but that just means that she loves me


Hibiscus: Can I tell you a secret?

Clayton: Of course, you can tell me anything.

Hibiscus: I want to quit the show. I hate it here and everyone hates me. I’m more trouble than I’m worth.

Clayton: First of all, I don’t hate you, and second of all, you’re worth so much Hibiscus. I need to tell you something too because Nina’s trying to hang it over my head. I told Kara she was pretty the first day she arrived. I hope you can forgive me.

Hibiscus: So you’ve flirted with others too? I mean Kara is pretty, and that’s nothing extreme, but well I don’t know really. Do you still feel that way?

Clayton: No I don’t. I meant it when I said I was in love with you. I wasn’t really expecting anything from Kara either. I just say stupid things when I’m nervous, and being around all those other contestants in the house made me nervous.

Hibiscus: I meant what I said too. I am in love with you. Why don’t we just run away together.

Clayton: You know we can’t do that.

Hibiscus: And why not? What’s stopping me from just calling off this show and leaving.

Clayton: Just think on it, okay. I don’t want you to do anything rash that you’d regret.

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You know, I've been thinking about Cadence lately, and something has just occurred to me. Her special magical ability (which we've admittedly only ever seen once) is to allow two individuals to love one another, or at the very least make them realise how much they care for the other. Do you know what this means? She basically has the power to make ships CANON! That's the greatest power EVER!

Truely, she is the matron saint of fandoms everywhere.


Yael Grobglas needs to be added to the list of actresses that plays everything gay…

Like, when it was just on Jane the Virgin I let it pass because it’s not uncommon for two female actresses to have insane chemistry, I mean, the true love story is between Jane and Petra #Jetra4Life.

But last night in Supergirl it just… It was gay! She interacted with 3 women and she had chemistry with them all!!!

Idk who I ship more? Psi x Kara, Psi x Imra or Psi x Livewire????


Count On Me-Shinpachi x Etsu

FLOOOFY, this idea came to me during my dream when I took my nap XD And I HAD to write it.


I don’t feel well today, Shin, let’s hang out tomorrow?

Shinpachi furrowed his eyebrows. This was the first time Etsu canceled on him since they started dating, it’d been about six months since they’d started going out, and they were still getting to know each other, but they were very much in love.

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loving this story so much honestly. Your editing is just beautiful and the way you tell your stories still blow my mind!!!!!! love it. who's been ur favourite man she's been with so far? xx

once again, you’re so sweet—thank you so much for your kind words…they mean so much to me!! ooohh, and that’s a really good question. arthur’s definitely the sweetest, but I really did like jack!

Gorgo: Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her, okay? 

Hebe: Thank you, mommy.

Gorgo: I’m sure she loves you. She’s just acting weird because of tomorrow. Becoming a teen is really scary for some people and they say mean things. Don’t worry.

Hebe: Really? I’m not afraid at all!

Gorgo: That’s because you’re a really brave kid!

Hebe: You think so, mommy?

Gorgo: I know so. Don’t worry, tomorrow she’ll be back to normal. How about you also go to bed and take a rest? tomorrow’s a big day!

Hebe: Will you help me? 

Gorgo: Of course, honey!

So anyway im writing this austin fic, and the plot goes like this,,

- So austin lives in a world that’s basically the same as ours except there are (visible) angels that help with different things (luck, love, financial issues, etc.)

- And poor bby had his heart broken several times bc the girls in his circle…aint the love type…

- So this love angel named eunice comes down to help and it’s a big deal bc duh!!! Angels are rare and magical!!

- And she ends up hooking him up w this grl and she’s cool n all but he realizes he has feelings for eunice

- i mean, zoinks. Since angels don’t have romantic or sexual feelings (in this world anyway) things start to get strange

I dunno, i just wanted to try something like this out. Im hoping it’ll get me out of my writing block.

This is Eunice btw: (Amandla Stenberg)

In my opinion, my girl deserves so much recognition. Coming such a long way from her past. She’s working. She’s in school studying for her future career. She’s almost at a year of being sober despite all the hardships life has thrown at her. I couldn’t ask for a better person because it just doesn’t exist. She means the world to me and I love her so much.

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I took the line “A woman thinks about these things” as Scully not wanting to say “Little Judy told me these mean things to me and now I’m worried and not feeling so good about myself.” 🙂 So I’m totally ok with that line. Otherwise, yeah it would have been a bit simplistic if she had said it just like that with no context behind.

Look, I’m gonna be real with you. I don’t want to love that scene. I don’t. But I do, because magically, David and Gillian make those lines work. And bless ‘em for it. On the page, I’m sure they read about the same as, “Does this skirt make my butt look big? A woman thinks about these things, you know.”

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Exactly! Man, I love the author. She is the nicest person I've ever met and helped me through many problems, but Dear Starboy is pretty overrated and I didn't enjoy it much for the out-of-character personalities and stuff even if it is an au. Just doesn't feel like Eddsworld at all, and as much as I love TomTord.. Didn't really appeal to me. But that's just my opinion.

I called them out in my latest read, and I’m just going to say I don’t mean any offense to it, I was just really pissed fvhgogth. I honestly have no filter. It’s cool that they’re a v good person.

I agree with your opinion.

I just felt it would’ve been slightly better if it was with original characters instead. An AU is supposed to have a character’s essence still locked into it. That’s my opinion. The fanfic, just, didn’t. They were like strangers to me that happened to have the same names as Tom and Tord. - Mod Kødd

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I am sorry to waste your time, but I just found your art and it's so so cute! It's really inspiring with the cute colors and I'm in love with your art! I especially love Joli! May I submit art to you? Please, have a nice day!

Waste my time? Not at all! Gosh, I mean asks like this are nothing but wonderful every time I get one! Thank you so much!

Glad you like Joli btw! She loves you too ♥

You can totally send me things! Especially over at my main account @vintagecandyshopx ,  where i can post the reply to anything you send!


Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
Please just reblog if you use? :)

what she says: im fine

what she means: In a Crowd of Thousands reveals that Dmitry is set on the girl he saw when he was 10 years old, and when Anya remembers it being her, his first instict is to sing in rejoice because he found her again, and afterward leans in to kiss her. Anya isn’t opposed to it at all, but he stops because in that moment he has to realize that she’s not just the girl he’s been in love with all this time, she’s royalty. Dmitry literally finds his dream girl and then immediately after has to face the fact that she’s out of reach. His kneel is out of respect for her position, but it’s also the point where he is forced to accept that his dream was shattered as soon as it came true.

Chloe is so vain, she would adore fanart being drawn of her.

I think we all know that Nath feel of not wanting people hovering.

You know what I love most about Rey? She is fucking brutal. 

I mean look at this aggression… I’m an older fan and I NEVER saw women presented like this when I was growing up, and I am so happy for all the little kids out there who get to have this

And in tfa it was this bit that got me shook

She just stalks towards him like the badass she is

Look at that face. I f**cking love it. I am so happy (and Daisy just kills it, what a star).


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #2. Zoë Rivas

“We all have one thing in common - we want to be loved for who we are. We need to celebrate our differences. For instance, I’m gay. I’m not bragging about it but I’ve always been afraid to say it and I’m not anymore. I want this place to be a safe space where everyone feels free to be themselves. Welcome to Degrassi.”

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Did you notice the bubbly backround when they were "acting" caughtdonteventrytodenylbcaught and were walking to Glaciator? Btw Andre (the ice cream man) is the fandom, he totally ships them. ((And lb would totally let chat kiss her on the lips))

ladybug’s acting was a little TOO convincing u know what i mean

i mean… at first chat noir holds out his hand to her, which probably would have been convincing enough… (and let me tell you, that look on her face is full of both relief that chat noir accepted her apology and appreciation for her partner and maybe a lil bit of love too)

i mean, look at her face

but then she just !!!! goes all in and reaches out to hug his arm !!! resting her head on his shoulder like aw yiss this is where im meant to be

look at that. look at how pure that shit is. look @ her face. she is so happy. she is so happy chat noir is feeling better and working with her and still wanting to be her partner. she is so HAPPY that she has him as a friend and a colleague

also brb dying over that little animation error where lb’s eye is slightly open

and when andre thinks they’re faking, lb doesnt even HESITATE to swoop in and kiss her boy. she’s like, “oh shit, guess he doesn’t believe it’s real, i’d better convince him and myself that im really in love with this guy”

look at how pleased she is with herself. that Look™ is too pure to be 100% acting i mean c’MON. “it’s just part of the plan” she says. “this is all fake” she says. “i’m not in love with chat noir” SHE SAYS

um. girl

g i r l


G I R L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i agree with both of those statements


i can never really it trust when someone that good-looking is into me. do you know what i mean? i just don’t get it. like, if they’re mediocre-looking, i can sort of appreciate why their standards are so low. when they’re that pretty, i’m just like, what are you hiding? you know?


Family moment!

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