but that just means i'm going to be very very hard on them

Remember: It’s His Job

Why are people scared of losing Mark to a girlfriend? Would you quit your job just because you love someone? Are you guys forgetting that this is his job? His source of income? Two of the major goals of most humans on earth are a steady job and a family, concurrently. The entire continuation of the human race depends on the very fact that most people can handle that, and despite his goofing around and joking denials, Mark is a functional human adult

Why do you think we will lose him? Do you think he’ll quit youtube? He’s ALWAYS been spotty about interacting with us. Sometimes he’s here for days when he’s bored, other times like CONVENTION SEASON (you mean right now??) we hear nary a whisper because he’s busy living a very busy life. Even Arin Hanson, head of the frikkin’ Game Grumps, a COMPANY which employs around TEN PEOPLE and needs MANAGERS, is amazed by Mark’s work ethic

He’s busy. He’s always been busy, he always will be busy. Adding one more thing to his life won’t make him shut out his major source of income. If you’re genuinely scared that he’s ever going to ‘go away’ because he’s found someone, keep in perspective the numbers, the necessaries, the things that can’t be swayed by the heart. It’s still his job, he still needs to make money. Maybe you’ll find some comfort in those immutable facts. 

What YOU can do is make sure that whenever he’s here, he sees the best of you. We never know when he’ll pop on here, and hell, we never know if he’s been here either, he could idly be browsing at any time and just not reblog anything. But YOU can make sure that you’re always showing your best side. 

Keep the conspiracy messages to PMs. You may think that your blog is your own, sacred, private place and you can post whatever you want on it, but as soon as you tag or type the word “Markiplier” ANYWHERE in that post, you hoist it high on a flagpole and wave it all around. And when too many people hoists a flagpole in concern, it ruins the view for your fellow fans. 

In a fandom, you’re supposed to make friends. Reach out to people you like, make friends with them, and then discuss it privately with them. It’s more rewarding for you, because you get to directly interact with someone instead of blindly broadcasting and hoping someone answers your far-flung questions, and it’s less distracting to the people who just want to look at baller punk edits and dumbass gifs. We are the fandom, we get to decide what the fandom looks like. Help us make it look good. 

In conclusion: 

1) It’s Mark’s job to do Youtube, he’s not going anywhere, and he’s not abandoning his fans.  

2) When he DOES randomly pop on here, make sure you’re showing your best side so you don’t feel bad or feel like you embarrassed yourself. 

3) Make friends and keep your concerns privately among them. PMs are a godsend. They’re more direct, they’re much more likely to lead to a satisfying conversation, and they don’t create waves of triggering fear and concern. 

Stay awesome, Markiplites. Don’t lose your head because your heart is running away.