yoosung - Like Day 1 to Day 4, just be supportive of him through and through. Always make sure you show that you’re concerned about him, but don’t just automatically take his side especially whenever he mentions V. Be his voice of reason and try to make him see the error of his ways when he gets fired up. Make it very clear to him that you are and Rika are not the same person and you want him to see you as yourself. Do not pick the possessive answers or tell him you don’t mind if he wants to see you as Rika (that’s your one-way ticket to a bad ending). Last but not least, once you two start “pre-dating” just honestly pick the most sickeningly sweet, cheesiest responses ever and make sure he knows that you want to depend on him. Yes, you and him will be that kind of couple lol.
  • Jaehee - YOU BETTER BE 100% SUPPORTIVE TOWARDS THIS ABSOLUTE ANGEL Always take her side against Jumin. Tell Jumin off when he’s giving her too much work and won’t take her feelings into consideration. You can fangirl with her over Zen, but do not flirt with him if you’re given the option to. Encourage her to try new things and do what she’s passionate about. Just make sure you’re a good friend to her because this sweetheart needs someone who understands her and will always be there for her.
Musical Theory: Subtext in The Book of Mormon suggests that Elder Price is gay and that McPriceley could be a real thing

 So, I’m a big fan of this show on YouTube called Game Theory. It’s a show that looks at the subtext of video games to figure out answers to unanswered questions in the games (like who Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy really is, or the true story of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series). It’s really interesting and I’d highly recommend you check it out. I’m also a big fan of a tumblr user called Loudest Subtext in Television, who is famous for writing excellent meta detailing all the gay subtext in the TV show Sherlock. The other day I was reading her meta and listening to the Book of Mormon cast recording, and it got me wondering… is there any subtext in that show? I initially dismissed the idea, but then as I started actually thinking about it… lots of weird things started to make sense, and I actually found a lot of evidence for what I suggested in the title of this post. I eventually came up with the theory that i’m about to present to you now. If you ship McPriceley, or you’re a big fan of the show, or you just like subtext in general, you might want to read on (obviously spoilers for the show below) :D

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Bad Moon Rising (Part 1)

Originally posted by iwriteaboutdean

Summary: Jensen and the reader are doing some filming out in the Canadian wilderness when they decide to take a short hike during a break. The only problem is they don’t show up for their scene later that day…

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 3,000ish

Warnings: language, mild injury

A/N: Enjoy!…

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films & kisses [peter parker x reader] hc

a/n: that was fun writing it lmao, genderneutral as always mates

warnings: none :)

  • you two were absolute film nerds, no doubt about that
  • while you were more interested in drama films or biopics about real life people, peter cared more about comedy films or ones where the apocalypse is happening
  • even though both of your tastes were very different, you two agreed on watching films, you weren’t really interested in, cuz you just wanted to be with each other lmao
  • one thing you guys are always doing is talking about conspiracy theories of movies
  • most of them were about star wars
  • peter never stopped talking about star wars tbh
  • those were his favourite films and he’s seen them over a hundred times, but is still sitting like a small child in front of his tv, wondering how it will end
  • very cute
  • usually, when you two watch a movie, you always cuddle
  • you lay your head on his chest, he strokes your back
  • but when you guys watch star wars…..
  • …..peter doesn’t care about cuddling
  • sometimes he gives in and puts his arm around you, but you can literally feel how nervous and excited he gets
  • “peter” - “…” - “pETER” - “wait, i wanna see what happens!” - “you’ve seen this so often” - “yeah, but it might be different today”
  • Narrator: It wasn’t different today.
  • lots of visits to the local cinema
  • peter holding your hand, sometimes pressing small smooches on it
  • he compliments you all the time, before the film starts wtf
  • “i’m so glad that i’m here with you, i love you”
  • at first, you two would cuddle a bit, once the film starts
  • both of you were always disgusted by the couples that made out lmao one time you did it woops
  • because your taste in films is so different, you two sometimes argue about which film to watch
  • peter wants to watch star wars for the 20th time, you want to watch the new drama, which is going to make both of you sobbing loudly
  • but peter loves you so much and gives in
  • holding you tight, when a sad scene comes on, cuz he doesn’t want to see you unhappy
  • probably quoting so many lines from films
  • sometimes having small fights about various films, cuz your opinions were so completely different
  • “y/n, i think it was overrated” - “well, i think your attitude is overRATED” 
  • one thing: peter hates musical films, you love them
  • he doesn’t get why people suddenly break out into song
  • “why are they singing about their summer romance” - “peter, shut up” - “he’s at the same school! they will meet again, eventually” - “pETER”
  • but he loves seeing how much you love them
  • cuz you always dance and sing quietly
  • one time, he sang with you and you were shook
  • “you know the words!!!!” - “learned them only for you, darling”
  • a lots of cuddling while watching films
  • you guys loooooove doing this
  • going to his place after school, laying down on his bed and watching a film
  • sometimes you two even feel asleep
  • alright, most of the times actually lol
  • a lots of kisses and smooches during a love scene
  • when a #Dirrrty scene came on, you two just blushed and it was sort of embarrassing lol, but you still laughed!!!
  • “we could do it better” - “yeah” - “but not right now, i’m tired” - “yeah, y/n….and i’m…homework…busy, haha”
  • you two love those movie nights, spending time with your loved one, cuz in these moments, only you two mattered. no bit of school, stress about the future or any harm. only you two, and that was it.
  • Okay now for the set, lighting, and acting things I will never be over in Bandstand
  • the lighting is Incredible
  • even though for the entire first act, the set is actually the exact same thing with the instruments moved, you forget it. when it’s the clubs, it’s the clubs. when it’s Donny’s house, it’s Donny’s house. When it Julia’s house, that’s what it is. you don’t even notice anything else
  • during the first scene, where Michael dies, the lights are blue and sharp, only on the actors, and whenever Donny has a flashback, that’s what they go to. sometimes for a long time, like the whole beginning of Right This Way, and sometimes short, like a literal flash during the scene before that
  • the flashbacks also always having booming drums, usually The Drumbeat, which is DUN dun dundundun DUN dundun dundun, but in the super short one it was just one really loud BOOM
  • the sound design was soo cool! it was really loud when the band was performing, and they were super good at setting the volume to match the scene, and I can’t articulate what I mean but trust me it was so cool
  • every man in the band has some sort of tell when their PTSD is bad. Donny waves his fingers and his whole body tenses, Nick clenches his fists and gets angry, Davey takes a big drink and his jokes get worse, they all deal in their own ways
  • but again, when they’re performing, it seems to go away
  • the whole thing is incredibly authentic. the dialogue flows completely naturally, and the chemistry of the cast is so good the emotions flow right along with it. when Donny is scared or angry, the audience is scared or angry. it was amazing
  • OKAY so for the whole first act and the beginning of the second, it was the simple club buildings and stage
  • in A Band in New York City, the set splits in half and goes offstage, and a platform come out with chairs on it to mimic a train, and luggage boys are “pulling” the train with a luggage train. also an almost abstract neon train hangs down behind them
  • then when they get to New York, the platform goes away and the neon light train goes away, and down drops a neon light building, tilted crooked. it looked like one thing. and then when they left the hotel it split and there was suddenly a street of neon buildings. and then a crooked neon cityscape
  • I swear to god that set change changed my life I can’t even describe it to you, my soul left my body and ascended from the earthly plane it was so good
  • what was really cool about it was that the simplicity of the first set didn’t go away at all. it was simple line art done in neon lights, there was still no walls or anything, it just was brighter and the city. it was so cool. augh. so amazing.
  • The Acting my GOD
  • Corey Fucking Cott my dudes Corey Cott is INCREDIBLE
  • the entire cast acts very well together, and also very well apart. they make everything flow super naturally, and are just amazing and perfect.
  • the Raw Emotion of the show is just amazing. there’s no “oh I’m sad but I’ll get over it” or “oh I’m in love with you” it all feels real and makes you feel it too
  • especially Julia. Laura Osnes manages to keep Julia a completely normal person. She gets mad and sad, but even while working through her husband’s death, she has moments of happiness. she can laugh and cry in the same scene, she can be perfectly fine one minute and not the next, Julia Trojan is just a very real person.
  • Corey Cott played Donny so well I couldn’t even comprehend it. His panic attacks were amazing acting, he collapsed in on himself and breathed like it was hard and was clearly having a physical problem, and when he told Julia how Michael really died he was sobbing. as in, had to pause his lines and collect himself, sobbing. audibly and visibly just crying. I’m sure part of it was genuinely Corey, since the show closes tomorrow and that has to be emotional, but it was acting and it was amazing
  • they all play off of each other easily, and every single person has amazing timing when it comes to lines and jokes. every joke landed, and every heartbreaker also landed.
  • i think that’s part of what makes the show so incredible. all of it feels real. every interacting makes sense, no conversation is just filler to get where you need to go, it all really felt like friends being friends, and because of that, the emotions changed realistically. 
  • Donny snapped several times, the biggest ones were with the club owner, the one with Nick, and when he yelled at Julia before explaining how Michael died, and every one you could see the pressure building before he couldn’t help it
  • the PTSD was really well shown, everyone dealt with it differently, and there were no jokes about it at all. it was very much presented as, this is what they have to live with, and people are ignoring it, and that’s a problem. nothing is “just like it was before” and nothing ever will be. maybe they didn’t die, but they went through hell, and ignoring it isn’t gonna get them anywhere, but they don’t know how to deal with it. So Donny throws himself into his music, Wayne schedules everything, Johnny is grateful for everything that happened to him because at least he doesn’t have to remember.
  • it was a heartbreaking show, I didn’t count how many times I cried but it was a lot.
  • Welcome Home, the last one, was so incredible.
  • the whole scene leading up to it was intense, because they started out so excited and then Jimmy comes back with the news that the wording of the contract gives away the band’s rights to the song, and then they’re angry, and then Donny decides to sing Welcome Home and they all get nervous
  • also, um, when Johnny said “You’re talking about a suicide mission” people laughed. as if he had made a joke. when it wasn’t a joke. this band had literally placed their sanity on top of the hope of winning. “during those few short hours a day/the noise in my head goes away” and Singing Welcome home could have gotten them blacklisted, meaning they never would have been able to perform again. “Suicide mission” wasn’t a joke, they literally may not have survived not having the band. 
  • anyway that was my interpretation of it, i didn’t laugh I cried. again.
  • so then they all agree to it, and they go onstage, and it’s announced that they’re going to sing Love Will Come and Find Me Again, and Donny tells Johnny to set the tempo
  • earlier he told the story about Michael and getting the tempo super fast, and the other version of Welcome Home they sang was slow, so Johnny started out slow, but Donny said “faster. faster. faster.” until it was really fast, and then said “now sing!” just like Michael did, and I cried some more
  • and then Laura’s performance. Ho. Ly. Shit. I know I’ve said “Raw Emotion” like ten times but this was probably the most emotional song I’ve ever seen done. She started singing “Johnny made it home. Most of him at least.” and Johnny’s emotions kicked in. every time she said a name, I cried harder and the band played harder. then everything but piano cut out for “Donny does his best, trying to pretend” and Corey bowed his head and you could tell the entire band was just overwhelmed by what they were doing and why, and they all knew they were ruining their chances of winning but they also all knew they were giving hopeless people hope, and the last chorus I’m pretty sure every single member of the Donny Nova Band was crying and I sure was
  • the entire cast was phenomenal. every single one of them. the band members played their instruments so well, and all of them were incredible actors, and even though not all of them had the Perfect Broadway Voices of Corey and Laura, they all sang like they meant it and they all had great voices. the ensemble was super high energy and fun to watch, and I loved them.
  • the music is obviously amazing. there isn’t a single song that doesn’t belong, and there isn’t a single song that wasn’t good to listen to, either fun or emotional or just plain good.
  • I’m in love with every single member of the Donny Nova Band
  • the constant theme of having each other’s backs was so good, and the shirt I got says “The Donny Nova Band” on the front and the band’s tour locations on the back, and says “Got your six” on the sleeve, and it’s amazing
  • anyway I need to sleep but um you’ll be hearing more about this work of art show soon because it was so freaking amazing
The Inevitable Breakdown of Louis’ Observer Interview

At this point it’s pretty much necessary for me to take notes as I read these things so that I don’t tear my hair out with how much I want to yell at the writer and the narrative.

On the surface this article is sympathetic, I guess, in a way, but it’s one of those insidious narratives that’s even more frustrating because of the fact that it’s pretending to be positive.

I’ll go into my notes and then sum it up at the end.

Things that serve an obvious, pre-established BS narrative

  • Simon the Saint: Simon is called ‘the great gatekeeper of celebrity’ which yet again paints him as the sole reason that 1D succeeded rather than anything based on their own talent, effort, and merits
  • 1DHQ Were Benevolent Evil Dictators: the claim that Louis doesn’t feel he ‘earned’ his succeed because he never really ‘worked hard’ is weird, I get the idea sort of, but this ignores the fact that we know the boys were worked to exhaustion during TMH and probably at several other points
  • Hiatus is a Break Up:there’s the whole ‘see where it was going’ thing with the hiatus stuff could be taken as a battle royale solo 1D reference, but it also could be taken as a ‘the band is done for good’ thing which is what Syco and the press have been pushing about the hiatus the whole time
    • also, it makes it sound like Louis was dead set against the hiatus, but Liam just recently said in an interview that Niall was the most against it, I don’t think he mentioned Louis at all? but I can’t be sure unless I look back at it
    • really, the title and tagline of the article are all you need to see to prove this narrative’s presence
  • Solo vs. Solo: writer is far too interested in making 1D’s solo careers seem like an intentional battle royale when the boys have always made it clear they aren’t competing and only the press and some of the fans insist on framing it that way
    • the entire first couple paragraphs are artistic vomit to this effect
    • the way they frame the talk about the hiatus seems to lead to this conclusion by saying Louis was against it and could ‘see where it was going’it also says Louis didn’t want to ‘concede’ and then lists ‘bandmates’ as some of the people he didn’t want to concede to
  • Breakout Star Harry: Harry is indisputably painted as 1D’s star in the article with him being used in several places to contrast Louis’ ‘underdog’ status, this is in line with the solo-Harry-who-eschews-1D image they’ve been pushing since forever
  • #RealMe: we’ve got Louis’ being grateful for the ‘opportunity to talk super openly’ which is the solo Louis version of #realme, Liam definitely had this type of thing in his interviews too, I think Harry did and maybe Niall but I don’t remember as clearly

They’re using the whole sickly/unstable thing again

  • they talked a lot about his chain-smoking, particularly in relation to stress and lack of confidence
  • the most irritating is the ‘curled up in a foxhole, pale and chain-smoking’ comment
  • they talked about him having ‘personal issues to work through’ and going to Vegas to ‘blow off steam’, since they talk about Jay later in detail, then why did they leave ‘personal issues’ vague? seems like it was phrased deliberately to further the image of him being unstable
  • they talked about him having a fake ID and bemoaning the loss of house parties
  • they really hammed up the ‘rigid, ‘plastic’, ‘color draining from his face’ during the X-Factor performance when he honestly held himself together remarkably well and no one would necessarily know the situation by looking at him
  • bring up the airport mess and then say he can’t legally say anything about it???  he was cleared by the courts, so why can’t he?
    • maybe he can’t say the details or the blame, but he should at least be able to say something like ‘it was blown out of proportion’ or ‘there was more to the story than the press published’ or something
    • having him say nothing and then afterwards framing the comment about his music ‘revealing a more complete picture of him’ makes it seem like he’s admitting fault when he didn’t do anything wrong in the first place

Overlapping with the sickly/unstable image is the bullshit about Louis being the poor, little, undeserving underdog who has no confidence in his own abilities and who is more than likely bound to fail in his solo career

    • 'fringe-member’
    • imply Louis is a ‘2nd-tier member’ along with Niall and Liam
    • 'most fitfully appreciated’
    • 'underdog’
    • ‘odds are against this tilt’ in relation to his solo work
    • ‘unlikely go of it’
    • ‘concede to [bandmates]’
    • ‘find themselves bound to ride out whatever thrills and trials come next’
    • ‘inched off the hill again without necessarily considering the gradient of the slope’ as if Louis is a child who’s unknowingly gotten in over his head
    • his music was called ‘modest, rather lovely, and quiet’, which aren’t necessarily bad things, but there are much better descriptors than those weak, lukewarm ones- how about sincere, captivating, and passionate or moving? or something along those lines
    • called him the ‘Last Directioner’ in a way that’s clearly not just referring to his order of solo release, that doesn’t make sense anyway since he wasn’t the last to release a song???
    • made sure to include that he had to audition for X-Factor 3 times, but made no mention of other bandmates who auditioned more than once
    • has Louis praising his bandmates, but frames it as if he doesn’t have any of those good qualities, in fact the interviewer is the one who asks “and then there’s you?” and prompts the mental image of Louis being separate from the positive things Louis said about the others
    • heavily implies that Louis road on the coattails of the band and that Louis rightfully (in the opinion of the writer who calls him self-aware) feels like he doesn’t deserve the money or attention he’s gotten while in the band
    • something that is possibly the grossest part of the article is framing Jay’s death as some sort of retribution for Louis getting success he didn’t ‘earn’ or ‘deserve’ in the band, as if her death is his fault somehow
      • I get the waiting for the other shoe to drop thing, it’s like the feeling that everything is going too well and something’s got to go wrong, it’s not entirely unbelievable that Louis might feel that way considering the band’s success and the fact that he found the love of his life too
      • still, the idea of Jay getting sick and passing away being related to Louis not being ‘worthy’ of the success he’s had is really messed up with the way the framing and context of the article as a whole
      • I can’t honestly think Louis thought another shoe would drop either, the closeting and knock-down-drag-out fight with 1DHQ was already the other shoe
    • makes it sound like Louis foresaw a fight-to-the-death solo career melee during the hiatus and was strongly against it in fear of his own chances with ‘it wasn’t a pleasant conversation’ and ‘I was against it, I could see where it was going’, basically makes it seem like he was clinging to the band to support his career
    • claims that Louis can’t get collaborators to talk to him on his own
      • question: why even bring up collaborators in the first place? how many well known artists did 1D ever collaborate with? Ed Sheeran… anyone else?  maybe there were a couple well known industry writers, but otherwise there was nothing
      • it seems to me they’re making it seem like Louis MUST have someone to collaborate with or he can’t write or perform music which is BS
    • very obvious call for fans to support his solo career by saying he wants to prove that their support of him was worth it through having a successful solo career
    • ends on a very negative note about his solo prospects, it’s noncommittal and uncertain to the point where it’s obviously saying that his career is unlikely to succeed without ‘wanting’ to say it, the wishy-washy stuff is definitely intentional and in line with the tone of the article

The way they portray Louis doesn’t actually make any sense

    • first they say that he’s interested in the backstage stuff, that he was the one designated by the band to talk to the label, that he manages a girl-band on the side, etc.
    • then they say that he was a ‘fringe-member’ of the band that designated him as their spokesman, that he can’t get collaborators to work with him despite being good at managing and behind-the-scenes stuff
    • first they say that Louis tried out for X-Factor a 3rd time despite rejections the first 2 times, that he doesn’t want to concede to anyone and is going for a solo career despite naysayers, that he was the one who argued with the label on behalf of the band, that he’s decided to go into managing, which all indicates him as a fierce, determined, persistent person
    • but then they claim that he’s got confidence issues up the wazoo and constantly talks in defeatist terms and is consistently self-deprecating- even if Louis does have some confidence issues, pushing forward gung-ho rather than constantly down-talking himself would make more sense

Other things that were said but don’t add up

    • they said he was most confident in performing during his last year, which is interesting since his stage presence was greatly reduced sometime around 2013 or so
    • they claim that Just Hold On was ‘rolled out through One Direction’s old record label, Syco’ but Steve Aoki’s label was the one that released it
      • it makes it seem like Syco would have been releasing a single for Louis through… old loyalty? rather than him actually having signed, why would they be releasing something for an artist who they didn’t have a contract with?
      • considering Syco was already claiming that Louis was signing with them during the release, this framing is disingenuous as well as baffling in terms of realistic business common sense 
    • the fans are called ‘fanatical’ and then later, right after the airport stuff, it says that some ‘fanatical’ people can’t see Louis as a real person, the message here is a bit confusing
      • is this trying to say this his own fans refuse to see that Louis is the type of person who would punch a pap? (which he didn’t do but the article is trying to push a bit)
      • is this trying to say that the fans that attacked Eleanor did it because of not seeing Louis as a real person?
      • considering that the fans were sort of? praised for being ‘fanatically’ loyal and basically challenged to make Louis’ solo career succeed, it’s odd to see ‘fanatical’ people (interpreted as fans) also painted in a bad light for the same qualities
    • the article claims that Niall and Liam are 2nd-tier members and it’s clearly painting Louis as the biggest underdog, so the assumption that Harry and Zayn are the only ‘1st-tier’ members?
      • ok, then, we’re ignoring Liam’s vocal chops and Niall’s 1st place popularity in the US and Ireland and 2nd place popularity in the UK (via polls) apparently, as well as Louis’ extremely loyal fan following and prowess as a songwriter and industry persona
    • back to the collaboration thing, they frame Harry as the one who can get famous people to collaborate with him, but Zayn and Liam have collaborated with many more people than Harry so far


Okay, so the reason this article is ‘positive’ on the surface is because it’s revealing some of Louis’ hardships to the public and painting him as an underdog.  People like to root for underdogs, especially if they’re likable.

Negative Tilt

HOWEVER.  Very big however.  What the article does that’s very clearly not positive is that it implicitly agrees with all the things that are supposedly Louis’ insecurities.  

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Surprisingly Simple

I was surprised and pleased recently to get a fun little prompt from @artbylexie! Her prompt was simply “Kiss Cam.” I had fun with this, and partly because I enjoyed using a setting that’s quite literally close to home hehe. Someday, Lexie…someday you will come to Boston and we will do all the fun things! (Not that this will be one of them lol!) Anyway, this one’s for you. ❤️ And hope you all enjoy it! 

“I’m confused,” Sherlock said to Molly, his voice raised a bit over the noise level around them. “I fail to see how this is an acceptable way to say thank you for my finding out who was embezzling in my client’s business!”

“I think it’s absolutely brilliant that he gave us these tickets!” she responded while applauding the game along with the rest of the fans as she sat decked out in her Red Sox hat and hoodie. “I mean, how often will we get the chance to do this? Be here in Boston at a baseball game!”

Sherlock shrugged. “I still prefer actual England to New England, thank you very much.”

“Stop complaining,” Molly chided with a laugh. “Besides, he did actually pay you as well. This was just an added bonus! Oh gosh, not to mention the incredible food he recommended!”

Sherlock did have to admit the food was nothing to sniff at. Giacomo’s was incredible Italian dining; as good or maybe even better than Angelo’s, though that seemed disloyal to say aloud. And the cannoli at Mike’s Pastry definitely ended up being worth the twenty minute wait in line. Perhaps they could stop by there again before flying home…

Molly nudged him, pointing toward the baseball field to playfully indicate that he should pay attention.

He also had to admit that the company on this case hadn’t been half bad. In fact, it was just about as wonderful as he could possibly imagine.

There was something rather freeing about being so far from home with Molly; far from anything that had happened recently. It was like they were able to step out of real life for a moment and into a world where everything that was difficult and confusing simply didn’t exist. It was a bit of a blessing in disguise that John hadn’t felt he should leave Rosie for that long or go that far away. This time with Molly had been…perhaps a bit therapeutic. Things hadn’t felt quite this light and comfortable since long before the events surrounding his poor troubled sister.

Events which he admittedly should have spent a little more time talking through with her.

Molly had been, if anything, too kind. He suspected she was being gentle with him because of the painful events which had resurfaced from his past. Perhaps it was cowardly, but he took the out she offered, choosing not to disagree when she excused his words during that phone call and the perceived impending danger. They’d both carried on as if the whole matter had been settled…even if  he knew it wasn’t, not really.

Molly began swaying side to side in her seat as a song played over the loudspeakers between plays (this game was truly tedious). It was vaguely familiar to Sherlock but Molly seemed to know the words and was softly singing along.

“Kiss me, down by the broken tree house…”

Just then, Sherlock looked up and saw- what in God’s name?

“M-Molly,” he sputtered, nudging her and pointing up to the jumbotron. “Molly, is there a reason there’s a camera on us?!”

She gasped when she looked up and saw the same thing. “Oh my God, we’re on the Kiss Cam!” she exclaimed, laughing and turning beet red.

“The what Cam?!” he questioned, though a couple seconds of deduction were all he needed to get a pretty clear grasp of the situation, and if he had any apprehension, the people clapping and cheering around them would have left no doubt. Oh dear…

Molly began laughing nervously and shaking her head, gesturing between herself and Sherlock. “N-no, we’re not- we’re just friends! Just friends!” she explained loudly amongst the cheering. “I don’t think we would ever…it’s- it’s sort of complicated!”

Sherlock sat there gaping and wide eyed, though that one word did make him pause and look over at her. Complicated. Did it have to be?

His eyes swept her face, red and flustered as she tried to smile but was clearly becoming more and more embarrassed by the whole situation. She chewed her pink lips nervously and was barely able to make eye contact with him as she turned to him and mouthed the word, “sorry.” But he couldn’t help but think, why should she be? If things were complicated between them, it certainly wasn’t her who had made it so. Perhaps he was the one who should be apologizing. Or maybe…maybe he should do something else entirely.

His decision made in a flash, Sherlock gently turned her head toward him while removing the baseball cap from her head, and then he pressed his lips unhesitatingly against hers. Somewhere in his head he registered the fact that the crowd had erupted in cheering and applause, but it wasn’t his main focus.

Sherlock melted against the instant warmth and comfort of her mouth and felt a new and wonderful sort of thrill when her hands came up to grasp his face and she began enthusiastically kissing him back. They were in their own little world for a few blissful moments.

They soon pulled back though, very briefly glancing up at the jumbotron again as the screen finally switched away from them, and then looked at each other again.

“Well,” Molly began, letting out a short laugh, “I guess it’s even more complicated now, isn’t it?”

Sherlock smiled, enjoying the way her eyes had brightened and knowing it had been his doing.

“Actually,” he said, affectionately brushing some hair behind her ear before placing the cap back on her head, “I believe it’s finally incredibly simple.”

Burgess vs. Joe McCarthy: The Entire Story

This has been requested a few times since starting this blog, and now thanks to @namesisfortombstones​ the requests are really coming in. I could give you a short, impersonal answer that you can easily find on Google. But I want you guys to understand how big of a deal this was, and because I want to share how Burgess felt I’m going to make this as insightful as possible. I know it looks long and daunting, but please take time to read it - I promise you won’t be disappointed.

 First of all, let’s start with who Joe McCarthy was - for those who may not know. So during the late 1940s and early 1950s, the prospect of communist subversion at home and abroad seemed frighteningly real to many people in the United States. These fears came to define–and, in some cases, corrode–the era’s political culture. For many Americans, the most enduring symbol of this “Red Scare” was Republican Senator Joseph P. McCarthy of Wisconsin. Senator McCarthy spent almost five years trying in vain to expose communists and other left-wing “loyalty risks” in the U.S. government. In the hyper-suspicious atmosphere of the Cold War, insinuations of disloyalty were enough to convince many Americans that their government was packed with traitors and spies. McCarthy’s accusations were so intimidating that few people dared to speak out against him. It was not until he attacked the Army in 1954 that his actions earned him the censure of the U.S. Senate - but we’ll get to that later. 


 On June 22, 1950, the right-wing publication Counterattack printed a pamphlet that would change the entertainment industry, if not American society itself. Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television listed 151 professionals in the entertainment industry, branding them Communists. Because of his liberal views, Burgess was one of the 151 names listed - and being called a communist frightened him to death. The result of being blacklisted was devastating to him and his career. He lost a sizable amount of film work - just take a look at the huge gap in his filmography in the 1950s. The accusations split Hollywood, leading studios to blacklist supposedly leftist actors and creators, while others, like Barbara Stanwyck, would join pro-blacklist groups such as the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. 


 In the spring of 1954, McCarthy picked a fight with the U.S. Army, charging lax security at a top-secret army facility. The army responded that the senator had used improper influence and sought preferential treatment for a recently drafted former staff member. Amidst this controversy, McCarthy temporarily stepped down as chairman for the duration of the three-month nationally televised spectacle known to history as the Army-McCarthy hearings. The army hired Boston lawyer Joseph Welch to make its case. At a session on June 9, 1954, McCarthy charged that one of Welch’s attorneys had ties to a Communist organization. As an amazed television audience looked on, Welch responded with the immortal lines that ultimately ended McCarthy’s career: “Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness.” When McCarthy tried to continue his attack, Welch angrily interrupted, “Let us not assassinate this lad further, senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?” Overnight, McCarthy’s immense national popularity evaporated. Censured by his Senate colleagues, ostracized by his party, and ignored by the press, McCarthy died three years later, 48 years old and a broken man. In the end, not a single spy or communist was revealed - yet the aftermath was devastating with many innocent people’s lives destroyed. 


Tail Gunner Joe (1977) was a three hour NBC televised movie that dramatized the life of McCarthy. The title of the film is actually a snide term for the Senator that originated from his false claim to have been a tail gunner on American bombers during WWII. The film covered his beginnings in Wisconsin to his demise shortly after the Army-McCarthy hearings. And guess who was chosen to portray Joseph Welch, the lawyer who essentially ended McCarthy’s career with nothing but a few short sentences? That’s right, Burgess. Burgess absolutely reveled in the opportunity to play this character, and always said he could not remember a happier time in his entire acting career. He regarded this role as the best he ever had in television - and boy, did it pay off! It earned him his first and only Emmy award. For the American public, Burgess winning the Emmy was HUGE. It represented a sort of win over right-wing extremism and paranoia that needlessly destroyed the lives of many innocent Americans. All in all, Burgess was pleased that the film “went well” and simply called it “splendid revenge”. Burgess was the most self-effacing person and loathed the idea of praising oneself…but I think deep down, he was pretty proud of himself!;) 

Below is the iconic scene from TAIL GUNNER JOE that portrays the very moment in the courtroom in which the career of Joe McCarthy (played by Peter Boyle) was destroyed by lawyer Joseph Welch (Burgess). It was also this exact scene that earned Burgess his long over-due Emmy. 


 To end this very long post, I will leave you with the last bit of dialogue in this film:

“’McCarthy’ - actually a redefinition of the word ‘mediocre’ because he was, finally, a man with no goals, no guilt, no shame and no achievement. Most of the media and most of the public just stood around and watched. He more or less created a national climate of fear but he himself caught no communists, found no traitors, uncovered no subversives. NOT. ONE. He wasn’t Hitler, he wasn’t Napoleon but fortunately people like that aren’t born everyday. But people like McCarthy are born every 30 seconds….and that is the horror.”

Relationships Part 2: Real!Ciel


Now this is a hard one, and one that we have to think a lot about in only Theory since there’s not too much to go on. However there are clues. So best way to start is roughly when we first see him in Baron Kelvin’s intro to the Twin, Vincent and Ciel.

 In this moment we see Our!Ciel nervously hanging out behind Vincent, while the Twin willingly goes up and says hello. Vincent notes that Ciel is shy around strangers (and this does keep true to him even know to a point he’s wary around people he doesn’t know), while the Twin is very much happy to get to know someone.

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Morning After Confessional.

Summary: Following a TV marathon, your best friend wakes up groggy… and with a confession to make. 

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader 

Prompt: I got the entire “Lin and reader watching crappy reality TV” request from anonymous here and then incorporated prompt #199 from @otpisms as well to make it all well-rounded and fluffy. Just how I like ‘em. 

Words: 2,615 

Warnings: Mild cursing. 100% fluff. 


(Another shoutout to @hamilbye for reading this for me again. You’re the best, Nat. My favorite person. Seeing as this trope is one of your faves, this is dedicated to you.)

No!” You screamed, covering your face with your blanket, letting only your squinted eyes see the television screen. Next to you, Lin only laughed, remarking on the female heroine’s actions on screen. You glanced over at him and rolled your eyes.

“How are you not freaked out by this?” You questioned him, your eyes narrowing as you watched the light from the television dance over his facial features.

He looked over at you, “(Y/N), you invited me over for a horror movie marathon. This is entirely your fault if you’re scared.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t think you’d enjoy the horror movies.” You remarked back, almost grumbling under your breath.

“It’s cinematic mastery at its best – controlling the human psyche, predicting your next reaction. What’s not to love?”

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Wynonna Earp 2X09 Thoughts and Faves

This week on Wynonna Earp, everything was super fine, there were no creepy dolls or paintings from right out of my nightmares, and all the girlfriends in Purgatory recognized what an amazing, special thing they have together, laying to rest their current conflict before anyone could do anything impulsive and ill-advised…J/K, this week was feelings hell.

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Final Fantasy XV - Prompto's Insecurities

Prompto at first seems to be a happy and cheerful person who cherishes his life and the people that are in it, he’s all for making fond memories with his friends and is willing to fight alongside them in battle. However, beneath this cheerful exterior is actually a rather fragile interior, and even though it only shows a few times throughout the game and the anime, when it does show it’s clear that Prompto is trying his best to express his inner emotions and insecurities.

One of the more obvious insecurities that Prompto has is that he is only slowing the rest of the bros down and that he never really feels like he fits in with the rest of the bros, with him being the only one who from his childhood couldn’t of been directly linked to Noct, whereas because Ignis and Gladio’s positions they were able to become connected with Noct quite early on in their lives.

This interaction between Noct and Prompto earlier on in the game can be found if you stay at one of the motels. Prompto talks about how long they have been friends with each other and claims that it has been five years, Noct agrees with him but then later says that they’ve known each other longer than that, ever since elementary school, and Prompto is actually a little shocked that Noct remembers all the way back then and the fact that Noct even knew who he was. Prompto addresses the worries he has to Noct, with the main one being that he was very shy when he was younger and actually had a level of social anxiety, Prompto expresses how he was always alone and how he would often feel worthless.

Noct comforts Prompto and makes his worries seem smaller than what they actually are (in a good way).

I think the way that Noct makes Prompto’s worries much smaller and assures him that he’s good enough for him was really heartwarming. Prompto’s worry about not being good enough for the bros is put to rest when Noct assures him that he’s good enough for him, it must have really reassured Prompto seeing as Noct is Prompto’s best friend and the future king.

In the anime we get a look back at Prompto’s childhood and how he first became friends with Noct. Prompto first spots Noct in elementary school and tries to work up the nerve to talk to him but sadly fails in the process. On the way home from his school Prompto spots an injured Pryna (though he doesn’t know the dogs true identity) and decides to take her home and take care of her. After Pryna returns back to Lunafreya she notices the cloth wrapped around Pryna’s leg and reads the name Prompto. A letter is sent home to Prompto that includes how Luna thinks that Prompto and Noct are friends. As a result of this assumption Prompto attempts to become friends with Noct, during their first encounter Prompto falls over and Noct quickly rushes to help him up, as Noct assists Prompto he states how Prompto is heavy, these words impacted Prompto even it didn’t seem like they did at first.

After this interaction the bell goes for the students to head off to lessons, Noct says his farewells to Prompto and heads off. Now with these words implanted in Prompto’s mind he decides that to deem himself worthy of becoming friends with Noct he will lose weight and change this first impression Noct had of him.

After a few years Prompto has lost most of his weight and has now deemed himself worthy of becoming friends with Noct.

Prompto can definitely be seen as the peacekeeper in the group, he always keeps the bros spirits up in almost every situation, and is able to see the silver lining in problems. However, when the group’s spirits are dampered after the events in Altissia, even he struggles to maintain morale. Prompto’s more friendly and peaceful personality shines through on the events on the train, when Gladio is arguing with Noct. Prompto tries his best to stop the pair of them but is only pushed away by Gladio.

This event may have caused Prompto to once again realise that he’s in fact not royalty, or someone from a prestigious background, because he shouldn’t be interfering, even Ignis had a say in this little argument. This might of then caused Prompto to begin to feel like he doesn’t belong, but I think that deep down Prompto knows that Gladio’s actions were just in the heat of the moment and he didn’t intend to cause Prompto any harm at all, although, I do think Prompto’s idea of whether or not he fits in with the rest of the bros is challenged here. (I thought the voice acting in the train scene was amazing).

Later on Prompto is pushed off of the train after Ardyn fooled Noct into thinking that Prompto was being threatened when it reality it was actually Ardyn, from Prompo’s perspective it must have seemed like Noct just randomly pushed him off the train after having Ardyn cornered. With Prompto now in the empire’s hands it now becomes the mission of the bros to save Prompto.

After a bit of a struggle and being separated, Noct comes back together with Ignis and Gladio and they all reunite with Prompto. As Prompto is free’d he addresses his insecurities once again.

It seems that deep down Prompto knew that Noct would be worried about him but despite this he seemed to have the idea of the possibility that Noct didn’t miss him at all, but Noct later assures him that he was missed, and Prompto reveals that he wouldn’t let himself die until he could hear Noct tell him that he was the real him. This shows a really close bond between the two as it shows that Noct was Prompto’s reason for living.

Prompto reveals to the bros after they reach the door in which they need some sort of code to open that he is an MT, and this is type of code is a bar code in which MT’s are branded with, Prompto’s is found on his wrist. When he reveals this to the rest of the bros he’s worried that they get rid of him because he is an MT, something that was created by the enemy, at this moment it’s not only Noct who reassures him but Ignis and Gladio too.

I really like this scene between the bros because it just proves to Prompto once and for all that they don’t care where he came from or what he really is, all that matters to the bros is Prompto is Prompto, a valued friend in their group, and someone they all cherish, and there’s not one thing they would change about him.


EMP, and the focus of each episode

One of the weirdest things about series 4 was that it seemed to be missing a lot of the Sherlock/John dynamic (platonic or otherwise) that has always been at the center of each episode. And it’s not just that Mary and Rosie are present – we hardly see Rosie distract John from crime-solving at all, and Mary was already a major figure in series 3. I wouldn’t attribute it to Mary’s death, either; this weird shift in focus happened during TST, before anything traumatic happened to cause a rift between Sherlock and John. It felt like John was barely in TST at all, especially after he was such a constant presence in TAB.

So, let’s take the events in order:

TAB was definitely still about our two main leads. It started with a return to their first meeting, showed John neglecting Mary in favor of spending time with Sherlock, and featured such lines as “There’s always two of us” and “Why don’t you two just elope, for God’s sake?” It also painted John in a rather heroic light, even if he was kind of a dick to Mary:

Aside from the obvious ACD reference, the Victorian setting of this dream has been generally attributed to Sherlock’s suppressed feelings for John. He imagines them back in a time when homosexuality was illegal, so that the lack of a real-life, possible relationship doesn’t sting as much. This can also reflect how he sees John’s psyche: John is quite repressed, and doesn’t like talking about his feelings; this interpretation of John is actually quite comfortable in a Victorian setting.

But then we get to TST. I actually wrote something yesterday explaining why I think that TST is part of EMP, and at the same dream-level as TAB; what’s weird about this is the sudden shift of focus between the two episodes. Sherlock had his big “there’s always two of us” moment, dove off the waterfall, and told Mycroft that he didn’t need drugs anymore… and then suddenly Sherlock is ignoring both Mary and John while waiting for Moriarty to return, but the whole episode gets thrown into Mary backstory and ends up turning into a sort of spy movie. Mary is the star of the episode; John hardly speaks, and when he does, it’s to supplement her narrative.

I keep saying “spy movie” because that’s really what it is: we have assassins, double-crossing, an entire montage of traveling across the globe while adopting new disguises, even a physics-defying leap in front of a bullet. If you want a good example of a Sherlock-style take on a mysterious woman’s past life in international crime coming back to haunt her and ultimately resulting in her death, just watch TBB. This is tonally different.

One of the big things that threw me off about TST was the Samarra story; we’ve never heard Sherlock do voice-over narration that wasn’t directly related to a case or the best man speech. The closest thing I can think of is John’s narration in TAB, which just reinforces the idea that this episode is likewise in Sherlock’s head. The obvious metaphors of sharks and water, and the big heavy theme of predetermined fate, all make this a very interesting contemplation on the Mary situation. If this is a peek into Sherlock’s mind, well then the subject matter makes sense: he’s just been shot by Mary, and is trying to figure out what sort of other dangers she might pose. TAB was just to sort out Sherlock’s relationship with John, and it came to a neat conclusion (“there’s always two of us;” John won’t leave Sherlock when he needs him most), so TST is his way of figuring out what to do about Mary.

It doesn’t end well.

Unfortunately, Sherlock is probably on a lot of drugs at this point (either in the hospital or on the airplane, depending on what you think Reality is), and it starts to really show. While cocaine came up in TAB, and Sherlock started off TST with a “natural high,” TLD tackles intense drug use and dissociation from reality head-on.

There are a number of things going on here, which I think can be attributed to real-life drugs influencing Sherlock’s thought process. We have John’s issues with hallucinations, shown through Mary (who is still very threatening, if you ask me); Culverton Smith’s memory drug, which could possibly be invented by Sherlock’s brain to explain why he feels like he’s forgetting something important; Eurus’s disguises, and Sherlock/John’s inability to recognize her as a threat; and the crazy drug sequence which just emphasizes how much Sherlock is losing it.

We also see techniques such as slow motion or ambiguous cutting (like in the scene with the scalpel, or the flashes of TV clips), which add to the surreal feeling of the episode as a whole. The fact that things that shouldn’t be there are clearly shown, like Mary’s “ghost,” is also very unnerving. The “case” (if you can really call it one) isn’t very important, in the long run; instead, Sherlock’s deteriorating mental state is given full focus.

In short, TLD is all about Sherlock losing his grasp on reality.

Then we get to TFP, which I would argue is probably another dream-level down, if we haven’t already descended a few. This is because John gets shot at the end of TLD, and so the entirety of TFP might just take place inside John’s head, within Sherlock’s. (Like a dream-within-a-dream, but all imagined by Sherlock.)

Now, at first I was a little bit unsure of exactly what the focus of this episode is: is it Eurus? (Does Eurus even exist? I don’t think so.) It doesn’t seem to be John, nor Sherlock, really, not in the way that TLD focused on him.

Could it possibly be… Mycroft?

Now, of course, I’m not saying that the whole point of TFP is to provide some sort of deep character exploration of Mycroft Holmes, but he certainly gets more screentime than usual. He showed up as a source of advice for Sherlock in TAB and TST, but now is given the chance to do some real leg work. He is also responsible for the Holmes family dynamic, since he has been managing Eurus and Sherlock from childhood, while probably also doing damage control with the parents.

There are plenty of Mycroft moments in this episode: we open with him watching an old movie, then there’s the umbrella-sword-gun, him as the client, the flashback to his childhood with Eurus, the whole Lady Bracknell thing, the patience grenade, breaking into Sherrinford in disguise, and the “brother mine” moment where he offers to die. Personally, I enjoyed him more than any other character in the episode, just because the rest of them felt a little flat. Mycroft, on the other hand, seemed to be softened slightly, and so that at least was interesting to watch.

So, basically, I would explain EMP like this:

TAB – Sherlock examines his relationship with John

TST – Sherlock considers the potential dangers that Mary poses

TLD – *interlude as Sherlock starts really feeling the drugs/dying faster*

TFP – crazy nightmare with some family themes, through Sherlock’s relationship with Mycroft  (Eurus kind of came out of nowhere so I don’t think she counts as a deep familial bond)

This is why it doesn’t feel like the Sherlock-and-John show anymore. If we want to see that dynamic return, we’ve got to get back to reality first.

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